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WTHA Publications- Yearbook, Article Titles C - D
Below is an alphabetized list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Association Yearbook:

Articles starting with "C"

  • "C. C. Slaughter's Lazy S Ranch": vol. 47: 107. David J. Murrah.
  • "C. R. Simmons": vol. 34: 149.
  • "Camp Cooper and Fort Griffin, Texas": vol. 17: 32. Colonel M. L. Crimmins.
  • "Camp Cooper, a Different Look": vol. 68: 62. Tom Crum.
  • "Camp Melvin, Crockett County, Texas": vol. 37: 137. Grover C. Ramsey.
  • "Cannonading the Clouds at Midland, 1891": vol. 34: 50. John C. Rayburn.
  • "Captain Joseph C. Lea, the Father of Roswell": vol. 35: 50. James T. Padgitt.
  • "Captain Nolan’s Lost Troop on the Staked Plains": vol. 10: 68. Col. M. L. Crimmins.
  • "Captain Wise and Colonel Parker: A Denominational Fight in Early Abilene": vol. 74: 6. A. C. Greene.
  • "Career of Judge William P. Ballinger, The": vol. 18: 54. Louise C. Curtsinger.
  • "Carl G. Cromwell and Cromwell Airlines: The Dawn of Commercial Aviation in West Texas, 1928-1931": vol. 79: 89. Erik Carlson.
  • "Carswell AFB's Major Horace S. Carswell, Jr., and His San Angelo Connection": vol. 78: 64. J'Nell L. Pate.
  • "Catholic Education in West Texas": vol. 39: 2. Sister Barbara Kelly.
  • "Catholicism in West Texas in 1841-1842: A Letter": vol. 46: 198. J. M. Odin; Introduction by Fane Downs.
  • "Cato Sells and Progressive Indian Health Reform": vol. 70: 157. William B. Whisenhunt.
  • "Cattle Brands at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center": vol. 68: 171. Gladys Hume.
  • "A Century of History Yields Far More Than Railroads, Grain Elevators, and Pied Pipers": vol. 83: 155. Cheryl Lewis.
  • "Chapter in the Life of Col. Chas. Goodnight, A": vol. 6: 112. L. S. Kinder.
  • "Chapters from the Frontier Life of Phin W. Reynolds": vol. 21: 110. J. R. Webb.
  • "Chapters from the History of Texas Indian Reservations": vol. 33: 3. Kenneth F. Neighbours.
  • "Charles Ulrich Connellee": vol. 7: 140. Dr. H. B. Tanner.
  • "Cheatin' Song: A Redneck Blues, The": vol. 71: 106. David Fillingim.
  • "Chickasaw on the Texas Frontier, The": vol. 58: 130. Monte Lewis.
  • "Christmas 1887 in Palo Duro Canyon": vol. 32: 75. J.C. Tolman.
  • "Christmas Dinner On the Upper Brazos in 1872": vol. 14: 83. Captain Jack Elgin.
  • "Circle of Wagons, A (An Historical Essay Fostered by the Epidemic of Poliomyelitis at San Angelo, Texas in the Year 1949) ": vol. 66: 98. Ralph Chase.
  • "Citizen Law Enforcement Bodies: A Little More About the Vigilantes": vol. 39: 155. Ben O. Grant.
  • "Citizen Soldier from West Texas: The World War II Experience of Ray Franklin Lewis,": vol. 80: 53. Preston Lewis.
  • "City Slicker, The": vol. 30: 61. James T. Padgitt.
  • "Civil War in the El Paso Area, The": vol. 22: 3. J. L. Waller.
  • "Civilian Fort on the Confederate Frontier, A": vol. 61: 74. David Marshall.
  • "Claims of West Texas to Recognition By Historians, The": vol. 12: 11. R. C. Crane.
  • "Clayton W. Williams": vol. 58: 171. Fane Downs.
  • "Clifton Mott Caldwell: Citizen of Texas": vol. 56: 68. John L. Beckham.
  • "Clyde's Yesterdays": vol. 54: 82. Mrs. John Berry.
  • "'Coin' Harvey's Ozark Trails Association: Early Road Markers Preserved in Texas": vol. 85: 168. Marilyn Collins.
  • "Col. John D. Berry": vol. 45: 72. C. Richard King.
  • "Colonel B. H. Grierson's Administration of the District of the Pecos": vol. 38: 85. Frank M. Temple.
  • "Colonel B. H. Grierson's Victorio Campaign": vol. 35: 99. Frank M. Temple.
