Paetzold, John
Photograph Collection, 1936-1949
24 copy prints
SWCPC 38 (B) E1

This collection consists of photographs of vegetable farming in Deaf Smith County, Texas (1936-1949), and bulks with photographs of growing, harvesting, and processing vegetables (potatoes, lettuce, and carrots) in Deaf Smith County, Texas (1936-1949). It also contains a photograph of Italian prisoners of war working as farm laborers (undated).

John Paetzold operated a large vegetable farm in Deaf Smith County, Texas, that raised potatoes, carrots, and lettuce.

Palo Pinto County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1900-1910
137 copy prints

This artificial collection holds photographs of Palo Pinto County, Texas (1900-1910), including a photograph of Morris Sheppard Dam at Lake Possum Kingdom (undated).

Parker, Allie Rae
Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
1 B/W photo print: 2-¼ x 3-5/16

Image is of one photograph of a young lady, possibly a graduate friend of Allie Rae Parker from Texas Technological College.

Mrs. Allie Rae Collins Parker earned her Bachelor's and Master's at Texas Technological College (1933 and 1950 respectively) with emphasis in economics and marketing. She is originally from Claude, Texas. Her husband was Robert M. Parker who graduated with his masters in Mathematics from Texas Tech in 1933.

Parker, Allie Rae
Photograph Collection, 1958-1992 and undated
933 color slides
SWCPC 654 E2-E3

This collection consists of 157 slides of family images and various Texas scenes. Included are San Jacinto battlefield, Battleship Texas and the State Capitol, Texas Tech Old Timers, Yellowstone, Canyon Lands, the Grand Canyon, Big Bend, White Sands, Mountains, and miscellaneous.; there are also several images of the family cat.

Mrs. Allie Rae Collins Parker is a resident of Lubbock. She was originally from Claude, Texas. She earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Texas Technological College, in 1933 and 1950 respectively, with an emphasis in economics and marketing.

Parker, Jackson
Photograph Collection, 1900-1971
39 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Jackson Parker bronc riding and cattle roping at various rodeos across the Southwest (1900-1971). Photos of the family ranch are also included.

Jackson Parker was the son of James E. Parker, a pioneer rancher in the Midland-Odessa, Texas, area. He became involved in the oil pipeline business during the oil boom of the 1920s. Parker continued to manage ranch properties from a headquarters in Andrews County, north of Odessa.

Parker, Quanah
Photograph Collection, 1869-1880
3 B/W copy photo prints
SWCPC 282 E2

Includes images of Quanah Parker, chieftain of the Comanche Indians. Includes image of Parker with bow and quiver in front of teepee, and with one of his wives.

Quanah Parker, son of Peta Nocona and white captive Cynthia Ann Parker, was the last chief of the Quahadi Comanche Indians who roamed across parts of West Texas and Oklahoma. Parker played a major role in resistance to white settlement and in the tribe's adjustment to reservation life in the 1870s. He died in February 1911.

Parks, Aline
Photograph Collection, 1977-1979
1 color copy print
SWCPC 559 E1

Contains image of Garland Wolfe, Add and Estelle Jones, Joe and Ethel Jones during a Garza County Historical Commission breakfast in Justiceburg, Texas in the late 1970s.

Parks, C. E.
Photograph Collection, 1909-1915
2 copy prints
SWCPC 57 (I) E24

Consists of an exterior view of C. E. Parks' home in 1909, with five children, two who have been identified as Fern and Lester Parks, shown standing in front of the house. A second photograph features a gushing irrigation well -- one of Lubbock's first.

C. E. Parks, a grain and real estate dealer, served on the first Lubbock, Texas, City Council in 1909. He became mayor in 1917 and was reelected to office twice.

Parks, Don
Photograph Collection, ca. 1910s
2 B/W copy prints: various sizes

This collection consists of one of Lubbock’s first football teams and an extended family gathering. Donor’s father was a member of one of Lubbock’s first football teams. Donor’s ancestors are standing outside their home near 14th Street and Avenue U in Lubbock, Texas.

