Talkington, Margaret
Photograph Collection, 1960-1987
199 color negatives and 199 index cards
SWCPC 693 E1

This collection consists of slides and corresponding index cards relating to the newspaper advertising for Margaret’s women’s clothing store in Lubbock, Texas.

Margaret Talkington was the owner of Margaret’s women’s clothing store in Lubbock, Texas. She also had line for men’s clothing called Talkington’s. After long service as a philanthropist, she passed away on December 15, 2010.

Tankersley, Richard Franklin
Photograph Collection, 1880-1943
21 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Tankersley family and groups of people from Tom Green County, Texas (1880-1943), and bulks with family photographs (1890). The collection also contains photographs of the Mountain Remnant Brigade, 5th Division, United Confederate Veterans of Christoval Texas (1931); the San Angelo band (1891-1908); "before and after" photos of a man being treated with X-rays for lip cancer.

Richard Franklin Tankersley of Decatur, Alabama, settled in Williamson County, Texas, in 1852. In 1864, he moved to the Concho River area near the present site of San Angelo, and during this time he served with the Confederate frontier forces. The Tankersley family donated land in southwestern Tom Green County to the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railroad. This site became the town of Tankersley.

Tarbox, Elmer
Photograph Collection, 1922-1973 and undated
1,781 photo prints, copy prints, slides, contact sheets, and negatives

This collection consists of individuals, groups of people, building structures, street scenes, military, airplanes, World War II, and temples, plus 15 family portraits. Elmer Tarbox was born in 1916 in Bishop, Oklahoma. He was a three-time NCAA record-setting player for Texas Tech on the 1939 football team when Tech played their first Cotton Bowl game. He served as a pilot with the famed Flying Tiger Squadron in Burma and was awarded the Air Medal, Silver Star, Purple Heart and the Golden Eagle of China. After the war he patented and sold Elmer's Weights for strength training.  Tarbox served Lubbock  in the Texas House of Representatives from 1966-1976 and helped establish the Schools of Law and Medicine at Texas Tech University, as well as founding an institute to study Parkinson's disease in 1972. He and his wife Maxine Barnett reared four children. She passed away in 1978, as did he in 1987.

Taylor County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1900-1930
129 copy prints, 2 photos
SWCPC 9 (B) E10

Consists of photographs of the countryside and residents in Taylor County, Texas, and bulks with countryside scenes (1900-1920). The collection also contains a photograph of Cecil E. Evans, an early-day Abilene teacher at Ward School, Abilene, Texas (ca. 1900).

Taylor County, Texas, on the Western Trail over which Longhorn cattle were driven to market, was established in 1878 by cattlemen. In 1880, when the Texas and Pacific Railroad built through the northern part of the county, Abilene became the county seat and later a retail, wholesale, and shipping center for the area.

Taylor County Homes
Photograph Collection, 1890-1910
223 copy prints

This artificial collection came from "Our Homes and Country Illustrated," a pamphlet published in 1904 by the Abilene, Texas, Chamber of Commerce to attract immigrants. It contains exterior views of public buildings and private homes in Taylor County, Texas (1890-1910), and bulks with photos of Abilene (1890-1910). The photos also include dormitories and classroom buildings at Simmons College and of the State Epileptic Colony, Abilene, Texas (ca. 1900).

Taylor County, Texas, was organized in 1879. Abilene, the largest city, was founded in 1881 on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Cattle ranching was the basis of the local economy until replaced by the growth of oil production and row crops such as cotton, wheat, and other small grains.

Taylor, M. T.
Photograph Collection, 1890-1934
3 B/W photo prints

Is comprised of images of longhorn cattle and a portrait of M. T. Taylor. Bulks with images of longhorn cattle. M. T. Taylor worked for Fort Worth Well Machinery Company as a salesman of well-drilling equipment and pumps.

Temple, Irene
Photograph Collection, 1952-1967
7,535 slides, 1,520 negatives, 70 miscellaneous and 18 prints.

Wildlife, nature, state and national parks are featured in this collection, along with family photos and buildings at Texas Tech, Fort McKavett and Fort Phantom Hill, Texas.

