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Southwest Collection

  • U 165.1 Southwest Collection Photographs, 1956-1981 and undated- The collection contains 15 prints and 4 negatives depicting a variety of images relating to the history of the archives, including two former directors, staff, a 1959 football rally and cheerleaders, the Women's Study Club (Lorenzo, Tex.) and an arial view of the Tech campus. Pictured include Dr. Anson R. Bertrand, Seymour V. Connor, Sylvan Dunn, Dr. Donald E. Green, Senator Dorsey B. Hardeman, Damon Hill, Leete Jackson, Frank Junell, and David Murrah.

  • U 165.3 Southwest Collection Photographs, 1998- This collection of 24 color slides consists of various images of the staff, the Coronelli Globe, and interior and exterior shots of the building.
  • U 165.4 Southwest Collection Photographs, 1997 and undated- This collection of 35 prints, 20 negatives, and 1 slide consists of images of a reunion of the 1939 Texas Tech University football team celebrating their 1939 Cotton Bowl tournament. The event was held in the old Southwest Collection location in the Math Building. Also part of the collection is images from the 1997 dedication of the new Southwest Collection building, including images of the primary guest speaker, historian David McCullough.
  • U 165.5 Southwest Collection Photographs, Sept. 23-24, 1999- This collection of 24 prints and 45 negatives consists of images of participants at the 2nd Annual Legends of the Southwest Symposium, entitled "Our Hidden Hispanic Heritage". Included are photographs of the various presenters and attendees.  Starting in the fall of 1998, the Southwest Collection holds the Legends of the Southwest Symposium.  The first one centered around western writers, with the homage paid to guest speaker Elmer Kelton.  The 1999 session's theme was on hispanic heritage, with speakers presenting papers on Coronado, hispanic ranching, and a impersonation of Father Junipero Serro. Pictured include Dr. Don Blakesee, Donald Cutter, David Marshall, Dr. John Miller Morris, Jim Pfluger, Dr. Joe Sanchez; Dr. Andres Tijerina, Bill Tydeman, and Chris Wilson.
  • U 165.6 Southwest Collection Photographs, undated- This collection consists of 14 copy prints from the Southwest Collection. Included are photos of ranching, musicians, and various people.
  • U 165.7 Southwest Collection Photographs, 1980s- This collection consists of ten images from the 1980s showing staff picking up collections, Arlene Smith's retirement party, and a tent show exhibition and book signing.
  • U 165.9 Southwest Collection Photographs, 1972-1994 and undated- This collection consists of 412 prints, 50 contact sheets, 484 negatives and 2 slides of miscellaneous images of actitives of the Southwest Collection staff. Pictured include Don Anderson, Fran Holden, William Curry Holden, Ray Janeway,  George Mahon, Melvin Mann, the Matador Cowboy Reunion, Gordon McClendon, David Murrah, Charlie Scruggs, Governor Preston Smith and John C. White.

Folder 1 contains 45 b/w prints, 5 contact sheets and 123 negatives of people attending a George Mahon exhibit and press conference at the Southwest Collection in 1978 (?).  Also included is an autographed group portrait signed by George Mahon.

Envelope 2 contains 52 b/w prints and 1 negative of Gordon McClendon at a February, 1981, television interview in the Mass Communication building. Also includes various portraits of McClendon and publicity photographs of the McClendon collection donation to the Southwest Collection.

Envelope 3 contains a total of 2 contact sheets, 51 negatives and 17 prints.  The collection is composed of the following:

-5 b/w prints and 24 negtives of Melvin Mann attending a Southwest Collection press conference and touring the building.

 -12 b/w prints of William Curry Holden and his adobe-style home.

-1 color negative and 2 color slides of former Governor Preston Smith.

 -26 color negatives and 1 contact sheet of the Southwest Collection groundbreaking ceremony in 1994.

Envelope 4 contains 12 b/w prints, 378 b/w negatives, and 48 b/w contact sheets. Images include various staff and student who worked at the Southwest Collection; people attending a Native American function at the Ranching Heritage Center; Dr. Paul Carlson posing with a ewe for his book on sheep; and “3 Great Texas Products” event with John C. White, Charlie Scruggs, and Don Anderson.

