Kahlich, Geneva
Photograph Collection, undated
10 B/W prints, 3 negatives, and 1 post card

Collection of rural life images which show a large barn, buggies, country home, the road to Post City, Garza County, Texas using a wagon pulled by mules, and some unidentified people. The story behind the images is unclear. Geneva Kahlich lived in Slaton, Texas.

Kardos, Michael
Photograph Collection, 1978-1979
725 copy prints

Consists of photographs of urban life in West Texas (1978-1979). Kardos was a staff photographer for the Midland
Reporter-Telegram during the 1970s.

Kay, John
Photograph Collection, 1918
21 copy prints

Contains photographs of geologists in the oil and gas industry and their equipment (1918). John A. Kay came to Wichita Falls in 1911, as geologist for Continental Oil Company, to work in the recently discovered fields in Wichita County. In 1930, he opened his own business as a consulting geologist for the area. Images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable

Kay, Polly
Photograph Collection, 1922-1928
9 photos
SWCPC 414 (A)

Consists of photo prints featuring several bands performing at various government and political functions (1922-1928). Polly Kay collected photographs of Texas National Guard activities between the two World Wars. The 142nd Infantry Regiment was part of the 36th Division which formed the mobilization unit of the National Guard in Texas. Elements of this volunteer division served as far back as the Texas Revolution. The 142nd Infantry band served as the official band for the governor of Texas.

Keathley, Kate Boyd
Photograph Collection, ca. 1905-c1922 and undated
11 B/W copy prints and 19 negatives

Includes photographs of individuals, ranch life, and building structures. Kate Keathley is the daughter of H. T. Boyd. Hiley Boyd worked for cattleman C. C. Slaughter on the Lazy S Ranch from 1897-1910. In 1910, Mr. Boyd started his own ranch in southeastern Cochran County, Texas. He married Margaret Collins in 1907 and had three children. Mr. Boyd died in 1952.

Kelley, Mary Shannon and Ann McCallum
Photograph Collection, 1880-1940
123 copy prints

Consists of a variety of photographs depicting life in Presidio County, Texas (ca. 1880-1940). Mary Shannon Kelley was born in 1893 in Shafter, Texas. Her father, James Andrew Shannon, was a Confederate veteran who worked as a teamster and wagon master for the army in West Texas. Mary wed Eugene James Kelley in 1921 and they lived in Marfa, Texas.

Kelton, Elmer
Photograph Collection, undated
293 B/W negatives and 294 photo prints
SWCPC 665 E1-E2

This collection consists of images relating to the Kelton family, the McElroy Ranch and Tony Wallace and his son Bill. Elmer Kelton is a well-known western writer who writes his West Texas experiences in the form of Western fiction.

Kelton, Elmer
Photograph Collection, undated
13 B/W photos
SWCPC 876 E1

Family photographs.

Kennedy Sisters' Stock Company
Photograph Collection, 1925-1981
24 B/W copy prints

Collection contains images of entertainers in the Kennedy Sisters' Stock Company, a travelling tent show of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, which operated throughout the Midwestern United States.

Kent, Mrs. William
Photograph Collection, 1962 and undated
94 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 717 E1

This collection consists of images of Reese Air Force Base and the USO Club. There are also some images of Lubbock, Texas. The former Miss Gelin served as director of the U.S.O., Executive Director of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, and Director of the Y.M.C.A.

Kent County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1906-1913
2 photos

Consists of photographs of people and places in Kent County, Texas (1906-1913).

Kerr County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1890-1956
122 copy prints

Consists of photographs of people and places in Kerr County, Texas (1890-1956), and bulks with photographs of Kerrville (1900-1920). It also contains photographs of Civil War and World War I uniforms and World War I troop movements.

Kerr County, Texas, is on the Edwards Plateau in south central Texas. Established in 1856, the county supports ranching, agriculture, trapping, and logging. Kerrville, the county seat, is a health and recreation center with numerous hotels and camps located in the area.

Key, Bertha McAlister
Photograph Collection, undated
3 B/W photo prints: various sizes

Is comprised of McAlister & Ross Horse and Mule Company stables and advertising in Brownwood, Texas.

KFYO Radio Station (Lubbock, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1932- 1974
81 copy prints, 97 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of KFYO Radio equipment, personalities, and managers (1932-1974). These include photographs of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico (1970); Paul Harvey in Lubbock (1949); Walter Cronkite and Harfield Weedin [CBS] (undated); Bob Hayes of the Dallas Cowboys (undated); Miss KFYO (undated); Houston Astro Baseball Awards (undated); KFYO coverage of the Lubbock tornado (1970); an interview with the tallest man in the world (undated); and local personalities -- Bob Nash, Jack Dale, and Big Ed [Ed Wilkes] (undated).

KFYO Radio was established by T. E. Kirksey in Breckenridge, Texas, in 1927. The station moved to Abilene in 1928 and then to Lubbock in 1932. Originally an NBC affiliate, KFYO became part of the CBS Radio Network in 1954.