Templeton Family
Photograph Collection, 1903-1961
88 B/W copy prints and 78 negatives

Consists of photographs of groups of people, architecture, a construction site, court houses, a sod house, street scenes, and a train.

R. L. Templeton served as the Texas Representative of Collingsworth County, Texas, in the Fiftieth Legislature (1947). He joined the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1941 and served as a correspondent. After the war, he attended school at the University of Texas School of Law. He supported bills that led to prison and parole reform.

Tereshkovich, George
Photograph Collection, 1955-1995
6 B/W copy prints, 10 color photo prints, and 51 slides
SWCPC 567 E1-E4

Contains images of the Texas Tech University green houses under construction in 1973, other buildings, landscapes, dairy barn and silo and agriculture. Bulks with images of agriculture. Also consists of Confederate Air Force images taken at Lubbock (Texas) International Airport in 1995. George Tereshkovich was Department Chairman of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University. The Confederate Air Force, a collection of vintage World War II aircraft formerly based in Harlingen, Texas, now operates out of Midland, Texas.

Tereshkovich, George
Photograph Collection, undated
2 color photo prints
SWCPC 567 E5

This collection consists of images of Dr. Lawrence C. Curtis standing with a six-foot root. Dr. George Tereshkovich was Chair of the Department of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University. He retired in 1995 and moved to Austin, Texas.

Terry County, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1905-1934
20 B/W photo prints and 8 negatives

This collection includes a baptism ceremony; architecture; agricultural exhibits; and cattle feeding. Terry County, located in western Texas, was organized in 1904. It was named for Col. B. F. Terry, a Texas Ranger and Confederate officer. Agribusiness and petroleum are the economic bases.

Texas A&M University
Photograph Collection, 1905-1915
25 copy prints

Consists of photographs of early Texas A&M University at College Station (1905-1915), and bulks with photographs of people and places at Texas A&M (1905-1915). Included are Ross Hall at College Station, Texas (1913), and cattle at Texas A&M (1910).

Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College was created by the Texas legislature in 1871 as a land grant college. Located on a 2416 acre campus near Bryan, Texas, the college opened its doors in 1876. The first president was Thomas S. Gathright. The military cadet corps was added in 1879 through a merger with Texas Military Institute. Granted university status in 1963, Texas A&M has become known for its Southwest Conference football championships and its space research center.

Texas and Pacific Railway
Photograph Collection, 1876-1965
64 copy prints, 5 photos

Consists of photographs of trains and stations belonging to the Texas and Pacific Railway Company (1876-1965), and bulks with photographs dating from 1900 to 1920. The collection also contains photographs of President Warren G. Harding (1920); a Preparedness Parade in Dallas, Texas (1916); a flood in Big Spring, Texas (1902); and a ferry carrying train cars in New Orleans, Louisiana (undated).

In 1871, the Texas and Pacific Railway received a federal charter to construct a railroad from Marshall, Texas, to San Diego, California. The panic of 1873 caused construction to stop east of Dallas, and it was 1876 before the railroad reached Fort Worth through the volunteer labor of many local citizens. Jay Gould purchased the railroad in 1880. By 1882, the Texas and Pacific had completed 994 miles of track to Sierra Blanca where it joined with the Southern Pacific to complete a continuous route to California. During the twentieth century, discovery of oil on railroad lands increased development and shipping tonnage.

Texas Association of Accredited Beauty Culturalists
Photograph Collection, 1964-1968
35 photos

Consists of photographs of hairdressing competitions with beauticians and models throughout West Texas (1964-1968).

The Texas Association of Accredited Beauty Culturalists was a professional society for beauticians throughout Texas. The organization later became known as the Texas Cosmetologists and Hairdressers Association.

Texas Cattle Kings
Photograph Collection
61 copy prints, 65 copy negatives

The collection features portraits of sixty-one prominent cattle ranchers, both male and female, who were considered to be the "Cattle Kings of Texas."  Included are C. C. Slaughter, Dudley and John B. Snyder, Gus L. Ford, Oliver Loving, William Jennings, George W. Littlefield and W. L. Ellwood, along with brief biographies.

The Mayo Photography Studio of Brownwood, Texas, copied numerous historical photographs, including these portraits.

