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Paetzold, John
Papers, 1937-1967
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

Contains scrapbooks composed of newspaper clippings dealing with farming and the Paetzolds' vegetable production.
The family farms extensively in the Deaf Smith County, Texas, area near Hereford, raising wheat and vegetables.
Palisades Hotel (Gunnison, Colorado)
Records, 1888-1898
1 item, 45 leaves

Consists of the hotel guest register for June 5-September 22, 1888. Political cartoons and other newsclippings from 1898 have been pasted over the first 19 leaves of the register.
The hotel was originally called the Tabor House and opened ca. 1882 in Gunnison, Colorado. In 1888, it operated as the Palisades Hotel by R. Olney. The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1905.
Palomares, Crispin de
Records, 1858-1894
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

Consists of correspondence and miscellaneous records relating to Palomares in Reynosa, Mexico.
Palomares, Rudolfo S. D
Collection, 1818-1887
140 leaves

This collection has been artificially created. Consists of photocopied letters and legal documents, some dating from the Spanish Colonial period, pertaining to the Yaqui country in northwestern Mexico.
Palomares was a government official of Mexico.
Pandale Study Club (Texas)
Records, 1951-1972
1 microfilm reel (45 ft.) : negative

Contains minutes, notices, and photographs of the women's club in Pandale, Texas, and the club's related travel (1951-1972).
This is a women's social organization involved in social activities and travel in Pandale, Texas.
Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway

4 charts (4 linear feet)

Includes four large time charts that list the times of arrival and departures of the trains.

Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway
Records, 1924
1 ledger (1 linear foot)

Includes a ledger concerning the railway.
Panhandle Steele Products Company

Records, 1947-1988 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection consists of correspondence dealing with Panhandle Steele Products Company in 1988. Also includes publications from 1947-1950.

Pantex Plant
Records, 1998
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items are publicity materials and general information about the Pantex Plant near Amarillo, Texas.  The Pantex Plant was established in 1942 as a conventional ammunition plant.  After World War II, the 16,000 acre site was donated to Texas Tech, but later reclaimed by the Atomic Energy Commission.  Today, the plant is the only active nuclear weapons assembly facility in the United States.

Parker, Allie Rae
Collection, 1930-1931 and undated
2 wallets (0.2 linear feet)

    Collection is a Hemphill-Wells Candy Box and several name cards from invitations.  Also includes photocopies of Mrs. Parker’s La Ventana yearbook which has hand written notes.  The La Ventana is Texas Tech University’s yearbook.  Mrs. Allie Rae Collins Parker, originally of Claude, Texas is now living in Lubbock.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and marketing in 1933 and her Masters in 1950, both from Texas Technical College.  Her husband, Robert M. Parker, graduated with a Masters in mathematics from Texas Tech in 1933.  Hemphill-Wells was one of Lubbock huge department stores located downtown before they relocated to the South Plains Mall.

Parker, T. A.
Collection and Papers, 1891-1978 and undated
3 boxes, 1 scrapbook (4 linear feet)

Collection primarily concerns the Parker family and friends, as well as there numerous travel experiences in the southwestern region of the United States and abroad.
Parr, Virgil V.
Papers, 1921-1935
755 leaves

Contains correspondence, financial material, legal material, minutes, literary productions, and printed and scrapbook material relating to Parr's life and career as a ranch manager and school board official. Also includes a short autobiographical sketch on his early life and career.
Parr served as manager of the Pitchfork Ranch and later as secretary of the Wichita Consolidated School Board of Trustees in Dickens County, Texas. Originally from Gonzales County, Texas, Parr graduated from Texas A&M University in 1914 with a degree in animal husbandry. Parr also served in France during World War I.

Parrish, Sterling J.
Papers, 1940s
1 oversized box (1.0 linear foot)

    A 16" x 12" scrapbook kept by Lubbock State Senator Sterling J. Parrish.  It is filled with news clippings of his political career.Sterling J. Parrish was a Lubbock, Texas native and Texas State Senator.  He was born in Crosby County, Texas and lived there until 1923.  His father Pink L. Parrish moved the family to Lubbock.  He is a graduate of Texas Technological College.  He ran for the State Senate race in the early 1940s from the 30th Senatorial District of Texas at the age of 38 years.

Parsley, Bill J.
Collection, 1961-1966
1 box (1.0 linear foot)

    This collection includes two scrapbooks concerning Bill J. Parsley and his political career as Texas State Representative with the 58th and 59th Legislature from 1962 to 1965.  They are mostly news clippings, some certificates, resolutions and photographs.
    Born on April 25, 1928 at Fort Phantom Hill in Jones County, Texas, Bill J. Parsley was an attorney from the Lubbock area.  He moved to Lubbock in 1937 and attended public school.  Bill was a graduated of Texas Tech in 1952.  In 1961 at the age of 33 he filed his candidacy for Texas State Representative, place 3 in Lubbock County, and won in 1962.  In 1965, after he left public office, Parsley was appointed Vice President of Development for Texas Technological College.  His wife was Alice and children were William Clint, Nash Clay, and Matthew Jay.

