Selected Topics for Research: Texas and the American West

(From Guide to the Manuscript and Photograph Collections of the Southwest Collection, 1996)

Newspapers are a good, often neglected primary source. The SWC/SCL has many newspapers for Texas and a few for New Mexico on microfilm, some of which date to the 19th century. Researchers might glean ideas for topics by looking over some of them. A few examples of cities with 19th and/or 20th century newspapers include:

Artesia,New Mexico

Austin, beginning in 1839

Carlsbad, New Mexico

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Corpus Christi, 1859-1863

Dallas, 1860

Dexter, New Mexico

Estancia, New Mexico

Ft. Worth, 1873 and 1880s

Galveston, 1838

Lubbock, assorted

Matagorda, 1846



Pecos, Texas

Portales, New Mexico

Rico, Colorado

Roswell, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shattuck, Okla

Tombstone, Arizona, 1970s and 80s

Native American Newspapers:

Wassaja, San Francisco, 1970s and 80s

Navajo Times, 1980s

Chickasaw Times

**See also various scrapbooks and manuscript collections containing news clippings of events in the Southwest (for example, see Pauline Naylor James R. Record Collection of West Texas Pioneers, 1936-1959 for topics which appeared in her column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Some general areas for research with possible sources include, but are in no way limited to the following:


  • The SWC/SCL has all the now defunct Southwest Conference Records. Most of the focus here is on the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, including especially media guides and statistics. However, some materials date back to the conference’s inception in 1914.
  • Boxing was a major sport at the turn of the century, despite progressive attitudes to have the sport banned. Major newspapers carried the latest bouts across the country.
  • Baseball was also extremely popular. Locally, the "Hubbers" baseball team made a name for itself in the 30s and 40s. An African American Hubbers team also existed in Lubbock.
  • A number of collections highlight the careers of coaches or those involved in sports. See for example, Bobby Moegle, Harvey N. Russell, Gordon Wood, and Pete Cawthon collections, among others.

Community Development

  • This is wide open. Many county histories and newspapers are available in the SWC/SCL. A Mennonite community settled in Crosby County. Ropesville was a resettlement community under FDR’s Federal Emergency Relief Administration in the 1930s. Estacado, also in Crosby County, began as a settlement of Quakers (see Paris Cox and Estacado, Texas, Collections as well as Frank Emerson Wheelock papers, 1890-1929). C. W. Post, the cereal king, started the town just off the Caprock which bears his name. Although much research has been done on these communities, there are many small towns scattered across the high plains. Check the Reference Files first.


  • The SWC/SCL has recently focused its oral history program on the history of the medical community in Lubbock. Some of these interviews address the advent of the medical school at Texas Tech University and the support and opposition to that facility. Interviews also address indigent care and the use of Medicaid and Medicare in Lubbock.
  • Tuberculosis was a major medical disease into the 20th century. Consumption forced many easterners to move west and convalesce in the dry climate and relatively high elevations of western Texas and New Mexico. A number of manuscript collections have materials concerning tuberculosis including the Boyd Cornick, Henry Clay Coryell, Robert Cornell, Billy Mack Jones, McKnight State Tuberculosis Hospital and Lubbock County Tuberculosis Association Papers. See also the Pauline Naylor James R. Record Collection of West Texas Pioneers, 1936-1959; and the Tuberculosis Collection, 1919-1946 (leaflets and brochures).
  • Beginning in 1918 with the Lubbock Sanitarium, Lubbock evolved into a regional medical center. The SWC/SCL has minutes from the Lubbock Medical Society; materials from Robert Salem, a local doctor; and minutes from the meetings of physicians at St. Mary’s Hospital. See also Mrs. S.B. Loudder Turner-Sasser Family Papers, 1857-1956; Lubbock-Crosby-Garza Counties Medical Society Records, 1909- and Lubbock-Crosby-Garza Counties Medical Society Auxiliary Records, 1949-1971; Methodist Hospital Records, 1926-1983; Methodist Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1947-1969. For brief materials on student health services at Texas Tech during the 1950s, see Embree R. Rose papers, 1950-1965 (mostly news clippings); Allen T. Stewart papers, 1930-1969 (articles and addresses); Texas Medical Students Auxiliary Records, 1981-1982; Texas Surgical Society Records, 1914-1974; Albert Carroll Traweek Papers, 1901-1951(medical practice in Matador, Texas); and Jane Cook Wiley Papers, 1968 (information about her father, Enoch Jasper Cook, the first doctor in Levelland, Texas).
  • The SWC/SCL also houses the papers of local physician, Joseph Alvin Chatman, who for several years operated the Chatman Hospital and Clinic for Lubbock’s African American community.


