Mabry, Rachel
Photograph Collection, ca. 1950
16 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 752 E1

This collection consists of individual photographs of baseball team members that played for the Lubbock Hubbers, an early baseball team. Also includes a group photo of the team.

The Hubber Baseball Stadium was located in an area near the 2200 block of Auburn street seating 3,300 fans. C. R. Hutcheson served as General Manager for the team as well as Jackie Sullivan. The Lubbock Hubbers team existed from the early 1940’s until 1956.

Mackenzie, Murdo
Photograph Collection, 1860-1980
8 copy prints

Consists of photographs of places in Edderton, Scotland, the birthplace of Murdo Mackenzie (1980). These include photos of his house, the school he attended in 1860s, and the head master's house.

Murdo Mackenzie was born in Tain, Scotland, in 1850. After studying law and finance he was appointed manager of the Prairie Cattle Company in 1885 and moved his family to Trinidad, Colorado. In 1890, Mackenzie became general manager of the Matador Land and Cattle Company, serving in that position until 1912, and again from 1922 until his retirement in 1937. He died in May 1939, in Denver, Colorado.

Mahon, George Herman
Photograph Collection, 1945-1972
43 copy prints

Consists of photographs of George Mahon and his activities as a United States Congressman (1934-1978). The collection also includes prints of Mahon with Presidents Harry Truman (1963) and John F. Kennedy (1963).

A native of Loraine, Texas, George Mahon attended the University of Texas Law School and in 1926, became Mitchell County attorney. In 1934, he was elected to the United States Congress from the newly created Nineteenth District. Mahon served 44 years in Congress becoming chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations.

Mahon, George
Photograph Collection, undated
1 color photo print
SWCPC 394 E4

This collection consists of a solitaire committee portrait of George Mahon. George Mahon was born in 1900 in Haynesville, Louisiana, then moved to Loraine, Texas, with his family in 1908. He received his B.A. degree from Hardin – Simmons University in 1924 and then received his Law degree from the University of Texas in 1925. Mahon and his wife, Helen Stevenson, were the parents of one daughter. Mahon began his law practice in Colorado City, Texas, and became the Mitchell County attorney in 1926. He was elected Congressman of the 19th district in 1934, an office he held until 1979, when he retired. Mahon died in November 1985.

Maines Brothers Band
Photograph Collection, undated
176 copy prints and 531 negatives

Bulks with images of the Maines Brothers Band in concert. The Maines Brothers Band is a Lubbock, Texas country-western band. Band members are Steve Maines, Jerry Brownlow, Kenny Maines, Donnie Maines, Cary Banks, Richard Bowden, and Lloyd Maines. The band was inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame in May 1993.

Maize, Nancy Lee
Photograph Collection, 1884-1887
1 tintype; 1 daguerreotype; 2 albumen prints; 2 glass plate negatives
SWCPC 588 E1-E2

Collection consists of 19th century portraits of Nancy Stallings Lee Maize family relatives. Includes daguerreotype, tintype, albumen prints, and glass plates.

Nancy Stallings Lee Maize was born in El Paso, Texas, in 1944, attended public school in Brownwood, Texas, and Baylor University from 1964 to 1970, where she received BA and MA degrees. She later attended Texas A&M University where she taught and pursued a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Mallet Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1949-1957 and undated
25 B/W and color prints
SWCPC 824 E1

This collection of photographs contains images of a building construction in downtown Lubbock, Texas (1957), home back and front yards (1953), an unidentified flooded town with homes underwater and boating (May 17, 1949), some unidentified family and New Mexico park scenes (1951), and a pump jack at a ranch water well.

The Mallet Land and Cattle Company, founded by David M. DeVitt and John Scharbauer in 1885, was incorporated in 1903. Its brand assumed the shape of a croquet mallet. The Mallet Ranch at one time covered some 200 sections in four counties: Hockley, Terry, Cochran, and Yoakum. By 1990, the Mallet Ranch covered nearly 45,000 acres in Hockley County. Oil a useful resource was discovered in the late 1930s, which made the land more valuable and the DeVitt family wealthy. The Mallet cooperation was dissolved in 1944. It is now held in common by Johnson and DeVitt family members. After Mr. DeVitt’s death in 1934 his surviving family included wife Florence (d. 1945) and two daughters Christine (1885-1983) and Helen (1899-1997). Christine DeVitt and Helen DeVitt Jones both became philanthropists and founded the CH Foundation and Helen Jones Foundation. They contributed to Texas Tech University, fine arts, Lubbock’s food bank, and other community organizations. The Mallet Ranch continues to operate in the South Plains of Texas as a historic ranch first founded in the late 19th Century.

Malone, Ross L.
Photograph Collection, 1885-1974
553 B/W photo prints; 96 color photo prints; 2 B/W contact sheets; 18 B/W photo negatives

Contains images of former American Bar Association President, Ross L. Malone, and his family. Images also include military officers, meetings, speeches, portraits, oaths of office, panels, law students, shipyard, ships, Thanksgiving celebration, football game, attorneys, General Motors staff and building skyline, and other images related to Malone's career.

Ross L. Malone was born in 1910 in Roswell, New Mexico, where he practiced law beginning in 1932. He was Deputy Attorney General of the United States from 1952-1953, and served on the 2nd Hoover Commission, 1953-1955. Malone was President of the American bar Association from 1958-1960, and served on the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, 1965-1967. Beginning in 1967, Malone served as Vice-President and General Counsel for General Motors. Malone died in 1974.

Malone, Ross L.
Photograph Collection, 1956-1968 and undated
331 prints
SWCPC 440 E16-E18

This collection consists of official photos of Ross Malone with various presidents, including Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson. In addition there are many portraits, social events, women typing, men standing in an office, and a scrapbook filled with baby photos.

Ross L. Malone was born in 1910 in Roswell, New Mexico where he practiced law beginning in 1932. He was Deputy Attorney General of the United States from 1952-1953, and served on the 2nd Hoover Commission, 1953-1955. He was president of the American Bar Association from 1958-1960, and served on the President’s Commission for Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, 1965-1967. Beginning in 1967, Malone served as Vice-President and General Council for General Motors. He died in 1974.

Marcus "Hop" Halsey and the Drugstore Cowboys
Photograph Collection, 1939/1940
1 B/W print
SWCPC 843 E1

1939/40 Photo of Hop Halsey and the Drugstore Cowboys in front of radio station KFYO.

