Gainesville, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1910-1930
17 copy prints
SWCPC 139 E1

Consists of photographs of public buildings located in Gainesville, Texas (1910-1930), and also contains photographs of the Gainesville Community circus (undated), and the Red River Bridge (undated).

In 1850, pioneers heading towards California stopped at Elm Creek in central Cooke County, Texas, and established the town of Gainesville. Named as the county seat, Gainesville became a prosperous center for the cattle business following the Civil War. By 1890, the local market shifted from cattle to cotton. Nearby oil fields became an additional source of income in the twentieth century for this growing community of 14,000.

Galveston, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1901 and undated
30 B/W photo prints and 1 B/W negative
SWCPC 249 E2

This collection consists of images from the construction of the Galveston Sea wall. In the aftermath of the 1900 Galveston hurricane, which was the deadliest in Texas history, the city and county of Galveston constructed a seventeen foot concrete sea wall to protect inhabitants of the region.

Galveston Artillery Company (Galveston, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1850
1 copy print

Consists of a photograph of the Galveston Artillery Company, a volunteer unit in Galveston, Texas.

Gammill, Mosslyn
Photograph Collection, 1920-1923
178 copy prints, 192 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of the Gammill family in Texas (1920-1923). Also contains photographs of the Alamo (ca. 1920); Corpus Christi (ca. 1920); an airplane (ca. 1920); a tractor (ca. 1920); mules pulling a wagonload of cotton (Christmas, 1923); an adult season ticket to 1923 Panhandle South Plains Fair ($2.50); Blanco Canyon (1921); swimming in Post Lake (ca. 1921); and a celebration honoring the location of Texas Technological College at Lubbock, Texas (1923).

Mosslyn Gammill married James Gammill in 1920 at Idalou, Texas. She taught school and later engaged in farming with her husband near Idalou.

Garcia, Berta
Photograph Collection, 1922-1974
24 B/W copy negatives; 24 B/W copy prints

Includes images documenting the lives of Mexican-Americans in West Texas from 1922 to 1974, but especially during the 1950s. Includes images of a labor camp, families, a wedding, clothing, automobiles, an airport, and fair. Collection bulks with family activities.

Berta Garcia and her husband, Felipe Garcia were insurance agents in the West Texas area.

Garlin, Raymond E.
Photograph Collection, undated
34 copy prints and photo prints

Bulks with individuals and groups of individuals including Garlin graduation photos and group photos of Kappa Phi Kappa. Dr. Raymond E. Garlin was a Texas Tech professor, serving as head of the Department of Education from 1942 to 1950. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and served as president of the West Texas Teachers Association, 1937-1938.

Garza County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1915-1968
2 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 344 E1-E6

Consists of images of Garza County, Texas including banks, cattle, branding, chuckwagons, cityscapes, cowboys, cotton mills, hotels, taverns, lakes, ponds, portraits, railroads, ranches, and schools. Bulks with ranches. Donated by C. E. Sanders and copied from the Post, Texas, prospectus to the Locating Board for Texas Technological College housed in the SWC/SCL.

Gaylord Goodrich Family
Photograph Collection, 1907-1921
53 B/W photo prints: 4 X 5

This collection consists of photographs of groups of people, agricultural activities, architecture, and animals. It contains a photograph of Red Bluff Dam on the Pecos River. The Goodrich family moved into Loving County, Texas, shortly after the turn of the century. They farmed along the Pecos River.

Gelin Family
Photograph Collection, 1915-1920 and undated
35 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 543 E1-E2

The collection contains images of World War I, post-World War I aviation, Gelin family photos, images of the West Texas Hospital (1920) in Lubbock, a carpenter shop interior with wooden benches and podium, unidentified man in office setting, and a First Methodist Church. Carl Gelin was a pioneer aviator and World War I veteran. In later years he was an architect and early contractor in Lubbock, Texas.

Gelin, Carl. H.
Slide Collection, undated
15 slides

Is comprised of views of the Ranching Heritage Center, beehives, Lubbock Iron Works, and several people in an early 1920s automobile. Dr. Gelin was a professor at Texas Tech University. He passed away in the mid 1990s.