The oral history program has recently conducted interviews with several lawyers who practiced in Lubbock for many years. These oral histories might be a good place to begin research, later branching out to newspapers and other sources. Interviews have touched on various topics including:

  • prosecution of bootleggers; sensational crimes and trials
  • changes in prosecution, especially with added rights of the accused in the 1960s
  • culture of the Lubbock Bar Association
  • changes in family law including changes in the rights of women
  • race relations and racial unrest in Lubbock.

The Southwest Collection houses a number of manuscript collections donated by lawyers or those connected to them, including the following:

  • Alvin R. Allison, 1946-1985—Hockley County Judge; law school; Red Raider Club
  • H.J. "Doc" Blanchard, 1972-1974—Texas Constitutional Convention of 1974
  • Emma K. Bledsoe, 1905-1983—Correspondence for W. H. Bledsoe; impeachment of James Ferguson, etc.
  • Jerome Kirby, 1976-1980—Texas Water Development Board; weather modification
  • Clark Marion Mullican, 1909-1959—Farming and ranching; WWI and II; weather forecasting
  • Gene Owen, 1872-1981—Weather modification; Plains Weather Improvement Association
  • Durwood H. Bradley, 1932-1945—Lawyers; public prosecutors
  • James "Jimmy" Marshall, 1919-1983—City council agendas; water resources development; legal cases
  • William Harrison Bledsoe, 1851-1971, 1851-1949—correspondence; impeachment of James Ferguson; creation of Texas Technological College; Texas Rangers; Texas Legislature; Lawyers; Lubbock, Texas
  • Robert E. Underwood, 1922-1966—Real Estate, West Texas; Politicians-LBJ; newspapers; petroleum
  • Waggoner Carr, 1944-1985—Texas Attorney General and lead state investigator in the JFK assassination.


The SWC/SCL has numerous materials on railroads, including employee magazines, some company Records on microfilm, and various Records for small spur lines. The SWC/SCL houses the George Baker Manuscript Collection covering railroad activities near Cleburne; the Hugh B. Holmes Papers, 1908-1959 on surveying for the railroad through the Sierra Madre in Chihuahua, Mexico; railroad executive John A. Hughes’ Papers, 1908-1971; Morgan Jones Papers, 1877-1944; Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway Company Records, 1901-1972; Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific Railway Company Records; and the Texas Central Railroad Company Records, 1892-1967; for bus and taxi service in Lubbock, see Westex Motor Stages Records, 1926-1939.

Socialists and the Labor Party

Thomas Hickey was personal secretary to Eugene V. Debs, an outspoken supporter of the Socialist Party and published numerous tracts in the late 19th century. See Thomas A Hickey Papers, 1886-1967. The SWC/SCL houses some of these, as well as the papers of Ilse Hildegard Wolf, 1878-1973.

Irrigation and Water

The SWC/SCL has a number of collections related to irrigation and water in West Texas and New Mexico. Many of these are on microfilm. Collections or locations concerned with irrigation include among others:

