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List No. 5

The locations are in bold parenthesis.

#110 (O18.9)

Donor: Rylander, Dorothy, 1986

Lubbock Public Schools, Grammer School Diploma, 1923 (1 item)

Lithograph Box: Nicolet Hotel by Bess Hubbard, undated (1 item) (Missing)

"Yellowstone," boat by Harley Murray, (signed), undated (1 item) (Donor: Traylor, Idris, 1986)

"Texas, 500 Years Deep in Heritage," poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Stribling, Beverly, 1983)

Welcome Home posters for Amy Freeman Lee, undated (2 items) (Donor: Lee, Amy Freeman, 1987)

Photocopied article from The National Tombstone Epitaph, undated (1 item) (Donor: Jesse, Dorothy, 1987)

"Faces of Amarillo, 1887-1987," poster, 1987 (1 item)

"Ferguson Has Small Lead," newsclipping, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1924 (1 item) (Donor: Deaver, John, 1987)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing, The Denver Post, 1969 (2 items) (Donor: Lamb, Mina, 1986)

#111 (O18.9)

Hickey, Thomas A.; Papers,

Correspondence, 1922 and undated (4 items)

Literary Productions, undated (4 items)

Printed Material, 1911-1924 and undated (28 items)

Editorial Clipping Sheet broadside, undated (1 item)

General Petroleum Company broadside, undated (1 item)

Corrected Monthly Report of Local, County, and District Secretaries broadside, undated (1item)

"The Death of a Man," broadside, undated (1 item)

"Communication to the Socialists of Texas," broadside, undated (1 item)

"The Resignation of ‘Senator B.,’" broadside, undated (1 item)

"A Defense of the Insurrecto’s Sword," broadside by Thomas Hickey, undated (1 item)

The American Magazine broadside, undated (1 item)

The Houston Chronicle newsclipping, 1911 (1 item)

The Rebel newsclipping, 1912 (1 item)

Woman’s World newsclipping, 1912 (1 item)

German newsclipping, 1913 (1 item)

"He Pulled for the Shore," newsclipping, 1916 (1 item)

The New York Call newsclippings, 1917 (4 items)

Appeal to Reason newsclipping, 1919 (1 item)

The Toiler newsclipping, 1920 (1 item)

Kosse Cylone newsclipping, 1922 (1 item)

National Oil Journal newsclippings, 1923 (2 items)

Abilene Reporter newsclipping, 1923 (1 item)

The San Antonio Light newsclipping, 1924 (1 item)

The Calliham Caller and Three Rivers Oil News newsclippings, 1924 (2 items)

"Socialist Mass Meeting," poster, undated (1 item)

"Captured," poster, c. 1918 (1 item)

#112 (O18.9)

Lubbock High School diploma, 1909 (1 item) (Donor: George, Mrs. Charles, 1986)

Donor: Bledsoe, Willis H., 1986

Petition, undated (1 item)

Certificate, Shriner’s, 1913 (1 item)

Clothing Pattern, Santa Claus Suit, undated (2 items)

Donor: Blakely, Misty, 1984

Denver Dry Goods Furniture Ad poster, 1935 (1 item)

System Bible Company Brochures, 1933 and undated (2 items)

"Imagination," - Texas International Wine Classic III poster, 1986 (1 item) (Donor: West Texas Museum Association Heritage Project Committee, c/o Helen Scioli, 1987)

Lubbock Leader facsimile, 1891 (1 item) (Donor: McDonald, Mrs. Craig, 1986)

St. Mary of the Plains Hospital Foundation 1987 Gala poster, (1 item) (Donor: St. Mary of the Plains Hospital Foundation, 1987)

Donor: Lubbock, Texas: Lubbock Planning Department, 1986

Texas Sesquicentennial Placemat, 1984 (1 item)

Lubbock, Texas Sesquicentennial publicity posters, 1986 (3 items)

Donor: Solis, Eliseo, 1987

Political Bumper Stickers, undated (14 items)

Candidate Forum "Hands that Pick Cotton...Now Can Pick Our Public Officials," poster, 1980 (1 item)

"Chicanos Support Farmworkers," poster, undated (1 item)

"En el Espiritu de Aztlan Somos Unidos," poster, undated (1 item)

"Hispanic Women’s Conference II," poster, 1983 (1 item)

"16 de Septiember" poster, undated (1 item)

"Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, La Esperanza del Futuro," poster, undated (1 item)