Envelope 5 A and B contains 264 prints and 71 negatives of miscellaneous images pertaining to the Southwest Collection's activities and people at various functions.  Events included is a book signing with Fran Holden, Dr. David Murrah speaking at the “Reunion of the Symple-Phonies” Morton C of C banquet in 1986, an work at unlabeled ranch, people attending the Matador Cowboy Reunion in 1972, people attending a City of Lubbock meeting, and people attending a “Southwestern Images Symposium.”  Also included are images of various staff and students who worked at the Southwest Collection, as well as members of the Murrah family.

Envelope 6 contains 78 prints, 109 negatives, 20 slides, and 4 contact sheets.  The images within this collection comprise of SWC staff and students; a portrait of Mac Davis; exterior views of Thompson High School; people eating, listening to music and gardening at a Lubbock Heritage Society event [July 1980]; "Trader's Frontier" - people at a cemetery; Parade images a car and float with "Texas Emu Association" signs and the Lubbock Sojourners float; Interior and landscape views taken from a train; Castro County Mammoth Dig "Easter Elephant" [May 13-16, 1985]; Italian POWs and their families at a Castro County event [April 30, 1988]; a group of men presenting of a rifle to an unidentified man; speakers at the "The American Southwest: Women on the Frontier" symposium; and an iron cross marking the grave of Candelarea Frias killed by Indians NE of Fort Davis in 1879.
     Also includes musicians and people at the Fourth Annual Symposium entitled "The American Southwest: It's Music and Entertainment" [1983]. Some of the people identified include Cliff Ashby, Joe McKennon, Charles Townsend, Anne Butler, David Murrah, Him Hansford, and George Smyer.
     A few images seem to be historical Lubbock ones, probably taken out of the Heritage Club Collection.  These consist of an exterior view of the old Tech Gymnasium; a group portrait of the Home Economics Club from 1936; the Las Vivarachas club initiation dinner [1936]; and a group portrait of the Gargoyle Club members.

Envelope 7 contains 5 prints, 2 contact sheets, 13 slides and 4 b&w transparencies pertaining to the SWC building.  The images include early and final drawings of the proposed Southwest Collection building, transparencies of early floor plans, and numerous color xeroxes of the exterior of the completed building. The contact sheets are of the 1995 building groundbreaking ceremony.  The slides show the building under construction and people wearing hardhats, as well as a view of the Coronelli Globe in it's new enclosure.

Envelope 8 consists of 25 negatives, 32 prints, and 15 slides. Most of the images are of SWC staff at a staff cookout, receiving plants for their new offices, and unpacking the stand for the Coronelli Globe.  Also included are images of Grover E. Murray with an award [1996]; Don Haragan, William Curry Holden, Fran Holden, and David Murrah signing the papers for Holden's donation of his papers to the SWC [1986?]; and various unidentified buildings.

  • U 165.10 Southwest Collection Photographs, 2000-2001 and undated- This collection consists of 62 prints, 62 negatives and 2 slides of miscellaneous images of the Holden Reading Room decorated in the Mary Jane Johnson concert; boxes in the stacks of the old building; S. V. Connor and Clifford B. Jones posing with a large book; various images of books, magazines and other items collected by the Southwest Collection; and various staff members and the building.  Nine of the images were taken after a winter ice storm in early spring 2001 of the Southwest Collection building and its campus surrounding.

  • U 165.11 Southwest Collection Photographs, April 5, 2001- This collection consists of seven images taken at the Faculty Book Exhibit reception on April 5, 2001.  Provost John Burns presented certificates to staff and faculty who published materials in 1999-2001.  Pictured with Burns include Southwest Collection staff and professors such as Alwyn Barr, Paul Carlson, Marletta Childs and Janet Neugebauer.
        The Texas Tech Library holds a reception annually in conjuction with the Faculty/Staff Book Exhibit.  Due to Library construction, the 2001 reception served for a two year span.

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