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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "N"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "N"

  • Nall, Garry L.  "Just Where are the Farmers in the West Texas Saga?": vol. 78: 6.
  • Nall, Kline A.  "J. A. Baker Store, the Family, and the Era, The": vol. 48: 63.
  • Nance, Berta Hart.  "D. A. Nance and the Tonkawa Indians": vol. 28: 87.
  • Nance, J. Milton.  "Rendezvous at the Alamo: The Place of Bowie, Crockett and Travis in Texas History": vol. 63: 5.
  • Nance, Joseph Milton.  "Colonel William S. Fisher, Patriot and Soldier of the Republic of Texas": vol. 67: 64.
  • Nance, Joseph Milton.  "Flag Incident of the Texan Mier Expedition of 1842-1844, The": vol. 65: 5.
  • Nance, Joseph Milton.  "Robert Crawford Cotner": vol. 57: 99.
  • Nanny, Betsy and Lawrence Clayton.  "The Indian Captivity of Anna Metzger": vol. 75: 143.
  • Neal, Bill. "Ardor in the Courts!: Sex and Law in Frontier Texas": vol. 86: 110.
  • Neighbors, Kenneth F.  "Floyd Ford Ewing, Jr.": vol. 44: 157.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Anniversary Celebrations": vol. 35: 163.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Assassination of Robert S. Neighbors, The": vol. 34: 38.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Battle of Walker's Creek, The": vol. 41: 121.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Chapters from the History of Texas Indian Reservations": vol. 33: 3.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Cottonwood Spring: Its Significance": vol. 47: 78.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Indian Exodus Out of Texas in 1859": vol. 36: 80.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Jesse Wallace Williams: Man, Teacher and Writer": vol. 56: 49.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Letters and Documents About the Old Town of Fort Belknap": vol. 35: 156.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Louis William Sandusky: A Native Texan": vol. 69: 109.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F. "Robert S. Neighbors and the Founding of Texas Indian Reservations": vol. 31: 65.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Tonkawa Scouts and Guides": vol. 49: 90.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth F.  "Walter R. Adams: Poet of Plum Creek": vol. 59: 15.
  • Neighbours, Kenneth.  "Elm Creek Raid in Young County, 1864": vol. 40: 83.
  • Neill, Robert. T.  "Bench and Bar of Tom Green County in the Early Days, The": vol. 22: 47.
  • Neilson, John.  "Soldiers and Surgeons: Army Medical Practice at Fort Concho, Texas, 1867-1889": vol. 69: 45.
  • Neugebauer, Janet McCreedy.  "Diary of William G. Deloach: A West Texas Farmer, The": vol. 59: 108.
  • Nielsen, Soren W.  "Ranald S. Mackenzie: The Man and His Battle": vol. 64: 140.
  • Noble, Joseph A.  "Some Notes on Two Promoters' Railroads": vol. 41: 20.
  • Nolte, Elleta.  "The Igo-Kokernot 06-Johnston Ranch": vol. 74: 157.
  • Nolte, Elleta.  "Schneider's Brass Band: First in the Texas Panhandle": vol. 77: 164.
  • Nolte, Elleta.  "To Tame a Canyon: The Development of Ransom Canyon": vol. 75: 88.

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