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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "G"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "G"

  • Gallaway, B. P.  "Physical Barrier to Settlement on the Western Cross Timbers Frontier, The": vol. 42: 51.
  • "A. D. Gibbes' Journal of the Thomas Gilbert Party, 1849": vol. 19: 153.
  • Gibson, Elizabeth Jean.  "Welfare League of Coleman County, The": vol. 36: 187.
  • Gilvin, L. P.  "High Plains Highways": vol. 51: 51.
  • Ginn, Jody Edward and William A. McWhorter.  "'The First Battle of Palmito Ranch': From the Papers of Colonel John Salmon 'Rip' Ford": vol. 89: 59.
  • Glasgow, Lucille.  "Beneath Arrowhead's Waters: The Story of Halsell, Texas": vol. 78: 127.
  • Glasrud, Bruce A.  "The West Texas Historical and Scientific Society: an Investigation": vol. 91: 71.
  • Glasrud, Bruce A. and James M. Smallwood. "The Texas Tech School of Black History: an Overview": vol. 82: 102.
  • Gober, Harold M.  "Sheep Industry in Sterling County, The": vol. 27: 32.
  • Goetz, Otto.  "Painted Rocks of Concho County, Texas; A Forgotten National Monument, The": vol. 21: 57.
  • Goldblatt, Kenneth A.  "George Wythe Baylor in West Texas, 1848-1865": vol. 44: 60.
  • Gonzales, Raymon.  "Lamb County Court House Fight: The Competition Between Olton, Littlefield, and Amherst, The": vol. 70: 57.
  • Gossman, David M.  "McDonald Observatory: The Origins and Development of a West Texas Scientific Institution": vol. 85: 51.
  • Grace, Hybernia.  "First Trip West on the Butterfield Stage, The": vol. 8: 62.
  • Grace, Hybernia.  "Historical Sketch of Jones County": vol. 3: 30.
  • Grace, Hybernia.  "Larry Chittenden and West Texas": vol. 13: 3.
  • Gracy, David B.  "Cows Have Calves: The Hesitant Beginning and Remarkable Career of Cowboy, Cattleman, Rancher George Washington Littlefield": vol. 89: 8.
  • Gracy, David B.  "Writing of Regional History, The": vol. 45: 161.
  • Gracy, David B., II.  "Arthur P. Duggan: and the Early Development of Littlefield": vol. 44: 38.
  • Granberry, John C.  "Making History in West Texas": vol. 4: 86.
  • Grant, Ben 0.  "Explorers and Early Settlers of Shackelford County": vol. 11: 17.
  • Grant, Ben 0.  "Life in Old Fort Griffin": vol. 10: 32.
  • Grant, Ben 0., and J. R. Webb, Contributor.  "On the Cattle Trail and Buffalo Range, Joe S. McCombs": vol. 11: 93.
  • Grant, Ben O.  "Citizen Law Enforcement Bodies: A Little More About the Vigilantes": vol. 39: 155.
  • Graves, John.  "Brazos of the Northwest Texas Frontier, Today, The": vol. 34: 3.
  • Graves, Lawrence L.  "Lubbock, an Epitome of Urbanization": vol. 36: 3.
  • Greene, A. C.  "Captain Wise and Colonel Parker: A Denominational Fight in Early Abilene": vol. 74: 6.
  • Green, Lola Beth.  "Texas Tech Museum and Its Director, The": vol. 45: 85.
  • Green, Lowell, and Ernest Wallace.  "Beginning of Slaton, 1911-1913, The": vol. 32: 3.
  • Green, Robert.  "Free Range Era of the Cattle Industry, The": vol. 46: 204.
  • Green, William Elton.  "Dr. William Morrow Notson, the First Historian of the Concho Country": vol. 49: 78.
  • Greer, James K.  "Ex-Texas Ranger's Duel, An": vol. 26: 20.
  • Grider, Sylvia.  "íHe's For Progressí: C. P. Buckler and the White Deer Land Company": vol. 43: 104.
  • Grider, Sylvia.  "Showdown Between Dorothy Scarborough and Judge R.C. Crane, The": vol. 62: 5.
  • Griffith, Carolyn.  "Folk Architecture on the Griffith Homeplace": vol. 73: 31.
  • Griggs, Joan Druesedow.  "`One-Armedí Jim Reed": vol. 59: 122.
  • Griggs, William C.  "Battle of Yellowhouse Canyon in 1877, The": vol. 51: 37.
  • Grimes, Frank.  "Pioneers Laid to Rest": vol. 2: 85.
  • Grimshaw, Joe.  "Adrift on a Sea of Oil: Population Change in Desdemona, Texas": vol. 85: 38.
  • "Leonard Waller Groce, the Co-Founder of Texas' Main Cash Crop- Cotton": vol. 27: 99.
  • Guinn, Leon.  "Some Amusements and Home, Remedies in West Texas": vol. 13: 49.
  • [Edited by] Guthrie, Montie. "Notes, Documents, and Sundries- From Santa Anna to the Stockyards": vol. 88: 166.

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