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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "M"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "M"

  • Madrid, Enrique R.  "Expedition of Captain Joseph De Ydoiaga to La Junta De Los Dos Rios, 1747-48, The": vol. 70: 88.
  • Magill, Dana.  "William Harrison Bledsoe and the Founding of Texas Tech University": vol. 78: 38.
  • Malone, Robbie.  "Early Abilene: The Quieter Side of the West": vol. 59: 90.
  • Manley, Curtis.  "Early Background and Break-up of the Matador Ranch": vol. 37: 57.
  • Marchman, Watt P. and Robert C. Cotner.  "Indian Agent Jesse Stem: A Manuscript Revelation": vol. 39: 114.
  • Marcy's Reconnaissance Through Northern and Western Texas; Material Pertaining to the Brazos River Frontier and Indian Life, 1850-1860; Locating the Texas Indian Reservations (Parker's Notes); Report of the Post Surgeon at the Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos (Phantom Hill) for 1852; Frontier Letters.: Vol. 1.
  • "Reprint of a Portion of Captain R. B. Marcy's Reconnaissance on the Headwaters of the Red River in 1852. Found in Senate Ex. Doc. 33d Congress, 1st Session": vol. 3: 78.
  • Marler, Charles H.  "Prophet from Abilene, The": vol. 48: 37.
  • Marlin, Robert O., IV.  "James V. Allred, Hispanics, and the Texas Death Penalty": vol. 79: 132.
  • Marshall, C. F.  "Malcolm Kintner Graham": vol. 17: 139.
  • Marshall, David.  "Civilian Fort on the Confederate Frontier, A": vol. 61: 74.
  • Marshall, Doyle.  "Red-Haired `Indianí Raiders on the Texas Frontier" vol. 61: 88.
  • Martin, Cindy.  "Southwest Collection: New Materials, New Directions, The": vol. 63: 171.
  • Martin, Tessica.  "Brownwood, Texas in World War II": vol. 43: 31.
  • Martinez, Camilo A.  "Vamos Pal Wes; Let's Go West": vol. 70: 40.
  • Mason, Richard.  "Handful of Farmers, A": vol. 60: 19.
  • Mason, Richard.  "Lost Seas and Forgotten Climes: Petroleum and Geologists in North Texas": vol. 63: 131.
  • Mason, Richard.  "Ranger and the First West Texas Drilling Boom": vol. 58: 49.
  • Mason, Zane.  "Some Experiences of Baptists on the Texas Frontier": vol. 36: 51.
  • Mason, Zane.  "Some Thoughts on Frontier Religion in Texas After the Civil War": vol. 57: 34.
  • Mathes, W. Michael.  "Medieval Castile on the Llano Estacado: The VŠsquez de Coronado Expedition, 1540-1542": vol. 84: 99.
  • Matthews, Becky.  "From Log Cabins to the TEA Party: A History of Homeschooling in Texas": vol. 85: 205.
  • Matthews, Becky.  "Pearl Nance, A Remarkable Ranchwoman": vol. 74: 122.
  • Matthews, James T.  "Always in the Vanguard: Patrolling the Texas Frontier with Captain Louis Carpenter and Company H of the Tenth Cavalry": vol. 75: 110.
  • Matthews, James T.  "Frontier Commanders in Grey: George Baylor, Alonzo Ridley, and George Madison": vol. 73: 142.
  • Matthews, Jim.  "Squarely Fought: Fort Concho and the Campaign Against Victorio, 1880": vol. 69: 34.
  • Matthews, Jim.  "Twice Decorated for Gallantry and Distinguished Conduct: Sergeant William Wilson and the Medal of Honor": vol. 71: 96.
  • Matthews, Jim and Becky.  "The Solider and the Impresario's Daughter: Alexander Keyes and Viriginia Maxwell": vol. 77: 152.
  • Mauldin, W. D.  "Coming of Agriculture to Dallam County, The": vol. 13: 105.
  • May, Irvin M., Jr.  "Marvin Jones, Representative of and for the Panhandle": vol. 52: 91.
  • May, Irvin, Jr.  "Welfare and Ranchers: The Emergency Cattle Purchase Program and Emergency Work Relief Program in Texas, 1934-1935": vol. 47: 3.
  • McAllister, S. B.  "Building the Texas and Pacific Railroad West of Fort Worth": vol. 4: 50.
  • McClung, Donald R.  "Second Lieutenant Henry 0. Flipper: A Negro Officer on the Texas Frontier": vol. 47: 20.
  • McGough, W. C.  "Driving Cattle into Old Mexico in 1864": vol. 13: 112.
  • McGowen, Stanley S.  "Life and Death on the Texas Frontier: Letters of Sidney Green Davidson and Mary Kuykendall Davidson": vol. 74:112.
  • McKay, Bob.  "Texas Cotton Acreage Control Law of 1931 and Mexican Repatriation": vol. 59: 143.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Economic Conditions in Texas in the 1870s": vol. 15: 84.
  • McKay, S. S.  "John Nance Garner": vol. 37: 3.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Rainey-Jester Campaign for the Governorship, The": vol. 30: 30.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Social Conditions in Texas in the Eighteen Seventies": vol. 14: 32.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Some Attitudes of West Texas Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1875": vol. 5: 109.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Texas Senatorial Campaign of 1948, The": vol. 33: 31.
