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Nabours, Paul
Papers, 1852-1964
1,884 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, literary productions, genealogical material, minutes, photographs, printed material, scrapbook material, and memorabilia. The collection bulks (1935-1960) with correspondence dealing with quarter horses. There are lesser amounts of personal material, including Salem, Texas, Cemetery Association minutes, land deeds, and Sunday school material.
    A rancher, horse breeder, and agricultural equipment salesman, Nabours was born in 1930. He is the nephew of Cameron, Texas, rancher, John W. House, a noted quarter horse breeder. His most famous horse was Joe Reed, registered P3 by the American Quarter Horse Association.

Nail, Robert E. Foundation
Collection, 1860-1968
20 microfilm reels : negative

    Contains correspondence, military papers, literary productions, scrapbooks, and photographs of Robert E. Nail. Also includes letters, literary productions, and historical files of Etta Soule and the Clarke and Biggs families; general personal papers of other individuals; general business records; records of Shackelford County government; and assorted material on the area's history and the Fort Griffin Fandangle.
    The Robert E. Nail Foundation was set up in the late 1960s by dramatist Robert Nail (1908-1968) for the annual production of the Fort Griffin Fandangle and preservation of the Albany area's colorful frontier past. The Foundation has collected countless archival materials and artifacts over the years.

Nall, Kline
Kline Nall and Jane Gilmore Rushing, Papers, 1975
532 leaves

    Consists of the page proofs, which have editing notes, for Evolution of a University: Texas Tech's First Fifty Years.
Kline Nall, professor of English at Texas Tech University, received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas. Jane Gilmore Rushing, novelist and former English instructor at Texas Tech, received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Texas Tech University. Nall and Rushing are the joint authors of Evolution of a University: Texas Tech's First Fifty Years.

Nash, Robert (Bob) A.
Papers, 1852-2005 and undated
2 boxes (2.0 linear feet)

     The collection contains research files from the estate of Robert “Bob” Nash concerning his research into Nicholas M. Nolan.  Some files are correspondence inquiring about Nolan plus a few other miscellaneous files generated by Paul H. Carlson for his book The Buffalo Soldier Tragedy of 1877.  The Nicholas Nolan files are photocopied materials from the National Archive.  For further details, click here:  RANash.
     Robert “Bob” A. Nash was a Lubbock broadcaster and civic leader.  He had an interest in West Texas history and collected materials on Nicholas Nolan and the Buffalo Soldiers.  Bob began his radio career in 1948 after serving in the military during World War II.  He was anchor of KAMC-TV from 1979-1983 and broadcasted Texas Tech basketball games from 1960-1977.  He also served as District #4 councilman from 1984-1988.  Nash was born in Plainview, Texas in 1924 and died in Lubbock, 1993.
     Nicholas Merrick Nolan was born in Ireland and later came to America in 1852.  He served in the U. S. Army eventually having military duties in Texas, Florida, and Kansas.  One of his assignments was as commander of the all-black cavalry divisions, the 9th and 10th.  They were nicknamed the Buffalo soldiers.  One of his Texas expeditions turned tragic in 1877 when his troops along with some buffalo hunters became lost in the Llano Estacado region of Texas chasing Indians.

Nash, W. A.
Papers, 1899-1925
20 leaves

    Includes correspondence between Nash and Texas Governor Pat M. Neff, as well as the patent and other items on the Nash Cooling Safe.   Nash was the inventor of the Nash Cooling Safe (1899), for which he received a patent.
Nasworthy, Bess Earline Pratt
Collection, 1860-1974
4 microfilm reels : negative

    Includes printed material, maps, photographs, and scrapbook material relating to Tom Green County and San Angelo, Texas, especially to frontier defense and Mexican-Americans. The collection also includes genealogical material on the Walter family, materials from Nasworthy's experience with Texas state historical organizations, and materials (including obituary notices) concerning early citizens of San Angelo.
    Vice-Chairman of the County Historical Survey Committee of Tom Green County, Texas, Nasworthy compiled information for the Texas Historical Foundation and the Texas Marker Survey in 1967 and 1968. She also served on the Texas State Historical Foundation and the Texas States Historical Survey Committee.
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Collection, 1939-1997 and undated
9 boxes, 6 newspaper boxes, and 9 binders (39 linear feet)

