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Mackay, Alexander
Papers, 1886-1936
812 leaves

     Includes microfilm material consisting of correspondence, news clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material pertaining to Mackay's death and funeral. The collection bulks with literary productions consisting of a typed diary of Mackay's world tour in 1923-1924, and a typescript copy of his account of a trip across the United States in 1885.
     A ranch manager, Mackay was born ca. 1856 in Scotland. He was associated with the Matador Land and Cattle Company, a Scottish-owned company that acquired the Matador Ranch located in Motley, Cottle, Floyd, and Dickens counties of Texas. Mackay had the longest tenure in the company's Dundee, Scotland, office. He served as Secretary, Director, and Chairman of the Board from 1882-1936. Mackay died in 1936. Portions of this collection are available among the Southwest Collection's digital collections.

Mahon, George Herman
Papers, 1887-1985 and undated
624 boxes (624 linear feet)

    The collection contains correspondence, campaign material, printed material, speeches, photographs, and scrapbook material that pertains to the public life and career of George Mahon, some of which relates to his support and voting record of various New Deal programs during Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration. It also includes local material relating to Mahon's activities with the Lubbock League of Women Voters (1953-1962), the West Texas Chamber of Commerce (1977-1978), the Texas Water Development Board (1973), and with constituent affairs.  For further details, click here:  Mahon.
    Born in 1900 in Haynesville, Louisiana, Mahon moved to Loraine, Texas with his family in 1908. He received his B.A. degree from Hardin-Simmons University in 1924 and his law degree from the University of Texas in 1925. He married Helen Stevenson in December, 1923, and the two were parents of one daughter. Mahon began his law practice in Colorado City, Texas, and became the Mitchell County attorney in 1926. He was elected Congressman of the 19th district in 1934, an office he kept until retiring in 1979. Mahon died in November 1985.

Maize, Nancy Lee
Collection, 1884-1917
363 leaves

     Includes financial material, photographs, printed material, and scrapbook material concerning the Maize family and their relatives and the Brownwood Elks Club. The collection bulks (1884-1887) with photographs of the Maize family, the Lee family, and their descendants.
     Reared in Brownwood, Texas, Maize attended Baylor University (1964-1970) where she received B.A. and M.A. Degrees. She began her doctoral studies in educational psychology in 1972.
Mallard Family
Papers, 1897-1935
968 leaves

Contains family correspondence of Anne, J. W., Inez, and Margaret Mallard from 1897-1935; personal financial statements; insurance policies; and materials concerning the Mallard sisters' dress shop in Lubbock, Texas. Also includes 23 undated photographs, a children's book, a chemistry workbook from North Texas State, information on membership in the Professional Women's Club of Lubbock in 1929, and information about the Williamson County Mutual Aid Association. Correspondence includes almost daily correspondence from Anne to her sister Maggie for 1927.
Inez Mallard died in 1910. Her surviving sisters owned a dress shop in Lubbock, Texas, around 1910.

Mallet Ranch
Records, 1865-1992 and undated
135 boxes and 9 ledgers (138 linear feet)

    The collection of materials details the activities and expenses of the ranch and the DeVitt family, the landowners.  Most records are financial materials in the form of banks statements and cancelled checks and oil and gas records in the form of revenue statements and oil runs.  A few boxes are correspondence, account ledgers, abstracts, grazing files, farm and ranch management files, right-of-way files, and legal files.  The majority of the collection is twentieth century material.   Some maps describe the efforts of various oil companies to drill for oil on the Mallet Ranch and the lay out of DeVitt’s property.  For further details, click here:  Mallett.
    D. P. Atwood sold some of his lands from his West Texas ranch to two entrepreneurs willing to invest in the growing market of the cattle industry.  The Mallet Land and Cattle Company, founded by David M. DeVitt and John Scharbauer in 1885, was incorporated in 1903.  Its brand assumed the shape of a croquet mallet.  The Mallet Ranch at one time covered some 200 sections in four counties:  Hockley, Terry, Cochran, and Yoakum.  By 1990, the Mallet Ranch covered nearly 45,000 acres in Hockley County.   Around 1903, C. C. Slaughter who ran the Lazy S Ranch became rivals to the DeVitt’s due to a land dispute in Hockley County.  The land dispute resulted in some fence cutting threats and eventually a lawsuit.  Currently the Johnson and DeVitt family members operate the ranch.  Oil a useful resource was discovered in the late 1930s, which made the land more valuable and the DeVitt family wealthy.  Oil and taxes became a problem to the DeVitt’s that he Mallet cooperation was dissolved in 1944.  It is now held in common by Johnson and DeVitt family members. 
    After Mr. DeVitt’s death in 1934 his surviving family included wife Florence (d. 1945) and two daughters Christine (1885-1983) and Helen (1899-1997).  Christine DeVitt managed the ranch for the family.  She became a philanthropist like her younger sister and founded the CH Foundation.  Helen DeVitt Jones was a philanthropist dedicated to education, arts, and the community in Lubbock, Texas.  With the establishment of the Helen Jones Foundation, she has contributed to Texas Tech University, Lubbock’s food bank, and other organizations.  The Mallet Ranch has long survived the test of time from the depression of the cattle economy, land disputes, the discovery of oil, droughts, to better land management.  It continues to operate in the South Plains of Texas as a historic ranch first founded in the late 19th Century.

Malone, Mayesie
Papers, 1912-1967
522 leaves

Includes correspondence, financial material, printed material, photographs, and a scrapbook dealing with the career of Mayesie Malone as a county home extension agent. The collection bulks (1935-1960) with newspaper clippings pertaining to home demonstrations and 4-H clubs.
A native of Brownwood, Texas, Malone served as a county home extension agent in Brown County, Texas, for 30 years beginning in 1921. Malone was active in the Brownwood Business and Professional Women's Club, the Texas Agricultural Workers Association, and the Brownwood Garden Club. She retired in 1952.

Malone, Rosser Lynn, Jr.
Papers, 1918-1975 and undated
32 boxes (32.0 linear feet)  

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, literary productions, scrapbook material, and memorabilia pertaining to the personal, business, legal, and civic affairs of Ross Malone.  The collection bulks (1950-1967) with materials relating to Malone's career as an attorney and member of the American Bar Association.  Other topics covered include New Mexico politics and government, activities of the Methodist Church, Southern Methodist University Board of Trustee meeting record, and oil, gas, and water leases.  For further details, click here:  RMalone2.

Malone, Rosser Lynn, Jr.
Papers, 1916-1968
90 boxes (90.0 linear feet)

      Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, literary productions, scrapbook material, and memorabilia pertaining to the personal, business, legal, and civic affairs of Ross Malone. The collection bulks (1950-1967) with materials relating to Malone's career as an attorney and member of the American Bar Association. Other topics covered include oil, gas and water leases, New Mexico politics and government, and activities of the Methodist Church.  For further details, click here:  RMalone.
     An attorney and civic leader, Malone was born in 1910 in Roswell, New Mexico. He received a B.A. in law (1932) from Washington and Lee University. He established a private law practice in Roswell and formed the partnership of Atwood and Malone in 1937. His professional activities included: Deputy Attorney General of the United States for 1952-1953, 82nd president of the American Bar Association for 1958-1959, member of the second Hoover Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government for 1953-1955, service on the President's Commission on Law Enforcement for 1965-1967, and vice-president and General Counsel of General Motors for 1967-1974. Malone died in 1974.

Malone, Ross (Rosser Lynn, Jr.), Estate
Papers, 1912-1979 and undated
5 boxes and 7 packages (7.0 linear feet)

     This collection contains correspondence dated 1945-1961.  Also includes legal material on the American Bar Association and his U.S. Naval service records with the U.S.S. Cape Esperiance.  For further details, click here:  RMalone3.  See above for biography.

Malone Light and Ice Company
Records, 1911-1915
25 leaves

Contains financial and legal material pertaining to Malone Light and Ice Company of Plainview, Texas. Includes a 1911 annual report of the Lubbock Light and Ice Company, copies of the contract of sale between Malone and Lubbock Light and Ice Company and the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of Lubbock Light and Ice Company that discussed the sale.
Located in Plainview, Texas, the company was owned and operated by Charles A., Thomas H., Robert M., and B. U. Malone. Incorporated in 1911, the company purchased the stock of the Lubbock Light and Ice Company in 1913. The Malone Company was later purchased by Southwestern Public Service.
Marfa Chamber of Commerce

Records, 1905-1975
18 microfilm reels : negative

Contains minutes, correspondence, financial documents, scrapbook material, and photographs dealing with businesses in Marfa, Texas, and the activities of the Marfa Chamber of Commerce.
Marfa is the county seat of Presidio County, Texas.
Marrs, Lois
Papers, 1930-1978
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

Contains materials pertaining to Thurber, Texas.
Thurber, Texas, was the home of Texas and Pacific Coal Company, and was the largest town between El Paso and Fort Worth until 1921 when the mines closed and people began to move away.

Marschall, H. W. "Bill"
Collection of Meusebach/Marschall Family Papers (Digital Collection)
1845-1998 and undated

     The items in the collection are material collected by Bill Marschall and loaned to the Southwest Collection/Special Collection Library for copying purposes. Documents and photographs in the collection were scanned and saved as digital files. The files are stored on CDs. On the inventory, the first number of the “Container/CD” designator refers to original box number and the second number refers to CD number. Materials in the collection include correspondence, research notes, photographs and other manuscripts relating to the life of John Meusebach and descendants in Fredericksburg Texas. Of special interest is the manuscript on John O. Meusebach prepared by his daughter Lucy Meusebach Marschall and research of Meusebach home and farm made by John and Dorothea Cotter.
     John O. Meusebach, as Commissioner General of the Adelsverein (Society of the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas) in New Braunfels, Texas, founded Fredericksburg, Castell, and Leiningen and bought land in the Fisher-Miller Grant for German settlers. He negotiated with several Comanche Chiefs and reached the agreement outlined in the Meusebach-Comanche Treaty (1847) to ensure the safety of the surveyors and settlers. In 1847, he resigned as Commissioner and was later elected to the Texas State Senate. Meusebach’s own land-holdings consisted of a 200 acre farm near Loyal Valley in Mason County, Texas where he also operated a plant nursery and small store. He died in 1897. Members of the Marschall von Bieberstein family also were early German settlers of noble descent who settled in central Texas. Several Marschall family members intermarried with Meusebach family members. H. W. “Bill” Marschall is a descendant of John O. Meusebach and is an avid collector of Meusebach materials and family history in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Marshall, D'Ann Sammons
Papers, 1924-1929
1 microfilm reel (12 ft.) : negative

Includes photographs and clippings regarding Texas Technological College, Lubbock High School, and beauty pageants.
D'Ann Sammons Marshall attended Lubbock High School and Texas Technological College, where she was involved in several beauty pageants.
Marshall, James "Jimmy"
Papers, 1919-1983
6,000 leaves

Includes correspondence, legal materials, financial reports, a City Council Agenda, notebooks, memorandums, brochures, newsclippings, and other materials relating to the public life and career of Marshall and the legal cases in which he was involved.
Marshall was a Lubbock, Texas, attorney and civic leader. He served on the City Council during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1980, he was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the City of Lubbock.

Martin, Conny
Collection, 1991-1995
1 wallet (0.1 lineare ft.)

Contains a few items:  New Guinea and Sepik River Cruise by C. B. and Conny Martin (Lubbock, Texas:  Conny Martin, 1995), brochures and pamphlets about Conny Martin.
    Conny Martin is a Lubbock artist who paints in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.  Her house is filled with creative expressions.  Ms. Martin's best known work is a Mongolian series.

Martin, Homer
Papers, 1939-1958
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

Contains family correspondence, a biographical sketch of Anna Martin (1842-1923), obituaries of several members of the Martin family, newspaper clippings concerning deaths and marriages in the Martin family in Mason County, Texas, a diary of Louise Martin Miles for a trip to Germany in 1909, and a brief history of the Las Moras Ranch, Menard County, Texas.
The Martin family were early settlers of Mason County, Texas, settling there before 1856.
Martin, Will

Papers 1997
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a summary of newspaper articles that Will Martin wrote for the Floyd County Hesperian- Beacon and the Floyd County Hesperian newspapers from 1983-1994.  The manuscript is summarized by Mr. Martin’s son.  Floyd County is northeast of Lubbock County.  The Hesperian merged in the spring of 1991 to create the Hesperian-Beacon.

Martin, William Hugo
Papers, 1915-1969
3 microfilm reels: negative

Contains military correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs concerning Martin's retirement from Adjutant General's Office of the Texas National Guard. Also contains drafts and transcripts of speeches, military service records, and medical records, as well as personal history. Includes a typed 300 page manuscript entitled "Operation Avalanche, Italy, 1944."
Born in Waco, Texas, in 1895, Martin joined the Texas National Guard in 1915. He served on the Mexican border in 1916, and in France from 1916 to 1919 as a 2nd Lieutenant in Field Artillery. He was reordered to active duty in November 1940, where he served in Italy and North Africa during World War II. He retired from active duty in 1946 and joined the Texas Adjutant General's Office. Martin retired as a Major General in 1960.
Mason Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1938-1973
1 microfilm reel (75 ft.) : negative

Contains minute books of the Mason Chamber of Commerce. Discussions include developing a highway system, farm to market roads, and supporting the Fair Association and the 4-H club.
Mason, Texas, the county seat for Mason County, is located in the Texas Hill Country near the site of Ft. Mason, which was established in 1851.

Mason, Ed
Papers, 1944-1997
1 wallet (0.2 linear ft.)

Materials related to Raleigh Mason as a veteran of World War II.  They include correspondence, war department records, Raleigh’s war record, Crosby County information, and interview material with other veterans.
    Ed Mason teaches history at South Plains College.   He instructs his students to conduct oral history interviews for class projects.  Mr. Mason’s uncle, Raleigh Mason, was an Army Air Corps engineer and veteran of World War II.  Ed Mason interviewed his uncle to conduct research for a paper given at  the 1997 West Texas Historical Association annual meeting.  Much of the collection deals with Raleigh Mason’s military experiences.

