Texas Tech University Archive Sports Photographs
Arranged in alphabetical order by collection name

Athletic Media Relations

 U 193.1 Player Files, 1928-2012: This collection consists of 21 boxes of individual player files created by the Athletic Media Relations Department. The files are arranged alphabetically by the player's last name.

U 193.4 Football, 1971: This collection consists of action and field shots from the following Texas Tech football games: Texas Tech versus Texas Christian University (143 prints, 7 contact sheets), Texas Tech versus Tucson (167 prints, 4 contact sheets), Texas Tech versus Boston (145 prints, 7 contact sheets), Texas Tech versus Rice (173 prints, 6 contact sheets) and Texas Tech vs SMU (169 prints, 7 contact sheets).

Basketball (Men's)

U 110.1 Basketball Photographs, 1925-2001: This collection consists of 75 negatives of men's basketball team portraits from 1925-2001.  The images were reproduced from La Ventanas, media guides and game programs.  All have been scanned onto a CD-ROM as well.

Basketball (Women's)

U 206.2 Lady Raiders Photographs, 1993: This collection of two prints consists of images of the Texas Tech Lady Raiders following their victory at the Western Regionals in 1993. The prints were donated by Stephanie L. Edwards.

Sports Information

U 23.3 Sports Information Photographs, 1965-1989 and undated: This collection consists of 113 contact sheets; 2,795 slides; 427 prints; and 19,148 negatives. It includes images from various sporting events, as well as scenes from the Tech campus and students. [Includes: Archery; Baseball; Basketball; Boxing; Fencing; Football; Golf; Gymnastics; Lacrosse; Masked Rider; Polo; Raider Red; Rugby; Soccer; Softball; Swimming; Tennis; and Track and Field.]

U 23.7 Sports Information Photographs, 1937 and undated: This collection of 25 black and white prints contains a variety of images relating to Jones Stadium. These include day and night-time views as well as interior rooms such as the infirmary and athlete workout areas. Other images show fallen light poles, football activities and snow removal in the stadium.
     The Clifford B. and Audrey Jones Stadium was dedicated on November 29, 1947. Named for the former Tech president, the stadium seated 18,000. A 1959 excavation lowered the playing field to a depth of 28 feet and widened the stadium to the east for additional seating, allowing a capacity of 30,000. Successive additions took the stadium to 41,500 capacity in 1969 and 47,000 in 1972. In 1979, the Lettermen’s Lounge was completed on the north side of the stadium. A large Double-T scoreboard was added above the athletic department offices on the south, which were expanded and renovated in 1990 after the addition of the Athletic Training Facility in 1986.

U 23.8 Sports Information Photographs, 1960s-1970s: This collection of 2 (8 x 10) prints consists of men's basketball team group portraits dated circa the 1960s and 1970s.

U 23.9 Sports Information Photographs, 1994-1996: This collection of 56 (8 x 10) prints contains student images taken during Texas Tech graduation ceremonies. Sheryl Swoops is one of the students. Dates are May 14, 1994, December 17, 1994, May 13, 1995, December 16, 1995 and December 14, 1996.

U 23.11 Sports Information Photographs, 1928-1992 and undated: This collection of 37 negatives, 3 slides, and 86 prints consists of miscellaneous sport images, including men's basketball, women's basketball, football, baseball, cheerleaders, crowds attending football games and track and field. Players such as Bobby Cavazos, Bam Morris, Polk Robinson, and James Mayes are included. Also contains images of Jones Stadium, homecoming, the men's basketball team with their 1988 SWC championship trophy, and graduation. [Includes: Baseball, Basketball, Bobby Cavazos, Cheerleaders, Football; Golf; Homecoming, Bill Kelley, Jones Stadium, James Mayes, Bam Morris, and Polk Robinson.]

U 23.13 Sports Information Photographs, 1926 and undated: This collection consists of three prints. One is a group portrait of the 1926 baseball team; another is a group portrait of the Lady Raiders team with a trophy; and the last is an oversized image of the Red Raiders and cheerleaders on the football field. The oversized image is located in UA Oversized Photos Box B. [Includes: Baseball, Basketball, and Football.]

U 23.14 Sports Information Photographs, 1970s-1980s and undated: This collection of 46 prints, 117 negatives, 2 contact sheets and 8 slides consists of images from various sporting events, players and coaches, and is divided into 2 envelopes and a oversized box. 

In envelope 1, there are 8 slides and 23 prints of football related images.  The game and action images date from the early days of the University, possibly the late 1920s, to probably the 1980s. The 8 slides include pictures of LaVell Edwards, Mike Thomas, and Ron Meyer.

In envelope 2, there are 23 prints, 2 contact sheets and 117 negatives of miscellaneous sports- golf, basketball, baseball, and track and field.  The images probably date from the 1970s and 1980s.  Included are:

Baseball team- action shot and a team group portraits (undated), individual and group portraits (1976, 34 negatives)

Men's Basketball- action shot (1979) and a team group portrait (1978-1979, 3 copies of the same image), Tech vs. Rice game (undated, 29 negatives), Tech vs. A&M game (1985, 13 negatives), and an unidentified player (1 negative)

Women's Basketball- action shots (1978 and undated)

Golf- includes 2 contact sheets of people playing golf, men's golf team group portrait (1972 and 1974), men's group portrait (6 negatives, undated)

Tennis team- team group portrait (1984)

Swimming- action shots.

Track and Field- action shot, team group portrait (undated), individual and group portraits (1976, 19 negatives)

Miscellaneous people pictured include Steve Perkins.

Three oversized prints were placed into a blue board box labeled "Oversized Sports Photos" : 1 print- Basketball action shot, undated (11 x 14); 2 prints- Football action shot from Tech vs. University of Houston game, undated (11 x 14); and 1 print- 4 Men's basketball team members with SWC trophies [the print seems to be only half of the full team portrait], undated (9 x 11)

U 23.15 Sports Information Photographs, 1966-1995 and undated: This collection consists of 141 images. Folder 1 contains images of sporting events such as football action candids (1975-1992 and undated), Track and Field (1978-1979 and undated), swimming and cheerleaders (1990 and undated). Folder 2 contains images of students and staff on the Texas Tech and Health Sciences Center campuses. It includes various campus buildings (1966 and undated), and Citibuses with Texas Tech and Big 12 images. The "Ridin' Into the Big Twelve" Citibus design is circa September 22, 1995.

U 23.29 Sports Information Photographs, undated: This 1 oversized box collection consists of 16 oversized matted images of football players elected into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame. A few are identified by their last name on the back of their images: Anderson, E. J. Holub, Howard, Irons, Parks, Tillman, and Tucker.

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