Drawing of an 180 degree airplane turn, undated (1 item) (Note: Actual backing from a framed photograph) (Donor: Clent Breedlove Collection, 1988)   Relocated to O9.1

#113 (O18.9)

Donor: Bragg, Mrs. Cecil F., 1985

Framed prints by Cecil F. Bragg, 1975 (6 items)

Sketch Books by Cecil F. Bragg, undated (2 items)

Miscellaneous Cartoons, 1926 and undated (4 items)

Miscellaneous Drawings by Cecil F. Bragg, undated (7 items)

#114 (O18.10)

Donor: Cowart, Fred, 1985

Drawings by Fred Cowart, 1977-1985 (14 items)

Photocopied college degree, 1935 (2 items)

Touring Texas Through the Eyes of an Artist press sheet by Lillie May Hagner, 1986 (1 item) (Saenger, Lillie May)

Donor: Schulz, Donald, 1986

"American College Theatre Festival," poster, 1976 (1 item)

The Bacchae by Euripides, signed lithograph, undated (1 item)

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Edward Albee, poster, undated (2 items)

The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini, poster, undated (1 item)

Carmen by George Biget, poster, undated (1 item)

Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley, poster, undated (1 item)

Everything in the Garden by Edward Albee, lithograph, undated (1 item)

"Festival of Comedy II," lithograph, undated (1 item)

Fine Arts Festival, "Form in the Arts," lithograph, 1963 (1 item)

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, lithograph, undated (1 item)

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, poster, 1982 (1 item)

Indians by Arthur Kopit, lithograph, 1973 (1 item)

The Knack by Ann Jellicoe, lithograph, undated (1 item)

The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorki, lithograph, undated (1 item)

Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss, undated, lilthograph, undated (1 item)

Multi Colored Maze by John Gilbert, lithograph, undated (2 items)

"The New Harley Sadler Show," poster, undated (1 item)

Noah by Andre Obey, lithograph, undated (1 item)

Oedipus the King by Sophocles, poster, 1977 (1 item)

"Poetry Hour," Lope de Oega: "El Perro del Hortelano," narrated by Ronald Schulz, poster, undated (1 item)

The Robber Bridegroom by Robert Waldman and Alfred Uhry, poster, 1981 (2 items)

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, lithograph, undated (1 item)

The Rose Tattoo, poster, 1976 (1 item)

The Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Shaffer, poster, 1876 (2 items)

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, lithograph, undated (1 item)

Summer Rep: Jesus Christ Superstar, The Pirates of Penzanne, Cabaret, poster, 1982 (1 item)

Summer Rep, Fourth Season: A Man for All Seasons, The Prince of Miss Jean Brodie, The Killing of Sister George, poster, undated (1 item)

Summer Rep: Amphitryon 38, I am a Camera, A Thurber Carnival, 3 In 3/4, poster, undated (2 items)

Sweet Bird of Youth by Tennessee Williams, signed lithograph, 1971 (1 item)

The Threepenny Opera, lithographs, undated (2 items)

Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare, lithograph, undated (1 item)

Twelfth Night or What You Will by William Shakespeare, poster, 1979 (1 item)

"The University Theatre Summer Rep," banner lithograph, undated (1 item)

The Visit by Friedrich Duerrement, lithograph, 1980 (1 item)

Mrs. Warren’s Profession by George Bernard Shaw, poster, 1979 (1 item)

Donor: Anderson, Betty, 1985

Chart: Urban Crisis Survey-League of Women Voters, 1976-1978 (1 item)

Lubbock Public Schools, Attendance Zones, 1984-1985 (1 item)

Donor: Schulz, Ronald, 1985

Dark of the Moon, 1957 (1 item)

The Madwoman of Chaillot, 1959 (1 item)

#115 (O18.10)

Donor: Bassett, Julian, 1984

Deeds: Pecos County, 1879-1920 (40 items)

Deeds: Terrell County, 1921-1925 (5 items)

Deed: Val Verde County, 1918 (1 item)

Deed: Presidio County, 1857 (1 item)

Tax Roll, Terrell County, 1926 (1 item)

Tax Roll, 1927 (1 item)

Obituary of Col. Ike Pryar, early Texas cattle rancher, San Antonio Express newsclipping, 1937 (1 item)

Donor: Jordan, Carolyn, 1981

Electioneering brochure for James G. Marshall (copy of constitution of U.S. included inside), 1979 (2 items)

Flowchart of legislative cycle, undated (1 item)

City Planning brochure for Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnosota area by the Metropolitan council of the Twin Cities, ca. 1977 (1 item)

