Abbe, Donald R.
Photograph Collection, 1914
3 copy prints

Consists of a photograph of the members of the Texas Good Roads Association at their mid-summer meeting in Galveston, Texas (1914), and two postcards: one of Doghead Rock near Alpine in Brewster County, Texas, and one of a rock formation at the Painted Caves near Madera Springs, Texas.

Don and Sally Abbe completed graduate work in history at Texas Tech University. Sally became the historian for the planning department of the City of Lubbock, Texas. Dr. Donald Abbe taught history at Texas Tech and published books on the histories of Lubbock and Lynn Counties, Texas.

Abbe, Donald and Sally
Photograph Collection, 1890-1993 and undated
11 B/W photo prints, 4 copy negatives
SWCPC 488 E4, E6-E7

Contains images of Knox County, Texas, courthouses and a bank and land company building, circa 1901. Also aerial views of Lubbock, Texas, a street view of Lubbock Drug Company, Lubbock County’s first courthouse, and subsequent courthouses in Lubbock.

Donald Abbe was a professor of Texas and western history, and a historic preservation researcher. Abbe collected the photographs in antique stores located in Hillsboro, Georgetown, and Cleburne, Texas. Sally Abbe is an employee of the City of Lubbock (Texas), working specifically for the Planning Department.

Abbott, Robert E.
Photograph Collection, 1941-1965
4 B/W prints
SWCPC 798 E1

Collection contains images from the Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camp #5 in Kawasaki, Japan, which feature Robert Abbott as well as group photos of fellow POWs and the camp’s Japanese guards. One photo is of Robert Abbott in uniform after the war in 1965.

Robert Abbott grew up in Cisco, Lubbock, and Amarillo, Texas. He is a veteran of World War II. After arriving at Honolulu the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, his transport was sent to the Philippines. The Japanese captured the ship on route to its destination, and Mr. Abbott spent the remainder of the war in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Abbott retired from the United States Air Force in 1965.

Abernathy, Mollie D.
Photograph Collection, undated
51 B/W prints and 42 negatives
SWCPC 873 F1

Photos of Mollie D. Jerrod Abernathy and other scenes from her ranch and Mackenzie Park from Reference File.

Abernathy, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1909-1978
4 B/W copy prints and 4 negatives
SWCPC 823 E1

The images describe the First State Bank in Abernathy, Texas. They show three interior shots, one exterior shot, and bank employees such as bank tellers, bookkeepers, and clerks. Some individuals posing include Rachel Horne, Thomas Johnson, N. C. Nix, and Ercell Givens. Oil boom photos (1918-1919) are listed [

The First State Bank located on Avenue D and Main Street (SE Corner) opened in October 1909 in Abernathy, Texas. Abernathy is located in Hale County but over the years the city has grown into northern Lubbock County.

Abilene, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1880-1971
427 copy prints, 114 photos
SWCPC 9 E1-E10

This is an artificial collection that consists of photographs of Abilene, Texas, and Taylor County, Texas, and bulks with photographs of Abilene, Texas (1900-1940). It also includes photographs of the remaining buildings at Fort Phantom Hill, Texas (1968); surveying equipment (ca. 1918); Simmons University Cowboy Band (ca. 1940); a farmhouse in Taylor County (1905); and the “Blind Poet and His Dog” (undated).

Abilene, Texas, was established by local cattlemen in 1881 along the Texas and Pacific Railroad. The city later became a center for oil development and agriculture with a population of over 100,000. It is the county seat of Taylor County.

Abilene Band (Texas)
Photograph Collection, ca. 1888
1 photo print
SWCPC 9 (B) E9

Consists of an albumen print of the Abilene Band (ca. 1888).

Abilene, Texas, 1918 Oil Boom Days
Photograph Collection, 1918-1919
6 copy prints
SWCPC 9 (B) E2

Consists of photographs of a picnic for oil workers in Abilene, Texas. The collection bulks with group photos (1918-1919), and includes a photograph of surveying equipment. Images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (Lubbock, Texas, Chapter)
Photograph Collection, 1976 and undated
55 color prints
SWCPC 795 E1

The collection contains photos various ARCS functions from the Spring, 1976, such as The ARCS Auction and The ARCS Scholarship Dinner at Reese Air Force Base. Also included is an autographed photo of the Apollo crew, D. Slayton, Vance Brand, and J. Stafford.