  • Carlsbad Irrigation Company Records
  • Dell City, Texas
  • Hudspeth County Water Conservation and Reclamation District Records
  • Loving County Water Improvement District Records, 1902-1937
  • George Briggs Papers
  • Double U Company and Post, Texas
  • Francis G. Tracy Papers
  • William Curry Holden Papers
  • High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 Records, 1928-1976
  • New Mexico Territorial Irrigation Engineer Records, 1897-1911
  • New Mexico State Engineer’s Office Collection
  • Pecos River Compact Commission (Texas) Records, 1979
  • Pecos Valley Water Conservancy District (New Mexico) Records, 1926-1984
  • Emil C. Rassman Papers, 1946-1975
  • Red Bluff Water Control District Records, 1928-1975
  • Mrs. Ernest Shelton Papers, 1948-1966 (Dell City and Hudspeth County)
  • David W. Sherrill Papers, 1938-1968 (agricultural irrigation and water and soil management)
  • Marvin Shurbert Papers, 1956-1983 (depletion allowance and landmark case for redefinition of water as a natural resource); see also Swisher County Water Users Records, 1966-1968
  • J.E. Starley Records, 1910-1943 (deals with Red Bluff Water Power Control District and Pecos River)
  • Otis W. Templer papers, 1973-1988 (Texas Groundwater Law and Conservation)
  • Texas Water Resources Institute Records, 1968-1977
  • Robert McAlpine Wagstaff Papers, 1854-1973
  • Ward County Irrrigation District No. 1 Records, 1939-1983
  • Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 1 Records, 1919-1961
  • Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 2 Records, 1898-1983
  • For irrigation and cotton, see James Charles Wilson Papers, 1915-1973 (Wilson was a member of the Pecos River Compact Commission) and a much smaller collection, A.F. Wishkaemper, Jr. papers, 1954-1964 (on attempts to divert creek water for irrigation in the Panhandle of Texas).


The SWC/SCL has on microfilm various military Records including military post returns and Records of the US Adjutant General for Forts Stockton, Davis, McKavett, Healey, and others. The Collection also has the papers of Benjamin Grierson, commander of troops at Fort Concho and Davis. See also the Holloman Air Force Base Records, 1949-1971; George Gibson Hunt Papers, 1848-1879 for cavalry at Ft. Concho; the William Hugo Martin Papers, 1915-1969 (Texas National Guard, WWII, Texas Adjutant General’s Office); Robert E. Nail Foundation Collection, 1860-1968 (Fort Griffin and area); the Bess Earline Pratt Nasworthy Collection, 1860-1874 (frontier defense and Mexican Americans); William Wallace Anderson’s Diary Accounts on Fort Burgwin, New Mexico; William Rufus Shafter Collection, 1863-1897 (infantry at Ft. Clark, Texas, etc); Jack Walrrath Sheridan Papers, 1877-1979 (WWII U.S. Army Air Force 350th Bombardment Squadron); and William Eli Stephens Papers, 1864-1902 (experiences as a Confederate soldier); Texas National Guard, 1900-1962; Thirty-Sixth Division Association Records, 1943-1965.


  • Robert Hoath LaFollette Papers, 1924-1968
  • Waggoner Carr Papers
  • Preston E. Smith Papers, 1930-1975 and undated (massive collection)
  • U.S. Rep. George Mahon Papers
  • W. H. Bledsoe Papers
  • See Dorothy Rylander Papers, 1854-1988 for scrapbook material on Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, George Mahon, and Sam Rayburn
  • Lyndon Johnson—Lyndon Baines Johnson Collection, 1951-1974 (memorabilia and scrapbook material); and Lewis Seibert Papers, 1948-1975 (correspondence between Johnson and John Connally)
  • Elmer Lois Tarbox Papers, 1863-1978 (Texas legislator, businessman, and athlete)
  • R. L. Templeton Papers, 1925-1985 (state representative)
  • Daniel I. J. Thornton Papers, 1924-1956 (governor of Colorado and state senator)

Farming and Ranching

Far too numerous to describe here, the many topics include multinational investment, trail drives, barbed wire, wildfires, arid land studies and horticultural practices. See the specific finding aid entitled, "THE RANCHING INDUSTRY: A List of Manuscript and Photograph Collections in the Southwest Collection."

Miscellaneous Topics (The following listing is more topically specific, with manuscript sources noted. Most entries include          date ranges.)