Mason Family
Papers, 1900-2003 and undated
5 small boxes (2.3 linear feet)

The collection includes correspondence, financial material, printed material, and literary production.  The literary production files are type transcriptions by Ruby Mason and family of L. R. Mason’s diaries from 1913-1961, which are included in the collection.  Some of the transcriptions come with attached family photographs.  Also includes materials on Robert Louis Mason, brother of Ruby Mae.  For further details, click here:  Mason Family.
    The Mason Family were among the early settlers on the South Plains.  They made their homes near Chilicothe and Post, Texas.  Lester R. (L. R.) Mason worked at the Army Supply Base in Norfolk, Virginia during World War I.   One of his descendents is Richard Mason, a former field representative of the Southwest Collection.  Ruby Mason is the daughter of L. R. Mason and she kept the diaries of his experiences.  Ruby has been compiling a history of the Mason Family with the help of her relatives.

Mason Public Schools (Texas)
Collection, 1892-1925
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

    Contains Mason High School annual catalogs (1892-1904), and the Mason Public Schools courses of study, rules, regulations (1906-1925).  This collection provides valuable information on early 20th century education.

Mason, Richard
Papers, 1923-2009 and undated
47 boxes (47 linear feet)

     The collection contains extensive research materials used during Richard Mason’s career. Periodicals, books, and similar materials relating to the oil industry and his work therein are also included. Research materials and notes used for a collaborative dissertation examining Italian architecture are present as well.
A graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors in history, Richard Mason was the owner and publisher of Land Rig Data Newsletter, considered being the standard in its industry. Mason researched and documented Rig counts, rig owners, service industry information, and necessary technical data for each issue. He published his first issue in October 1992, but many of his subscribers were located in the World Trade Center towers in New York City. As a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Land Rig Data Newsletter lost most of its subscriber base and therefore was finally sold to Rig Data in August 2009. As a publisher, Mason developed metrics that provided greater transparency to the formerly opaque U.S. onshore drilling services market and regularly used these industry analyses as an oil and gas consultant, and as Oil Services Specialty at Well Site Market Research. These metrics provided high-resolution perspective on the land rig drilling market, including regional rig utilization, rig pricing, technological evolution in drilling systems, and rig employment patterns by operator. His industry research, publications, and insight were seen as the industry standard, which remains true today. As of 2011 he worked for Hart Energy, and just prior to that he served as director of research at Houston-based PLS Inc., an oil and gas property brokerage and publishing firm. Lastly, he was an accomplished writer and this collection includes his published notes and contributions toward a literary work entitled: “Le Corbusier and The Riddle at Ronchamp”, which was authored by Robert Coombs, a long time business associate.

Mason, Robert L.
Papers, 1962-1968
988 leaves

     Consists of photographs and press releases concerning the Lighting Institute and Mason's recognition as the one millionth visitor. Also contains minutes of the Campus Planning Committee at Texas Technological College (1965-1968).
     An engineer and educator, Mason was born in 1914 in Larue, Texas. He received his B.S. from Texas Technological College (1939) and his M.S. from Kansas State University (1951). He worked as a sales engineer in Amarillo, Texas, and as a research engineer at Cabot Carbon Company in Pampa, Texas, before becoming a professor of mechanical engineering at Texas Technological College in 1942. Mason was the one millionth visitor to General Electric's Lighting Institute at Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio. Mason died in March 1987.
Masters, Kelly
Papers, 1922-1934
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

     Scrapbook contains playbills from performances with various acting companies in Pueblo, Colorado; Lewiston, Idaho; Tampa, Florida; and other locations across the country.
     Masters toured with a number of acting companies, including the Harrison Players, the Kelly Brothers Vaudeville Troupe, and Harley Sadler's Company.

Masterson Family
Papers, 1873-1979 and undated
24 boxes, 2 ledgers, and 4 packages (27 linear feet)

Includes correspondence, legal material, financial material, scrapbook material, and printed material. Bulks (1945-1957) with financial and legal materials dealing with ranch business and estate and trust management. Also contains a considerable amount of correspondence dealing with business and family matters.  For further details, click here:  Masterson.
The Mastersons were a pioneer Texas ranching family, owners of the JY Ranch, and breeders of Aberdeen Angus cattle. The ranch, begun by Robert B. Masterson in the 1880s, consisted of 73,000 acres and was operated by his descendants for three generations. In 1957, following the death of Masterson's grandson, Tom Masterson Jr., a well known cattleman and longtime director of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, the ranch was sold to G. H. and Ed Lawrence of San Antonio, Texas.
Matador Land and Cattle Company

Cowboy Roster
Electronic Finding Aid

    The Roster was compiled from a payroll ledger listing the employees of the Matador Land and Cattle Company.  By the early 1950s the cattle company's lands were parceled out and the company disbanded.  Click here for further details.

Matador Land and Cattle Company

Records, 1874-1960
350,000 leaves

    Records are divided into five series that encompass the activities of the home office in Dundee, Scotland (1881-1952), the American offices in Denver (1880-1954), Trinidad, Colorado (1890-1926), the headquarters of the Matador (1880-1961), and Alamositas (1899-1953). The collection includes financial and legal material, land records, payrolls, herd books, range diaries, Board of Director's minutes, correspondence between the Dundee, Scotland office and American offices and ranches, and correspondence among the British investors. Correspondence between the managers and division superintendents include: Murdo Mackenzie, Alexander Mackay, Alfred Markham Britton, Henry Harrison Campbell, William Sommerville, Arthur B. Ligertwood, John MacBain, J.M. Jackson, John Mackenzie, Maurice J. Reilly, Lewis F. Robertson and John V. Stevens. Also included is Murdo Mackenzie's correspondence from Brazil when he served as manager of the Brazil Land, Cattle, and Packing Company from 1912 to 1917.  For further details, click here:  Matador:  
    Established in 1879 by Alfred Markham Britton, Henry Harrison Campbell, and associates, the ranch covered one and a half million acres in Motley, Cottle, Floyd, and Dickens counties of Texas. In 1882 the founders sold their cattle and range rights to a syndicate based in Dundee, Scotland. Additional acreage was leased in south central Kansas, the Texas Panhandle, Canada, South Dakota, and Montana, and by 1933, the Matador's Texas holdings totaled nearly 900,000 acres. With rare exceptions, during periods of drought, substantial dividends were paid annually. Company stocks increased from an original $ .70 to $23.70 per share in 1951, when the stockholders sold their shares to Lazard Brothers and Company. Principals in the ranches' operations included manager Murdo Mackenzie, and the company secretary in Scotland, Alexander Mackay.
Matador, Texas
Election collection, 1904
20 leaves

Includes a poll list, tally list, and returns from precinct one of Matador that pertains to the 1904 general election. Matador is the county seat of Motley County, Texas.
Matlock, Jewell
Papers, 1983
29 leaves

Contains poems and reminiscences of Jewell Matlock and a brief history of the Fred Green family.
Born in 1915, Matlock was a poet, businesswoman, and native West Texan. She owned the Earth, Texas, Sun in the mid-1950s with husband, Ray Neal. She married Frank Matlock in 1975.
Matthews, Jerry

Papers, 1909-1959 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Bulks with newsclippings and brochures pertaining to Lubbock, Texas history as well as a photograph of a Lubbock street scene dated 1909.
Matthews, Watt
Papers, 1886-1970
1 microfilm reel (95 ft.) : negative

Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, certificates, and programs. Fifteen scrapbooks contain materials pertaining to activities and events in Albany, Texas, the Fort Griffin Fandangle, the Matthews Ranch, and the personal life of Watt Reynolds Matthews.
Matthews managed the Lambshead Ranch and the J.A. Matthews Cattle Company in Albany, Texas. He received the National Golden Spur Award in 1981.
Matthews, William Henry

Papers, 1863-1864 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Consists of letters written by William Henry Matthews to his wife, Margaret D. Nichols, while he served in the Tennessee Sharpshooters regiment during the Civil War.
Mattox, Perry W.

Papers, 1863-1987
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Includes a letter from Kathryn Mattox Silvey, dated 1987, containing genealogical material on the Mattox family. Also contains correspondence dated 1863-1987.

Mauldin, Ethel Jeannette
Papers, 1940-1950 and undated
1 box (0.3 linear foot)

    Items include a collection of poems, short stories, correspondence, musical compositions, and publications.  Ethel Jeannette Mauldin was a poet laureate of Texas and a prolific writer.  She has also recorded various legends of Texas and Mexico.  Some of her manuscripts are accompanied by Spanish language translations.

Mauldin, Stanley
Papers, 1935-1952
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Contains newspaper and magazine articles (1941-1952) concerning Mauldin's football career and military service, scrapbook material (1935- 1939), which includes notes, programs, and photographs of Mauldin and his family and friends. Also contains a copy of the Football Year Book, 1942.

Mauro, Garry
Papers, 1983-1986
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains Christmas cards sent by Garry Mauro, Texas Land Com-missioner. The cards have reproductions of maps housed at the General Land Office. Mauro was the Democratic candidate for Texas Governor in 1998.
Maxey, James Barney
Papers, 1972-1953
1 microfilm reel (90 ft.) : negative

Consists of a scrapbook of photographs, correspondence, and typed family history concerning Maxey's life and career.
Born April 10, 1881, near Prosper, Texas, Maxey lived in Frisco, Pampa, Wichita Falls, and Plainview, before moving to Lubbock in 1924. As a contractor, he built numerous schools, courthouses, homes, and churches. He served as Vice-president of Guaranty State Bank, Lubbock, as President of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, and on the first board of directors of Texas Technological College. He died in 1953 in Lubbock, Texas.

May, Isabella M.
Papers, 1879
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The item is a photocopy of John F. Lott's grandmother's typed diary dated from October - December 1879 (22 pages) while she was living in Dallas, Texas.  Her name was Isabella Maston (?) May and she was nineteen years old at the time.  The spelling of her middle name, Maston, is questionable.
   John F. Lott is the grandson of John B. Slaughter.  The Slaughters help build a ranching empire in West Texas.   John Slaughter's last ranch was established in Borden, and Garza Counties.  Mr. Lott is a member of the Ranching Heritage Association Board and an active participant in many events.   The U Lazy S Ranch is currently managed by John F. Lott's grandsons.

Mayer, Marylyn
Papers, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Is comprised of poetry, short stories, and a novel written by Marylyn Mayer.
Mayfield, James W.
Papers, 1909-1971
1 microfilm reel (85 ft.) : negative

Scrapbook collection of newspaper and magazine clippings about Taylor County, Texas, and crimes.
Maze, Estelle Witt

Papers, 1920-1988
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains the literary production, "As It Was Then." Written in May 1992, the manuscript spans the years 1920-1988.

McBroom, W. E.
Papers, 1931-1993 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

Collection of files on the Waggoner Ranch.  They include written articles on its history, news clippings, assorted scrapbook material, a thesis by Knox Kinard, "A History of the Waggoner Ranch," (1941);  two rodeo badges as director of the Santa Rosa Roundup in Vernon, Texas (1951, 1955);  Cities Service Oil Co., EMPIRE publication, (1958);  WAGGONER ESTATE EDITION, supplement to the Vernon TIMES (1952);  short story "Thirty Years with the Waggoner Ranch";  assorted other news clippings on the history of the Waggoner Ranch; 17th Annual Santa Rosa Roundup and Quarterhorse Show booklet (1962);  E. Paul Waggoner Quarter Horse Sale booklet (1958);  Waggoner Family genealogical tree;  eight W. T. Waggoner Estate newsletters (1982-1988);  and THE WEST publication (1969).
    W. E. McBroom was Oil Division supervisor for the Waggoner Ranch for a number of years.  Since 1991 the Waggoner Ranch has been embroiled in a dispute selling the 550,000 acre ranch.  It is located in Wilbarger, Baylor, Wichita, Archer, Knox, and Foard Counties, Texas.  It was founded by W. T. Waggoner during the turn of the 20th Century.  The closest town to the ranch is Vernon, Texas.

McCarty, John Lawton
Papers, 1884-1959
12 microfilm reels : negative

Contains manuscripts for Old Tascosa, Maverick Town: The Story of Old Tascosa, and photographs.
McCarty was a West Texas historian and journalist. He served as editor of the Dallas Texan and the Amarillo Globe-News. A talented artist later in life as well, he died on September 16, 1974.

McCasland, Barney C., Jr.
Papers, 1936-1994
1 box (1 linear foot)

    Collection contains quarterly and annual reports of the Kennecott Exploration, Inc. Industrial Minerals Division of Midland, Texas and the Permian Basin Sulfur Project from 1967-1970.  Also includes McCasland’s twenty-seven professional field journals from 1936-1938 and 1966-1994.   The journals reflect his day-to-day surveying activities while inspecting oil fields for various companies.
   Barney C. McCasland, Jr. is a West Texas petroleum geologist.  A 1938 graduate of Texas Technological College, McCasland joined the oil industry, working as a pipeliner, seismographer, marine geologist with Cities Service, and consulting geologist to various oil and mining concerns.  In the late 1960s, McCasland worked as a consulting geologist on the Permian Basin Sulfur Project.  He is currently retired.