Marshall, David
Photograph Collection, undated
25 prints
SWCPC 846 E1

From a Hale County publication "Hale County History: WW II Remembered."

Marshall, David W.
Photograph Collection, 1917-1999
15 prints and 1 laser color copy
SWCPC 800 E1

Collection features events and documents from Lubbock, Texas and the Southwest. There are photographic copies of a
Lubbock Avalanche from 1921, a South Plains Fair advertisement, and a Lubbock Public School commencement program from May 25, 1917. Images include photos of Carol of Lights at Texas Tech in 1961 and other community events in the 1990s.

Dr. Marshall is the Field Historian at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library. He acquired this collection during the course of his work. 
Marshall, Hulda Wilde
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print: 5 x 7

This collection consists of a photograph of Hulda Wilde Marshall. Ms. Marshall was a Chemistry instructor at Texas Tech, 1925-1940s. Original photo loaned to Tech News and Publications by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Case for duplication.

Martin County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1900-1929
14 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 337 E1

It includes images of places and people in Martin County, Texas including grocery stores, a courthouse, school, saloon, windmill, street scenes, and family portraits. Bulks with street scenes. Martin County is located on the southern High Plains of west Central Texas. Stanton is the largest town in the county.

Martin, W. P., Jr.
Photograph Collection, 1940-1950
26 B/W copy negatives; 24 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 558 E1

Collection contains images of the Lubbock County farm of W. P. Martin. Images include fields of maize, harvesting equipment, grain silos, men inspecting crops, bag of milo maize, house, and advertisements for W. P. Martin and Sons.

W. P. Martin and sons farmed on Route 6 near Lubbock, Texas. W. P. Martin developed Martin Maize. W. P. Martin, Jr. was Martin's son.

Martinez Family
Photograph Collection, 1910s-1980s
20 B/W copy negatives and 20 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 810 E1

Collection details Martinez family and their social activities in Amarillo, Texas. Many images depict Hispanic culture. The Martinez family was among the first Hispanic families to move to Amarillo, Texas in the early 20th Century. The Southwest Collection is actively pursuing Hispanic families and encouraging them to preserve a part of their family history with the archive at Texas Tech.

Mashed O Ranch
Photograph Collections, 1924-1925
12 B/W copy prints and 12 negatives

This collection is comprised of photographs of groups of people and architecture. The Mashed O, or Spring Lake, Ranch in Lamb and Bailey counties is part of the ranching empire owned by the Halsell Cattle Company of San Antonio, Texas, which also had holdings near Vinita, Oklahoma, where the company offices were located before 1945. In 1901 William Halsell purchased the old Spring Lake Division of the XIT Ranch, which his son Ewing Halsell managed. Will Rogers, a friend of the Halsells, often visited them at the Spring Lake headquarters. After the arrival of the railroad and the establishment of Amherst, Texas, the Halsells sold many acres for farmland. In 1990 the Spring Lake headquarters continued to function as the nucleus for the Mashed O operations in the area.

Mashed O Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1920-1925
30 copy prints
SWCPC 115 E1-E2

Consists of photographs of the Mashed O Ranch and Amherst, Texas (1920-1925). It also includes photographs of the demonstration farm built by the Halsell Land Company, the Amherst Hotel, Duncan and Pennington Store, Will Rogers, a town barbeque, and a prize fight held in Amherst (1920).

William E. Halsell and his brother, Glen Halsell, ran cattle with the Mashed O brand in Indian Territory during the 1890s. In 1901, W. E. Halsell bought 300,000 acres from the XIT Ranch located in Lamb and Bailey counties on the South Plains of Texas. This property supported 20,000 cattle and was known as Spring Lake Ranch or the Mashed O Ranch. The Halsell Land and Cattle Company continues to operate the Mashed O Ranch, although only one-third of the original property is used for ranching.

Mason County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1875-1950
15 copy prints, 16 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of people and places in Mason County, Texas (1875-1915; 1950). It also includes a photograph of the painting, "Thunderstorm on the High Plains," by Bill Barrick.

Masten, F. O., Ranch
Photograph Collection, undated
16 color photo prints
SWCPC 710 E1

This collection consists of images of the F. O. Masten Ranch house, located south of Morton, Texas. There are several images of the Peter Rogers mural located in the house.

Francis Oral (F. O.) Masten was born June 23, 1890 at Illinois Bend, Texas. After working as a farm hand he saved enough money to purchase a small farm. He considered one of the first farmers in West Texas to be concerned with soil conservation. He later purchased portions of the Matador Ranch after its liquidation in 1951. Masten died in 1980.

Masterson Family
Photograph Collection, undated
77 prints, 1 oversized and 14 negatives
SWCPC 862 E3

Masterson family photos.

Masterson, Robert
Photograph Collection, 1870-1966
20 photos, 38 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of the Masterson family and their Long S Ranch near Amarillo, Texas (1870-1900; 1966).

Dr. Robert Masterson brought his family to Texas in 1854 and established a ranching operation in San Saba County. His son, Ben Masterson, founded the Long S Ranch in Wheeler County in the Texas Panhandle, and later the JY Ranch in eastern King County. The Masterson family continued to raise Aberdeen Angus cattle on the ranches until 1956.

Matador Land and Cattle Company (Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1921-1938
38 photos, 2 copy prints
SWCPC 64 (I) E2

Consists of photographs of the recreational area at Roaring Springs, Texas, and the nearby Matador Ranch line camp (1921-1938).

In 1879, the Matador Land and Cattle Company established a camp in southern Motley County, Texas, on Roaring Springs, a natural outlet to Dutchman Creek. The Quanah, Acme, and Pacific Railroad opened a townsite near the springs in 1912. The pure spring water made Roaring Springs a popular recreational area during the 1930s.

Matador Land and Cattle Company
Photograph Collection, 1883-1961
489 photos
SWCPC 64 (A)-(J)

Consists of photographs of the people, places, and livestock on the Matador Ranch in West Texas (1883-1961). The collection also includes photographs of a mail wagon (1900), the community Christmas tree in Dickens, Texas (1900), a steer sale in Denver, Colorado, and the Quanah, Acme, and Pacific Railway.