  1.     Abolition and Theology—Elijah P. Lovejoy Papers, 1804-1891
  2.     Agriculture—various topics including wheat, corn, grapes, etc.
  3.     Animal Science in West Texas—Wenzel Louis Stangel Papers, 1888-1975
  4.     Archaeological and Anthropological Expeditions to Mexico and the Southwest—William Curry Holden Papers, 1846-1988; Richard Arthur Studhalter Papers, 1933-1955; Charles John Wagner Papers, 1896-1952
  5.     Architecture –Papers for Oscar Ruffini 1883-1942 and W. G. McMillan 1934-1996, original blueprints for Post, Texas, and Santa Fe Railroad buildings
  6.     Arts and Humanities—Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities Records, 1964-1967
  7.     Associations—see specific association, i.e.Texas Association of Accredited Beauty Culturalists, 1945-1970; Texas Association of Nurserymen, 1961-1965, and many others
  8.     Aviation—William Clent Breedlove Papers, 1915-1952; Martha Ann Tomlinson Papers, 1925-1962
  9.     Barbershop Quartets—Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America Records, 1956-1971
  10.     Biographical Histories (numerous manuscript collections on town builders, land promoters, politicians, journalists, artists, architects, et. al.)
  11.     Black Cowboys and Buffalo Soldiers—see reference files
  12.     Bracero Program, 1955-1965—El Paso Valley Cotton Association—El Paso, Hudspeth and Culberson counties; see also Project Good Neighbors (Lubbock) Records, 1958-1972; and William J.T. Robertson Papers, 1952-1966 Trans-Pecos Cotton Association Records, 1947-1963 (Bracero program in far West Texas); see also West Texas Agricultural Employers Group Records, 1950-1969 (on opposition to Dept. of labor attempts to reduce migrant labor) and Western Texas Farm Labor Association Records, 1956-1965
  13.     Buffalo Trade/Adobe Walls—John Wesley Mooar Papers, 1871-1943
  14.     Business History—Newcomen Society Collection, 1966-1977
  15.     Butterfield Trail Correspondence—Henry Sayles, Jr. Papers, 1830-1957
  16.     Canadian River Project, Lake Meredith, Water use and Management—Ingle Forrest Lea Papers, 1932-1984
  17.     Cantonment (Fort) Burgwin, New Mexico—William Wallace Anderson’s Diary Accounts
  18.     Cattle Industry—see ranching; see also Frank Reeves Papers, 1927-1972; on brucellosis, see Charles G. Scruggs Papers, 1951-1969; for original minutes of cattle association, see Stock Raisers Association of Northwestern Texas Records, 1925; and Chanslor Edmond Weymouth Papers, 1961-1965 (on Pan Tech Research Farm)
  19.     Central Texas School of Oratory—J. Fred McGauhy Papers, 1910-1976
  20.     Chicago Colorado Colony (Longmont, Colorado)—Colony Trustee Meeting Minutes, 1870-1890
  21.     Child-Free Marriage—Dorice Mirick Myers Papers, 1922-1982
  22.     Church Histories—numerous collections document the formation and activities of various denominations; for example, see William J. Klattenhoff Family Papers, 1863-1879 for the Lutheran Church, Littlefield, Lazbuddie, Posey Parish,
  23.     Church Ministers—check database for church Records and ministers, etc… Many manuscript Records are available for church history and individual ministers in the region
  24.     Circus Entertainment—Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows Collection, 1973-1979
  25.     Cisco, Texas---Conrad Hilton’s first hotel was located here
  26.     Civic Organizations—see specific organization and location, for example Rotary Club International (Lubbock); Salvation Army Records, 1958-1960; Sterling City, Texas Collection, 1944-1965 (handbooks for various clubs and associations)
  27.     Clubs and Organizations (ie Athenaeum Club, Lubbock)
  28.     Coaches All-America Game Collection, 1968-1977 (operated by American Football Coaches Association, the annual football game was played in Lubbock from 1970-1976)