Gelin, John
Photograph Collection, 1915-1920
3 B/W photo prints

Contains images of early Lubbock, Texas including the First Methodist Church, pews and sanctuary items, the West Texas Hospital, and an office in 1916. Bulks with church pews.

John Gelin was an architect and early contractor in Lubbock, Texas. John Gelin is the father of Carl Gelin.

Gibson, R. A. Bob
Photograph Collection, undated
3 B/W photo prints and 3 B/W negatives
SWCPC 688 E1

This is a set of photos of various people being entertained at the Cotton Club in Lubbock, Texas. The Cotton Club was an entertainment club in Lubbock, Texas.

Gildersleeve Studio
Photograph Collection, undated
616 B/W negatives and 1,916 B/W copy prints

This collection is comprised of individuals, groups of people, building structures, art, agriculture, sports, automobiles, businesses, parades, sports, railroads, theatre, churches, airplanes, military, funerals, Indians, advertising, and ranching.

Gildersleeve Studio was founded by Fred A. Gildersleeve in Waco, Texas. He was born in 1881 and studied photography at a school in Illinois. He moved to Waco in 1905 and became a well known photographer for the city of Waco. He was known as the "Matthew Brady of Waco" and he chronicled the history of Waco for 53 years. He was also the official photographer for the Baylor University Football team. Mr. Gildersleeve passed away in 1958.

Gilmore, Chester
Photograph Collection, undated
1,363 prints, 8 cards, 11 negatives and 2 tintypes
SWCPC 885 E1-E4

Includes pictures of Billie Gibbs in the Coast Guard, the Faulkner family, children of Gilmore farm employees and Daggs family funerals in Whitney, Texas. Other images include Gilmore family portraits and vacation pictures from Yellowstone, Hawaii and Cody, Wyoming. Of special interest are aviation photos of flying farmers and ranchers as well as the Confederate Air Force in Harlingen, Texas.

Godbald, Tommie G.
Photograph Collection, 1913-1971
11 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Godbald family and their activities (1913-1971).

Gonzales, Frank S.
Photograph Collection, 1960-1961
32 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (I) E1

Consists of photographs of the "Good Neighbors Project" involving Lubbock, Texas, and Oaxaca, Mexico (1960-1961).

Frank S. Gonzalez, born in 1921 in El Paso, Texas, became president of Gonzalez Realty Company and a prominent Lubbock business leader during the 1950s and 1960s. He received a doctorate from the University of Southern California in 1950 for his study of Mormon relations with the Mexican government. In an attempt to promote better public relations between Lubbock and the Mexican people, he organized a "Good Neighbor Project" in 1960-1961, with Oaxaca, Mexico. The Project was sponsored by Plains Cotton Growers Association, Lubbock, Texas.

Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1918- 1971
91 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas (1918-1971), and bulks with photographs of personnel (1950-1961). Also contains photographs of Lt. James J. Goodfellow, Jr. (1918); President Dwight D. Eisenhower; and the Miss Wool of America Parade (1961).

Goodfellow Air Force Base at San Angelo, Texas, opened as a pilot training school in 1941. This training mission continued through World War II until 1958, when the base became part of the Air Force Security Service providing training in the cryptologic sciences. In 1985, Goodfellow became home for the consolidated Air Force Combat Intelligence Training Facility.

Goodwin, Newton
Photograph Collection, 1887-1897
2 B/W copy prints; 4 B/W copy negatives

Collection contains image of Cheyenne, Oklahoma, community picnic at Sgt. Major Creek west of town, circa 1892. Appearing in the photograph is Jessie Ann Goodwin, aunt of Newton Goodwin who lives in Lubbock, Texas. Collection also contains image of Cheyenne, Oklahoma on April 19, 1892 following the land rush to stake claims on and near the Washita River. On April 19, 1892, cowboys, soldiers and others ran from the Texas-Oklahoma state line to stake claims to lands near Cheyenne, Oklahoma and the Washita River. Newton Goodwin lives in Lubbock, Texas.

Gornet, Ruth
Photograph Collection, 1998
12 color photo prints: 4 x 7

Comprised of photos of musicians Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, and Jimmy Dale Gilmore on September 4, 1998 at Clousseau’s Coffee and Cigar Bar, Lubbock, Texas. Also contains photos from the 1998 Buddy Holly Music Festival.

Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, and Jimmy Dale Gilmore performed at Clousseau’s Coffee and Cigar Bar on September 4, 1998. Photos of the Buddy Holly Music Festival. Ruth Gornet is an assistant professor at the Texas Tech Math Department.

Gott, Preston F.
Photograph Collection, 1945-1988 and undated
97 photo prints, 171 mounted photographs
SWCPC 461 E1-3

This collection consists of photos made by Preston Gott while at The University of Texas. It also contains images made by his students in his classes at Texas Tech. The collection consists of images from astronomical conferences as well. The photos, many of abstract nature, are mainly of Texas Tech University and the surrounding Lubbock area.

Preston Gott was a Physics professor at Texas Tech University from 1949-1989. One project his students undertook was photography. He was born in 1919 in Waxahachie, Texas. He married Edna Maynard in 1941. She taught Economics at Texas Tech.

Gould Family
Photograph Collection, undated
5 B/W prints and 1 color print
SWCPC 893 E1

Includes photos from early 20th century including two from the Diamond Hill School Sept. 1916 and one from 1940s.

Graham, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1880-1966
76 copy prints
SWCPC 168, E5

Consists of photographs of newspaper clippings concerning people, places, and activities around Graham, Texas (1880-1921; 1951; 1966). Also contains photographs of the 1915 flood in Graham, a tornado in 1951, and the portrait of a woman who had been captured by Indians.

Granados, Juan
Photograph Collection, undated
5 photo prints

Consists of photographs of five of the donor’s works:
Pump #3, Pump #5, and three unnamed pieces. Juan Granados is an Assistant Professor of Art at Texas Tech University.

Grandi, Richard
Photograph Collection, 1915-1925
18 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 366 E5

Collection includes images of entertainers with the Grandi Brothers Stock Company, a travelling tent show troupe during the 1910s and 1920s. Bulks with same. The Grandi Brothers Stock Company was a popular tent show which toured Texas in the 1910s into the 1950s.

Graves, Lawrence L.
Photograph Collection, 1909-1922 and undated
13 sepia picture postcards, 37 sepia photo prints, 1 photo print, 2 panoramics
SWCPC 672 E1

This collection consists of various images dating from 1909 to 1922. Of particular interest are the picture postcards, which depict military and Mexican military scenes during the Mexican Revolution. There are also several family images, perhaps the family of one of the soldiers stationed in New Mexico or Arizona. Also includes an image of troops posing from Company A - Chickasha, Second Infantry of the Oklahoma National Guard at Camp Resolution in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in 1919. The troops are posing with their rifles in open country. Also includes a military funeral.

Dr. Lawrence L. Graves is a retired history professor from Texas Tech University. He is an author, historian, and educator. He was born in 1917 at Perry, New York and was awarded his Ph.D. in American History by the University of Wisconsin (1954). He taught history at the University of North Carolina Women’s College (1950-1955) and joined the faculty of Texas Tech in 1955. He served as Professor of History, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and as Interim President in 1979 before retiring in 1983. Graves edited
A History of Lubbock and Lubbock: From Town to City and coordinated the West Texas region for the Texas State Historical Association’s Handbook of Texas project.

Gray County, Pampa, Texas
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print
SWCPC 174 E4

This collection consists of a single image of a town scene in Pampa, Texas. In the background is the large Hotel Pampa.
Gray County is located in the central portion of the Panhandle. It was organized from Bexar County in 1876. Pampa is the county seat. The county occupies 934 square miles and its lands support wheat, corn, grain sorghum, and hay crops.

Gray County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1849-1949
22 copy prints, 25 copy negatives
SWCPC 174 E1-E3

Consists of photographs of people and places in Gray County, Texas (1849-1890; 1934-1935; 1948-1949). The collection also includes photographs of a dust storm in Panhandle, Texas (1935), a three-legged boy from Italy (1890), and George Christopher with his aircraft at the Pampa, Texas, airport (1934).

Green, Chester
Photograph Collection, 1970
16 color slides

Bulks with slides showing damage from the May, 1970 tornado which struck Lubbock, Texas. Includes scenes of downtown area following storm. Bulks with images of downtown Lubbock, Texas.