Kimmel Family
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W negatives
SWCPC 741 E1

This collection consists of two negatives from the Lubbock High School Westerner, the images shown are solitaire portraits of two students, Clark Kimmel and Turner Kimmel. Clark Kimmel and Turner Kimmel were both students at Lubbock High School in Lubbock, Texas.

Kincaid, Susan
Photograph Collection, undated
24 copy prints and 25 negatives

Bulks with building structures such as the Texas Tech Dairy Barn and Fort Davis.

King, Glen
Photograph Collection, 1969
6 color photo negatives

Collection contains images of the XIT Ranch "Old Timers" Reunion in 1969. Bulks with same. Glen King was a farm reporter for KGNC radio and television in Amarillo, Texas. The XIT Ranch spread across ten counties in the Panhandle of Texas and was established as part of an agreement in 1879 to rebuild the Texas state Capitol building.

King, Raymond
Photograph Collection, undated
2 color photo prints: 3 ½ x 5

Consists of a couple, Raymond King and his wife Mary Higday King, on their 60th wedding anniversary and at home. Raymond King attended Texas Tech in the 1930s and graduated in 1938. He taught vocational agriculture at Quitaque and Littlefield before serving as a county extension agent at Snyder and Dimmitt. From 1951-1985 he was the field person for Lubbock Cotton Oil Company.

Photograph Collection, 1939
1 B/W photo print: 8 x 10

Includes photograph of the State-Wide Conference of Vocation Agriculture Teachers, College Station, Texas, September 12, 1939. William Alpha King was a Texas Tech graduate. He was very active in agriculture for 25 years and in the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show.

Kingsland, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1965
6 copy prints

Consists of aerial photographs of Kingsland in Llano County, Texas (1965).

Kirby, Jerome
Photograph Collection, 1979
6 color photo prints
SWCPC 740 E1

This collection consists of six photographs pertaining to agriculture. All photos are views of several different crop fields. Some photos seem to be related to the aftermath of a hailstorm.

Jerome Kirby has been involved with the Weather Modification Committees and the affects severe weather has on crops and agriculture.

Kitchen, James W.
Photograph Collection, undated
1 color photo print
SWCPC 304 E2

This collection consists of a solitaire photograph of James W. Kitchen on a Honda motorcycle.

James W. Kitchen was born in Port Neches, and married Mary Morris there on July 13, 1951, then later moved to Lubbock in 1964. He received his master’s degree from Texas Tech University and a doctorate from Texas A&M University. He taught high school in Port Neches from 1954-1962. He was also a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean conflict. Kitchen was director of grounds maintenance at Tech from 1964-1973. He received many honors from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Keep America Beautiful Campaign. Kitchen died on April 3, 1990.

Kitchen, James W.
Photograph Collection, 1900
2 copy prints

Contains portraits of two unidentified frontier prostitutes from Kansas (ca. 1900). Dr. James W. Kitchen was a professor of landscape architecture at Texas Tech University.

Kitchens, Lee
Photograph Collection, 1927-1931
15 B/W photo prints and 5 photo negatives

Is comprised early images of Texas Technological College in 1927 or 1928. Includes images of athletic field, chemistry building, bookstore, power plant, greenhouse, President's home, engineering, home economics, textile, agriculture pavilion, and gymnasium buildings. Bulks with images of chemistry building. Also includes map images of Texas Tech drawn by the Engineering Department in 1931.

Lee Kitchens found the photos in his father, C. C. Perryman's effects. Lee Kitchens is a professor in the Engineering Department at Texas Tech.

Klattenhoff Family
Photograph Collection, 1905-1924
33 B/W copy prints and 44 negatives

This collection contains photographs of individuals, groups of individuals, architecture, street scenes; bridges, cotton mills, interior scenes.

W. J. Klattenhoff was the son of M. F. Klattenhoff, a German farmer and land-colonizer who settled three miles northwest of Slaton, Texas in 1911. His father once owned a store in Taylor, Texas, before he moved to the Lubbock County area. W. J. Klattenhoff was active in the Republican Party in Texas State politics.

Klattenhoff, William J.
Photograph Collection, undated
284 prints
SWCPC 887 E1

These are Klattenhoff family photos, including the family farm and pets as well as travel pictures.

Knapp, Seaman Asahel
Photograph Collection, 1903-1913 and undated
20 B/W prints and 6 b x w negatives
SWCPC 790 E1

Collection contains photographs of various farming experiments and crops, Seaman Asahel Knapp and other members of the Knapp family, railroads, and cattle. Negative images include photos of children around a house, early automobile, crops, and an adult.