  29.     Company Records—various collections contain financial, inventory and correspondence Records—check database and reference files
  30.     Confederate States of America Military Commission Collection, July 2-October 10, 1862 (cases in San Antonio of Union sympathizers, primarily German Texans)
  31.     Cotton Industry—Morgan Nelson Papers, 1580-1989; and ginning, Alfred M. Pendleton Papers, 1902-1972; George W. Pfeiffenberger Papers, 1923-1965; Plains Cotton Growers Inc. Records, 1933-1973; Plains Ginners Association Records, 1940-1960; Mildred Shafer Sanders Collection, 1923-1955 (El Paso Valley); Southwest Compress and Warehouse Association Records, 1913-1974; Texas Cotton Association Collection, 1931-1965 (addresses, speeches, programs); Texas Cotton Ginners Association, 1918-1973; Texas Cotton Industries Records, 1927-1967; Texas Cottonseed Crushers Association Records, 1894-1974; Tornillo Cotton Oil Company Records, 1924-1971; Trans-Pecos Cotton Association Records, 1947-1963 (Bracero program in far West Texas); on irrigation and cotton, see James Charles Wilson Papers, 1915-1973 (Wilson was a member of the Pecos River Compact Commission)
  32.     Crimes—see lawyer interviews in oral history collection; reference files; and State of Texas v. Jack Hall Collection, 1931 (Hall, a rancher in Crane County was tried and convicted of murder over land dispute); Texas Crime Investigating Committee Records, 1950-1953 (organized crime in Texas)
  33.     Crosbyton Solar Power Project Records
  34.     Deaf Smith County and waste dump proposal—Wayne Richardson Papers, 1984-1985; see also reference files and newspapers; and Waste Deposit Impact Committee Records, 1973-1988
  35.     Desegregation in Lubbock--Tom Johnson Papers, 1970s—news clippings, depositions pertaining to desegregation, busing and single member districts; see also Ecumenical Council on Social Concerns
  36.     Diaries and Daybooks—Stratford, Texas—personal and daily activities of a farm family (Agnes Augusta Hendrick Foster Papers and Charles Eddie Holmes Papers, 1924-1984; Barney Hubbs Papers, 1849-197 (Jackson Thomason’s Diary); for early day Lubbock accounts, see Clifford E. hunt Papers, 1890-1961; Koockville Store Journal (Mason, Tx.) Records, 1873-1979; Louis Luchetta Papers, 1923-1939; Alexander Mackay Papers, 1886-1936; Clark Marion Mullican Papers, 1909-1959; Samuel P. Newcomb Papers, 1865-1873; Paul Patterson Papers, 1931-1975; Charles Bruce Richardson Papers, 1852-1865; Jeremiah E. Riordan Family Papers, 1834-1965; Carl Coke Rister Papers, 1834-1956; William Wallace Anderson on Fort Burgwin, New Mexico; Richard S. Cutter Papers, 1880-1907 on experiences in Texas and Kansas as a farmer and stockman; M.I.L. Russell Papers, 1862-1873 (pioneer school teacher and farmer during Civil War and Reconstruction Texas); and Oscar L. Slaton Family Papers, 1858-1925 (land agent, early pioneer of Lubbock County); extensive diary accounts exist for cowboy, shepherd, and rodeo clown Ross Sutherland—see Ross Sutherland Papers, 1917-1972; journal material exists in the R. L Templeton Papers (personal and business notes over various topics and events); Minnie Lomorah (Cox) Papers, 1915-1948 (calendar diaries on farming, community, and domestic life); Adolph Wilke Papers, 1930-1959 (experiences as a Southland, Texas farmer); the L.W. Wilkinson Papers, 1893-1895 is a 120 page account primarily about Wilkinson’s voyage to Europe); on the Civil War and the recruiting and fighting skills, etc. of black troops, see Austin Wiswall Papers, 1863-1912
  37.     Drought---30s, 50s, 90s—see various topics in reference files
  38.     Early 20th Century Agriculture—Seaman Asahel Knapp Papers, 1869-1931
