Hadden, Will A.
Photograph Collection, 1900-1950
9 copy prints

Consists of photogcollectraphs of the Will A. Hadden family (1900-1950) and bulks with photographs of family members (1905-1920).

Will A. Hadden came from Mississippi with his family in 1891, and settled in Kerrville, Texas, where Will's sister, Annie, was treated for tuberculosis. In 1902, he moved to Ft. Stockton, Texas where he served as County Clerk of Pecos County. He also practiced law in Pecos County for many years, holding the offices of city and county attorney. Hadden married twice--first to Alice Lockett, then to Kathleen Westerman, and fathered eight children.

Haes, Brenda L.
Photograph Collection, 2000
113 color 4x5 prints
SWCPC 804 E1

Photographs depict the condition of the house throughout the restoration/renovation at the Joseph S. Mcllhaney (a Lubbock pioneer in the dairy/creamery business) residence, 2006 17th Street. They show the original, modified, and restored images of the exterior and interior of the residence, including closets, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and living room.

Restoration took place from May to September 2000. The house is located on what was once called "Dean’s Row," a four-block area of 17th Street, known for the number of Texas Tech Dean’s residences during the 1930s-1940s. Brenda L. Haes, Assistant to the University Archivist/Safety Coordinator at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, took the images.

Hagler Family
Photograph Collection, 1888-1920
13 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the George Hagler family (1910-1920) and bulks with family photos (1910). Also includes a copy photo of the Julius Kordzik family (1888). Mrs. Hedwig Martin Kordzik was one of the first children born in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The George Hagler family began farming near Sparks, Texas, in 1877. Sparks is a south-central Texas town in Bell County with a population of less than fifty. George Hagler was postmaster of Sparks in 1897-1898.

Halbert, Grady
Photograph Collection, 1913-1945
22 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Grady Halbert family in Foard County, Texas (1913-1945; 1946, and bulks with photographs of family members (1913-1945). Also contains photographs of Crowell, Texas High School (undated); polo players (1937); and a Packard automobile (ca. 1930).

The Halbert family moved to Foard County, Texas, in 1910, and became prominent farmers. Grady Halbert and his wife, Eunice, taught school in Crowell, Texas, until 1939, when Grady began farming and raising cattle.

Hale County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1928 and undated
140 B/W copy prints, 10 photo prints, and 141 negatives

Comprised of photographs of architecture, street scenes, Hale Center Sewing Club; ranching activities, sand storms, aerial shots of Plainview, Texas; schools, groups of people; weather, Seth Ward College, cowboys, Confederate veterans, cattle, agricultural lands, railway lines, cotton harvest, and Harvest Queen Mills.

Hale County is located on the High Plains of Texas. It was organized in 1888 and named for Lt. J. C. Hale, who died at San Jacinto. The economic base is agribusiness, food processing, manufacturing, and government services. Plainview is the county seat.

Hale County, Texas
Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s
1 B/W print
SWCPC 222 E16

The collection contains a photo of an unknown Anglo family of ten people dining in their home. The image is undated, but the refrigerator, car, and milk bottle indicate the photo was taken around the 1940s.

Named after Lt. J. C. Hale, a casualty at San Jacinto, Hale County is located in West Texas. People began to settle and ranch in the region in the 1880s, and agriculture has been the county’s economic mainstay ever since. The county seat, Plainview, Texas, is the home of Wayland Baptist University. As well as ranching and other agricultural endeavors, Hale County produces oil and gas.

Hall, Florence Black
Photograph Collection, 1910-1969
200 copy prints
SWCPC 90 (A)

Consists of photographs related to the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association (1910-1968). Also includes photographs of projects sponsored in Mexico.

Florence Black was the daughter of Col. William L. Black, who established the San Saba River Ranch near Fort McKavett, Texas, in 1876. She married Frederic S. Hall of Sussex, England. They raised sheep and Charolais cattle on 2400 acres known as the Live Oak Ranch near the mouth of the San Saba River in San Saba County.

Hall County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1910-1937
13 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Hall County, Texas (1910-1937). These include photos of farm machinery (1910-1915) and a semi-professional baseball team in Memphis, Texas (1915).

Hall, M. L.
Photograph Collection, 1905-1925
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 560 E1

Contains image of an early 20th century brass band in uniform, posing in front of building entrance. M. L. Hall is a Lubbock, Texas resident.

Halsell, Ewing
Photograph Collection, 1910-1982
15 B/W photo prints

Includes images of the Ewing Halsell family's activities in West Texas and Oklahoma and includes cowboys, school buildings, auditoriums, vacation scenes, clothing and dress, and a book signing. Bulks with family activities.

The Halsell family began raising cattle using the Mashed O brand in 1889 in Indian Territory. William E. Halsell founded the Halsell Cattle Company in Lamb and Bailey counties on the South Plains of Texas in 1895. His son, Ewing continued the Halsell cattle interests in Texas and Oklahoma.