  • "Colonel Charles Anderson Opposed Secession in San Antonio": vol. 29: 67. Colonel M. L. Crimmins.
  • "Colonel Morgan Jones: Master Builder of Texas Railroads": vol. 44: 15. Vernon G. Spence.
  • "Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie's Expedition Across the South Plains": vol. 38: 3. Ernest Wallace.
  • "Colonel William S. Fisher, Patriot and Soldier of the Republic of Texas": vol. 67: 64. Joseph Milton Nance.
  • "Colonization of the Spur Farm Lands": vol. 31: 41. J. E. Ericson.
  • "Colorado City, the Cattlemen's Capital": vol. 19: 36. Mrs. J. Lee Jones and Rupert N. Richardson.
  • "Columbus and the Historical Consequences of l492 for West Texas": vol. 68: 44. Elam H. Elam.
  • "Comanche Invasion of Mexico in the Fall of 1845, The": vol. 35: 3. Ralph A. Smith.
  • "Comanche Reservation in Texas, The": vol. 5: 47. R. N. Richardson.
  • "Comanche Sun Over Mexico, The": vol. 46: 25. Ralph A. Smith.
  • "Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne Campaign in Northwest Texas and MacKenzie’s Fight in the Palo Duro Canyon, September 26, 1874, The": vol. 5: 128. Charles A. P. Hatfield, Colonel U.S. Army retired.
  • "Comanches on the White Man's Road, The": vol. 29: 3. Ernest Wallace.
  • "Come to Newcastle, the Birmingham of the Southwest": vol. 31: 3. Floyd F. Ewing, Jr.
  • "Coming of Agriculture to Dallam County, The": vol. 13: 105. W. D. Mauldin.
  • "Conflicts Over Land: The Settler and the Rancher in West Texas": vol. 50: 61. Wilson E. Dolman, III.
  • "Contributions by Junior Historians": vol. 30: 155. Anetta Boyett And Elizabeth Ann Maxwell.
  • "Controversy over the Incorporation of Impact, Texas, The": vol. 49: 114. F. P. Henry.
  • "Converting History into Fiction": vol. 48: 85. Elmer Kelton.
  • "Copper Mining in West Texas: Early Interest and Development": vol. 30: 17. Floyd E. Ewing, Jr.
  • "Coronado’s Step-Children: Social Life in the Early South Plains": vol. 9: 60. H. B. Carroll.
  • "Coronado--From the Rio Grande to the Concho": vol. 35: 66. J. W. Williams.
  • "Coronado's Route Across the Staked Plains": vol. 20: 3. W. C. Holden.
  • "Coronado's Route to Quivira: ‘The Greater Weight of the Credible Evidence’": vol. 42: 137. R. M. Wagstaff.
  • "Corset Stays to Cattle Ranching: Charles K. Warren and the Muleshoe Ranch, From": vol. 51: 3. David J. Murrah.
  • "Cottonwood Spring: Its Significance": vol. 47: 78. Kenneth F. Neighbours.
  • "The Courthouses of Oscar Ruffini, Architect" vol. 75: 63. Susan Karina Dickey.
  • "The Cowboy Earl in England: The Earl of Aylesford's Mysterious Past": vol. 83: 130.  Jim Fenton.
  • "Cowboy Remedies on the Trail": vol. 41: 31. Dr. Esther Jane Wood Hall.
  • "Cowboy Strike of 1883: Its Causes and Meaning, The": vol. 47: 32. Robert E. Zeigler.
  • "Cowboy, Product of His Environment, The": vol. 31: 83. Edward L. McMillan.
  • "Cowboy--Origin and Early Use of the Term": vol. 63: 91. James Wagner.
  • "Cowboys and Bandidos: Authority and Race in West Texas, 1913-1918": vol. 85: 7. Miguel A. Levario.
  • "Cowboys and Buckaroos: Two Faces of the Same Figure": vol. 64: 107. Lawrence Clayton.
  • "Crime and Punishment in Early San Angelo": vol. 84: 31. Shirley Eoff.
  • "Crosby County's Year Old Baby: Julian Bassett and the Development of Crosbyton, Texas": vol. 62: 43. Jan Blodgett.
  • "Crosssroads on the Dance Floor": vol. 66: 147. Michael Adams.
  • "Crow Family of Hamlin, Texas--1940-1945, The": vol. 69: 89. Thomas J. Hartley.
  • "Crucial Role of Prairie Coal, The": vol. 57: 3. Ralph A. Smith.
  • "Cyrus N. Ray: The Abilene Man": vol. 55: 17. Duane Kendall Hale