  39.     Farm Life in Texas and New Mexico—Maggie Lee Bullion Holden Papers, 1944-1948
  40.     Farmers Alliance—Texas Farmers Alliance Records, 1887-1896 (minute book)
  41.     Firearms in Texas—Sharps Rifle Company Records, 1874-1884 (includes correspondence from Texans on the need for firearms, and life  in Texas)
  42.     Folklore—Warren Walker Collection, 1960-1985 (data cards collected by Walker’s students over a 20-yr. Period)
  43.     Forestry—Texas Forestry Association Collection, 1958-1974
  44.     Fundamentalist Religion—see various ministers and Charles R. Townsend Collection, 1884-1976 (religious tracts and songs)
  45.     General Federation of Women’s Clubs—Gertrude Patton Papers, 1928-1969
  46.     Guadalupe Mountains National Park Establishment (Glenn Biggs Papers)
  47.     Higher Education—Texas Commission on Higher Education Records, 1952-1965; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 1965-1978
  48.     Hispanic Newspapers and editors—see Bidal Aguero, La Voz, et. al.
  49.     Horse Breeding (Quarter Horses)—Paul Nabours Papers, 1852-1964
  50.     Hotels and Inns (the SWC/SCL holds materials for many popular places including the Spur Inn of Stamford, Texas and others)
  51.     John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection, 1953-1964
  52.     Joseph Camp Papers—letters about 19th century hardships in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois
  53.     Journalism and Controversy—Donald M. Williams Papers, 1980-1981 (covers the controversy of Williams, the school newspaper, and Playboy magazine)
  54.     Land Promotion and Colonization—see William Pulver Soash Papers, 1894-1967 ; Lone Star Land Company Records, 1879-1955; and W.P. Soash Land Company Records, 1907-1918; George Littlefield; Louis Hamilton Hill Papers; William J. Klattenhoff Family Papers, 1863-1979; Texas Land and Development Company Records, 1912-1956; Winchell Townsite Company Records, 1851-1926; Yellow House Land Company Records, 1913-1943; and J.C. Whicker Papers, 1896-1919
  55.     League of Women Voters Records, 1945-1978, and League of Women Voters of Texas Records, 1920-(300+ boxes of material and unlimited topic areas)
  56.     Lincoln County and Eastern New Mexico—Josephine Hendley Papers, 1862-1977
  57.     Lubbock businesses, churches, social organizations and local history data—Jubilee 75 Committee Records, 1968-1984; E.J. (Pinky) Lowrey Papers, 1900-1959; Lubbock County Old Settlers Pioneer Association Records, 1925-1944; see Dorothy Rylander Papers, 1854-1988 for voluminous newspaper and scrapbook material on local area history; see also Wirt W. White Papers, 1881-1968 for pre-1900 local history of Abilene, Texas
  58.     Lubbock, Texas—Ubiquitous entries for city and county. Reference files have a variety of topics
  59.     Masonic Lodge Records—Cornelius Kinchelo Stribling Papers, 1861-1960 (Washington County, Tx.)
  60.     Mennonite Communities---See Bob Clark Mennonite Collection—correspondence from throughout the US concerning the Mennonite Community near Seminole, Tx., 1977-1980
  61.     Mexican Boundary Commission (John Russell Bartlett Papers)
  62.     Mexican War—Otis M. Wheeler Papers, 1844-1871 (small no. of letters on the Mexican War and crops)
  63.     Mining—see Texas and Pacific Coal and Oil Company Records, 1887-1969 for coal in Texas as well as the Thurber, Texas Collection, 1897-1976; St. Louis, Rocky Mountain and Pacific Company Collection, 1905-1955 (for northern New Mexico); Donald S. Tedford Papers, 1908-1967 (mining claims and conflict w/US govt. in northern New Mexico; Texas Gulf Sulphur Company Collection, 1947-1963; and Benjamin Franklin Tepe Collection, 1854-1935 (Deep Tunnel Mining and Milling Company, Elizabethtown, New Mexico); J.A. Walker Papers, 1835-1942 (Rosario Mining and Milling Co., Chihuahua, Mexico)
