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WTHA Publications- Yearbook, Article Titles P - R
Below is an alphabetized list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Association Yearbook:

Articles starting with "P"

  • "Padgitts and Saddle Leather, The": vol. 29: 33. James T. Padgitt.
  • "Paint Rock Site and Its Cultural Significance, The": vol. 40: 28. Charles M. Sherfessee.
  • "Painted Rocks of Concho County, Texas; A Forgotten National Monument, The": vol. 21: 57. Otto Goetz.
  • "Panorama of Oscar Henry Cooper with Emphasis on His West Texas Career, The": vol. 35: 142. Ralph T. Wootton.
  • "Passing of the Frontier in Brown County, The": vol. 8: 43. T. R. Havins.
  • "Pearl Nance, A Remarkable Ranchwoman": vol. 74: 122.  Becky Matthews.
  • "Pecan Bayou Memories": vol. 51: 63. James M. Day.
  • "Permian Basin--From Desert to Energy Empire, The": vol. 50: 21. Frank B. Conselman.
  • "Peter W. Gravis on the Outside Row of the Texas Frontier:" vol. 42: 41. James M. Day and T. R. Havins.
  • "Phantom Lion of Haskell, County, Texas, The": vol. 65: 50. Mike Felker.
  • "Physical Barrier to Settlement on the Western Cross Timbers Frontier, The": vol. 42: 51. B. P. Gallaway.
  • "Pioneer Surveyors": vol. 31: 75. R. Ernest Lee.
  • "Pioneer Women in West Texas Skies: Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II": vol. 70: 19. Henry F. Snapp.
  • "Pioneer Women of West Texas in the Early Twentieth Century": vol. 65: 78. Delmar Hayter.
  • "Pioneering In Politics On the Plains": vol. 6: 94. Fred Cockrell.
  • "Pioneering in Range Conservation: the Abilene Agriculture Experiment Station, 1898-1901": vol. 44: 145. Juanita Daniel Zachry.
  • "Pioneering in the Concho Country: Rich Coffey": vol. 50: 117. Bishop Powell.
  • "Pioneering of the Texas and Pacific": vol. 12: 124. John R. Hutto.
  • "Pioneers in No Man's Land": vol. 18: 24. Oscar A. Kinchen.
  • "Pioneers Laid to Rest": vol. 2: 85. Frank Grimes.
  • "Plunder at Laredo, 1842, and the T. J. Green--Sam Houston Quarrel": vol. 46: 3. James M. Day.
  • "Polio, 1946--The Story of One Family's Struggle as Told Through the Eyes of a Mother and Her Daughter": vol. 73: 62. Linda Mason Dunn.
  • "Poor Mexico, So Far From God and So Close to the Tejanos": vol. 44: 78. Ralph A. Smith.
  • "Population Study of Tom Green County, 1880, A": vol. 52: 49. Escal F. Duke.
  • "Possibilities in the Field of West Texas History": vol. 6: 170. C. C. Rister.
  • "Possibilities of Literature in Local History": vol. 1: 25. W.C. Holden.
  • "Pre-Flights on Tech Campus: Texas Tech's World War II Pre-Flight Pilots (1943-1944)": vol. 83: 19. John W.  McCullough.
  • "Post Training School: The Result of Two Idealists, The": vol. 71: 59. Valeriano Cantu.
  • "Practice Makes Perfect: Reflections on the Home Management House Program at Texas Technological College": vol. 91: 8. B. Lynn Whitfield
  • "Preliminary Guide to the Study of Buffalo Trails in Texas, A": vol. 36: 137. James M. Day.
  • "Preserving the History of Our Pioneers": vol.3: 13. J. Marvin Hunter.
  • "Presidential Address: A Twentieth Century Chase for the White Buffalo": vol. 71: 174. Jack Loftin.
  • "Presidential Address: Texas Women Writers and Their `Usable Past’": vol. 72: 201. Lou H. Rodenberger.
  • "Presidential Address": vol. 61: 151. Robert E. Byrns.
  • "Press in the Development of West Texas, The": vol. 24: 64. R. C. Crane.
  • "'Prisoners Among Prisoners:' Conflicts at Camp Barkeley, Texas": vol. 85: 217. Ruth Ann Shirley.
  • "Prisoners of War at Camp Berkeley": vol. 61: 134. James Myers.
  • "Problem of Stealing on the Spur Ranch, The": vol. 8: 25. W. C. Holden.
  • "Progenitor of the Mustang, The": vol. 26: 3. J. Frank Dobie.
  • "Prohibition Campaign of 1911": vol. 18: 92. Sybal Hazel.
  • "A Promise Kept:  The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority": vol. 81: 19. Rusty Hawkins.
  • "Prophet from Abilene, The": vol. 48: 37. Charles H. Marler.
  • "Prospecting in Western History": vol. 40: 3. Joe B. Frantz.
  • "Public Policy and the Mexican Italians of El Paso County, Texas, 1880-1920": vol. 68: 25. Valentine J. Belfiglio.
  • "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 90: 160. [Editor] Austin Allison.
  • "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 91: 159. [Editor] Katelin Dixon.
  • "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 92: 182. [Editor] Austin Allison.
  • "Puffing Along the Santa Fe with Conductor John B. Davenport": vol. 49:28. Robert E. Byrns.
  • "Purchasing Land and Sharing in Church Affairs in North Texas in 1888: Excerpts from the Diary of George F. Leclerc III": vol. 44: 122.

