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Scavenger Hunt - The Trail

Print this page and bring it into the SWC/SCL with you.

  1. The East Rotunda exhibit case changes frequently. The case is normally used to feature major exhibits either in the fall or spring.
  2. What is the exhibit currently displayed about?

  3. Opposite the East Rotunda exhibit case is another exhibit featuring former Texas Governor Preston Smith. Notice the many artifacts, including Smith’s desk and a chair with the state seal of Texas on it.
  4. How did Smith achieve financial success before launching his political career? Besides the desk and chair, what kinds of artifacts are inside the display case?

  5. As you walk west through the building, you will see a number of permanent exhibits to your left, beginning with the case entitled, "The Southwest Collection."
  6. Although Texas Tech began collecting archival materials in the 1920s, when was the Southwest Collection formally established? Where were the corporate offices of the Matador Ranch located? Whose cattle branding iron is displayed?

  7. The next exhibit area is entitled, "Shaping the Plains." Notice the various artifacts in the case bottom and the photographs on the wall.
  8. Which church denominations are represented in the display case? Where did some early South Plains residents gather for baptisms? Where did the mail hack carrying letters and merchandise operate?

  9. The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library houses a number of collections on politicians and political leaders from this area.
  10. In the next case entitled, "The Fabric of the Southwest," what famous inscriptions may be found on George Mahon’s gavels? Who was Mahon? Notice the trombone hanging on the wall. Where was it used? What was Thomas Hickey’s pamphlet, The Land, about?

  11. Just before you reach the double wooden doors to the Holden Reading Room and reference area, you will see the case entitled, "Archive of the Vietnam Conflict."
  12. Which collection has extensive materials on policy and the Vietnamese? Who designed the Vietnam Memorial "wall" in Washington, D.C?

  13. As you move past the Vietnam exhibit case and the reading room, you will come to a case called, "Archives and Special Collections." In this case you will notice a book press, pastels, photographs and other items.
  14. What was the book press used for? Which item is displayed in its own special case? Who was Frank Reaugh? Why is he mentioned here?

  15. The next cases deal with Rare Books. According to the case, what is the strength of the Rare Books Collection? What were cuneiform tablets used for?
  1. The next exhibit case is called "University Archives" and deals with materials from Texas Tech University’s colorful history.
  2. When did Texas Technological College open in Lubbock? Who was the first president of Texas Technological College? Who served as Tech’s band director from 1934-1959?

  3. The last of the permanent cases is on your left as you walk west towards the Coronelli Rotunda. This case shows materials from the Southwest Conference. What sports are depicted in the case? When was the Southwest Conference in existence? When did Texas Tech University win a NCAA national women’s basketball championship?
  1. You have reached the end of the permanent gallery exhibits. The next stop is through the wooden doors into another rotunda, the Coronelli Rotunda. Inside you will find a variety of temporary exhibits outlining the room, and a globe in the center. First, examine the temporary exhibits. What are some the temporary exhibit topics displayed here?

In the center of the room, you will find Vincenzo Coronelli’s 1688 globe of the world. This was the one-millionth acquisition of the University Library. Two of the temporary exhibit cases describe Coronelli and the restoration process of the globe in 1997. You will also find two metal plaques describing the globe and its history attached to the wall.

Why is the Coronelli globe significant in its use of information? What are gores, and how do they relate to the Coronelli globe? How many globes did Coronelli produce? When did TexasTech obtain the globe?

To finish your tour, you will need to reverse directions and move east through the gallery area, past the Southwest Conference, University Archives, and Rare Books exhibit displays until you reach the double wooden doors leading into the Holden Reading Room and reference area.

Once you are inside, look around you. As you face the back of the room, to the left you will find a bank of computers to assist patrons in their research. Further back, you will find some old card catalogs, helpful for finding oral histories and older Texas Tech photographs. To the right are small rooms used for individual research projects and for viewing videos and microfilm. Mounted along the left wall are a series of pen and ink drawings. Created by artist Jose Cisneros, they appeared in the book Teresita by William Curry Holden. The book chronicles the life of a religious mystic with healing powers who lived in southern Arizona during the early 20th century. In the opposite corner of the room you will observe portraits of Holden and his wife, Francis Mayhugh Holden, lifelong supporters and contributors to the history of the Southwest. This reading room is dedicated to them.

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