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Below is a campus map showing the buildings and structures on the Texas Technological College as of 1956. The original, uncolored map can be found on page 361 of the Texas Tech publication "The First Thirty Years," written by Ruth Horn Andrews. More information on Texas Tech buildings through the years can be found on this page.

Texas Tech Permanent Buildings as of 1955

Building name, Date of Construction

The list below was taken from pages 359-360 of "The First Thirty Years," a publication produced by Texas Tech in 1956.  Note: Where two dates of construction appeared, the earlier date indicated the original and the latter indicates a major addition. Also, in addition to the above listed permanent buildings, there were 135 temporary buildings on the campus. Of these, 24 were used for class meetings and 95 were farm buildings. Comments on structures past the date of 1956 have been made by the University Archivist.

Administration Building, 1925-1951 Men's Dormitory No. 1, 1934 (later named West Hall, BOD 11/15/41)
Agriculture, 1942 Men's Dormitory No. 2, 1938 (later named Sneed Hall, BOD 11/15/41)
Agriculture Engineering Building, 1951 Men's Dormitory No. 3 & 4, 1947
Agriculture Engineering Annex, 1951 Museum, 1949
Bookstore, 1926-1948 Music, 1951
Chemistry, 1929 Nursery (Child Development), 1938
Cooperative House (Casa Linda), 1937 Petroleum Engineering, 1950
Dairy Barn, 1925-1945-1947 President's Home, 1924-1948
Dormitory Business Office, 1944 Seismological Observatory, 1946 (dismantled in 1998)
East Engineering, 1951 Science, 1951
Extension, 1936 Speech, 1926
Garage and Lumber Bin, 1947 Stadium, 1947-1953
Greenhouse (Biology), 1927 Stock Judging Arena, 1924
Greenhouse (Horticulture), 1951 Stock Judging Pavilion and Living Quarters, 1951
Gymnasium, 1926 Student Union, 1951
Heating Plant No. 1, 1934 Textile Engineering, 1925
Heating Plant No. 2, 1947 Veterinary Science, 1951
Home Economics, 1925-1951 West Engineering, 1928
Home Management, 1925-1951 Women's Dormitory No. 1, 1934 (later named Doak Hall)
Journalism, 1941 Women's Dormitory No. 2, 1939
Library, 1938 Women's Dormitory No. 3 & 4, 1947 (#3 later becomes Horn/Knapp Hall)

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