Hamby, Thornton
Photograph Collection, 1940s and undated
4 B/W copy prints: various sizes

This collection consists of American Prisoners of War at Omini Machi, Japan in 1945, American Ex-Prisoners of War Association, and a turn-of-the-century cemetery marker. Thornton Hamby was captured on Corregidor, Philippine Islands and then was sent to Japan to work in the coal mines at Omini Machi camp in southern Honshu. Hamby was liberated on September 17, 1945.

Hamilton, Burns
Photograph Collection, undated
6 B/W photo prints and 9 B/W negatives
SWCPC 746 E1

This collection consists of a cowboy on a horse smoking a cigarette, and he is identified as Tommy Smith. Other images are of an unidentified airport, the new Plant Disease Laboratory at Texas A&M College in New Mexico, and a storm or a tornado.

Burns Hamilton is a native of Lubbock, Texas, and has previously donated photographs and other material to the Pitchfork Ranch Collection.

Hamilton County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1890-1950
137 copy prints

This is an artificial collection of photographs of Hamilton, Texas (1890-1950). It includes photographs of bison on the Charles Goodnight Ranch (undated) and Mollie Bailey's Show (ca. 1910).

Hamilton County, in the Grand Prairie of west central Texas, was organized in 1858. Farming and livestock production provide the major sources of income. The town of Hamilton, population 3200, has served as the county seat since 1858.

Hamilton County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1916
1 B/W postcard

Postcard features a class picture of Hico, Texas High School students in 1916. Winifred Vigness is the wife of the late Dr. David Vigness a former Texas Tech History professor.

Hancock, Tommy
Photograph Collection, 1993
2 B/W copy prints: 8 x 10

This collection consists of a portrait of singer Tommy Hancock and one of the Texana Dames. Tommy Hancock has led a long music career in Texas, beginning as a hatted act. He has participated in the Buddy Holly Music Festival in Lubbock, Texas. His family also owned the second Cotton Club at one time.

Haralson, Betty
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print
SWCPC 713 E1

This collection consists of a single image of three men. One is Charlie C. Cole and the other two are possible members of the James Gang.

Betty Haralson is a resident of Lubbock. Her grandfather may have ridden with the Jesse James Gang.

Hardeman County, Texas
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W copy prints: 4 X 5

Includes pictures of a high school building and a street scene. Hardeman County was organized in 1884. It was named for brothers, Bailey and T. J. Hardeman. The economy is based on agribusiness, tourism, and a small amount of manufacturing.

Hardin County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1910
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 303 E1

Collection contains portrait of three girls in Hardin County, Texas at the turn-of-the-19th-century.

Hardy-Sides Family
Photograph Collection, 1897-1920
6 copy prints
SWCPC 9 (B) E4

Consists of photographs of Abilene, Texas, residents and bulks with portraits (1900).

Harlan, Nolan
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 678 E1

This collection consists of a single image of Nolan Harlan in a military uniform. Nolan Harlan, from Bula, Texas, was a WWII veteran, serving in the 101st Airborne. He was captured by German soldiers not long after D-Day in 1944. He later escaped and rejoined American forces.

Mrs. Betty Harlan, the wife of the late Nolan Harlan has lived in Bula/Amherst area all her life.

Harley Sadler Tent Show
Photograph Collection, 1900-1950 and undated
422 B/W copy prints and 231 negatives

This collection bulks with photographs of performing artists, tent structures, news clippings, a baseball team, and scenes of tent show performances, entertainers, stage sets, advertising, automobiles, clowns, political election images, group and individual portraits, railroad boxcars, celebrities, comedians, and cowboys.

Harley Sadler was a West Texas showman, oilman, and Texas legislator. According to legend, he was the "first man to make a million in tent shows," trouped across Texas during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s His tent show featured theatrical presentations, comedy, clowns, musicians, and vaudeville. His shows were a favorite in the sixty-odd communities of West Texas the eastern New Mexico that he visited biennially. In the early 1940s air-conditioned movie theaters and drive-in theaters eroded tent show audiences. Sadler sold his business, but remained intermittently active with Joe McKennon until 1947. Sadler was elected to the Texas Senate in 1943 where he served until his death in 1954. Gloria Sadler, the daughter of Harley and Billie Sadler, was often featured in her father's productions.

Harley Sadler's Own Show
Photograph Collection, 1927-1940
18 copy prints
SWCPC 366 E8

Features views of the Harley Sadler Tent Show Company (ca. 1920-1940). The collection includes photos of numerous entertainers, the Harley Sadler Show Tent, theatrical playbills, tent show recruitment advertising, publicity photos, and an interior view of the show tent (from the audience's viewpoint).

Harley Sadler, the "dean of Southern showmen," organized his first tent show shortly after World War I. Sadler's company, which featured his famous country bumpkin character, "Toby," became famous throughout the rural communities of West Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Among the celebrities who started with Sadler's company were Jennifer Jones, Chill Wills, and country singer, Jimmy Wakely. When the show folded during World War II, Sadler settled in Abilene and launched a political career, serving in both the Texas House and Senate.

Harper, Robert M.
Photograph Collection, undated
17 negatives and 18 copy prints

Consists of agriculture related to cotton and corn crop testing. The agricultural testing fields were located in Martindale, Texas. Harper Seed Farms specialized in hybrid research on cotton and corn to produce better strains of seed for the local agriculture industry.