Patrons of Husbandry. Texas State Grange
Records, 1875-1891
112 leaves

Consists primarily of printed material and includes some correspondence. All material relates to Grange activities, concerns, and policies. Of particular interest are circular letters to the membership calling for the movement's revival in the 1880s.
The Patrons of Husbandry, or the Grange, was a national organization for farmers designed to promote education and cooperation. The first Grange in Texas was organized in 1873 and its leaders included William W. Lang and Archibald Johnson Rose. Rose, as a lecturer for the Grange, helped increase membership in Texas and the Indian Territory to 1,275 lodges in 1876. After 1880, the Texas Grange saw a steady decline in membership and was ultimately disbanded before the turn of the century.
Patterson, Debra Shaw
Papers, 1956-1968
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

Consists of scrapbooks relating to Mrs. Patterson's school and rodeo career in Texas and New Mexico from 1956 to 1968. Also includes photographs, newspaper clippings, certificates, programs, and correspondence.
Patterson, Paul
Papers, 1943-1975
1 box (1 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, a diary, financial material, literary productions, photographs, printed material, and scrapbook material. Bulks (1964-1975) with manuscripts and scripts dealing with Patterson's literary productions.
    An author and teacher, Patterson was born in Gaines County, Texas, and reared in the West Texas area. He graduated from Sul Ross University and wrote Sam McGoo and Texas Too (1947), Louder Than Guns (1956), Pecos Tales (1967), and Crazy Women in the Rafters (1975). He taught for 37 years in Marfa, Sanderson, Crane, and Sierra Blanca public schools. He is the past president of the Texas Folklore Society. Patterson also worked on the Hillbilly radio program (KFJZ, Fort Worth) and as a field representative for the Southwest Collection.

Patterson, Paul
Papers, 1960-1994 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items are a manuscript on Paul Patterson and Elmer Kelton and some publications on Mr. Patterson. Paul Patterson is a teacher, author, folklorist, and former cowboy.  After earning a degree in education from Sul Ross State University, he taught in various high schools, including Crane, Marfa, Sanderson, and Sierra Blanca.  One of his students at Crane was Elmer Kelton, a western writer.   Mr. Patterson and Mr. Kelton have maintained a life-long friendship.

Patton, Gertrude
Papers, 1928-1969
168 leaves

Bulks (1928-1930) with printed material from the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Includes a ledger (1966-1969) listing daily expenses. Also contains medical records, some family correspondence, and a post card of the Christian Church in Benjamin.
Patton was a civic activist in Benjamin, Texas, during the 1920s and 1930s. She was married to Frank Patton who owned the Patton Ranch.
Patton, Joseph T.
Papers, 1927
52 leaves

Includes a scrapbook containing captioned photographs of the first geology field trip undertaken by Texas Technological College. There also exist related clippings and cards not listed on the inventory.
The first professor of Geology at Texas Technological College, Patton conducted a field trip to New Mexico from June 7 to July 14, 1927. Participating students included Henry Mobley, W. T. Reed, Percy Denton, John McElroy, Lloyd Preatt, J.T. Gist, Eldon Thorpe, and J.F. Clingingsmith.
Peabody, James Hamilton
Papers, 1904
1 microfilm reel (15 ft.) : negative

Consists of a scrapbook concerning the 1904 gubernatorial election in Colorado. Information centers on election campaigns of incumbent Governor James H. Peabody and challenger Alva Adams.
Peacock, Bryan
Papers, 1893-1964
28 leaves

Includes photographs of family members and of business dealings with the wool and fur trade, pamphlets dealing with county histories, and newspaper clippings on the wool industry.
Peacock was a fur and wool businessman in Lampasas and Jacksboro, Texas.

Peacock, Laura Smithwick
Collection, 1873-1974
971 leaves; 1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

    The collection bulks (1917-1970) with scrapbook material (pamphlets, programs, newsclippings, correspondence, etc.) dealing with various aspects of Jack County, Texas history. It also includes photocopies and typescripts of articles and original historical documents, some dating back to the 1870s, such as the constitution and by-laws of the Anti-Horse Thief Association.
A local history activist and civic leader, Peacock is a resident of Jacksboro, Texas, and is active in local historical organizations and projects. She has worked with the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce tourist division and also served as chair of the Jack County Historical Survey Committee.
Pearce, Thomas Matthews
Papers, 1936
99 leaves

    Includes correspondence dealing with the publication of Lane of the Llano, Being the story of Jim (Lane) Cook as Told to T. M. Pearce, galleys for the book, and copies of the published review.
    An educator and author, Pearce was born May 22, 1902, at Covington, Kentucky. He moved to New Mexico in 1927 and taught English at the University of New Mexico as an assistant, then associate, professor until his retirement in 1964. His published works include America in the Southwest, A Regional Anthology, edited with Telfair Hendon (1933), Lane of the Llano (1936), The Beloved House (1940), and Mary Austin (1965).
Pearce, William Martin
Papers, 1904-1959
2,247 leaves