McCasland, Rupert H.
Papers, 1916-1965
699 leaves

Includes copies of minutes from the Cochran County Commissioners Court, bids for highway construction, and a motion picture of Morton and Cochran County. Also contains a minor amount of correspondence, greeting cards, graduation announcements, financial material (account books, receipts, tax records), newsclippings, and school group photographs.
McCasland was the first County Clerk of Cochran County, Texas. He taught school in Gunsight, Texas, was Superintendent of Morton Schools, and farmed in the county. He married Josephine Dankworth in 1920.
McCormick, Wilfred
Papers, 1962-1963
508 leaves

Consists mainly of edited drafts, galley and page proofs for McCormick's book, The Five Man Break, plus two copies of the published work.
McCormick was an author and lecturer. He was born in 1903 in Newland, Indiana. He moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and taught creative writing through the extension division of the University of New Mexico (1949). A writer of juvenile fiction, McCormick's first book appeared in 1948. The Double Steal (1961), Home-fun Harvest, Too Late to Quit, The Five Man Break (all 1962), Tall at the Plate (1966), and Fullback in the Range (1969) are among his works, dealing mainly with sports.
McCrary, Giles
Papers, 1934-1939
7 leaves

Includes correspondence and printed material. Bulks (1934) with a letter from N. L. Melarn to Mrs. T. C. McCrary discussing cooking for diabetic patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium (Battle Creek, Michigan). Also includes the April 24, 1939, issue of the American Observer. McCrary, a resident of Garza County, operates the OS Ranch Museum in Post, Texas.
McCrummen's Second Edition

Records, 1923-1963
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains a loan closing statement (1963), Abstract of Title (1923-1939), Service Abstract and Title Company (1939-1952), and Tax Collector Certificates (1935-1953).
    The collection concerns McCrummen’s Second Addition to a neighborhood in the City of Lubbock, Texas.  Abstracts of title, tax records, and real estate information is included.

McCullough, Maxine
Papers, 1998
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a written manuscript entitled “Memories of Texas Tech” (1998) by McCullough.  Maxine McCullough entered Texas Technological College in 1934 as a 17 year-old freshman from Floydada, Texas.  She went for four years graduating in 1938.

McDaniel, Frank
Papers, 1890-1945
271 leaves

Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, printed material, and photographs. The collection bulks (1898-1936) with legal material dealing primarily with McDaniel's estate sales and with the financial matters of his son-in-law, John Raney.
A lawyer, McDaniel was born ca. 1868 in Illinois. He moved to Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1880s, becoming one of the area's earliest settlers. He married Ethel Meyers (1881-1931) and had one son, Frank, Jr., and a daughter, Grace Kathryn McDaniel Raney. McDaniel died in 1924 in Roswell.
McDonald, Arch Columbus
Papers, 1903-1938
1,377 leaves

Includes correspondence, financial and legal material, photographs, printed material, and miscellaneous material. The collection bulks (1911-1938) with financial documents such as bank statements, tax receipts, and account books. Of special interest is McDonald's correspondence with single women through lonely hearts clubs. Also contains photographs of unidentified children and families and various advertisements and catalogs.
McDonald was born in 1882. He farmed in Young County, Texas, during the 1930s.
McDonald, G. K.
Papers, 1910-1977
35,365 leaves

    Includes personal papers and business records. Bulks (1926-1977) with papers concerning several businesses in Lamesa and Dawson County, Texas.   McDonald owned a number of businesses in Lamesa and Dawson County, Texas.
McDonald, Harriet Ann
Family papers, 1895-1976
552 leaves

Includes correspondence, legal materials, genealogy records, scrapbook materials, newsclippings, and photographs.
McDonald is the daughter of A.V. and Janie Weaver, Jr. She married Alex Craig McDonald in 1960.

McDonald, Walter
Papers, 1951-2003 and undated
65 boxes (65 linear feet)

      This collection contains materials related to the career of Walter Robert “Walt” McDonald as a poet and writer.  It is organized by types of materials such as classroom materials, literary materials, personal materials and printed material.  The printed materials consist of publications where his written works have appeared.  They are in chronological order.  Some student publications in the form of thesis and dissertations are also part of printed materials.  The classroom materials refer to items used while Dr. McDonald taught at the Texas Tech University.  The literary materials contains original drafts of written works, reviews, and correspondence with publishers.  For further details, click here:  WMcDonald.
       Born on July 18, 1934, in Lubbock, Texas, Walter Robert (Walt) McDonald is a Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of English and Poet in Residence at Texas Tech University.  He received his B.A. (1956) and M.A. (1957) from Texas Technological College.  He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa in 1966., while on active duty as a pilot in the U. S. Air Force.  He served from 1957-1971 and did a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969-1971.  Walt has published eighteen collections of poems and a book of fiction, some of which are Counting Survivors (1995), Rafting the Brazos (1988), and Whatever the Wind Delivers (1999).  He has published 2100 poems and has received numerous awards during his career as a writer.

McDowell, L'Ada
Papers, 1968-1971
1 microfilm reel (6 ft.) : negative

Includes a scrapbook containing accounts of the McDowell family (particularly Bert J. McDowell and the Del Rio and Langtry, Texas area), poems, recipes, popular sayings, patriotic songs, and songs about Texas.
L'Ada McDowell spent her early life in Langtry, Texas, and her married life in South Texas. After her husband's death, she owned a real estate business in Del Rio.

McElroy, D M
Papers, 1934-1993 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear ft.)

Collection of files on general correspondence, Pete Cawthon, Lubbock Task Force on Continuing Education, News clippings, Texas Tech Ex-Students Association, programs, Lubbock tornado, certificates, and scrapbook material.  Materials concerning D M McElroy as director of the Ex-Students Association.
    Mrs. Frances McElroy is the wife of the late D M McElroy.  He passed away several years ago.  Mr. McElroy was a founder of the Texas Tech KTXT.  He was director of the Texas Tech Ex-Students Association for a number of years during the 1950s.  He also played football at Texas Tech from 1931-1935.  The McElroy Family have been residents of Lubbock for more than forty years.

McEntire Family
Papers, 1821-2000 and undated
4 boxes (4 linear feet)

    Collection of correspondence, financial materials, and scrapbook material that detail some of the activities of the McEntire family from the late 19th Century to the 1950s.  Includes personal materials of Ruth McEntire’s great grandfather W. R. McEntire as a Civil War veteran and rancher, her grandfather George H. McEntire, Sr., and her father George H. McEntire, Jr., her grandmother Elliott Taylor McEntire, and her mother Geraldine Cowden McEntire.  The Civil War materials include responses from Confederate veterans detailing their military experiences.  George McEntire, Sr. was an amateur writer who wrote poems, short stories, and letters between 1930-1950.  Copies of his materials are included.  They describe daily life on the ranch, history of the region and people, local events, family humor, and philosophy of life.  Also includes the air service records of George, Jr. who was a test pilot for Lockheed.  Of interest is the Koon Kreek Klub file, a fishing, hunting, and boating organization in Dallas, Texas.  For further details, click here:  McEntire.
    The McEntires run the U Ranch, which is located northeast of Sterling City, Texas.  It was founded by Col. W. R. McEntire in 1880.  W. R. was a native of Georgia who moved to Texas after the Civil War.  A prominent banker, he acquired ranch land in Sterling County to raise cattle and sheep.  The land was past down to George H. McEntire, Sr. who past it down to his son George "Little George" H. McEntire, Jr.  Currently the ranch is owned by Ruth McEntire Caldwell, daughter of George, Jr.  See the U Ranch Records for more details.

McFaddin-Ward House Museum Conference

Records, 1987-1988
28 leaves

Contains printed material and abstracts of papers presented at the 1987 conference. Also includes printed material on the McFaddin-Ward House in Beaumont, Texas.
A conference on American Homes in Transition was held October 27-29, 1987, in Beaumont, Texas, and Willard Robinson, a Texas Tech University professor of architecture, presented the paper, "Distinctive Texas Houses, 1890-1930."
McGaugh, Robert LaVan and Mollie Hughes
Papers, 1897-1945
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Includes correspondence, printed material, literary productions, legal documents, and a financial document concerning Robert LaVan and Mollie Hughes McGaugh.
The McGaughs were married in 1902 in Brownwood, Texas. Robert served as an attorney in Brownwood until his death in 1945.
McGaugh, Robert LaVan
Records, 1924-1938
670 leaves

Consists of four ledgers from Robert McGaugh's law office between 1924-1938.
McGaugh was an attorney who was born in 1876 in Marshall County, Tennessee. He served as the County Attorney of Brown County, Texas (1908-1912), and as the City Attorney of Brownwood, Texas (1934-1945). McGaugh died in 1945 in Brownwood, Texas.
McGaughy, J. Fred
Papers, 1910-1976
2 microfilm reels : negative

Contains a School Friendship Book from Daniel Baker College, an inventory listing the materials in the J. Fred McGaughy Collection of the Brownwood Public Library, a collection of stories compiled by Mrs. J. Fred McGaughy, and files from the Central Texas School of Oratory.
McGaughy attended Daniel Baker College and Howard Payne College in Brownwood, Texas. In 1919 he founded the School of Oratory and Expression in Brownwood. Ten years later, he established an independent private school, the Central Texas School of Oratory.
McGee, Tom Gerald
Papers, 1938-1964
213 leaves

The collection consists of copies of McGee's six plays. Of particular interest are three plays dealing with Pat Hennessey.
McGee was a writer and school administrator who was born in 1904 in Bison, Oklahoma. He worked as a farmer from 1926-1932, taught in Bison (1929-1945), and became county superintendent for Kingfisher County schools in 1946. He authored several children's plays that dealt with Oklahoma history.

McHaney, Jeannine
Papers, 1968-1999 and undated
7 boxes (6.3 linear feet)

 Collection of files generated by McHaney while director of the women’s athletics program at Texas Tech University.  The files include materials on the Double T Connection, the Southwest Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (SWAIAW), and other miscellaneous files.  For further details, click here:  JMcHaney.
   A pioneer leader in the establishment of women's athletics at Texas Tech, McHaney started as a professor of Physical Education at Tech in 1966.  She subsequently directed women's intramurals, served as TTU women's volleyball coach from 1966-1975, and was the first director of the Tech Women's Athletic Department starting in 1975.  She became the first woman inducted into the Texas Tech Athletic Hall of Honor.  Born in Northeast Arkansas, she came to TTU in 1966.  She is currently deceased after losing her battle with cancer in 1994.

McIlhany, Grainger W.
Papers, 1949-1967
5,141 leaves

Includes correspondence and printed material. The collection bulks (1949-1967) with constituent correspondence reflecting local concerns for education, taxation, oil leases, and gun control.
McIlhany was a store manager and Texas state legislator. Born in Wheeler, Texas, he served as state representative to the Texas Legislature for the 51st through the 59th legislative sessions, representing District 87, which is comprised of Wheeler, Collinsworth, Donley, and Gray counties of Texas.
McKay, Seth Shepard
Papers, 1945-1952
1,704 leaves

Consists of typescripts of three manuscripts and reprints of articles written by McKay.
McKay was an historian, educator, and author. Born in 1887, he was a Professor of history at Texas Technological College from 1928-1965, and an author of numerous books on Texas history. He received B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Texas, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1924. Before arriving at Texas Tech, he taught history at Peacock Military College, San Marcos Baptist Academy, North Texas State University, and Furman University. McKay became chairman of the Texas Technological College History Department in 1939, and retired in 1965. McKay specialized in Texas history, with emphases on Texas constitutional, Texas Reconstruction, and the 20th century histories of the state. McKay authored several books which include Seven Decades of the Texas Constitution (1954), Texas and the Fair Deal (1954), and W. Lee O'Daniel and Texas Politics (1944). He died in Lubbock on June 4, 1969.
McKean Auto Company (Nixon, Texas)
Records, 1911-1957
20 microfilm reels : negative

Contains financial material, legal material, and the general business records of McKean Auto Company.
In 1917, Arthur McKean became a Ford automobile dealer in Nixon, Texas, while Lawrence C. McKean entered the business as bookkeeper and office manager.
McKee, Nancy May Stephens
Papers, 1890-1963
11,899 leaves

Includes A.W. McKee Company business papers (financial materials, minute books, correspondence, printed material) and McKee personal papers (photographs, church materials, club materials, household articles, literary productions). The collection bulks with business ledgers (1934-1944). Of special interest are photographs of the McKee family and friends.
An author and civic leader, McKee was born in 1882 in Dodd City, Texas, and moved to Lubbock, Texas, in 1915. She was a member of the Twentieth Century Club, Lubbock Music Club, and the First Presbyterian Church. Along with her husband, Alvin Warren (1881-1940), she opened McKee Wholesale Company in 1929 in Lubbock. McKee also authored The Valiant Woman, which was published in 1962. She died in 1973 in Fort Worth, Texas.
McKennon, Joe
Papers, 1921-1941;1946-1947 and undated
3 wallets (0.3 linear feet)

Includes financial material relating to the 1947 season of the Marion McKennon Dramatic Players, whose performances took place in West Texas. Of particular interest is a payroll ledger that lists the salaries of performers.
A Texas circus, carnival, and tent theater businessman, McKennon worked for the McKennon Dramatic Players and partners and with Harley Sadler in the tent show business during the late 1940s.
McKenzie, Anna Haigh
Papers, 1907-1944
745 leaves

Includes correspondence, financial and legal documents, a literary production, photographs, printed material, and scrapbook material dealing with the McKenzie family. The collection bulks (1913-1944) with photographs.
Anna McKenzie and husband, Thomas Horatio McKenzie, were Doctors of Osteopathy and resided in Panhandle, Texas, after 1917. Anna was a member of the Erudite Club and chairperson of the Carson County Chapter of the American Red Cross.
McKeown, Frank (Happy)
Papers, 1900-1952
2,453 leaves

    Includes journals, printed material, photograph albums, memorabilia, an address book, and a scrapbook concerning his entertainment career. Bulks (1919-1957) with journals.
    An entertainer, McKeown lost both arms in an explosion, and traveled widely giving exhibitions of what he could do with no arms, such as playing baseball and pool.

McKeown, Frank M.
Papers, 1910-1957 and undated
1 box (0.3 linear feet)

Includes news clipping scrapbook, date book, address book, and postcard correspondence pertaining to the career of Frank M. McKeown.
    Frank McKeown originally from Passiac, New Jersey suffered a loss of both arms due to a rubber factory accident at the age of thirteen.  He did not let that stop him though, and became a champion to disabled people all over the country.  Mr. McKeown became an armless baseball player in the early 1900s and parlayed that experience into traveling exhibitions later in life.  He traveled to veterans hospitals, or towns with many veterans after World War I, and taught them that life goes on.  He taught them how to do basic things like:  shaving, eating, combing their hair, and brushing their teeth.  In addition, he also put on baseball, basketball, bowling, and wrestling exhibitions for the town folks to see from the 1910s to 1930s.  McKeown, who finally settled in Stephenville, Texas, died on October 5, 1957.

