Texas Tech University Archives
Below is a listing of Texas Tech University related artifacts that are housed here.

Clothing, Textiles and Objects - Athletics

  1. Football autographed by 1954 Gator Bowl Team
  2. Texas Tech football uniform: shirt and padded pants (Donor: Elmer Tarbox)
  3. "Border Intercollegiate Athletic Conference" trophy; on display in the University Archives exhibit case
  4. Letterman’s Sweater, Jeffrey Morris
  5. Trophy: "Bobby Cavazos Most Valuable Player Award Gator Bowl 1954 Texas Tech 35 AUBURN 13"
  6. Red Texas Tech Letterman's sweater with a red and black "Double T" wool and felt patch on left side (Donor: Mill Boyd)
  7. Drinking glass of Texas Tech’s 1953 Border Conference Championship with Masked Rider depicted on glass (Donor: Doris P. Smith)
  8. Texas Tech football sweaters and stockings, 5 items, 1938 (Donor:  Elmer Tarbox, 1987)
  9. Texas Tech warm-up jacket, jerseys, and cheerleader jacket
  10. Swim team: Red knit jersey with a Double T and blue fish and "Dolphin" embroidered on left-side (Donor: Bo Grimshaw)
  11. Swim team: Red wool and black leather lettermen's jacket-side (Donor: Bo Grimshaw)
  12. Double T Dolls jersey, white with red, black and white banding around sleeves and v-neck collar, and has "Raiders" in red lettering across the chest. The number "14" in red with black trim is on the back of the jersey. (Donor: Bo Chris Snead)
  13. Double T Dolls jersey, white with red, black and white banding around sleeves and v-neck collar, and has "Raiders" in red lettering across the chest. The number "17" in red with black trim is on the back of the jersey. (Donor: Bo Chris Snead)
  14. Double T Dolls jersey, red with red, black and white banding around sleeves and collar, and has "Texas Tech" in black lettering with white trim across the chest. On the back of the jersey is "Karen M 20" in black with white trim. (Donor: Bo Chris Snead)
  15. Double T Dolls jersey, red with red, black and white banding around sleeves and collar, and has "Texas Tech" in black lettering with white trim across the chest. On the back of the jersey is "24" in black with white trim. The bottom of the jersey has been cut off to make it much shorter than #15. (Donor: Bo Chris Snead)
  16. Yellow softball signed by Teresa Wilson
  17. Baseball signed by Larry Hays with "27" and a Double T written in black sharpie, 2008 (Donor: Bill Tynan)
  18. Red plastic miniature ball given out during a basketball game; written in black ink on the ball is "Texas Tech vs Baylor 1974" and "Southwestern" (Donor: Julia Saffell)
  19. Athletic t-shirt collection:  a) Lubbock A-J Extra! "A Slice of Heaven" Lady Raiders win of the NCAA title; b) Southwest Conference 1996 (2 items, 1 is more yellowed); c) Dr. Pepper Southwest Conference Classic; d) Lady Raiders Final Four National Champs; e) Hoopa Dallas SWC Women's Basketball Post-Season Classic XI; f) Road to the NCAA Women's Final Four 1993; g) Celebrating SWC Excellence Southwest Conference Post-Season Tournament 1996; and h) NCAA Women's Final Four Atlanta 1993. (Donor:  Greg Westmoreland)
  20. Framed: Southwest Conference, 1995 (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  21. White Baden Limited Edition Volleyball, 1996  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  22. Wilson Football: "First Big XII Victory," undated  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  23. Wilson Football: "Tech 31 Colo 10," 1999  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  24. Wilson Football: "Tech 21 A & M 19," 1999  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  25. Miniature Red and Black Football, undated  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  26. Wooden Football Stand: 2" x 7 ¾" x 3 ¾", undated  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  27. Wilson Football: "Tech 24 New Mexico 3," 2000  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  28. Wooden Football Tee, undated  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  29. Wilson Football: "Tech 45 Baylor 24," 1996  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  30. Baden Limited Edition Volleyball, 1996  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  31. Autographed miniature Baden Volleyball, undated  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  32. Autographed Wilson Softball in protective cover with Plexiglas Base, 1999  (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  33. Wool Texas Tech football manager's letter jacket worn by Jim Humphreys in 1946 (Donor: Bernice Humphreys)