Articles starting with "Q"

  • "Quest for a National Park in Texas, The": vol. 50: 47. John R. Jameson.

Articles starting with "R"

  • "R. F. Tankersley and Family, Pioneers of the Concho Country": vol. 20: 99. Grace Bitner.
  • "Rabid Advocates for Fair Play in Football: H. J. Lutcher Stark and L. Theo Bellmont's Vision Becomes the Southwest Conference": vol. 87: 153. Karla J. Chapman, PeeWee Roberson and Stacy A. Jacob.
  • "Rag Town Life in the West Texas Oil Fields": vol. 61: 15. Diana Davids Olien.
  • "Railroad That Refused to Die: The Gulf, Texas and Western Railway, The": vol. 65: 61. Bob Burton.
  • "Railroad Through Spur, The": vol. 73: 113. Bob Burton.
  • "Railroading Along the Concho: A History of the Concho, San Saba, and Llano Valley Railroad Company": vol. 38: 154. James M. Day.
  • "Railroads and Community Rivalries; Chapters from the Inside Story of the Orient and Santa Fe in West Texas": vol. 19: 3. R. C. Crane.
  • "Rainey-Jester Campaign for the Governorship, The": vol. 30: 30. S. S. Mckay.
  • "Ralph A. Smith: Gentleman, Educator, Scholar": vol. 72: 177. Duane K. Hale 177-192.
  • "Ralph A. Smith": vol. 65: 139.
  • "Ranald S. Mackenzie: The Man and His Battle": vol. 64: 140. Soren W. Nielsen.
  • "Rancher, The Printer & The Tycoon, The. J. Evetts Haley, Carl Hertzog & Houston Harte on the Trail of West Texas History": vol. 69: 121. Al Lowman.
  • "Ranching on the Pecos at the Turn of the Twentieth Century": vol. 53: 127. Ivan Murchison as Told to K. F. Neighbours.
  • "Ranger and the First West Texas Drilling Boom": vol. 58: 49. Richard Mason.
  • "Rath City": vol. 24: 40. Naomi H. Kincaid.
  • "Real "Anabasis of Captain" Robson, The": vol. 48: 123. Ernestine P. Sewell.
  • "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 70: 174. JoDee Dyreson and Freedonia H. Paschall.
  • "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 71: 182. JoDee Dyreson and Freedonia H. Paschall.
  • "Recent Publications of Interest to West Texans": vol. 72: 209. Jodella K. Dyreson and Freedonia H. Paschall.
  • "Recent Publicatons of Interest to West Texans": vol. 69: 168.
  • "Recollections of B. F. Gholson": vol. 17: 108. As Told to J. A. Rickard.
  • "Record of Engagement with Hostile Indians in Texas, 1868-1882": vol. 9: 101.
  • "Recording West Texas Lands: The Role of the General Land Office": vol. 62: 29. Michael Q. Hooks.
  • "Red-Haired `Indian’ Raiders on the Texas Frontier": vol. 61: 88. Doyle Marshall.
  • "Religion at Texas Tech: Toward the Separation of Church and State": vol. 66: 139. Ronald W. Jones.
  • "Reminiscences of Lydia Louise Mooar": vol. 45: 171. Edited by Jimmy M. Skaggs.
  • "Removal of Indians From Texas in 1853; A Fiasco": vol. 20: 86. Rupert N. Richardson.
