Yarborough-Bryan Family
Photograph Collection, 1900-1929; 1970
25 copy prints

This collection consists of photographs from the family album of Mrs. Bryan Yarborough. The collection also contains photographs of street scenes in Robert Lee, Texas (1900-1910); the Orient Railroad (1909); and Masonic Lodge No. 696 (ca. 1900).

Yeats, Emmett Leonidas
Photograph Collection, 1911-1965
7 B/W copy negatives

Includes images of various West Texas churches between 1911 and 1965. Emmett Leonidas Yeats was born February 8, 1888, and was a Methodist minister from 1908 until retirement in 1953.

Yoakum, Lynn, Cochran, and Garza County Courthouses
Photograph Collection, 1980-1988
21 B/W photo prints; 16 b/w photo negatives
SWCPC 122 (D)

Collection bulks with images of county courthouses located in West Texas. Cochran, Garza, Yoakum, and Lynn Counties all lie within the High Plains of West Texas.

Young, Arthur and Vera
Photograph Collection, 1936-1990
90 B/W prints; 1023 color and b/w slides
SWCPC 592 E1

Collection contains numerous slides and photographs depicting the travels of Arthur and Vera Young. Images include university related activities and sightseeing trips. Bulks with sightseeing destinations.

Arthur Young was a longtime faculty member and chairman of Texas Tech University's Plant Industry (Agronomy) Department beginning in 1935. Young involved himself in various civic organizations including the Boy and Girl Scouts, and Boys Clubs.

Young County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1888-1968
21 copy prints, 15 photo prints, and 15 negatives

Bulks with photographs of groups of people, architecture, scenes of Fort Belknap, Texas, and historical markers in Young County.

Young County, in north central Texas, was created in 1856 from Bosque and Fannin counties. The economy is based on oil, agribusiness, tourism, and hunting leases.

Young, William Cooke, Jr.
Photograph collection, 1910-1929
5 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Archer County, Texas, residents, and the collection bulks with photographs of the Abercrombie and Young families (1910-1929). William Cooke Young, Jr., owned a land company in Archer City, Texas, and was an independent oil producer. He married Helen Abercrombie, the daughter of Archer City mayor George T. Abercrombie.

Young County, Texas
Photograph collection, 1888-1968
16 copy prints, 20 photos

Consists of photographs of the early settlers and businesses in Young County, Texas, and historical buildings and markers in the Fort Belknap area (1888-1901; 1922-1924; 1968). The collection also contains prints of the Young County Courthouse (1888), the interior of Evans Grocery (1922-1924), and schools in Olney, Texas (1900).