Harrell, R. A.
Photograph Collection, 1896-1914
8 copy prints

Consists of photographs collected by the R.A. Harrell family of Ozona, Texas (1896-1914), and bulks with business establishments in Ozona and Coleman, Texas (1896). Also contains an interior scene of the Cattle Raisers Loan Company, Fort Worth, Texas (1912).

The R. A. Harrell family played a prominent role in the sheep industry near Ozona, Texas. Harrell was also instrumental in developing a watershed plan for Crockett County, Texas.

Harris, Bernard A., Jr.
Photograph Collection, 1993-1998
2 copy prints: color: various sizes

This collection consists of two portraits: one of Dr. Harris in an astronaut suit and the other in civilian attire. Dr. Harris received an M.D. from Texas Tech Medical School and pursued fellowships at the Mayo Clinic and elsewhere. In 1993 and 1995, he flew on two space shuttle missions to study muscular-skeletal effects. He is currently employed by SPACEHAB, which manufactures space habitat modules. Dr. Harris is on Texas Tech’s Board of Regents.

Harris, Harvey H.
Photograph Collection, undated
5 copy prints and 5 negatives of various sizes

This collection consists of groups of people and a wagon train en route to New Mexico. Wagon trains were a common way of travel during the 19th Century westward march in the United States.

Harvey Harris was a native of Tatum, New Mexico. He was born in 1885 and raised in West Texas. His father served with the Texas Rangers to fight Indians and also served in the Confederate Army. His brothers began the H Bar V Ranch, and he was both a farmer and ranch hand.

Harris, Mrs. T. Jay
Photograph Collection, 1873-1955
1,111 photos, 29 slides, rolled photos

Consists of photographs taken by the Carl A. Studer and T. Jay Harris families (undated).

A native of Canadian, Texas, Harris donated to the Southwest Collection materials concerning Carl A. Studer and his involvement in rodeos, especially the Anvil Park Rodeo in Canadian during the 1930s.

Harris, T. J.
Photograph Collection, undated
17 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 410 (D) E2

This collection consists of images related to ranching and farming such as cattle, goats, sheep, fields and the surrounding landscape, a group of unidentified men, an unidentified Indian, and an unidentified woman.

Mrs. T. J. Harris was involved in ranching and agriculture; she shared an interest in rodeos as well. She previously donated a collection concerning Mr. Struder’s involvement in rodeos.

Harris, Ted
Photograph Collection, 1880-1960
81 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Ted Harris family and ranch operations in Reagan County, Texas (1880-1960), and bulks with the scenes of sheep ranching and family photos (ca. 1940).

Beginning in the 1870s, the Harris family conducted ranching operations in Coke, Crockett, Reagan, Upton, and Pecos Counties of Texas. Around 1900, they acquired extensive ranch lands near Big Lake in Reagan County, southwest of San Angelo. Ted Harris was born there in 1903 and spent his life working the ranch.

Hartin, Joe
Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s and undated
2 B/W prints, 1 B/W postcard print, and 39 B/W negatives
SWCPC 757 E1-2

The image is of an oil well called Dos Bocas (means two openings) on fire with smoke and flames spewing hundreds of feet into the air. Also of various different photographs and negatives of the oil fields in Mexico. Some negatives include several unidentified people. The postcard print however, is of a man on a tractor in La Huasteca, Monterrey.

Joe Hartin worked for the petroleum industry during the early years of the oil boom in Mexico. The Dos Bocas oil well reached a depth of 1400 feet. By 1926 it was a large two-acre crater making salt water and gas. Mexico’s economic status soared in the early 1970’s when the state petroleum monopoly discovered vast new oil fields in Tabasco, Chiapa, and Campeche Bay when oil prices were soaring. The government attempted to capitalize on these oil fields and borrowed heavily from foreign banks, however the Mexican economy found itself unable to service an enormous foreign debt.

Harwell, Ione
Photograph Collection, 1906-1931
16 copy prints
SWCPC 10, E1

Consists of photographs of schools and school children in Archer County, Texas, and bulks with photos of groups of school children (1928-1931).

Ione Harwell was a teacher at Oak Grove School. The first school in Archer County, the Ingalls School, opened in 1877. In 1880, it relocated and took the name Oak Grove School, after a grove of live oak trees adjacent to the site. In 1895, the building was moved again and renamed Prideaux, for Dr. R. O. Prideaux, who donated the original building. The school was known alternately as Oak Grove and Prideaux after that time.

Haskell County Courthouse (Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1940
7 copy negatives

Consists of photograph negatives of the Haskell County Courthouse (ca. 1940).

Haskell, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1907
1 Mounted Photo
SWCPC 851 E1

Photo Haskell, TX on Oct. 24, 1907

Haskew, Eula
Photograph Collection, 1923
1 B/W copy print

Includes panoramic image of Pioneer, Texas, during the oil boom of 1923. Eula Haskew was a professor at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas, from 1920 to 1959, and became active in the American Association of University Women.