  64.     NAACP Activities (Lubbock)—see George Scott Papers, 1944-1979
  65.     National Organization for Women, Lubbock, Texas Chapter Records, 1967-1978
  66.     Native American Education—Indian Schools Collection, 1929-1945 (various Indian schools)
  67.     Natural Disasters—see reference files first
  68.     Natural History—Natt Noyes Dodge Papers, 1926-1971—correspondence, scrapbooks, etc. from a naturalist for the National Park Service
  69.     Newspaper Owners, Publishers and Writers—See Marshall Formby Papers and F.D. Hicks Papers, 1960, and Frank P. Hill Papers, 1918-1970; Barney Hubbs Papers, 1849-1976; Alton Hughes Papers, 1972-1981; see also Hispanic newspapers and editors (Bidal Aguero and others); Nellie Witt Spikes Papers, 1930-1957 (news clippings from Spikes’ column, "As a Farm Woman Thinks"); see also editorials for Lubbock in Lubbock AJ—Jay Harris Papers, 1970-1985; and William Edward Syers Papers, 1963-1964 ("Off the Beaten Path" from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram); Francis Tolbert Papers, 1959-1969 Dallas Morning News columnist); Robert E. Underwood Papers, 1922-1966
  70.     Nocona Boot Company—Enid Justin Papers, 1939-1965
  71.     Organized Labor, 1890-1900—Charles Gibson Papers
  72.     Parks and Wildlife—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Records, 1960-1976
  73.     Parochial Schools and Colleges—Lockney Christian College Records, 1909-1952; McMurry College Records, 1901-1975; Sabinal Christian College Collection, 1910-1911
  74.     Patrons of Husbandry (Texas State Grange) Records, 1875-1891
  75.     Pecan Industry—E. Guy Risien Papers, 1879-1973
  76.     Petroleum Exploration—Livermore Drilling Company Records, 1936-1964; Livingston Oil Co. Records, 1956-1968; Lubbock-Bridgeport Oil Development Company Records, 1918-1922; Vincent Charles Perine Papers, 1896-1979; Mary Lee Roddy Papers, 1900-1965; Jefferson Davis Sandefer Papers, 1963-1975; J.N. Stuart Family Papers, 1911-1980; William T. Thomas Papers, 1930-1970; William Orby Tye Papers, 1939-1983; Robert E. Underwood Papers, 1922-1966; Einar Augustus Ungren Papers, 1847-1932; Robert McAlpine Wagstaff Papers, 1854-1973
  77.     Photograph Collections—include SWCPC; Museum; Heritage Collection and special collections (There are 400,000 photographs in SWC/SCL, so search by topic or county)
  78.     Pilot Training, WAC and WASP histories—Goodfellow AFB, Texas Records, San Angelo, 1943-1975; and Women’s Air Service Pilots  Records, 1943-1975
  79.     Political Memorabilia (Kennedy and Johnson Administrations)—Frank Moore Papers, 1956-1969
  80.     Progressive Politics--Robert Hoath LaFollette Papers, 1924-1968 (nephew of Robert M. LaFollette)
  81.     Psychiatric Theory and Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation –Preston E. Harrison Papers
  82.     Pump Irrigation (Double U Company Records)
  83.     Richard S. Cutter Papers—diary, 1880-1907 on experiences in Texas and Kansas as a farmer and stockman
  84.     Rodeo, Programs and other Materials--Charles E. Sanders Papers, 1955-1976; Carlton A. Studer Papers, 1907-1966; see Ross Sutherland Papers, 1917-1972 for rodeo clown accounts
  85.     Saddle Making—S.D. Myres Saddle Company Records, 1898-1966
  86.     Sam Houston and Family—Temple Houston Morrow Papers, 1836-1968
  87.     Scandal in Eastland Oil Field/Don Hampton Biggers Papers
  88.     Sierra Blanca—history and waste dump—see reference files and newspaper accounts
  89.     Stone Masonry—George Samson Papers, 1949-1968
  90.     Tenant Farm Labor—Lorene Loe Papers, 1979-1983; Los Ybanez, Texas Records, 1941-1985
