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W. C. Cowan Grain and Seed Company, Inc.
Records, 1921-1950 and undated
12 boxes (11.5 linear feet) and 11 oversize ledgers (3 linear feet)

    The collection is comprised of materials relating to the grain and seed business of the W. C. Cowan Grain and Seed Company in the Texas panhandle town of Tulia.  Of special interest is correspondence regarding all aspects of the W. C. Cowan Grain and Seed Company business activities.  It includes incidental references to local conditions and topics relating to sale and/or purchase of seed and grain crops, regarding farmers’ accounts, purchase or sale of farm equipment, etc.  In addition to check stubs and ledgers, which comprise the bulk of the collection, are Grain Accounts which include farmers’ names and information on seed certification..
    W. C. (Welborn Chesterfield “Chester”) Cowan established the W. C. Cowan Grain Company in 1915 and expanded into the W. C. Grain and Seed Company, Inc. in the early 1940s.  The company’s assets included a grain elevator built in 1917 in Tulia and an elevator and general store at Kaffir Switch, north of Tulia.  The son of early Tulia residents John C. and Rosa Etta Polk Cowan, W. C. continued his family’s interests in agri-business.  In addition to the grain company, Cowan’s other business activities included the sale of wheat drills, windmills, cattle salt, four, cedar posts, barbed wire, a wool warehouse, and a seed potato warehouse.  As a farmer, Cowan raised cattle, wheat, milo, alfalfa, and millet and participated in efforts to upgrade the quality of seed.  W. C. Cowan was a member of The Texas Grain Dealers Association.  He died in Tulia, Texas in 1961.

W. G. McMillan Construction Company, Inc.
Records, 1921-1998 and undated
78 boxes (42 linear feet) and 42 oversized boxes (126 linear feet)

    The collection is composed of two sets of records:  one of files in 78 boxes (Records, 1921-1998 and undated) and the second of large rolled blueprints in 42 large boxes (Records, 1925-1988 and undated).  The collection of office files (40 boxes), specifications (5 boxes), shop drawings (28 boxes), publication files (5 boxes), and construction plans and blueprints (42 oversized boxes) details the activities of the W. G. McMillan Construction Company, Inc.  For further details click here:  WGMcMillan.
    W. G. McMillan, Jr. is a retired architect.  His company records contain detail drawings of buildings from Lubbock, Reese Air Force Base, and Texas Tech University.  Mr. McMillan is a Lubbock High graduate (1945) and Texas Tech graduate (1950).  For recreation he engages in golfing and hunting.

W. P. Soash Land Company
Records, 1907-1918
1,384 leaves

    The collection consists of three bound record books related to the W.P. Soash Land Company, of which two volumes are entitled "Record of Land Sales, W.P. Soash Land Company," while the other is marked as "Note Register, W.P. Soash Land Company Waterloo, Iowa." These records contain notations concerning the purchase and sale of lands, buyers and sellers, costs, and location and size of lands. The material deals primarily with the land company, but records pertaining to the Florida Fertile Lands Company are also included.  For further details, click here:  WPSoash.
    Founded by William Pulver Soash in 1905, The W.P. Soash Land Company sold land tracts in the Texas Panhandle, and the land developer and colonizer used excursion trains to promote lands which were available through his company. A company magazine entitled The Golden West was used to advertise and create an interest in the areas being opened. The magazine also included social, economic, and political discussions. In 1912, Soash was forced to close the land company due to three years of drought in the Texas Panhandle region.
Waddell, Mary Lee
Papers, 1817-1976
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

    Consists of six scrapbooks related to Mrs. Waddell's family history and the early history of Odessa, Ector County, Emma, Crosby County, Texas, the Witt family, Bloys Camp Meeting Association, Paisano Baptist Assembly, Boy's Ranch of West Texas, and the Nogal Mesa Ranchmen's Camp Meeting. Also includes photographs and newspaper clippings.
    Born in Parker County in 1892, Mary Lee married Ernest Graham in 1911 in Odessa. He died in 1914, and she married R.T. Waddell in 1922. She was the first woman elected to serve on the board of Boys Ranch of West Texas in 1964.
Wade, Homer D.
Papers, 1943
170 leaves

    Includes galley and page proofs of History of Texas Technological College, 1916-1923, which was published in 1954.
A journalist and early member of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce, Wade was involved in the establishment of Texas Technological College.
Wagner, Charles John
Papers, 1896-1952
2 boxes (1.3 linear feet)

    Contains correspondence, financial and printed materials, business files and literary productions. Of particular interest are photographs and a journal pertaining to a Yaqui Expedition in 1934 conducted by the West Texas Museum Association of Texas Tech.  For further details, click here:  CJWagner.
    A medical doctor, surgeon, and civic leader, Wagner was born in 1878 in Belle Center, Ohio. He attended the University of Illinois Medical School and moved from Chicago to Lubbock, Texas, in 1913. He aided in establishing the West Texas Hospital in Lubbock in 1922. He was a physician on the 1934 Yaqui Expedition which was sponsored by Texas Technological College and Harvard University. Wagner also served as president of the West Texas Museum Association (1937-1939). He died in 1957.
Wagstaff, Robert McAlpine
Papers, 1854-1973
52,865 leaves

    Includes personal and business papers that reflect Wagstaff's interest in legal affairs, ranching, oil, and local history. Also includes materials relating to agricultural equipment, irrigation, mesquite eradication, and sheep raising. Bulks (1914-1973) with legal cases (1854-1972), financial materials, items relating to water conservation, local history, research notes, and personal and business correspondence. These materials refer to Tom Connally, I. V. Daniels, Ruth Leggett Jones, Charlton Lyons, J. B. Matthews, Watt Matthews, S. N. Morrison, Vincent Perini, J. R. Strayhorn, G. W. Theison, Henry Tillett, Henry Tillett, Jr., and J. M. Wagstaff.
    Wagstaff was an Abilene, Texas attorney, rancher, oil man and local historian. Born in 1892 in Abilene, Texas, he attended Hardin-Simmons University and, later, the University of Texas Law School. He was a World War I veteran and served with the Texas National Guard. After the war, he practiced law and served in the Texas legislature from 1931-1934. He supported legislation that helped create Texas Canyon State Park (Big Bend). Though an active Democrat, Wagstaff bolted in 1952 to support Dwight Eisenhower's Presidential candidacy. He was a professor of Business Administration at Hardin-Simmons University, from 1948-1959. He vehemently opposed rising foreign crude oil import quotas and supported a depletion allowance. Wagstaff was a member of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. He served as director of the West-Central Texas Oil and Gas Association, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, and the Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association. He was also a member of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce, the Water Development Committee, and Water, Inc. Wagstaff also authored history articles for the West Texas Historical Association. He married Texas Orms and they had two children. He died in 1973.

Walker, Donald
Papers, 1902-1994 and undated
6 boxes (6 linear feet)

      The Walker Papers are comprised of research material, which Dr. Walker used in the writing of his Ph.D. dissertation Penology for Profit:  A History of the Texas Prison System, 1876-1912, which was published as a book in 1988 and Frontier Texas Mercantile:  The History of the Gibbs Brothers and Company, Huntsville, 1841-1900, as well as other articles, both published and unpublished.  It is subdivided into bibliographic information, papers on convict lease labor, criminology, granger movement, penitentiary systems, railroads, photographs, and thesis and dissertations.  For further details, click here:  DWalker.
      Donald R. Walker is a History professor at Texas Tech University.  He has written two books and numerous articles on a variety subjects.  Prior to receiving his Ph.D. in History from Texas Tech, Walker was in the Peace Corps in Africa from 1965-1968, and served with the U.S. State Department in South Vietnam from 1969-1972.

Walker, J. A.
Papers, 1835-1942
70,369 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, scrapbook material, and printed material pertaining to the personal and business activities of J.A. Walker. The collection bulks (1869-1942) with records of the Walker-Smith Company and Rosario Mining and Milling Company.
    J.A. Walker was the president of the Walker-Smith Company, a wholesale grocery business with headquarters in Brownwood, Texas, from 1895-1942. He was also a member of the board of directors of the Rosario Mining and Milling Company, which purchased the Rosario Mine in southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico.
Walker, James V.
Papers, 1864-1865
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Contains photocopies of a signed declaration of Rev. James V. Walker of McMinn, Tennessee to uphold the U.S. constitution and to be reinstated as a loyal citizen.  It was issued to him after his release from prison at Fort Delaware, Delaware after the Union Army won the Civil War in 1865.  The manuscript was written by Mr. Walker describing his experiences with the war and imprisonment.
    James V. Walker was born January 14, 1838.  He married Kizziah Ann Morgan on June 16, 1863 and joined the Confederate Army when the Civil War broke out.   Rev. Walker was a Methodist minister by trade.  He died in April 8, 1923.  His granddaughter was Jewell H. Walker Smith of Odessa, Texas.

Walker, Mary Francis Templeton
Family papers, 1891-1970
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

    Consists of two scrapbooks, photographs, and personal papers pertaining to Mrs. Walker's family background. Scrapbook 1 contains information on E. H. Small's descendants. Scrapbook 2 consists of articles concerning the Wellington, Texas, area.
    Mrs. John W. Walker, formerly Mary Francis Templeton, was the daughter of State Representative Rufus Lee Templeton of Wellington, Texas, and the niece of former State Senator Clint Charles Small of Amarillo. Her maternal grandfather, E. H. Small, was the second County Judge of Collingsworth County and an early-day merchant in Shamrock, Texas.
Walker, Minnie Lomorah (Cox)
Papers, 1915-1948
941 leaves

    Includes calendar diaries concerned with farming, community activities, and domestic life.  Walker was married to Calvin Walker and lived on a farm near Hereford, Texas.
Walker, Nell
Collection, 1937-1950 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection contains a stack of postcards from Nell Walker of Ralls and Sudan, Texas.  She used the postcards to correspond with friends.  Some postcards contain images of early Lubbock, Texas.  Nell Walker was a resident of Ralls and Sudan, Texas.

Walker, Thomas R.
Papers, 1909-1938
65 leaves

    Contains family correspondence, arranged chronologically, plus a few undated notes.
Walker, Warren
Collection, 1960-1985
75,400 leaves

    The collection contains folklore data collected through student field work. The subjects include animal, child and infant, children's games and rhymes, epitaphs, Mexican community folklore, folk speech and proverbs, ghost stories and legends, helpful hints, jokes and riddles, marriage, occupations, omens, remedies and ailments, weather and miscellaneous items. Walker collected these cards from his students over a 25-year period.
    Warren Walker is a folklorist and Professor of English at Texas Tech University.
Wallace, Ernest
Papers, 1924-1981
86,274 leaves

    Includes Texas Tech University History Department memos, general files, organizational files, and financial material. Microfilmed scrapbook materials consist of photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, and correspondence concerning information on the life and career of Ernest Wallace. The collection bulks (1936-1977) with literary productions which include manuscripts and galley proofs of Charles Demorse: Editor and Statesman (1943), The Comanches: Lords of the South Plains (with E. A. Hoebel, 1952), Texas in Turmoil (1965), Ranald S. Mackenzie and the Texas Frontier (1964), and The Howling of the Coyotes (1979).  For further details, click here:  Wallace.
    An historian of the American West, Wallace was born in 1906 in Daingerfield, Texas. He received a B.A. from East Texas State University, an M.A. from Texas Technological College, and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He performed his doctoral work under Walter Prescott Webb and began teaching at Texas Technological College in 1936. He married Ellen Kegens in 1926. Wallace became a Horn Professor of History in 1967, and was president of Texas State Historical Association in 1976. Wallace died in 1985 in Lubbock, Texas.

Walters, Bob
Collection, 2004
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     The collection consists of one CD of scanned photographs and recorded captions concerning the ranching activities from the 1950s and 1960s and the horseshoeing instructions presented by Bob Walters.
     Bob Walters was born in Wisconsin and grew up around horses as a result of his acquaintance with a locally prominent horse broker.  As a youth he determined to pursue his dream of working with horses and cattle on western ranches.  From the very beginning of his cowboy career he carried a camera and documented ranching activities throughout the West.  He also filmed many of the activities with an 8mm camera.  He worked on ranches in the Northwest and Southwest and is able to make interesting comparisons between the two cultures.  His cowboy experience led to a career in horseshoeing, a skill that he eventually taught on a broad scale.