    Collection of printed material of the National Collegiate Athletic Association such as manuals, convention material, annual reports, yearbooks, directories, committee handbooks, historic and descriptive documents, studies, surveys, analyses, recruiting, compliance, student athlete information, faculty information, media relations, championships, baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and periodicals. The collection is organized by subjects.
    The NCAA is a nation-wide athletic organization set up to monitor athletic programs from collegiate schools. They monitor the schools’ compliance, student, media relations, recruiting, sports, officiating, and championship regulations.  For further details, click here:  NCAA.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Collection, 1996-1998
2 wallets (0.5 linear feet)

    Contains NCAA championship logos for 1998 and two NCAA championship record books for 1996-1997 and 1997-1998.  Texas Tech University is a Division I member of the NCAA.  The NCAA is a nation-wide athletic organization set up to monitor athletic programs from collegiate schools.  They monitor the school’s compliance, student, media relations, recruiting, sports, officiating, and championship regulations.

National Organization for Women. Lubbock, Texas Chapter
Records, 1967-1978
1,985 leaves

    Contains correspondence, general files, legislative material, and printed material. These records include letters to legislators, speakers, and local media such as Lloyd Bentsen, Alice Paul, Jimmy Carter, Joan Roberts, Edna Gott, Augustus F. Hawkins, George Mahon, Elmer L. Tarbox, James E. Laney, Kent Hance, Bill Clayton, Wayne Peveto, Froy Salinas, Parren Mitchell, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Joe Robbins, Shirley Wright, Michael Essell, Cloris Miller, Bob Vale, Sue McBee, Felix McDonald, and Naphtali DeLeon. Also contains copies of newsletters from other chapters in Texas and other states which reflect specific concerns. Bulks (1974-1978) with general files and printed material.
    The collection provides insight into the history and activities of the group, such as identifying women's rights issues. The Lubbock chapter was formed in 1973, and is active in women's rights issues. This organization also established the Rape Crisis Center and the Center for Battered Wives and Children.

National Organization for Women (Lubbock, Tex. Chapter)
Records, 1978-1991
3 boxes (3 linear feet)

    Contains the records of the operation and activities of the Lubbock Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW).   This includes membership lists, financial documents, meeting minutes and correspondence.  Other material relates to issues important to the NOW movement such as abortion rights, pornography, the Equal Rights Amendment, pay equity, lesbianism, and sexual harassment.  A range of printed material is contained including newspaper clippings, chapter and national newsletters, and conference flyers and programs.  For further details, click here:  NOW.
   The Lubbock Chapter of the National Organization for Women was organized in the late 1970s largely through the efforts of Edna Gott.  She remained the driving force in the Lubbock’s NOW chapter until her death in 1986.  In 1989 the Lubbock chapter folded and the members joined the Texas Tech chapter.  In 1991 the Texas Tech chapter ceased operations.  During its life the Lubbock chapter attempted to bring attention to NOW related issues in the Lubbock community through various activities

National Weather Service (Lubbock, Texas)

Records, 1946-1993
22 boxes (22 linear feet)

    Collection contains surface weather observation charts from November 1946- June 1993.
Naylor, Pauline
James R. Record Collection of West Texas Pioneers, 1936-1959
4,589 leaves

    Includes handwritten and typed submissions to the pioneer section, newsclippings, photographs, personal papers, correspondence relating to women's clubs, and a small file dealing with cancer and tuberculosis. Of particular interest is the original manuscript of Jess Morris' "XIT Cowboy Polka," and letters from Morris to the Fort Worth newspaper, Star Telegram.
    Pauline Naylor was editor of the pioneer section of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Mrs. Naylor began writing the column in 1936 under the direction of James R. Record. This collection is named in Mr. Record's honor at Mrs. Naylor's request.

Neal, Jim
Papers, 1922-1993 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection contains correspondence, tent show material, and a script.  Jim Neal is the copy editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune.  His parents, Ed and Iva Rue Neal were tent show actors in the 1920s.  Mr. Neal moonlights as an actor and has appeared in several stage productions.

Neel, Sue
Papers, 1833-1920 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

    Materials are a Family Bible (1833), locks of hair, and genealogical information on the family.  Sue Neel is a relative of the Masterson family.  The Masterson Family records are housed at the Southwest Collection.  They were a pioneer Texas ranching family, owners of the JY Ranch, and breeders of Aberdeen Angus cattle.   After three generations in the family the ranch was sold to Lawrence of San Antonio, Texas.