Parks Family
Photograph Collection, 1938
7 photos

Consists of photographs of the William C. Parks family and bulks with family portraits (1938; undated).

William C. Parks settled in the Brownwood, Texas, area in 1860 and engaged in cattle ranching. In 1874, his family joined him and became prominent members of local society.

Parmer County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1910-1970 and undated
166 B/W copy prints

Collection contains images of buildings, railroads, portraits, automobiles, grocery stores, bands, hotels, horses, taverns, school buses, athletic teams, students, coyote hunting, railroad depots, horseback riding, harvesting, farm implements, banks, historical markers, banks, wagons, crops, cowboys, drug stores, the Star Ranch, and street scenes in Parmer County, Texas. Bulks with agricultural equipment.

Parmer County is located on the western border of the Texas Panhandle, named for Martin Parmer, an early Texas settler and veteran of the Texas Revolution. The county was established in 1876. It was part of the 3,000,000-acre XIT Ranch which stretched across several West Texas counties.

Parramore, Dock Dilworth
Photograph Collection, 1880-1941
88 copy prints

Collection consists of photographs of Dock Dilworth Parramore's sketches. Parramore's sketches are included in his book titled,
The Parramore Sketches: Scenes and Stories of Early West Texas, which was published by the Texas Western Press (University of Texas at El Paso) in 1975.

James H. Parramore, a Confederate veteran, began cattle ranching in Runnels County, Texas, in 1879. He played a prominent role in the founding of Abilene, Texas. With C. W. Merchant, he operated the San Simon Cattle Company in Arizona. His twin sons, Dock Dilworth and Jack, ranched in Sterling and King Counties of Texas. He died in Abilene on July 4, 1917.

Parramore Family
Photograph Collection, 1890-1930
35 photos

Consists of photographs of the J. H. Parramore family of Abilene, Texas, and the San Simon Ranch of Arizona, (1890-1930), and bulks with photographs of Parramore family (1900-1910). The collection also includes photographs of Terry's Texas Rangers Monument, Austin, Texas, by sculptor Pompeo Coppini; a black couple who worked for the Parramore family (ca. 1910); and an antelope hunt in Arizona (ca. 1900).

Pate, Winnie L.
Photograph Collection, 1976
1 B/W copy print: 5 x 8

Image is of a fortieth wedding anniversary portrait. Winnie Pate was born in Dickens, Texas, in 1903 and was the wife of a cotton farmer.

Patterson, Paul
Photograph Collection, 1990 and 1995
1 photo print: c: 3 ½x5 and 1 copy print: B/W: 4 ½x5 (altered)

This collection consists of grouped individuals. Mr. Patterson was Elmer Kelton’s journalism teacher at Crane High School, and his life-long friend. Elmer Kelton is well known western writer who lived in San Angelo, Texas. Patterson also published fiction including
Crazy Women in the Rafters.

Patullo, George
Photograph Collection, 1900-1910
30 photo prints and 1 copy print

Bulks with images of cowboys in West Texas and New Mexico by Erwin Smith, circa 1906. Also has one Erwin Smith image of Spur Ranch seated around a campfire near a chuckwagon and rain fly.

George Patullo of San Antonio, Texas was a writer, publishing several novels and short stories from 1911 to 1959. He travelled with photographer, Erwin Smith who photographed cowboys and ranch life in West Texas and New Mexico during the early part of the 20th century.

Peacock, Laura Smithwick
Photograph Collection, 1880-1970
59 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Jack County, Texas (1860-1970). Laura Peacock of Jacksboro, Texas, served as chairman of the Jack County Historical Survey Committee during the 1970s and collected numerous items of local history.

Pearce, William Martin
Photograph Collection, 1891-1950
21 photos, 29 copy negatives
SWCPC 64 (C) E1

Consists of photographs of people and events on the Matador Ranch in West Texas and South Dakota (1891; 1909-1911; 1950), and bulks with activities in LeBeau, South Dakota (1909-1911).

William M. Pearce served as academic vice president and professor of history at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. In 1964, he published a book,
The Matador Land and Cattle Company, using the Matador Ranch records housed in the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech University.