The Lubbock Chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) was founded by Fran Carter in 1972, and she served as its first president. The organization awards scholarships to outstanding students in a leading science field at Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University. Dr. Grover E. Murray, former president of Texas Tech and professional geologist influenced the creation of the organization, after he discovered other chapters from cities throughout the U.S. The organization has had thirteen presidents and the current president is Linda Edwards.

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Vincent
Photograph Collection, 1952-1968 and undated
1,721 color slides; 42 B/W photo negatives; 24 color photo negatives; 37 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 459 E1-E2

Collection bulks with slide images depicting the travels of Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Adams. Includes images of Europe, South Pacific, western United States, Canada, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Miami, Florida. Bulks with western United States. Also includes of one photo print of five men standing by a tent on flat plains.

Dr. O. V. Adams was a professor and Dean of Engineering at Texas Tech from 1927 to 1955. Mina Lamb helped Mrs. Adams collect the materials.

Addison Family
Photograph Collection, 1910-1925
6 copy prints
SWCPC 9 (B) E8

Consists of photographs of the Addison family members, and contains a photograph of “The Blind Poet and His Dog” (undated).

Fred Addison farmed and raised livestock in the Abilene, Texas, area.

Adolphus Hotel (Dallas, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1930-1972
50 copy prints
SWCPC 40 E1-E2

Consists of photographs of the Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, Texas, and bulks with interior scenes of the hotel (1930).

Built in 1912 by St. Louis brewer, Adolphus Busch, the Adolphus has been a prominent hotel in downtown Dallas throughout the twentieth century. The 21-story structure underwent a $45 million restoration in 1981.

Photograph Collection, 1900s-1930s and undated
42 B/W negatives, 7 B/W copy prints, 1 color print, and 3 slides
SWCPC 196 E13-E15

This collection consists of images from the 1900s to 1930s-era farmlands and equipment, a herd of cattle near a lake or river, front view of a store called B. B. Baron Gin, unidentified farmers on a tractor. Also includes images of corn. This is an artificial collection that consists of agricultural images such as farmlands, farm equipment, and crops.

Photograph Collection, 1920-1930
85 copy prints, 111 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of agriculture in the Lubbock, Texas, area (1920-1930), and bulks with photographs of crops and equipment (1920-1930). Also contains a photograph of a Little Theatre production in Lubbock.

Photograph Collection, 1952-1960 and undated
71 copy prints, 35 B/W photo prints, and 72 negatives

This collection consists of photographs of agricultural exhibits; agricultural equipment; agricultural meetings/ conferences; livestock; ranch land; cultivated land; farming activities; irrigation equipment; and architecture. Some photos were loaned for copying by West Texas Chamber of Commerce and by Jerry Funck. Some were donated by Alfred W. Booth, Bob Nash, and Texas Tech Press.

Agriculture is a thriving business in the State of Texas. It accounts for a major part of the state economy generating money for towns and cities. Depending on the locality, cotton, peanuts, fruits, sorghum, corn, and wheat are just some of the crops planted in the state.

Aguero, Bidal
Photograph Collection, undated
SWCPC 449 E43
1 B/W photo print

This collection consists of one graduation photograph of Roger Cortez.

Born on July 23, 1949 in Lubbock, Texas, Bidal Aguero became an activist for causes supporting the Mexican American population in Lubbock and on the High Plains of Texas. Heavily involved in local politics and protests on behalf of Mexican Americans, Aguero organized Commerciantes Organizacion Mexicano Americano (COMA), joined the Raza Unida Party, and sought public office. He also traveled to the Middle East to meet with members of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and became affiliated with local social service organizations such as Defensa, Inc. and Llano Estacado Farmworkers of Tejas, to help migrant workers. Aguero published a weekly Spanish newspaper,
El Editor, which his wife Olga continues after his death.

Aguero, Bidal
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W prints
SWCPC 449 E44

Collection contains two portraits of Ernesto Barton. Ernesto Barton is a well-known television personality and journalist who conducts a Lubbock TV program geared for Hispanics.

Bidal Aguero grew up in Lubbock, Texas. A graduate of Texas Tech University and the University of Wisconsin, he became an activist and leader of the Hispanic Community in Lubbock, as well as the editor of
El Editor bilingual weekly newspaper. Aguero helped found the Commerciantes Organización Mexicano Americano (COMA). He also participated in La Raza Unida and the Democratic Party.

Aguero, Bidal
Photograph Collection, 1975-1989
136 B/W copy prints; 14 B/W copy negatives; 1 color contact sheet; 971 color photo negatives

Collection includes images of Mexican Americans and organizations in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding area. Includes politicians, organizations, meetings, athletic teams, celebrations, celebrities, publicity photos, musicians, dances, buildings, graduation class photos, beauty pageants, businesses, schools and children, awards ceremonies, boxing, and entertainers.