Neeley, Bill
Papers, 2004
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The item is a 56-page manuscript entitled “In Citizen’s Garb: Acculturation of the Comanche People, 1867-1901,” a monograph by Bill Neeley.
    Bill Neeley has written two books on Quanah Parker.  His latest monograph sheds light on the Comanche’s fight for survival just after their reservation encampment and through their attempts to learn the “white man’s” way of life.  Their strength would lie in their ability to retain a culture, which speaks for them and a preservation of their identity.

Neely, Corinne Jowell Jennings
Papers, 1926-1972
1 microfilm reel (75 ft.) : negative

    Consists of 3 notebooks of genealogical material and 4 scrapbooks of Texas history material. Family histories are for the Jowell and other related families. Texas history material concerns pioneers and ranching in Deaf Smith and Palo Pinto counties. Includes newspaper articles written by Mrs. Neely.
Negri, Margi Lee
Papers, 1962
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

    Consists of a high school theme containing information about the social and political life of the following tribes: Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Comanche, Crow, Kiowa, Nez Perce, Seneca, Shoshoni, Sioux, and Ute. Reproductions of the photographs are located in the Southwest Collection.
    Negri, a granddaughter of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, wrote a high school theme on various Indian tribes.
Neighborhood Improvement Contest (Dell City, Texas)

Records, 1950
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

    Consists of the annual report of the 1950 Neighborhood Improvement contest in Dell City, Texas, and information on the history of this community.  Dell City, Texas, was incorporated in 1948 in Hudspeth County.

Neighbours, Kenneth F.
Collection, 1981
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

The item is a CD copy with an image of Kenneth Neighbours on his Tennessee walking horse, “Princess,” ca. 1981 or 1982.  Kenneth F. Neighbours, Ph.D., is a Texas historian and retired professor from Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas.  He has written numerous articles and two books:  Indian Exodus:  Texas Indian Affairs, 1835-1859 (1973) and Robert Simpson Neighbors and the Texas Frontier, 1836-1859 (1974).  He has been active with the West Texas Historical Association and the Texas State Historical Association.  During his spare time he rides his horses as recreation.

Nelson, Avis Christian
Papers, 1903-1976
1 microfilm reel (80 ft.) : negative

    Includes personal photograph albums of Mrs. Nelson's family, friends, and college years, a scrapbook containing newsclippings on area history, a scrapbook of Mrs. Nelson's honeymoon, and a manuscript of an unpublished book relevant to the Texas Panhandle's history.
    A daughter of former JA Ranch section manager, James T. Christian, Avis Christian graduated from the College of Industrial Arts (now Texas Women's University) at Denton in 1924, and taught school in Amarillo before marrying Lloyd V. Nelson in 1930 and making Claude, Texas her residence. During the 1960s she served as president of the Armstrong County Historical Association and edited its county history.
Nelson, Morgan
Papers, 1580-1989
59 microfilm reels : negative

    Bulks contain correspondence and printed material (1886-1989) with much of it relating to Nelson's involvement in the cotton industry, and with newsclippings and other printed items relating to water conservation and development. Also contains material relating to Joyce Morgan (his wife) and her involvement in the Social Order of the Beauceant, where she held the office of National president from 1986 to 1987, as well as Florace Nelson's (his mother) scrapbook material relating her involvement in the Eastern Star.
    Son of Fred and Florace (Morgan) Nelson, Morgan followed his father in promoting the cotton industry in New Mexico's Pecos Valley. After graduating from New Mexico State University in 1941 and serving in the Air Force during World War II, Nelson returned to the family farm near Roswell. He was elected to the New Mexico State Legislature in 1949, where he served six consecutive terms and sponsored the bill establishing the State's Board of Educational Finance. Morgan Nelson also served on the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and chaired the New Mexico Savings and Loan's Board of Directors until 1976. In addition, he served on the boards of Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Campus Foundation, Cotton, Inc., and the Chaves County Historical Society.
Nevins, James B.
Papers, 1937-1945
52 leaves

    Includes copies of programs of band concerts and clinics in which Nevins participated, plus newsclippings of these events, as well as World War II headlines.
    A native of Abilene, Texas, James B. Nevins played in the Texas Technological Band, under the direction of D. O. Wiley, during the late 1930s while an engineering student at Texas Technological College.