Hastie, Reid W.
Photograph Collection, 1940s and undated
2 B/W prints and 100 color slides
SWCPC 692 E1-E2

The collection includes two photos of military transport ships and amphibious planes off the coast of an island during World War II (Pacific Theatre) and two islanders plowing a field on a Pacific island. They appear to be Japanese military personnel. This collection also consists of 100 slides from the series entitled, Encounter With Art.

Reid Hastie was a professor of Art Education at Texas Tech University (1969-1984). As an educator, Hastie was a nationally prominent figure who helped to found numerous art education professional organizations, and affiliated professional publications He was born February 14, 1916 and died August 31, 1987.

Haverstock Family and Theatre Company
Photograph Collection, 1903-1956
9 photos, 416 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Haverstock family and the people, shows, and travels of the Haverstock Theatre Company (1903-1956), and bulks with photographs of the people in the Haverstock Theatre Company and their travels (1915-1936).

Harvey Haverstock organized his first tent show to tour Illinois and Indiana in 1904. After a few years, he began to operate in Oklahoma and northern Texas, where his troupe enjoyed great success. During the depression, the show was reduced to a family unit, which included his wife, Lotta, and his son and daughter-in-law, Rolland and Peggy. The show experienced renewed success during the 1940s, but was finally disbanded by Rolland in 1956.

Havran, Ed
Photograph Collection, undated
117 prints, 3 negatives
SWCPC 844 E1

Dairy industry.

Hawkins, Art
Photograph Collection, 1974-75
46 color prints, 46 negatives
SWCPC 774 E1

Photos of Yucatan Peninsula oil spill off the coast of Mexico. Images show damage done to the native birds, sea and shoreline as well as efforts to contain the damage.

Oil spills have done considerable damage over the years to the shores and ocean life since drilling for oil began in the seas. This raises environmental concerns from the international community from the international community as a whole. Clean up from oil spills is always a dirty job for those who contain the damage as well as for those who clean up the shore line and animals.

Hayes, Jaunice Cartwright
Photograph Collection, 1900-1920
71 B/W photo prints

Photos include early images (1905-1915) of Plainview and Hale Center, Texas and the surrounding area. Includes photos of the Hayes Family who lived in Plainview, Texas.

The above items were purchased from the estate sale of Jaunice Hayes. The Hayes family were pioneers in Hale County, Texas.

Haynes, Gary
Photograph Collection, 1933
11 copy prints

Consists of photographs of an attempt to connect with the original tunnels of the San Saba Mines in San Saba County, Texas (1933).

According to legend, the San Saba Mine was part of the operation of a Spanish mission established on the San Saba River in 1757. In 1758, Comanche attacks forced the Spanish to abandon their mission. Supposedly, the Indians hid the mine so that no white man could ever find it. During the 1930s many treasure seekers attempted to find the lost San Saba Mine by constructing shafts and tunnels in hope of connecting with the original tunnels. Much of this activity was initiated by the 1930 publication of Coronado's Children, in which J. Frank Dobie recounted the tale of the lost mine. None of these efforts have proved successful in finding the San Saba mine.

Hayworth, Jack
Photograph Collection, 1905
1 photo

Consists of an original photograph (a matte collodion image, platinum-toned). It is a studio portrait of Jack Hayworth in Panama (May 7, 1905).

Jack Hayworth sent this photograph from Panama in 1905.

Head, Sam
Photograph Collection, 1944-1945
15 B/W prints
SWCPC 825 E1

Collection of B/W World War II photographs taken by Sam Head of Snyder, Texas during his military service. Some show the Japanese Peace Envoy at Le Shema (1945) an island in the Pacific, Ernie Pyle memorial monument, dead Japanese soldiers, an American military cemetery at Le Shema, the island of Leyte images, warships, Sam Head, and Mutt Barnes of O'Donnell, Texas.

Sam Head was an airplane mechanic during the second world war serving his time in the Pacific. He spent some time on the islands of Le Shema, Leyte, and possibly Guadalcanal. One image shows Mutt Barnes of O'Donnell, Texas who served in the Marines, fighting in the Pacific Island battles. Both men returned safely to Texas after the war. Barnes is now deceased.

Hemphill–Wells Company (Lubbock, Texas)
Photograph Collection, undated
8 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 706 E1

This collection consists of several different locations of Hemphill–Wells including its location at the South Plains Mall. It also contains several photographs of employees and managers that worked for Hemphill–Wells Company.

In 1920, Spencer A. Wells and William Hemphill set out to own a department store, their first desirable location was in Plainview, but found a building on the square in Lubbock at the corner of Broadway and Texas Avenue. The store was originally called Hemphill–Price, but due to Mr. Price’s sudden illness Wells assumed management. The store soon emerged to several different locations in Lubbock, Texas as well as in San Angelo, Texas, until it was bought in 1986.

Henderson, A. Lee
Photograph Collection, 1920-1930
65 B/W copy prints

Collection contains images of the oil industry in Best, Luling, Odessa, and Santa Rita, Texas during the 1920s. Bulks with oil wells and equipment. A. Lee Henderson worked as manager of the Frick-Reid Supply Company in Best, Texas during the oil boom of the 1920s.