Born on July 23, 1949 in Lubbock, Texas, Bidal Aguero became an activist for causes supporting the Mexican American population in Lubbock and on the High Plains of Texas. He contributed to
The Catalyst monthly. Heavily involved in local politics and protests in behalf of Mexican Americans, Aguero organized Commerciantes Organizacion Mexicano Americano (COMA), joined the Raza Unida Party, and sought public office. He also traveled to the Middle East to meet with members of the Palestine Liberation Organization, became affiliated with local social service organizations such as Defensa, Inc. and Llano Estacado Farmworkers of Tejas, to help migrant workers. Aguero publishes a weekly Spanish newspaper.

Alexander Family
Photo Collection, 1910
4 B/W copy prints

Consists of images of the Alexander family who settled near Lampasas, Texas in the 1850s. Bulks with same. J. B. Mullins, of Brownwood, Texas, wrote a family history concerning the Mullins, Allen, and Alexander families who settled near Lampasas, Texas in the 1850s.

Alexander, Joann Edwards
Photograph Collection, 1910s-1930s
627 photographs
SWCPC 886 E1

Collection contains Alexander family photos, vacation pictures and the Myrick farms in Lubbock and Hockley Counties, Texas.

Alexander, John D.
Photograph Collection, 1908-1978
43 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Alexander family and their experiences in farming and in the oil industry (1908-1949; 1978).

John D. Alexander grew up on the Screw Bean Ranch near Orla, Texas. In 1918, he went to work in the oil fields following the oil boom as a pipeliner, roughneck and, finally, drilling superintendent. He retired to Carlsbad, New Mexico in 1961. Images in this collection have been digitized and are listed [
here] and viewable [here].

Alexander, John Edwards
Photograph Collection, 1923 and undated
15 photo prints Oversized

Includes people who attended the Buffalo Barbecue on August 8-9, 1923 at the opening of the new colony on the Yellow House Lands, by The Texas Land Exchange, Lubbock, Texas.

Alexander, Lois Ryan
Photograph Collection, undated
37 prints
SWCPC 860 E1

Family and friends of Lois Ryan Alexander.

Alexander, Theodor and Bea
Photograph Collection, 1890s-1930 and undated
43 photo prints, copy prints, and sepia prints

This collection includes images of individuals and groups of people, weddings, children, and special events. Theodor Alexander was a professor in the German Language Department at Texas Tech University for many years.

Allen, James G. (Dean)
Photograph Collection, undated
2 prints

2 prints taken from the “Allen, James G.” Reference File.

Allen Ranch
Photograph Collection, undated
61 B/W copy prints and 73 negatives

Is comprised of groups of people, ranch horses, ranching activities, architecture, and cattle. The Allen Ranch, headquartered in Harris County, Texas, was established in the early 1840s and operated for more than 100 years. Samuel W. Allen started his ranch by rounding up wild longhorn cattle and shipping them to New Orleans and Cuba. By the 1860s he had acquired a monopoly on the trade. Part of the original ranch has become the Houston Ship channel. The ranch had been liquidated by 1947.

Alpine Photographic Studio (Alpine, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1900
321 glass plate negatives

Contains 321 glass plate negatives of portraits and oil field operations taken in the early part of the 20th Century by J. C. Thain of Alpine, Texas, and by Frank Duncan of Marfa, Texas.

Alpine Photographic Studio was operated by J. C. Thain and Frank King Duncan. They specialized in photographic portraits and did some work depicting oil field operations.

Amarillo, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1900-1961
7 copy prints, 1 photo, 25 copy negatives

Consists of people and businesses in Amarillo, Texas (1900-1961).

Amarillo, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1975-1985
2 B/W contact sheets; 37 B/W negatives
SWCPC 488 E5

Consists of architectural images of Amarillo, Texas including churches, railroad depot, hotel, post office, and residences. Bulks with residences. Donated by the Lubbock Planning Department, courtesy of Sally Abbe, who works in the City of Lubbock Planning Department. She is a former employee of the Southwest Collection.

American Bison
Photograph Collection, 1905
4 copy prints
SWCPC 274 E1

This is an artificial collection of photographs of buffalo (1905).

American Chuckwagon Association
Photograph Collection, undated
151 prints
SWCPC 867 E1

Contains 26 registrations and historic information and photographs about each of the 26 wagons.

