Cotton Research Records, 1968-1998 and undated

This one box contain copies of published articles on cotton research and the cotton industry that were written by Tech faculty.

Dr. Albin and Dr. Ethridge were seeking to start a collection that will gather all cotton-related research materials done at Texas Tech University and by Texas Tech faculty. Dr. Albin works for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and Dr. Ethridge works for Agricultural and Applied Economics dept.


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Agribusiness, 1996
*Producer Prices in Cotton Markets: Evaluation of Reported Price Information Accuracy, 1996
*Price Information in Producer Markets: An Evaluation of Futures and Spot Cotton Price Relationships in the Southwest Region Using Cointegration, 1996







Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 1995-1997
*Maximizing Net Returns to Gin Lint Cleaning of Stripper-Harvest Cotton, 1995
*Lint Cleaning Stripper-Harvested Cotton for Maximizing Producer Net Returns, 1997 (2 copies)



1 3

Beltwide Cotton Conferences:   Papers, 1977-1978
*Evaluating the Impact of Instrument Test Line Values on Cotton Marketing and Use, 1977
*An Economic-Engineering Modeling Approach for Cotton Ginning Costs, 1978
*Results of the Market Impact Evaluation of Instrument Testing of Cotton, 1976







Beltwide Cotton Conferences:  Papers, 1980-1989
*Cottonseed Processing Costs and Returns Under Alternative Technologies: Saw Delintering Versus Hulling Undelintered Seed, 1980
*Costs of Hypothetical Cotton Production System: Closed Boll Cotton, 1981
*Assessment of New Technologies in Cotton Processing: A Report of Findings, 1982
*Factors Influencing the Value of Cotton Land in the Southern High Plains of Texas, 1983
*A Model for Cotton Variety Selection with Yield and Quality Considerations, 1983
*Cotton Yields in the Sub-Areas of the Southwest, 1984
*An Economic Analysis of Structural Relationships in the U.S. Cotton Sector, 1985
*Cost of Producing Cotton in the U.S. and Competing Countries, 1987
*Prices Paid By Textile Manufacturers for Cotton Fiber Properties, 1987
*Prospects for Significant Change in Global Cotton Markets, 1987
*Comparison of Cotton Production Costs in the U.S. with Costs in Competing Countries, 1988
*Regional Profitability Analysis of Cotton Production in Texas, 1988
*Dynamic Patterns in Cotton Production: Is the Structure Changing?, 1988
*Effects of Nitrogen on Cotton Yields in the Southern High Plains of Texas, 1989




Beltwide Cotton Conferences:  Papers, 1990-1995
*Sources of Rising Unit Costs of Producing Cotton in the Texas High Plains, 1990
*Effects of Cotton Lint Cleaning and Harvester Modification Technology on Net Return to Producers, 1991
*Relative Profitability of Cotton Cropping Systems in the Southern High Plains of 1991
*The Future of Cotton Quality Marketing and Handling: Trends and Implications, 1991
*Analyzing & Forecasting Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Cotton Spot Prices:  A Time Series Analysis Approach, 1991
*Effects of Bark in Cotton on Textile Processing Costs, 1992
*On the Economics of Cotton Conservation Tillage with Low Energy Precision Application Irrigation, 1992
*Bark in Cotton Lint: Effects on Processing Costs, 1992
*Cotton Price Responsiveness to Quality in the U.S. Textile Mill Prices Paid vs. Producer Prices Received, 1993
*Variability in Arizona Cotton Production, 1993
*Discounts for Bark, Color, and Trash in Cotton: Evidence from the Texas-Oklahoma Market, 1993
*Testing Efficiency of the Cotton Futures Market Using Japanese Candlestick Charts, 1993
*Optimal Levels of Irrigation Water and Nitrogen Use in Cotton Production, 1993
*The Economics of High Frequency Irrigation in Cotton Production, 1993
*An Objective System for Cotton Price Discovery , 1994
*Performance of the Daily Spot Cotton Quotations for Producer Price Discovery in the Southwest Region, 1994
*Optimal Gin Lint Cleaning of Stripper Harvested Cottons, 1994
*Structural Characteristics and Financial Performance of U.S. Cotton Farms, 1991-1992, 1994
*Impact of Post-CRP Alternatives on Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains, 1994
*An Economic Analysis of the Commercial Value of Alternative Cotton Varieties, 1994
*Effect of Bur Extractor on Trash in Seed Cotton and Fiber Quality for Different Harvest Dates, 1995