Texas Cottonseed Crushers Association
Photograph Collection, 1894-1974
116 copy prints

Consists of photographs of people and events pertaining to the Texas Cottonseed Crusher's Association (1930-1960).

The Texas Cottonseed Crusher's Association organized at Dallas in 1894. The first president was Dr. Benjamin Dabney. Over the years, the association has promoted production and use of cottonseed products such as cottonseed oil; cake and meal for livestock; linters for filler material to make rayon; and cottonseed hulls for feed and packing material. They have also encouraged improvements in agriculture through colleges and extension services.

Texas County Courthouses
Photograph Collection, 1879-1966
374 copy prints, 18 photos

This collection consists of photographs of county courthouses of Texas (1929-1968).

Texas County Courthouses
Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s-1980s
60 prints and 56 negatives
SWCPC 122 (E)-(F)

This collection consists of photographs and negatives of 54 Texas county courthouses in the South Plains region of Texas. County courthouses, a self-government symbol, sometimes occupy prominent places in the county seat. Each courthouse has its own style of architecture from Romanesque to modern. They stand out as attractive public buildings.

Texas County Courthouses
Photograph Collection, undated
388 prints, 374 negatives, and 3 postcards

Collection consists of courthouse images from various counties throughout the state of Texas. County courthouses, a self-government symbol, often occupy prominent places in the county seat. Each has its own style and architecture and stands out as an attractive public buildings.

Texas Military Fort Collection
Photograph Collection, undated
42 photo prints

Includes photographs of Kelly Field, military parade in downtown San Antonio, Camp Bullis, military planes, Greatheart World's Champion Jumper and Cisco Hotel.

Texas Politicians
Photograph Collection, 1968-1986
56 photos

Consists of photographs of Texas state politicians performing the duties of their offices (1968-1986), and bulks with views of Texas State Representative Froy Salinas (1970-1982). These include prints of Kent Hance greeting President Ronald Reagan and the inauguration of Gov. Preston Smith.

Texas Power and Light Company
Photograph Collection, 1956
3 photos

Consists of photographs of Texas Power and Light Company's centennial celebration and bulks with photographs of Texas Power and Light Company employees (1956).

Texas Power and Light Company incorporated May 25, 1912, under the leadership of Colonel J. F. Strickland of Waxahachie. Beginning with service to seven towns initially, the utility company expanded its operations to city and rural service in 52 counties in north and central Texas. In 1945, it combined with Texas Electric Service Company and Dallas Power and Light to form the Texas Utilities Company.

Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association
Photograph Collection, 1917-1971
349 copy prints
SWCPC 90 (A)-(C)

Consists of photographs from the files of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association (1917-1971), and bulks with photographs of the events, personnel and buildings relating to the association (1940-1970). The collection also includes photographs of the Texas Tech University Textile & Research Center.

The Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association was organized at Del Rio, Texas, in 1915 to fight a wave of sheep thefts, and its first president was J. B. Murrah. At the initial meeting, the group realized that they could also work to improve the sheep and goat industry; therefore, they lobbied for legislation favorable to the ranchers, and worked toward disease control. In 1935, the organization merged with the Texas Wool and Mohair Growers Association and the Texas Warehouse Association to form the largest livestock association of its kind in the United States.

Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association
Photograph Collection, 1950s-1993 and undated
347 prints, negatives, and slides
SWCPC 90 (D)

Collection of portraits, award winners, deer and mountain lion hunting, sheep shearing, wagons, branding irons, farm equipment, wagon train (1991), Sheep conference/workshop, modeling, Miss Wool of America parade, and promotional shots of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. Some slides detail the activities of the American Sheep Industry Association.

Organized at Del Rio, Texas in October 1915 to combat wave of sheep and goat thefts, the association’s first president was J. B. Murrah of Del Rio, Texas. It has become a key organization in the promotion of various aspects of the state’s wool and mohair industry.

Texas Sheriffs Convention
Photograph Collection, 1895
4 copy prints

Consists of a group portrait of sheriffs and their families at the Annual Sheriff's Convention in Waco, Texas (1895).

Texas Technological College Locating Commission
Photograph Collection, 1923
10 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Texas Technological College Locating Committee as it visited the various sites proposed for the location of the college (1923). The collection also contains a map of the existing and proposed railroads in West Texas in the early 1920s.