#116 (O18.10)

Donor: Bolton, Howard, 1985

World War I, Chicago Examiner, 1918 (1 item)

World War I, Chicago Herald Examiner, 1918-1919 (18 items)

World War I, Chicago American, 1918-1919 (13 items)

World War I newsclippings, 1917-1919 and undated (4 items)

#117 (O18.10)

From: Bledsoe, Willis H.; Papers, 1851-1969 and undated

Abstract to Ohio Land, 1851 (4 items)

Appointment to Special Judge (Texas), 1874 (4 items)

Appointment to Special Judge (Texas), 1875 (1 item)

Envelope from Governor’s Office with print, "Reading of Declaration of Independence to Washington and his Officers," undated (2 items)

Newsclippings, 1908-1936 and undated (112 items)

Topics: Tidelands, Willis Bledsoe, Texas Tech, Civil War, and Miscellaneous

World War I, Austin American, 1917 (1 item)

Texas Tech, Civil War, and Election, Dallas Morning News, 1922-1935 (7 items)

Miscellaneous, Farm Progress, 1910-1912 (22 items)

Texas Tech, President Harding, Fort Worth Record, 1923 (1 item)

McKinney, Texas, Texas Tech, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1918-1929 (20 items)

Texas Tech, Willis Bledsoe, Lubbock Daily Journal, 1923-1936 (11 items)

Texas Tech, Lubbock Sunday Avalanche-Journal, 1935 (7 items)

Pecos Furniture Company, The Pecos Enterprise and Gusher, 1950 (1 item)

Miscellaneous, The San Angelo Daily Standard, 1923 (1 item)

San Antonio’s Law Enforcement, The San Antonio Express (reprint), 1918 (1 item)

Miscellaneous, The Semi-Weekly Farm News, 1909 (1 item)

World War I, The Slaton Slatonite, 1918 (1 item)

Texas Tech Board of Regents, The University Daily, 1969 (4 items)

"Breckinridge Lawyer won Fame and Fee in Ireland," transcribed article, Western Weekly Magazine,

May 26, 1929 (1 item) (Missing)

#118 (O18.10)

Donor: Meador, Mrs. Douglas (Lila), 1986-1988

Los Angelos Times 48th Midwinter Number For 1933, Part One: "Building Prosperity: Work Progressing at Hoover Dam," 1933 (1 item)

Imprint from Newspaper Advertisement for "‘69 Wide-Track Pontiac Grand Prix," 1969( 1 item)

Old Settlers Reunion poster for Motley-Dickens Counties, Texas, undated (4 items)

Wild Beasts and Living Pictures by Mervyn Heard presented by the Orchard Theatre, program, undated (1 item) (Transferred from library, 1988)

Donor: Perini, Vincent Charles, Jr., 1987

Oil industry, The Abilene Reporter News, 1954 (3 items)

"Salt Water Problem," series articles, The Abilene Reporter News, 1961 (9 items)

Uranium industry, The Denver Post, 1955 (2 items)

Oil, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1946-1954 (5 items)

Donnell Mill Historic Marker, Graham Leader, 1967 (2 items)

Eliasville Reunion, Graham News, 1967 (2 items)

Old Donnell Mill, Graham Reporter, 1967 (1 item)

Oil industry, Houston Post, 1954 (1 item)

Oil industry, Rocky Mountain Oil Reporter, undated (1 item)

Karnes County Uranium, San Antonio Express, 1955 (1 item)

Charter for the Anti-Horse Thief Association, 1895 (1 item)

Flow Chart, undated (2 items)

Survey Plat of Lode Mining Claim, undated (2 items)

Old Donnell Mill Historical Marker Notes, 1967 (7 leaves)

#119 (O18.9)

Donor: Spiller, Wayne

Bodenhamer, Elton, High School Diploma, Brady High School, 1925 (1 item)

Brady, Texas, Brady Enterprise, copies, 1907 (19 items)

Brady, Texas, Brady Standard, copies, 1910 (3 items)

Camp San Saba Weapons List, copies, 1863 (2 items)

Camp San Saba Muster Report, copies, 1863 (2 items)

Confederate Muster Rolls, copies, 1862-1863, (8 items)

Confederate Pay Roll, copies, undated (3 items)

First Christian Church Charter, copies, 1927 (2 items)

First Christian Church Financial Statement, 1940 (1 item)

Flournoy, Silas and Samuel Flourney, Family Tree, undated (2 items)