New Mexico. Department of Education
Records, 1946-1962
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection of publications from the State of New Mexico Department of Education such as handbooks to secondary and primary schools, handbooks for administrators and teachers, manuals for improving instructions, regulation booklets for school bus drivers, and public education awareness.

New Mexico. State Engineer Office
Collection, 1888-1975
7,250 leaves

    The collection consists entirely of printed material dealing with New Mexico's natural resources, and bulks (1951-1975) with catalogs describing New Mexico's water resources.
    This office is responsible for producing studies on ground water levels and water quality issues for the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico. Territorial Irrigation Engineer
Records, 1897-1911
2 microfilm reels : positive

    Contains correspondence and technical reports of the New Mexico Territorial Irrigation Engineer.  The New Mexico Commission of Irrigation and Water Rights was created by the Territorial Legislature on March 18, 1897, for the purpose of investigating irrigation and water rights throughout New Mexico and recommending legislation for the state.   This resulted in the 1899 Board of Public Lands Act, to which an Irrigation Commission was attached, and the creation of the office of Territorial Irrigation Engineer. The 1899 act was repealed by the 1907 Legislature, which passed the basic water rights legislation that still governs use and appropriation of public waters in New Mexico. The Territorial Engineer was retained to supervise the control, appropriation, and distribution of water, aided by a Board of Water Commissioners.
Newcomb, Samuel P.
Papers, 1865-1873
600 leaves

    Consists of photocopies of typescripts of four diaries: Samuel Newcomb, January 1 - December 21, 1865, and January 1 - August 26, 1866; and Susan Newcomb, August 1, 1865 - May 16, 1869, and January 1, 1871 - June 1, 1873. These diaries are also available on microfilm; the originals are contained in the Anne Watts Baker collection.
    Samuel P. and Susan E. Newcomb were pioneers of Shackelford County, Texas, who were among those who "forted up" at Fort Davis, near the Stevens County, Texas, line during the Civil War. They kept diaries during the 1860s and 1870s. Sanuel Newcomb died on April 23, 1870, a vvictim of a measles epidemic.
Newcomen Society
Collection, 1960-1977
4 wallets (0.4 linear feet)

    The collection bulks with printed material that pertain to the society. Of particular interest are essays pertaining to U.S. corporations.
    Founded in 1923 by L. F. Loree and chartered as a non-profit organization in 1961, the society was named for Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729), who was a pioneer in developing the steam engine. The organization's primary interest is business history.
Nichols, Murray D.
Papers, 1931-1945
40 leaves

    Consists of a scrapbook dealing with the Texas Technological College football teams of 1931 and 1932.  Nichols was a college student and athlete who lettered in football at Texas Technological College.
Nicklaus, Winfield W.
Papers, 1925-1978
73 leaves

    Includes newsclippings, photographs, and scrapbook material concerning Nicklaus' career as coach and football player. The collection bulks (1925-1928) with newsclippings and photographs from the first three football seasons at Texas Technological College.
    Captain of Texas Technological College's first football team in 1925, Nicklaus graduated from Texas Technological College in 1928. He was associated as a coach, teacher, and administrator with school systems in the Texas towns of Tahoka, Amarillo, and Borger, and also with Altus, Oklahoma, Junior College, Amarillo Junior College, and West Texas State University. Nicklaus also served on the Amarillo City Commission. He died in 1991.

Nicolett Hotel
Records, 1889-1893
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Contains a hotel register dating from 1889-1893.  The register in its entirety can be viewed among the Southwest Collection's digital collections.
     The Nicolett Hotel, constructed in 1888 and 1889, was one of the earliest structures in the city of Lubbock. Two prominent ranchers from the IOA Ranch and founders of North Lubbock, Frank Emerson Wheelock and Rollie Clyde Burns, purchased the materials for the hotel and had them shipped into Amarillo via train and then brought south to Lubbock County by wagon. The building was an early meeting place for regional pioneers, and it even served as the location where rivals from two early Lubbock County communities, North Lubbock and South Lubbock, met to determine the final location of the city of Lubbock in late-1890. Located initially at the townsite of North Lubbock, the Nicolett Hotel was moved in 1891 to its final location in modern downtown Lubbock where it stood until being demolished most likely sometime in the 1940s. The register features patrons from across the Texas South Plains and Panhandle, as well as some from other parts of the United States and at least one international visitor.