Peavy, Sterling Alexander
Photograph Collection, 1940s-1950s
27 B/W photographs

Consists of photographs depicting railroad track construction, trains, train accidents, bridges and tunnels. Mr. Peavy was a civil engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad in Slaton, Texas for 39.5 years. He was also active in the Slaton School Board and Slaton Chamber of Commerce.

Peavy, Sterling Alexander "Squire"
Photograph Collection, 1959 and undated
3 B/W copy prints and 1 sepia photo print
SWCPS 667 E1

This collection consists of three images of the Santa Fe Railroad offices and a single image of an unidentified woman.

S. A. "Squire" Peavy was born in Kerrville, Texas, 10, October 1889. He was first employed by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1915 and arrived in Slaton, Texas, in 1919, where he worked as a division engineer for the for 39.5 years, retiring in 1951. During his years in Slaton, he and his family were very active in civic, school, and religious activities. He died at age 75 in 1964.

Peeler, Paul E.
Photograph Collection, 1899
1 copy print

Consists of one photograph of the Paul E. Peeler Homestead in Elk City, Oklahoma (1899). Peeler is a relative of Helen Clements, a former staff member of the Southwest Collection.

Peeler, Reagan
Photograph Collection, 1958-1962 and undated
57 photo prints and copy prints and 58 negatives

Comprised of groups of individuals, activities, events, building structures, equipment, and livestock associated with agriculture. Reagan Peeler is a native of Hereford, Texas and his papers and photographs concern his activities with the United States Feed and Grains Council.

Peng, George T. C.
Photograph Collection, 1968 and undated
5 B/W photo prints
SWCPC 670 E1

This collection consists of five aerial photographs of North Platte, Nebraska and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

George Peng was a Professor of City Planning and Urban Design and Director of the Institute for Urban Studies International at Texas Tech University. Born and educated in China, he received his Masters from the University of Illinois. He completed his Doctorate in Germany. Among Dr. Peng’s community planning projects for other cities, he has performed work for the city of Lubbock concerning the Overton Neighborhood.

Penney, Hulen
Photograph Collection, undated
1 B/W copy print
SWCPC 712 E1

This collection consists of a single image of a stock judge. Hulen Penney is a Lubbock businessman. His primary interests involve real estate development and sales. He is a longtime resident of Lubbock and his family pioneered the region.

Pennington, Marshall
Photograph Collection, 1976 and undated
5 B/W prints
SWCPC 701 E1-E2

This collection consists of female college students with Dr. Pennington at a college classroom and a man and a child standing near a tree.

Marshall Pennington was vice-president for Business Affairs at Texas Tech University for many years. He was active at Texas Tech and in the local Lubbock community.

Penman, Ray
Photograph Collection, 1935-1938
26 postcards
SWCPC 167 (D) E1

The collection consists of western scenes on postcards drawn by artist, Las Vegas Kim (1935-1938).

Penney, Hulen
Photograph Collection, 1890-1969
31 B/W copy negatives; 33 B/W copy prints
SWCPC 57 (X) E7

Collection consists of black and white images of Lubbock, Texas including local buildings, people, and activities from the late 19th and early 20th centuries into the 1960s. Bulks with photos of Rix Funeral Home directors and the Penney family.

Hulen Penney is a Lubbock, Texas, business man. His interests included real estate development and sales. He is a longtime Lubbock resident. His family were pioneers in the region.

Perini, Vincent Charles, Jr.
Photograph Collection, undated
3 color slides; 3 color negatives

Collection contains images of earth moving equipment and two men inspecting rock outcropping. Bulks with earth-moving equipment.

Born in 1895 in Denver, Colorado, Vincent Charles Perini, Jr. became a well known geologist in West Central Texas. He was heavily involved in the oil business and helped organize what became Continental Oil Company in the 1920s. He operated Perini Enterprises, in Abilene, Texas.