In 1878, Henry H. Campbell purchased a small herd and range rights in Motley County on the South Plains of Texas. With A. M. Britton and S. W. Lomax, he formed the Matador Cattle Company with capital of $50,000. In 1882, Campbell and his partners sold the company to an investment corporation in Dundee, Scotland, which became the Matador Land and Cattle Company, Ltd. The Scottish venture grew to include 300,000 acres in Motley, Dickens, Cottle, and Floyd Counties; 200,000 acres on the Alamocitas Division in Oldham County; and also northern ranges in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. In 1891, the company appointed Murdo Mackenzie as ranch manager. The Scottish company liquidated assets of over $19 million in 1951, selling the ranch lands to Lazard Brothers, an American syndicate. During the 1950s, these holdings were divided and sold, creating numerous smaller ranches.

Matador Land and Cattle Company
Photograph Collection, 1998
5 color photo prints, 2 B/W negatives, and 1 color slide
SWCPC 64 (K)-(L)

This collection consists of photographs of the fence and barbed wire removed from the north line of the Matador Land and Cattle Company in 1998, of a Texas state historical marker, ranch house, and open fields. The Matador Land and Cattle Company was established in 1878 by Henry H. Campbell. Campbell entered into a partnership with A. M. Britton and acquired a range, cattle, and established the Matador Ranch. The ranch grew steadily until its liquidation in 1951.

Matador Land and Cattle Company (Alamositas, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1902-1920
9 photos
SWCPC 64, (J) E1

Consists of photographs of scenes and daily work on the Alamositas Division of the Matador Ranch in Oldham County, Texas (1902-1920).

The Alamositas Division originally formed part of the XIT Ranch in Oldham County in the Texas Panhandle. The Matador Land and Cattle Company purchased Alamositas in 1902, thereby adding over 200,000 acres to their original holdings.

Matador Land and Cattle Company (Denver, Colorado)
Photograph Collection, 1882-1950
217 photos
SWCPC 64, (E) E1-E3

Consists of photographs of daily business and activities on the Matador Ranch divisions in Texas, Colorado, and Montana (1883-1890; 1900-1936; 1949-1950).

As the Matador Land and Cattle Company expanded, a ranch office in Denver, Colorado, helped coordinate business on the northern ranges in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Saskatchewan, Canada. The records of all Matador holdings were kept in Denver and in the general manager's office in Trinidad, Colorado.

Matador Land and Cattle Company (Red Lake Camp, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1885-1967
40 copy prints, 41 copy negatives
SWCPC 64 (B) E6-E7

Consists of photographs of domestic life and daily work activities of the ranch hands at Red Lake Camp in Dickens County, Texas (1885; 1909; 1938-1940; 1967).

Red Lake Camp, a line camp on the Matador Division of the Matador Land and Cattle Company, was located approximately two miles south of the South Pease River in Dickens County, Texas. A half dugout was used as quarters for the ranch hands through the 1930s. Russell Lundberg and Chester Sullivan both worked as cowboys at Red Lake Camp during the 1930s and early 1940s.

Matador Land and Cattle Company (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Photograph Collection, 1920
8 photos
SWCPC 64 (F) E1

Consists of photographs of daily activities on the Matador Ranch near Kyle, Saskatchewan, Canada, (1920).

During the early twentieth century, the Matador Land and Cattle Company acquired ranges as far north as Saskatchewan, Canada, for grazing herds of cattle before bringing them south to market. The Canadian ranch near Kyle, Saskatchewan, provided open range when the divisions in Texas began to dwindle as settlement expanded.

Matthews, James T., 1953-
Photograph Collection, 1990-1991
32 photos

Consists of photographs taken by Jim Matthews on various research trips throughout the state of Texas (1990-1991).

Jim Matthews grew up in Tennessee and Texas and graduated from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He served as an officer in the U. S. Air Force and worked for the Boy Scouts of America as a field executive in Fort Worth and Lubbock, Texas. Matthews completed graduate work in military history at Texas Tech University and worked for the Southwest Collection with multi-media materials.

Matthews-Reynolds Family
Photograph Collection, 1900-1971
11 copy prints

Consists of photographs of members of the Joseph Beck Matthews and Barber Watkins Reynolds families (1900; 1971).

Joseph Beck Matthews and Barber Watkins Reynolds moved to Shackelford County, Texas, just prior to the Civil War, and became prominent ranchers. Several marriages between the children of the two families formed the basis for Interwoven, a classic about pioneer life in Texas. Watt Reynolds Matthews is the manager of the family ranch, Lambshead. In 1981, he received the prestigious Golden Spur Award for his contributions to the ranching industry.

Matthews, Watt
Photograph Collection, 1885-1995
213 B/W negatives; 180 B/W prints; 5 B/W contact sheets

Contains images of the Matthews and Reynolds families, Texas ranchers who began operations in the late 19th century. Located near Albany, Texas, the Lambshead Ranch was noted for its quality cattle.

Watt Matthews operated a successful cattle ranch in West Texas for more than half a century that was known for its quality cattle. The Reynolds and Matthews families became united in 1876 when J. A. Matthews married Sallie Reynolds. Watt Matthews died in 1997.

Maverick Boys Club (Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1948
4 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Maverick Boys Club founded by Cal Farley near Tascosa, Texas (1948).

Amarillo businessman, Cal Farley, and rancher, Julian Bivens, established the Maverick Boys Club at the old town site of Tascosa, Texas, in 1939. Boys who were homeless or delinquent were given a chance to live in a working, outdoor environment. The ranch continues to operate under the name of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.

Mayo Studio
Photograph Collection, undated
11 B/W photos
SWCPC 877 E1

Harpham family of Brownwood, Texas.

Mayo, O. W.
Photograph Collection, 1933-1941
18 copy prints
SWCPC 356 E6

Consists of photographs of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys band from 1933-1941. Also contains photographs of Bob Wills with Tex Ritter and with actress, Ann Miller.

O. W. Mayo served as business manager for Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys for ten years, beginning in 1933.

Maze, Mazie
Photograph Collection, 1939-1963 and undated
24 B/W copy prints: 5 x 4 and 24 negatives

Consists of photographs of individuals and events relating to ranching such as cowboys, bronco riding, hunting, and horses.

McCain, Mabel
Photograph Collection, undated
8 copy prints and 14 negatives
SWCPC 647 E1-E2

Bulks with individuals, portraits, a residence, and a decorated automobile. Mabel McCain grew up on a ranch. She taught school in Scurry County and was the first female Scurry County Superintendent of Schools. Ms. McCain was also active in civic and political affairs.

McCasland Family
Photograph Collection, 1905
1 copy print
SWCPC 9 (B) E7

Consists of a photograph of a farm family and farmhouse in Taylor County, Texas (1905).

