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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "D"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "D"

  • Dale, Edward Everett.  "Romance of the Range, The": vol. 5: 3.
  • Dalton, Inez Strickland.  "Menger Hotel: San Antonio's Civic and Social Center, 1859-1877, The": vol. 32: 85.
  • Davidson, Becky.  "Transcending the Moment: Anson's 'Cowboys' Christmas Ball": vol. 78: 112.
  • Davis, Jefferson.  "Trials and Tribulations of a Country Doctor": vol. 24: 47.
  • Davis, Kenneth W.  "Fifth Sunday Singing Conventions in Central Texas": vol. 72: 152.
  • Davis, Ken.  "History, Folklore, and Wild Hog Hunting-- Some Reflections,": vol. 80: 178.
  • Davis, Kenneth W.  "Jeanne Williams--Novelist: The Williams Papers in the Southwest Collection, Texas Tech University": vol. 63: 77.
  • Davis, Kenneth W., & Jodella Kite.  "Elmer Kelton Papers in the Southwest Collection, The": vol. 64: 101.
  • Davis, Kenneth W.  "Lawrence and Sonja Clayton:  Ranchers, Ranching Historians, Academicians and Folklorists": vol. 82: 120.
  • Day, James M.  "Big Foot Wallace in Trans-Pecos Texas": vol. 55: 70.
  • Day, James M.  "Brown County's Fry Oil Boom, 1926-1927": vol. 50: 31.
  • Day, James M.  "Jacob De Cordova's Exploration of Northwest Texas": vol. 34: 14.
  • Day, James M.  "Pecan Bayou Memories": vol. 51: 63.
  • Day, James M.  "Plunder at Laredo, 1842, and the T. J. Green--Sam Houston Quarrel": vol. 46: 3.
  • Day, James M.  "Preliminary Guide to the Study of Buffalo Trails in Texas, A": vol. 36: 137.
  • Day, James M.  "Railroading Along the Concho: A History of the Concho, San Saba, and Llano Valley Railroad Company": vol. 38: 154.
  • Day, James M., and T. R. Havins.  "Peter W. Gravis on the Outside Row of the Texas Frontier": vol. 42: 41.
  • De Leon, Arnoldo and Bruce Glasrud.  "Bibliophiling Tejano Scholarship: A West Texas Collaboration": vol. 80: 93.
  • De Leon, Arnoldo.  "Los Tasinques and the Sheep Shearers' Union of North America: A Strike in West Texas, 1934": vol. 55: 3.
  • De Leon, Arnoldo.  "Tejano Experience in Six Texas Regions, The": vol. 65: 36.
  • De Leon, Arnoldo.  "Tejano History Scholarships: A Review of the Recent Literature": vol. 61: 116.
  • De Leon, Arnoldo.  "Tejanos in Northwest Texas: Rural Folks or Urbanites?": vol. 86: 8.
  • Denham, Claude.  "Frontier Problems and Amusements in Crockett County": vol. 9: 35.
  • Denney, Susan G.  "Oral Recollections of the January 1918 Blizzard": vol. 65: 111.
  • Dennis, Dorothy Austin.  "Major Willa Viley Johnson and the Kentucky and Magnolia Cattle Companies": vol. 48: 135.
  • Dickey, Susan Karina.  "The Courthouses of Oscar Ruffini, Architect": vol. 75: 63.
  • Dixon, Katelin and Elissa Stroman. "Notes, Documents, and Sundries - William L. Ducker and the Rediscovered Lubbock Lights Oral History Interview": vol. 92: 127.
  • [Editor] Dixon, Katelin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 91: 159.
  • Dobie, J. Frank.  "Progenitor of the Mustang, The": vol. 26: 3.
  • Dodge, Ruby McGill.  "Reynolds Presbyterian Academy and College": vol. 27: 78.
  • Doherty, Gregory A.  "Beginnings of Integration in San Angelo 1. S. D., The ": vol. 69: 74.
  • Dolman, Wilson E., III.  "Conflicts Over Land: The Settler and the Rancher in West Texas": vol. 50: 61.
  • Dolman, Wilson E., III.  "Odessa, Texas During the Depression, 1932-1936": vol. 45: 150.
  • Douthit, Ellis.  "Some Experiences of a West Texas Lawyer" vol. 18: 33.
  • Dowdle, Zach.  "'In the Land of Sandstorms and Sand': Locating Texas Technological College in 1923": vol. 90: 75.
  • Downs, Fane.  "Clayton W. Williams": vol. 58: 171.
  • Downs, Fane.  "Fandangle: Myth as Reality": vol. 54: 3.
  • Duarte, Gloria.  "The Education of Eva Camunez Tucker: El Querer es Poder": vol. 79: 106.
  • Duarte, Gloria.  "Eva Camuñez's Teaching Career, 1932-1942": vol. 85: 96.
  • Duarte-Valverde, Gloria.  "Fort McKavett: from Army Post to Historical Site": vol. 74: 128.
  • Duff, Katharyn.  "Jewell Davis Scarborough (Mrs. Dallas Scarborough)": vol. 44: 161.
  • Duff, Katharyn.  "Robert E. Nail": vol. 45: 191.
  • Duke, Escal F.  "George F. McAllister: Son of Adversity": vol. 43: 94.
  • Duke, Escal F.  "J. Willis Johnson: Lawman, Rancher, Banker": vol. 62: 86.
  • Duke, Escal F.  "O. M. Smith—Frontier Pay Clerk": vol. 45: 45.
  • Duke, Escal F.  "Population Study of Tom Green County, 1880, A": vol. 52: 49.
  • Duke, Escal F., editor.  "Description of the Route from San Antonio to El Paso by Captain Edward S. Meyer, A": vol.49: 128.
  • Duke, J. K.  "Bad Men and Peace Officers of the Southwest": vol. 8: 51.
  • Duncan, John Thomas, editor.  "Some Civil War Letters of D. Port Smythe": vol. 37: 147.
  • Duncan, John Thomas.  "Settlement of Hall County, The": vol. 18: 72.
  • Dunn, Linda Mason.  "Polio, 1946--The Story of One Family's Struggle as Told Through the Eyes of a Mother and Her Daughter": vol. 73: 62.
  • Dunn, Linda Mason.  "'There’s No Place Like Home'- West Texas Home Cures and Folk Remedies": vol. 74:92.
  • Dunn, Robert W.  "History of Loving County, Texas, The": vol. 24: 93.
  • Dunn, Roy Sylvan.  "Drouth, History and Sociology": vol. 48: 154.
  • Dunn, Roy Sylvan.  "Southwest Collection: A Regional Depository, The": vol. 43: 144.
  • Dyreson, JoDee, and Freedonia H. Paschall.  "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 70: 174.
  • Dyreson, JoDee, and Freedonia H. Paschall.  "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 71: 182.
  • Dyreson, JoDee, and Freedonia Paschall.  "History in West Texas": vol. 73: 155.
  • Dyreson, Jodella K. and Freedonia H. Paschall.  "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 72: 209.
  • Dyreson, Mark.  "Looking at the Frontier Through the Eyes of Robinson Crusoe and Friday: Images of the Frontier In Western Civilization": vol. 70: 143.

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