Henderson County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1888-1947
17 copy prints

Consists of photographs of people and daily life in Henderson County, Texas (1888-1917; 1942-1947), and also contains prints of the Henderson County Courthouse (1900) and the Athens Military Band (1904).

Henderson Family
Photograph Collection, 1903-1931
17 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Henderson family and their various residences (1903-1913; 1931). The collection bulks with the Henderson residences (1903-1913). It includes photographs of a group of people at the Democratic National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland (1912) and the old "B" Hall at the University of Texas (1912).

Thomas S. Henderson was born on January 12, 1859, in Washington County, Texas. He became an attorney in 1879, settling in Cameron, where he married Minnie Agnes Burns in 1884. In 1892, Henderson was elected to the Texas state legislature where he served until his death in 1937.

Henderson, Margaret M.
Photograph Collection, undated
244 B/W copy prints; 1 color copy print
SWCPC 527 E1-E4

Contains images of Margaret M. Henderson, Colonel of the Women Marines from 1942-1965, and activities associated with her position. Includes aircraft, women in uniform, receptions, medal ceremonies, men in uniform, parade ground review, army jeep, reunion, official post card ceremony, swimming pool, interior/exterior quarters, dining hall, mailroom, sailboats, statue, recruitment poster, parades, marching band, White House Capitol building, people on horseback, room interiors, basketball team, wedding, panorama of town, congressmen, President of the United States.

Margaret M. Henderson is a retired Colonel of the United States Marine Corps who served from 1942-1965 as the Director of Women Marines. Prior to directing the Women Marines, Henderson taught school in Lubbock, Texas. Following retirement, Henderson served as Director of the Lubbock United Fund Community Planning Council.

Herald, Rollin
Photograph Collection, 1907-1960 and undated
18 B/W photo prints and 71 B/W negatives
SWCPC 718 E1

This collection consists of various Lubbock images. Most are of Texas Tech University, but many include storefronts and interiors, churches and social gatherings. Rollin Herald was a professional photographer in West Texas.

Herald, Rollin
Photograph Collection, 1930s - 1980s
125,000 (approximately) images in negatives and prints (11 boxes)

This collection contains a large number of images of Lubbock, Texas produced by Rollin Herald's photography studio. Their topics vary from portraits and weddings, Texas Tech University, Lubbock High School, Monterey High School, Lubbock Christian College, Furr's Cafeteria, various business advertisements, aerial views of Lubbock, fine arts displays, social activities, parades, churches, sport activities, business meetings, buildings, and construction. To see a detailed inventory which is sorted by the description of the images select
here to begin your search.

Rollin Herald owned a photography studio in Lubbock, Texas for many years. It was originally known as Herald Photo from 1946-1974 before it was changed to Custom Photo (1974-1984). The studio did a variety of work for customers from and around the Lubbock area. They did family portaits and weddings as well as advertisements for local businesses. The photograph collection details the economic, social, and historical aspects of Lubbock, Texas for six decades of the Twentieth Century.

Herren, Mrs. Ernestine Cox
Photograph Collection, 1910-1940 and undated
13 B/W copy prints: 5 x 3 ½ and 5 negatives
SWCPC 495 (A) E1

Comprised of photographs of groups of individuals, building structures, and farm life. Ernestine Cox Herren is her family’s genealogist and a descendent of pioneer West Texans. The Herren family settled and ranched in Haskell, Texas. Her husband, Sam P. Herren II, served for thirty years as the official weather recorder for the National Weather Service in Haskell.

Hestor, Ross
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W prints
SWCPC 890 E41

Pictures of State Senator William H. Bledsoe and his wife Emma.

Hiatt, Dean B.
Photograph Collection, 1914-1917
183 copy prints
SWCPC 300 E1

Consists of photograph of surveyors on the Texas XIT Ranch (1914- 1917). The collection also contains photographs of swimmers (1915); wagons (1914);surveying equipment (1914-1917); bridge construction (1916); railroad equipment (ca. 1916-1918); and gasoline plants in Thurber, Texas (1920s).

Born in 1897 in Amarillo, Texas, Dean B. Hiatt worked as a surveyor in early twentieth century Texas. After completing a resurvey of the XIT Ranch in the Texas Panhandle, he was employed by the Santa Fe Railroad and the Texas and Pacific Coal and Oil Company.

Hickey, Thomas A.
Photograph Collection, 1906-1920 and undated
22 B/W prints
SWCPC 633 E3

Collection details Thomas Hickey’s life in Texas. It includes portraits of friends and family. Other photos feature the Jakehamon Train Depot, a house, and various group photos, some of which contain Hickey.

A machinist, journalist, and Socialist Party organizer, Thomas A. Hickey was born January 14, 1869, in Dublin, Ireland. He emigrated to New York City at the age of twenty and after holding jobs in New Jersey and Montana, came to Texas in 1904, where he assumed duties as an organizer of the Socialist Party in Texas. In 1911, he became editor of
The Rebel, a weekly newspaper published in Halletsville, Texas. In 1917, publication of The Rebel was suppressed under the Espionage Bill of that year. Hickey subsequently became an organizer for the National Non-Partisan League in Texas; organized the National Workers and Drilling Company; and published Tom Hickey’s Magazine. Hickey died on May 2, 1925.