McKnight State Tuberculosis Hospital
Records, 1912-1969
9,813 leaves

Contains correspondence, office files, photographs, printed material, financial material, legal material, prescriptions, plans, and drawings. The collection bulks with office files that consist primarily of volunteer and donation records. The correspondence, though limited in amount, gives insight into the beginning and development of the sanitarium.
The hospital opened July 4, 1912, as the Texas State Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Carlsbad, Texas. Dr. J.B. McKnight was appointed director in 1914 by Governor Oscar B. Colquitt, and a nursing school was chartered in 1915. The facility was renamed for Dr. McKnight in 1950. The hospital was designed for short-term treatment of both private and charity tuberculosis patients.

McKnight, Delores
Collection, 1894-1979 and undated
1 box (1 linear feet)

    Collection of publications from social organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution (Nancy Anderson Chapter), Daughters of the Republic of Texas and United Daughters of the Confederate (Stephen W. Wilkenson Chapter).  Also includes Groat Family legal documents and tourist guides.  Delores McKnight was an active member of these social organizations.  They supported local events and helped to preserve historical landmarks.

McKnight, Delores
Papers, 1922-1985 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Collection of miscellaneous news clippings and scrapbook materials on a variety of topics.  Delores McKnight was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Nancy Anderson Chapter), Daughters of the Republic of Texas and United Daughters of the Confederate (Stephen W. Wilkenson Chapter).

McKnight, Mrs. J. O.
Papers, 1935-1985 and undated
1 box (0.3 linear feet)

Materials include greeting cards, Lubbock Antique Show expenses and publications, American History information, news clippings on antiques, genealogical information, and hand notes.
    Mrs. J. O. McKnight was a member of the Lubbock chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy.  She was instrumental in organizing the annual Lubbock Antique Show.  Mrs. McKnight possessed a great interest in antiques and American history.

McLarty Family
Papers, 1927-1952
136 leaves

Includes correspondence, photographs, postcards, and scrapbook material. Bulks with travel material obtained by the family from various places throughout the United States. Of particular interest are the postcards dating from 1927-1941 that depict a wide variety of tourist spots.
Lubbock residents, the McLartys were prominent civic, social, church, and political activists. The family owned and operated swimming schools in Lubbock and Abilene, Texas. They were also active in farming and ranching on the South Plains.
McLaughlin, Grace Self
Papers, 1871-1971
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Consists of printed material, primarily newspaper articles, concerning the Golden Anniversary (1941) and Diamond Anniversary (1966) of Foard County, Texas. Also includes obituaries of Foard County residents and histories of prominent residents of Crowell, Texas.
A teacher and bookkeeper, McLaughlin was the daughter of James H. Self, a pioneer merchant and one of the original organizers of Foard County, Texas. She married Claude Cope McLaughlin, an electrician, in 1915. In 1963, she served as a charter member of the Foard County Historical Survey.
McLaughlin, J. Edd
Papers, 1920-1971
361 leaves

Includes correspondence, printed materials, and scrapbook material dealing with the career of J. Edd McLaughlin. The collection bulks (1937-1945) with newspapers dealing with World War II.
A banker and civic leader, McLaughlin was born in 1894 in Childress, Texas; his family moved to Crosby County in 1905. He attended West Texas State Teachers College in Canyon, Texas, and Brantley-Draughton Business College in Fort Worth. Along with his father and brother, McLaughlin founded two private banks in Crosby County in 1912. He served as chairman of the Board of Security State Bank and Trust Company in Ralls, Texas. He also served on the Board of Regents at Texas Tech University (1961-1967) and as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas. McLaughlin was active in the Boy Scouts of America, Panhandle Plains Historical Society, Ralls Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, and served as president of Rotary International (1960-1961). He died in 1979.
McLendon, Gordon Barton
Papers, 1917-1978
61,111 leaves

    Includes editorials, political files, political campaign materials, movie promotions, business correspondence, and radio station policy books. Sound recordings include sixteen and twelve-inch discs of radio programs, jingles, soundtracks, music, and historical recordings. Also contains recordings in various formats of interviews, editorials, soundtracks, movie promotions, easy listening music, documentaries, and advertisements. The collection bulks with various forms of sound recordings. Of special interest are some of McLendon's editorials, including a series critical of Charles DeGaulle.  For further details, click here:  McLendon.
    Born June 8, 1921, in Paris, Texas, Gordon McLendon served as an interpreter in the U.S. Navy during World War II. In 1947, he established KLIF radio in Dallas, Texas. At the same time, he began the Liberty Broadcasting System, an independent affiliation that encompassed over 400 radio stations during its five years of operation. McLendon was a pioneer in recreating sporting events, using the voice of the "Old Scotchman." During the 1950s he developed the top 40 format (rapid fire music, news and contests). McLendon also owned a string of drive-in theaters, produced several motion pictures, and developed advertising campaigns for over 150 movies. In 1964, he campaigned for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate against Ralph Yarborough. Over the course of his career, McLendon owned twenty-four radio stations. He died in 1986.
McLendon, Gordon B.

Papers, 1920-1981 and undated
1 box and 2 wallets (1.2 linear feet)

    Collection concerns Gordon McLendon’s career as a radio broadcaster and owner. Included are promotional materials, films, and sound recordings. Among the promotional material is material pertaining to the motion picture, "Victory," for which McLendon served as executive producer.
    Born June 8,1921, in Paris, Texas, Gordon McLendon served as an interpreter in the US Navy during World War II. In 1947, he established KLIF radio in Dallas, Texas. At the same time, he began the Liberty Broadcasting System, an independent affiliation that encompassed over 400 radio stations during its five-year of operation. McLendon was a pioneer in recreating sporting events, using the voice of the "Old Scotchman." During the 1950’s, he developed the top 40 format (rapid-fire music, news and contest). McLendon also owned a string of drive-in theaters, produced several motion pictures, and developed advertising campaigns for over 150 movies. In 1964, he campaigned for the nomination to the U.S Senate against Ralph Yarborough. Over the course of his career, McLendon owned twenty-four radio stations. He died in 1986.
McMillan, Edward L.
Papers, ca. 1953
96 leaves

Contains a literary production consisting of a seminar paper written for Dr. Rister's class.
A history student of Dr. Carl Coke Rister at Texas Technological College, circa 1953, McMillan wrote a seminar paper entitled "Some Aspects of Public Domain Ranching in Texas."

McMillan, W. G., Jr.
Papers, 1934-1996
1 box (1 linear foot)

    Collection contains paper materials from both W. G. McMillan, Sr. and Jr.  Of interest are the materials on the Yaqui Indian expedition to Mexico in 1934 and 1955, the Boone and Crocket Club, and Texas Tech correspondence. W. G. McMillan, Jr. is a retired architect.  His company, W. G. Construction Company, Inc., has built many of Lubbock’s commercial buildings, including structures on Reese Air Force Base (currently Reese Center) and Texas Tech University.  Mr. McMillan is a Lubbock High graduate (1945) and Texas Tech graduate (1950).  For recreation he engages in golfing and hunting.  For several years he was a member of the Boone and Crocket Club, a club to devoted to deer hunters and hunting.  He participated in Texas Tech’s Yaqui Indian expedition into Mexico during 1934 and again in 1955.  For further details, click here:  WGMcMillan.

McMillan Construction Company
See W. G. McMillan Construction Company, Inc.

McMillan, Will
Papers, 1900-1901
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Contains photocopies of correspondence to John McMillan living in Lubbock, Texas at the time.  The writer discusses life in rural West Texas with his relatives.

McMurry College
Records, 1901-1975
2 microfilm reels : negative

Contains records from both McMurry College and Stamford College.
McMurry College was officially ordained in October 1920, at the annual session of the Northwest Texas Conference held at Clarendon, Texas. The institution opened its doors three years later in Abilene, Texas. McMurry College succeeded four other Methodist educational institutions of West Texas and New Mexico--Stamford College, Clarendon College, Seth Ward College and Western College--and became the custodian of those schools' records.

McMurtry Family
Papers, 1991-1992
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     The collection contains letters written by Merle and E. Hoyse McMurtry to Jack L. Douglas of Littlefield, Texas concerning their family background and ranch life in Texas.  The McMurtry brothers’ reminiscence about the hard life that their families faced during the first half of the Twentieth Century living in West Texas, working in Archer County, Clarendon, Silverton and working for the JA Ranch and other ranches.

McMurtry-Zelner, Allan
Collection, 1900s-1962
3 boxes  (3 linear feet)

This is a collection of sheet music of numerous famous composers including Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Hayden, and Genzmer.  In addition, there are 31 editions of the journal: Masters in Art, dated 1900-1906.  For further details, click here:  AMcMurtryZ.
    Information on the donor is limited.  He was obviously interested in music and the arts beyond it being a hobby.  The sheet music suggests that he played music with a recorder (instrument) with others, perhaps in an ensemble.

McNutt Family
Collection, 1795-1959
1 microfilm reel (40 ft.) : negative

Contains the McNutt family tree beginning with Major Robert McNutt (b. May 1, 1795), and lists descendants through 1959.
McVicker, Lela Mae
Papers, 1916-1918
1 microfilm reel (35 ft.) : negative

Consists of letters to Lela McVicker from her brother, John McVicker, who was stationed at Camp Travis, Texas, and in France during World War I.
The McVicker family lived in Floydada, Texas, and Plainview, Texas.
Meador, Ben Douglas
Family papers, 1894-1983
7,355 leaves

Includes family photographs, materials on area history, church items, legal materials, maps, correspondence, scrapbook materials, newsclippings, and "Trail Dust" columns, plus materials relating to Mrs. Meador's participation in area women's clubs.
A newspaper columnist, Meador was born in 1901 in Matador, Texas. He authored the weekly column, "Trail Dust," in the Matador Tribune. Meador died in 1974 in Lubbock, Texas.
Meador, Ben Douglas
Papers, 1911-1978
9,620 leaves

Includes correspondence, biographical material, financial material, legal material, literary productions, photographs, scrapbook material, and general files pertaining to the career of Douglas Meador. The collection bulks with literary productions written by Meador. Correspondence generally concerns Meador's writing and early attempts to syndicate his column. Of special interest are Motley County Pioneer materials and West Texas Press Association files.
A newspaper editor and publisher, Meador was born in 1901 in Matador, Texas. He began his writing career in California in 1922. Returning to Texas in 1929, he worked for the Childress Daily Index and started a newspaper at Roaring Springs, Texas, before becoming editor and publisher of the Matador Tribune in 1934. He served as mayor of Matador from 1948 to 1954, and was named Texas newspaper "Man of the Year" in 1952 by the Dallas Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi. Most noted for his column "Trail Dust," which won several awards, Meador also published a book by the same title. He died in 1974 in Lubbock, Texas.
Meador, Joseph Eldridge
Papers, 1952-1958
80 leaves

Contains literary productions consisting of two typed manuscripts written by Meador concerning his life and work from 1877 to 1952. Also includes a 1958 newsclipping showing Meador at age 87.
A farmer, cowboy, and early Texas pioneer, Meador was born in 1872 in Tarrant County, Texas. He worked at various jobs throughout the West Texas area, including work on the Matador Ranch from 1893 to 1899.
Meador, Rowe
Papers, 1946
70 leaves

Includes an account book pertaining to Haverstock Entertainers candy and advertising banners sales.
A tent show entertainer, Meador worked with Haverstock Entertainers for two years, and entertained troops during World War II. He taught in public schools and later at North Texas State University in Marketing. Meador received his Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas.

Meaney, Cathy
Papers, 2003
1 small box (0.2 linear feet)

       This collection contains photocopied materials from research materials compiled by Cathy Meaney.  The collection documents Amos C. Babcock's life (1828-1899) and his dealings with the XIT Ranch in Texas.  The research materials cite various sources through Meaney’s correspondence, books, internet sources, news clippings and legal documents. 
       Cathy Meaney became a registered nurse in 1972 and received a B.A. and M.A. in History from St. Mary's University at San Antonio, Texas.  She teaches at the Alamo Community College District St. Philip's College in San Antonio.  She is also an independent researcher.
       The XIT Ranch was created in 1879 when the 16th Texas Legislature appropriated three million acres to finance a new state Capitol building.  Mathias Schell received the contract in 1882 and offered three-fourths interest to Taylor, Babcock, and Company of Chicago.  The leading investors of this venture or Capitol Syndicated were Charles B. Farwell, John V. Farwell, Col. Amos C. Babcock, and Col. Abner Taylor.  The syndicate created the XIT Ranch from the lands they acquired in the Panhandle region of Texas.
       Amos C. Babcock traveled to Texas in 1882 to survey their new land acquisitions.  His crew took over a month to inspect the land of soil conditions, watering sources, timber, rock, and shelter.  In later years, Mr. Babcock sued his partners the Farwells for selling his rights to his investments in the XIT Ranch.

Media Guides (Non-Southwest Conference)

Collection, 1954-1996
11 boxes (11 linear feet)

Collection of printed material of sports media guides from various collegiate schools not from the Southwest Conference but from other conferences throughout the U. S. such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming, and diving, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Also includes some record books, directories, and handbooks. The collection is organized by subjects.  Click here for further details.
Medical Arts Hospital (Brownwood, Texas)
Records, 1927-1968
74,001 leaves

The collection bulks with financial material pertaining to the operation and administrative affairs of the hospital. Also includes patient summaries (1949-1965), which give basic information (age, sex, race, religion) of patients admitted, records of lab services, narcotics administered, and a hospital census.
The Medical Arts Hospital operated in Brownwood, Texas, until 1968 when it consolidated with Brownwood Memorial into a community hospital.
Meinecke, T. C.
Papers, 1912-1948
3,622 leaves

Includes correspondence, printed material, and financial material. Bulks with the records of the Meinecke Brothers Hardware Company. Of particular interest are materials dealing with Meinecke's activities in the Civil Air Patrol and his pilot log books.
A businessman and rancher, Meinecke was born in 1902 in Ponder, Texas. He formed Meinecke Brothers' Hardware Store (1923) in Idalou, Texas with brothers, Adlia and Bob. A second store was established in Plainview in 1928. Meinecke became a pilot in 1930 and served as commander of the Hale County Civil Air Patrol during World War II. He was president of the Panhandle Hardware and Implement Association from 1934 to 1935. He died in 1988 in Plainview, Texas.
Meinecke, T. C.