    The collection contains correspondence, nineteen pastor's books, printed material, legal material, and scrapbook material. The bulk of the material pertains to Pearce's activities as a minister and his relationship with the Methodist Church. Also includes a diary relating to a Mediterranean cruise and tour of Palestine in 1926, and material concerning family history.
    Pearce was a Methodist minister for the Northwest Texas Conference of the Methodist Church from 1914-1953. He served in Bovina, Crosbyton, Dalhart, Abilene, Vernon, and Pampa, Texas. He also presided as elder of the Amarillo district and Lubbock district, and as district superintendent of the Vernon district.
Pearce, William Martin
Papers, 1932-1974
1,652 leaves

    Includes literary productions, newsclippings, correspondence, and articles from historical journals. Much of the material relates to Pearce's book on the Matador Land and Cattle Company, and to work done with Carl Coke Rister on Rister's book about the oil industry. Contains correspondence regarding academic and administrative affairs at Texas Tech University. Also contains accounts of archaeological expeditions to sand hill sites in Bailey and Lamb counties of Texas (1932) and in Mexico (1940). Includes two literary productions by Pearce's mother, Annie E. Bates Pearce, dealing with life on the High Plains in the early twentieth century.
    An historian, author, college professor and administrator, Pearce was born in 1913 in Plainview, Texas. He married Frances Campbell in 1939, and served four years with U.S. Army during World War II. He received an M.A. from Texas Technological College (1937) and his Ph.D. from University of Texas (1952). Pearce was a professor of history at Texas Technological College, and served as Head of the History Department (1954-1960) and as Academic Vice-President (1960-1968). He was appointed President of Texas Wesleyan College in 1968. Pearce is the author of The Matador Land and Cattle Company.
Pearson, Houston and Johnny Gafford

Papers, 1961-1984 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Includes material detailing the history of Lake Ransom Canyon from brochures, newsclippings, maps, and scrapbooks. Also includes a brief genealogy of the Terrell Pearson Family.
Pearson and Gafford purchased the Lake Ransom Canyon area in 1959. They began developing the land for residential use in the 1960’s. In 1965, the remaining lots were sold off to Lake Ransom Canyon real estate agents. This small collection contains documents dealing with the development of the canyon.

Pearson, Neale J.
Papers, 1967-1997 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection contains mostly publications on a political issues such as labor statistics, solidarity, the Texas Observer, and ideology characteristics of Texas Political Activists.  Dr. Neale J. Pearson is a retired political science professor from Texas Tech University.  He has been involved with the local political issues of the City of Lubbock, Texas as an observer and participant.

Pearson, Perry S.
Papers, 1915-1931
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a ledger book, which records acknowledgments of notarized items, mostly from land owners in Potter County, Texas, listing cost and dates from 1915-1931.  Also includes some of Pearson’s certificates as a Notary Public and a receipt for a membership due in the National Democratic Victory Club (1924).  Perry S. Pearson was a notary public for Potter County, Texas from the years 1915-1931.  He worked from an office building in Amarillo, Texas.

Peavy, Sterling Alexander
Papers, 1926-1980 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

   Collection contains memorabilia items, printed materials, and scrapbook materials.  They include an USO patch and war service medal, awards and certificates, family history, identification cards, and Santa Fe Railway notebooks.  Sterling Alexander "Squire" Peavy was born October 21, 1889 at Kerrville, Texas.  He attended Texas A&M University and went to work for the Santa Fe Railway as an office engineer in 1912.  In 1919 he was transferred to Slaton, Texas.  He retired in 1959 after over 39 years of service.  Mr. Peavy was very active in Masonic affairs, the Slaton School Board, and the Chamber of Commerce.  Sterling Alexander Peavy passed away on May 3, 1959, at the age of 74.

Pecos Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1953-1974
1 microfilm reel (130 ft.) : negative

Contains correspondence, financial statements, budgets, agendas, and minutes of the Pecos Chamber of Commerce.
Pecos, Texas, located in Reeves County, was established in 1881 and became the county seat in 1884.
Pecos River Compact Commission (Texas)
Records, 1979
4 leaves

The collection consists entirely of 1979 correspondence regarding the (then)current status of the ongoing legal battle between Texas and New Mexico over the allocation of the waters of the Pecos River.
In 1949 Texas and New Mexico agreed to the Pecos River Compact which allocated the water of the Pecos River between the two states. In 1973, Texas filed suit claiming that New Mexico had violated the terms of the agreement in that between 1952 and 1972 New Mexico had failed to deliver more than one million acre-feet of water. In 1987 the Supreme Court determined that the delivery short-fall was 340,100 acre-feet. Texas then sought repayment of this amount of water delivered over a 10-year period or, in the alternative, damages up to $900 million. Negotiations between the two states were conducted up until early 1989, when it was announced that Texas would accept a cash payment of $14 million for violations of the 1949 Pecos River Compact.
Pecos Valley Water Conservancy District (New Mexico)
Records, 1926-1984
16 microfilm reels : negative