The McCaslands were residents of Taylor County, Texas. Located in central West Texas, the economy of Taylor County is based on ranching, oil, and farming.

McClain, Meredith
Photograph Collection, 1905-1977
56 copy prints, 57 copy negatives
SWCPC 295 E2

Consists of photographs of a German settler in St. Francis, Texas (1905-1977), and also contains photographs of sausage making (1970).

Meredith McClain, a professor of Germanic and Slavic languages at Texas Tech University, has done research on the social and cultural life of German settlements in Texas.

McCulloch County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1895-1958
57 copy prints, 36 B/W photo prints, and 57 negatives: B/W

Includes photographs of McCulloch County, Texas; of groups of people; architecture; scenes of fire destruction; ranching activities; and flood scenes, street scenes, and agricultural scenes. The collection also includes a photograph of horse racing.

McCulloch County, Texas, is located in the center of Texas. It was created from Bexar District in 1856 and organized in 1876. It was named after Texas pioneer, General Ben McCulloch, a San Jacinto veteran. Its economy is based on agribusiness, manufacturing, tourism, and hunting leases. The county seat is Brady.

McCullough, Charles
Photograph Collection, 1900
1 copy print

Contains a portrait of George W. Butcher (ca. 1900).

McCullough, Tom S.
Photograph Collection, 1956
1 color copy print

Collection contains image of Municipal Coliseum under construction in 1956. Tom S. McCullough took the photograph from his front porch.

McCullum, Joanne
Photograph Collection, 1907
2 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (L) E5

This collection consists of photographs of Cedar Avenue [now Texas Avenue] and S. First Street [now Broadway] (ca. 1900).

Known as the "Hub of the Plains," Lubbock, Texas, was established in 1891 when two rival towns combined to form the county seat for newly organized Lubbock County. The Santa Fe Railway system reached Lubbock in 1909 and by 1910, the population had increased to almost 2,000. In 1923, Lubbock became the site for a recently approved West Texas college. The college, opened in 1925, is now Texas Tech University. Over the years, Lubbock has developed as the shipping and retail center for the South Plains. It is home to many facets of the cotton and livestock industries. By its centennial celebration in 1991, Lubbock served a population of over 190,000.

McDonald, A. C.
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W negative
SWCPC 578 E1

Image is of three people standing on a porch. A. C. McDonald was born in 1882 and he was a Young County Farmer during the 1930s.

McDougal, Barbara
Photograph Collection, 1800-1984
312 copy prints, 220 copy slides, and 175 negatives

Bulks with images of activities, buildings, people, animals, agriculture, and businesses in Abernathy, Texas and Commerce, Texas.

Abernathy, Texas is located eighteen miles north of Lubbock, Texas. The town was established when the Santa Fe Railroad built a rail line from Amarillo, Texas, to Lubbock in 1909, and is named for an early promoter of the town. Commerce, Texas is located in northeastern Hunt County, Texas. It was incorporated in 1885. Barbara McDougal is a long-time resident of Abernathy, Texas.

McDougal, Barbara
Photograph Collection, 1992
94 color photo prints, 14 color slides and 46 color negatives
SWCPC 420 E7

This collection consists of various photographs related to President George Bush’s visit to Lubbock, Texas, in 1992. The slides show images pertaining to the Hale Center, Texas, tornado in 1965.

Barbara McDougal is currently in charge of the library at the Veterans Administration Clinic in Lubbock, Texas.

McEachern, Irwin D.
Photograph Collection, 1958
9 copy prints
SWCPC 196 E2

Consists of photographs of Irwin D. McEachern and the row harvester he invented in 1958.

Irwin D. McEachern of Hale Center, Texas, invented and manufactured farm equipment. He began to patent his inventions about 1940. His most successful invention was the McEachern Row Harvester for harvesting grain, corn, and soybeans.

McElroy, D. M.
Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s
30 B/W prints
SWCPC 814 E1

Collection is composed of prints of soldiers at a military outpost in Alaska during the 1940s. They include prints of bulldozers, construction equipment, barracks, forests, snow, hunting, rivers, Alaskan natives, and women.

Mrs. Frances McElroy is the wife of the late D M McElroy. He passed away several years ago. Mr. McElroy was a founder of the Texas Tech station KTXT. He also played football at Texas Tech from 1931 to 1935. The McElroy Family have been residents of Lubbock for more than forty years. She will be moving to Tucson, Arizona in April 2000.

McElroy Ranch
Photograph Collection, ca. 1930-1940
31 B/W negatives and 3 B/W contact sheets
SWCPC 685 E1

This collection consists of a series of negatives shot from a scrapbook of the McElroy Ranch. Images are of various work and family scenes.

The McElroy ranch is located near Crane, Texas. P. O. Vines worked as a cowboy on the ranch during the 1930s and 1940s. He died in May 1999.

McGaugh, Robert LaVan
Photograph Collection, 1896-1952
36 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the McGaugh family (1896-1952). The collection also contains photos of Cross Plains, Texas, during the Eastland County oil boom (1922); a hail storm in Brownwood, Texas (1908); the Normal School in Santa Anna (1901); and an interior photo of the Cross Plains Drug Store (1922).

Robert L. McGaugh was a prominent attorney in Brownwood, Texas, during the early twentieth century. He married Mollie Hughes in 1902. During the 1920s and 1930s, McGaugh served as attorney for Brown County.

McKnight, Mrs. Delores
Photograph Collection, 1892-1944 and undated
215 photo prints and 8 negatives

Includes images of individuals, groups of individuals, building structures, automobiles, and homes from the Groat Estate. The Groat Family was a family with ties both in Lubbock, Texas and Illinois. Delores McKnight was a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy whose aim is to preserve the memory of the Confederate armies during the Civil War.

McKnight, Mrs. J. O.
Photograph Collection, undated
14 B/W photo prints and 16 B/W negatives
SWCPC 684 E1

This collection consists of various images of antiques and an antique show. Mrs. J. O. McKnight was a member of the Lubbock Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy. She was instrumental in organizing the annual Lubbock antique show. Mrs. McKnight possessed a great interest in antiques and American history.

McKeown, Frank M.
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1950s
3 B/W panoramics and 1 oversized print
SWCPC 827 E1

Images pertain to the baseball teams that Frank M. McKeown played for while a baseball player during the early twentieth century. The images show the O. Okmulgee, C. Oilers, and Pals baseball teams. One image is a portrait of possibly Frank McKeown and another is off a special events banquet with McKeown featured.