Beltwide Cotton Conferences: Papers, 1996-1998
*Patterns in Exports of Cotton Fiber and Yarn, 1996
*Maintaining Soil Productivity in Irrigated Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains, 1996
*Evaluation of Dryland Cotton Cropping System Effects on Yields and Returns in the Texas High Plains, 1996
*Producer Prices Received and Mill Prices Paid for Quality in Southwest Cotton:  Similarities and Differences, 1996
*Farm Level Profitability and Resource Requirements of Cotton Farming Systems, 1997
*Economic Impacts of Crop Biotechnology in a Risky Cotton Production System:  An Application to the High Plains of Texas, 1997
*Impacts of Biotechnology on Financial Survival of Cotton Farms in the Texas High Plains, 1997
*Standardization Performance Analysis of Cotton Production: Initial Results from the Texas High Plains, 1997
*The Turkish Cotton Industry: Structure and Operation, 1997
*The Cotton Wizard: A Quantitative Decision Tool for Cotton Variety Selection, 1997
*Economic Analysis of Cotton Textile Finishing Processes, 1998
*Costs/Benefit Analysis of Bur-Extractors in Cotton Ginning, 1998
*Economic Analysis of Cotton Textile Finishing Processes Part 2- Aftertreatments, 1998
*A Decision Tool to Determine the Optimal Level of Lint Cleanings for Irrigated and Dryland Cotton, 1998
*Cotton Quality Price Differentials Paid by U.S. Textile Mills, 1998




CED Working Papers, 1977-1978
*Cotton Ginning, Handling, and Marketing in the Western Cotton Region, Dec. 1977
*Cotton Ginning, Handling, and Marketing Southwest Irrigated Cotton Region, Dec. 1977
*Growing Cotton in the United States: An Overview of Production Practices, Feb. 1978
*Cotton Ginning, Handling, and Marketing in the Texas-Oklahoma Rolling Plains, Feb. 1978
*Cotton Ginning, Handling, and Marketing Texas Coastal Bend and Lower Rio Grande Valley Areas, Aug. 1978



Characteristics Supplies and Demands in a Hedonic Framework, 1992



Costs and Returns of Producing Cotton Linters, August 1980



College of Agricultural Sciences Publications, 1977-1987 and undated
*Reliability of Spot Cotton Quotations for Price Discovery in the West Texas Cotton Market, undated
*Economic Models for Cotton Ginning, Aug. 1977
*Economic-Engineering Simulation of Cotton Ginning Costs, Aug. 1978
*Cottonseed Oil Mill Simulation Model: Documentation and User's Guide, Oct. 1980
*An Economic Analysis of Hulling Undelintered Cottonseed, April 1980
*An Analysis of Effects of Module Handling Systems on Ginning Costs with Stripper Harvested Cotton, Aug. 1981
*Changes in the Structure of the Texas High Plains Cotton Ginning Industry, 1967-1999, Sept. 1983
*Analysis of Texas High Plains Cotton Yield Trends, October 1986
*Comparative Costs of Producing Cotton in Major Exporting Countries, July 1987



Costs of Producing and Processing Closed-Boll Cotton, 1981



Cotton Economics Research Reports, 1996-1997 and undated
*Cost/Trade-Offs of Stripper Mounted Bur-Extractors from the Cotton Industry Perspective, undated
*Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 1995/96, Oct. 1996
*Evaluation of CCC Loan Premiums and Discount for the Texas and Oklahoma Cotton Market, Sept. 1996
*Daily Price Estimation System Operations Manual Version 2, June 1997
*The Effects of an Export Tax on Cotton Lint on the Domestic Cotton and Yarn Sectors, Trade, and Sectoral Economic Growth in Pakistan, July 1997
*Biennium Report on the Cotton Economics Research Line Item, 1995/96-1996/97, Sept. 1997



Cotton Ginning, Handling, and Marketing High Plains Region of Texas and New Mexico, Feb. 1983



The Cotton Industry in the United States, April 1980



Cotton Variety Selection Model- Tecova, undated



Cropping System Effects on Cotton Profitability in the Texas Southern High Plains: A Stochastic Dominance Analysis, undated



Daily Hedonic Price Analysis in Cotton: An Alternative Approach for Providing Market Information, undated



Department of Agricultural Economics Publications, 1993-1995 and undated
*An Economic Engineering Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Systems of
Packaging Cotton Lint for the Texas High Plains, undated
*Economic Impacts of the Sodbuster Provision of the New Farm Bill on West Texas Cotton Farms, undated
*How Reliable is Cotton Price Reporting in Texas Cotton Markets?, Oct. 1993
*Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 1994/95, July 1995



Derivation of the Welfare Implications of the Conservation Reserve Program and the Conservation Compliance Provisions of the 1985 Food Security Act, undated



Economic Analysis of a Field Cleaner for Irrigated and Dryland Cotton, Dec. 1995
Box 1