  91.     Tent Shows, Entertainment Troupes and Wild West Shows—see Haverstock Papers, 1893-1976 and 1911-1980; J. Harvey Holland Papers, 1908-1972 and Paul C. Kalmbacher Papers, 1878-1970; Mae LaPalmer Papers, 1930-1935; Kelly Masters Papers, 1922-1934; Joe McKennon Papers, 1946-1947; Frank (Happy) McKeown Papers, 1900-1952; Jere C. Mickel Papers, 1889-1982; D.F. Myers Papers, 1906-1923; Al S. Pitcaithley Papers, 1903-1976; Rosier Players (Michigan) Records, 1987-1988; Harley Merman Sadler Papers, 1910-1981; Bob Siler Papers, 1929-1967; Orville Starnes Tent Show Collection, 1897-1967; Lyle Florenz Talbot Papers, 1918-1927; The    Tent Shows Collection, 1902-1978 contains scripts, biographical sketches, and advertisements
  92.     Texas and West Texas Chamber of Commerce—Emil C. Rassman Papers, 1946-1975
  93.     Texas Centennial, 1936—Mrs. George B. Long Papers, 1933-1937
  94.     Texas Constitutional Revision Commission (Barbara Green Culver Papers, 1973-1975)
  95.     Texas Farm Bureau Federation—history—J. Walter Hammond Papers, 1905-1963
  96.     Texas National Guard (Ross Ayers’ Papers)
  97.     Texas Rangers and Frontier Battalion—Mary C. Jones Collection, 1881-1940
  98.     Texas State Senate impeachment proceedings of Duval County Judge, O.P. Carillo—Kent Hance Papers, 1953-1978
  99.     Texas Tech University and Medical School—various topics throughout the archives, and especially in the University Archives materials
  100.     Texas Water Law and Water Conservation (High Plains Underground Conservation District)—see Arthur P Duggan Jr. and Sr. Papers and Frank Kelley Papers, 1936-1963 as well as Irrigation Collections (above)
  101.     Texas Water Rights Commission—Dorsey B. Hardeman Papers, 1800-1973
  102.     Tornillo, Texas Bridge Negotiations (across the Rio Grande)—Mildred Shafer Sanders Collection, 1923-1955
  103.     Tourism—Highway 67 Association Collection, 1955-1976 and Tourist Courts, Wichita Falls--Clark Marion Mullican Papers, 1909-1959
  104.     Town and County Histories—see reference files
  105.     Trade Associations—Floco trading Association, 1916-1928—Floyd County
  106.     U.S.O/Lubbock Service Organization—Leona Gelin Kent USO Records, 1942-1946
  107.     United Nations food conferences, and U.S. War Food Administration—Marvin Jones Papers, 1902-1976
  108.     Urban Renewal—Urban Renewal Board (Lubbock) Records, 1956-1962
  109.     Water Importation—Water, Inc. Records, 1939-1983
  110.     Weather Modification—see lawyer’s Papers above and for Post Texas, 1910-1913 (Double U Company Records); Jerome Kirby Papers, 1976-1980; Frank Moore Papers, 1956-1969; Gene Owen Papers, 1872-1981; Plains Weather Improvement Association Records, 1966-1983; Jeff Townsend Collection, 1947-1973
  111.     Weather—see Letha Steele Papers, 1935 (news clippings on "dust bowl in Oklahoma and Texas) and specific events such as the     Lubbock Tornado; see Wichita Falls, Texas Tornado Collection, 1979
  112.     Wheat Growers’ Associations—Kenneth Kendrick Papers, 1933-1983
  113.     William Jennings Bryan Presidential Campaign, 1896—E.B. Wheelock Collection, 1896 (newspaper clippings)
  114.     Wine Making in Texas—Mardema Ogletree Texas Wine-making Collection, 1970-1981; Helen Scioli Papers, 1896-1989
  115.     Women’s Christian Temperance Union—Gertrude Patton Papers, 1928-1969
  116.     Wool and Mohair Industry—Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association Records, 1900-1981
  117.     World War I (food conservation, patriotism and war propaganda) in Crowell and Foard Counties, Texas—Lou Ellen Young Roberts Papers; Fred EurieYoung Papers, 1917-1965 (First Officers training Camp Association)
  118.     World War II—Day by day accounts from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram—Mrs. G.N. Robertson Papers, 1939-1945


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