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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "F"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "F"

  • Farmer, Joan.  "Sandstone Sentinels" vol. 34: 112.
  • Farmer, Mrs. L. E.  "Fort Davis on the Clear Fork of the Brazos" vol. 33: 117.
  • Faulk, Odie B., translator and editor.  "Description of the Comanche Indians in 1786 by the Governor of Texas, A" vol. 37: 177.
  • Faulkner, Walter A., contributor.  "Sibley in New Mexico; the Journal of William Henry Smith, With" vol. 27: 111.
  • Fehr, Kregg.  "Harbingers of Change: Wind Turbines and the Dawning of a New Age in Texas Energy History": vol. 84: 7.
  • Felker, Mike.  "Phantom Lion of Haskell, County, Texas, The" vol. 65: 50.
  • Fenton, James I.  "Big Spring’s Amazing Tenderfoot: The Earl of Aylesford" vol. 55: 135.
  • Fenton, James.  "The Staked Plains' Legendary Feudist, Tom Ross" vol. 79: 6.
  • Fenton, Jim.  "The Cowboy Earl in England: The Earl of Aylesford's Mysterious Past": vol. 83: 130.
  • Ferrell, Mrs. C. C.  "Early Days in Stamford, Texas" vol. 3: 41.
  • Fillingim, David.  "Cheatin' Song: A Redneck Blues, The" vol. 71: 106.
  • Fink, Rob.  "Bringing Art to West Texas: The Abilene Women's Forum Art Unit and the Great Depression": vol. 92: 94.
  • Fink, Rob.  "Kings of the World:  Abilene High School Fooball in the 1950s": vol. 81: 77.
  • Fink, Rob.  "Our Story: The Teaching of Texas History in the Public Schools": vol. 83: 35.
  • Fink, Robert.  "'Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes it Rains': Major League Baseball Comes to Abilene, Texas": vol. 86: 42.
  • Fink, Tiffany, Editor.  "Book Reviews": vol. 81: 226.
  • Fink, Tiffany, Editor.  "Book Reviews": vol. 82: 219.
  • Fink, Tiffany, Editor.  "Book Reviews": vol. 83: 239.
  • Fink, Tiffany Haggard.  "Railroad Men: Employees of the Fort Worth and Denver Railraod" vol. 79: 56.
  • Fisher, B. J.  "Military Justice on the Texas Frontier" vol. 64: 123.
  • Fisher, B.J.  "Medical Conditions at West Texas Military Posts in the 1850's" vol. 62: 108.
  • Fleming, Elvis E.  "Long Before 'Luckenback': Waylon and Willie and Other Country Music Stars I Met in the 1950s": vol. 90: 65.
  • Flynn, Sean J. "Life-Blood of the Plains: John L. McCarty and the Panhandle Water Conservation Authority" vol. 75: 131.
  • "Fort Elliott, Texas" vol. 23: 3.
  • Foster, Robert L. and Alwyn Barr.  "Black Lubbock" vol. 54: 20.
  • Francaviglia, Richard V.  "Black Diamonds to Black Gold: The Legacy of the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company" vol. 71: 7.
  • "Franco-Texan Land Company, The" vol. 25: 101.
  • Frantz, Joe B.  "Prospecting in Western History" vol. 40: 3.
  • Freeman, Christopher and John Hensley.  "Two Worlds, One Big Pasture: Quanah Parker and Samuel Burk Burnett-The Social, Economic, and Cultural Implications of Anglo/Indian Associations in the Oklahoma and Texas Borderlands": vol. 92: 67.
  • Friend, Llerena.  "Meade F. Griffin--West Texan or `From Cottonwood To Capitol’" vol. 52: 3.
  • Friend, Llerena.  "Old Spanish Fort" vol. 16: 3.
  • Friend, Llerena.  "Sam Houston and Thomas J. Rusk" vol. 31: 15.

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