Ward, Bessye Cowden
Papers, 1921-1972
5 microfilm reels : negative

    Includes correspondence, printed material, and scrapbook material relating to Ward's involvement in civic and church activities in Ector County, Texas. Also includes material on trail rides, horses, women's organizations, and a family history.
    Born in 1898 in Midland, Texas, Bessye Ward owned the F-Bar Cowden Ranch near Odessa, Texas. She was active in civic and welfare projects, including the Altrusa Club, Ector County's Sheriff's Posse, the Salvation Army, and the Grandmother's Club. She was named Odessa's First Lady in 1962. Ward also taught at Wayland College and John Tarleton College.
Ward County Irrigation District No. 1 (Barstow, Texas)
Records, 1891-1966
5 microfilm reels : negative

    Contains correspondence, business records, financial and legal documents, maps, minutes, reports, and miscellaneous materials related to the Ward County Irrigation District No. 1 in Barstow, Texas.
    Established in 1913, the district grew out of previous irrigation companies with various names.
Ward, Mrs. Louis Taylor
Collection, 1936-1980
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The items are a social security card from 1936, the first year issued since the implementation of the Social Security Act and a U. S. Census 1980 “You Can Count on Me” button.  Mrs. Ward was a Lubbock, Texas native.

Ward-Murray and Company Bank (San Saba, Texas)
Records, 1883-1885
1 microfilm reel (38 ft.) : negative

    Consists of a ledger for the Ward-Murray and Company Bank, 1883- 1885.  Thomas Ward owned a mercantile store in Austin, Texas. After the Civil War, he moved to San Saba, Texas, and, in 1883, he and W. T. Murray founded the private banking firm of Ward-Murray and Company.
Warner, Phebe Kerrick
Papers, 1911-1948
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

    Consists of scrapbook material containing articles written by and about Phebe Kerrick Warner.  Warner came to Claude, Texas, in 1898 and married Dr. William A. Warner, a pioneer Armstrong County physician. She was responsible for organizing the First County Federation of Women's Clubs in America (January 1902) for rural women, as well as encouraging curb markets. She also worked with the Rural Co-Operation Committee and the Home Extension Service Program, and wrote editorials and county life features. She died of pneumonia on May 14, 1935.

Warren, E. K. and Son, Inc. (Three Oaks, Michigan)

Papers, 1884-1973 and undated
10 boxes and 17 ledgers (15.0 linear feet)

    Collection contains records of E. K. Warren and Son, which pertain to the company’s ranching interests in Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Also contains some personal correspondence and bibliographical material of the Warren Family.  For further details, click here:  EKWarren.
    In 1902, E. K. Warren of Michigan purchased 85,000 acres from the XIT Ranch and established a ranching operation in Bailey County, Texas, near the present town of Muleshoe. Warren, a successful manufacturer of corset stays and buggy whips, also owned ranches in New Mexico, Colorado, and Chihuahua, Mexico. His U Bar cattle brand used the outline of a muleshoe, which the town of Muleshoe got its name.

Warren, Mae Nix
Papers, 1918-1999
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items are a photocopied handwritten diary by Mae Nix Warren and a photocopied narrative about David Byno Warren, son of Mae. The original diary was written on a book entitled "Foster's Historical Outline Maps for Students of Texas History. The short story on David was told to Joe Faherty by Dollie Mae Hobgood (Oct. 16, 1999).  She graduated from high school in Ballinger, Texas in 1918. She moved to the Abilene area in 1920. She married Byno Warren a farmer and WWI veteran. They had two children:  Dollie Mae Hobgood and David Warren.

Waste Deposit Impact Committee (Texas)
Records, 1973-1988
9,651 leaves

    Contains correspondence, legal material, organizational by-laws, and technical reports. The collection bulks (1985-1987) with the records of the assistant directors for geotechnical assessment and socioeconomic assessment.
    This is a local government agency created to monitor the activities of the U.S. Department of Energy and its attempts to develop a repository for high-level nuclear waste in Deaf Smith County, Texas.
Collection, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

   The item is an election bumper sticker that states “Vote Water For Texas Amendment 2”.  Water in Texas has been a problem since water tables such as the Ogallala Aquifer have been slowing diminishing in size.  Conservation has been stress in some cities to preserve a precious source for living.  Crops and livestock depend on it for the ranching and agriculture industry to flourish.

Water, Inc. (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1939-1983
5,442 leaves

    The reference file contains copies of newsclippings, brochures, letters, and other printed items pertaining to this group's early years. The collection bulks with general files, transparencies, and a seventy page scrapbook pertaining to the organization's activities.
    Founded in 1967 as a non-profit educational and lobbying organization based in Lubbock, the organization promotes water importation over a three-state area.  

Watson, W. Lee, 1895-
Papers, 1958-1982
4,595 leaves

    Contains a family history book written by W. Lee Watson. Also includes diaries of W. Lee Watson. The collection bulks (1958-1968) with diaries.
    A wholesale distributor, Watson was born in 1895 in Brownwood, Texas. He was involved in civic activities of Brownwood.  

Weakley, J. C.
J. C. Weakley and W. Lee Watson family collection, 1900-1926
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

    Contains scrapbook material consisting primarily of newspaper clippings concerning members of the Weakley and Watson families of Brownwood, Texas. Also included is the obituary of Arthur Watson of Richmond, Virginia, who was the father of Lee Watson.
    The Weakley and Watson families were business associates in Brownwood, Texas, owning and operating the Weakley-Watson Hardware Store. The families were related through the marriage of J. C. Weakley's eldest daughter to Lee Watson.

Weaks, Jess
Photograph Collection, 1979
1 wallet (.1 linear foot)

     The Papers consist of several photographs and negatives of the AAM’s Tractorcade in 1979.
     Jess Weaks was a member the American Agricultural Movement for many years. He attended an organization reunion in the summer of 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.

Weatherby, Joseph Norman and Maxine Fletcher
Papers, 1923-1963
11 boxes and 2 OS boxes (13 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, personal and business papers, scrapbooks and genealogical material. The collection bulks (1928-1963) with personal financial documents: bank statements, bank books, cancelled checks, tax material, and ledgers. Of particular interest are photocopies of the family scrapbooks from 1933-1965 and the genealogical material tracing the family from 1653-1971.
    A business executive and civic leader, Weatherby was born in 1909 in Goldthwaite, Texas. He began dealing automobiles for his father's company, The Weatherby Motor Company, in 1932. His business interests also include: KBWD radio station (founder and director); Citizens' National Bank (chairman of the board); Howard Payne College (president and trustee); and Daniel Baker College (president of the board of trustees). His civic associations include: the Chamber of Commerce (past president); Rotary Club (past president); Carnegie Library Board (past president) and the First Baptist Church (chairman of the Board of Deacons). Weatherby was also a member of Brownwood Country Club, Brownwood Hunt Club, Brown County Historical Society, Mason-Knight Templer and Shriner, Suez Shrine Club, Phi Gamma Delta, and Alpha Delta Sigma (honorary).

Weatherby, Nelda Lewis
Papers, 1909-1973
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

    The collection consists of printed materials pertaining to genealogical interests in San Saba County, Texas, and also contains magazine and newspaper articles on Fort McKavett, Texas.
    At one time, Nelda Lewis Weatherby resided in San Saba, Texas.
Weatherby Motor Company (Brownwood, Texas)
Records, 1924-1972
203,035 leaves, 112 microfilm reels
(11,190 ft.): negative

    Contains correspondence, financial documents, legal documents, printed material, and photographs. Bulks (1932-1960) with financial records relating to repair orders, sales tickets, and ledger accounts of the company. Of particular interest are printed materials pertaining to new lines of Ford automobiles, trucks, and tractors from 1924-1965.
    A Ford dealership in Brownwood, Texas, the franchise dates to 1913 with original founders, John N. Weatherby and E. M. Boone, however, in 1918, Weatherby bought out Boone. Weatherby was murdered during a robbery attempt in 1921, and the franchise control moved to his widow, who sold 50% of the franchise to her brother-in-law, E. J. Weatherby. In 1924, the Weatherby Motor Company of Brownwood, Texas, opened with the original buildings erected between 1926 and 1929. In 1932, John N. Weatherby, Jr. joined the company and, by 1940, he bought out his uncle's 50% share as well as his mother's and sister's interests.
Webb, J. R.
Papers, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

   Contains a paper entitled “Henry Herron:  Pioneer and Peace Officer During Fort Griffin Days” written by J. R. Webb.  Henry Herron lived in Texas during the 19th Century when most of the country was still populated by wild Indians and ranching was beginning.  Military outposts stretching from north to south in Texas were built in a line of defense against the native Indians who pose a threat to pioneers making their way through the Texas frontier.

Webb, Walter Prescott
Collection, 1957-1964
65 leaves

    Includes printed material and newspaper clippings. The collection is built around Webb's page proofs and typescript of Washington Wife, the published journals of Ellen Maury Slayden. The remainder of the collection is comprised of reference file material: magazines and journals containing articles or tributes to Webb, a course outline to Webb's Great Plains class and numerous newspaper obituaries.
    An educator, historian, and author, Webb was born in 1888 on a farm in Panola County, Texas. He attended the University of Texas, where he received his B.A. (1915), M.A. (1920) and Ph.D. (1932) degrees. He started teaching at the University of Texas in 1918 and remained on the faculty until his death. He authored The Great Plains (1931), The Texas Rangers (1935) and The Handbook of Texas (1952). Webb also served as director of the Texas State Historical Association, president of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association (1954-1955) and in the American Historical Association (1957-1958). He married Jane Elizabeth Oliphant in 1916. She died in 1960. Webb, then, married Mrs. Terrell Maverick (widow of Maury Maverick) in 1961. Webb died in 1963.
Webb, Veda
Collection, 1816-1968
280 leaves

    Includes genealogical data and material on Arthur P. Duggan and the Duggan, Hart, and Webb families, plus several photographs and newspapers containing articles on family members.
Webster and Harris Advertising Agency (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1957-1985
11,678 leaves

    The collection consists of the company's non-current office files, which consist primarily of printed materials gathered for research. The files are arranged by subject and range from folders with one or two pieces of material for a given topic, to several large folders for other topics.
    A Lubbock, Texas-based advertising agency founded in 1945 by Dale Buckner, the company was originally named Buckner Advertising, but changed names with the addition of partners. The agency has worked with several companies, including K-Bob's, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, First Federal Savings and Loan, Texas Seed Trade Association, Tri-matic Sprinkler Irrigation, and Shetland-Hallmark Stores.
Weddington Family
Collection, 1916-1987 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     The collection contains some correspondence, typed and hand written manuscripts, genealogy, photographs, and scrapbook material concerning the Weddington family and Jean Baker Weddington Sullivan.
     The Weddington family is native to Childress, Texas.  One member of the family, Brigadier General Leonard “Pop” Weddington and his wife Jean Baker Weddington and family were present at the air raid on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.  An account of their story is present in the collection as well as an article on the Japanese mini-submarine captured by the U.S. Navy.  Additional reminiscences about the Baker family’s early pioneering years are included amongst the papers.

Weddle, Robert Samuel
Papers, 1962-1976
2,616 leaves

    Includes correspondence, manuscripts, and galley and page proofs of Weddle's literary works. Bulks (1972-1973) with material related to his book, Wilderness Manhunt: The Spanish Search for La Salle.
    A journalist and author, Weddle wrote historical accounts of the 34th Texas Cavalry, the Spanish in Texas, and of the San Saba, Texas mission.

