Texas Tech Retrospective Articles are a part of the Texas Techsan magazine, which is published by the Texas Tech Alumni Association.  The articles are written by the staff of the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library and focus on Texas Tech University history.

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All articles in this collection are organized and grouped by the year of publication.

File Size: Date: Author and Article Title:
1979 [6.9 MB] Aug. 1979. Murrah, David.  "The Time Has Come . . ." (West Texas fights for a college)
Oct. 1979. Murrah, David.  "Football Firsts"
Dec. 1979. Murrah, David.  "An Open Invitation" (selection of Lubbock as the site for Texas Tech)
1980 [11.1 MB] Feb. 1980. Murrah, David.  "Memorable Snowfalls"
Apr. 1980. Murrah, David.  "'Glory to Alma Mater' and Other Tech Songs"
June 1980. Murrah, David.  "Tech Songs That Didn't Make the Hit Parade"
Aug/Sept 1980. Murrah, David.  "Archives Marks 25th Anniversary With Historical Symposium" (Southwest Collection Symposium)
Oct/Nov 1980. Murrah, David.  "Tech's First Red Raider"
Dec. 1980. Bryant, Jana.  "Tech's First Christmas"
1981 [8.6 MB] Feb. 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Texas Tech Basketball . . ." (early Tech basketball)
Apr. 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Happiness in Lubbock: A Rear View Look" (amusements in early Lubbock)
June 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Here's To the Class of 1931"
Aug/Sept 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Ag Program Breeds Success"
Oct. 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Life & Times of Tech . . . the Early Freshman"
Dec. 1981. Bryant, Jana.  "Tech's Pioneer Women"
1982 [6.8 MB] Feb/Mar 1982. Murrah, David.  "It's Lubbock!" (Locating Board selects Lubbock for Texas Tech)
Apr/May 1982. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Peter Hurd Mural"
June/July 1982. Hooks, Michael Q.  "Will [Rogers] and Soapsuds"
Aug. 1982. Hooks, Michael Q.  "Symposium to Feature Southwestern Railroads" (Southwest Collection Railroad Symposium)
Oct/Nov 1982. Hooks, Michael Q.  "For the Convenience of Students" (Texas Tech University Bookstore)
Dec. 1982. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Library: A History of Growth"
1983 [7.2 MB] Jan/Feb 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The UC: Alive and Well at 30" (the University Center)
Mar/Apr 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Beat Goes On" (Texas Tech Marching Band)
May/June 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "From the Fair Grounds to Jones Stadium" (football stadium)
July/Aug 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Old President's Home: A Campus Landmark" (Tech President's Home/Ex-Student's Association)
Sept/Oct 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "Home Away From Home" (dormitories)
Nov/Dec 1983. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Carol of Lights"
1984 [7.7 MB] Jan/Feb 1984. Hooks, Michael Q.  "Livestock Pavilion Awarded Historical Marker"
Mar/Apr 1984. Hooks, Michael Q.  "The Spring Pageant" (1926-1930)
May/June 1984. Martin, Cindy.  "Would We Do It Again . . . We Would!" (early women's athletics)
July/Aug 1984. Martin, Cindy.  "The Yaqui: Tech's First Scientific Expedition."
Sept/Oct 1984. Martin, Cindy.  "The Saddle Tramps: A Frontier Tradition Lives On"
Nov/Dec 1984. Martin, Cindy.  "The Ko Sharis: Fifty-Two Years of 'Delight-Making.'"
1985 [9.9 MB] Jan/Feb 1985. Blodgett, Jan. "Hi Tech." ("Hi Tech" and "Howdy" weeks)
Mar/Apr 1985. Martin, Cindy. "Arbor Day: An Early Tech Tradition."
May/June 1985. Martin, Cindy.  "The Student Dairy Association."
July/Aug 1985. Martin, Cindy.  "A Nice Day for November and a Good Day for Texas Tech." (Administration Building dedication)
Sept/Oct 1985. Martin, Cindy.  "Sixty Years Ago Tech Opens." (Tech's opening activities)
Nov/Dec 1985. Blodgett, Jan.  "The First Football Season."
1986 [6.9 MB] Jan/Feb 1986. Murrah, David.  "1st Annual All-College Frolic."
Mar/Apr 1986. Mason, Richard.  "Textile Research Center Produces the First Fabric of History."
May/June 1986. Martin, Cindy.  "La Ventana: Tech's Window to the Past." (first issue of Tech yearbook)
July/Aug 1986. Neugebauer, Janet.  "The First Meeting of the Board of Directors."
Sept/Oct 1986. Blodgett, Jan.  "Bobbins and Wranglers: Early Student Organizations."
Nov/Dec 1986. Murrah, David.  "Fulfilling the Dream." (Tech entrance into Southwest Conference)
1987 [6.2 MB] Jan/Feb 1987. Mason, Richard.  "The Roots of Regional Tech Loyalty." (Tech's College of Ag Sciences)
Mar/Apr 1987. Martin, Cindy.  "The Blarney Stone . . . at Texas Tech?"
May/June 1987. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Mr. Music: Dewey O. Wiley." (Tech band director)
July/Aug 1987. Blodgett, Jan.  "Tech at Play." (early physical education classes)
Sept/Oct 1987. Murrah, David.  "Fred Waring, the Pennsylvanians and the 'Red Raiders'." (1942 recording of a Texas Tech fight song)
Nov/Dec 1987. Mason, Richard.  "Winning the Tech." (efforts to create Texas Tech)
1988 [5.6 MB] Jan/Feb 1988. Martin, Cindy.  "The Aggie Rodeo: One of Tech's Oldest Traditions."