Perkins, John S.
Photograph Collection, 1894
1 photo

Consists of a photograph of John S. Perkins (1894), who came with his family to Texas by wagon in 1869. They lived in Bell, Milam, and Runnels Counties; and, in 1913, to Ballinger, Texas. Perkins was elected sheriff of Runnels County in 1914 and served several terms.

Perkins, Myra
Photograph Collection, 1891-1909
25 copy prints, 28 copy negatives
SWCPC 57 (I) E15

The collection consists of photographs of Lubbock, Texas (1891-1909), and bulks with photographs of business enterprises and public buildings during the pioneering era in Lubbock (1891-1909). It also contains a group portrait of the Lubbock County organizers (1908) and a July 4th barbeque (1899).

In 1941, Myra Perkins completed a thesis for her Master's degree in history from Texas Tech University. The work, entitled "Pioneer Lubbock, 1891-1909," chronicled the founding and early years of the city on the plains. The photographs in this collection were collected by Ms. Perkins for her thesis.

Perkins, Yvonne S.
Photograph Collection, undated
3 prints
SWCPC 889 E1

Three prints from 1910 pump jack on wagon train. 1920s or 1930s group photo of business men. Also includes a hay-bailer press in Gatesville, Texas (undated).

Perry, Wilfred J.
Photograph Collection, 1970
126 slides
SWCPC 415 E2

Consists of color slides showing the aftermath of the tornado in Lubbock, Texas (May 1970). Most of the slides feature aerial views of the city.

Wilfred J. Perry was a catastrophe consultant for property insurance and was based in New Jersey. He collected slides taken from a helicopter on the morning of May 12, 1970, to make damage assessments after the tornado struck Lubbock.

Perryton, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1930-1949
9 copy prints
SWCPC 198 E1-E3

Consists of photographs of Perryton, Texas (1930-1949), and also includes photographs of Wolf Creek Lake, Texas, and dust storms (1935).

Peterman, Vincent Matthews
Photograph Collection, 1920-1970
155 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Lamb County, Texas (1920-1970).

V. M. "Pete" Peterman came to Lamb County, Texas, from Oklahoma in 1926. He farmed near Littlefield for over sixty years. Peterman also served on the Texas Tech Board of Regents and, in 1979, completed a history of Lamb County.

Peters, Calvin
Photograph Collection, undated
16 B/W negatives and 16 copy prints: 4 x 5

Is comprised of photographs of ranching activities at the Quien Sabe Ranch from branding to roping a horse. Calvin Peters manages the Quien Sabe Ranch for Joe Kirk Fulton.

Pickering, John
Photograph Collection, 1950s-1957
2 B/W copy prints: 8 x 10

This collection contains two portraits: one of the 1950s rock group, "The Picks" and the other "The Pickering Brothers." John and Bill Pickering along with Bob Lapham, made up the 1950s rock group, "The Picks," which received its greatest acclaim for singing backup for Buddy Holly on such hits as "Maybe Baby" and "Oh Boy." John Pickering graduated from Texas Tech in 1957 with a degree in Petroleum Geology.

Pickett, Bill
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W negatives
SWCPC 733 E1

This collection consists of images of Bill Pickett and his horse. Bill Pickett was born at the Jenks-Branch community on the Travis County line. After completing the fifth grade he became a cowboy. To subdue steers, he perfected an original method called bulldogging, which included biting a steer's upper lip. He exhibited the method in rodeos and fairs throughout Texas, as well as on a Mexican fighting bull in the Juarez arena.

Pitchfork Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1940-1976
70 B/W copy prints and 54 negatives

Consists of photographs of groups of people, cowboys, architecture, cattle, cattle branding, and ranching activities.

The Pitchfork Ranch, established in 1881, is owned by the Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company of St. Louis. Located in King and Dickens counties, the headquarters is thirteen miles west of Guthrie, Texas. In the 1990s the ranch raised commercial cross-bred cattle and championship quarter horses.

Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company
Photograph Collection, 1980 and undated
70 prints and 7 negatives
SWCPC 284 E5-E7

This collection consists of images of a cattle herd, a modern roundup, a wagon train, cowboys, portraits of D. Burns as well as images of the Pitchfork Ranch and its hands in 1980. The Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company was organized in 1881 and incorporated in 1883. The Headquarters is near Guthrie, Texas. Fencing of the Ranch was begun in 1887 and oil drilling was begun in the early 1900s. The ranch still breeds cattle and in 1993 was nominated into the American Quarterhorse Remuda.

Plainview, Texas
Photograph Collection, undated
3 B/W negatives
SWCPC 222 E15

This collection consists of three images of a poultry truck in Plainview Texas. The caption reads, "Plainview is fast becoming the poultry capitol of the Southwest."

Plainview is the county seat of Hale County. After application for a post office was submitted, the name of Plainview was chosen. The town then received a charter in 1888. The area around the city was primarily used for grazing prior to the coming of the railroad. Today the area still maintains its agricultural economic base.

Pogue, Alan
Photograph Collection, 1885-1985
25 copy prints and 4 photo prints
SWCPC 523 E1-E2

Bulks with images primarily of Mexican-American farm workers marching for better conditions in Texas. Includes images from Fort Stockton, Texas, St. Genevieve winery, the 1977 Texas Farm Workers March for Human Rights, and a 19th century image of men on horseback. Bulks with Fort Stockton images. Also includes images of migrant farmworkers and their children loading vehicles, standing in a parking lot, and registering in the office of the Guadalupe Neighborhood Association, Lubbock, Texas. Alan Pogue is a photographer who lives in Austin, Texas.

Posey, Walter S.
Photograph Collection, 1939-1969
19 B/W photo prints and 8 color photo prints
SWCPC 719 E1

This collection consists of Westminster Presbyterian Church scrapbook materials. Also included are photos of a Panhandle dust storm and a picture of Lubbock old timers.

Walter Posey was active in Lubbock banking and many other community projects. He was associated with the First National Bank for over sixty years beginning in 1904. He was president of the Chamber of Commerce when Texas Tech was established and was interested in the mechanization of Texas agriculture.

Post, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1922 and undated
20 B/W negatives
SWCPC 344 E8

This collection consists of town scenes of Post, Texas and a copy of the book, Post, Texas: The Gateway to the Plains.

Post is the county seat of Garza County. The town was begun under the name of Post City in 1907. C.W. Post sought to develop a model town. Post was incorporated in 1914. The oil industry was responsible for the town's growth and ultimate decline. Today the population is just below 4,000.

Postcard Collection, 1878-1970
65 postcards
SWCPC 167 (A)-(O)

Contains postcards from Arizona, Arkansas, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming (1908-1970), and bulks with picture postcards of Northwest Texas (1940). This collection has been artificially created.

Photograph Collection, undated
2 color post cards
SWCPC 167 (D) E8

This collection consists of two color postcards from Colorado depicting the Rockies, which also contains a short poem, "The Call of the Trail." The other postcard contains an image of Pikes Peak from Woodland Park in Colorado. This is an artificial collection consisting of miscellaneous postcards.

Photograph Collection, undated
80 postcards
SWCPC 841 E1

Postcard collection of miscellaneous items.

Potokova, Nina
Photograph Collection, undated
2 B/W copy negatives

Includes image of Russian couple in native dress. Nina Potokova, a professor of U.S. and Texas history in the Soviet Union, was a visiting professor in the Texas Tech history department during 1979 while she conducted research at the Southwest Collection.

Preis, Rex
Photograph Collection, 1920-1949
17 B/W copy prints

Contains images of Rex Preis, a trumpeter who toured with many big bands of the 1930s. Bulks with bands. Preis toured with big bands in the 1930s, then formed his own band in the 1940s in San Antonio. When musical styles started to change, Preis became a radio station salesman and executive.

Preservation Texas and Preservation Texas Alliance
Photograph Collection, undated
1 bronze tin photo
SWCPC 687 E1

This collection consists of a single tin image of an unidentified man. Preservation Texas is a non-profit corporation that seeks to preserve and maintain historic sites, buildings, artifacts, and monuments. Mary Vines was a member of the founding Board of Directors for Preservation Texas and Preservation Texas Alliance.