Nimitz, Helene
Papers, 1930-1954
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

    Contains five scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings concerning San Angelo, Texas, Fort Concho, cattle brands and trails, Texas governors, and Texas history.
Nixon, Texas

Collection, 1912-1935
1 microfilm reel (90 ft.) : negative

    Contains a tax roll for the city of Nixon, the City of Nixon Criminal Docket, Corporation Court, and the Justice of the Peace Criminal Docket for Gonzales County (Nixon).
    Nixon, in Gonzalez County, Texas, near the Wilson County line, was founded in 1906 with the building of the San Antonio and Gulf Railroad. It is named for John T. Nixon, on whose ranch land the town was built.
Noble Brothers Grocery Company (Plainview, Texas)
Records, 1912
3 microfilm reels : negative

    Consists of a 1912 accounts receivable ledger used by the Noble Brothers Grocery in Plainview, Texas.

Nolan, Nicholas Merrick
See Nash, Robert A., Papers

Nordyke, Lewis Thaddeus
Papers, 1951
1 microfilm reel (2 ft.) : negative

    Consists of Nordyke's article on the closure of the Matador Land and Cattle Company and the breakup of the ranch. The article was clipped from the Amarillo Daily News, July 25, 1951.
    Lewis Thaddeus Nordyke, born December 25, 1905, in Callahan County, Texas, received his formal education at John Tarleton Junior College in Stephenville and later at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He launched his newspaper career at Stephenville and later joined the Amarillo Globe-News staff as a journalist-historian and political editor. In 1935 he married Dorothy Beeman, and they had two daughters. During his career, Nordyke published several works on the history of West Texas, including Cattle Empire (1949), Great Roundup (1956), John Wesley Hardin (1957), and The Truth About Texas (1957). After leaving the Amarillo paper in 1951, he served on the Texas Youth Development Council and the State Prison and Paroles Board. His last book, Nubbin Ridge (1960), describes his boyhood on the farm in Callahan County. Nordyke died in Marfa on July 8, 1960.
Norfleet, J. Frank
Papers, ca. 1925-1971
51 leaves

    Consists of newsclippings and scrapbook material.   Pioneer rancher and horseman, Norfleet was born in Lampasas, Texas, in 1865. He worked as the first foreman of the Spade Ranch until he saved enough money to start his own ranch in 1904. Norfleet was swindled out of $30,000 in 1919, and began a 15-year manhunt that resulted in the capture of an estimated 100 men, and Norfleet being nicknamed "The Little Tiger" by a national magazine that covered the story. His experiences are outlined in an autobiography, entitled "Norfleet." Married to Elza Huggins in 1894, the couple had 3 children. He retired to Hale Center, Texas, in 1954.  Norfleet died in 1967.

Northcutt Family
Collection, 1863-1938
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items include a letter written in 1863 by A. E. Northcutt to his father John Robinson Northcutt of Alabama during the Civil War. A news clipping accompanies the letter discussing the Northcutt family and the Civil War letter:  "Last Letter Home From Trooper in Civil War Now a Prized Possession" Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Jan. 5, 1936).  Also includes a photocopied 30-page genealogy entitled "Northcutt and Allied Families" by Dolly Northcutt and Amelia Sparkman Castleberry (Morris Publishing Company, Longview, Texas, 1938).
    A. E. Northcutt was a member of the Alabama 22nd Regiment.  He describes his camping experience through fifteen days of rainy weather.  He wrote the letter while near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This letter was given to John Robinson Northcutt's daughter, Mary Anna Northcutt Pool, who was the niece of A. E. Northcutt.

Norris, J. Frank
Papers, 1939-1941
1 scrapbook (1.0 linear feet)

     The item is a scrapbook full of news clippings, cards, and articles concerning the missionary efforts of Dr. J. Frank Norris a noted Baptist minister.  Some of the clippings concern Homer Duncan’s missionary outreach.
     Dr. John Franklyn Norris was a well-known Baptist minister who evangelized throughout the world as well as the U. S.  He was pastor of the First Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas and Temple Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan.  His home town was Fort Worth, where he was known as “The Fighting Parson.”