As early as 1917, the people of West Texas began a push to establish a regional college. One of the primary goals of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce, organized in 1918, was to promote a major college for the area. In 1923, Governor Pat Neff signed a bill creating Texas Technological College. Thirty-seven towns submitted briefs to the college locating board for consideration. Lubbock offered three sites that contained the required 2,000 acres. Owners of the land were to be paid from fifty to 2,800 dollars per acre. On August 4, 1923, Lubbock offered the state of Texas the preferred parcel of land for $150,000. Lubbock received approval of their bid for Texas Technological College on August 10, 1923.

Texas Tech University: Department of Agronomy
Photograph Collection, 1960-1969
592 slides
SWCPC 415 E4

Consists of slides of the experimental fields which were utilized in the Texas Tech University Crop Experiments of the late 1960s. The crops featured are: (1) cotton, (2) cane bluestem cotton, (3) Bermuda grass, (4) Eastern grama grass, (5) Klein grass, (6) sorghum, and (7) grains.

The Agronomy Department of Texas Tech, under Dr. A. W. Young, established agricultural experiment stations throughout the Panhandle and South Plains. Experimentation with crop development led the Crops Team of the department to 14 international first place awards.

Texas Tech University: Heritage Club
Photograph Collection, 1923-1993
2,797 copy prints

This collection consists of people, places, and events at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas (1923-1993) and can be searched [

Texas Technological College opened in October 1925. In 1969 the school was renamed Texas Tech University. Recent enrollment has reached more than 25,000 students annually.

Texas Tech University: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Photograph Collection, 1960-1987
31 slides
SWCPC 415 E3

Contains photographs of the interior of the Southwest Collection, the archival repository located on the campus of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

The Southwest Collection was established as a separate department of Texas Tech University in 1955. The collection initially held several ranching collections preserved by Dr. W. C. Holden and the university archives. As it developed, the mission of the Southwest Collection expanded to collect and preserve records pertaining to the history and culture of the American Southwest.

Texas Wheat Producers Association
Photograph Collection, 1971-1976
169 copy prints, 170 copy negatives

Consists of agricultural photographs taken by the Texas Wheat Producers Association (ca. 1971-1976).

Founded in 1949, the Texas Wheat Producers Association represents the political and economic interests of the state's wheat growers. It is headquartered in Amarillo, Texas.

Thiele, Joe
Photograph Collection, 1895-1935
52 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Joe Thiele family from Runnels County, Texas (1895-1935), and bulks with photographs of family members (1895- 1910). The collection also contains photographs of soap making (1903), Seventeen Mile crossing on the Concho River (undated), and a Fourth of July parade at Miles, Texas (1905).

Joe Thiele began ranching in Runnels County, Texas, around 1900. His family raised sheep on land two miles west of the community of Miles.

Thomas, Darrel
Photograph Collection, 1979-1992
110 B/W negatives
SWCPC 462 E2

This collection consists of negatives where the majority of them are images of the Estacado Cemetery. Other images included are of the clouds and moon, and also of the Harvest Moon (full).

Darrel Thomas was a photographer for Texas Tech University student publications.

Thomas, Juanita
Photograph Collection, 1920s-1970s
44 B/W prints, 57 B/W negatives, and 1 color print
SWCPC 789 E1-E3

Images detail professional boxing action shots during the 1930s, small passenger planes in the 1950s, a man and a baby. Also includes portrait of Lester David Thomas during World War II. Other individuals include Max and Buddy Baer in boxing shorts, Billy Conn, Leah Neal, Dick Griffin with seeing-eye dog named Gilda, and R. Earl McKaughan and a group photo of professional boxers.

Juanita Thomas is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.D. "Pup" Thomas, both of whom were civic and business leader in Lubbock in the 1930s to 1960s. Pup Thomas operated businesses in men’s clothing, shopping center development, and aviation and was active in the Goodfellows, Shriners, and other charitable organizations. He employed L.O. Holley, father of Buddy Holley, for about fifteen years. Mrs. Thomas was likewise active in service organizations.