Papers, 1932-1976 and undated
1 boxes and 1 wallet (1.1 linear feet)

Primarily contains material relating to the Civil Air Patrol Squadron in Plainview, Texas commanded by Captain T. C. Meinecke. Also includes materials relating to Mr. Meinecke’s interest in aviation.
A businessman and rancher, Meinecke was born in 1902 in Ponder, Texas. He formed Meinecke Brothers’ Hardware Store (1923) in Idalou, Texas with brothers, Adlia and Bob. A second store was established in Plainview in 1928. Meinecke became a pilot in 1930 and served as commander of the Hale County Civil Air Patrol during World War II. He was president of the Panhandle Hardware and Implement Association from 1934-1935. He died in 1988 in Plainview, Texas.
Melton Dry Goods Company (Ballinger, Texas)
Records, 1918-1921
384 leaves

Contains an account ledger and undated inventory sheets. This was a mercantile and variety store in Ballinger, Texas, which was owned by the Melton Family.
Menard Chamber of Commerce (Texas)

Records, 1954-1975
1 microfilm reel (40 ft.): negative

Contains Board of Directors minutes (1954-1974), newsclippings, and a map of Menard County.
Mennonite Church (Seminole, Texas)

Records, 1956-1991
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Is comprised of scrapbook material including news clippings and fliers on the Mennonite church in Seminole, Texas.
Merrill, Homer Troy

Papers, 1899-1952 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Bulks with photographs of Homer T. Merrill from 1899-1929. Also included are miscellaneous materials.
Merritt, Rod
Papers, 1882-1954
281 leaves

Includes correspondence, printed material, and scrapbook material dealing primarily with the activities of Elnora Arnett (Mrs. J.G.) Merritt in the Texas Centennial of 1936 and in the Women's Liberty Loan Committee of 1918. Of special interest is a March 1882 copy of "The Great Southwest," and letter written to Spade Ranch manager, D.N. Arnett, on the occasion of his 50th anniversary.
A resident of Colorado City, Texas, Merritt is the grandson of D.N. Arnett, the long-time manager of the Spade Ranch. Merritt's mother, Elnora Arnett Merritt, was active in women's clubs and civic work in Colorado City, Texas.

Mescalero Apache Cattle Raiser's Association
Records, 1960s to 1990s and undated
4 boxes (4 linear feet)

The collection consists of material collected by N. E. Britton through his association with the Mescalero Apache Cattle Raisers Association. The collection includes minutes of board meetings, cattle record ledgers, sales contracts, journals, newspapers, maps, and correspondence dating from the 1960s to the 1990s.
N. E. Britton, who was raised in Erath County, Texas, graduated from Texas A and M University in 1938. He was the manager of the historic Block Ranch from 1952 to 1964 when he became manager of the Mescalero Apache Cattle Raisers  . He remained there until 1984. There are two collections of this material, which may be found here: MACRA1, MACRA2

Messinger, Jim
Papers, 1966-1998
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Materials related to the Moving Vietnam Wall that was sponsored by the National Museum of the Vietnam War near their future museum location in Mineral Wells, Texas.
   Mr. Messinger, a Vietnam veteran helicopter pilot, is the Treasurer for the National Museum for the Vietnam War, whose effort is to establish a permanent facility at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells Texas.

Methodist Church

Records, 1916-1938
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains minute books from the Texarkana District Quarterly Conference dated 1916-1938. It was once the property of H. G. Robinson of Texarkana, Texas.
Methodist Churches in Crosby County, Texas
Collection, 1876- 1984
1 microfilm reel (95 ft.) : negative

Contains histories of the Methodist churches in Crosby County, including those at Estacado, Emma, Cone, Crosbyton, Lorenzo, Ralls and Robertson.
The Methodist Church came to Crosby County in 1888, with the founding of the Estacado Southern Methodist congregation. Other Methodist churches at Cone, Emma, Crosbyton and Lorenzo soon followed.
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Calvert District (Texas)

Records, 1892-1898
199 leaves

Consists of a copy of a record book pertaining to the activities of the Calvert District of the Methodist-Episcopal Church South of Texas (1892-1898).
The Calvert District of the Methodist-Episcopal Church South included Robertson, Falls, Brazos, Leon, Limestone, and Freestone counties of Texas. The Methodist-Episcopal Church South broke away from the Methodist-Episcopal Church and became a separate division in 1844.
Methodist Hospital (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1926-1983
6,230 leaves

Contains a building program, financial material, legal material, printed material, scrapbook material, literary productions, minutes of the Board of Directors and Board of Managers, photographs, and slides. While not a complete history, the records deal largely with building plans--including contracts, floor plans, government specifications, numerous slides, and publicity photographs. Early annual reports give statistics on patients and treatments.
The hospital's origins stem from the Lubbock Sanitarium founded in 1918 by Drs. Kreuger, Overton and Hutchinson. In 1945, the name was changed to Lubbock Memorial Hospital and School of Nursing. In 1953, the hospital moved from the 1300 block of Broadway to 3615 19th Street. The Northwest Texas Conference of the Methodist Church bought the hospital and nursing school in 1954. The hospital has undergone major expansions in 1959-1960, 1967, 1973, 1986, and 1990-92.

Methodist Hospital (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1918-1985 and undated
1 wallet and 1 scrapbook (1.3 linear feet)

Collection consists of mostly printed material and scrapbook material of the Methodist Hospital and their School of Nursing.  Publications include the Newsletter, Today, and The Stimulator.  Scrapbook material includes brochures and programs on the School of Nursing, five building diagrams, and an Opening Day Scrapbook of the Methodist Hospital.  Also includes a Holy Bible which was in use at the Lubbock Sanitarium from 1918-1942.
    The Methodist Hospital of Lubbock, Texas recently merged with St. Mary Hospital and is now known as the Covenant Health System.  Dr. Robert Salem is a prominent Lubbock surgeon who is the co-chief medical officer at the Covenant Health System.  In 1974, the Methodist Hospital opened their East Side addition expanding their operations to meet the needs of the City of Lubbock.

Methodist Hospital Alumni Association (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1918-1969
494 leaves

     Contains correspondence, legal and financial documents, membership lists, and minutes of meetings, as well as printed material reflecting group activities. Scrapbooks contain photographs of graduating classes and newsclippings about the school and student appointments after graduation.
     The organization began as the Lubbock Sanitarium Alumni Association, formed on March 4, 1928, for graduates of the Lubbock Sanitarium Training School. This school became known as the Lubbock General Hospital School of Nursing in 1945 and, in 1954, as the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing.

Methodist Hospital School of Nursing (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1947-1969
361 leaves

     Contains printed material, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and scrapbook material dealing with the Lubbock, Texas, School of Nursing. Bulks (1947-1961) with student and faculty handbooks of the school.
     Founded on January 25, 1918, as the Lubbock Sanitarium Training School, it became the Lubbock General Hospital School of Nursing in 1942, the Lubbock Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1945, and the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in 1954. In 1959, the school received full accreditation by the National League for Nursing.

Mexican Border War
Records, July 1916 to October 1916
1 box (.25 linear feet)

     The Mexican Border War Records consist almost entirely of correspondence to and from Eugene Tower from El Paso, Texas during the U.S. Punitive Expedition into Mexico, and date from July 2 to October 11, 1916.
     The “Mexican Border War” refers to the several military engagements along the U.S./Mexico border during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920, more commonly known as the “Border War” or “Border Campaign.” The correspondence in this collection to describes the Pancho Villa Expedition, also known as the Mexican Expedition and Punitive Expedition, into Mexico by U.S. military forces led by General John J. “Blackjack” Pershing from 1916 to 1917. The expedition was launched in retaliation for Pancho Villa’s attack on the New Mexican town of Columbus. The Records can be viewed in their entirety among the Southwest Collection's digital collections.

Meyer, Beverly
Papers, 1996-1997
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items include correspondence with Jim Stasny regarding research request on the F. Alton Wade Collection (1996), transcript (1996) by Beverly Meyer of the F. Alton Wade oral history tapes (1973) housed at the Southwest Collection, and presentation papers by Meyer to the Geological Society of America concerning South Central America and Franklin Alton Wade.  The Paper was presented in El Paso, Texas, 1997. 
    Larry M. Gould discusses his support of the 1929 Expedition in support of Admiral Byrd's flight over the South Pole.  Franklin Alton Wade worked at the Texas Tech Geosciences Department.  Dr. Wade did two Antarctic expeditions with Admiral Richard E. Byrd.  Beverly Meyer worked on the Wade Collection which is stored at the Texas Tech University Museum.

Mias Amigas Club
Records, 1896-1970
1 microfilm reel (80 ft.) : negative

     Contains scrapbooks, minutes, a ledger, literary productions, and lists pertaining to the social club and Eldorado, Texas.
     This was a club for those people who attended Eldorado High School in Schleicher County, Texas, prior to 1920.  

Mickel, Jere C.
Papers, 1889-1982
5,298 leaves

     Includes correspondence, research notes, literary productions, printed material, scrapbook material, and photographs pertaining to tent shows. The research notes were used in writing Footlights on the Prairie and consist primarily of photocopies of "Bill Bruno's Bulletin," and typed notes from other sources. The collection bulks (1907-1930) with tent show scripts.
     An author and educator, Mickel was born in 1905 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended Nebraska State Teacher's College, University of Nebraska, University of Denver, and the Goodman School of Theatre. He traveled with tent show companies prior to the Depression. Mickel is the author of Footlights on the Prairie, a history of tent theater in the Midwest. He also taught at the University of Chicago, Texas State College for Women, Canterbury College, and Milikin University, where he was chairman of the Speech and Theater department. Mickel died in 1985 in Decatur, Illinois.

Mickel, Jere C.
Papers, 1974-1978 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items are correspondence with Mickel and tent shows.  Jere C. Mickel authored a book entitled Footlights on the Prairie.  The work was concerned with tent shows held in the first half of the 20th Century.  The tent show mainly catered to rural communities.  They disappeared with the advent of movies and television.

Middleton, J. P.
Papers, 1928-1947
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Contains legal documents such as warranty deeds for a land purchases in Jones County and Lubbock County and deed of trust as well as printed material on life insurance.  James P. Middleton was a district manager of Gulf States Security selling life insurance at the Myrick Building in Lubbock, Texas.

Midland College
Records, 1969-1977
2 microfilm reels : negative

Consists of scrapbooks pertaining to the history of Midland College from the time of its establishment, in 1969, to 1977. Scrapbooks III and IV pertain to specific events in the college's history. Scrapbook III includes information concerning the de-annexation of Midland College from the Permian Basin Junior College District in 1972. Scrapbook VII contains information pertaining to the 1976 bond election for the construction of new buildings. The remaining ten scrapbooks contain information on campus activities and student life.
The college was created as part of the Permian Junior College System when that system was established in 1969. A bond issue for construction of new buildings was defeated in 1971, mainly by voters of Odessa in Ector County. The resulting controversy between the two cities led to the de-annexation of Midland College from the Permian Junior College System and to the creation of Midland's own junior college district.
Midland, Texas
Drama collection, 1961-1972
919 leaves

Consists of the "Prompter," the playbill of Midland Community Theater, playbills from the Ackwick Players, a young people's performing group, and programs for the West Texas Theatre Festival.
The Midland Community Theater, founded in 1946, sponsored theater productions and a children's theater program.
Midland, Texas
History collection, 1912-1950
318 leaves

Includes literary productions and printed material consisting of copies of a commercial club brochure (ca. 1912); a "Know Your Community" pamphlet by the League of Women Voters (1950); typescripts of speeches and sketches of Midland history by Susie G. Noble, A. M. Bryant, Mrs. George Glass and Jo Dean Downing; and a typescript of articles from the September 1916, Midland Reporter pre-fair edition.
Midland, the county seat of Midland County, Texas, was founded in the late 1870s and gained a population of 300 by 1880. Originally a farm and ranch center in the 1920s, the city has since become the headquarters for numerous oil companies.

Midland, Texas Files by Carolyn E. Sowell
1962-2000 and undated

     The collection contains information about the people, culture, history and economy of Midland, Texas, including information about churches, businesses, Midland Centennial, Civil War Veterans grave locations, and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as magazines and learning tools collected and created by Carolyn E. Sowell.
     Carolyn E. Sowell lived in Midland, Texas from August 1961 until September 2008. She taught third grade students in the Midland public schools from 1961-1994. In part of the third grade curriculum, students were to develop and expand their knowledge of the city’s history, people, culture, and economy. Since retirement, Ms. Sowell has continued to collect materials related to Midland. From 1973-2008, Ms. Sowell was a member of the Midland County Historical Society. In 1975, she was appointed by the Midland County Judge to serve on the Midland county Historical Commission which she served on until 2008 when she moved to Lubbock.

Milam Children's Training Center (Lubbock, Texas)
Collection, 1971
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a “Curriculum Guide for Milam Children's Training Center in Lubbock, Texas” (152 pgs.) compiled in 1971.  It outlines every aspect of handling physically challenged children such as motor and language development as well as objectives and goals for personnel.
   Milam Children's Training Center (MCTC) is an institution for pre-school handicapped children and school aged severely retarded children.   MCTC is part of the Mental Health Mental Retardation system in Lubbock, Texas.