  • "Rendezvous at the Alamo: The Place of Bowie, Crockett and Travis in Texas History": vol. 63: 5. J. Milton Nance.
  • "Replacing the I-35 Bias with an I-20 Bias: The Landmark Work of Richardson, Holden, and Wallace": vol. 90: 47. David Murrah.
  • "Report of Captain R. B. Marcy on His Exploration of Indian Territory and Northwest Texas": vol. 14: 116. Introduction by R. C. Crane.
  • "Reprint of a Portion of Captain R. B. Marcy's Reconnoissance on the Headwaters of the Red River in 1852. Found in Senate Ex. Doc. 33d Congress, 1st Session": vol. 3: 78.
  • "Resurrecting the Western Hero: The Case of James A. Brock": vol. 72: 7. Ty Cashion.
  • "Retracing the Butterfield Trail": vol. 9: 97. W. A. Riney.
  • "Reverse Migration in West Texas": vol. 39: 3. Floyd F. Ewing, Jr.
  • "Review of the Work of the West Texas Historical Association. A": vol. 15: 150. John R. Hutto.
  • "Reynolds Presbyterian Academy and College": vol. 27: 78. Ruby Mcgill Dodge.
  • "Riddle of the Big Country’s Stone Maps Remains Unsolved": vol. 74: 15 Duane K. Hale.
  • "Rio Grande City: Prelude to the Brownsville Raid": vol. 57: 118. Garna L. Christian.
  • "Robert Crawford Cotner": vol. 57: 99. Joseph Milton Nance.
  • "Robert Cypret Parrack, Buffalo Hunter and Fence Cutter": vol. 21: 29. W. C. Holden.
  • "Robert E. Lee in Texas: Letters and Diary": vol. 8: 3. Colonel M. L. Crimmins.
  • "Robert E. Lee's Expedition in the Upper Brazos and Colorado Country": vol. 13: 53. R. C. Crane.
  • "Robert E. Nail": vol. 45: 191. Katharyn Duff.
  • "Robert S. Neighbors and the Founding of Texas Indian Reservations": vol. 31: 65. Kenneth F. Neighbours.
  • "Robson's Journey Throiugh West Texas in 1879": vol. 20: 109. J. W. Williams.
  • "Roby Gets a Railroad": vol. 52: 71. B. W. Aston.
  • "Rocking Chair Ranch": vol. 16: 141. Frances Templeton-Walker.
  • "Romance of the Range, The": vol. 5: 3. Edward Everett Dale.
  • "Ronnie Gill, Log Cabin Builder: A Study in Material Folklore": vol. 62: 98. Lawrence Clayton.
  • "Ropesville Resettlement Project, The": vol. 25: 87. Vernon C. Stafford.
  • "Roscoe P. Conlking: The Man Who Tracked the Butterfield Overland Mail": vol. 92: 41. Barbara A. Brannon.
  • "Route of the Great Western (Dodge City) Cattle Trail, The": vol. 41: 131. Jimmy M. Skaggs.
  • "Roy Bean, Temple Houston, Bill Longley, Ranald Mackenzie, Buffalo Bill Jr., and the Texas Rangers: Depictions of West Texans in Series Television, 1955-1967": vol. 89: 102. Billy Hathorn.
  • "Royston Campbell Crane": vol. 32: 149. Marvin E. Burgess.
  • "Rufus Kitchens: A Twentieth Century Circuit Rider": vol. 57: 47. Donald W. Whisenhunt.

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