Weeks, Margaret W.
Papers, 1925-1966
1,513 leaves

     The collection consists of various materials on Margaret Watson Weeks. Included are correspondence, biographical material, news clippings, programs and other memorabilia. One folder concerns Vera Maxey, who worked for the department store Hemphill-Wells in Lubbock, Texas, for 30 years.
     The scrapbooks in this collection are in varying condition. Scrapbooks I-III include miscellaneous news clippings, memorabilia, and photographs on Texas Technological College and the School of Home Economics. As several of the news clippings and other items were coming loose, the pages of the scrapbooks were photocopied and placed in a separate folder. The original parts of the scrapbooks were kept intact as much as possible and the photographs were sleeved. The Quarterly Club scrapbook was removed from its rusting metal binder and kept in its original order within two separate folders.
     Images from this collection are digitized and can be viewed here.
     Margaret Watson Weeks was one of the original faculty members at Texas Technological College when it opened in 1925. She served as Dean of the School of Home Economics during its formative years from 1925-1953. Born in 1886 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, she began her career teaching grade school in Canada and the United States. Weeks received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Columbia University in 1922 and 1925. At Texas Tech, she helped to organize the Home Economics Club in 1925, established the Home Economics Loan Fund, and helped form the Double Key Honor Society in 1930 and the first Texas chapter of the Phi Upsilon Omicron National Honor Society in 1938. Weeks successfully orchestrated the construction of the Home Economics Building addition in 1952. She was a member of the American Home Economics Association, the American Dietetic Association, the Texas State Teachers Association, Delta Kappa Gamma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and served as a past president of the Texas Home Economics Association, the Texas Vocation Association, the State Nutrition Council, and the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women. She retired from Texas Technological College in 1953 and later died in Lubbock, Texas, in 1967.

Weiner, Rob
Papers, 1997
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection contains book reviews by Rob Weiner.  The books reviewed deal with the music industry, and most of them were released over the Internet.  Also included are four reviews of a book co-authored by Weiner, entitled The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads:  an Annotated Bibliography.
   Rob Weiner is a librarian for the George Mahon Library located downtown in Lubbock, Texas.  His interest lies in the music industry and its history.

Welch Historical Society (Texas)
Collection, 1967-1970
1,640 leaves

    The collection includes a manuscript, correspondence, and notes relating to the publication of the Society's book, Welch, The History of a Dawson County Community.
    The society was organized in the late 1960s to research and write the history of the Dawson County, Texas community. Its publication was completed in 1970.
Wells, J. Roy
Papers, 1966-1987
222 leaves

    Contains printed material from groups in which J. Roy Wells was interested and/or involved. Also includes Governor Mark White's first speech to the Texas Legislature, delivered on January 27, 1983.
    Wells was a professor of Accounting at Texas Tech University from 1951-1971. He also served on the Texas Tech Board of Regents.

Wells, J. Roy and Fray
Collection, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection contains a Texas Tech College matchbook, 12 ¾“ long and a “Raider Red” paper fan/mask with a wooden handle.
    J. Roy Wells was a long-time employee of Texas Tech University, serving as the Assistant to the President, the Secretary to the Board of Directors, and a teacher of accounting in the College of Business Administration.  Mr. Wells was an active member of the Rotary International and Lubbock Rotary Clubs.  His wife was Fray.

Wells, Ruby C.
Papers, 1916-1939
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items for this collection include Wells’ correspondence, business financial records, court documents, and hand notes.  J. S. Wells is the founder of J. S. Wells and Sons, the first commercial business in Tahoka, Texas, a small farming town south of Lubbock.  Ruby is a relative of J. S. Wells.

Wells, Spencer A.
Papers, 1918-1919
503 leaves

    Includes memorandums, orders, and intelligence pertaining to Wells' World War I service.  A businessman and civic leader, Wells was the founder and owner of Hemphill-Wells Company and a civic leader in Lubbock, Texas. Born in 1890, Wells served in both World War I and World War II. He died in 1962 in Lubbock.
Wesleyan Service Guild (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1941-1969
852 leaves

    The collection contains minutes, records, and reports, which are arranged chronologically.  Wesleyan Service Guild is a Christian service and development organization for Methodist women.
West, David
Papers, 1922-1988
77 leaves

    Consists of a literary production and includes newsclippings that relate to the careers of the various police chiefs of Lubbock, Texas.
West, David

Papers, 1938-1990 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Consists of an addition to West’s previous donation of material documenting the history of Lubbock, Texas police chiefs.
West, Dirk

Collection, undated
Oversized Frames (2 linear feet)

    Includes caricatures of the mascots from universities who were members in the Southwest Conference. The universities include TCU, Rice, Texas Tech, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, SMU, and Arkansas. Dirk West created these items.
    Dirk West was a cartoonist/writer for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, who passed away in 1996. He is best known for his caricatures of the Southwest Conference mascots, which ran in the Sports Section of the Lubbock A-J. He also served as mayor of Lubbock from 1978-1980.

West, Dwayne Frank
Collection, 1953-1955
1 oversized box (1.5 linear feet) 

     The item is scrapbook full of news clippings of Dwayne Frank West's collegiate football days playing for Texas Technological College in the mid 1950s.  Some of the clippings are loose.  It includes clippings of Texas Tech’s trip to the Gator Bowl in 1954.
     Dwayne Frank West originally from Keller, Texas played football for Texas Tech from 1953-1955.  He graduated with a B.S. in Animal Husbandry in 1956.  He was active in other Tech organizations such as the Double T Association.

West, Elizabeth Howard
Papers, ca. 1900-1940
ca. 10,000 leaves

    The collection bulks with correspondence and research notes compiled during her chairmanship of the Southwestern Library Association's Regional Literature Program in Texas (1934-1936), her career as librarian at Texas Technological University and the Texas State Library, and materials related to West's master's thesis, "Cartography of the French and Spanish Expansion." The Regional Literature Program materials provide information on the purpose, scope, and organization of a national movement in Texas and the surrounding states. West's Texas Technological College correspondence pertains to library business from the 1920s and 1930s. The Texas State Library materials consist of transcribed correspondence to and from Texas state offices (1906-1907), Texas State Library preliminary letter registers, and miscellaneous items related to library operations (1918?-1935?). The microfilm material contains transcribed Spanish documents pertaining to William Panton, a Scottish merchant and frontiersman along the Spanish borderlands during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The collection also includes West's research correspondence.
    A librarian, educator, and historian, West served as the first librarian at Texas Technological College in 1925, and founded the Lubbock, Texas, branch of the American Association of University Women (1926). Born in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, in 1873, West received a degree from the Industrial Institute and College at Columbus, Mississippi. She taught public school and then moved to Texas in 1895. She received both bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Texas in 1901. She began her library training in 1905 and became a cataloger at the Texas State Library in 1906. West also worked as an assistant at the Library of Congress, was the Texas State Library Archivist (1911-1915), the director of the San Antonio Library (1915-1918), and elected as State Librarian in 1918, which made her the first woman department head in the Texas state government.
    West had actively pursued research in Spanish and Mexican archives, and from 1930 to 1932 worked as a Library of Congress research assistant on the European Historical Mission. She published frequent articles in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and the American Historical Review. She was a charter member of the Texas State Library Association, and served as president of the organization from 1914 to 1916. She also helped to found the Southwestern Library Association. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Gamma, Daughters of the American Revolution and the Philosophical Society of Texas. West also directed the Southwestern Library Association's Regional Literature Program in Texas. She retired as college librarian at Texas Technological College in 1942. . She then worked as an historical research assistant for the history department at the college until 1947. West completely retired in 1947 after a heart attack, and moved to Pensacola, Florida, where she lived until her death in 1948.

West Texas A&M University
Collection, 1969
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    This collection contains a report of the West Texas State University Committee of 1967.  West Texas State Normal College opened in 1910.  In 1923 the name was changed to West Texas State Teachers College.   In 1949 the name was changed to West Texas State College.  In 1963 the name was changed to West Texas State University.  In the early 1990’s, the name was changed to West Texas A&M University.

West Texas Agricultural Employers Group
Records, 1950-1969
ca. 6,940 leaves

    Contains correspondence, minutes, pamphlets, legal documents, and other records concerning the West Texas Agricultural Employers Group.
    The West Texas Agricultural Employers Group was formed to protect the interests of Texas farmers by opposing the United States Department of Labor attempts to regulate migrant labor.
West Texas Chamber of Commerce
(Abilene, Texas)
Records, 1893-1987 and undated
102 boxes and 24 ledgers (192 linear feet)

    Contains printed material, news clippings, photographs, office records, financial documents, and motion pictures all relating to the West Texas milieu. Office records relate to agriculture and ranching, economic and industrial development, community services and development, tourism and travel, state affairs and transportation, and water development.   For further details, click here:  WTCC1.
    Formed in 1918 in Fort Worth, Texas to serve the regional needs of West Texas, the organization’s first president was Colonel C. T. Herring of Amarillo. One of the first and most significant projects the organization took on was helping to get Texas Technological College established in 1923. Since its inception, the West Texas Chamber of Commerce has worked to improve the economic and cultural conditions of West Texas. The organization today has merged with the Texas Chamber of Commerce whose main office is in Austin, Texas.
West Texas Chamber of Commerce (Abilene, Texas)
Records, 1918-1976 and undated
83 boxes and 24 ledgers (91 linear feet)

    Contains printed material, newspaper clippings, photographs, office records, financial documents, and motion pictures all relating to the West Texas Chamber of Commerce.  For further details, click here:  WTCC2.
    Formed in 1918 to serve the regional needs of West Texas, the organization's first president was Colonel C. T. Herring of Amarillo. One of the first and most significant projects the organization took on was helping to get Texas Technological College established in 1923. Since its inception, the West Texas Chamber of Commerce has worked to improve the economic and cultural conditions of West Texas.
West Texas Museum
Records, 1935-1971
15 leaves plus 573 items

    Consists of a 1937 building proposal, brochures, annual reports, and other miscellaneous printed material concerning the attractions and affairs of the museum. Also includes material pertaining to Peter Hurd, who painted a fresco mural in the first museum building, now part of Holden Hall on the campus of Texas Tech University.
    The museum was established in 1935 on the campus of Texas Technological College through the efforts of Dr. W. C. Holden, who also helped to organize the West Texas Museum Association. Opened in 1937, the museum gradually grew and expanded and, in 1971, it moved to its present location. It is currently called The Museum of Texas Tech University.
West Texas Museum Association
Records, 1950-1989
2,591 leaves

    Contains office records, correspondence, membership lists, scrapbooks and financial material dealing with the West Texas Museum Association, and with printed material and newsclippings related to the Sixth Annual Texas International Wine Classic held in Lubbock, Texas (1989). The collection bulks (1950-1967) with scrapbook material.
    The Plains Museum Society was created in 1929 to establish a museum in the South Plains of Texas. The society changed its name to West Texas Museum Association in 1935, and is responsible for building the Texas Tech Museum in 1970 and the Ranching Heritage Center in 1976 in Lubbock, Texas.
West Texas Museum Association. Women's Council
Records, 1954-1985
443 leaves

    Contains correspondence, news clippings, Women's Council programs, a museum booklet, necrology for Eugene Kingman, and minutes of the 1979 meeting of the West Texas Museum Association..
    The Women's Council was formed in 1954 as an educational organization to encourage membership in the West Texas Museum Association and to assist in the activities of the Texas Tech Museum.

West Texas Native American Association
Collection, 1994-2003
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

     The collection contains two photocopied scrapbooks from members of the West Texas Native American Association (WTNAA):  LaRue Owens and Alma Rainwater.  The scrapbooks contain news clippings, photographs, and other interesting items detailing the activities of WTNAA.
     West Texas Native American Association (WTNAA) is an active organization whose headquarters is in Lubbock, Texas.  Some members are descendents from many North American tribes while other non-Native Americans join for their interest in the Indian culture.  They host an annual Intertribal Pow-wow, where members don their traditional costumes and participate in the music and dance festivities.  They encourage the preservation and education of the Native American culture.

West Texas Native American Association
Records, 1992-2006 and undated
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

The records of the West Texas Native American Association (WTNAA) consist of articles, correspondence, journals, notes, tables, and minutes. Many programs and records regarding their annual Pow Wow are present. Financial materials, by-laws, a copy of their constitution, insurance information, and photographs are also present. All materials relate to the day-to-day operations and major events of the WTNAA.
The West Texas Native American Association (WTNAA), an active organization headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, encourages the preservation and education of the Native American culture. Some members are descendants of North American tribes, while other non-Native Americans join as a result of their interest in the Indian culture. The WTNAA hosts an annual Intertribal Pow Wow, where members don traditional costumes and participate in music and dance festivities.