American Ex-Prisoners of War (Texas Chapter)
Photograph Collection, 1944-1995
267 color and B/W prints and 42 color negatives

Collection pertains to ceremonies, annual conventions, and banquets held by the Texas Chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of War in various cities throughout Texas and Oklahoma. The celebration show veterans with their spouses, dining, honor guard showing the flag, and awards presentations. One image shows former Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe signing a bill into law effecting veterans.

The American Ex-Prisoners of War (AEPOW) is a national organization for American citizens captured during any war. The organization includes over 300 chapter and state departments with over 30,000 members. It was established on April 14, 1942 as The Bataan Relief Organization but was renamed in 1949. The Texas Chapter of the AEPOW has chosen the SWC/SCL as their official repository.

American Quarter Horse Museum
Photograph Collection, undated
50 B/W photo prints and 38 negatives

Includes photos of cattle, ranching, and cattle shows.

Anderson County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1905-1918
5 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 336 E1

Bulks with images of carts, wagons, agriculture, grocery stores, water works, utility companies, women judges, and street scenes in Anderson County, Texas. Bulks with street scenes and people.

Anderson County is located in East Texas between the Trinity and Neches rivers. Palestine is the county’s largest town and county seat. Anderson County’s economy is based on cattle raising, agricultural production, timber, and oil and gas production

Andrews, Ruth Horn
Photograph Collection, undated
2042 prints
SWCPC 844 E1

Description coming soon.

Anson, William
Photograph Collection, 1880-1910
33 copy prints, 34 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of William Anson’s Head-of-the-River Ranch near Christoval, Texas (1880-1910), and bulks with photographs of the horses raised on this ranch (1880-1910). William Anson established the Head-of-the River Ranch near Christoval, Texas, in the late 1880s, and raised quarterhorses and English Suffolks. For many years Anson’s ranch supplied horses to the U. S. Cavalry and also bred a renowned string of polo ponies.

Arch Lamb/Mina Lamb
Photograph Collection, undated
801 B/W photos, 74 negatives, 55 slides and 3 contact sheets
SWCPC 878 E1-E3

Family photographs.

Archer, Countess
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W photo print

This collection consists of a photograph of an unidentified football team. The slogan, “Matadors Battle!” is painted on the concessions areas in the stands.

Archer, Earl and Countess
Photograph Collection, 1920s
1 B/W 5 x 7 print
SWCPC 632 E2

Collection contains a photograph of the “M” Store, which was located on the 300th block of Main Street in Lubbock, Texas. The photo also features two store clerks, J.W. Dooler and Mr. Archer. Earl Archer was a Texas Tech graduate and long-time resident of Lubbock, Texas. Raised in Marion, Texas, Mr. Archer was U.S. Naval Veteran. He died early in the year 2000.

Archer County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1892-193
82 copy prints, 85 copy negatives

This is an artificial collection that consists of photographs of towns and schools in Archer County, Texas (1892-1931), and bulks with photos of Archer City, Texas (1905-1915). It also contains photos of a Depression era whiskey still and of the Reverend Joseph F. Reisdorff, founder of Windthorst, Texas.

Archer County is located in north-central Texas, was established in 1858, and Archer City, the county seat, is a center for oil and trade industries. Archer City former mayor, George T. Abercrombie, began farming and raising cattle in Archer County in the 1880s. Windthorst, a German Catholic community in Archer County, was established in 1891. Farming, dairying, and oil form the economic base for the county. Holliday, an agricultural and oil town in northern Archer County, was established in 1889, while Scotland, a German Catholic community in eastern Archer County, was established in 1905.

Arguello, Miguel
Photograph Collection, undated
5 B/W negatives, 3 color photo prints and 5 B/W copy prints

Contains images of two watercolor paintings and murals in front of the Lady of Guadalupe Hall in Slaton and in Lubbock, Texas. The murals depict several scenes relating to religious events which led to the establishment of the church in Mexico such as Juan Diego and Indian and Virgin appearance. Miguel Arguello is a native of Idalou and a graduate of South Plains College of Levelland.

Arizona Chemical Company (Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1956
2 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Arizona Chemical Company facilities near Brownfield and O’Donnell, Texas (1956).

Armstrong, Robert Wright
Photograph Collection, 1910-1956
49 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 563 E1

Collection contains images of R. Wright Armstrong and family. Includes portraits, military, orchestra, banquet, railway executives, and military band.