An entertainer, Frank M. McKeown lost both arms in an explosion and traveled widely giving exhibitions of what he could do with no arms, such as playing baseball and pool.

McLarty, Truda Blanche Alexander
Photograph Collection, 1920-1940
356 postcards
SWCPC 167 (B) E1

Consists of picture postcards of cities and parks in the United States. The collection also incised picture postcards of the 1939 World's Fair, Clifton's "Pacific Seas" cafeteria in Los Angeles (undated), the funeral of Robert Ford (slayer of Jesse James) funeral, and of Bette Davis.

This collection has been artificially created.

McLaughlin, C. T.
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1970s
57 B/W copy prints and 64 B/W negatives

Collection of photographs depicting C. T. McLaughlin’s activities with Texas politics, the oil industry, and ranching. Some images show a windmill and his home at the Diamond M Ranch in Snyder, Texas, poses with Lyndon Baines Johnson and other politicians, horses and steer from his ranch, McLaughlin’s Oil Drilling Company in the field, Texas Rangers such as M. J. “Lone Wolf” Gonzuallas, McLaughlin’s participation with the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference #14 (Sept. 1952) and Hispanic school children.

C. T. McLaughlin was an oilman, rancher, former Texas Tech Regent, art collector, and philanthropist. His ranch was the Diamond M Ranch located in Snyder, Texas and he owned the C. T. McLaughlin Oil Drilling Company. Because of his contributions to Texas politics, he became a friend of Lyndon B. Johnson and other political figures. He was awarded for his cultural achievements in 1970. McLaughlin also stocked race horses at his ranch and knew members of the Texas Rangers.

McLendon, Gordon B.
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W slide
SWCPC 715 E1

This collection consists of a single image of Gordon McLendon. Gordon B. McLendon was born in Paris, Texas in 1921. He graduated from Yale University in 1942 with a major in Oriental languages. He served as a Japanese interpreter during WWII. Following the war, he pursued a broadcasting career.

McLeod, John
Photograph Collection, 1890-1920
92 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the McLeod family and friends (1890-1920) and also contains photographs of state buildings in Austin, Texas.

The McLeod family operated a freight business in Pontotoc, Texas, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Located in northeastern Mason County of Texas, Pontotoc was founded in 1859 by Benjamin J. Willis of Mississippi. Once an educational center for the area, Ponotoc now numbers less than 200 people.

McMillan, W. G., Jr.
Photograph Collection, 1930s-1960s
1,649 B/W prints, 1,159 negatives, and 77 oversized prints

This is a collection of images taken and collected by W. G. McMillan, Jr. They include ranching activities, ranch homes, hunting wild game, Lubbock residential homes, Lubbock Hubbers baseball team, Lubbock High School, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, Yaqui Expedition of 1934 and 1955, wildlife, landscapes, buffalo, Lubbock commercial building and construction, San Antonio buildings, and Santa Fe, New Mexico buildings, Buffalo Springs Lake floodwaters, Ringling Brothers-Barnum Bailey Circus, snow storms, West Texas Museum, animal tracks, W. C. Holden and Frances M. Holden, V-8 Ranch, Buffalo Lake Canyon, Cullum Ranch, Anacacho Ranch, Texas Tech activities and construction, and livestock.

W. G. McMillan, Jr. owned the W. G. McMillan Construction Company, Inc. in Lubbock, Texas. He is a retired architect and amateur photographer. At one time he was a member of the Boone and Crockett Club, Methodist Hospital board, and Boy Scouts. He and his father were big game hunters and they would hunt for wildlife throughout the world. Mr. McMillan had the wildlife converted into trophies through taxidermy. In April 1955, he accompanied W. C. Holden of Texas Tech and joined the Yaqui Expedition into Sonora, Mexico. Their ventures brought back many photographs of the natives. His company constructed many of the buildings on the campus of Texas Tech University, Reese Air Force Base, and Lubbock plus numerous other cities.

McVicker and Bradley Family
Photograph Collection, 1900-1961
254 photo prints; 211 copy prints; 1 postcard book; 5 photo postcards; 9 color slides; and 287 negatives

Consists of mostly vacation photographs from the western and southwestern parts of the United States. Images include army photographs from the 1920s and 1930s. Also includes images of the McVicker and Bradley Family and their activities.

Lee Bradley was a staff member of the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library. The photographs are of her family and relatives. Born in Grayson County, Texas in 1891, Guy H. Bradley served in the air corps during World War I. In 1919, he married Lela Mae McVicker. They had one son, Mack C. Bradley. Guy worked as a wholesale oil and gasoline dealer in O'Donnell, Texas and served as city councilman.

McWhorter, B. O.
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print, 5 B/W negatives
SWCPC 536 E1

This collection consists of one portrait and five negatives of unknown individual. B. O. McWhorter was a Lubbock pioneer. He spent most of his life as a cattleman, but often ventured into other areas of business. He was one of the first automobile dealers and he also purchased, with a partner, a large section of real estate today known as the McWhorter-Roberts Addition to the City of Lubbock. He was born in Denton County in 1867 and died in Lubbock in 1940.

Meador, Douglas
Photograph Collection, undated
4 B/W photo prints

Photographs consist of awards given to Douglas Meador by The Cimarron Valley Historical Society and the Texas Tech University
Toreador (university newspaper) staff. Douglas Meador was a publisher at Matador, Texas for 42 years.

Menard County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1875-1922
38 copy prints
SWCPC 71 E1-E3

Consists of photographs that provide a general overview of Menard (originally called Menardville), Texas (1894-1922), and bulks with photographs of street scenes and group activities (1910-1915).

Menard County, established in 1858, lies along the Edwards Plateau in southwest Texas. Menardville (later Menard) was laid out as the county seat in 1858. Stock raising and dairy farming are the primary economic activities.

Mercer, Dow
Photograph Collection, 1880-1910
10 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Dow Mercer family (1880-1910), which includes a photograph of a group in front of wagons, with one woman holding a shotgun.

The Mercer family began ranching near La Plata in Deaf Smith County, Texas, about 1890. Dow Mercer owned the Texas agency in Hereford and served as fire chief for the town in the 1920s and 1930s.

Merchant Family
Photograph Collection, 1900-1920
14 copy prints, 15 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of the Merchant family and the Texas Trail Drivers' Association (1900-1920), and bulks with photos of the Merchant family (1906). The collection also includes photographs of longhorn cattle (undated), Will Rogers (undated), and of the Old Trail Drivers' Memorial Hall, San Antonio, Texas (undated).