Hickey, Thomas, Family
Photograph Collection, ca. 1920
2 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 633 E2

This collection consists of images of four identified family members of Thomas Hickey. The location is identified as Hallettsville, Texas.

Thomas A. Hickey was a newspaper editor and a political activist in Texas during the early 1900’s. He was also Dr. Mina Lamb’s uncle.

Higginbotham Brothers and Company
Photograph Collection, undated
98 photo prints

Collection contains images of individuals, groups of people, animals, men in military uniforms, building structures, businesses, parades, automotive repair shops, and farm equipment.

Higginbotham Brothers and Company was one of the most influential mercantile firms in West Texas. Opened for business in 1881 by J. M. and Bolivar T. Higginbotham at De Leon, Texas, they provided goods to the local community, farms, and ranches. Over the years several stores open throughout Texas and their headquarters moved to Dallas, Texas as well.

Higginbotham, Virginia Johnson
Photograph Collection, 1908-1909
2 copy prints
Consists of photographs of the Patterson and Johnson families (1908-1909) and also includes a group portrait of Victorian women (ca. 1909).

James Murdock Johnson, an East Texas school teacher, came to the Lubbock, Texas, area in 1907. He became one of the early cotton growers on the South Plains. Virginia Johnson Higginbotham of Missoula, Montana, is one of his daughters.

High Plains Research Foundation (Halfway, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1957-1962
23 copy prints
SWCPC 196 E6

This collection consists of photographs of the facilities and experiments carried out by the High Plains Research Foundation at Halfway, Texas. (1957-1962).

The High Plains Research Foundation was established in 1959 to provide research information for the agricultural industry of the High Plains of Texas. The Foundation is comprised of farmers, commodity organizations, agri-business and utility industries, and financial institutions. The research facilities are located at Halfway, Texas.

Hill, D. C.
Photograph Collection, 1888-1945
54 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the D. C. Hill family (1888-1945) and also includes photographs of business enterprises in Normangee, Texas (undated), and other Texas communities.

Normangee, Texas, located on the Leon-Madison county line, became a station on the Texas and Brazos Valley Railroad in 1905. Farming and stock raising are the primary occupations for this town of over 600.

Hill, Kate Adele
Photograph Collection, 1879-1963 and undated
116 prints
SWCPC 783 E1

Collection details Kate Adele Hill’s life with photos from her childhood in Kerr County from 1904 to 1908 up to her later years in Bryan. Photographs of Dr. Hill range from thirteen months to sixty-two years old, many of which are portraits. Also, images include various members of the Hill family, sheep and cattle ranching, an early automobile in 1909, and Kate Adele Hill and others on horseback. Also features various houses in which Dr. Hill resided during her life.

Kate Adele Hill was born in 1900 in Travis County, Texas, and was the author of several books. Her family was engaged in breeding Angus cattle. She attended Texas Technological College and Texas Women’s University, and received her Ph.D. from Texas Women’s University in 1957. Hill was active in American Texas Home Economics Association, the Texas Agricultural Workers’ Association, and the Business and Professional Women’s Association. She died in 1983 in San Angelo.

Hill, Louis Hamilton
Photograph Collection, 1875-1910
13 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Louis Hamilton Hill and his family (1875-1910).

Born in Alabama in 1858, Louis Hamilton Hill came to Texas with his family in 1870. For a time, he trailed cattle for George Littlefield and worked for the trading post at Fort Griffin. In 1883, he established a real estate business in Albany, Texas with Samuel Webb. The business proved highly successful and Hill later became one of the organizers of Oriental Oil Company. He married three times, the last time to Elizabeth Ewing. Hill died in 1932.

Hines, Mattie C.
Photograph Collection, 1883-1929
19 copy prints, 20 copy negatives
SWCPC 296 E1

Consists of photographs (1883-1929) from Mattie C. Hines', "The History of Mitchell County Education," an unpublished Masters thesis completed at Hardin-Simmons University. The collection bulks with photographs of the Conaway family and Mitchell County schools (1905-1910).

Mattie C. Hines of Colorado City, Texas, collected clippings, photographs, and articles concerning the history of Mitchell County and the development of its education system.

Hinn, Mrs. Harold
Photograph Collection, 1920-1930
2 B/W negatives; 1 B/W copy print

Includes image of Harvest Queen Mill in Plainview, Texas, during the 1920s.

Hinn, Mrs. Harold
Photograph Collection, 1967
2 color prints
SWCPC 458 E2

This collection consists of two oversized photographs of the Texas Tech Board of Directors presenting Honorary Degrees to President Lyndon B. Johnson and the President of Mexico, Lopez Mateo, in 1967.

