U Ranch, Records, 1846-1996 and undated

Now Available

Collection of 52 boxes of correspondence, legal materials, financial materials, and scrapbook material that detail the activities of the U Ranch from the late 19th Century to the 1960s.  Includes materials of her great  grandfather W. R. McEntire as a Civil War veteran and rancher, her grandfather George H. McEntire, Sr., and her father George H. McEntire, Jr.  Also includes photocopies of U Ranch records archived at the University of Texas.  Below is the Series break down.

            Academic Records, 1915-1955

            Civil War Material, 1866-1990 and undated

            Correspondence, 1849-1996 and undated

            Financial Material, 1880-1965 and undated

            Hand Note Material, 1902-1962 and undated

            Land Acquisitions, 1873-1952

            Legal Material, 1846-1958 and undated

            Literary Production, 1880-1958 and undated

            Livestock Records, 1902-1954 and undated

            Medical Records, 1914-1959

            Oil Records, 1920-1953 and undated

            Printed Material, 1876-1991 and undated

            Scrapbook Material, 1885-1964 and undated

            Tax Material, 1874-1965 and undated

            Memorabilia, 1952-1955 and undated

            Artifacts, undated

            Oversized Ledgers, 1880-1913

The U Ranch comprised of 18 sections is located 10 miles northwest of Sterling City in Sterling County, Texas.  The ranch was founded by Col. W. R. McEntire, a Civil War Confederate Veteran, when he acquired the land from M. B. Stephenson in 1880.  Over the years the ranch grew from 15 sections to 150 sections.  Some of the land was passed down to the children of W. R. McEntire.  George received title to 23,000 acres in 1906.  Each of his children George H., Jr. and Virginia inherited 16,233 acres in 1962.  Virginia ran the ranch the under the name VJ Ranch while George H. McEntire, Jr. called his the U Ranch.  Currently the ranch is owned by Ruth Caldwell the daughter of George H. McEntire, Jr.  The collection can be accessed at the Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library during opening hours.