West Texas Scottish Heritage Society
Records, 1981-2002 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

     Consists of Financial Material and scrapbook material gathered by the West Texas Scottish Heritage Society Records.  
Interest in genealogy and Scottish heritage of many South Plains residents led to discussions on organizing a Scottish heritage group in the mid 1970s and culminated with the formation of the West Texas Scottish Heritage Society in 1981. Monthly meetings served as the setting for members to share in clan history, genealogy methods, traditional games, traditional music, and other activities. The society disbanded after the January 2002 meeting, where they enjoyed the traditional annual celebration of Roberts’s burn’s birthday. An offshoot, a Scottish dance group, continues to meet and perform. Ben and Jean Gunn are long-time residents of West Texas and Lubbock and have strong connections to Texas Tech University. They were members of and held office for the West Texas Scottish Heritage Society. Jean was the last officer to hold newsletter/Historian duties.

Western Texas Farm Labor Association
Records, 1956-1965
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

    Consists of a minute book relating the activities of the organization. The collection also includes correspondence, expense accounts, and earning statements pertinent to the discussions in the minutes.
    Created in 1956, the association served as the prime contractor for assignment of Mexican nationals as laborers on West Texas farms, and existed as an association of member-user farmers from Bailey, Castro, Deaf Smith, Lamb, and Parmer counties. Headquartered in Muleshoe, Texas, the U.S. Department of Labor oversaw the organization and its activities.

Western Writers of America
Records, 1908-1993 and undated
11 boxes (12 linear feet)

    Contains organizational records dating from 1954 through 1993 including correspondence, convention records, financial material, publication information, member records, and printed material. It also includes photographs and copies of The Roundup. The bulk of the collection is correspondence and financial material.   For further details, click here:  WWA.
    The Western Writers of America was established as a professional writers’ organization in 1953. It was to serve as a support network for published western writers and recognize their achievements with annual Spur Awards for excellence in writing. It continues to serve as a forum and audience for western genre writers through publication of a newsletter and quarterly journal, annual conventions, and writing workshops.

Western Writers of America
Records, 1980-1995 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Contains group survey of responses on the top ten best western writings and writers for the Western Writers of America (WWA).  Also includes tally sheets of names, survey results, responses, program booklets, constitution and bylaws, membership committee yearend report, membership survey, and Roundup Quarterlies (16 items).
   Western Writers of America is a professional writers organization established in 1953 to appreciate, publicize, and promote fiction and non-fiction literature of the West.   Western Writers of America appreciate, publicize, and promote fiction and non-fiction literature of the West and serve as a forum and support network for professional writers.  At the annual conference, WWA presents Spur Awards honoring excellence in western writing including fiction and non-fiction books and articles, juvenile fiction and non-fiction, TV and movie scripts, and cover art.  They further promote the Western genre through workshops, book reviews, and the publication of The Roundup Quarterly and The Roundup Newsletter and several anthologies.

Westerners International:  Llano Estacado Corral (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1984-1993
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Items deal with the business of the Llano Estacado Corral of the Westerners International such as correspondence, Buckskin bulletins, membership lists, programs, and handouts.  The Westerners International is a club dedicated to people with an interest in U. S. Western History.  The Llano Estacado Corral is located in Lubbock, Texas.

Westerners. Llano Estacado Corral (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1962-1988
698 leaves

    Contains correspondence, financial material, membership lists, scrapbook material, printed material, and literary productions. Of particular interest are copies of papers presented by various members at corral meetings, and copies of the "Buckskin Bulletin," published by Westerners International.
    An association of western history enthusiasts, the Llano Estacado Corral was organized in 1959 at Lubbock, Texas, as the Staked Plains Corral. The name was changed in 1974. It is a local group of Westerners International, which organized in 1944 at Chicago, Illinois, with the stated purpose: "to perpetuate the lore and history of the American West." Charter members of the Lubbock group included Forrest Fenn, Bill Griggs, Frank Conselman, David Vigness, Bob Nash, Jerry House, James Baker, and Eugene Kingman.
Westex Family Motor Coach Association (Lubbock, Texas)
Papers, 1986-1989
134 leaves

    Includes correspondence, printed material, and membership rosters relating to the activities of the organization.  This is an organization in Lubbock, Texas.
Westex Motor Coach - FMCA
Records, 1973-1989 and undated
1 box and 1 wallet (1.1 linear feet)

   Includes correspondence, financial material, history, newsletters, and minutes of the Westex Motor Couch a Texas organization which is part of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).  They are a social group comprised of people who own recreational vehicles and they gather together for a common goal celebrating events and giving support.  They begin in July 1978.

Westex Motor Stages (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1926-1939
2326 leaves

    Contains correspondence, financial material, and office records concerning bus and taxi service in Lubbock, Texas.  Westex Motor Stages operated taxi and bus services in Lubbock, Texas. Originally owned and operated by Ed C. Abbott, as Texas Motor Ways, the business was sold to Dick Abbott in 1931 and became Westex Motor Stages.
Weyl Family
Papers, 1890-1955
87 leaves

    Includes correspondence, post cards, photographs (mostly unidentified), a printed yearbook, record books, newsclippings, and other scrapbook material pertaining mainly to farming near Plainview.  The Weyl family owned farmland near Plainview, Texas.
Weymouth, Chanslor Edmond
Papers, 1961-1965
326 leaves

    Bulks with correspondence, brochures, speeches, a prospectus, and a contract relating to the Pan Tech research farm and the Killgore Beef Cattle Research Center. Also includes one framed, hand-colored, portrait of Weymouth.
    A rancher, banker, and university regent, Weymouth was born May 23, 1890, in Mansfield, Arkansas. He married Fanny Fern Masterson in 1919. He inherited the Masterson Long S Ranch properties in Moore and Potter counties, Texas. Weymouth became a prominent cattleman in the Texas panhandle and the director of the First National Bank of Fort Worth. Weymouth served on Texas Technological College Board of Regents from 1941-1953, and helped obtain the Pan Tech research farm and Killgore Beef Cattle Research Center for the school. Weymouth was also active in various Amarillo civic and humanitarian functions. He died December 10, 1979 in Amarillo, Texas.
Wheat, Jim
Collection, 1846-1930
1 microfilm reel (40 ft.) : negative

    Contains an alphabetical list of 30,000 Postmasters from 1846-1930, including Confederate appointments, and a list of Post Office locations. The collection also contains some rural route maps.
Wheeler, Otis M.
Papers, 1844-1871
1 microfilm reel (8 ft.) : negative

    Consists of letters (1844-1871) written from San Augustine and Cold Spring, Texas, concerning the Mexican War, crops, mercantile business, slavery, and family matters.
Wheelock, E. B.
Collection, 1896
252 leaves

    The collection consists of a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings of the presidential campaign of William Jennings Bryan in 1896.
    E.B. Wheelock, the compiler of this collection, was a member of the Lubbock County, Texas, pioneer Wheelock family.
Wheelock, Frank Emerson
Papers, 1890-1929
1 microfilm reel (5 ft.) : negative

    Includes legal documents and printed material. Bulks (1929) with an article written by Gertrude Harris entitled, "Quaker Colony of Estacado, First Plains Settlement." Also includes copies of deeds between W. E. Rayner and Wheelock and a marriage license issued to Wheelock and Sylva Hunt, dated December 8, 1891.
    Wheelock was the founder of Lubbock, Texas, and one of the most influential early citizens of the South Plains. Born in 1863 in New York, he came to West Texas in 1887 to manage the IOA Ranch, controlled by his great-uncle Stillman W. Wheelock. In 1890, he founded the town of Lubbock and was appointed to run its affairs. He served as Lubbock's first mayor, was on the first Lubbock County Commission, introduced the first Cotton gin in Lubbock County, served as first postmaster, helped to promote the first railroad operating in Lubbock, and donated the land for the town's first cemetery. He married Sylva Belle Hunt of Estacado, Texas, in 1891, in the first marriage performed in Lubbock County. He was a member of the First Methodist Church of Lubbock, Woodsmen of the World, Elks Club, and was also a Royal Arch Mason. His name is perpetuated in Lubbock in the Wheelock addition of the city and in the F. E. Wheelock Elementary School. Wheelock died in 1932 in Lubbock.
Wheelock, Sylva Belle Hunt
Collection, 1870-1925
373 leaves

    The collection consists of sheet music, ranging from religious to secular.  Sylva Belle Hunt Wheelock was the wife of Lubbock, Texas, founder, Frank E. Wheelock, and the daughter of Lubbock pioneer, George M. Hunt. Born in 1874, she married Frank E. Wheelock in December 1891; and the marriage produced seven children. Sylva Wheelock died in 1944.
Whicker, J. C.
Papers, 1896-1919
762 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, printed material, and photographs. The collection bulks (1912-1919) with correspondence between Whicker and potential clients concerning the sale of land in West Texas.
    Whicker was a land colonizer and agent for the Vaughn Land Company and, later, for his own business, the J. C. Whicker Land Company. He was involved in selling land in Lamb County, and Hockley County, Texas, with George W. Littlefield. Whicker was also involved in settling land in Crosby County, Texas.
Whipple, Virginia
Collection, 1977
1 microfilm reel (25 ft.) : negative

    Consists of an unpublished "Catalogue of Cemeteries in Lipscomb, Roberts, and Wheeler counties, Texas, and Four Cemeteries in Oklahoma."
    Virginia Whipple, along with Roberta Hand, Juhree Carr, and Ernest Lucas, compiled a catalogue of cemeteries in counties in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma.
White, Frank A.
Papers, 1918-1942
7 leaves

    Consists of correspondence and bulks (1918) with two letters from L. E. Coleman to White discussing what is believed to be the first aerial service between Big Spring and Sweetwater, Texas.
    A West Texas businessman and publisher, White served as district-manager in the Sweetwater, Texas, district for the West Texas Electric Company during World War I. He published the first edition of the Crosbyton Review.
White, Reverend
Papers, 1877
6 leaves

    An otherwise blank copy book contains five and a half handwritten pages describing Reverend White's travels in Texas during the summer of 1877. The narrative begins at Waco, and continues to Graham City via covered wagon. Weatherford, Breckenridge, Hog Island (scene of 1st Presbyterian camp meeting in Texas), and the West Fork of the Trinity are among the locales mentioned.
    Reverend White (name otherwise unknown) was an itinerant Presbyterian minister from Virginia who held camp meetings in Texas in the summer of 1877.
White, Wirt W.
Papers, 1881-1968
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.): negative

    Consists of two manuscripts of reminiscences written by White about his life in West Texas. Includes information on pre-1900 Abilene, Texas, ranching, and West Texas businesses.
    White was a rancher and businessman. Born in 1881, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valentine White, were pioneers to West Texas and first settled at Cisco. He married Miss Hattie Lewis of Roscoe, Texas, and their first home was at the Walcott ranch in Martin County where White was foreman of the ranch. Later, White was in the hardware business at Lamesa and also spent several years farming near Roscoe. He died in 1968.
White and Kirk Company (Amarillo, Texas)
Records, 1909-1956
5,569 leaves

    Contains correspondence and financial material consisting of journals and trial balance books. Also includes a brief, unpublished history of the firm by Joe A. Bailey (1949).
    The company began in the 1890s as a grocery store in Amarillo, Texas, by Dr. M. W. Cunningham. Bought out by Cunningham's partner, E. W. White, in 1896, the grocery expanded into a general mercantile. White's brother-in-law, R. D. Kirk, later joined him as a partner and eventually became company president.
Whiteside, James H.
Papers, 1958-1982
117,388 leaves

    Includes correspondence and financial, legal, printed, scrapbook, and miscellaneous materials. Bulks (1968-1982) with material pertaining to Whiteside's involvement as a member of the Texas State Board of Education.
    Born in 1909 in Ryan, Oklahoma, Whiteside moved to Lubbock, Texas in 1923. He served on the Lubbock Independent School District board of trustees from 1954-1967 and on the Texas State Board of Education from 1967-1982. He held a special concern for, and worked to increase the educational opportunities of, handicapped children. He retired in 1982. In 1983, Whiteside Elementary School (Lubbock) was named in his honor. In 1986, he established an endowed scholarship at Texas Tech University's College of Education.
Whitney, G. R. Estate