Mrs. Harold Hinn, wife of former Texas Tech Regent Harold Hinn, has donated several items concerning her husbands work. He attended the University of Wisconsin and the University of Texas at Austin. On April 6th, 1967, Hinn became a member of the Texas Tech University Board of Directors until 1969. A conference room in the Textile Research Center at Texas Tech has been named in his honor. He was a member of numerous organizations including the Texas Grain & Feed Dealers Association, the National Grain & Feed Dealers Association and the Millers National Federation. Hinn died in September of 1984.

Hockley County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1899-1950
4 photos, 28 copy prints, 52 copy negatives
SWCPC 181, E1-E9

Consists of photographs from various towns in early Hockley County, Texas (1899; 1920-1941; 1950) and includes prints of the Hockley County courthouse (1920), a barbeque celebrating the coming of the railroad to Levelland (1925), and participants in Pep's twenty-fifth anniversary celebration (1950).

Hogan, Ted
Photograph Collection, 1943 and undated
19 photo prints and copy prints
SWCPC 640 E1-2

Consists of groups of individuals, boy scouts, class reunion shots, and Elmer Kelton’s wife’s relatives in Austria. Also consists of a group of individuals and a journalism trophy won in 1943. Mr. Hogan was a classmate and a life-long friend of Elmer Kelton.

Holdcraft, Alvin
Photograph Collection, 1945
2 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 671 E1

This collection consists of two photographs relating to the capture of Alvin Holdcraft during WWII.

Alvin Holdcraft is a veteran of World War II. He was captured by German paratroopers in late 1944 and liberated by Soviet troops the following April. He immediately procured a camera and returned to the camp to take pictures.

Holden, William Curry
Photograph Collection, undated
1 matted B/W photo print
SWCPC 445 (D) E2

This collection consists of one black and white photo of William Curry Holden sitting in a chair at a young age, he may be one or two years old.

William Curry Holden is recognized as one of the elder statesmen of Texas history, anthropology and archaeology. He served as the first professor of history at McMurry College in Abilene, Texas and at Texas Tech in Lubbock, where he began in 1929. In 1934, he led the first anthropological expedition to the Yaqui Indians of northern Mexico. He established the West Texas Museum Association in 1937. Following the death of his first wife, Olive, Holden married Frances Mayhugh in 1939. They continued to play an active role in the development of Texas Tech and were instrumental in the creation of a Ranching Heritage Center.

Holden, William Curry and Frances Mayhugh
Photograph Collection, 1933-1934 and undated
378 negatives; 49 color slides; 200 (35mm) copy prints; and 200 prints

Consists of negative and slide images taken during the Texas Technological College Yaqui Expedition. William Curry Holden led the expedition into Sonora, Mexico in 1933 and 1934. Also includes photographs relating to Dr. Holden’s research on Teresa "Teresita" Urrea, a native Mexican, who claimed to be clairvoyant and was revered as a healer.

William Curry Holden taught history at Texas Technological College for several years beginning in the 1920s. He led a number of archaeological expeditions in Texas and across the Southwest. Frances Mayhugh Holden was his wife.

Holt, Roy Davis
Photograph Collection, 1905-1985 and undated
113 photo prints, copy prints, negatives, and slides

Contains photographs of groups of individuals, building structures, ranching, rodeos, Wild West trick roping, hunting, and artwork. Featured are the Coffey family of Coleman County, Texas. Roy Holt, Sr. was born in 1897 in Santa Anna, Texas. He received a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Trinity University. He received a Master’s degree in history from the University of Texas. Mr. Holt became an educator and author. In 1923 he married Mildred Pearce of Santa Anna. They had two children, Roy Holt, Jr. (deceased), and Nancy Hughes. Mr. Holt died in 1985.

Holt, Roy Davis
Photograph Collection, 1905-1985 and undated
30 B/W panoramic photo prints
SWCPC 645 E2

This collection consists of panoramic images of groups of individuals, building structures, ranching, rodeos, hunting, a circus, major Wild West shows and artwork.

Roy Holt, Sr. was born in 1897 in Santa Anna, Texas. He received a Bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Trinity University. He received a Master’s degree in history from the University of Texas. Mr. Holt became an educator and author.

Hommel, Kathy
Photograph Collection, 1900-1910
48 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the F. A. White family of Clarendon, Texas (1900-1910), and also includes photographs of horses and buggies.

The Hommels bought the F. A. White home (built in 1900) in 1989. The Whites had lived in Clarendon since the 1880s. The photographs were found in the basement of the home by the Hommels after they purchased the house.

Hornaday, Joe
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 702 E1

This collection consists of a single portrait of Joe Hornaday. Joe Hornaday is currently assistant athletic director of the Texas Tech Athletic Department. Earlier in his career he was also a photographer for the Sports Information Office.

Houchin, Karen
Photograph Collection, 1900-1940
21 copy prints
SWCPC 291, E6

Consists of photographs of Crosby County, Texas (1900-1940). The collection also contains photographs of the telephone office in Lorenzo, Texas (1920) and the Lorenzo Railroad Station (ca. 1910).

Karen Houchin was a member of the J. Frank Smith family of Lorenzo, Texas. Smith established a 32-room hotel and restaurant in 1921, known as the Smith House in Lorenzo.