Milam, Clarence
Papers, 1959-1996 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection of assorted items:  Texas Historical Site Inventory Form, Interview with Mrs. Margaret Shook (1989), St. Paul’s on the Plains Episcopal Church article, Church floor plans and design, Historic Structures Report (1989).
    St. Paul’s on the Plains Episcopal Church was constructed in 1914, making it one of the first churches in Lubbock, Texas.  It was renovated in the mid-1990s after the building was moved to the corner of 41st Street and University Avenue.  Clarence Milam had an interested in the Episcopal Church.

Miles, Stanley S.
Papers, 1866-1960
10 microfilm reels : negative

Includes correspondence, legal documents, financial documents, printed material, photographs, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to family business interests.
A Gatesville, Texas, businessman, Miles' father, Walter C. Miles, owned Miles Grocery Store in Levita, Texas.
Miles, Walter C.
Papers, 1893-1936
364 leaves

Consists of several catalogues, including the S.G. Davis Hat Company, Herald Tailoring Company, and Millard's Implement Directory, as well as land deeds (1893-1912).
Miles was a dealer in general merchandise in Levita, Texas.
Miller, Doris
Papers, 1861-1969
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

Contains scrapbook materials, family photographs, literary productions, a marriage certificate, biographical data, and community histories for Coleman County.
Miller, John P.
Papers, 1922-1972
1 microfilm reel (60 ft.) : negative

Includes photograph albums (1922-1972), newspaper clippings (1942-1967), and programs which pertain to three generations of the J. P. Miller family.  J. P. Miller's Rafter 3 Ranch, located in northeastern Coleman County, Texas, was once part of the extensive Morris Ranch established in 1883 by Miller's grandfather, J. P. Morris (ca. 1847-1938).

Miller, Lloyd C.
Papers, 1937-1991 and undated
4 boxes (4.0 linear ft.)

     The collection consists of material generated by Lloyd Miller’s activity in managing the C. C. Slaughter Farms and other farm and ranch properties, his association with Feather Fabric Inc., Textile Investment Group of Texas, and Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., and his personal financial papers as well as miscellaneous information.  The types of material include correspondence, financial records, legal material, maps, and land plats and soil surveys of the Slaughter holdings in Cochran and Hockley counties.  The oversize material includes plans to remodel the adobe Slaughter headquarters building that show some details of original construction.  For further details, click here:  LCMiller.
     Lloyd C. Miller was born in Fremont, Michigan in 1916.  His family moved to Tulia, Texas when he was six-weeks old.  Lloyd graduated from Tulia High School in 1934.  He received a B.S. Degree in Agriculture at Texas Technological College in 1938 and went on to get his Masters Degree from the University of Nebraska in 1940.  He married Katherine Mebus in 1941.  Lloyd was employed by the Farm Security Administration as an assistant Farm Manager at Ropesville, Texas during 1941-1942.  In 1948 he moved to Morton, Texas to manage the C.C. Slaughter Farms, a position he held for 26 years until his retirement.   He also worked as a real estate agent and operated his own agricultural service managing other properties.
     Lloyd serviced as president of the Cochran County Farm Bureau, and several terms as a director on the Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. Board of Directors.  He also served as a local director of the High Plains Water District.  After his retirement he served on the Board of Directors for both Feather Fabric Inc. and also for the Textile Investment Group of Texas.

Miller, Mattie B. Morris
Papers, 1855-1967
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

Includes correspondence, legal documents, printed material, and photographs pertaining to the Miller family's ranching activities. Also includes land grants by the Texas Governor to the family from 1855 to 1920.
Miller attended Baylor Female College in Belton, Texas, and married John Andrew Bedford Miller in 1899; the marriage produced eight children. She was the president of the Rafter 3 Cattle Company, and participated in community activities in Coleman, Texas.
Mills, Henry
Papers, 1884-1971
1 microfilm reel (130 ft.) : negative

Includes personal (1908-1957) and business (1962-1971) correspondence, scrapbooks (1933-1971), legal documents (1884-1919), and financial documents (1908-1971), which include account ledgers for the post office at Pandale, Texas (1908-1971), and Pandale Store account ledgers (1913-1938).
The Mills were members of a pioneer Val Verde ranching family and operated a post office and telephone exchange.
Milosevich, Paul
Papers, 1974-1980
128 leaves

Includes correspondence, financial and legal material, printed material, and literary productions. The collection bulks with two literary productions by Milosevich and printed material pertaining to Milosevich's art show and exhibitions.
An artist, Milosevich was born in 1936 at Trinidad, Colorado. He received his M.A. in painting from California State University at Long Beach (1965). He was a former head of Odessa College Art Department and an Associate Professor of art at Texas Tech University (1970-1975). Milosevich left teaching in 1975 to paint full time. His works include portraits of country and western music stars such as Tom T. Hall, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and others.
Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce (Texas)

Records, 1930-1972
2 microfilm reels : negative

Contains twenty-five minute books (1930-1972), arranged chronologically reflecting the business of the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce.
Minter, William D.
Papers, 1809-1958
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Contains materials relating to the Minter family, including newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, genealogical materials, and tributes written in memory of William A. Minter, Jr. (1871-1935). Also includes photograph albums (1991-1958), a legal document (1809), and scrapbook materials (1935-1956 and undated).
Minter was a charter member of the First Presbyterian Church of Abilene, Texas, and the founder of Minter Dry Goods Company.
Minter Dry Goods Company (Abilene, Texas)

Records, 1900-1973
15,740 leaves

Contains scrapbook, printed, financial and legal materials, correspondence, and blueprints pertaining to the Minter family's ownership and management of Minter Dry Goods Company. The collection bulks (1900-1925) with financial materials, such as account ledgers, cash books, and credit and cash dispersal journals.  For further details, click here:  Minter.
A family-owned retail operation founded in 1900 by William A. Minter, Jr., the company currently operates under the name "Minters" in Abilene, Texas.
Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway Company

Records, 1871-1972
6 microfilm reels : negative

Contains annual reports, pamphlets summarizing examinations of the company, minute and record books, and stock records of the KATY and truck lines.

Mitchell, Ford
Papers, 1943-1988 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Contains Community Closeup Directories, “Was it Really Fifty Years Ago” manuscript, KDUB-TV and KGBS Radio printed material, and material on Ford Mitchell, Ford.
    Ford Mitchell was a radio and television broadcast pioneer in the 1940s and 1950s.  He served in the Armed Forces Radio Network during World War II.  He worked as a news anchor for KCBD in Lubbock, Texas from 1957-1976.  Previously, he had made stops at Dublin, Waco, and San Antonio, Texas.

Mobley, James Biggers
Papers, 1894-1904
132 leaves

The collection consists of a ledger book from the Texas National Bank in Colorado City, Texas, that details, for the most part, financial transactions of citizens in Lubbock County, Texas.
A rancher, civic leader, county treasurer, and county clerk, Mobley was born in 1853 in Hood County, Texas. He began his ranching career by participating in a cattle drive from Stonewall County, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, in 1884. In 1885 he began working on the I0A Ranch and later married and settled in the new community of Lubbock, Texas, where he worked as a mail carrier. Mobley served as Lubbock County Treasurer from 1894 to 1898 and then as County Clerk from 1898 to 1902. He also served in the Lubbock Commercial Club and was a prominent civic leader until his death in 1928.
Modern Woodmen of America. Camp No. 13742 (Crosbyton, Texas)

Records, 1909-1911
97 leaves

Contains a logbook containing minutes of meetings, membership lists, and dues collections pertaining to the Modern Woodmen of America organization in Crosbyton, Texas.
A fraternal benefit life insurance society organized in Illinois in 1883 and incorporated in 1884, the Crosbyton Camp No. 13742 of Crosbyton, Texas, was organized February 13, 1909.

Module Truck Service, Inc. (Lubbock, TX)
Records, 1988-1996
121 boxes (121 linear feet)

       Collection of financial records such as accounts payable and receivable records, daily profits reports, end-of-month reports, physical inventory sheets, journals, and service order reports detailing the year-to-year business activities of the Module Truck Service, Inc. for nine years.
       Module Truck Service begun by Jim Westbrook had been in business in Lubbock, Texas for many years.  In the late 1990s, it went through a name change is now known as Module Truck Systems, Inc.  The company repairs module trucks used in retrieval and delivery procedures of cotton modules from the farms to the cotton gins.  During the 1980s cotton modules replaced the cotton trailers used by many farmers to collect their cotton.  The cotton trailer was then towed by truck to the local gins.  With the introduction of the cotton module trucks, the cotton is lifted from the ground and hauled off.  It was a step used in improving the efficiency of the cotton ginning process.

Moegle, Bobby
Papers, 1960-1972
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

     Consists of thirteen scrapbooks containing newspaper articles about Bobby Moegle and his baseball coaching career at Lubbock's Monterey High School from 1960-1972.
     Moegle, a minor league baseball player, coached baseball at Lubbock Monterey from 1960-1972.

Moegle, Bobby
Papers, 1960-1998 and undated
7 boxes (7 linear feet)

     The collection contains correspondence and scrapbooks (1960-1998) detailing Bobby Moegle's coaching baseball years at Monterey High School in Lubbock, Texas.
     The Monterey Plainsmen won four state titles under legendary baseball head coach Bobby Moegle: 1972, 1974, 1981, and 1996.  Bobby Moegle gained win number 1,000 in 1995, his 36th season as head coach for the Plainsmen.  He played in the minor leagues before becoming a high school baseball coach in 1960 and retiring after 1999.

Mohair Council of America
Records, 1949-1975
13,669 leaves

     Contains advertising material, financial material, printed material, information files, scrapbooks, photographs, and the 1968 Chilton Mohair Industry Survey. The collection concentrates on the publicity and promotional efforts of the council. Correspondence is limited to prepared reports for legislative committees.
     An official promotional organization for United States mohair growers, the Mohair Council of America was organized on October 15, 1966, to promote the interests of the mohair industry. The central office is located in San Angelo, Texas.
Monahans Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1929-1974
3,870 leaves, 3 microfilm reels (165 ft.) : negative

Consists of office files with only minor amounts of correspondence and board minutes. These files are grouped by local, state, and national interest and contain correspondence, printed material, lists, and reports, all reflecting primarily business concerns and activities in Monahans during the 1950s and 1960s.
The county seat of Ward County, Texas, Monahans was established in the early 1880s as a water tank stop for the Texas and Pacific Railroad. The town was incorporated in 1928.

Monigold, Vaughn
Papers, 1991-1994 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

The records of Vaughn Monigold consist of photographs, slides, and memorabilia depicting Lubbock, Texas Tech University, and the West Texas region.
Vaughn Monigold was Director of Community Relations for 17 years and did part-time photography during that time. In 1993 he opened a photography studio in Lubbock, Texas at 34th and Indiana, and then moved to Tyler, Texas in 2000. During that period he earned the Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America. In 1999 he served as President of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.
For most of his life, Vaughn believed that his last name was Hendry, and his photography studio was called Hendry Photography, but he recently discovered that his legal name had never been changed from Monigold.

Montford, John T.
Papers, 1997
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Item is speech given by Chancellor John T. Montford at the grand opening of the Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library in April 1997.  The dedication was a four-day event.  The Chancellor was one of several special quest speakers to open the new archives on the campus of Texas Tech University. 
Montford became Chancellor in late 1996.  He was a lawyer from Lubbock and Texas State Senator before accepting the position at Texas Tech.

Montford, John T.
Collection , 1939
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection contains nine postcards entitled “West Texas, America’s Last Frontier!”  Each postcard depicts two images of West Texas life, culture, agriculture, ranching, wildlife, or the economy.  John T. Montford became Chancellor in late 1996.  He was a lawyer from Lubbock and Texas State Senator before accepting the position at Texas Tech.

Montford, Tommie Smith
Papers, 1889-1979
1 microfilm reel (100 ft.) : negative

Includes Montford's correspondence (1935-1977), financial material (1927-1972), legal material (1901-1955), literary productions (1914-1970), photographs (1915-1979), printed material (1915-1978), and scrapbook material (1889-1976). Contains notes comparing the education of American students with European students.
Montford was an English teacher at West Texas Teacher's College during the mid 20th century.
Montgomery, John R.
Papers, 1863-1942
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Includes correspondence from Montgomery to his wife, Mary Linda, concerning his activities as the pilot of a gun boat during the Civil War. Also contains a marriage license of George L. Abbott and Jessie L. Montgomery from 1896 and a letter describing the attack on Pearl Harbor.
John Montgomery served in the Civil War as a Union gunboat pilot.
Mooar, John Wesley
Papers, 1871-1917 and undated
2 small boxes (0.6 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, financial material, printed material, and a diary relating to the business and personal concerns of the Mooar brothers. The collection bulks (1871-1900) with financial materials of the Mooar brothers' business enterprises. There are lesser amounts of correspondence dealing with personal and family matters. Of particular interest is a letter describing the battle of Adobe Walls.  For further details, click here:  JWMooar.
    A buffalo trader and rancher, Mooar was born in 1846 in Pownal, Vermont. He lived in New York from 1861 to 1872, receiving and selling buffalo hides sent by his brother J. Wright Mooar. He joined his brother in Kansas in 1872, and they moved to Texas in 1873. With the decline of the buffalo trade, the brothers established the Mooar Brothers Ranch in Scurry County, Texas. John Wesley Mooar married Margaret McCollum and they had two children, Lydia Louise Mooar and John Combs Mooar. In addition to his ranching and business interests, Mooar assisted in bringing the Texas and Pacific Railroad to Colorado City, Texas. Mooar died in 1918 in Colorado City, Texas.
Mooar, Lydia Louise
Papers, 1876-1971 and undated
2 boxes (1.3 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, financial materials, legal materials, literary productions, and scrapbook material. The collection bulks (1876-1933) with financial and legal material such as land deeds, leases and wills dealing primarily with the business of John Combs Mooar, the brother of Lydia Louise Mooar.  Also includes some materials on John Wesley Mooar and J. Wright Mooar.  For further details, click here:  LLMooar.
    A public school teacher, Lydia Louise Mooar was born in 1887 in Scurry County, Texas, the daughter of John Wesley and Margaret McCollum Mooar. She was educated at Colorado City, Texas, and attended St. Mary's College in Dallas, Texas, and Word Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. She taught school in Texas, Florida, and Georgia before retiring in 1959. Her father and his brother, J. Wright Mooar, were involved in buffalo hunting and ranching.
Mooar, Margaret McCollum (Mrs. John Wesley)
Papers, 1870-1920
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence and literary productions. The collection bulks (1911-1912) with correspondence pertaining to the genealogy of the Mooar family. Includes notes from women's club meetings most notably the Up-to-Date Club of Colorado City, Texas.  Also includes some musical programs and club ribbons.  For further details, click here:  MMMooar.
    A music teacher, Margaret was born in 1862 in Newburgh, New York. She married John Wesley Mooar, a businessman and rancher, and moved to Colorado City, Texas. They had two children, Lydia Louise Mooar and John Combs Mooar. Mrs. Mooar was the first music teacher in Colorado City and was active in women's clubs. Margaret McCollum Mooar died in 1918 in Colorado City.