  34. Red wool letterman's sweater with Double T logo worn by Lawrence "Shorty" France, who played football for Texas Tech in 1930-1931. (Donor:  Joe France)
  35. Small Texas Tech trophy to Gene Barnett for the 1939 Cotton Bowl participation; a dark yellow sweater with the no. 84 on front and back; a red & black football jersey, pants, and shank coverings that were worn like socks during the 1939 football season. His encapsulated news clippings concerning the Cotton Bowl are at O9.10. (Donor: Mike Barnett)
  36. Red long sleeve wool sweater with a Double T on the front. It was worn by Moseley while a football player at Tech in the late 1930s. (Donor: Molly Moseley Spier)
  37. Black baseball jersey with “Raiders” in Red & white lettering and black trim, and “21” in white lettering. (Donor: TTU Baseball)
  38. White baseball jersey with black stripes. “Texas Tech” in Red, black & white lettering and “21” in red & black lettering. (Donor: TTU Baseball)
  39. Red baseball cap with black trim and a large Double T logo. (Donor: TTU Baseball)
  40. Basketball player # snap on [to go on a basketball uniform], undated (Donor: Sports Information)
  41. Red and black "Matador Club '33" blanket, 1933 (Donor: Sports Information)
  42. Texas Tech 1938 Red Raiders Jacket (Donor: Sports Information)
  43. Encapsulated latter from Pete Cawthon, 1941 (Donor: Sports Information)
  44. Double T Letterman’s sweater, 1930s? (Donor: Sports Information)
  45. Double T Letterman’s sweater with cowl collar, 1930s? (Donor: Sports Information)
  46. Double T Letterman’s sweater with tag for “Speedy Moffett, 1930, coach Pete Cawthon” (Donor: Sports Information)
  47. Texas Tech versus Baylor foam helmets which were given out during the 2011 football game - 2 different styles (Donor: Bruce Cammack)
  48. Red Nike “Texas Tech Track” jersey with black trim (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  49. Texas Tech Black, white and red Baden volleyball signed by members of the Texas Tech team (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  50. Football signed by Mike Leach, Gerald Myers, Mike Liner and two others with “$1.7 Million” and “City Bank Texas Tech” sticker lettering on it. Several of the stickers are peeling free from the ball. (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  51. Miniature wooden baseball bat with “Texas Tech Red Raiders” and “Coca-Cola” in red letting (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  52. Football for the “70th A&T Cotton Bowl Classic Texas Tech vs. Alabama” and “Dallas, Texas January 2, 2006” with the names of both head coaches carved into the ball (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  53. Yellow pin for the “NACWAA Women’s Volleyball Classic, August 25-26, 1995” (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  54. Football for the Insight Bowl on December 29, 2006, with Gerald Myers name written on it (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  55. Red plastic stand to hold a football (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  56. White nylon sign with red and black design for the 10th anniversary of the Big 12 Conference 1996-2006 (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  57. Stone Big 12 Conference clock with “Participant 1st Big 12 Baseball Championship 1997 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma” embossed on it (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  58. Empty cherry wood box with the Double T and “2008 Big 12 South Champions” embossed on a gold metal plate. The foam padding inside is for a golf club and ball (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  59. Glass trophy with the words "The Kerns Tips Memorial Trophy, 1973, Joe Barnes, Texas Tech University" etched on it
  60. NCAA volleyball for the September 27, 1996 match between Texas Tech and Missouri. score 3-0; the ball is dented in a one spot and has the name “Coach Nelson”.
  61. NCAA volleyball for the November 20, 1999 match between Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Score 3-0; the ball is dented in a two spots.