House, Jerry
Photograph Collection, 1890-1900
6 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (V) E1

Consists of photographs of Lubbock, Texas (1890-1900), and bulks with photographs of businesses (1890-1900). Jerry House was, at one time, an employee of Texas Tech University.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Photograph Collection, undated
5 color picture postcards
SWCPC 683 E1

This collection consists of five picture postcards of various natural images. The Houston Museum of Natural Science began in Houston in 1909. The organization actively acquires and maintains collections of scientific interest. In 1990 visitation was in excess of one million.

Houston, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1909
1 matted B/W print
SWCPC 811 E1

The image depicts a new year’s celebration at the Houston Opera House in 1909. The people are dressed in various costumes. Houston is in Harris County, Texas. The county was created in 1836 and organized in 1837. The Houston Opera House is a place where entertainment in the form of opera is performed for the public.

Howard, Amos H.
Photograph Collection, 1900–1960’s and undated
160 B/W prints and 51 negatives
SWCPC 768 E1

This collection consists of a mix collection of family photos and photos given to Amos Howard by his colleagues and friends. Most photographs remain unidentified, except for a small few. Some photographs depict college life and family gatherings

Howard was appointed postmaster of Lubbock, Texas by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in April 1935 and served for 26 years. He also served as county clerk and worked for an abstract and title business. Born in Tennessee, his family first moved to Lubbock in 1919. He married Una May Coleman in 1923 and they had two children, Amos, Jr. and Elizabeth.

Howard House Hotel (Lubbock, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1912
2 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (I) E3

Consists of photographs of the Howard House Hotel in Lubbock, Texas (1912), which includes interior views of the lobby in the hotel (1912).

The Howard House Hotel opened in 1912 on Main Street in Lubbock, Texas, at a site which later became the Caprock Hotel. The Howard House Hotel contained fifty rooms, including a dining room on the first floor and a parlor on the second floor.

Howard Payne College (Brownwood, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1925-1945
59 copy prints, 61 copy negatives

This artificial that consists of photographs of Howard Payne College and bulks with photographs of campus buildings and faculty members (1925-1945). It also contains photographs of Captain J. D. Robnett Jr., the first graduate of Howard Payne College, and of a World War I monument on the Brownwood High School campus.

Howard Payne College was founded in 1889 by J. D. Robnett and the Pecan Valley Baptist Association. Located in Brownwood, Texas, it is a coeducational, four year college with an enrollment of generally less than 1,000 students.

Hubbs, Barney
Photograph Collection, 1900
10 copy prints
SWCPC 351 E3

Contains photographs of businesses in early Pecos, Texas (1900).

Barney Hubbs of Pecos, Texas helped establish the West of the Pecos Museum. He also served as a member of the Texas State Historical Survey Committee.

Hughes, John Samuel
Photograph Collection, 1880-1926
3 copy prints
SWCPC 297 E1-E2

Consists of photographs of Arizona and New Mexico (1880-1926).

John Samuel Hughes, known as Jack, was born in Rhodesia in 1902, and grew up in Wales. He served in the British Navy and then came to the United States where he worked as a stone cutter, telephone lineman, and freelance photographer. In 1954 he opened a photography studio in San Angelo, Texas.

Humphreys, Jim
Photograph Collection, undated
6 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 681 E1

This collection consists of four banking images and two ranch images. Jim Humphreys was the former manager of the Pitchfork Ranch. He is retired and living in Lubbock.

Humphries Family
Photograph Collection, 1880s-1940s and undated
465 B/W photographs, 2 photo albums, 1 daguerreotype, 99 negatives
SWCPC 796 E1

Collection of the Humphries family activities from portraits and travel scenes to California and other places throughout the world. Includes their activities at the universities they attended such as Howard Payne College and Texas Women’s University.

William Humphries brought his family to Texas after the Civil War. Settling in Milburn, Texas, in Central Texas, he and his wife, Maggie Hollifield Humphries, had three children, Jessie, Lillian and L. Kyle. Although the entire family is represented, the papers of Jessie and Kyle dominate the collection. Jessie Humphries was the first female graduate of Howard Payne College and later served as Dean of Students at the College of Industrial Arts, which later became Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas. She never married. Sister Lillian was also an educator and served as the Director of the Extension Department at the College of Industrial Arts. Kyle attended Baylor University and became a teacher in New York City.

Hutcheson, Zenas
Photograph Collection, 1950s-1963 and undated
11 B/W prints
SWCPC 802 E1

The collection details Dr. Hutcheson’s career in Andrews, Texas. Images feature Dr. Hutcheson making house calls, operating, and talking with a nurse. Other photographs include Dr. Hutcheson with his family, the Andrews School Board, and James Roberts, editor of the
Andrews County News. One photo shows the reception room of the Andrews Medical and Surgical Clinic.

Dr. Hutcheson attended Baylor Medical School in Dallas, Texas and interned in Washington, D.C. He served in England during World War II before establishing a practice in Andrews, Texas, in 1946. Dr. Hutcheson retired in 1985 and moved to Amarillo in the Spring of 2000.