Consists of correspondence, legal material, charts, minutes, and reports pertaining to the Pecos Valley Water Conservancy District.
Pecos Valley Water Conservancy District is a political sub-division of New Mexico, created in 1953 to conserve groundwater in the Roswell Artesian Basin of Chaves and Eddy counties.
Peel, Donald F.
Papers, 1960-1980
347 leaves

Contains an undated manuscript edited by Donald Peel entitled The Emperor of the East by Philip Massinger.
Peel, a professor of English at Texas Tech University, has published several articles and commentaries on grammar and literary forms in various journals relating to the discipline.
Peel, Robert S.
Papers, 1858-1954
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

Consists of obituary notices for J.T. McDaniel and handwritten drafts of Hondo Herald newspapers (ca. 1858), published in Hondo, Medina County, Texas. Includes correspondence and newspaper clippings, as well as family history material on the McDaniel, Graham, and Peel families.
Peel is the son of Helen McDaniel Peel, a pioneer rancher at Douglas, Arizona.
Pellette, Eugene
Papers, 1912-1983 and undated
1 box (1.0 linear foot)

     The collection contains Eugene Pellette’s original research concerning Museum interpretation of the histories of the Fort Worth and Denver South Plains Railway and the towns established along the rail line.  The materials consist of company correspondence, printed material ephemera relating to the railroad industry, maps, and Pellette’s draft manuscript.  For further details, click here:  EPellette.
     Eugene Pellette was born in 1946 and died December 21, 1994.  He had researched and worked on a report on the Fort Worth and Denver South Plains Railway Company.  Today, portions of the abandoned track have been converted to the Caprock Canyons Trailway.  The trail comprises 64 miles along the former rail line from Estelline in Hall County to South Plains in Floyd County, Texas.


Pendleton, Alfred M.
Papers, 1902-1972
7,718 leaves

Consists of correspondence, printed material, and literary productions pertaining to cotton ginning and harvesting. The collection bulks (1933-1969) with printed material from cotton harvesting and ginning companies. Of special interest are Pendleton's literary productions on cotton harvesting and cotton ginning. Also includes blueprints and schematic drawings of cotton machinery provided by various manufacturers.
A cotton ginning specialist and engineer, Pendleton was born in 1911 in Farmersville, Texas. He began his career as the general manager for Southern Gin Company in Terrell, Texas, from 1932-43. He became the cotton ginning specialist for the Federal Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture in 1943. He served as head of educational programs on cotton harvesting and ginning, and was promoted to cotton-ginning engineer in 1962. He was a consultant to all state land grant colleges and universities on cotton educational programs. Pendleton is a member of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Epsilon Sigma Phi, Highland Park Masonic Lodge, Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies, and Park Cities Baptist Church. He is the author or co-author of over 60 papers and articles on scientific methods of the harvesting and ginning of cotton.

Peng, George T. C.
Papers, 1966-1968 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a publication of the Table of Land and Water Resource Units.  George Peng was a Professor of City Planning and Urban Design and Director of the Institute for Urban Studies International at Texas Tech University.  Born and educated in China, he received his Masters from the University of Illinois.  He completed his Doctorate in Germany.  Among Dr. Peng’s community planning projects for various cities, he has performed work for the City of Lubbock concerning the Overton Neighborhood.

Penney, Hulen
Collection, 1942
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Pertains to Penney’s Naval Officers Commission dated 1942.  Hulen Penney is the descendant of Lubbock pioneers and a long-time Lubbock resident.  He is a businessman whose primary interests include real estate development and sales.


Pennington, Marshall L.
Papers, 1939-1977
44,122 leaves

The collection bulks largely with material on budgets, construction, future growth, and personnel for several universities in Texas, and with documents from various associations of college educators and administrators. These include agendas, notes, and minutes of meetings. Also contains correspondence with members of boards, and material relating to Lubbock County Hospital District. A variety of printed materials such as books, directories, blueprints, periodicals, and newsclippings are also included.
Business manager and president of Managerial Consultants, Inc., of Lubbock, Texas, Pennington was born in 1912. He served as Vice-President and Comptroller for Business Affairs at Texas Tech University, 1949-1969; Business Manager and Vice-President of the University of Texas at El Paso, 1936-49, 1969-1973; and as Administrative Vice-President of Texas A & I University in Kingsville, 1973-74. Pennington was also a member of community service organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Community Chest, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau, as well as other professional and educational organizations.

Pennington, Marshall L.
Collection, 1942-1976
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Items are correspondence, poll tax receipts, U. S. Naval documents, nametag, various news clippings, programs, guest book and a patch.  The materials relate to Pennington’s Naval career and academic career at Texas Tech University as vice-president of business affairs.  He was active at Texas Tech and in the Lubbock community.

Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene (Pearl, Texas)

Records, 1906-1947
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

Contains a record book of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene in Pearl, Texas. The collection bulks with baptism and marriage records.  The Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene was established 1912 in Pearl, Texas.