  62. Signed NCAA volleyball for the October 21, 2014 match between Texas Tech and Zhejiang.
  63. FIFA soccer ball for the September 12, 1996 match between Texas Tech and Colorado. Score 2-1.
  64. Red Raider Classic volleyball trophy, 1990.
  65. Hilton Invitational volleyball trophy, 1991.
  66. Red Raider Classic volleyball trophy, 1996.
  67. Jump rope with wooden handle that had been used in the Women’s Gym, undated (Donor: Health, Exercise and Sports Science)
  68. Early TTU Women’s Athletic banner with “Women’s Athletics” in white lettering and featuring the Masked Rider and a red Double T (Donor: Judith Henry)
  69. Early TTU Women’s Athletic logo consisting of a red T layered over another red T (Donor: Judith Henry)

Clothing, Textiles and Objects - Band and Music Related

  1. Band uniform, Texas Tech University
  2. On display in the University Archives exhibit case - Black Band Director’s coat, double-breasted style
  3. Black wool band uniform pants with metal thread accents
  4. Texas Tech University band uniform, complete - Spats x 2, pants x 2, cummerbund, jacket, cape, buttons, drop, dickey, suspenders cap, baseball-style
  5. T-shirt: Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic, 1937-1995
  6. T-shirt: "NCAA Women’s Basketball Mideast Regional"
  7. T-shirt: "Independence Bowl Spirit Party ‘98"
  8. T-shirt: "NCAA Women's Final Four," 1993
  9. Rugby shirt: Long-sleeved, Double T emblem, "Court Jesters", and Double T emblem
  10. Polo shirt: Short-sleeved, Double T emblem "Red Raider Band Texas Tech University"
  11. T-shirt: "NCAA Women's West Regional Basketball ’93"
  12. Portfolio, tan leather: "D. O. Wiley Host Conductor, 1953 National Intercollegiate Band Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma"
  13. Drum-head, signed by Nebraska Cornhuskers pep band
  14. Visor cap, Texas Tech University
  15. T-shirt, "Texas Tech Band
  16. Drum Major’s Shako (hat)
  17. Black and gold hat with “Director” stitched on it in gold thread and in great condition (Donor: Mike Blass)
  18. Red and black hat band hat with the # “557” and “Patsy Lees” labeled inside (Donor: Mike Blass)
  19. Woven hat with red band with "Goin' Band" and the Double T symbol (Donor: Flora Goforth)
  20. Band uniform pants, white
  21. Band uniform pants, white
  22. Band uniform pants, black
  23. Band uniform pants, black
  24. Band uniform jacket with tails
  25. T-shirts, red, "Texas Tech Band"
  26. Baseball cap with embroidered patch on front with Double "T" symbol and "Goin’ Band" and "1999 Sudler Trophy"
  27. Two piece, red and black band uniform. A circular patch with "Texas Tech" and "Band" is sewn on the arm. (Donor: D. O. Wiley)
  28. Framed piece - "Texas Tech 26" and a harp-shaped object done, all done in black felt, on a red felt background
  29. Framed: “Goin Band from Raiderland” 1999 Sudler Trophy Recipient, 1999 (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  30. White Band Director’s coat, double-breasted style, with brass buttons and a matching pair of pants. (Donor: D. O. Wiley)
  31. Black band wind suit, brand new (Donor: Mike Blass)
  32. Black jacket with 3 gold stripes and 2 Texas Tech buttons with school seal (Donor: Mike Blass)
  33. Black Fedora hat in great condition with the # “Double T 1001” written inside in whiteout (Donor: Mike Blass)
  34. Black Fedora hat in used condition with the # “2172” written inside in whiteout
  35. Black jacket with 3 gold stripes and 3 gold, Texas Tech buttons with school seal, and black pants (Donor: Mike Blass)
  36. 2 piece uniform – red and white top with “TECH” in black lettering on front; black pants with red stripe and white piping (Donor: Mike Blass)
  37. “Goin’ Band from Raiderland” baseball cap (Donor: Mike Blass)
  38. Red jacket with Double T logo on chest (Donor: Mike Blass)
  39. 3 piece uniform - black with red trim, and a ruffled dickey (Donor: Mike Blass)
  40. 2 piece uniform - white jacket with red and black trim with white scroll pattern, a dickey and black pants and white spats (Donor: Mike Blass)
  41. Red and white jacket with “TECH” with white braid; black pants with red stripe and white piping (Donor: Mike Blass)
  42. Black band wind suit, brand new (Donor: Mike Blass)
  43. Court Jesters wind suit top (Donor: Mike Blass)
  44. Two gold shoulder pads with tassels (Donor: Mike Blass)
  45. Red wool sweater (Donor: Mike Blass)
