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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "E"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "E"

  • Eaves, C. D.  "Freighting Problems in the Post Colony": vol. 17: 11.
  • Eaves, Charles Dudley.  "Some Experiments of C. W. Post in West Texas": vol. 15: 22.
  • Elam, Earl H.  "Borden County Cowboy's Letters to His Girl, A": vol. 71: 44.
  • Elam, Earl H.  "Kenneth Franklin Neighbours, `A Texas Original’": vol. 72: 193-200.
  • Elam, Earl Henry.  "Butler and Lewis Mission and Treaty of 1846, The": vol. 46: 72.
  • Elam, Earl.  "U.S. Army in the Big Bend and the Battle of Ojinaga, 1913-1914, The": vol. 66: 5.
  • Elam, Elam H.  "Columbus and the Historical Consequences of l492 for West Texas": vol. 68: 44.
  • Elbow, Gary S., and Simone Gordon. "Mennonite Colonization Efforts at Seminole, Texas, 1977-1979": vol. 57: 55.
  • Elgin, Jack, Captain.  "Christmas Dinner On the Upper Brazos in 1872": vol. 14: 83.
  • Ellison, Ron.  "Frontier Ministry of George Webb Slaughter, 1858-1871, The": vol. 67: 45.
  • Ely, Glen Sample.  "Bedlam at Belknap:  Frontier Lawlessness on the Butterfield Overland Mail Road in Texas, 1858-1861": vol. 82: 81.
  • Emmett, Chris.  "Martin Lalor Crimmins": vol. 30: 3.
  • Eoff, J. Dexter, D. D. S.  "Jumano: A Phantom Tribe?, The": vol. 40: 16.
  • Eoff, J. Dexter, D. D. S.  "Old Settlements Along the Colorado River in Runnels County": vol. 42: 128.
  • Eoff, Shirley.  "Crime and Punishment in Early San Angelo": vol. 84: 31.
  • Eoff, Shirley M.  "Lanier Bell: Gentle Giant of San Angelo's Polio Epidemic," vol. 80: 110.
  • Eoff, Shirley M.  "San Angelo Army Air Field Bombardier School: Military and Civilian Interaction in World War": vol. 82: 7.
  • Ericson, J. E. "Colonization of the Spur Farm Lands": vol. 31: 41.
  • "Mrs. Malissa G. Everett, a Pioneer Woman": vol. 3: 59.
  • Ewing, Floyd E., Jr.  "Copper Mining in West Texas: Early Interest and Development": vol. 30: 17.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "Come to Newcastle, the Birmingham of the Southwest": vol. 31: 3.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "James H. Baker: Cattleman and Trail-Driver": vol. 43: 3.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "Origins of Unionist Sentiment on the West Texas Frontier": vol. 32: 21.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "Reverse Migration in West Texas": vol. 39: 3.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "Suggestions for the Observance in West Texas of the Civil War Centennial": vol. 36: 33.
  • Ewing, Floyd F., Jr.  "Unionist Sentiment on the Northwest Texas Frontier": vol. 33: 58.

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