P. E. O. Chapter CF (Lubbock, Tex.)
Records, 1961-1998
4 boxes (4 linear feet)

It is a collection of twenty scrapbooks dating from 1961-1998.  The scrapbooks contain photographs, news clippings, directories, and other miscellaneous publications detailing the activities of the P. E. O. Chapter CF in Lubbock, Texas.
   The P. E. O. Sisterhood is a philanthropic educational organization and Chapter CF is located in Lubbock, Texas.  It owns and operates a women’s college, a grant program for needy women, an educational loan fund, and distributes scholarship to needy students.   It maintains four educational philanthropies:   the P E. O. Educational Fund, a revolving loan fund established in 1907; Cottey College, located in Nevada, Montana; the International Peace Scholarship that provides grants-in-aid to female foreign graduate students to study in the United States; and a program for continuing education.

Perini, Vincent Charles, Jr.
Papers, 1896-1979
73,236 leaves

Consists of Perini Mining Company records and general business correspondence. Bulks (1896-1966) with records relating to expired, plugged, and producing oil leases. Records are subdivided by county and the individual lease names. Also bulks with ledgers (1927-1962) pertaining to business finances, leases, payroll, company minutes, and oil runs. Also contains materials related to drilling activity (1925-1955). Subdivided by county, these include geologic reports, maps, and profit/loss statements. Other materials include incorporation records and minutes of the Oil States Exploration Company which operated from 1936 to 1940.
An Abilene, Texas, oil man, petroleum geologist, and oil company executive, Perini was born January 15, 1895 in Denver, Colorado. He received B.A. and M.S. degrees from the University of Colorado (1919, 1920). He worked in Colorado as geologist, and joined Marland Oil Company in 1920s. He formed the early West Central Texas surface geology company of Merry Brothers and Perini in 1924. From the mid-1940s to the 1960s, Perini worked independently as a geologist and oil producer, and became the West Central Texas "dean" of geologists. During the mid-1950s, the Perini Mining Company prospected for uranium, mercury, and iron in Texas and the West. Perini's professional activities include: founder and first president of the Abilene Geological Society, former first president of the West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association, former Vice-president of both the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the National Stripper Well Association, charter member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and a member of the Texas Academy of Science. Perini died in 1965.
Peterman, V. M. "Pete"
Papers, 1979
112 leaves

Consists of the typed manuscript of Pioneer Days: A Half-Century of Life in Lamb County and Adjacent Communities.
Born in 1905 in Indian Territory, Peterman settled in Lamb County, Texas, in 1926 with his wife, Vera, and his son, Joe. His interests were in farming and ranching. In 1979, Peterman published Pioneer Days: A Half-Century of Life in Lamb County and Adjacent Communities. Peterman died in 1987.
Petroleum News Corporation

Five Star Oil Report
Collection, 1950-1956
32 boxes (32 linear feet)

Contains press releases from the Five Star Oil Report published by petroleum News Corporation of Midland Texas. They were distributed to the West Texas Daily from 1950-1956, the Midland Daily, 1950-1956, the West Texas-New Mexico Semi-Weekly from 1952-56, and the New Mexico Weekly from 1953-1956. The reports indicate information on the oil and petroleum industry in Texas.
Petzel, William D. and Eloise Punchard

Papers, 1932-1957
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection includes letters from Eloise Punchard Petzel to Crosbyton Chamber of Commerce about W. A. Craddock and family and William D. Petzel. Also contains a letter from William D. Petzel to his daughter about his life as a pioneer.

Peysen, Raymond B.
Papers, 1940s
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items include one battalion book entitled "We Followed Patton" produced by the 652nd Engineer Topographic Battalion (42 pages) and one photocopied set of 27 World War II photos depicting German war atrocities against the Jews during their captivity.
   Raymond B. Peysen served in General George Patton's Third Army during World War II with the 652nd Engineers, Company B.  Patton's Third Army marched through Europe fighting the German army.   Peysen played baseball during and after the war.

Pfeiffenberger, George W.
Papers, 1923-1965
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

Consists of correspondence, printed material, financial material, and legal material pertaining to Cotton's Original Old Technologist Society (COOTS), and Plains Cotton Growers.
Pfeiffenberger is a well known cotton technologist and Executive Vice president of Plains Cotton Growers.
Phillips Petroleum Company (Oklahoma)

Collection, 1966-1968
229 leaves

The collection includes printed financial reports, literary productions for campus presentations--principally to engineering students, the company history and development of trademark, and a list of Texas Tech University graduates employed by the company.
A large integrated petroleum producer and marketer founded in 1917, the company is headquartered in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Phillips Petroleum has employed many Texas Tech University Engineering Department graduates.
Phoenix, Arizona

Collection, 1958-1964
2 wallets (0.2 linear feet)

Includes printed material on attractions and businesses in Phoenix. Also contains some local newspapers. Printed material on the U.S.S. Arizona, which sank in the bombing of pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is also included.