  46. Red wool letterman’s jacket with black trim and a patch that reads “Texas Tech Band 1928” (Donor: Mike Blass)
  47. Red polo, brand new, with “Goin’ Band” on it (Donor: Mike Blass)
  48. Red cape with “TECH” on the back (Donor: Mike Blass)
  49. Red spandex top for a baton twirler, warmer season wear (Donor: Mike Blass)
  50. Red velour top for a baton twirler, winter wear (Donor: Mike Blass)
  51. White pants with red stripe (Donor: Mike Blass)
  52. Plastic poncho with Double T on back (Donor: Mike Blass)
  53. Wooden music stand with a Double T and “Texas Tech” lettered in red, circa 1930s (Donor: Mike Blass)
  54. 3 piece Majorette uniform (Donor: Carolyn Davis Kennedy)
  55. Black hat with “Director” in gold trim worn by Brittin (Donor: Anthony Brittin)
  56. Red band jacket with a red & black Double T on left side  (Donor: Anthony Brittin)
  57. Black Director’s jacket with gold bands and buttons, and the matching black pants (Donor: Anthony Brittin)
  58. 9 twirler uniform pieces - 1) red satin skirt with fur trim, 2) red sat sash, 3) red satin shorts, 4) red satin long sleeved top with white Double T emblem, 5) white satin skirt with gold trim, 6) white satin jacket (stained) with gold trim, 7) red satin sash, 8) red satin shorts, and 9) red and white satin vest with red sequined Double T emblem on the back (Donor: Betty Stanford)
  59. Red and black band cloak worn by the donor’s daughter when she attended Tech (Donor: Betty Carr)

Clothing and Textiles - Miscellaneous

  1. Texas Tech Cheerleader Shirt, undated (1 item; Purchased from: Hill and Hill Auction Service from the Lois "Cowboy" Nance Estate, 1990)
  2. Texas Tech Pennant, undated (1 item; Purchased from: Hill and Hill Auction Service from the Lois "Cowboy" Nance Estate, 1990)
  3. High Riders Sweaters (26 items)
  4. T-shirt, "Plant a Tradition Arbor Day, April 30, 1999, Texas Tech (Double T logo) University
  5. Texas Tech: 75th Anniversary Banner
  6. Belt with gold-toned metal "Texas Tech" buckle
  7. Sweater, "Tech 36" in red felt letters on front
  8. Green beanie worn by Marge Ratliff. According to Texas Tech traditions Freshmen students were required to wear a "Fish Cap" or "Slime Beanie" to designate their class standing.
  9. White smock or lab coat with a Texas Tech patch on front worn by the TTUHSC physicians and staff (Donor: Sharleen Rhoads)
  10. Leather holsters and gun belt with two guns, four plastic bullets originally worn by the Texas Tech’s mascot, Raider Red (Donor: Saddle Tramps)
  11. Red and black vinyl garment bag with "Nance L. H. Cowboy" embroidered in black and a unique Raider Red image on the pocket area (Donor: Alvin Davis)
  12. Three complete cheerleader outfits plus an extra top  (Donor: Stephanie Rhode)
  13. Black wool letterman's jacket with black leather fold-down collar. The back is embroidered with "Texas Tech" and "Liberal Arts" and an image of the Administration Building. (Donor: Claude Hutcherson)
  14. Red t-shirt with "RaiderAid Texas Tech" on the front.
  15. Woven textile, predominantly dark blue, with an image of the Administration Building and "Texas Tech Lubbock Texas" underneath. Below that is a large Double T with "Engineers Show 36" inside.
  16. Woven textile, white background with an image of the Texas Tech Seal and "Texas Technological College" and "Textiles 31" done in black. Heavily stained.
  17. Woven textile, white and green background with an image of a house and trees and "Tech. 1935 Home Economics".
  18. Woven textile, red background with "Texas Technological College" and "Textiles" and the Tech Seal in white.
  19. Framed, Red and black Texas Tech pennant, 1927
  20. Red & black Fish Cap" or "Slime Beanie" that belonged to student Glen Fisher in 1969.  The beanie's coloring makes it unusual, as most of the known Texas Technological College beanies are a solid color, usually green. The beanie has "69" to denote the year (1969), the numbers "3813" to denote Mr. Fisher's room phone number, "307 Bledsoe" to denote his dorm room number, and a Double T symbol
  21. One of a kind red blazer with Tertulianos patch designed by Madaleno L. Hernández, undated (Donor: Madaleno L. Hernández)
  22. Quilt Squares by TTU Alumni (Donor: Texas Tech Parent and Family Relations)
  23. 3 jackets, 1 hat and 1 vinyl garment bag embroidered with Dr. Hess’s name and Texas Tech logos. Hess was physician to the football team. (Donor: Hess, Wallace I.)