Claiborne (Clabe) Walker Merchant, a Confederate veteran, began raising cattle in Taylor County in the early 1880s and later expanded his ranching operations to Arizona and New Mexico. As one of the founders of Abilene, Texas, Merchant built the town's first stone home in 1881. He was also the president of the First National Bank of Abilene in 1884, the president of the West Texas Fair, and a director of the Texas Trail Drivers' Association. He died at his home in 1926.[H.A.]

Meredith, Oscar L.
Photograph Collection, 1910-1924
5 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (I) E18

This collection consists of photographs of Lubbock, Texas (1910-1924), and bulks with photographs of early-day Lubbock residences (ca. 1910). It also features an agricultural photograph illustrating the harvesting of Sudan hay (undated).

D. L. Meredith moved to the South Plains in 1891 and worked as a cowhand until 1898, when he came to Lubbock and where his son, Oscar L. Meredith, was born in 1903. Father and son moved buildings in Lubbock during the early part of the twentieth century. Oscar also hauled freight for the American Railway Express company from 1924 until retirement.

Meridith, Oscar
Photograph Collection, undated
9 negatives and 7 copy prints

Comprised of building structures, agriculture, moving buildings, and an individual. Mr. Meridith was born in Lubbock, Texas, in 1903. His parents moved to the South Plains as children.

Merrill, R. L. "Bud"
Photograph Collection, 1950
25 copy prints
SWCPC 370, E1

Consists of photographs of the cotton industry in Dell City, Texas (1950).

In 1945, Bud Merrill of El Paso, Texas, bought interests in the Lockhart Ranch in Hudspeth County, Texas. With the discovery of extensive underground water, Merrill began to promote farming interests. The first experimental cotton crop was raised in 1947. By 1948, the influx of farmers led to the founding of Dell City.

Methodist Hospital (Lubbock, Tex.)
Photograph Collection, 1964-1987 and undated
212 color and B/W photo prints
SWCPC 737 E1

This collection consists of images from the Lubbock Methodist Hospital. Most are of a gathering of medical professionals and their families.

The Methodist Hospital of Lubbock has recently merged with St. Mary’s Hospital and their school of nursing. Dr. Robert Salem is a prominent Lubbock surgeon who is the co-chief medical officer at Covenant Health System. He was interview in 1999 as a part of a Southwest Collection oral history project on medical history.

Mickel, Jere C.
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 686 E1

This collection consists of a single image of a tent show actor. Jere C. Mickel was a professor of speech and theatre at Millikin University, Mount Zion, Illinois. He authored the book entitled
Footlights on the Prairie. The work was concerned with the tent shows held in the first half of the 20th Century. The tent show mainly catered to rural communities and disappeared as a result of the advent of movies.

Middleton, Raleigh
Photograph Collection, ca. 1930
4 negatives and 2 copy prints

This collection consists of photographs of dairy cows and the Texas Tech University Dairy Barn, ca. 1930. Mr. Middleton was a member of the first class at Texas Tech and graduated with the first all-Tech class in 1929. He then accepted a position as Director of the Dairy Barn and later supervised all livestock operations on campus.

Midland County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1943; 1985 and undated
3 photo prints: B/W and color

Includes photographs of the Scharbauer Hotel; the First National Bank; and the Midland skyline.

Midland County, located in the Permian Basin, was created from Tom Green County in 1885. The name came from its location mid-way on the railroad between El Paso and Fort Worth. The economy is based on petroleum, administrative services for the oil industry, distribution center, and varied manufacturing and government services.

Miles, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1904-1950
38 copy prints

Consists of photographs containing scenes from early Miles, Texas, and focuses on education and football programs. Also featured are interior views of two of the towns' earliest business establishments, Miles Barber Shop and the Childress Variety Store.

Located in southwestern Runnels County, Miles, Texas, was founded as a station for the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroads. The economy of the town is based on agriculture.

Miller, Robert G.
Photograph Collection, 1945 and undated
699 B/W copy prints, 2 negatives, 86 currency and misc. materials

Images include pictures of U.S. Army air base in Okinawa, a Chinese cemetery in Manila and service personnel. Robert G. Miller was a U.S. Air Force photographer.

Mills County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1885-1971
127 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Goldthwaite and Mills County, Texas (1885-1971), and bulks with photographs of Goldthwaite, Texas (1900-1930). It also includes two photographs of the last jaguar shot in Texas.

Mills County is the most centrally located county in Texas. It was created from portions of Brown, Lampasas, Hamilton, and Comanche Counties in 1887. Goldthwaite, laid out as a station on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad, became the county seat. It is a shipping center for wool, cattle, corn and cotton.

Mills, Henry
Photograph Collection, 1908-1955
38 copy prints, 40 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of the Henry Mills family from Pandale, Texas (1908-1961). The collection also contains a photograph of the Del Rio Bloomer Girls basketball team (1951); St. Vincent Sanitarium in Sherman, Texas (1908); Rogers River Resort, San Marcos, Texas (1914); Torbett Sanatarium, Hot Well Pavillion, Majestic-Annex Hotel and Bath House, Marlin, Texas (1930); Cloudcroft Lodge, Cloudcroft, New Mexico (1908); and Miss Wool of Texas (1954).

The Henry Mills family settled in Pandale, Texas, in Val Verde County around 1900. For many years, they operated the Pandale store and post office. Henry Mills, Jr. worked with the Soil Conservation Service, the county commissioner's court, and served as chairman of the board of supervisors for the Devil's River Soil Conservation District.

Milner, Virginia V.
Photograph Collection, 1930-1949
88 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 527 E1

Bulks with images primarily from Dixon, New Mexico during the late 1930s and 1940s. Includes landscapes, buildings, river, church, hospital construction, medical staff, and street scenes. Bulks with construction and staff images.

Dr. Virginia Milner was a physician assigned to Dixon, New Mexico by the Presbyterian Home Mission. Virginia Milner worked in Dixon from 1939 to 1941 when she married and moved to Albuquerque and continued her medical practice until 1968. Virginia Milner died in 1993.

Mineral Wells, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1900-1970
272 copy prints
SWCPC 111, E1-E3

Consists of photographs of Mineral Wells (1900-1970), and bulks with photographs of the bathhouse and resort industry in Mineral Wells (1900-1920). The collection also contains photographs of a bathing beauty contest (1931) and an early Greyhound bus (undated).