Moody, Bobby J.
Papers, 1917-1998 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Contains correspondence, printed material, hand notes on the life of Bobby Moody.  Mr. Moody is a native of Lamesa, Texas.  He has been a part of Lubbock’s law community since 1958.  Initially he was part of Lubbock’s oldest law firm, Jones, Flygare, Galey, Moody, and Brown.

Moore, Frank
Papers, 1956-1969
2 microfilm reels : negative

Reel 1 consists of scrapbooks documenting Frank Moore's work and recognition in agriculture. Also contains political memorabilia from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Reel 2 consists of material relating to weather modification in West Texas, as well as reports of weather modification activities in Russia and Africa.
Frank Moore was president of the Sorghum Growers Association. In 1961 Moore was named "Man of the Year in Texas Agriculture" by Progressive Farmer magazine. He also received the Hoblitzelle Award, and served as President of the Plains Weather Improvement Association, the sponsors of the Hail Suppression Program carried on by Atmospherics, Inc.
Moore, Richard

Collection, 1962-1964
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection pertains to the petroleum industry in Texas and the United States. Consists of annual oil company reports and brief histories of the petroleum industry.
Morales, Victor

Papers, 1996
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection consists of campaign posters, Morales campaign button, and news article on Morales.  Democratic candidate Morales began his political career in 1991.   He was a member of the Crandell City Council until 1996, when he ran for the U.S. Senate seat.

Moreland, Adolphus
Papers, 1958-1972 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection has photocopies of diaries kept by Adolphus Moreland who lived in Jayton, Texas.   Items also include letters to the editors, news clippings, and bank book.
    Adolphus Moreland, father of Robert "Bob" Moreland, former professor of mathematics at Texas Tech, was a long-term resident of Jayton, Texas.  Bob Moreland was born March 27, 1931 in Jayton, Texas and died on September 7, 2000.  He had a bachelor's and master's degree from Texas Tech and a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.

Morgan, J. Doug
See J. Doug Morgan Tent Show.

Morris, Catherine
Papers, 1946-1997 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains greeting cards, correspondence, tax receipts, driving permits, military passes, Texas Tech programs, and other scrapbook material from Catherine Morris. 
    Mrs. Catherine “Tiny” Morris was a resident of Hockley County, Texas for 65 years.  She was born at Pep, Texas on June 3, 1932.  Her parents were C. M. and Cora Saunders.  She was married to Eldon Morris of Levelland.  She passed away on December 1, 1997.

Morris, G. B.
Papers, 1943-1985
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection includes of photocopies of game programs and news clippings concerning Texas Technological College's and Lubbock Army Air Field's football program during the 1940s.  Some of the news clippings date to 1985.
    G. B. Morris grew up in Seymour, Texas, before attending Texas Tech from 1931-1934.  He played football at Texas Tech and later coached at Breckenridge and Highland Park in Dallas.  During World War II he coached and played on the Lubbock Army Air Field team that played against Texas Tech for three seasons.  He returned to Tech to coach under Dell Morgan.  After Morgan's departure he became a counselor at Monterey High School and then served in the Lubbock Independent School District central administration for the next twenty years.  He is a current member of the Bike Ten Club.

Morris, Leslie E.
Collection, 1917-1956 and undated
1 small box (0.5 linear feet)

     The bulk of the collection consists of legal and financial documents relating to the activities of Joe R. and Amanda Morris with lesser amounts of personal and business correspondence.  For further details, click here:  LEMorris.
     Leslie E. Morris, the son of Joe R. and Amanda W. Sondstrom Morris, was born in Chaves County, New Mexico in 1917.  During the United States Army Air Force service in World War II, he worked as a supply clerk and drove fuel tankers used in refueling aircraft.  After the war, he was involved in farming/ ranching and owned a package liquor store in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  He married Geneva Cook of Amherst, Texas.  Joe R. Morris was born in Young County, Texas in 1882.  Amanda Willie Sondstrom Morris, born in Travis County, Texas in 1883, had family in Paducah, Texas.  The Morris’ moved to Roosevelt County, New Mexico in 1915.  They were active in ranching and owned the J. R. Morris Feed Store in Elida, New Mexico.  A daughter, Thelma died in 1932.


Morris Ranch Estate
Records, 1887-1966 and undated
5 boxes and 23 ledgers (8.0 linear feet)

Contains correspondence, financial and legal materials, literary productions, maps, photographs, and printed material. The collection bulks (1910-1938) with financial documents which include account books, bank notes, daybooks, invoices and receipts, and stock certificates.  For further details, click here:  MorrisRanch.
The Morris ranch was established in 1883 in Coleman County, Texas, by Joseph Phillip Morris. In 1922 the ranch was divided among Morris' six children. Mattie B. Morris (1874-1969), president of the Rafter 3 Cattle Company, was very active in civic affairs in Coleman, Texas. Her son, J.P. Miller (1900-1974), also managed the Rafter 3 Ranch.

Morris (Rafter 3) Ranch Company
Records, 1855-1982 and undated
38 boxes (38 linear feet)

   Collection includes business and personal correspondence, financial material, legal material such as deeds and abstracts, livestock records, oil and gas records, survey records, printed material, and scrapbook material of J. P. Morris, Mattie B. Miller, the Morris family, the Miller family, and Morris (Rafter 3) Ranch activities.  For further details, click here:  Morris.
    The Morris-Miller ranching material stems from the ranching activity of J. P. Morris of Coleman, Texas and his descendants, especially the Mattie B. Miller family. J. P. Morris began his ranching career at a young age trailing cattle herds to northern markets. By 1884, he purchased land in the Jim Ned Valley of Coleman County and moved his family there in 1888. He added to his holdings so that he eventually built a ranching empire of 100,000 acres. He later became involved in banking, and real estate. His daughter Mattie B. Miller along with her children established the Rafter 3 Ranch from their share of the Morris Ranch holdings. They used the original Morris brand. One of her sons, Morris Miller ran the Shackelford County operations. Doris Miller the daughter of Morris Miller, currently runs the Bluff Creek Ranch of Shackelford County.

Morrison, Adger A.
Family papers, 1885-1932
104 leaves

Includes photographs and scrapbooks pertaining to the Morrison family. The collection bulks with Morrison family photographs which include interior scenes and several ice skating scenes. There are also postcards of buildings in Graham, Texas, and scrapbooks of poems and illustrations from magazines.
The Morrisons were early residents of Graham, Texas. Family members included Adger A. Morrison and his wife, Georgie Garrett Morrison, and their daughter, Annie Lucile Morrison Harbison. Adger A. Morrison's father, John E. Morrison, was the founder of the Graham First Presbyterian Church.
Morrison, John E.
Family papers, 1835-1955
164 leaves

Includes scrapbook material, photographs, and correspondence. The collection bulks (1887-1955) with scrapbook material consisting of newsclippings concerning family members and pertains to social and business activities in Graham, Texas. There are also family photographs and two letters which date to the 1830s.
John E. Morrison and his family operated the J. E. Morrison Company in Graham, Texas. Established in 1881 and incorporated in 1907, the company dealt in dry goods, groceries, furniture, undertaking, hardware, and farm implements. The family also operated stores in Newcastle and Loving, Texas. Family members included Morrison, his son A. A., and his granddaughter Annie Lucile Morrison Harbison.
Morrison, John E., Company

Records, 1903-1957
3 boxes and 73 ledgers (54 linear feet)

Concerns the activities of several mercantile operations of the John E. Morrison Company of Graham, Texas. Also included are financial ledgers.
Morrow, Temple Houston
Sam Houston family Papers, 1836-1969 and undated
1 small box (0.2 linear feet)

     Includes correspondence, some photographs, news clippings, financial material, and literary productions, including poems written by or about Sam Houston, Margaret Lea Houston, and Sam Houston, Jr. The collection bulks (1856-1865) with correspondence from the period when Sam Houston served Texas as a United States Senator and as Governor, and when Sam, Jr. served with a confederate artillery battery in Louisiana. With the principal exception of Sam Jr.'s letter describing his war experiences, the correspondence is primarily between family members and deals with family matters.  For further details click here:  THMorrow.
     Temple Houston Morrow, longtime president of Traders and General Insurance Company of Dallas, Texas, was the son of Nancy Elizabeth Houston Morrow and a grandson of Sam and Margaret Lea Houston. He and his wife moved to Lubbock, Texas, in 1945 following his retirement.
Morton, Auvena
Papers, 1908-1981
7,612 leaves

Bulks with correspondence, college notes, newspaper clippings, and printed material relating to Mrs. Morton's political, community, and university activities, including charity organizations, Lubbock Christian College, the Tech Coordinating Board, National Right to Work, Texas Association of School Boards, Ranching Heritage Center, and literature on oil and gas. Also included are photographs (mostly identified), greeting cards, postcards, and scrapbook material relating to Texas Technological College.
A Lubbock civic leader, Auvena Hufstedler (Mrs. John V.) Morton attended Texas Technological College during the 1920s. Her father was E. K. Hufstedler.

Moseley, Janie
Papers, 1943-1997 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection includes news clipping, brochures, booklet, personal messages, correspondence, documenting the Bataan Relief Organization and other home front activities during World War II.  It is a retrospect of the men who died and lived through the Philippine invasion by the Japanese.  Also includes message from John W. Fleming a P.O.W. (1943) who died in a prison camp.
    Mrs. Janie Moseley is a member of the American Ex-Prisoners of War in New Mexico.  As the young wife of a soldier she attended the first meeting of the Bataan Relief Organization soon after his capture by the Japanese in 1942.  Janie's first husband John W. Fleming died as prisoner of war at the Hoten Camp in Hoten, Manchoukuo in December 7, 1944.  When the Japanese captured the Philippines, American soldiers taken prison were forced to march through the heated jungle known as the Bataan March.  Many died on the trail before they reached their destination.

Mote, Angela
Collection, 1983-1990
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

The collection consists of a transcription of an oral interview entitled, “Ruth Remembers,” as well as a story entitled, “The Great Trip.”   The second document was written in 1983 by Charles Allen, Jr., the eldest son of Charles and Alice Allen.
    The Allen family lived in West Texas in the early twentieth-century.  They worked as cotton farmers, and in the 1930’s part of the family migrated out of the Dust Bowl to California.  Angela Mote is related to the Allen’s through marriage.

Mountain States Investment Corporation
Records, 1956-1964
84 leaves

Contains annual reports and financial statements for the years 1956-1964. The collection includes references to Albuquerque businesses and photographs of buildings in various Southwestern towns.
A mortgage banking business with an active insurance division, the company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and operates in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Utah.
Mowery, Eunice C.
Papers, 1928
242 leaves

The collection consists entirely of correspondence and a literary production pertaining to the production of the annual spring pageant at Texas Technological College for 1928. Of particular interest are scripts and names of students included in the production.
An educator, Mowery taught speech at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia, and at Texas Technological College (1927-1932). She was born in 1902 in Howe, Oklahoma. Her husband, Ray Clifford Mowery, was head of the Animal Husbandry Department at Texas Technological College from 1950-1954.
Mueller, Ben O.
Papers, 1929
74 leaves

Includes scrapbook material and band music books.  Mueller was a bandmaster and public school music instructor.
Muleshoe Chamber of Commerce (Texas)

Records, 1957-1975
1 microfilm reel (75 ft.) : negative

Contains minutes of meetings and scrapbooks concerning the Muleshoe, Texas, Chamber of Commerce.
Muleshoe is the county seat of Bailey County, Texas.

Muleshoe Study Club (Texas)
Records, 1940-1990
1 box and 15 scrapbooks (4.0 linear ft.)

     The collection consists of items from three women’s clubs in Muleshoe, Texas:  Friendship Study Club, Llano Estacado Civic Club, and Muleshoe Study Club comprising the bulk of the materials.  They include club booklets, minutes and rosters, and scrapbooks.
     The Muleshoe Study Club is a women’s club whose object is to promote interest in literature, stimulate intellectual growth, and strengthen individual effort among its members.  They were organized in 1938 and federated into the Caprock District of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1939.  Muleshoe is located in Bailey County, Texas and northwest of Lubbock, Texas.