Pickering, John
Papers, 1957-1998 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a publication on Buddy Holly and the Picks.  John and Bill Pickering, along with Bob Lapham, made up the 1950s vocal group “The Picks.”   John and Bill performed and recorded with a family group for many years before being joined by Bob.  In 1957 the group sang backup vocals for Buddy Holly and the Crickets on such hits as “Maybe Baby” and “Oh Boy”.  John Pickering graduated from Texas Tech in 1957 with a degree in Petroleum Geology.

Picking, Jacob
Papers, 1847-1848
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

      This collection contains three letters written by Jacob Picking while in Mexico during his military service to his brother Henry S. Picking of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  His letters are very detailed in discussing dates and places, the soldiers in his company, battle engagement reports, and other things of interests.  It is accompanied by a newspaper, Norwich (New York) Journal dated April 8, 1847 with a lead story entitled “Battle of Buena Vista!”  The second page has a list of dispatches from General Zachary Taylor.
      Jacob Picking served with Company L, Second Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers under several commanders some of whom are General Pierce and General Patterson.  The United       States fought Mexico in the Mexican War of 1846-1848.  The war hoped to settle the border dispute with Texas and the sale of Northern California.  The result of the war was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Pierson, M. S.
Papers, 1861-1865
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

   Item is a daily journal of Pierson from 1861-1865 while a soldier in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.  He served in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.  He participated in several engagements along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast.

Pioneer Natural Gas Company (Amarillo, Texas)
Collection, 1956-1966
246 leaves

Contains the company's financial reports for 1962, 1963, and 1965, and correspondence between the Southwest Collection and Pioneer Natural Gas Company regarding articles by Thomas F. Cartwright and the Builders of the Southwest book.
Pioneer Natural Gas Company is a modern business corporation with major interest in natural gas distribution. The company is headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, and conducts the majority of its business in West Texas.
Pitcaithley, Al S.
Papers, 1903-1976
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

Consists of 3 scrapbooks (1903-1976) containing photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, correspondence, and contracts relating to Al Pitcaithley's association with tent shows. Includes information on Harley Sadler, Henry L. Brunk, Harvey and Lotta Haverstock, Neil and Caroline Schaffner, the Chase-Lister Show, Chick Boynes Players, and the Berry Players.
Pitcaithley was a tent show actor in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company

Records, 1837-1976
54,448 leaves 1 : microfilm reel (90 ft.) ; negative

    Contains correspondence (1877-1976), legal documents (1837-1964), financial material (1886-1979), maps and charts (1954 and undated), and diaries (1953-1964). Also includes scrapbook material, printed material, news releases, speeches, minutes and an agenda, a literary production, news clippings, photographs, and general files.  For further details, click here:  Pitchfork.
    Organized in 1881 by D.B. Gardner and Eugene F. Williams, the enterprise was incorporated in 1883 as the Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company. Management of the company operations continues today by the same family under the same corporate structure, and is headquartered near Guthrie, Texas. The Ranch has also operated divisions near Laramie, Wyoming, and Eskridge, Kansas.
Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.

Records, 1933-1973
ca. 103,534 leaves

Contains internal reports on product quality, research, promotion, and legislation. Also contains correspondence, printed material, and financial documents. The collection bulks with general office files detailing the everyday business conducted by Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. Of special interest is the collection of correspondence between Plains Cotton Growers president, Don Johnson, to Texas Congressman, George Mahon.
This is a corporation which serves 23 counties of the West Texas High Plains to make the cotton crop more competitive on the world market. Headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, the Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. has directed programs in research, promotion, service, and legislation.
Plains Ginners Association

Records, 1940-1960
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

Contains correspondence, minutes, reports, resolutions, lists, brochures, magazine and newspaper clippings, and deposit slips arranged chronologically in office files.
The Plains Ginners Association is the broadest-based cotton ginners' organization on the South Plains.
Plains Weather Improvement Association (Texas)

Records, 1966-1983
381 leaves

Contains correspondence concerning the hail suppression program that originated in Hale County and affected the surrounding 15 counties. The collection bulks (1966-1970) with printed material about hail suppression. Of special interest is correspondence in opposition to the hail suppression program.
Headquartered in Plainview, Texas, Plains Weather Improvement Association was active in 1969, 1970, and 1971 with a hail suppression program centered in Hale, Lamb, and Floyd counties of West Texas.
Poff Family
Papers, 1859-1911
18 leaves

The collection consists of handwritten letters (1885-1911) from John D. Jones to his sister, Nancy, describing a trip from Sulphur Springs, Texas, to Los Angeles, California, and his experiences in California. Also contains one letter from Richard (?) in Madrid, Spain, to John Poff. Also includes a Masonic resolution concerning William Poff (1859) and a school teacher's certificate (1879).
William Poff, an active Mason, was the father of John Poff and father-in-law of Nancy Priscilla (Jones) Poff. John D. Jones was Nancy's brother.