Economic Assessment of Feeding Treated Cotton Gin Trash to Cattle, March 1996
Box 1


Economic Evaluation of Climatological Stress Factors in Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains Region, undated
Box 1


Economic Feasibility of Feedlot Manure Utilization in Cotton Production: An Application to the Texas High Plains, Dec. 1996
Box 1


Economic Impacts of the Conservation Compliance Provision of the New Farm Bill on West Texas Cotton Farms, undated
Box 1


An Economic Engineering Analysis of Cotton Milling Facilities for the Texas High Plains, 1968
Box 1


Economics of Yield and Returns Variability with Dryland Cotton Cropping Systems, July 1996
Box 1


Effectiveness of Cotton Price Reporting in the Southwest Region, undated
Box 1


Estimated Seed Yield Using Lint Yield and Lint Percentage, undated
Box 1


Identifying Bark in West Texas Cotton: Classification Versus Laboratory Measurements, undated
Box 1


The Implications of Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Irrigated Cotton Production in the High Plains of Texas, undated
Box 1


Journal of Agribusiness, Fall 1997
*Cost/Benefit Analysis of Bur Extractors in Cotton Harvesting, 1997
Box 1


Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 1995
*An Automated Economic Approach for Estimating and Reporting Daily Cotton Market Prices, 1995
Box 1


Journal of Production Agriculture, 1989-1991
*Evaluation of Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems for Cotton on the Texas Southern High Plains, 1989
*Tillage and Cropping System Effects on Cotton Yield and Profitability on the Texas Southern High Plains, 1991
Box 1


Journal of Range Management, 1979
*Economics of Using Cotton Gin Trash as a Supplemental Feed for Range Cattle, March 1979
Box 1


Long Term Profitability of Alternative Irrigation Systems for Cotton in the Southern Texas High Plains, undated
Box 1


Market Value of Cotton Quality Attributes in the U.S., June 1995
Box 1


Markets for Organic Cotton Products, Nov. 1994
Box 1


A Note on Price Information in Commodity Markets with Evidence from the Cotton Market, undated
Box 1


Optimal Decision Rules of Nitrogen Utilization for Cotton Production in the Southern High Plains of Texas, undated
Box 1


Premiums and Discounts Paid for Cotton Fiber Quality Attributes by U.S. Textile Manufacturers, undated
Box 1


Proceedings: Southern Weed Science Society, 1993
*The Effects of Reduced Herbicide Use in Corn, Cotton, and Grain, 1993
Box 1


Producer Prices Received for Cotton Fiber Strength and Uniformity in the Southwestern U.S., Nov. 1986
Box 1


Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1987
*Producer Returns from Cotton Strength and Uniformity: An Hedonic Price Approach, July 1987
Box 1 44 Southern Journal of Economics, 1985
*A Markov Chain Analysis of Structural Changes in the Texas High Plains Cotton Ginning Industry, Dec. 1985
Box 1 45 A Study Relating Cotton Yield to Cotton Variety, Row Pattern, Irrigation, Fertilization and Rainfall, undated
Box 1 46 Summer Computer Simulation Conference- Proceedings, 1989
Box 1


Technical Assistance Projects, 1972
*Operating Requirements, Costs, Revenues and Economic Efficiency Among Independent Cotton Gins, Texas, 1969, July 1972
*The Texas Cotton Ginning Industry: Industry Characteristics, Production Capacity, and Utilization, Sept. 1972
Box 1 48 Technical Report: Efficient Cotton Cleaning in a System Framework, Sept. 1995
Box 1 49 Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1967-1977
*An Economic Analysis of Production Responses for Cotton and Grain Sorghum, Nov. 1967
*An Economic Comparison of Conventional and Narrow-Row Cotton Production- Southern High Plains of Texas, June 1977
Box 1


Texas Agricultural Experiment Station- Lubbock, 1990-1993
*1990 Annual Progress Report
*1991 Annual Progress Report
*1992 Annual Progress Report
*1993 Annual Progress Report
Box 1


Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1990
*Low Energy Precision Application Irrigation for Cotton Production in the TexasSouthern High Plains, 1990
*Sources and Analysis of Rising Unit Costs of Producing Cotton on the Texas Southern Plains, 1990
Box 1


User’s Manual for Cotton Variety Selection Model Tecova, Aug. 1994
Box 1


Valuation of Cotton Quality by U.S. Textile Mill Manufacturers, undated
Box 1


Value Placed on Cotton Fiber Attributes by Textile Manufacturers, undated
Box 1


Western Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1982-1989
*Hedonic Price Estimation for Commodities: An Application to Cotton, 1982
*Nitrogen Carry-Over Impacts in Irrigated Cotton Production, Southern High Plains of Texas, 1989

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