  24. 1953 Freshman Beanie (Slime Cap/Fish Cap) worn by Pat Tinney.  The cap is green with the number "57"on the front in red.  1957 indicates her graduation year.  "Slime Tinney" is written in white paint under the bill and "KAO", Pat and "59362" are on the back of the cap.  "KAO" denotes her sorority and "59362" was the phone number of her residence hall.  (Donor: Pat Tinney Jordan)
  25. Freshman Beanie (Slime Cap/Fish Cap) worn by Jack Lokey. The cap is red with the number "41" in green on the front.
  26. Red and black Texas Tech pennant. One corner ribbon is torn.
  27. Woven image of man with the words “Gov. Dan Moody Texas Technological College 1927” underneath. This textile was most likely woven by the Textile Engineering Department at Texas Tech.
  28. Black and white woven image the state of Texas with the words “Texas Technological College” on it. There is also a coin glued to the frame, which is falling apart. A label glued on the back of the frame states "Woven for Gwyne W. Line by George Allen, Textile Engineer Major, 1939-40 Texas Tech."
  29. Red and white woven image the state of Texas with the words “Texas Technological College” on it. A label glued on the back of the frame states "Woven for Gwyne W. Line by George Allen, Textile Engineer Major, 1939-40 Texas Tech."
  30. Masked Rider costume, undated: 1) red and black cape lined with light bulbs and 2) black hat lined with light bulbs
  31. Dark blue and white striped Alpha Phi Omega textile with “BA” in white lettering, APO in gold Greek lettering and “1925” in white lettering, undated


  1. Leather notebook purchased on the Opening Day of Texas Tech University, (1 item; Donor: Ray, James W., 1991)
  2. Texas Tech milk bottle and white hard hat
  3. Mortar Board, missing the tassel
  4. Waste basket, stencil of a matador in red with the words "Texas Tech" above the depiction
  5. Harness and buckle from old Texas Tech horse barn
  6. Briefcase. Tag tied to handle reads: "Briefcase used by W. T. Gaston, Gift: Texas Tech: Board of Regents 1970"
  7. Resolution, preserving the Livestock Judging Pavilion "HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90038"
  8. Seat cushion, "TEXAS TECH Double T symbol) Red Raiders"
  9. Glass: "Texas Technological College Lubbock, Texas"
  10. Hard hat, from the Wiggins Hall ceremony
  11. Print block with portrait of Bradford Knapp, President of Texas Tech (5” x 5 ¾”)
  12. Coronelli Globe plaque
  13. Ground breaking shovels of Preston Smith and John T. Montford (4 items) (Donors: Jan Taylor and John Montford)
  14. Texas Tech’s English – Philosophy Building, miniature set
  15. Class of 1946 granite marker
  16. 12” square pillow of red corduroy with white “Texas Tech University” and University Seal, undated (Donor: Susan Lupton Rigby)
  17. 2 Texas Tech Red Raider rubber stamps (Donor: Susan Lupton Rigby)
  18. One deck of cards, “Texas Technological College” and college seal in gold on black background, unopened, undated (Donor: Susan Lupton Rigby)
  19. Paperweight, “Texas Tech University” and University Seal stamped on copper-colored metal medallion inset into oak base, undated (Donor: Susan Lupton Rigby)
  20. Coffee mug with “Texas Tech” and University Seal in gold on black background, undated (Donor: Susan Lupton Rigby)
  21. Miniature leather saddle and wooden stand, made in celebration of reunion of former Masked Riders. On the wooden stand, "1954 Tradition Reigns 2004 - Texas Tech University" and "Southwest Collection" is burned into the wood. (Donor: Lynn Whitfield)
  22. Golden statue of Dirk West's Raider Red standing before a Double T - on display in the University Archives exhibit case
  23. Pennants given out by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal which depicts Dirk West's Raider Red and has "Red Raider Country" and "Lubbock Avalanche-Journal" written on it. Comes with stick handle.  (Donor:  Julia Saffell; 2 identical pennants)
  24. Miniature model of the United Spirit Arena
  25. Sculpture, wood:  Longhorn Bull and Card, undated
  26. White, round metal candy tin with “Double T” painted in red and black on lid. Two cellophane wrapped round candies with "TEXAS TECH" written in red on the center of a white field with red and black alternating on the perimeter, undated (Donor: Chancellor's Office)