Records, 1943-1959 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

    Contains correspondence, annual reports, articles, financial records, and legal material concerning G. R. Whitney and the Chemical Process Company.
Whitten, William
Papers, 1916-1940
192 leaves

    Consists of chronologically-arranged correspondence, financial documents and scrapbook material.  Whitten resided in Brownwood, Texas, during the Depression era, and had dealings with the Temple Trust Company.
Whittenburg, J. A. Estate

Records, 1916-1942
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

    Collection contains correspondence from Amarillo National Bank to J. A. Whittenberg. Also contains receipts concerning farms, ranches, and livestock purchases.
Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 1 (Texas)
Records, 1919-1961
1,763 leaves

    Contains the meeting minutes of the Board of Directors for the Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 1.
    This district, which encompassed 15,543 acres, including the city of Wichita Falls, was created by the County Commissioners Court on December 29, 1919, primarily to construct Lake Kemp and Lake Diversion for flood control and to supply municipal water. A $4 million bond issue was approved by the voters to defray the cost of construction. The District was taken over by the City of Wichita Falls in July 1961.
Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 2 (Texas)
Records, 1898-1983
1,532 leaves 19 microfilm reels negative

    Contains the meeting minutes of the Board of Directors for Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 2.
    District No. 2 was created on December 29, 1920, by the Wichita County Commissioners Court after it became apparent that more funds were needed than were available through the District No. 1 bond election. Encompassing 76,784 acres, its main purposes were irrigation and flood control.
Wichita Falls, Texas
Tornado collection, 1979
70 leaves

    Includes newspaper accounts and clippings about the Wichita Falls tornado. The collection bulks with news reports from the Wichita Falls Record News.
    A tornado struck Wichita Falls, Texas, on the evening of April 10, 1979, and cut a swath of destruction over one mile to one-and-a-half miles wide through the southern portion of the city.
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1901-1964
5 microfilm reels : negative

    Contains the minutes from both the organization's meetings and the Business Council. Also includes publications of the organization.   The Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1901 to promote the business interests of the community.
Wiesen, Thomas F.
Papers, 1940-1971
4,190 leaves

    Includes correspondence, printed material, and general files. The collection bulks (1941-1961) with Faculty Advisory Committee materials and other materials pertaining to Texas Technological College.
Wiesen received a B.S. degree from Texas A&M College in 1920 and an M.B.A. in foreign trade from the Wharton School of     Commerce and Finance in 1932. He taught at Boone University in Wuehang, China, and traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. Wiesen joined the faculty of Texas Technological College in 1940, where he helped develop the College of Business Administration. He served as head of the Economics Department from 1942-1958 and retired in 1962. He died in Lubbock on February 21, 1978.

Wiggins, Dossie Marion
Papers, undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

   The item is a scrapbook filled with news clipping, correspondence, and photographs on the career of Dr. D. M. Wiggins.  Dossie Marion Wiggins was the niece of Dr. D. M. Wiggins president of Texas Technological College from 1948-1952.

Wilbarger County Historical Society
Collection, 1959
641 leaves

    The collection consists of biographical and genealogical information on Wilbarger County residents. Included are short histories of the Odell Baptist Church, the Odell Church of Christ, the Wildcat Methodist Church, and reminiscences of the early days of Wilbarger County.
    Organized in 1958, the society gathered biographical and historical information from long-time county residents.
Wilemon, Peary
Papers, 1917-1970
188,653 leaves

    Includes office files, records, and personal papers of Peary Wilemon. The collection bulks (1917-1966) with records of the Wilemon Gin.
    A farmer, cotton gin owner, and banker, Wilemon was born in 1909 in May Pearl, Texas. He managed the cotton gin in May Pearl following the death of his father, Luther Wilemon, in 1934.
Wiley, Dewey Otto
Papers, 1884-1981
41,985 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, and scrapbook material concerning Wiley's career as a band director.
    Born in 1898 in Alexander, Texas, Wiley learned the violin at age five. He directed the Simmons College Cowboy Band from 1921 to 1934 and was band director at Texas Technological College from 1934-1959. He was the executive secretary of the Texas Music Educators Association for 22 years. Wiley was a member of numerous other music, band, and educational organizations. He died in 1981 in Lubbock, Texas.
Wiley, Jane Cook
Papers, 1968
1 microfilm reel (5 ft.) : negative

    Includes correspondence, biographical material, and scrapbook material relating to Jane Cook Wiley's efforts at obtaining information regarding her father, Enoch Jasper Cook, the first doctor in Levelland, Texas. Also includes genealogical material on the Cook family and news clippings on Dr. Cook's career.
    Born in 1913 in Red River County, Texas, Cook moved to West Texas in 1921 and lived at Delwin, Wilson, Levelland, and Lubbock during childhood. She graduated from Lubbock High School in 1931, the first class to graduate from the 19th Street building. She also attended Texas Technological College.

Wiley, Sandra
Collection, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear ft.)

      The collection consists of a CD with four scanned images accompanied by four laser copies of the old photos:  a house, a barn, a slaughter of hogs, and a portrait of Abner M. Becton.  Sandra Wiley is a local historian and an Associate of the Oral History Program of the Southwest Collection.  Becton is a small community located northeast of the City of Lubbock, Texas.  E. J. King is the son-in-law of Abner M. Becton.  For historical purposes King was interviewed by Sandra Wiley.
Wilke, Adolph
Papers, 1930-1959
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

    Consists of five volumes compiled as ledgers and diaries that depict Wilke's experiences as a farmer in Southland, Texas.
Wilke moved from Bell County to Southland, Texas (Garza County), where he farmed until retiring and moving to Slaton, Texas in 1951.
Wilkes, Eva Jewell Giesecke
Papers, 1967-1971
500 leaves

    Includes a photocopy of a 500+ page, mostly hand-written manuscript of Mrs. Wilkes' life, entitled "My Life's Story as I Remember It," and a six-page photocopy of a news clipping describing Mesannie Wilkins' horseback ride from Maine to California and subsequent appearance on Art Linkletter's show in 1955.  Eva Jewell Giesecke Wilkes was reared on a cotton farm near Hico, Texas. In 1971, she completed a manuscript of her life story.
Wilkes, James P.
Papers, 1945-1977
7,502 leaves

    Includes correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, sermons, and scrapbook materials. Bulks (1957-1977) with Wilkes' personal papers and sermons relating to his career as an Unitarian minister.
    A minister and political activist, Wilkes was born in 1921 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He held Unitarian ministry positions in Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, D. C., Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dallas, Texas, and Peoria, Illinois. He was involved in the Civil Rights Movement and participated in the Selma, Alabama, Memorial March in 1965 which was led by Martin Luther King. In 1968 Wilkes helped the Unitarian Churches of Lubbock achieve church status.

Wilkinson, Andy
Papers, 1998
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The item is a speech given by Andy Wilkinson at the Texas Tech University commencement address graduation program on August 15, 1998.  Texas Tech’s President Donald Haragan gave the introduction.  Andy Wilkinson is a singer and song writer who is well known for his album commemorating rancher Charles Goodnight.

Wilkinson, Anna Reynolds
Papers, 1898-1973
58 leaves

    Contains newsclippings, a photograph of Phin and Ben Reynolds, and a transcript of an oral history interview concerning the Wilkinson and Reynolds families. Newclippings feature articles about the Reynolds and Matthews family.
    A homemaker and school teacher, Anna was born in 1882 at Reynolds Bend, Texas, on the Brazos River. She was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Reynolds and Florence Rebecca Matthews. She grew up near Throckmorton, Texas, and later married W. Clark Wilkinson of Young County, Texas. Anna taught school around Throckmorton, Texas for three years.

Wilkinson, L. W.
Papers, 1893-1895
1 item, 120 leaves

    Consists of a diary written by L. W. Wilkinson during a voyage to Europe. The diary dates cover June 25, 1893, to March 6, 1895. Most of the diary concerns his crossing of the Atlantic.
    Wilkinson was an instructor of chemistry at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College during the fall of 1893. He made two trips to Europe: one in 1893 and a second in 1895.

Wilkinson, Orris H. Ingham
Papers, 1894-1959
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Is comprised of a set of radio scripts from Laura Hamner’s radio show "Light and Hitch" in Amarillo, Texas.

Wilkinson, Stephen W.
Papers, 1862
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection consists of correspondence from Wilkinson to his family during the Civil War.

Williams, Donald M.
Papers, 1980-1981
630 leaves

    Includes correspondence, a petition, newsclippings, newspapers, and periodicals relating to the public life career and interests of Donald M. Williams, especially the Playboy controversy at Baylor.
    Donald M. Williams was a professor of journalism at Baylor University. In 1980 he resigned that position following a controversy concerning Playboy magazine and the school paper, The Lariat, that resulted in the denial of journalistic scholarships to nine students, and accepted a similar position at the University of Mississippi.

Williams, Elijah
Papers, 1942-1993 and undated
1 box (.5 linear feet)

The Papers consists of Elijah Williams’ diary during his time in Europe during World War II, as well as accompanying photographs of daily life, the European countryside, and war-torn locations. Records of his discharge and the history of his unit, the 10th Armored Division, are also present.
Elijah Williams served in Europe during World War II in the 10th Armored Division. He was the brother of Paul S. “Pete” Williams, a serviceman in the Pacific Theater during World War II, during which time Pete Williams chauffeured General Douglas MacArthur as he toured the Japan.

Williams, Jack V.
Papers, 1949-1978
498 leaves

    Includes printed material and scrapbook material relating to the Hereford breeding business. Included are references to family members and business associates: L. P. Williams, F. Vandervoort, Robert Wright Williams, and John M. Williams. Also includes cattle sale catalogs from the annual sales.
    Active in the registered Hereford cattle business, Williams held annual sales featuring the progeny of the famed "Sam Domino" at his San Angelo, Texas, ranch. He also owned ranches in Dimmit County, Texas, and in northern Mexico. Williams sold his herd in 1978.

Williams, Jeanne
Papers, 1952-1998 and undated
22 boxes and 6 wallets (23 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, financial and legal material, literary productions, printed material, photographs, and scrapbook material pertaining to the life and career of Jeanne Williams. The collection bulks (1952-1976) with literary productions, including manuscripts and galley proofs. Also includes considerable correspondence from various western writers.  For further details, click here:  JWilliams.
    Born in 1930 in Elkhart, Kansas, Williams studied creative writing at the University of Oklahoma. A long-time resident of Abilene, Texas, she is the author of over forty western romance novels and many short stories and magazine articles. Williams is the recipient of several writing awards, including two Spur Awards from the Western Writers Association and the Texas Institute of Letters. Her work features strong female characters in western historical settings. Williams has also published under the pseudonyms Kristin Michaels, Dierdre Rowan and Jeanne Crecy.

Williams, Jeanne
Papers, 1952-2005
2 boxes (0.6 linear feet)

    The collection consists of mostly personal correspondence with some professional letters, a book review and memorial and some scrapbook material pertaining to Jeanne Williams’ close contact with friends and family.  For further details, click here:  JWilliams2.
    Jeanne Williams is an award-winning author of juvenile fiction, gothic novels, historical romances, and historical novels.  Born Dorothy Jean Kreie on April 10, 1930, she married Gene F. Williams at age 18 and used his name professionally.  An avid reader and writer, she began to send out manuscripts in 1949 and was first published in 1952.  Her career quickly gathered steam and she has since published over 27 books and several articles under various names.  She specialized in novels based on historical fact, usually told from a feminine point of view.  In 1960, Williams became a member of the Western Writers of America and served as president from 1974-1975.

Williams, Lucy Lore (Murray)
Papers, 1860-1973
528 leaves

    Includes legal documents, letters, cards, telegrams, postcards, photographs, newsclippings, a membership application for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and miscellaneous scrapbook items.
    Williams was the mother of former Texas Technological University president, Grover E. Murray.