Political Cartoons
Collection, 1940s
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

   Collection of forty-five 9 x 7 cards with political cartoons glued to the cards.  They detail various topics involving the United States’ stand on economics, political abuse, World War II, and labor.  Some take a satirical view of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his policies.  The cards were probably meant as an educational device.
   Political cartoons offer and avenue for satirist to lampoon any aspect of social, economic, and political life from events that transpire around the world.  They often reflect the cartoonist's feelings as well as the opinions of a group.  They are meant to make a point across to people.

Porter, Albert
Collection, 1904-1945
1 microfilm reel (35 ft.) : negative

Consists of a register of births, marriages, and deaths from 1904 to 1945. Five notebooks contain handwritten, typed, and printed material in roughly chronological order concerning Hood and Tarrant counties, Texas. The records were compiled by Judge B. M. Estes of Granbury, Texas.  

Porter, Melvin
Papers, 1984-1991 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     Collection contains the manuscript, "Back Trail," written by Melvin Porter. Also contains genealogical material on the Porter family.  

Porter, Thelma Wilson
Papers, 1918-1969
59 leaves

     Includes scrapbook material, and photographs of railroad equipment. Bulks (1918-1925) with scrapbook materials that deal with the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. Also includes invitations to inaugurals of Governors John Connally and Preston Smith.
     An agricultural writer, Porter penned articles for farm and ranch magazines.

Porterfield, Nolan
Papers, 1846-2003 and undated
13 boxes (13 linear feet)

     The bulk of the collection consists of research materials and manuscript copies of Nolan Porterfield’s research and writings, including works on Jimmie Rodgers, folklorist John Avery Lomax, and writer Roy Swank. The materials include Porterfield’s notes and photocopies of archived materials. Additional materials include manuscript drafts, correspondence and printed material relating to his novel A Way of Knowing and from Roy Swank’s The Trail To Marked Tree, introduction by Porterfield.
     Dr. Nolan Porterfield was raised in West Texas. He later earned his Master’s degree from Texas Tech University and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, where he taught American Literature and creative writing. Porterfield’s writings include music biography and history of such legends as Jimmie Rodgers and John A. Lomax.

Porterfield, Nolan
Audio/Visual Collection, 1953-1992 and undated
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

     This collection includes the interviews Porterfield conducted in preparation for his novels on Jimmie Rodgers and John Lomax.  The interviews are contained mostly on cassette tapes, with the reel-to-reel recordings, DVD, and CD seeming to be mostly music or research material as well.  There is one reel of microfilm as well; the subject matter is unknown.
     Dr. Nolan Porterfield was raised in West Texas. He later earned his Master’s degree from Texas Tech University and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, where he taught American Literature and creative writing. Porterfield’s writings include music biography and history of such legends as Jimmie Rodgers and John A. Lomax.

Posey, Walter Sampson
Papers, 1933-1970
54 leaves

     Includes congratulatory notes, letters, and telegrams regarding Posey's 50th Anniversary with First National Bank in Lubbock. Also contains newspaper clippings regarding Posey's career and the early history of Lubbock, and a marriage certificate.
     A banker in Floydada, Lockney, and Lubbock, Texas, for over 50 years, Posey spent his early years working on a cattle and sheep ranch, and also in the freight business. He was active in church and civic affairs. He died in Lubbock on April 21, 1973, at age 92.

Post Office (Tatum, New Mexico)
Records, 1913-1926
270 leaves

     Consists of cash books and official account and record books from the Tatum post office.
     Tatum, New Mexico, was founded in 1909 when James Tatum established a mercantile store there for area ranchers. His wife, Mattie Tatum, served as the town's first postmaster.

Post, Charles
Papers, 1947 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection contains letters from Robert C. Clarke, church bulletins, sheet music, and notebook.  This is an unknown collection.  The name of Charles W. Post was written on the documents and his history is unknown.

Post, Sally Logue
Papers, 1914-1983 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains material collected for a thesis in Mass Communications, written by Sally Logue Post. The material consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and literary productions.
Post Music Club (Post, Texas)

Records, 1960-1979 and undated
2 wallets (0.2 linear feet)

Bulks with programs pertaining to the club and its club members’ interest. The collection includes a President’s Handbook for National Music Clubs- 1960, yearly programs and a scrapbook.

Post, Texas, Blueprints
Collection, 1908-1915 and undated
837 items (6 linear feet)

   Collection of Post City, Texas blueprints of residential homes, commercial and agricultural structures, miscellaneous buildings, and structures from the Double U Company.   Some blueprints show C. W. Post’s former home, barns, chicken houses, plumbing plans, restaurants, hotels, grain house, livestock sheds, cemetery, and Postex Cotton Mills.  For further details, click here:  Post.
    The Double U Company was a land colonization company charted in 1907 by breakfast food magnate Charles William Post (1854-1914) of Battle Creek, Michigan.  From 1906 to 1907, Post purchased over 200,000 acres of land in Garza, Lynn and Hockley counties of Texas, which included the Curry Comb Ranch, the OS Ranch, the Fountain G. Oxsheer Ranch, and a portion of John B. Slaughter’s U Lazy S Ranch.  Originally named Post City, the town of Post in Garza County began as a tent city in 1906, and by 1916, after an extensive real estate campaign, Post and the surrounding area contained approximately 3,000 inhabitants and 14 private corporations which together held over 1.2 million dollars in capital stock.  The Double U Charter expired in 1957, and C. W. Post’s heirs established the Post-Montgomery Ranch and the Double U Ranch, consisting of rangeland near the towns of Levelland, Tahoka and Post.