  • McKay, S. S.  "Texas State Democratic Convention of 1878, The": vol. 12: 3.
  • McKnight, Joseph W.  "Law Without Lawyers on the Hispano-Mexican Frontier": vol. 66: 51.
  • McMillan, Edward L.  "Cowboy, Product of His Environment, The": vol. 31: 83.
  • McWhorter, William.  "Uvalde and Eagle Pass:  The World War II Army Air Forces and Small West Texas Towns": vol. 82: 131.
  • Means, Joyce E.  "Joe Sifter versus Chico Cano: What Really Happened": vol. 72: 86.
  • Mehls, Steven F.  "Garden in the Grasslands Revisited: Railroad Promotion Efforts and the Settlement of the Texas Plains": vol. 60: 47.
  • "Memoriam, In": vol. 31: 145.
  • Miles, Susan, and Mary Bain Spence.  "Major Ben Ficklin" vol. 27: 58.
  • Miles, Susan.  "Famous Romance, A": vol. 38: 135.
  • Miles, Susan.  "Fort Concho in 1877": vol. 35: 29.
  • Miles, Susan.  "Fort Concho Wedding, A": vol. 36: 63.
  • Miles, Susan.  "Lieutenant Theodore Lincoln Chadbourne": vol. 41: 80.
  • Miller, Thomas L.  "Texas, Veterans, and Land": vol. 33: 17.
  • Miller, Thomas Lloyd.  "Oscar Calloway and Preparedness": vol. 43: 80.
  • Mims, Elton T.  "Early Days on the North Concho River as Revealed in the Letters of David Williams": vol. 42: 90.
  • Minter, Alan H.  "Tigua Indians of the Pueblo De Ysleta Del Sur, El Paso County, Texas, The": vol. 45: 30.
  • Monroe, Monte.  "Notes and Documents: Charles Rath and Company Letter": vol. 77: 172.
  • Mooar, J. Wright.  "First Buffalo Hunting in the Panhandle, The": vol. 6: 109.
  • Mooar, J. Wright.  "Frontier Experiences of J. Wright Mooar": vol. 4: 89.
  • Mooar, J. Wright.  "Some Observations on the Cattle Industry": vol. 5: 134.
  • Moore, Carol, and Jane L. Winer.  "Dr. Preston E. Harrison: Pioneer Trailblazer for Mental Health in West Texas": vol. 55: 49.
  • Moore, Richard H.  "West Texas, a Frontier that Walter Prescott Webb Missed": vol. 47: 47.
  • Morris, C. Gwin.  "Plainview: The Evolution of a West Texas Town": vol. 51: 24.
  • Mosser, Delores and Sami Simpson.  "La Pista de Agua Vida: The Portales Valley Trail": vol. 89: 45.
  • Mowrey, Danile Patrick, and Paul H. Carlson.  "Native Grasslands of the High Plains of West Texas: Past-Present-Future, The": vol. 63: 24.
  • Muir, Andrew Forest, editor, with an introduction, by. "No Sabbath in West Texas: Missionary Appeals From Boerne, 1867-1868": vol. 31: 114.
  • Murchison, Ivan, as told to K. F. Neighbours. "Ranching on the Pecos at the Turn of the Twentieth Century": vol. 53: 127.
  • Murrah, David J.  "C. C. Slaughter's Lazy S Ranch": vol. 47: 107.
  • Murrah, David J.  "Corset Stays to Cattle Ranching: Charles K. Warren and the Muleshoe Ranch, From": vol. 51: 3.
  • Murrah, David.  "Graham, Texas' Famous Oak: Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Founding of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association": vol. 80: 7.
  • Murrah, David J.  "'He Stole My Courthouse' : S.B. Hale and the Hansford County Seat Fight of the 1920s": vol. 87: 8.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 58: 181.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 59: 165.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 60: 185.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 61: 162.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 62: 149.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 63: 189.
  • Murrah, David, editor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 64: 153.
  • Murrah, David, editor; Marilyn Jacobs, contributor.  "History in West Texas": vol. 55: 162.
  • Murrah, David, editor; Marilyn Jacobs, Michael Hooks, Richard Mason, contributors.  "History in West Texas": vol. 57: 149.
  • Murrah, David, editor; Marilyn Jacobs, Paul Carlson, Michael Hooks, Richard Mason, contributors.  "History in West Texas": vol. 56: 143.
  • Murrah, David.  "When 'Methodism Grew Mightily:' The First One Hundred Years of the Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church": vol. 85: 69.
  • Murrah, David.  "Replacing the I-35 Bias with an I-20 Bias: The Landmark Work of Richardson, Holden, and Wallace": vol. 90: 47.
  • Murrah, David J.  "William Curry Holden": vol. 54: 92.
  • Myers, James M.  "Army Comes to Abilene, The": vol. 65: 101.
  • Myers, James.  "Prisoners of War at Camp Berkeley": vol. 61: 134.
  • Myres, Sandra L.  "Fort Graham: Listening Post on the Texas Frontier": vol. 59: 33.
  • Myres, Sandra L.  "S. D. Myres and the Myres Saddle Company of Sweetwater": vol. 36: 116.

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