Williams, Paul S. "Pete"
Papers, ca. 1945
1 box (.25 linear feet)

The collection consists of two folders of photographs documenting Pete Williams’ time in Japan during World War II. Of particular note is a unique photograph of General Dwight D. Eisenhower shaking hands with General Douglas MacArthur moments after Eisenhower’s plan first landed on the island. Photographs of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb, servicemen at work and play, and daily life in wartime/post-war Japan are also present.
Paul S. “Pete” Williams was a serviceman in the Pacific Theater during World War II. After Japan’s surrender, he served as the chauffeur of General Douglas MacArthur as he toured the island, visiting such locations as Hiroshima and Tokyo.

Williams, William Jeff
Papers, 1880-1978
27 microfilm reels : negative

    Includes correspondence, financial material, legal material, and scrapbook material. Bulks (1905-1947) with business records concerning Williams' career as a surveyor. Also includes records relating to the surveying his son, Carl Williams, did for Diamond Shamrock Corporation (1954-1971).
    A teacher, surveyor, and engineer, Williams was born in 1881 in Johnson County, Texas. He moved to Hale County, Texas, in 1896 and taught school at Happy, Union, and Ivy before marrying a former student, Ethal Williams, in 1906. In 1902, Williams began a long career as surveyor until his death in 1973. He served as Hale County Surveyor (1920-1973) and as chief engineer for the Texas Land and Development Company (1916-1920). Williams also assisted W.D. Twichell in locating Hale County's "Bottle Corner" (1904) and re-surveying the XIT lands (1909). He died in 1973 in Hale County.
Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company
Collection, 1960-1965
152 leaves

    The collection consists of product catalogs for "Dickie" brand clothing. Some catalogs include marketing strategy for the product and the extent of Dickie marketing support, while other catalogs include small fabric samples of the product line.
    Williamson-Dickey Manufacturing Company was founded in 1918, and has its home offices in Fort Worth, Texas. The company makes men and boys' casual and work clothing and plastic films, coated or laminated, for packaging. In 1991, the company employed 6,000 people in several plants around the United States and had sales of $350 million annually.
Williamson, Rosemary Duff

Papers, 1933 and 1986
2 wallets (0.2 linear feet)

    Bulks with a typed manuscript of a book by Rosemary Duff Williamson entitled "Mama Pays the Grocery Bill."

Willis, Arlie
Papers, 1862-2002 and undated
1 box (0.3 linear feet)

   Collection of written articles and poems by Arlie Willis, materials on Code-Talkers, miscellaneous news clippings, and scrapbook material on Chickasaw, Chilocco, Native-American languages, and the Chilocco Indian Boarding School.
   Mr. Willis is an honors General Studies undergraduate student at Texas Tech University.  He attended Chilocco Indian Boarding School in Oklahoma and is of Chickasaw ancestry.  As an employee of the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts he worked as a Senior Tax Auditor from 1975-1993.  Currently retired, he returned to Texas Tech for more education.  He also worked for the Porter Oil Company as an accountant.   He attended school at Austin Community College, Lubbock Christian University, and Texas Tech.  Mr. Willis is the author of numerous poems and articles inspired by his life experiences primarily written for coursework at Tech.

Willis, Sumner H.
Papers, 1911-1984 and undated
2 boxes (1.25 linear feet)

     The bulk of the collection consists of daily correspondence between Sumner and his firm regarding price and quality of purchased wool and the state of the wool market in general between 1938 and 1940.   Additional material includes records of business correspondence from 1919 to 1921 while Sumner was operating in South America, several telegraph code ciphers and some printed material.
     Sumner Holden Willis was born in Brighton, Massachusetts on July 31, 1896 and died after undergoing surgery in 1942, shortly before his 45th birthday.  Sumner began working in the wool business in 1915 as an office boy for the firm of Hallowell, Jones and Donnell (H., J. and D.) in Boston. He served in the Navy during World War I and afterward became a wool buyer in South America for H., J. and D. as well as buying wool in Texas and New Mexico for firms such as Eisemann, Inc. in Boston.

Wills, Ira
Papers, 1930-1953
540 leaves

    Contains the general office files of the Watson-Wills-Combs farm concerning crops, rents, oil leases, and taxes. The collection bulks (1932-1942) with financial material.
    A farm manager and owner, Wills managed the R. L. Slaughter, Jr., Farms and, later, owned part interest in the Watson-Wills-Combs farm in Hockley County, Texas.
Willson, David Monterville
Papers, 1884-1929
ca. 400 leaves

    Includes business and personal correspondence and legal documents. The collection bulks with financial documents that pertain to Willson's business and banking interests. Of special interest is a German mark (1914) from J. M. Willson, a son on active duty during World War I. Also includes legal material relating to the settlement of the estate of his father-in-law, F. M. Strange.
    A businessman and banker, Willson was born in 1856 in Blue Ridge, Fannin County, Georgia. He operated a lumber business in Bridgeport, Texas. Willson died in 1928 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Willson, James McCrorry
Papers, 1887-1972
ca. 5,294 leaves

    Includes correspondence, newsclippings, scrapbooks, printed materials, and memorabilia relating to the business and civic affairs of James McCrorry Willson. The collection bulks (1935-1940) with scrapbook material concerning Willson's civic activities and his activities in the Methodist Church. Microfilmed materials include material the on Willson Lectureships.
    Willson was a lumberman, civic leader, philanthropist, and World War I veteran. He was born in 1887 in Wise County, Texas, and graduated from Bridgeport High School and Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He moved to Floydada, Texas, in 1916 and started a lumber business. He served in France in 1920 with a special U.S. fighting unit of the 90th Infantry. In addition to his business interests, Willson had many educational and civic interests. He and his family established 21 religious lectureships at various colleges and universities in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. His civic activities included the American Legion, the Masons, and the Knights Templar. Willson served on the Floydada city council and was president of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce in 1949. He was also active in the Methodist Church. Willson died in 1972.
Wilson, Ammie Ellen
Papers, 1941-1966
13 items, 560 leaves

    Consists of printed material, photographs, correspondence, programs, newsclippings, and memorabilia dealing with Wilson's activities as a sheep breeder. The collection bulks (1944-1954) with certificates of registry.
    Born in 1882, Wilson was a nationally-known, award-winning breeder of Hampshire sheep. She married Dudley Wilson, a retired mining engineer.
Wilson, Delphine Dawson

Papers, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Is comprised of a literary production about John Barkley Dawson and Si Dawson. Delphine Dawson Wilson was attempting to write a biography on John Barkley Dawson, her grandfather, and Si Dawson, her father, at the time of its donation.  Click here for further details.
Wilson, Eloise Smith
Papers, 1933-1939
2 items, 245 leaves

    Consists of two scrapbooks dealing with the social life of Eloise Smith and John H. Wilson at Texas Technological College in the 1930s. Scrapbooks are primarily filled with newsclippings, photographs, wedding invitations, and other memorabilia of social activities.
    Wilson was a student at Texas Technological College from 1933-1936 and a member of the DFD social club. She married John H. Wilson.
Wilson, James Charles
Papers, 1915-1973
34,391 leaves

    Consists of materials related to the Pecos River Compact Commission. Materials include correspondence, financial and legal material, scrapbook material, minutes, programs, and general office files. The collection bulks (1945-1964) with legislative material, including transcripts of hearings, national and state legislation, state reports, and statements to Congress.
    A rancher, farmer, and Pecos River Compact Commissioner, Wilson was born in 1895 in Oak Grove, Louisiana. He was a veteran of World War I and moved to Pecos, Texas in 1917. He joined the Pecos Mercantile where he worked until taking up farming full-time in the late 1940s. He founded Texas Cotton Industries and Big Bend Gin Company, and is credited with building the Pecos River Basin into a large cotton growing area through extensive irrigation. Wilson served 19 years as the Texas Commissioner of the Texas-New Mexico Pecos River Commission. He died in 1968.
Wilson, James Robert
Papers, 1878-1936
142 leaves

    Consists of papers concerning real estate transactions, insurance, and personal finances within Hill, Limestone, and Harris counties (Texas). Includes one undated portrait photograph and two pieces of scrapbook material, primarily concerning the family of John R. Sewell and his wife, Minerva (Curry) Sewell.
    Wilson was born ca. 1900 and died January 10, 1970 in Lubbock, Texas. Originally from Tennessee, he moved to Lubbock in 1946, after residing in Littlefield and Cooper. He owned second-hand clothing, furniture, and book stores in Lubbock and was active in real estate for 25 years. His daughter, Emma Sills, ran one of the stores for him.
Wilson, Smylie
Collection, 1883-1917
796 leaves

    The collection consists of sheet music and a sheet music guide. It bulks with sheet music including the titles "The Two Old Maids," "School Days," " Sunbonnet Sue," "The Merry Widow," "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming," and "Suawnee River."
   A businessman and civic leader, Wilson was born in 1882 in Milford, Texas. He moved to Lubbock, Texas in 1902 to manage the Stringfellow & Hume hardware store. He continued in this position until his retirement in 1957, although the store was purchased by Western Windmill in 1905. His civic activities included organization of the Lubbock City Band and membership with the first volunteer fire department, First Presbyterian Church, Lubbock Masonic Lodge, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Board of City Development, and Lubbock Kiwanis Club. He also served as a trustee for the Lubbock Independent School District for 13 years and as director of the Panhandle South Plains Fair. Smylie Wilson Junior High School, in Lubbock, Texas, was dedicated to Wilson on November 11, 1958. Wilson died in Lubbock, Texas, in 1968.

Wilton, Anna Elizabeth Keener
Papers:  See Keener, Anna E.

Though Anna painted under the name "Anna E. Keener," she is known in the scholarly world as Anna E. Wilton, her married name.

Wimodausis Club (Sterling City, Texas)
Records, 1910-1975
5 microfilm reels : negative

    Consists of correspondence, minute books, annual reports, a club history, printed material, and scrapbooks.  A women's cultural and civic club organized in 1910, the name is derived from the words wife, mother, daughter, and sister.
Winchell Townsite Company (Brown County, Texas)
Records, 1851-1926
328 leaves

    Contains correspondence, legal and financial documents. The collection bulks (1870-1926) with financial documents concerning the sale of land in Brown County, Texas. Of special interest are original warranty deeds of Brown County residents.
    The company was incorporated in 1903 to sell land in the town of Winchell, Brown County, Texas. Named after pioneer settler Frank T. Winchell, the company dissolved circa 1926.

Windmill Trade Literature
Collection, 1875-1992
1 box (1 linear foot)

Collection contains approximately 215 individual pieces of windmill manufacturers’ trade literature representing all of the major windmill manufacturers and many of the minor makers.  Includes an alphabetical listing of each item with its bibliographic citation.  The literature describes the different types of windmills, their parts, functions, and cost.  Some companies include Aeromotor, Baker Manufacturing, Challenge, Dempster Mill, Elgin Windmill, Essex, Fairbury Pipe, Ohio Windmill, West Lake, and Wyatt Manufacturing.
   Windmills were utilized in isolated communities such as farms and ranches to draw up water from underground sources using wind power.  The pump would siphon the water from underground pipes and store it in above-surface or surface tanks.  Water was essential for livestock and families living in areas where rivers and water draws were non-existent.  Some companies even built windmills to generate electricity, which proved to be inexpensive for low-income families.  The electric generator would charge several batteries that would then provide lighting or utility power.

Collection, 1920-1975 and undated
1 box (0.3 linear feet)

   Collection of catalog publications from companies that specialized in selling windmills, water pumps, water tanks, and electric motors.  Some companies include Wincharger, Aeromotor, Monitor, Challenge, Dempster, Samson, Elgin, and Heller Aller.  The catalogs describe the different types of windmills, their parts, functions, and cost. 
   Windmills were utilized in isolated communities such as farms and ranches to draw up water from underground sources using wind power.  The pump would siphon the water from underground pipes and store it in above-surface or surface tanks.  Water was essential for livestock and families living in areas where rivers and water draws were non-existent.  Some companies even built windmills to generate electricity which proved to be inexpensive for low income families.  The electric generator would charge several batteries that would then provide lighting or utility power.