Mineral Wells, located in eastern Palo Pinto County of Texas, was founded in 1882 following the discovery of large deposits of mineral water. The town quickly developed into a health resort center. In 1891, a subsidiary of the Texas and Pacific Railway reached the town, increasing the tourist trade. During World War II, Camp Wolters was established as an army training base. It was later re-designated Fort Wolters and became a helicopter training center. In addition to resort and military facilities, the economic base also consists of agriculture, ranching, and manufacturing.

Photograph Collection, 1910s-1948 and undated
37 prints, 69 negatives, and 2 color slides
SWCPC 326 E45-51
Includes various photos of frontier life, rustic individuals, cowboys, golfing, brush fire, social gatherings, girl on a donkey, women sewing, schools, stuffed birds and animals, restaurant and bar, homes, a fossil, families, crowded city street, and farm and ranch activities. The girl on the donkey is Lydia Louise Mooar at age 10. This is an artificial collection of miscellaneous images which represents a mixture of activities and unknown collections.

Mitcham, James R.
Photograph Collection, 1929-1956
16 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Mitcham family (1929-1956) and also contains a photo of an unidentified oil rig fire (undated).

James R. Mitcham of Brownwood, Texas, bred and raised Hereford cattle in the Brownwood and Cisco areas from 1931 through the 1950s.

Monahans, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1960-1970
19 copy prints

Consists of photographs of businesses and events in Monahans, Texas (1960-1970), and also contains photos of the sand dunes and sand dune activities in the Monahans Sands State Park.

Monahans, Texas, in northeastern Ward County, was established around 1880 as a water stop on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. It later became a ranch supply point and, following the opening of the Winkler Oil field, a boom town of the 1920s. During the 1930s, carbon black and chemical plants began operations in the town.

Moody, Bobby J.
Photograph Collection, 1979
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 666 E1

This collection consists of one portrait of Bobby J. Moody. Bobby J. Moody, a native of Lamesa, Texas, has been a part of Lubbock’s law community since 1958, initially as a part of Lubbock’s oldest firm of Jones, Flygare, Galey, Moody, and Brown.

Moody, Caroline
Photograph Collection, 1900-1910
1 B/W copy print
SWCPC 457 E1

Collection contains photograph of two men working on windmill in Swisher County, Texas, about 1905. Photo reproduced from smaller image belonging to the donor, Caroline Moody.

Moreland, Robert A. "Bob"
Photograph Collection, undated
24 B/W photo prints and 25 B/W negatives
SWCPC 742 E1

This collection consists of various photographs taken at an unidentified place. Most photos are related to bridges and small bodies of water located somewhere in Texas. Bob Moreland was a professor of mathematics at Texas Tech University and a native of Jayton, Texas. He passed away in September 2000.

Moreland, Robert A. "Bob"
Photograph Collection, late 1800s-1980s and undated
56 B/W prints, 5 negatives, and 27 color postcards
SWCPC 742 E3-5

The collection contains many portraits of families, individuals, and children. Images also include a general store, horse-drawn wagon, and many color scenic postcards from College Station, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Mineral Wells, Texas, as well as Stanford University in Stanford, California and California State College at Hayward, California. Also includes a photo of a train at the Jayton (Texas) Train Depot (1912).

Robert Moreland was a professor of mathematics at Texas Tech University. His father was Adolphus Moreland, a long-term resident of Jayton, Texas. Marsha Pabst is Bob Moreland’s niece and executor of his estate. Bob Moreland was born March 27, 1931 in Jayton and passed away on September 7, 2000. He had a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Texas Tech and a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.

Moreland, Robert A.
Photograph Collection, 1920-1930
15 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 372 E4

Collection contains images of wildcat exploration and oil drilling activities in Mexico during the 1920s. Bulks with workers and equipment. Robert Moreland was an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department at Texas Tech University.

Morris, G. B.
Photograph Collection, 1943-1985
6 B/W prints, 6 negatives
SWCPC 777 E1

Images of coaches and teams of the Lubbock Army Air Field and Texas Technological College during the 1940s.

G. B. Morris grew up in Seymour, Texas, before attending Texas Tech from 1931-1934. He played football at Tech and coached both the Texas Tech and Lubbock Army Air Field Football teams during his career.

Morris, Jeffre
Photograph Collection, 1952
1 B/W copy print: 8 x 10

Consists of a group picture of the 1952 Texas Tech University’s first swim team. Mr. Morris attended Texas Tech and participated on the 1952 swim team, the first at the University. He graduated with a degree in Petroleum Geology.

Morris, John Knox
Photograph Collection, 1916
1 B/W photo print and 1 B/W negative
SWCPC 747 E1

This collection consists of Lubbock, Texas (on Broadway Street), looking out from Brown Studio. Lubbock Hotel was built later on site. Also is the photo is a man on a tractor identified as Ben Morris. Other men in the photograph are identified as Nathan N. Morris, Wyle Morris (on the wagon), and Taylor McCasland. John Knox Morris is a native of Lubbock, Texas.

Morris, Joseph Phillip
Photograph Collection, 1904-1947
36 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Joseph Phillip Morris family and descendants (1904-1947) and bulks with photos of family members (1942-1947). The collection also contains photographs of Hords Creed Dam, Coleman's first water supply (ca. 1904), First National Bank at Coleman (undated), a hack (undated), mules breaking ground for Santa Fe Railroad into Coleman (1909), a stone dwelling in De Witt County, Texas (undated), the Hockheim School in DeWitt County, Texas (undated), and residential scenes in Coleman, Texas (undated).

Joseph Phillip Morris began ranching in Coleman County, Texas, in 1884. His holdings grew to 90,000 acres, which were ultimately managed by his son, Claude Morris.

Morris, Mary
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W matted photo print
SWCPC 562 E1

Is comprised of photo of men standing on hay wagon on the Dixon and Travis Hay Ranch in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.

Morris Ranch (Rafter 3)
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1967 and undated
15 B/W prints, various sizes

Collection includes images of Morris and Miller Cemetery plot, Hereford steer and calves, Morris brick building in Coleman, Texas, Faith High School building, Miller family members, and T. Louie Miller, Matie B. Miller, Mary J. Dunman, and Neida M. Knox. Click
here for details.

