Big Ranches Matching Quiz
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Instructions:  Read each statement below and decide which of Texas’ biggest ranches is being discussed. Then place the letter of the ranch in the blank. Good Luck!

  1.     King Ranch
  2.     Briscoe Ranches
  3.     Waggoner Ranch
  4.     O’Connor Family Ranches
  5.     Jones Family Ranches
  6.     6666 Ranch
  7.     East Family Ranches
  8.     La Escalera
  9.     Reynolds Family Ranches
  10.     Clayton Williams Ranches
  11.     Tule Ranch
  12.     Killam Family Ranches
  13.     McCoy Ranches
  14.     Pitchfork Ranch
  15.     Yturria Family Ranches
  16.     Bass Family Ranches
  17.     Scharbauer Ranches
  18.     O6 Ranch
  19.     JA Ranch
  20.     A.S. Gage Ranch

1.____Cameron County ranch whose founder partnered with Richard King and Charles Stillman during the Civil War.

2.____According to the article, the family which owns this ranch in the Big Bend region gets along very well, and has since 1912.

3.____This ranch is known for its horses, starting with Thoroughbreds and switching to quarter horses in 1940.

4.____Founded in the 1920s, this ranch’s founder came from Missouri looking for oil.

5.____Named for a canyon, this panhandle ranch was once part of Charles Goodnight and John Adair’s JA Ranch.

6.____According to legend the man who provided the money to buy this ranch in the 1870s wore silk pajamas---even while camping.

7.____Covering parts of three counties, the lands where this ranch lies were originally given to a railroad company for money and materials to build the Texas capitol building in Austin.

8.____Part of this ranch’s original holdings have been sold to actor, Tommy Lee Jones.

9.____Some of this family ranch system lies in ten different counties.

10.____The founder of this ranch near Midland was the son of German immigrants.

11.____Part of the family holdings of this ranch are situated on San Jose Island north of South Padre Island along the coast of Texas.

12.____This South Texas ranch is the largest in Texas and probably the most famous.

13.____These ranch lands are owned by a former governor of Texas who is the largest individual landowner in the state.

14.____The founder of this ranch came to America from Ireland at the age of fourteen, and three years later fought in the Battle of San Jacinto.

15.____This ranch is Texas’ largest piece of privately owned land, with 524,000 acres spread over six counties.

16.____According to legend, Missouri cowman Burk Burnett won this ranch in a high stakes card game and named it after his hand.

17.____This ranch was started in Jim Hogg County with 6000 acres that were once part of the Las Animas Spanish land grant.

18.____When this family ranch fell on hard times, the owners sold its 77,000 acres to the King Ranch, but later got their property back from the Kings in 1935.

19.____Part of this ranch developed out of the 1892 Alpine Cattle Company and covers territory in Brewster and Presidio counties.

20.____This ranch property was purchased by a 1990 Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

21.____Although inexperienced in ranching, the Rio Grande steamboat captain who founded this ranch made smart decisions like coaxing an entire Mexican town including vaqueros to move to his new ranch.

22.____The barn from this ranch was featured in the 1960s and 70s Marlboro cigarette ads.

23.____The name of this ranch is Spanish for "ladder."

24.____At one point, this ranch, which was managed by chuck wagon inventor and cattle trail blazer Charles Goodnight, covered 1,300,000 acres.

25.____This ranch property covers land about 165 miles north of Big Bend National Park purchased with profits from a building-supplies company.

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