Thompson, Lallas O'Brien
Photograph Collection, 1923-1982 and undated
244 B/W photo prints, 213 negatives and 4 oversized photos

Includes family photos, travel pictures in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the Amarillo Centenniala nd banquet meetings.

Thompson, Maurice
Photograph Collection, 1920
9 copy prints
SWCPC 296 E3

Consists of family photos of the Thompson family and of the petroleum industry in Mitchell County, Texas (1920). The collection also contains photos of the Badgett #1 Oil Well, Mitchell County, Texas (1920).

Maurice Thompson moved to Colorado City, Texas, with his family in 1919. His father worked as a driller for the Texas and Pacific Coal and Oil Company.

Thornhill, Mrs. Doyle
Photograph Collection, undated
75 B/W copy prints and 75 negatives

This collection consists of images of railroads, ranching, cotton, and cities throughout the state of Texas such as Ralls, New Deal, San Angelo, Seagraves, Ropes, Austin, Dallas, Mineral Wells, Alpine, El Paso, Fort Davis, including parks. Mrs. Doyle Thornhill is a native of Lubbock, Texas.

Thornhill, Mrs. James G.
Photograph Collection, 1953
2 B/W copy prints; 6 B/W copy negatives

Includes portraits of Mr. and Mrs. James G. Thornhill and Mr. and Mrs. David Edward Gregg and an image of James Thornhill and others standing next to model of Town and Country Shopping Center, Lubbock, Texas, 1953. Bulks with portraits.

James G. Thornhill was involved in the planning and design of Town and Country Shopping Center, Lubbock, Texas in the 1950s.

Thurber, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1889-1940
23 photos, 133 copy prints

This is an artificial collection of photographs of people and buildings in Thurber, Texas (1889-1940). It bulks with photographs of the coal mining industry. It also includes photographs of the Thurber Brick Plant (ca. 1910), Thurber baseball team (1922), Snake Saloon (ca. 1910), an employees train (undated), and the Thurber post office (ca. 1910).

Thurber, Texas was a coal mining town owned and operated by the Texas & Pacific Coal Company to provide fuel for the Texas & Pacific Railway Company (no affiliation). Approximately twenty nationalities were represented among the immigrant laborers whose "old country" customs contrasted sharply with the native Texas culture. The images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable [

Tobolowsky, Hermine
Photograph Collection, undated
27 photo prints, copy prints, and negative

This collection bulks with individuals, group of individuals, events involving the Equal Rights Amendment, the League of Women Voters of Texas, and political leaders. Hermine Tobolowsky considered the "Mother of the Equal Rights Amendment," successfully coordinated the Equal Legal Rights Amendment passage to the Texas Constitution in 1972. She was born on January 13, 1972 in San Antonio. She obtained her law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. She established her own law practice in San Antonio and later in Dallas. She served as a legal advisor for numerous women’s organizations up to the time of her death on July 25, 1995.

Tornillo, Texas
Photograph Collection, 1920-1949
14 copy prints
SWCPC 320 E3

Consists of photographs of people and places in Tornillo, Texas (ca. 1920-1949). These include photos of the Tornillo Girls basketball team (undated); the El Paso County Dress Contest (ca. 1925); El Paso County School Fair (ca. 1925); El Paso County Cotton Festival Queen (ca. 1924); Tornillo, Texas (ca. 1923); and the Tornillo School, built in 1924.

Townsend, Charles R.
Photograph Collection, 1940-1950
5 photos
SWCPC 158 E1

Consists of photographs of Charles Townsend and rodeo promotions (1940-1950), and also contains photographs of the ACME Cowboy Boot Company promotional car (1956).

Charles R. Townsend was born in Nocona, Texas, in 1929. He began the rodeo circuit riding bulls at a young age, and at age 16 he became an announcer. Townsend, who proved very popular as an announcer, worked rodeos from coast to coast. In 1950, he married Mary Louise Smith of Henrietta, Texas. While on the rodeo circuit, he continued his education earning a bachelor's degree from Midwestern University at Wichita Falls, a Master's degree from Baylor University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. In 1976, he published the biography,
San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills. Townsend continues to announce rodeo, while teaching at West Texas A&M University.

