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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "T"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "T"

  • Tanner, H. B., Dr. "Charles Ulrich Connellee": vol. 7: 140.
  • Taylor, Donathan.  "Some Living Conditions at Forts in the American Southwest": vol. 74:104.
  • Taylor, Margery. "Establishment and Early History of the Abilene State School, The": vol. 37: 45.
  • Taylor, Travis.  "Garrison Life at Fort Chadbourne, 1852-1861": vol. 87: 23.
  • Taylor, William C. "Henry A. Whaley: First Permanent White Settler of Clay County, Texas": vol. 45: 127.
  • Temple, Frank M. "Colonel B. H. Grierson's Administration of the District of the Pecos": vol. 38: 85.
  • Temple, Frank M. "Colonel B. H. Grierson's Victorio Campaign": vol. 35: 99.
  • Temple, Frank M. "Discipline and Turmoil in the Tenth U.S. Cavalry": vol. 58: 103.
  • Temple, Frank M. "Federal Military Defense of the Trans-Pecos Region, 1850-1880": vol. 30: 40.
  • Templeton-Walker, Frances. "Rocking Chair Ranch": vol. 16: 141.
  • Theiss, Ray.  "The Lost Mission: Finding the San Clemente, 1684": vol. 90: 57.
  • Thomas, A.B. "Yellowstone River, James Long and Spanish Reaction to American Intrusion into Spanish Dominions, 1818-1819, The": vol. 4: 3.
  • Thompson, Theronne. "Fort Buffalo Springs, Texas Border Post": vol. 36: 156.
  • Thonhoff, Robert H. "First Ranch in Texas, The": vol. 40: 90.
  • Thornton, Kevin.  "San Angelo and the Boer War": vol. 89: 124.
  • Tinney, Ed.  "I'll Keep My Children: The Life of Pioneer Educator Noe Lara Camunez" vol. 75: 23.
  • Tolland, Lewis.  "Standing Proud from a Buckskin Line to Jericho's Road": vol. 83: 148.
  • Tolman, J.C. "Christmas 1887 in Palo Duro Canyon": vol. 32: 75.
  • Townsley, Bill  "Sleuthing the Mysteries of West Texas' Spider Rocks Treasure": vol. 85: 108.
  • Trolinger, Boyd. "Samuel Thomas "Booger Red" Privett: Cowboy, Showman, and Early Rodeo Pioneer": vol. 72: 142.
  • Tucker, Albert B. "B Westerns: An Affective History of the West": vol. 66: 155.
  • Tucker, Albert B. "Lost Communities of San Vicente, The": vol. 72: 105.
  • Tull, Dorris Y. "Indians Tried to Buy My Sister, The": vol. 69: 99.
  • Tuller, Roger. "Bigamy in the lndian Territory, 1878-1890": vol. 68: 100.
  • Turner, Karen. "Abilene's Minority Population and the 1900 Census": vol. 68: 113.
  • Turner, Leland.  "Frontier Cattle Economies and Environment in West Texas and the Queensland Outback": vol. 90: 113.
  • Turner, Leland.  "Most Influental Cattleman: Murdo Mackenzie and His Tenure at the Madador Ranch," vol. 80: 18.
  • Tynan, Bill. "Fifty Years of Texas Tech Athletics as Seen and Reported by Jack Dale" vol. 79: 148.

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