Mullican, Clark Marion
Papers, 1909-1959
13,434 leaves

Includes correspondence, legal material, financial material, photographs, newsclippings, and scrapbook material relating to the business, political, and civic affairs of Clark Mullican. Also includes correspondence, financial material, and diaries of Mullican's wife, Myrtal D. Mullican. The collection bulks (1944-1950) with material dealing with Mullican's tourist court in Wichita Falls, Texas. Also contains materials pertaining to World War I and World War II, and to Mullican's political and judicial career, including a 1932 court case "State of Texas v. Milton Good and Tom Ross." Of special interest are newsclippings relating to Mullican's hobby of weather forecasting by Indian signs and many clippings of daily weather reports. There are also files containing information on farming and ranching.
An attorney and judge, Mullican was born in 1887 near Bristol, Ellis County, Texas. He received his law degree from the University of Texas and practiced law in Dallas, Texas, serving as assistant District Attorney from 1913 to 1914. He also served as an officer in the 36th Infantry Division during World War I. Mullican moved to Lubbock, Texas, in 1920 and practiced law with Senator W. H. Bledsoe. He was appointed judge of the 72nd District Court in 1923 and later as judge of the 99th District Court. Mullican ran for Congress from the newly-created 19th district in 1934, but lost the election to George Mahon. He was active in civic groups including the Shriners, American Legion, and Kiwanis. Mullican died in 1950 in Lubbock, Texas.
Mullin Community Improvement Organization (Texas)
Records, 1960-1963
1 microfilm reel (90 ft.) : negative

Consists of scrapbooks and ledgers containing reports on families, organizations, and improvement efforts. Also includes photographs and newspaper clippings.
Organized in 1960, the Mullin Community Improvement Organization (a member of the Texas Rural Community Program) works to beautify Mullin through building renovation, flower planting, and street work. The organization also encourages community social gatherings to promote new business.
Mullins, Jonas B.
Family Collection, 1955
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

Contains genealogical information concerning the family of J. B. Mullins and includes material about the Alexander, Allen, and Mullins families, including a copy of Charles Mullins and Rev. J.W.B. Allen, Texas Pioneers (1955).
The Mullins family traces its roots in Texas to 1836 when Charles Mullins and his two sons, Isaac and William H., settled in Bexar County. Following the Civil War, the two brothers moved to Veribest, Texas, fifteen miles east of San Angelo. Ranching the IC brand, the Mullins became well-known West Texas pioneers and a local cemetery bears the family name. Jonas B. Mullins is the great-grandson of Charles Mullins.
Munde, Alan
Papers, 1961-2000 and undated
23 boxes (17 linear feet)

     The collection traces Alan Munde’s artistic career in Oklahoma as a member of Players drama group, and throughout the United States and the world as a solo performer and band member of Country Gazette. The majority of the collection is comprised of financial documents which trace the history of Alan Munde as a musician with the band Country Gazette, businessman-Alan Munde’s Banjo College and teacher at South Plains Community College in Levelland, Texas. In addition to music sheets, column frets, personal interviews, master tapes, master recordings, and newspaper clippings, both American and international, there also is a substantial amount of personal correspondence, photographs and posters highlighting his career as a musician.
     Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, banjo player Alan Munde graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s, where he met his wife Anne Solomon. The couple married in 1977 and moved to Texas, where their daughter, Rachel Munde, was born.   In addition to traveling with Country Gazette throughout the United States and the world, Alan Munde continues to remain productive by owning his business Alan Munde’s Banjo College, and teaching with his fellow band member Joe Carr at South Plains Community College. In 1995 Alan Munde and Joe Carr co-authored the book, Prairie Nights to Neon Lights, which highlights the history of country music in the West Texas region of the United States.

Munn, Melvin
Papers, 1958-1976 and undated
12 boxes and 1 wallet (12.1 linear feet)

Collection contains publications of Lifeline Radio transcripts.
Murdough, James Harold
Papers, 1918-1962
3 wallets

Includes literary productions and printed material. The collection bulks (1948-1962) with three texts written by Murdough: A Course in Mechanics, Kinematics and Kinetics (1948); Elements of Dynamics (1958); Elements of Dynamics (Rev. ed., 1962); and Handbook of 8" Howitzer, Model 1917 and 6" Gun, Model 1917.
An educator and engineer, Murdough was born in 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan, and joined the Civil Engineering Department of Texas Technological College in 1925. He served as Professor and Department Head from 1927 to 1962. In addition, he worked on the original Lubbock City Planning and Zoning Commission and on the Board of Adjustment of the City Building Code. Murdough also served as president of the High Plains Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1954 and 1955, and was a member of the American Society of Engineering Education. The South Plains Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers named him the 1961 Engineer of the Year. He was also active in the Masons, the American Legion, and the Lubbock Rotary Club. Murdough Hall dormitory at Texas Tech University is named for him. Murdough retired in 1962 and died in 1977 in Lubbock, Texas.
Murfee Family

Papers, 1891-1981 and undated
5 boxes (5 linear feet)

Collection primarily consists of the Eva Mae Murfee papers, but also contains materials relating to other family members. Included are historical data about Lubbock and Haskell counties, which Eva used in her classes as a schoolteacher.
The Murfee Family was a pioneer family who had moved from Haskell County, Texas to Lubbock County shortly after the turn of the century. J. E. Murfee and his family settled at Lubbock in 1904. J. E. was a farmer by trade but he was also active in Lubbock’s first board of education. Another member of the Murfee Family who led an active life was Eva Mae Murfee. Eva Mae Murfee was a pioneer Lubbock educator and civic leader. Eva served as the only women on the steering committee, which located Texas Tech at Lubbock, Texas. She began her teaching career in 1905 and in 1914; she served as the first woman principal of Lubbock Junior High School. As a civic leader, Eva served on the first Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

Murfee, LaWanda
Collection, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The items are four cards featuring sketches of historic buildings drawn by LaWanda Murfee.  Ms. Murfee runs two art studios in Lubbock, Texas and Red River, New Mexico.   The Lubbock Studio was named the LaWanda Murfee Studio, while the Red River studio was Murfee’s Summer Studio.

Murff, Mrs. Paul B.
Papers, 1890-1973
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

Includes newspaper clippings concerning the pioneers and history of Floyd County, Texas.
Murphy, John Joseph (Pat)
Papers, 1881-1955
14,761 leaves

Includes personal and business correspondence, the papers of J. J. Murphy Lumber Co.--mainly letters received (alphabetized), and photographs of family members, lumberyards, and friends. Also contains miscellaneous materials including Christmas cards, invitations, membership cards, cancelled checks, magazines, newspaper clippings, invoices, tax correspondence, Chamber of Commerce correspondence, deeds and other legal papers.
A Texas lumber merchant, Murphy was born in 1879 in Gainesville, Texas. In 1909, after working as a traveling salesman for Waples Painters in Lindsey, Oklahoma, Murphy opened a lumberyard on Chestnut Street in Lubbock, Texas. He moved the business to Crosbyton in 1912 and added lumberyards in Lorenzo and Idalou. Murphy lost most of his business during the Depression and, in 1930, returned to Lubbock, where he continued to sell lumber and eventually cleared all debts by the time of his death in 1957.

Murrah Federal Building (Oklahoma City, OK): Conspiracy
Collection, 1996
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a copy of a death certificate for Terrance E. Yeakey, 1996.  Terrance E. Yeakey was a security guard for the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma before it was blown up by terrorists in April, 1996.  One conspiracy theory is that the FBI had prior knowledge of the attack and either botched the operation to stop it or neglected to prevent the explosion.  The resulting blast killed hundreds.  Mr. Yeakey died some weeks later.  The cause of death was ruled a suicide.  His death might have done to prevent him from speaking further on knowledge of the incident.

Murrah Family
Papers, 1861-1974
79 leaves.

Includes copied genealogical material with some letters dating back to 1861.
The family originated in England and came to Texas mainly via Virginia and Kentucky. The West Texas branch of Murrahs hold annual reunions in August.
Murray, Grover E.
Papers, 1904-1982
397,500 leaves

Bulks (1944-1982) with personal and professional correspondence, news items, printed programs and bulletins, financial and legal material, awards and notices, and scrapbook material, all pertaining to the professional career of Grover Murray. Also includes photographs and slides and a collection of rare postcards collected by Murray's daughter.
Murray holds a Ph.D. in geology and was a geologist for Ashland Oil Co., and Vice-President of academic affairs at Louisiana State University before succeeding Dr. R. C. Goodwin as President of Texas Technological College in 1966. He continued in that role until his retirement in 1976, and now serves as consultant at Texas Tech University.

Murray, Grover E.
Papers, 1927-1999 and undated
2 wallets (0.2 linear feet)

Collection of correspondence, information of Murray’s trip to the Antarctica, American Association of Petroleum Geologists publications and other geology information.
    Dr. Grover E. Murray is Professor Emeritus of Texas Tech University, serving from 1966-1976.  He is a world renowned petroleum geologist and has worked in several foreign lands, including Antarctica.

Murray, Grover E.
Papers, 1937-1989 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

     Contains academic and peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and reports on Dr. Murray’s personal research in geology, petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico, paleontology, and geological formations of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. In addition to his own works, there are also many co-authored papers and some committee reports and a few articles on higher education from his time as president of Texas Tech.
     Dr. Grover E. Murray was President of Texas Tech University from 1966-1976.  He is also a distinguished and world renowned Petroleum Geologist.  During his later life he served as a consultant for the university working from the Texas Tech Museum office.  Murray passed away in May 2003.

Murray, John W.
Papers, 1810-1982
4 microfilm reels : negative

     Bulks with material documenting the genealogy of the J.W. Murray family and the Wheeler, Lockwood, and Hamby families. Includes correspondence, scrapbook material, photographs, and miscellaneous material.
     A Crosby County, Texas, pioneer, Murray was the first publisher of the Crosby County News.

Sally M. Murray
Papers, 1969-2010 and undated
4 Boxes, 1 Flat File (4 linear feet)

     The papers of Sally Murray consist of geological papers and course related materials related to the Southwest, and dating from 1969 to 2010. Notes and correspondence from geological field trips from various college courses are also included.
     Sally Marie Sowell Williams Murray was born February 28, 1943.  She was active in young women’s summer camps such as YWCA camp Grady Spruce and Kickapoo Kamp. She was soon drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of Lubbock and West Texas and became a student of Texas Technological College. She became a teacher and researcher in the field of geology traveling the south and southwest paving the way for professional notoriety in her own right. She was the wife of Dr. Grover E. Murray was President of Texas Tech University from 1966-1976, and who died in 2003. Sally’s works continue to enrich and inspire interests in the field of and geology, the petroleum industry, and paleontology research in the noted area.

Museum (Sonora, Texas)
Records, 1968-1969 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     Collection includes a guest book from the Sonora Museum, 1968-1969 and undated.

Records, undated
216 boxes (216 linear feet)

     Bulks with sheet music from KRLD radio station. Also includes an index of the music.

Music: Dallas, Texas
Collection, 1950-1959
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     Collection consists of programs to different musicals that came to Dallas, Texas in the 1950’s.

Music: Secular
Collection, 1717-1923 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Contains sheet music for the organ instrument.  

Myers, C. F.
Papers, 1906-1923
136 leaves

Includes a route book of Myers' work with traveling tent shows. A tent show employee, Myers traveled with various Texas tent shows, including Brunk's Comedians.
Myers, Dorice Mirick
Papers, 1922-1982
470 leaves

     Includes correspondence, legal material, manuscripts, photographs, printed items, and memorabilia concerning the Myers' Graduate Fellowship Program and their promotion of child-free marriages. A portion of the collection concerns the Committee on Special Problems of Small Businesses.  Myers and her husband, D'Alton, endowed a fellowship and professorship in gerontology and geriatrics at Texas Tech University. The couple advocated child-free marriage.
Myres, Sandra L.
Papers, 1847-1968
2 boxes (2.0 linear feet)

     Includes correspondence, literary productions, printed materials, research material, and scrapbook material. The collection bulks (1959-1968) with literary productions including drafts for Force Without Fanfare: the Autobiography of K. M. Van Zandt, S. D. Myres: Saddlemaker, and The Ranch in Spanish Texas. A portion of the correspondence is actually letters from William V. Morrison to S.D. Myres.  For further details, click here:  SLMyres.
     An historian, author, and educator, Myres was born in 1933 in Columbus, Ohio. She received B.A. and M.A. degrees from Texas Tech University and her Ph.D. (1967) from Texas Christian University. She joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Arlington in 1967, and was made full professor in 1983. Her published works include Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, Ho for California, The Ranch in Spanish Texas, and Force without Fanfare: the Autobiography of K.M. Van Zandt. Active in various professional associations, Myres also served as president of Westerners International in 1985. She died on October 16, 1991.
Myres, Samuel Dale
Papers, 1879-1962 and undated
2 boxes (1.3 linear feet) and 1 microfilm reel (2 ft.) : negative

    Includes correspondence, financial materials, legal materials, scrapbooks, printed material, literary productions, and photographs. The collection bulks with literary productions (1927-1961) written about Myres' life. Correspondence includes both business and personal letters. Also includes papers related to Mrs. S. D. Myres, the David R. Myres estate, and Helene Chonla.  For further details, click here:  SMyres.
    A saddle maker, Myres was born on November 22, 1871, in Johnson County, Texas, to David Rittenhouse Myres and Mary Jane Dale Myres. He bought a saddle shop in Sweetwater, Texas (1898d), which became known for its superior craftsmanship. Myres served as mayor of Sweetwater, Texas (1908-1911), president of Sweetwater Commercial Club, and as a school board member (1914-1915). He moved his company to El Paso, Texas, in 1920. Known as "Tio Sam," Myres married twice: first to Drusa Rogers, with whom he had three children-- S. D., Jr., William James, and Melrose; and second to Eva Forkner. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Myres died in 1953 in El Paso, Texas.
Myres, S. D., Saddle Company

Records, 1898-1969 and undated
4 boxes (4.0 linear feet)

    Contains correspondence, financial material, legal material, photographs of company products, and printed material consisting primarily of company advertisements, calendars, stationery, and catalogs.  For further details, click here:  SMyres2.
    Founded in 1898 by Samuel David ("Tio Sam") Myres in Sweetwater, Texas, the company moved to El Paso, Texas, in 1920. Managed by S. D. Myres until his death in 1953, the business was continued by other family members. The company dealt in specialized saddles and leather goods.

Myrick, Roberta
Papers, 1931
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Scrapbook of Roberta Myrick from 1931 as a student at Texas Technological College.  Subdivisions included are:  "Parties," "Frolics," "After 7/7/31," "Odds," "Goods," and "Fall '31."  It is fill with news clippings, invitations, ticket stubs, programs, hand notes of events she attended such as the San Souci club and Texas Tech alumni club.  Roberta Myrick was a student at Texas Technological College when at that time it was only seven years old. 

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