  27. White mug with Double T insignia and black lettering: "Employee Charitable Campaign," 1999
  28. Magnetic gold pocket address book with Texas Tech University Seal, undated
  29. Red wooden apple: "Texas Tech University," undated
  30. Plexiglas: "Marsha Sharp Freeway," 2000
  31. Mug: College of Education, Texas Tech University, undated
  32. Mug: Army ROTC, Texas Tech Red Raiders, undated
  33. Epaulet Pin (?): Texas Tech University with gold perimeter on perimeter, undated
  34. Double T Spur Tie Tack, undated
  35. Leather Coaster holder with 5 leather coasters: Accounting Alliance, Texas Tech University (x 3)
  36. Black Leather and Brass Coaster: Texas Tech University, undated
  37. Graduation Tassel from A. J. Montoto, 1963
  38. Leather strip from Matador Office Building Dedication, Ranching Heritage Center, 1973
  39. Student Identification Card for D'Ann Sammons, 1929
  40. Keychain for the On Campus Night Shuttle, 2007
  41. Pen used by the incorporators to sign the Articles of Incorporation for the TTU School of Medicine Foundation, February 13, 1970
  42. Pen used by Marshall Formby in the press box at the TTU vs Texas game, September 30, 1972
  43. Pen used by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the press box at the TTU vs Texas game, September 30, 1972
  44. Two wooden coins from the Office of the Registrar with the Double T logo, undated
  45. Small notepad with the Masked Rider, Ben Holland, on the horse Midnight Matador, 2003-2004
  46. Literary Production: Mayoral Proclamation, Texas Tech-Lubbock Week, 1971
  47. Big Twelve Notepads (2), undated
  48. Bookmarks from PrintTech (24 copies, 2 different types of bookmarks), undated
  49. Texas Technological College Campus Tour Guides (2 copies), undated
  50. "Double T" Decals (54), undated
  51. Printed Material: Salesman's Sampler, Graduation Announcements, 1967
  52. Printed Material: Texas Tech Seal Decals (5 copies), 1935
  53. Printed Material: Double T and Tech Seal Decals (2 copies, different version), 1935
  54. Printed Material: "This Is Texas Tech" Pamphlets (5), undated
  55. Red metal spoon used in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Athletic Dining Facilities, undated
  56. TTU Teaching Academy gold pin with genie lamp and red Double T [2 identical items] transferred from the Jay Harris Collection, undated
  57. Shovel used for groundbreaking ceremony for the TTU Library Addition, February 2, 1973
  58. Wooden (?) collectible of the Bell Tower, 1998
  59. Wooden (?) collectible of the Administration Building, 1998
  60. Wooden (?) collectible of Jones Stadium, 1998
  61. Miniature cotton bail with tag from the Textile Research Center, undated
  62. Stress Reducing Hardhat for University Center Groundbreaking (3), undated
  63. Shovel used in Museum Groundbreaking, 1968
  64. Souvenir Brick from United Spirit Arena, 1999
  65. TTU pencils (2 different ones), undated
  66. Red and black pom poms (4 items), undated
  67. Plastic, round Cotton Kings hockey puck holder given out during a game, undated
  68. Plastic drinking mugs with TTU logs and information, as well a Crickets baseball one (8 items), undated
  69. Plastic water bottle for Fitness Information Technology Challenge F.I.T., 2005
  70. Miniature, metal windmill, undated (Donor: Florence Phillips)
  71. Vellum diploma noted to be the first diploma ever issued by the Texas Technological College, which was awarded to Mary Dale Buckner, Bachelor of Arts, 1927 (1 item)
  72. Metal footlocker circa 1938 with rare stickers depicting a Matador with bull and "Texas Technological College" that belonged to Tech student Vestel Askew. (Donor:  Glen Fisher)
  73. Official Texas Tech University ornaments from the years 1997-2007
  74. 4 miniature Texas Tech bricks; 2 are date “1989” and 2 are dated “1990”  (Donor: Florence Phillips Estate)
  75. 1 empty can of Coca-Cola with Texas Tech logos and a football player
  76. Encapsulated University Daily article on the "Constructing a Place for History at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library," July 5, 1994
  77. Rawls Golf Course Opening Day Shadow Box, Sept. 12, 2003 (Donor: Bernadette Hinojosa)
  78. Administration Building hand painted china plate (Donor: James Linton)