Wine Industry: Texas

Collection, 1979-1989 and undated
4 wallets (0.4 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, scrapbook material and general information concerning the Texas Wine Industry. Included are information on the Texas International Wine Classic in 1986 and the Texas Grape Growers Association. Also included is information on John Soderberg, a sculptor.
Winslow, Robert S.
Papers, 1888-1935
6 microfilm reels : negative

    Contains diaries of Robert S. Winslow (1888-1935), correspondence, and an address book.  Robert S. Winslow was a sheep and cattle rancher and farmer of Menard and San Angelo, Texas. He married Edith Black, the daughter of Colonel William Leslie Black of Schleicher County, Texas, October 14, 1896.
Winslow Family
Collection, 1931-1935
1 microfilm reel (5 ft.) : negative

    Contains genealogy newspaper clippings, literary productions, and family records.  Robert S. Winslow married Edith Black (October 14, 1896), the daughter of Colonel William Leslie Black. Both Winslow and Black were of early Texas pioneer families
Wischkaemper, A. F., Jr.
Papers, 1954-1964
328 leaves

    Contains financial material and irrigation-project material relating to Wischkaemper’s efforts to divert water from Dozier Creek onto his land. Bulks (1956-1964) with financial material related to growing cotton in the Texas Panhandle.
Wischkaemper was a Shamrock, Collinsworth County, Texas farmer and rancher.
Wiswall, Austin
Papers, 1863-1912
170 leaves

Finding aid for digitized elements of this collection

    Consists of correspondence and a diary. Bulks with correspondence (1863-1864) concerning personal experiences, family matters, and information relating to the Civil War. Of particular interest are letters describing the recruiting, behavior, fighting skills, and movements and activities of the 9th United States Colored Troops participating in the Civil War.
    A civic leader and soldier, Wiswall was born in 1840 in Princeton, Illinois. He was the nephew of Elijah Parish Lovejoy and Owen Lovejoy. He served as a lieutenant in the 9th United States Colored Troops, 3rd Division, 10th Corps, United States Army. Wiswall was captured by Confederate forces in August 1864, and held at Andersonville and Libby prisons until released by exchange. After the war, he married Martha Francis Almy and the marriage produced three children. He served on the Board of Trustees of Morgan Park, Illinois. Wiswall died in 1905 in Morgan Park, Illinois.
Wiswall, Harriet

Papers, 1863-1865 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection consists of correspondence from Harriet Wiswall from the Soldier’s Home, Vicksburg, Mississippi to her stepmother, Elizabeth Lovejoy. Harriet Wiswall (1883-1880) was the daughter of Noah Wiswall and his first wife. Elizabeth Lovejoy (1815-1893), Noah Wiswall’s second wife, was the sister of Elijah P. Lovejoy, the abolitionist newspaper editor. An abolitionist herself, Harriet Wiswall served with the Sanitary Commission at Vicksburg, Mississippi, caring for wounded and sick Union Soldiers.   Click here for further details.
Witkowski, Leo

Papers, 1950-1986 undated
3 boxes (3 linear feet)

    Is comprised of personal records pertaining to Mr. Witowski’s activities in the wheat industry. Included in the records are information on Great Plains, Inc., National Association on Wheat Growers, the Texas Wheat Growers Association and Texas Wheat Producers Board, and the U. S. Wheat Associates.
Witty, Kathryne Baker
Papers, 1834-1938
1 microfilm reel (32 ft.) : negative

    Contains invitations, certificates, and printed material. Bulks with various issues of The Hamilton Herald. Also includes the 1936 Hamilton County School Annual.
    Born in 1896 in Hamilton, Texas, Witty was a teacher and life-long resident of Hamilton. Her father, Charles Curtis Baker (1871-1942), was the town's first resident dentist. She married Milton Witty, a Hamilton merchant and a cotton buyer, in 1924.
Wolf, Ilse Hildegarde
Family papers 1878-1973
3,282 leaves

    Includes personal correspondence, financial, printed, and scrapbook material, and photographs related to the activities of the Wolf and Boeer family members. Bulks (1893-1973) with printed material pertaining to socialism and the Socialist Party. Also contains material pertaining to investments in General Minerals Corporation.
    The family settled near El Campo, Texas, and then moved to Stamford, Texas in 1920. Daughters, Mina and Else Hildegarde Wolf, attended Texas Technological College, and eventually became noted professors at the university.
Wolf, Ilse Hildegarde
Papers, 1926-1942
35 leaves

    Includes scrapbook materials and legal materials pertaining to Wolf's education and career. The collection bulks (1926-1942) with a newsclipping scrapbook.
    A home economics educator and Texas Tech University professor, Wolf was reared in Stamford, Texas. She received an M.A. of Education in Home Economics from the University of Texas in 1939, and her Ed.D. from Columbia University in 1957. She taught in Texas public schools from 1935-1939. Wolf also worked as an initiate teacher trainer for the Texas State Department of Education from 1939-1942. She joined the faculty of Texas A&I University in 1942, and Oklahoma State University in 1944, where she served as chairperson from 1955-1965. In 1950, she served as the home economics educational consultant in Germany. Wolf joined Texas Technological College in 1965 as a professor of Home and Family Life, and retired in 1972 as professor emeritus.
Women in Communications, Inc. (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1955-1977
3,630 leaves

    Contains correspondence, by-laws, financial material, general and membership files, printed material, and scrapbooks.
    Organized in 1955, the organization was officially chartered by the National Organization in June 1956. An honorary professional society for women involved in the communication field, the group was originally known as Theta Sigma Phi until 1972. A student chapter exists at Texas Tech University.
Women's Air Service Pilots
Records, 1943-1975
1 microfilm reel (50 ft.) : negative

    Contains an undated government report, yearbooks, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, and an undated songbook.
    Established during World War II to fly non-combat military planes, the first W.A.S.P. class began training under Jacqueline Cochran at the Houston Municipal Airport in November, 1942. In February of 1943, the program was moved to Avenger Field at Sweetwater, Texas. The last class graduated in December, 1944.

Women's Division of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1967-2000 and undated

     The collection contains the activity records, financial material, legal material, rules and regulations, and publications of the Women’s Division of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.
     Virginia Ehrlich was the last president of the Women’s Division of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. The organization hosted a number of annual events and participated in events sponsored by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
. They were involved in community projects such as Habitat for Humanity and providing host families for Reece Air Force pilots.

Women's Forum (Lubbock, Texas)
Records, 1936-1984
332 leaves

    Consists of annual membership books containing the yearly programs for the Lubbock Women's Forum.  A Lubbock civic organization for women, it is composed of presidents or representatives from all women's organizations in the community. The forum's main purpose is to exchange information and offer ideas and concerns to the Committee for Women.
Women's Missionary Union, District No. 17
Records, 1910-1965
2 microfilm reels : negative

    Contains reports of Missionary Union presidents, reports of proceedings, minutes, and directories.  The union is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention that deals with women and youth affairs.

Women's Studies Community Connection
Records, 1996-2011
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

The records of the Women’s Studies Community Connection consist of correspondence, financial, newspaper, photographs, and printed material related to their relationship with the Texas Tech University Women’s Studies program, and in particular events held by or shared between the two.
In the fall of 1996, Gwen Sorell, Director of Women’s Studies and Associate Professor of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University, shared her long-standing dream of creating a bridge between campus and community women with a group of her friends at a weekly lunch gathering. Her idea resonated with this group that included businesswomen, directors and board members of local non-profit organizations, and civic and political activists. A few weeks later, a newly-formed steering committee met with Dr. Sorell and Chancellor John Montford to announce, at a joint press conference, the creation of the Women’s Studies Community Connection (WSCC).
Dr. Sorell’s vision of bridge-building was carried out in a number of different ways in the following years. Fall and Spring receptions provided opportunities for campus and community women to meet one another informally. Members were encouraged to attend the Women’s Studies annual All University Conference on the Advancement of Women in Higher Education and were frequently invited to serve as panelists at conference sessions. WSCC’s membership also contributed to scholarship endowments created for the benefit of the Women’s Studies Program as well as providing cash awards for the outstanding undergraduate and graduate student research submissions for the annual conference.
A year after its formation, WSCC provided an invaluable resource to the Women’s Studies Program and Texas Tech by inaugurating a mentoring program to match women students with community professional women. The program, which enabled young women to explore the realities of their career goals and learn directly from women making a living in those fields, drew attention to and served as an entry point into the Women’s Studies undergraduate minor and later it’s graduate certificate program, and provided Lubbock businesswomen a chance they might not otherwise have had to interact with campus women and a better understanding of the university’s academic programs.
Since its founding, WSCC has drawn the attention of the Lubbock community to the accomplishments of local women by honoring an outstanding woman at each of its biannual receptions. Among the honorees have been Marjorie Kastman, Carolyn Thompson, Tina Fuentes, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Elizabeth Sasses Skidmore, Elizabeth “Bess” Haley, Louise Cummins, Gwen Sorell, Windy Sitton, Lahib Jaddo, Ruth Lauer, Marsha Sharp, Betty Wheeler, Lou Diekemper, Jane Prince Jones, and Freda McVay.
Circa 2013, the organization steering community voted to change its name to Women’s Community Connection in acknowledgement of an increase in interest and support from women throughout the TTU System.

Wood, Charles L.
Papers, 1901-1981 and undated
9 boxes (9 linear feet)

    Includes materials pertaining to Wood's career as a professor of history at Texas Tech University, and as an author of Agricultural history. Bulks (1976-1981) with materials related to the operations of the history department, which include faculty reports, department newsletters and course publicity. Also includes course lecture notes for classes including a general survey of American history, Agricultural history, and Ranching history. Some of the correspondence and research files pertain to Alexander Mackay and Murdo Mackenzie. Bulks with literary productions which contain articles and items related to the publication of The Kansas Beef Industry (1980).  For further details, click here:  CWood.
    Wood was a public school administrator and Texas Tech University Agricultural history professor. Born in 1937 in Hemingford, Nebraska, he received a B.A. degree from Benedictine College (1959) and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Kansas (1969; 1974). He joined the Texas Tech University History Department in 1976. Wood authored The Kansas Beef Industry (1980) and performed extensive research on a biography of Murdo Mackenzie. Wood died in 1981 in Lubbock, Texas.

Wood, Christine Knox
Collection, 1549-2005 and undated
3 boxes (3 linear feet)

    The collection is comprised of documents, research material, records, printed material, and notes relating to the Benson family. The materials include over 30 bound volumes of Family Group sheets, bound and unbound copies of several Benson family branches or related lines, and research material and notes collected or created by Christine Knox Wood for her research and compilation of the Benson Magazine of Research, which she edited.  Family Group sheets include information on family members dating back to 1603 and are mostly arranged in chronologic order of beginning sheets.
    Author Christine Knox Wood was a certified genealogist and genealogical researcher who shared her experience and skills with others through teaching genealogical research classes. In addition to producing a number of family genealogies, she wrote a genealogical textbook, wrote and published two books of poetry, and compiled indexed volumes of Texas Data. These volumes were collections of data drawn from microfilm records at the Southwest Collection of Texas Tech University, cemetery surveys, and other sources. Christine also edited the Benson Magazine of Research. Christine was a Fellow of the Texas State Genealogical Society and received the Texas Society Award of Merit in 1987 for her book Wood Works, Volume III. Christine was born in Electra, Texas in 1923 and died at age 82 in September of 2005.

Wood, Elizabeth Travis
Collection, 1791-1963
1 microfilm reel (20 ft.) : negative

    Contains genealogical materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, wills, and short essays. Among the people listed are early pioneers of Texas history, such as E. M. Daggett and Sam Houston. Other family names included are Parker, Cross, Ryan, Hirshfield, Adams, Hames, and Turner. The essays within the collection include "Early Recollections of Mrs. Josephine H. Ryan as Told to Her Daughter - Ella H. Pleasants" and Arthur Hirshfield's "Company H. Terry's Texas Rangers."