Jackson, Avis, Diploma, Brady High School, 1927 (1 item)

Jackson, O. C., Diploma, Dallas Medical College, 1903 (3 items)

Jackson, O. C., Diploma Waco Business College, 1891 (1 item)

Jackson, O. C., License, Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, 1907 (1 item)

Brady, Texas, Mason News, copies, 1904 (7 items)

McCulloch County Officials, 1862-1864 (2 items)

Olge, Grace, Diploma, Montgomery High School, 1922 (1 item)

"Cotton Man," print, undated (1 item)

#120 (O18.11)

Donor: Wallace, Ellen and Ernestine Barton, 1985-1987

Last letter of William Barret Travis, photocopies, 1836 (2 items)

Military Reservation of Fort Robinson, Nebraska, undated (2 items)

Plans to Various Forts, undated (10 items)

Historic Battlefields in New Mexico, poster, undated (1 item)

Texas Declaration of Independence, poster, 1836 (1 item)

Prints, various, undated (24 items)

Treaty of Tehuacana Creek, photocopies, 1844 (2 items)

#121 (O18.11)

Donor: Mahon, Mrs. George, 1985

George Mahon Sketch, 1978 (1 item)

Congressman Jamie Whitten autographed portrait, undated (1 item)

Location of Building at Chase Creek, Clifton, Arizona blueprint, undated (1 item)

Donor: Pearce, William M., Jr., 1988

United States of America Award of the Bronze Star Medal, 1949 (2 items)

United States of America Award of the Purple Heart, 1944 (1 item)

University of Texas Diploma, Doctor of Philosophy, 1952 (1 item)

"Curfew Cannot Ring Tonight," original political cartoon print by Cecil F. Bragg, undated (1 item) (Donor: Bragg, Mrs. Cecil F. (Vara), 1985)

Maps and Geneological drawings relating to The McWhorter Ranch and Family, undated (3 items)

(Donor: Lemonds, Grace McWhorter, 1987)

#122 (O18.11)

Donor: Murrah, David, 1989

Archivist’s Code poster, undated (1 item)

Llano Estacado Exhibit poster, undated (1 item)

National Western Artists Show and Sale poster, 1982 (1 item)

Polk Family Tree poster, undated (1 item)

Sesquicentennial Fireworks Display poster, 1986 (2 items)

Bugbee Prints, 1949-1950 (2 items)

Currier and Ives political cartoons, prints, undated (7 items)

Food Wrappings from local Lubbock businesses, undated (5 items) (Donor: Boyd, Betty Meinecke and Griggs, Jeanine Meinecke, 1989)

Donor: Waggoner, Carr, 1988

Assorted newsclippings concerning John F. Kennedy assassination, 1963 (35 items)

Corpus Christi, Texas poster, 1969 (1 item)

#123 (O18.11)

Donor: Warren and Hoffman (c/o Charles Hoffman), 1974

Unidentified Diagram, undated (1 item)

Estimated Cattle Population, Calves born, and Total Slaughter, 1940-1948 (1 item)

Insurance Policy, 1913 (1 item)

Land Deeds, 1884-1904 (4 items)

Livestock Population of the United States, 1867-1942 (1 item)

United States poster, 1950 (1 item)

Production and Consumption Feed Grains, 1934-1944 (1 item)

Range and Township Diagrams, 1927-1945 and undated (8 items)

Revista Internacional, 1898 (2 items) (Missing)

"Les Gens de Justice," Daumier print, undated (1 item)

#124 (O18.11)

"Texas International Wine Classic VI at Lubbock," poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: West Texas Museum Association: Heritage Projects Committee

Donor: Texas Tech: Southwest Collection, 1988

"Hispanic Southwest: A Symposium of History, Literature, and Folk Art," poster, 1989 (1 item)

"Icons of Faith: The Preservation of Religious Architecture in Mexico and Southwest," 1989 (1 item)

"A Symposium on the Works of Lesilie Maron Silko," poster, 1989 (1item)

Donor: Mahon, Helen, 1986

Air Force One Certificate, 1969 (1 item)

University of Texas at Austin diploma, 1925 (1 item)

Committee on Appropriations poster, 1943 (1 item)

Harry Truman poster, (1 item)

Scottish Rite Certificate, 1962 (1 item)

Cattle Baron’s Ball program, 1990 (1 item)

#125 (Box) (F175.1A)

Purchased from: Hill and Hill Auction Service from the Lois "Cowboy" Nance Estate, 1990