  79. Three proof sheets with various Texas Tech logos and designs that were made from stamps purchased by the Rare Books Department. (Donor: Bruce Cammack)
  80. Memorabilia Collection - contains miscellaneous items such as stickers, groundbreaking shovels, miniature cotton bail, pom poms, Horizon Campaign Texas Tech medallions, TTU Teaching Academy pins, and souvenir book from the United Spirit Arena
  81. One intact 6-pack of Coca Cola glass bottles with Texas Tech logos for the Lady Raiders Championship win, 1993 and one intact 6-pack of Dr. Pepper glass bottles with Texas Tech logos, 1994 (Donor: JR Price)
  82. Small wooden Denver Broncos football and stand (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  83. Red and Black wooden sign that reads “God Bless Texas and It’s Red Raiders” (Donor: Gerald Myers)
  84. TTU Brandy Snifter (Donor: Mary Pennington)
  85. Eighteen 1-pound wooden hand weights, one 2-pound wooden hand weight, six 1-pound metal hand weights, and one 2-pound metal hand weights used in Women’s Athletics classes (Donor: Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences)
  86. U 119.5 Memorabilia, 1955-1967: This 1 wallet collection contains 6 student ID images dated from 1955-1964, 4 Student Activity [ticket] Book for 1956-1957, 10 punch card student meal tickets from 1967, and an unused 1956 "Conference Notes" pad with the tower of the Administration Building on it.
  87. 4 framed Dirk West (original?) paintings, 2 of Raider Red versus the Rice Owl and 2 of Raider Red versus the TCU Horned Frog. (Donor: Athletics, ACC# 2014-0133-A)
  88. Part of Raider Red's mascot costume - Raider Red’s head
  89. Parts of Raider Red's mascot costume - 2 gloves (one complete pair), gun belt, buckle (loose from belt), 1 gun holster and 2 spurs (one complete pair)
  90. China plate of the images of various Texas Tech Buildings – the Administration, the Library, the Student Union, the Coliseum-Auditorium, West Engineering, the Museum, Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. (Donor: Betty Dotts))
  91. Large metal milk can used by the Texas Tech Dairy department (Donor: Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources)
  92. Miniature model of the “Discovery” Shuttle donated by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in connection with alumnus Rick Husband
  93. Leather valise and bound portfolio [tucked inside] (Donor: Flora Goforth)
  94. 2 wooden bookends with metal Texas Technological College seals
  95. Red embroidered Saddle Tramps shirt and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity shirt/jersey, a "Beat Texas" button, a Saddle Tramps membership certificate, and a commemorative dog tag for a street named after John King (John King Blvd.). (Donor: Marilyn Betts King)
  96. Wood plaque decorated with "Texas Tech Beef Coach" and an image of a bull with a Double T on its flank (Donor: Jess Styles)

Miscellaneous Objects from the Chancellor's Office

  1. Drinking glasses x 6 with "Governor John T. Montford"
  2. Drinking glass, small x 1 with "Governor Don Henderson"
  3. Coffee mug
  4. Lucite paperweight
  5. Shell-shaped dish with "Kay Bailey Hutchison State Treasurer, Treasurer's Office State of Texas"
  6. Memo minder/paperweight, cross section of agate with quart crystals
  7. Ore sample from San Andres Formation
  8. Brass initial, "M"
  9. Framed name plate, "Senator John T. Montford"
  10. Baseball cap, grey, blue lettering across front reads: "Montford Texas Senate Pol Adv Paid for by John T. Montford"
  11. "Guest" registry book
  12. Wall hanging, Chinese woman wearing a mauve and multi-colored kimono while blowing a horn
  13. Tablecloth with Chinese characters
  14. Plaque, Texas state shape, Lucite. "TEXAS TECH MEDICAL CENTER El Paso" Double T in center with a star below, 5" x 5" x 1", undated
  15. Plaque, wooden base with bronze horse bust. "Head of the Class" by Alvin Davis. 7 ½" x 5 ½" x 4", undated
  16. Framed: Texas Tech’s 75th Anniversary Gala, 1998
  17. Framed: Scissors from the United Spirit Arena Grand Opening Celebration, 1999
  18. Plaque: "Texas Tech Rodeo," 1998
  19. Plaque: Honorary Saddle Tramp for Chancellor John T. Montford, 1996
  20. Bell: Honorary Saddle Tramp for Chancellor John T. Montford, 1996
  21. Hard Hat: Facilities Planning and Construction (white), undated