The Morris-Miller ranching material stems from the ranching activity of J. P. Morris of Coleman, Texas and his descendants, especially the Mattie B. Miller family. J. P. Morris began his ranching career at a young age trailing cattle herds to northern markets. By 1884, he purchased land in the Jim Ned Valley of Coleman County and moved his family there in 1888. He added to his holdings so that he eventually built a ranching empire of 100,000 acres. He later became involved in banking, and real estate. His daughter Mattie B. Miller along with her children established the Rafter 3 Ranch from their share of the Morris Ranch holdings. They used the original Morris brand. One of her sons, Morris Miller ran the Shackelford County operations. Doris Miller the daughter of Morris Miller, currently runs the Bluff Creek Ranch of Shackelford County.

Morrison, Inez Medlock
Photograph Collection, 1923-1930
178 copy prints, 198 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of Texas Technological College (1920), and also contains photos of early Lubbock, Plainview, and Crosbyton, Texas (1920), and Governor Pat M. Neff.

Inez Medlock Morrison was one of the first students to attend Texas Technological College in Lubbock when it opened in 1925. She studied botany and served as president of the Spanish Club.

Moseley, Janie
Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s
8 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 754 E 1

This collection consists of preparations for service in Battaan, Philippines during World War II. One photo contains Janie Meuli and Bill Horbin with plaques for fifty years of service to Bataan Veterans (c. 1990).

Mrs. Janie Moseley is a member of the American Ex-Prisoners of War in New Mexico. As the young wife of a soldier she attended the first meeting of the Bataan Relief Organization soon after his capture by the Japanese in 1942.

Motley County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1920-1968
8 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Motley County, Texas (1920-1968).

Munchner Westerngarde
Photograph Collection, 1981-1982
16 color copy prints

Contains images of the Munchner Westerngarde, a German club which celebrates western American culture. Bulks with same. Kurt Ulrich is President of Munchner Westerngarde, a German organization which celebrates the American West through costume, dancing, and cultural appreciation.

Murrah, David J.
Photograph Collection, 1982-1987 and undated
123 color slides, 5 color prints, 3 contact sheets, and 109 negatives
SWCPC 603 E2-6

This collection consists of miscellaneous images such as travel photos of Scotland, unidentified travel spots, grand opening of the Texas Tech Library Development Office in 1984 with unidentified people socializing, David Murrah's grandchildren and family members, the Southwest Collection, and unidentified western lands and cattle.

Dr. David J. Murrah was director and archivist of the Southwest Collection for more than fifteen years (1970s-1996). He was also a historian who specialized in ranching in Texas and the Southwest. He has written numerous articles and books on the subject. Some of works have been on C. C. Slaughter, the Mallet Ranch, and the Pitchfork Ranch. He is currently retired.

Murrah, David J.
Photograph Collection, 1990
22 copy prints
SWCPC 299 E13

Consists of photographs of the A. B. Robertson Ranch, the Forrest Ranch, the Santa Fe Depot, and the Harvey House of Slaton, Texas (1990). The collection bulks with photographs of the Forrest Ranch (1990).

Murray, Grover E.
Photograph Collection, 1975-1982
9 color slides
SWCPC 197 E1

Bulks with slide images of landscapes southeast of Post, Texas detailing "Texas Triassic" geologic strata and characteristics. Grover Murray was President of Texas Technological University in the 1970s.

Murray, Grover E.
Photograph Collection, 1996
2 color photo prints
SWCPC 197 E2

This collection consists of Dr. Murray being presented with awards. Dr. Grover Murray was president of Texas Tech University from 1966-1976. He is also a distinguished and world-renowned geologist.

Myres, S. D.
Photograph Collection, 1910s-1960s and undated
1 B/W tin type, 368 prints, 57 B/W negatives
SWCPC 728 E2

Collection details the life and times of S.D. Myres. Images include photos of S.D. Myres, his family, friends, and customers as well as many autographed portraits and silent movie stills. Collection also contains photos of cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo action shots, horses, the range, and sharpshooters. There are numerous family pictures, including baby photos and Mrs. Myres (S.D.’s mother) lying in her casket. Also, there are a few shots inside the S.D. Myres Saddle Company. There are many images that show finished saddles and other leather accessories, such as gun holsters.

A saddle maker, Samuel Dale Myres was born on November 22, 1871, in Johnson County, Texas to David Rittenhouse Myres and Mary Jane Dale Myres. He bought a saddle shop in Sweetwater, Texas, which became known for its superior craftsmanship. Myres served as mayor of Sweetwater Commercial Club, and as a school board member (1914-1915). He moved his company to El Paso, Texas, in 1920. He was affectionately known as "Tio Sam." Myres married twice: first to Drusa Rogers, with whom he had three children—S.D., Jr., William James, and Melrose; and second to Eva Forkner. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Myres died in 1953 in El Paso, Texas.

Myres, S. D., Saddle Company
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1940s and undated
6 B/W 4 x 5 prints, 21 B/W 5 x 7 prints, 142 B/W 8 x 10 prints, 1 painted 8 x 10 print, 4 B/W 11 x 13 prints, 6 B/W 12 x 14 prints
SWCPC 784 E1

The collection details the craftsmanship of the S.D. Myres Saddle Company. The majority of the images are of saddles with designs ranging from plain to ornate. Also included are a few pictures of S.D. Myres with his finished saddles, employees, and customers. Images show saddles that were made for special events, such as World Series Rodeo in New York City and Johnson Rodeo.

Born on November 22, 1971 in Johnson County, Texas, Samuel Dale Myres was the son of David Rittenhouse and Mary Dale Myres. The oldest of six children, Myres opened the S.D. Myres Saddle Company in Sweetwater, Texas, in 1898. He was involved in many civic organizations including serving as president of the Sweetwater Commmercial Club, serving on the local school board from 1914-1915, and being the mayor of Sweetwater from 1908-1911. In 1920, Myres moved his company to El Paso, Texas. The company became famous for its superior craftsmanship and Myres mingled with famous western actors and personalities of his day. Myres’ marriage to Drusa Rogers produced three children—S.D., Jr., William James, and Melrose, and his second marriage to Eva Forkner resulted in no offspring. In 1953, Myres passed away and was buried in El Paso.

Myers, S. D. "Buckaroo"
Photograph Collection, undated
5 B/W negatives
SWCPC 728 E1

This collection consists of images of an unidentified couple standing together. Dr. Samuel D. Myers was born in Sweetwater, Texas. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas. In 1955 he joined the staff of Texas Western College where he was a professor of history and government. He retained his position until his retirement in 1970. He died in 1987.