Post City, Texas, Gold Antelopes letter patch, undated (1 item)

Sergeant Stripes Patches, undated (2 items)

Texas Tech Cheerleader Shirt, undated (1 item)

Texas Tech Freshman Beanie, undated (1 item)

Texas Tech Pennant, undated (1 item)

Leather notebook purchased on the Opening Day of Texas Tech University, (1 item) (Donor: Ray, James W., 1991)

#126 (O18.11)

Eighth Air Force Historical Society posters, undated (3 items) (Donor: Hudgens, John)

Tracers, Renegade Theatre’s Lubbock Production of, 1990 (1 item) (Donor: Sheppard, Lucette, 1990)

National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration, 1990 (1 item) (Donor: Murrah, David, 1990)

Donor: Neugebauer, Janet

1980 Candidate Forum, "Hands that Pick Cotton...," poster, (1 item)

"La Esperanza del Futuro," poster (1 item)

"Fiestas Patrias," Idalou, Texas, undated (2 items)

Llano Estacado Mariachi Festival poster, undated (2 items)

Texans: Richard Bartholemew’s Texas Caricatures, undated (1 item)

USAF Thunderbirds poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Cowart, Fred)

"Don’t Dump No Nuclear Junk on West Texas," bumperstickers, undated (1 item) (Donor: Baker, T. Lindsay, 1991)

Donor: Texas Tech: Comparative Literature Symposium (c/o Wendell Aycock)

"The Spanish Civil War in Literature," poster, undated (1 item)

"Literature and Anthropology," poster, undated (1 item)

"Tom’s Comedian," Tent Show poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Neal, Jim, 1994)

Illustration by Nephtali DeLeon, undated (2 items) (Donor: DeLeon, Nephtali, 1988)

Donor: Caraway, T. G.

"Dance Party," with Joe Ely posters, undated (2 items)

"Family Farmers for Kent Hance and Parity," poster, undated (1 item)

"Joe Ely’s Tornado Jam in 3-D," posters, undated (4 items)

Mondale-Ferraro Campaign poster, undated (1 item)

"The High Rollin Dust Bowlin Dance," poster, 1986 (12 items)

West Texas Family Music Festival poster, 1986 (4 items)

"An American Tragedy," (Council on Foreign Relations), poster, undated (1 item)

#127 (Box) (F177.1A)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh, 1987

Free Range Era of the Spur Ranch Country, 1878-1884 (2 items)

John Meigs Original Pencil Sketches of Ranching Center, undated (6 items)

Jose Cisneros Teresita Drawings (Originals), undated (17 items)

Pen and Ink Maps of Sonora and Tomochic Regions of Mexico, undated (2 items)

Peter Hurd Prints, "The Waterhole," and "The Nomads," undated (2 items)

Ramon’s Drawings for Teresita, undated (102 items)

Water Colors (Large) by D. Cheatham-"XL Dugout," and "Tascosa," undated (2 items)

Water Colors (Small) by D. Cheatham-A Series on the Ranching History of Texas, undated (9 items)

#128 (O18.11)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh, 1987

Children’s Drawings, undated (2 items)

Correspondence, The Kaysers to Tom and Gladys Holden, 1955 (2 items)

Jose Cisneros Teresita Drawings (Reproduction), undated (2 items)

Matthews Family Tree, undated (1 item)

Official Ballot, undated (1 item)

Pan American Day poster, undated (1 item)

Philosophical Society of Texas Certificate, undated (1 item)

Plan for the Little House, undated (1 item)

Sketch Plan of Ranching Heritage Center Complex, undated (1 item)

Teresita Research Material, 1896-1901 (Reproductions of newspaper articles) (9 items)

Vanderbilt University, Cordell Hull Fellowship poster, undated (1 item)

#129 (Box) (F175.1A)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh, 1987

Daily Texas, December 12, 1926 with Photo and article on Cattle Brands, Garrison Hall (Reproduction) (2 items)

Hill of the Rooster Maps, undated (3 items)

Original Architectural Drawing for the Texas Tech Museum, 1936-1969 (1 item)

Pi Gamma Mu Certificate, 1927 (1 item)

Plans for House at 2121 13th Street, Lubbock, Texas, undated (2 items)

#130 (Box) (F177.1A)

Donor: None (Found in trash can at Building Maintenance by Robert W. Clark, 1990)

Texas Tech University Grounds Maintenance Plans

Pedestrian Walk Improvements, undated (15 items)

Seal Coat and Street Repair, undated (5 items)

Student Park Landscape Irrigation, undated (4 items)

Broadway Entrance Overlay and Repair, undated (2 items)

Plans to D. P. Patrick Home, 1932 W. Olmoz Drive, San Antonio, Texas, undated (21 items) (Found on stacks, level B by Robert W. Clark, 1990)

#131 (O7.9)

Donor: Baker, T. Lindsey

38th Annual Frontier Days, "Daddy of ‘Em All," Cheyenne, Wyoming photograph, 1934 (1 item)

Donor: Cavazos, Lauro F.