A native of Brownwood, Texas, Robert Wright Armstrong served in both world wars, played in the Houston Symphony Orchestra, managed the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce, was vice-president of the Fort Worth and Denver Railway, and served on the Texas Technological College Board of Directors. Born in 1893, Armstrong died in 1966.

Artesia Historical Museum and Art Center
Photograph Collection, 1908-1920
6 copy prints

Consists of photographs of artesian wells and oil wells near Artesia, New Mexico (1908-1920). It also contains a photograph of the world’s largest artesian well, owned and operated by C. G. Ditto. This well was located in Lake Arthur, New Mexico (undated).

Founded in 1903, Artesia, New Mexico, boasted a system of water works based on clear artesian wells. In the 1920s, extensive oil fields developed east of Artesia. Images in this collection have been digitized and are listed [
here] and viewable [here].

Arthur, Harry E.
Photograph Collection, 1897
1 B/W copy print
SWCPC 557 E1

Contains image of Paris Cox’s home on the Llano Estacado of Texas, 1897. Includes windmill, building, family, and livestock. Harry E. Arthur is a resident of Lubbock, Texas.

Arthur, Lane and Nancy
Photograph Collection, 1980-1984
41 color slides
SWCPC 792 E1

The collection details the living conditions within lower income neighborhoods. Images include paved and unpaved roads, intersections, houses, playgrounds, drainage ways, and litter. Also, slides feature a cemetery and gravestones.

Lane and Nancy Arthur served as attorneys for the plantiff-intervenors of the Single Member District Discrimination Suit of Lubbock, Texas. It affected the way minorities were represented in the city and county government of Lubbock based on population growth in certain precincts. The Arthurs were also active in the Lubbock City and County government.

Ashby, Clifford
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print: 5 x 7

This collection consists of a photograph of J. E. Sadler & Son Dry Goods store. Clifford Ashby is a professor of the Texas Tech Theatre Arts Department and a noted tent show scholar.

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company
Photograph Collection, 1908-1911
2 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 724 E1

This collection consists of two images of Santa Fe railway depots. The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad was founded in Kansas in 1859. It quickly became one of the most profitable in the Southwest. To solve transportation and communication problems in Lubbock a railroad was need. To meet the need, the ATSF was completed in September 1909.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Photograph Collection, 1940-1950
35 copy prints, 36 copy negatives
SWCPC 119 E1-E2

Consists of photographs of the Santa Fe Railroad depots and other facilities located in Texas (1940-1950 and undated). It also includes photographs of a Harvey House (undated) and a group of Native Americans, dressed in ceremonial clothing, greeting railroad passengers at an unidentified station (undated).

The Santa Fe Railroad system began in 1859 when businessman, Cyrus Holliday, created a rail line to join the Kansas towns of Atchison and Topeka. The Texas section of the Santa Fe started with the organization of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe in 1873 with the first road extending from Galveston to Fort Worth. Other major roads in the Texas system were the Panhandle and Santa Fe and the Rio Grande, El Paso, and Santa Fe joining the stock raising and agricultural areas of West Texas with the Gulf ports. The three roads have headquarters in Galveston, Amarillo, and El Paso, and are coordinated through the Santa Fe system in Chicago. The Santa Fe, at its height, operated almost 4,000 miles of track in Texas.

Auld, A. K.
Photograph Collection, 1900-1928
12 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Auld family of Leakey, Texas (1900-1928), and bulks with photographs of the Auld family and their farm work (1900-1928). It also contains photographs of thrashing machinery (early 1900s) and goat dipping (1928).

Austin, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1915-1960
7 photos

Consists of photographs of sites in Austin, Texas, including state government buildings (1915-1960).

Avants, Douglas
Photograph Collection, undated
2 color photo prints
SWCPC 703 E1

This collection consists of two photographs containing various brands and sizes of antique milk bottles displayed on wooden shelves.

Mr. Douglas Avants is an advocate of the dairy industry and periodically sends photographs concerning the industry. Mr. Avants is also a collector of antique dairy product memorabilia.

Photograph Collection, 1934-1947
53 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Vickers family and military and civilian aviation in Lubbock, Texas (1934-1947).

Ayres Family
Photograph Collection, 1940
4 copy prints

Consists of group portrait photographs of the Ayres family of Gruver, Texas (1940). Irwin White Ayres was born on January 1877 in Sherman, Texas. In 1926, he moved his family to Hansford County in the Texas Panhandle. Ayres established a farm eight miles west of Gruver, where his family continues to raise wheat and grow crops.