  22. Key Chain: Seal of Texas Tech University, undated
  23. Sculpture, wood: Longhorn Bull and Card, undated
  24. Mug: Texas Tech University, Home of Champions! Texas tech Football From the President’s Box (x 3, black), 1995
  25. Coasters: Texas Tech University Semi-centennial (x 3), 1973-1975
  26. Bottles: 8-ounce Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles in Box for Texas Tech University’s 75th Anniversary 1923-1998 (x 2), 1998
  27. Proclamation from Texas Tech University Faculty, undated [oversized]
  28. Aerial Photograph (Tennis Courts/Engineering Key), Texas Tech University, undated [oversized]
  29. Aerial Photograph (Memorial Circle/The Key), Texas Tech University, undated [oversized]
  30. Aerial Photograph (University Center/Administration), Texas Tech University, undated [oversized]
  31. Framed Photograph: John T. Montford Conducts Texas Tech University Symphony Orchestra, 1998 [oversized]
  32. Framed Photograph: Your First Year, Texas Tech Ambassadors, 1996-1997 [oversized]
  33. Miniature cement finial point commemorating the building of Murray Hall, 2005
  34. Big 12 Championship ticket encased in acrylic, 2005
  35. Glass square with an etched image of a crane and the words "Experimental Sciences Building" and Topping Out Ceremony, November 24, 2003"
  36. Glass square with an etched image of the building's shape and the words "Grover E. Murray Hall" and Topping Out Ceremony, February 24, 2005"
  37. Miniature cement finial point commemorating the building of Murray Hall, 2005
  38. Big 12 Championship ticket encased in acrylic, 2005
  39. Glass plaque from the Latino/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association for "Diversity Champion: Campus, Institutional Diversity, 2007"
  40. 2 identical flags bearing the Double T symbol with “Texas Tech” in black lettering on a red background. The flags originally were flown at the Chancellor’s house on 19th when the Montfords resided there.

Miscellaneous Objects from the President's Office

  1. Animal and Food Sciences building artist rendering for groundbreaking ceremony, February 21, 2003
  2. Plaque "A Key to the City of Junction" to President Jon Whitmore, January 2004
  3. Photograph of a battleship, engraved plate stating "Holiday Bowl Luncheon 2004 presented by USS Tarawa (LHA-1) Big 'T' Eagle of the Sea," and 2 double-sided coins with Uss Tarawa (LHA-1) on one side and and eagle on the other
  4. Framed item for the ACE Award Art in Unexpected Places, Lubbock Arts Festival, 2005
  5. Framed photograph for the College of Visual and Performing Arts "A Night on Broadway, March 7, 2005"
  6. Blue, brown and black logoed Lubbock and Double T bandana
  7. Miniature hanging Corduroy banner embroidered in gold with "Texas FFA 77th Convention United Spirit Arena Lubbock, July 12-15, 2005"
  8. Autographed photograph of the men's swim team - CWPA Texas Division Champions, 2011
  9. Plaque "Presented to Texas Tech President for your partnership with the African American Chamber of Commerce, Lubbock," undated
  10. Laminated ad with Wess Mitchell from Texas Monthly magazine, undated
  11. 10 gold names tags for the first 10 presidents of Texas Tech, undated

Miscellaneous Signage, Plaques and Stamps

  1. Gordon Hall Dormitory sign
  2. "Seal of Texas Technological College," wooden, painted gold - on display in the University Archives exhibit case
  3. Plaque from October 13, 1965 of the "Daily Toreador"
  4. Metal letters spell out "Texas Technological College Class ’34" (or ’43)"
  5. Plaque, bronze, "Will Rogers Riding Into the Sunset at Texas Tech University Electra Waggoner 1943-1987 @ 1987" - in the Small Conference Room, Admin.
  6. Plaque: "Named in Honor of Professor Joe Dennis, Member of the Faculty of the Department of Chemistry 1938-1976, Head of the Department  1950-1969, an Inspiring Teacher and a True Leader Whose Contributions to the Department Established its Strength and Will Long be Remembered"
  7. Wooden plaque with a golden horse's head and an engraving of "Head of the Class by Alvin G. Davis"
  8. Metal printing plate for “The Toreador” with a bucking steer on one side and the masked Rider on the other  (found in Toreador/University Daily reference file)

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