Seaman Knapp was born December 16, 1833, in Essex County, New York, and attended Poultney Academy and Union College, from which he graduated in 1856. He taught at Fort Edward Institute and later founded the Ripley Female College in Poultney, Vermont (1863). In 1866, he moved to Iowa to farm. In 1879, Knapp was appointed Professor of Practical and Experimental Agriculture at Iowa State Agricultural College and held that post until 1885, when he moved to Louisiana. There he became active in rice farming and served as the first president of the Rice Growers’ Association. In 1897 he began working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, taking charge of the demonstration farms in the South, and was active in the formation of the Agricultural Extension Service. Knapp married Maria Hotchkiss in1856, and they had three sons and two daughters. One son, Bradford Knapp, served as president of Texas Technological College from 1932 to 1938. Seaman Knapp died on April 1, 1911.

Knierim Family
Photograph Collection, 1900-1940
30 copy prints, 56 copy negatives
SWCPC 27 E1-E4

Consists of photographs of the Knierim family of Bronte, Texas, and bulks with family portraits (1905-1925). It also contains photographs of Texas Governor James V. Allred (ca. 1940), logging in Angelina County, Texas (1903-1905), a Fordson tractor (ca. 1920), a steam threshing machine (ca. 1911), and a Hercules automobile (ca. 1915).

Robert Knierim, a long-time resident of Bronte, Texas, spearheaded an effort to dam the Colorado River in Coke County, Texas, from 1912 until 1947 when the project was finally approved.

Knoedles, Mrs. Russell G.
Photograph Collection, 1919-1939
6 copy prints

Consists of photographs of early Artesia, Elizabeth Town, and Santa Fe, New Mexico (1919-1939). It also contains photographs of San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, New Mexico (1939), and a mule train in Artesia, New Mexico (1919).

Founded in 1903, Artesia, New Mexico, boasted a system of water works based on clear artesian wells. In the 1920s extensive oil fields developed east of Artesia. Today, oil production and refining, agriculture, and ranching support a community of 11,000 people.

Knox County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1883-1920
69 copy prints, 70 copy negatives

Consists of a general overview of Knox County, Texas (1883-1920), and bulks with town scenes of Benjamin, Texas (1910-1920). It also contains photographs of an outdoor baptism (1910), the interior of First National Bank, Truscott, Texas (1910), the first depot in Benjamin, Texas (1907), the cotton industry (undated), and camp meetings (1915).

Created in 1858, Knox County is located in northwest Texas. The town of Benjamin serves as county seat for this farming area. Cattle raising has also played an important role in the economy.

Koemel House
Photograph Collection, undated
19 color photo prints
SWCPC 709 E1

This collection consists of images of the Koemel House. Many focus on the architectural details. It is believe the Koemel House was part of a historic preservation effort on a part of the townsfolk to restore part of their heritage.

Kohout, Sharon
98 color copy prints

Bulks with images of courthouse buildings in the Panhandle counties of Texas taken in 1992. Bulks with courthouses. Sharon Kohout is a former employee of the Southwest Collection.

Koock, William
Photograph Collection, 1880-1956
33 copy prints, 34 copy negatives
SWCPC 247 E5

Consists of photos of William Koock and the Hofmann families. Koock immigrated from Germany, and in 1865 settled two miles west of Mason, Texas. He established a mercantile store which became the center for the small community of Koocksville. The Hofmanns, who were also local merchants in Mason, were related to the Koock family by marriage.

Kreidler, Tai
Photograph Collection, 1983
49 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Oklahoma's Black Mesa Mountains (1983), including dinosaur tracks and fossils. Also contains photographs of the petroglyphs in Baca County, Colorado. Kreidler was born Levelland, Texas, and grew up in the Wichita Falls area. He completed graduate studies at Texas Tech University specializing in oil and gas history. Kreidler served as a researcher and records administrator for the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech.

Kreidler, Tai
Photograph Collection, 1992
18 color photo prints and 18 color negatives
SWCPC 430 E2

This collection consists of images of the Lake Alan Henry Dam construction site at Justiceburg, Texas. Also included are prints of the Mescalero Sands, New Mexico, and the Space Museum at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Featured in some photographs is Michael Mundt who was a graduate assistant of Southwest Collection at Texas Tech University. These photographs were taken by Tai Kreidler while he and Michael Mundt were on a trip to pick up materials from Francis Fugate in El Paso, Texas. Tai Kreidler is currently an employee at the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech University.

Kress School
Photograph Collection, undated
1 mounted print oversize
SWCPC 856 E1

Photo of the Kress, Texas, school circa 1939; picture is torn.

Kristinek Family
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1931
4 B/W prints

Collection contains rural life images such as a one-room home and windmill at Wilson, Texas (1931), a Fordson tractor in a cotton field being operated by Ben and Tom Cuba of Anton, Texas, and a team of mules pulling farm equipment in a cotton field. The story behind the images is unknown. Ben and Tom Cuba were farmers near Anton, Texas in Hockley County, Texas. The Kristinek family lives northeast of the city of Lubbock, Texas in a rural community.