Washington Post photocopied newsclipping, 1988 (1 item)

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newsclipping, 1988 (1 item)

New York Times, photocopied newsclipping, 1988 (1item)

Abilene Reporter newsclipping, 1982 (1 item)

Dallas Morning News newsclipping, 1982 (1 item)

Richmond Times-Dispatch newsclipping, 1959 (1 item)

News Release from Tufts University, 1975 (1 item)

"Cowboy Songs," newsclipping, undated (1 item)

Donor: Texas Tech Moms and Dads Association, 1995

"Spirit of Excellence," posters, 1995 (3 items)

"1995 Red Raider Football: Z Team," poster, 1995 (1 item)

"Texas Tech La Ventana," poster, undated (3 items)

Collection: Richard, Henry S.; Papers, 1861-1866

Legal Material: Discharge Papers, 1861-1866 (4 leaves)

Donor: Texas Tech: Sports Information Office, 1993-1996

Texas Tech Football Poster, 1995 (1 item)

Red Raider Basketball Poster, 1994 (1 item)

Lady Raider Basketball Posters, 1993-1995 (5 items)

Red Raider Baseball Posters, 1995 (2 items)

Texas Tech Volleyball Poster, 1995 (2 item)

Texas Tech Soccer Poster, 1995 (2 items)

Texas Tech Softball Team Poster, 1996 (2 items)

Donor: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, 1986

Armed Forces Day Posters, 1942-1959 and undated (9 items)

"View of the Battle Ground at Concord, Mass.," print, undated (1 item)

"General John J. Pershing" YMCA poster, 1918 (1 item)

"Your Metal is on the attack. KEEP IT COMING!," World War II poster, 1944 (1 item)

Historical American Buildings Survey, Texas Capitol Recording Project, Texas Capitol Centennial 1888-1988, Austin, Texas 1986-1987-1988 poster (1 item) (Donor: Murrah, David J., 1996)

#132-138 (Also includes five rolled items) (O18.12 and O17.C)

Burnett, S. B., Estate; See Attached Lists for Folders #132-138

#139-142 (O7.11)

Vincent Perini Papers -- Transferred Maps List No. 2 (1981 Donation)

See Attached Lists for Folders #139-142

#143-144 (O18.13)

Max Tidmore Papers - Transferred Maps (1994 Donation)

See Attached Lists for Folders #143-144

#145 (Box A and B) (F175.1A)

Donor: Burnet, David, 1995

Paintings of Texas Tech Personalities, 16 x 20’s: Grover Murray, Donny Anderson, Preston Smith, Jim Carlen, undated (4 items)

#146 (O7.11)

Vincent Perini Papers -- Transferred Maps (1981 Donation)

See Attached Lists for Folder #146

#147 (Restricted File) (Vault 104BA, 191.11)

Morrow, Temple Houston, Collector; Sam Houston Family Papers, 1836-1939

Oversize Correspondence, Originals, (22 items)

#148 (O18.13)

Texas Tech: Agricultural Education and Mechanization Collection, 1935-1975 and undated (6 boards)

#149 (O17.C)

West Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1918-1968, 50 Years of Progressive Action Banner (1 rolled item)

#150-155 (O18.14)

Vincent Perini Papers -- Transferred Maps, Unknown Number of Maps

#156 (Box) (F177.1A)

Annie Hammon (10-28-76) and Wayne Spiller (11-20-77) Historical Newspaper Collections

#157 (Box) (F177.2A)


#158 (Box) (F177.1A)

Oversized Newsclippings

#159 (Box) (F177.2A)

Lubbock, Texas: Tornado Newsclippings

#160 (Box) (F177.2A)


#161 (Box) (F177.2A)

Texas: History News clippings

#162 (Box) (F177.3A)

Texas: History News clippings

#163-165 (Boxes) (F177.3A)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh, Newspaper Collections

#166 (O17.A)

Aerial Photograph of Lubbock, Texas, undated

End of List


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