Townzen Family
Photograph Collection, 1906
1 B/W photo print
SWCPC 147 E2

Contains a photograph of the Townzen family. Donated by Grayson A. Townzen, the family resided in Ranger, Texas. Ranger is a small town located between Abilene and Fort Worth, Texas, which derived its name from the Texas Rangers.

Traweek, Mrs. Howard
Photograph Collection, 1890-1948
49 copy prints, 50 copy negatives

Consists of photographs of the Traweek family and of Motley County, Texas (ca. 1890-1948). Included are photographs of a chuckwagon (undated).

Albert Carroll Traweek studied medicine in Fort Worth and later, around 1897, he and his family moved to Matador, Texas, where he practiced medicine in Motley County for over sixty years. His son, Howard, served as Motley County attorney for more than forty years.

Traylor, Idris Rhea, Jr.
Photograph Collection, 1925-1940
3 B/W photo prints; 2 B/W photo negatives

Comprised of portraits of Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr. and his parents. Traylor is director of International Affairs at Texas Tech University. Bulks with portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Idris Rhea Traylor, Sr.

Triangle Ranch
Photograph Collection, undated
5 B/W photo prints and 2 B/W photo postcards

Images consists of roping, bronco riding, ranch hands, and ranching life. The Triangle Ranches were developed from the holdings of Thomas Lloyd Burnett, born in 1871 in Denton County, Texas. Burnett was the son of Samuel Burk Burnett, owner of one of the largest cattle operations in Texas, the Four Sixes. Thomas Burnett established his own cattle operations near Iowa Park where he ran Hereford cattle and cow horses.

Triangle Ranches
Photograph Collection, undated
4 color contact sheets; 56 color negatives
SWCPC 293 E4

Collection contains images of horses, personnel, loading pens, loading chute, museum, houses and buildings, street scenes, cattle, and trucks. Bulks with loading pens.

The Triangle Ranches were developed from the holdings of Thomas Lloyd Burnett born in 1871 in Denton County, Texas. Burnett was the son of Samuel Burk Burnett, owner of one of the largest cattle operations in Texas, the Four Sixes. Thomas Burnett established his own cattle operations near Iowa Park where he ran Hereford cattle and cow horses.

Trimble, Lynn
Photograph Collection, undated
14 postcards and 1 B/W print
SWCPC 839 E1, 840 E1

Postcards of various types and a Slim Whitman autographed photo.

Tucumcari, New Mexico
Photograph Collection, 1917
4 copy prints

Consists of photographs of Tucumcari, New Mexico (1917), which includes a photo of Tucumcari Peak and photos of rodeo riders--Ruth Roach and Tex Parker.

In 1901, the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad erected a construction camp in western Quay County, New Mexico, known as Six Shooter Siding because of the numerous gunfights in the lawless area. The camp soon became a permanent settlement and, in 1908, it was renamed Tucumcari for the nearby landmark, Tucumcari Mountain. Today, the town provides for over 6,700 residents through tourism, cattle ranching, and irrigated and dry land farming.

Turner, Ervin Loyce
Photograph Collection, 1936-1970
18 B/W copy prints; 20 B/W copy negatives

Consists of military images copied from the scrapbook of Ervin Loyce Turner, a pilot during World War II. Bulks with military training bases.

Ervin Loyce Turner was a graduate of Texas Technological College and attended the first ROTC class at the university. Following graduation, he served in the Army Air Corps and during World War II flew B-26 and B-24 bombers out of the Aleutians. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Tye, William Orby
Photograph Collection, 1941
3 copy prints
SWCPC 349 E3-E4

The collection consists of a photo of William Orby Tye standing beside a portable oil rig (ca. 1941) and two photos of two unidentified oil wells (ca. 1940).

William O. Tye and his brother, Frank, worked in Burkburnett, Texas, during the oil boom. In 1925 they moved to Floydada, Texas, and established a water drilling company.

Tyler Ranch (Hansford County, Texas)
Photograph Collection, 1940-1972
10 copy prints

Consists of photographs of the Tyler Ranch home (ca. 1940; 1972). Built in the 1880s by Stanley Tyler, this unusual stone dwelling was, at one time, the only house of its kind constructed between Tascosa and Dodge City.