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Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "L"

  • Lamkin, Patricia E.  "Black in San Angelo: Relations Between Fort Concho and the City, 1875-1889": vol. 66: 25.
  • Landers, Emmett M.  "From Range Cattle to Blooded Stock Farming in the Abilene Country": vol. 9: 69.
  • "Memoriam; Emmett Macon Landers, In": vol. 18: 132.
  • Lang, Herbert H.  "Fort Worth's Role in the Origins of the Helium Industry": vol. 47: 127.
  • "Purchasing Land and Sharing in Church Affairs in North Texas in 1888: Excerpts from the Diary of George F. Leclerc III": vol. 44: 122.
  • Ledbetter, Barbara A.  "Black and Mexican Slaves in Young County Texas, 1856-1865": vol. 56: 100.
  • Ledbetter, Barbara Neal.  "Fort Belknap Doctor: Dr. William B. Pope": vol. 39: 107.
  • Ledbetter, Barbara Neal.  "Who Was Saint-To-Hoodle Goombi?": vol. 41: 103.
  • Ledbetter, Barbara.  "Oil City, Young County, Texas": vol. 43: 135.
  • Ledbetter, Barbara.  "Zachariah Ellis Coombes, the Samuel Pepys of the Texas Frontier": vol. 44: 68.
  • Lee, Ernest.  "Woman on the Buffalo Range: The Journal of Ella Dumont, A": vol. 40: 146.
  • Lee, R. Ernest.  "Pioneer Surveyors": vol. 31: 75.
  • "Letters About the End of Fort Belknap and the Beginning of Fort Griffin": vol. 34: 141.
  • Levario, Miguel A.  "Cowboys and Bandidos: Authority and Race in West Texas, 1913-1918": vol. 85: 7.
  • Lewis, Cheryl.  "A Century of History Yields Far More Than Railroads, Grain Elevators, and Pied Pipers": vol. 83: 155.
  • Lewis, Monte.  "Chickasaw on the Texas Frontier, The": vol. 58: 130.
  • Lewis, Preston.  "Animal, Mineral, Vegetable: Counterfactual Explanations for San Angelo's 1949 Polio Epidemic" vol. 78: 27.
  • Lewis, Preston.  "Citizen Soldier from West Texas: The World War II Experience of Ray Franklin Lewis," vol. 80: 53.
  • Lewis, Preston.  "San Angelo Horses Across America": vol. 88: 43.
  • Lewis, Preston.  "The WASP Who Fell from the Sky": vol. 81: 168.
  • Lightfoot, B. B.  "Human Party: Populism in Comanche County, 1886, The": vol. 31: 28.
  • Lightfoot, B.B.  "From Frontier to Farmland: High-Lights of the History of Comanche County": vol. 32: 30.
  • Liles, Debbie.  "Inventing the Past: How Historiography Contributes to Deceptions in Small Communities": vol. 89: 27.
  • Liles, Debbie.  "Uncontested Ground: The Northwestern Frontier of Texas, 1846-1855": vol. 87: 98.
  • Lindsey, Gary.  "Willard B. Robinson and the National Ranching Heritage Center of Texas Tech University" vol. 76: 91.
  • Loftin, Jack.  "Kicking Bird's Face--Saving Battle": vol. 51: 76.
  • Loftin, Jack.  "Oliver Loving's Little Lost Valley--Gertrudes": vol. 53: 42.
  • Loftin, Jack.  "Presidential Address: A Twentieth Century Chase for the White Buffalo": vol. 71: 174.
  • Logsdon, Joshua.  "Western Welfare: The Pauper System in West Texas, 1876 to 1930": vol. 90: 35.
  • Loving, David.  "H. B. Sanborn and the Bravo Ranch, 1906-1912"   vol. 74: 150
  • Lowman, Al.  "Rancher, The Printer & The Tycoon, The. J. Evetts Haley, Carl Hertzog & Houston Harte on the Trail of West Texas History": vol. 69: 121.
  • Lynch, Vernon.  "1879 in the Echo: A Year at Fort Griffin on the Texas Frontier": vol. 41: 51.

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