Nuclear Waste Management
Records, 1972-1990
73 boxes (73 linear feet)

   Collection of bound and unbound materials, policy readers, proceedings, publications, and articles from the Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation and U. S. Department of Energy concerning the disposal of nuclear waste in safe zones and its management.   The policies established by the U. S. Federal government effect the environment and its natural surrounding including the people, wildlife, and natural resources such as water.  The U. S. Federal government has conducted studies through the years in search of safe isolated areas that do not endanger the environment.  States from Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona were part of their studies for disposing of nuclear waste deep underground in salt repositories.  For further details, click here:  Nuclear.

Nuclear Waste Task Force, Inc.
Records, 1957-1988 and undated
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

    Is comprised of correspondence concerning the Nuclear Waste Task Force, Inc. Also contains information on Congressman Edward Marky and his involvement in the task force. Included in the correspondence is a memorandum about the Sole Source Aquifer.

Nunn, J. Lindsay
Papers, 1940-1979 and undated
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

    Collection manly contains railroad time tables of the Amtrak, Burlington, Frisco, Katy, Rock Island, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Southern Railway System, St. Louis Southwestern, and the Texas and Pacific. All were railways that ran through Texas.
Nunn, J. Lindsay, Family

Papers, 1858-1974 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection pertains to the Nunn Family of Kentucky and the Texas Panhandle. Among other things, the Nunns built up the Amarillo Daily News and later established the Nunn-Warren Publishing Company.

Nystel, Archie
Papers, 1944-1975 and undated
4 boxes (4 linear feet)

The papers of Archie Nystel consist of Bar Exam materials, correspondence, educational and military records, sheet music, ledgers, artifacts, and various printed materials related to the personal life, and military, law, and business careers of Archie Nystel. A number of books related to piloting (civil and military) are included, as well as four Texas Tech University La Ventana yearbooks from 1938-1941.
Archie C. Nystel (1919-2010) was born in Cranfalls Gap, Texas, on October 23, 1919 to Joseph and Matilda Nystel, both of Texas. He was raised in Abernathy, Texas, where his father owned Nystel Realty. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Technological College in 1942. He entered active duty in the U.S. Army in March of that year and served in the Corps of Engineers in Assam Province, India. Hewas discharged from active service in 1946.
Afterward, he worked as a professional engineer with the Bechtel Corporation in Los Angeles until 1954, when he moved with his family to Lubbock, Texas. He joined Nystel Realty, the records of which comprise this collection, where he handled farm, ranch, and mineral properties for over 40 years. He also owned Nystel Auto Sales. He could be seen at the auto auction in Lubbock every Thursday.
Lastly, he was married to Louise G. Nystel, and had four children: Carol Carter, Tom Mystel, David Nystel, and Alice Nystel-Page. Archie Nystel passed away on July 20, 2010.

Nystel Realty Company
Records, 1853-2004 and undated
6 boxes (6 linear feet)

The records of the Nystel Realty Company contain business documents and related material pertaining to a number of Nystel Realty Company’s clients and partners. This includes correspondence, legal documents such as probate records, mineral rights maps and other maps, newspapers, and assorted printed material related to the company’s operations. Nystel’s high school and college diplomas are also included.
Archie C. Nystel (1919-2010) was born in Cranfalls Gap, Texas, on October 23, 1919 to Joseph and Matilda Nystel, both of Texas. He was raised in Abernathy, Texas, where his father owned Nystel Realty. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Technological College in 1942. He entered active duty in the U.S. Army in March of that year and served in the Corps of Engineers in Assam Province, India. Hewas discharged from active service in 1946.
Afterward, he worked as a professional engineer with the Bechtel Corporation in Los Angeles until 1954, when he moved with his family to Lubbock, Texas. He joined Nystel Realty, the records of which comprise this collection, where he handled farm, ranch, and mineral properties for over 40 years. He also owned Nystel Auto Sales. He could be seen at the auto auction in Lubbock every Thursday.
Lastly, he was married to Louise G. Nystel, and had four children: Carol Carter, Tom Mystel, David Nystel, and Alice Nystel-Page. Archie Nystel passed away on July 20, 2010.

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