Powell, I. R.
Papers, 1873-1924 and undated
1 box (1.0 linear feet)

    This collection involves three ranches:  Half-Circle-S Ranch, Kentucky Cattle Raising Company, and Z-L Ranch.  Bulks with legal documents including warranty and quit claim deeds dating from the 1870s-1890s, and with patents to large tracts of land in Crosby, Dickens, and Floyd counties. Includes correspondence, financial material, and legal material pertaining to land developments in West Texas. Also contains correspondence regarding cattle sales, cattle count, and brands from 1915-1918.  For further details, click here:  IRPowell.
    Manager of the Z-L Ranch in Crosby County, Texas, from 1918-1919, Powell was also associated with the Half-Circle S Ranch and Crosbyton Cattle Company. These ranches all occupied land originally patented to the Kentucky Cattle Raising Company of Louisville, later owned by A. W. Hudson and then Frank Cross.
Presbyterian Church in the United States. Presbytery of El Paso, Texas

Records, 1932-1954
1,484 leaves

Contains annual reports and histories of churches in the Presbytery and their individual organizations, especially women's auxiliaries. Also includes scrapbooks of annual activities, financial reports, printed minutes of meetings, and several photographs.
The Presbytery of El Paso is an administrative unit of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., encompassing West Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest
Records, 1993
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Item is a Proceedings of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest (PHSS).  The PHSS is an agency of the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches and of the Synod of the Sun of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The society seeks to preserve the records of the Presbyterian Churches of the Southwest.

Preservation Texas and Preservation Texas Alliance
Records, 1985-1991 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

Collection of correspondence, directories, publications, and scrapbook materials dealing with the Preservation Texas and Preservation Texas Alliance.  They include board of director directories, membership lists, bylaws, annual meetings, logo design, newsletters, workshop materials, and meeting notes.
   Preservation Texas is a non-profit corporation that seeks to preserve and maintain historic sites, buildings, artifacts, and monuments in the State of Texas.

Price Family,
Papers, 1970-1980 and undated
3 boxes (2.75 linear feet)

     The Papers consists of magazines, newspapers, photographs, and a variety of advertisements, memos, correspondence, and other printed material related to the Price family’s interest in the American Agricultural Movement. Several hats, buttons, and patches are included in the materials.  Issues of the American Agriculture News dating from 1978 to 1982 have been removed from the Papers for conservation, but may be viewed among the on the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library digital collections.
     The Price family were members of the American Agricultural Movement for many years. They attended an organization reunion in the summer of 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.


Price, Henry Y.
Collection, 1900-1943
5 microfilm reels : negative

     The collection contains H. Y. Price Telephone Systems ledgers, general merchandise ledgers, and J. J. Jowell Estate ledgers.

Price Implant Company (Brownfield, Texas)
Records, 1940-1951
1 box (1 linear foot)

     Is comprised of the business records of the Price Implement Company in Brownfield, Texas.

Producers Grain Corporation
Records, 1891-1989 and undated
21 boxes (21 linear feet)

    The Producers Grain Corporation (PGC) was a regional grain marketing cooperative headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. It was organized by twenty-nine county elevators in April 1938. It opened international trade markets for the Great Plains sorghum production primarily to Japan (Zen Koren) and Mexico (Conasupo) during the 1950's and 1960's. PGC collected grain from Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Arizona, and New Mexico. It had corporate operations in Lubbock, Fort Worth, Plainview, Corpus Christi, Texas and Colton, California. Feed mill operations beginning in 1945 served the ranchers and farmers of West Texas, western Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas. The company was 50 years old in 1988. After financial difficulties in the early 1980's, PGC sold to Agri Industries.   For further details, click here:  Producers.
    The scope and content of this collection consist of mainly business records between the years 1938-1983. Business records include correspondence, financial material, legal material, client records, as well as documents pertaining to the sale and settlement of PGC. A small portion of the collection contains photographs, slides and printed material.
Project Good Neighbors (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1958-1972
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

Contains newsclippings and a magazine article relating to Project Good Neighbors.
Originated by Frank Gonzalez of Lubbock, Texas, and sponsored by the South Plains Lions Club, the project was designed to improve relations with Mexican nationals working under the bracero program.
Pryor, Ike T. (Isaac Thomas)
Papers, 1899-1923
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

Contains copies of speeches of Ike T. Pryor concerning the cattle industry and its operations and problems.
Pryor established Pryor Brothers Ranch in 1885, operating holdings with as many as 45,000 head of cattle annually. Pryor was President of the American National Livestock Association and Cattle Raisers Association of Texas, and a member of the Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress. He died in San Antonio in 1937.

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