Wood, Gordon
Papers, 1945-1971
1 microfilm reel (75 ft.) : negative

    Includes correspondence, scrapbook material, and photographs concerning Wood's career as a football coach and pertaining to the birth of his son, Jimmy Hoyt Wood. Also includes material on Gordon Wood Day and the appreciation dinner held in his honor on May 14, 1971, in which Lyndon Baines Johnson attended as well as Darrell Royal, then head football coach at the University of Texas-Austin.
    A high school football coach, Wood was born in 1914 in Taylor County, Texas. He graduated in 1938 from Hardin-Simmons University. He coached football at Brownwood, Roscoe, Rule, Seminole, Stamford, Victoria, and Winters, Texas. In 1967, Wood was elected to the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor. Overall, Wood won seven state championships and posted a 267-59 record.

Wood, William and Edna
Collection, 1896-1976 and undated
1 box (1.0 linear foot)

     The bulk of the collection comprises the eleven diaries written by Edna Wood from 1937-1975.  Other items included in the collection are birth certificates, the Woods’ marriage license, and a small sample of correspondence.  For further details, click here:  WEWood.
     William J. Wood, born in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1897 and Mary Edna Huffman, born in Floyd County, Texas in 1896, married in 1918 in Plainview, Hale County, Texas.  Following their marriage, the couple lived and farmed in Floyd County, Texas where they remained until 1955.  Edna kept a daily diary for many years, chronicling the everyday activities of her family and community.  Edna’s brother, C. H. Huffman, lived in Lockney, Texas.  William’s family was in Bentonville, Arkansas and the couple moved there in 1955.

Woodard, Don
Papers, 1903-1999 and undated
3 boxes (3 linear feet)

    Collection of mostly research materials used by Don Woodard for his book Black Diamonds! Black Gold!:  Saga of the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company.  They include comments on draft copies of his chapters, illustrations and photographs used in the book, research files on the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company, Thurber, Texas, H. B. Fuqua, index files from A-Z, and TP Voice and TP Panorama magazines.  For further details, click here:  DWoodard.
    Don Woodard a resident of Fort Worth, Texas and president of Woodard Insurance was an employee of the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company for a decade beginning in 1952.  He worked as a landman until the company was sold in 1963 to Seagrams.  He researched the history of the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company for his book Black Diamonds! Black Gold!, published in 1998 by Texas Tech University Press.  He helped found Fort Worth's Petroleum Club.

Woodburn, Willie Mae Gilpin
Papers, 1910-1974
516 leaves

    Contains correspondence, printed material, literary productions, photographs, and membership lists of church and social clubs. The collection bulks (1967-1970) with scrapbook material dealing with national events such as World War II, with Queen Elizabeth II and Douglas MacArthur, and with family events such as family reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Of special interest are the tin-type family portraits (ca. 1900) and photos (1920s) of A. C. Woodburn's students in Portales.
    A housewife and salesperson for Portales New Tribune, Willie Mae was born in 1894 near Flomot, Texas. She later moved to Spur, Texas, and then settled with her husband, A. C. Woodburn, in Roosevelt County, New Mexico. In addition to farming, Mr. Woodburn also taught school in Portales. Mrs. Woodburn worked for the Portales newspaper. The Woodburns had six children. Mrs. Woodburn was an active member of the Central Baptist Church in Portales and the El Portal Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Woods, Claud L.
Papers, 1989and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Items are written documents of Points of Music and Sheet Music and publications on Claud L. Wood.  Claud Lee Woods was born August 6, 1912 in Grand Saline, Texas.   He was a Church of Christ preacher who ministered in Lampasas, Gatesville, Turkey, and Stanton, Texas and in Savannah, Georgia.   He was very fond of music and composed several works.  Claud Lee Woods died September 11, 1989 in Colorado City, Texas.  He is buried in Loraine, Texas.

Woods, Frances Jerome.
Hood County (Texas) Census and Marriage Records Collection, 1875-1885
1 microfilm reel (10 ft.) : negative

    Contains the Hood County, Texas, census of 1880 and marriage records from 1875 to 1885.  Frances J. Woods collected the Hood County, Texas, 1880 census and marriage records.
Woods, Harlie Dalton
Papers, 1927-1978
240 leaves

    Contains correspondence, financial material, photographs, and scrapbook material related to Woods' involvement in the Allan Brothers Post, American Legion No. 148, in Lubbock.
    An insurance agent, politician, and Legioneer, Woods was born in 1891 in Dublin, Texas, and moved to Lubbock, Texas, in 1923. He served as Mayor of Lubbock from 1928-1930. He also served as Commander of the Allan Brothers Post American Legion No. 148, in Lubbock (1925, 1950). Woods died in 1983 in Lubbock.
Woods, Ora Lee
Papers, 1964-1975
3,423 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial and legal material, literary productions, and scrapbook material. The collection bulks with correspondence between Woods family members. Of special interest is the literary production by Woods about the history of Eastland, Texas.
    Ora Lee is an author living in Cisco, Texas. Her husband, John Woods, was a minister in Eastland County. She published April Verses For Every Month in 1970.

Woodworth, Alex B.
Papers, 1881-1882
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

      Collection includes three letters written in 1881-1882 by Alex B. Woodworth of Amenia, Cass County, Dakota Territory to his father C. V. K. Woodworth of Big Pond, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  One of the letters has a sketched plat of his township along the Rush River.  Alex B. Woodworth had his home along the Rush River in Amenia, Cass County, Dakota Territory.  The township is now in North Dakota.  Alex describes agriculture life around Amenia and other personal experiences.

Woody, O. A.
Papers, 1748-1984
1,624 leaves

    Includes correspondence, photographs, printed material, legal documents, and literary productions. Bulks (1977-1984) with material regarding Woody's genealogical research of his family's history. These include references to O. A. Woody, Betty Moore, Anita Smith Quarles, Hoyte Gilstrap, Ernest Gilstrap, Vivian Woody, and William N. Strange.
Woolridge, Floyd Alpheaus
Papers, 1925-1966
358 leaves

    Includes correspondence, scrapbook and printed materials, news clippings, and photographs. The collection bulks (1957-1963) with correspondence pertaining to the activities of the Texas Technological Board of Directors, including the firing of three tenured faculty members. Of special interest are early photos of Texas Technological College and its football team.
    Born in 1906, Woolridge received a degree in Business Administration from Texas Technological College in 1931. He served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Elgin Corporation in Dallas, Texas, which he formed in 1954. He was a member of the Texas Technological Board of Directors from 1956-1963. Woolridge died in 1986.

Worcester, Donald E.
Papers, 1855-2000 and undated
10 boxes (10.0 linear feet)

The collection covers the extensive writing career of Dr. Donald E. Worcester.  It comes in the form of typed manuscripts, printers’ proofs, original handwritten research notes, business correspondence with publishers and faculty members, book reviews, teaching materials, news articles, and news clippings.   Topics of his writing included the American Southwest, Latin America, Native Americans, Historical fiction, and even children’s books.  For further details, click here:  Worcester2.
     Born on April 29, 1915 in Tempe, Arizona, Donald Worcester moved to his grandfather’s homestead on the edge of the Mojave Desert.  During this time he learned to be a cowboy, did rodeo, and learned the way of life from the Indians on the nearby Reservation.  He received his B.A. from Bard College in 1939, his M.A. from University of California, Berkeley in 1940, and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1947 after serving in the U.S. Naval Reserves from 1941-1945.  He was a professor of History at the University of Florida (1947-1963) and chairman of the department as well (1955-1957).  In 1963 he joined the faculty at Texas Christian University as chairman of the department until 1972.   He continued to teach at TCU until his retirement in the summer of 2000.

Worcester, Donald E.
Papers, 1919-2000 and undated
30 boxes (30.0 linear feet)

      The collection consists of class materials, personal materials, business correspondence, thesis and dissertations, and literary productions (proofs, manuscripts, and index drafts). These manuscripts pertain mostly to Worcester’s publications on southwestern U. S. and Latin American history.  The collection covers the extensive writing career of Dr. Donald E. Worcester.  It comes in the form of typed manuscripts, printers’ proofs, original handwritten research notes, business correspondence with publishers and faculty members, book reviews, news articles, and news clippings.   Topics of his writing included the American Southwest, Latin America, Native Americans, Historical fiction, and even children’s books.  Class materials are basically teaching notes and materials for the classes he taught at Texas Christian University.  The thesis and dissertations are books, which Dr. Worcester approved while serving in their committees.  For further details, click here:  Worcester1.
      Don Worcester, a highly respected author and Spanish-Borderlands historian, was born on April 29, 1915, in Tempe, Arizona, but soon moved to his grandfather’s homestead on the edge of the Mojave Desert with his mother and brother. It was on this homestead that Worcester became a true cowboy, rodeoing with the Indians who lived on the nearby reservation and learning their way of life.
     Worcester received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College in 1939 and his Masters Degree from the University of California at Berkley in 1940.  After a stint in the Navy, he returned to the University of California at Berkley and received his Ph.D. in 1947. Worcester was at the University of Florida from 1947-1963, serving as the Chairman of the History Department from 1955-1959.  He then took a professorship at Texas Christian University, serving as Chairman of the History Department from 1963-1972.
     Worcester also played vital roles in many historical and literary organizations and reviews.  Most notably, he served as the Phi Alpha Theta national president from 1960-1962.  He was the president of the Western Writers of America from 1973-1974 and of the Western History Association from 1974-1975.  Worcester also served as the Chairman of the Board of University Press Managers from 1961-1963 and was the managing editor of the Hispanic American Historical Review from 1960-1965.


Word, Jim
Papers, 1957-1999 and undated
1 small box (0.4 linear feet)

    Collection includes only a few remaining items from the estate of Jim Word such as field school notes and minutes of the Texas Archeological Society, newsletters and minutes of the South Plains Archeological Society, an article on Blanco Canyon, some publications from Texas Tech Museum, Lubbock Lake Landmark, and Panhandle Archeological Society.
    James Havens "Jim" Word was a retired insurance salesman and amateur archeologist.  He was born in Globe, Arizona on August 8, 1918 and died October 19, 1999 in Lubbock, Texas.  A native of Austin, Texas, he later moved to Floydada, Texas in 1946.  He was active in the Floydada community by being involved with the library, museum, school board district, American Legion, and Lions Club.  He was also known for his involvement with the South Plains Archaeology Society and Texas Archeological Society and built up a collection of publications concerning one of his favorite hobbies.

World Parliament of Religions
Records, 1993 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Mainly news clippings, brochures and leaflets, press releases, programs, and speeches on the World Parliament of Religions.  This material is related to Raj Prabhakar’s presentation to the World’s Parliament of Religions 1993 meeting in Chicago.  Prabhakar is from Lubbock, Texas.

Worswick Papers

Records, 1892-1931 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Bulks with records concerning Judge Benjamin G. Worswick and Robert Leslie Worswick.
Wright, Cal C., Reverend
Papers, 1938
861 leaves

    Contains sermons and sermon notes of Reverend Cal C. Wright.  Born in 1887 in Denton County, Texas, Wright worked on C.C. Slaughter's ranch and received his college education at Wesleyan College in Fort Worth and Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas, before entering the ministry as a Methodist circuit rider. He married Ida Clements at Cross Plains on December 26, 1909, and the marriage produced seven children. One son, Robert C. Wright, is a District Judge in Lubbock. Wright spent his retirement years in Lamesa, Texas.
Wyckoff, Frank
Papers, 1891-1965
1,631 leaves

    Includes correspondence, financial material, photographs, legal documents, newspaper clippings, scrapbook material, a literary production, and court documents. Bulks (1933-1955) with Lea County, New Mexico, court documents stemming from Wyckoff's career as Justice of Peace and with his literary production.
    A Justice of the Peace, writer, and poet, Wyckoff was born in 1873 in Llano County, Texas. He moved to the territory of New Mexico in the early twentieth century, and served as Justice of the Peace in Lea County from 1933-1955. Wyckoff wrote fictional accounts of pioneer life based loosely on his family history.
Wylie, Mrs. R. E.
Collection, 1916-1939
138 leaves

    Consists of newspaper clippings about World War I pasted into a Durant-Dort Carriage Company magazine. Clippings include the declaration of war, the death of Quentin Roosevelt, and newspaper printed maps of the war area. Also included is a clipping from 1939 announcing World War II. Of special interest are the descriptions of the carriages that the Durant-Dort Company called their Blue Ribbon Line.

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