Articles starting with "D"

  • "D. A. Nance and the Tonkawa Indians": vol. 28: 87. Berta Hart Nance.
  • "D. W. Wallace ("80 John"); A Negro Cattleman on the Texas Frontier": vol. 28: 113. Contributed by R. C. Crane.
  • "Dallas Scarborough: Abilene Attorney and Civic Leader": vol. 86: 53. Caraway, John.
  • "`Dan’s the Man,’ `Me for Ma,’ and `Lynch is a Cinch’: The Gubernatorial Election of 1926 in Texas": vol. 55: 37. Norman D. Brown.
  • "Dashed Hopes and Gained Opportunities: Mexican American Education Experiences in Lubbock, Texas from the 1920s through the 1960s": vol. 83: 67. Scott Sosebee.
  • "Dave J. Neill and the Farmers' Union": vol. 40: 98. C. Richard King.
  • "David G. Burnet's Letters Describing the Comanche Indians, with an Introduction": vol. 30: 115. Ernest Wallace.
  • "Days of Departed Glory--San Angelo as a Former Railroad Center": vol. 48: 3. Robert E. Byrns.
  • "'Dear Carl, Dear Ralph:' Correspondence of an Uncommon Friendship": vol. 84: 153. Garna Christian.
  • "'Dear Sam...' The Letters of an Old Army Scout: Jack Stilwell to Sigmund Schlesinger": vol. 74:75. Clint Chambers.
  • "Decade of the Country Editor: 1954-1964, A": vol. 62: 52. Eugene W. Jones.
  • "Dedication: J. Conrad Dunagan": vol. 62: 141. Diana Davids Olien and Roger M. Olien.
  • "Description of the Comanche Indians in 1786 by the Governor of Texas, A": vol. 37: 177. Translated and Edited by Odie B. Faulk.
  • "Description of the Route from San Antonio to El Paso by Captain Edward S. Meyer, A": vol.49: 128. Edited by Escal F. Duke.
  • "Desegregation in West Texas: The United States v. ISD Case": vol. 69: 59. Bryan L. Smith.
  • "Desertion and Race in the Llano Estacado: The Trial of William L. Umbles, Buffalo Solder": vol. 85: 153. Jonathan B. Crider. 
  • "Development of Grain Sorghums, The": vol. 33: 45. J. Roy Quinby.
  • "Development of the Cotton Stripper": vol. 50: 76. Lowell H. Carlson.
  • "Diary of William G. Deloach: A West Texas Farmer, The": vol. 59: 108. Janet McCreedy Neugebauer.
  • "Differing Perceptions: Public School Teachers and Mexican Students in Texas, 1910-1930": vol. 72: 119. Gene B. Preuss.
  • "Discipline and Turmoil in the Tenth U.S. Cavalry": vol. 58: 103. Frank M. Temple.
  • "Discovery of Silver in West Texas, The": vol. 54: 55. Paul Carlson.
  • "A Distinctive Legacy: Settlement Patterns of Fort Worth's Hispanic Community": vol. 82: 35. Harold Rich.
  • "Doans: The Birth and Death of a Frontier Town": vol. 71: 84. Keith R. Owen.
  • "Documents Relating to West Texas and Her Indian Troubles": vol. 1: 30. Marcy's Reconnaissance Through Northern and Western Texas; Material Pertaining to the Brazos River Frontier and Indian Life, 1850-1860; Locating the Texas Indian Reservations (Parker's Notes); Report of the Post Surgeon at the Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos (Phantom Hill) for 1852; Frontier Letters. Edited by Rupert N. Richardson.
  • "Dogs of War Unleashed: The Devil Concealed in Men Unchained, The": vol. 73: 126. Joe Baulch.
  • "Dora Lynne Stokes: A West Texan's Legacy to the Humanitarian-Idealism of the 1950's and 1960's": vol. 71: 73. Clint E. Chambers.
  • "Dora Merrell Stroup: A Panhandle Pioneer": vol. 68: 147. Darlene Bellinghausen.
  • "Double Murder in a Small West Texas Town": vol. 85: 28. Christena Stephens.
  • "Dr. Preston E. Harrison: Pioneer Trailblazer for Mental Health in West Texas": vol. 55: 49. Carol Moore and Jane L. Winer.
  • "Dr. William Morrow Notson, the First Historian of the Concho Country": vol. 49: 78. William Elton Green.
  • "Driving Cattle into Old Mexico in 1864": vol. 13: 112. W. C. McGough.
  • "Drought and Texas Cities": vol. 40: 40. Thomas M. Hatfield.
  • "Drought in the Heart of Texas, 1864-1865": vol. 84: 58. Kevin Sweeney.
  • "Drought in Runnels County: 1915-1918": vol. 40: 52. Glenn Smith.
  • "Drouth in West Texas, 1890-1894": vol. 37: 121. Roy Sylvan.
  • "Drouth, History and Sociology": vol. 48: 154. Roy Sylvan Dunn.
  • "Dugouts, Dooryards, Dirt Tanks and Daffodils (Crosby County 1877-1936) ": vol. 57: 71. Pat Brown.

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