The Lubbock, Texas, tornado of May 11, 1970 caused massive damage to one fourth of the city, killing 26 and injuring 2000. The twister destroyed or damaged six hundred single family residences, 450 apartment units and 8,800 family units.

Green, Otice
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W prints
SWCPC 801 E1

Collection contains a photo of A. B. Davis in a meeting with George Mahon. The other photo is of A. B. Davis holding a hand full of fish, which was taken by Otice Green in the yard of Davis’ home on Main Street.

A. B. Davis moved to Lubbock, Texas in 1924. He was the head of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and Board of City Development (1924-1962) and manager of the South Plains Fair for 43 years. He was instrumental in the development of Texas Tech University, Reese Air Force Base, and Mackenzie State Park. He died in 1967 in Lubbock.

Greer, W. A.
Photograph Collection, 1925-1929
14 B/W prints
SWCPC 696 E1-E2

This collection consists of a single portrait of W. A. Greer taken while he was a Texas Tech student in 1925. Also consists of other 1925 photographs showing various buildings that were being built during the early years of Texas Technological College. Images include the front of the Administration Building and student posing by the Double T bench.

Born to a ranching family, Mr. Greer graduated from Bellvue High School and entered Texas Tech University in 1925. W. A. Greer was a member of the first class of students at Texas Technological College in 1925. After graduating from Texas Tech, he served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in public schools in and around the Bowie, Texas, area.

Grigg, Linnie
Photograph Collection, 1906-1941
16 copy prints, 18 copy negatives
SWCPC 57 (K) E6

Consists of photographs of Lubbock residents and businesses (1906-1941), and bulks with photographs of residents (ca. 1920). Also contains a photograph of a flood (1909). Linnie Grigg was an early settler in Lubbock, Texas. Her father, Bill Graves, came from Jack County, Texas, to the South Plains in 1898.

Griggs, Thelma Clark
Photograph Collection, undated
4 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 689 E1

This is a set of photos of Thelma Clark Griggs and her artwork. Luci Johnson is depicted in one of the paintings. Luci Johnson was the daughter of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Texas State Senator and President of the United States.
Thelma Clark Griggs was a Lubbock resident and artist. The collection is a representation of Mrs. Griggs profession as a portrait artist in oil and chalk.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1930
7 copy prints

Contains photos of the highest peaks in the Guadalupe Mountain range, Guadalupe Peak, and El Capitan Peak (1930). The collection also includes photos of McKittrick Canyon and Guadalupe Mountains in the National Park (1930). The Guadalupe Mountains in northwestern Culberson County are the highest in Texas. The highest point is Guadalupe Peak, also known as Signal Peak, standing at an elevation of 8,751 feet. The El Capitan Peak, just south of Guadalupe Peak, has an elevation of 8,078 feet.

Guerrero, Salvador
Photograph Collection, 1868-1965
66 B/W copy prints; 52 B/W negatives

Consists of images depicting the Mexican-American community primarily in San Angelo, Texas. Includes images of school children posing for pictures, athletes, American G. I. Forum meetings, early buildings, rail workers and depot, theater and weddings. Bulks with G. I. Forum meetings.

Salvador Guerrero, a Mexican American, moved to Ector County with the oil and gas industry and emerged as a community leader through work with the American G. I. Forum, a national veteran's organization comprised predominately of Mexican-American membership.

Gum, Florence
Photograph Collection, 1979
2 copy prints

Florence Gum served as a legal secretary approximately twenty years in Lubbock. She also served as the church secretary for Westminster Presbyterian. This collection consists of two photographs taken from the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the McWhorter and Howard law firm, Lubbock, Texas, October 1, 1979. One photo is of attorneys and the other of the secretarial staff.

Gutierrez, Francisco J.
Photographs Collection, 1999
2 color prints
SWCPC 763 E1

Portraits of Francisco J. Gutierrez. These photos were taken by Daniel Sanchez as part of his duties interviewing people for the Southwest Collection oral history program. Born in Lubbock on December 31, 1948, Gutierrez discusses growing up in Lubbock, the Vietnam War and politics.