Mar/Apr 1988. Neugebauer, Janet.  "The Museum: A Part of the Good Life in West Texas."
May/June 1988. Cammack, Bruce.  "Flight Schools Played Major Role in Wartime Pilot Training Efforts."
July/Aug 1988. Murrah, David.  "The Southwest Collection: Bursting at the Seams."
Sept/Oct 1988. Mason, Richard.  "The Saga of the Double T."
Nov/Dec 1988. Martin, Cindy.  "The Toreador." (early Tech student newspaper)
Jan/Feb 1989. Neugebauer, Janet.  "A Rich Architectural Heritage." (Tech Museum)
1989 [5.5 MB] Mar/Apr 1989. Cammack, Bruce.  "La Ventana's Playmates of Texas Tech."
May/June 1989. Murrah, David.  "Origin of the Double-T."
July/Aug 1989. Mason, Richard.  "Texas Tech's Twister Trackers."
Sept/Oct 1989. Clark, Robert W.  "Registration Day: A Student's Rite of Passage."
Nov/Dec 1989. Neugebauer, Janet.  "The Planetarium: A Celestial World."
1990 [5.6 MB] Jan/Feb 1990. Clark, Robert W.  "The Name Change Controversy." (1969 name change from Texas Technological College to Texas Tech University)
Mar/Apr 1990. Murrah, David.  "Tech Baseball: From Sandlot to Astroturf."
May/June 1990. Martin, Cindy.  "Practice Makes Perfect." (Home Management House)
July/Aug 1990. Clark, Robert W.  "Chancellor E. Weymouth Remembered."
Sept/Oct 1990. Matthews, Jim.  "A Tradition of Service: Alpha Phi Omega."
Nov/Dec 1990. Neugebauer, Janet.  "A Special Mission for Texas Tech." (ICASALS)
1991 [5.3 MB] Jan/Feb 1991. Murrah, David.  "The Texas Tech Historical District."
Mar/Apr 1991. Taylor, Dana.  "RHA Preserves More Than Buildings." (Ranching Heritage Center)
May/June 1991. Clark, Robert W.  "Tips for Techsans." (handbooks for students)
July/Aug 1991. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Pictures for Posterity." (Heritage Club)
Sept/Oct 1991. Edwards, Stephanie.  "The College That Is To Be." (initial plan for what Texas Tech should be)
Nov/Dec 1991. Matthews, Jim.  "Graduation Day at Texas Tech."
1992 [5.5 MB] Jan/Feb 1992. Vanzant, Lance.  "Southwest Collection Holdings Cast Doubt on JFK Movie."
Mar/Apr 1992. Anderson, H. Allen.  "When the Chief Came to Raiderland." (1938 lecture by Earnest Thompson Seton and his wife Julia)
May/June 1992. Matthews, Jim.  "Red Raiders From West Texas." (early names for Tech athletic teams)
July/Aug 1992. Edwards, Stephanie.  "Texas Tech Goes to War." (World War II)
Sept/Oct 1992. Vanzant, Lance.  "The Proletarian Party at Texas Tech."
Nov/Dec 1992. Martin, Cindy.  "Will Rogers and Texas Tech."
1993 [4.6 MB] Jan/Feb 1993. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Vision and Determination = Texas Tech." (efforts to establish Texas Tech)
Mar/Apr 1993. Murrah, David.  "Southwest Collection Documents Texas Political History."
May/June 1993. Paschall, Freedonia.  "Texas Tech's First Librarian, Elizabeth Howard West."
July/Aug 1993. Murrah, David.  "'Carrying a Big Part of the Load': William Curry Holden and Tech."
Sept/Oct 1993. Kreidler, Tai.  "World War II Training Exercises."
Nov/Dec 1993. Vanzant, Lance.  "The Student Union Building."
1994 [6.9 MB] Jan/Feb 1994. Martin, Cindy.  "Cotton Bowl or Bust."
Mar/Apr 1994. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Firing-Up School Spirit." (Saddle Tramps and the Southwest Conference Circle)
May/June 1994. Paschall, Freedonia.  "Cheri Casa--The First Men's Dorm."
July/Aug 1994. Murrah, David.  "At Long Last--A New Home for the Southwest Collection."
Sept/Oct 1994. Kreidler, Tai.  "Do You Believe in Miracles?" (1966 Tech-Arkansas Razorbacks football game)
Nov/Dec 1994. Vanzant, Lance.  "Morley Jennings: Southwest Conference Pioneer."
1995 [4.2 MB] Jan/Feb 1995. Martin, Cindy.  "Amelia Earhart Visits Tech."
Mar/Apr 1995. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Texas Tech's First Distinguished Professor." (Dr. Carl Coke Rister)
May/June 1995. Paschall, Freedonia.  "The Construction of Jones Stadium."
July/Aug 1995. Vanzant, Lance.  "Letters Hold Reminder of the Past." (Dr. Paul W. Horn and the Lincoln Medallion)
Sept/Oct 1995. Murrah, David.  "Tech Opening Brought Rain to the Dry Plains."
Nov/Dec 1995. Kreidler, Tai.  "The Brief Story of Tech's Nuclear Engineering Program."
1996 [12.4 MB] Jan/Feb 1996. Martin, Cindy.  "Tech Enters the Southwest Conference."
Mar/Apr 1996. Neugebauer, Janet.  "Jack Teagarden Set Feet Tapping in Raiderland." (musician)
May/June 1996. Saffell, Cameron.  "Some of Our Best Soil: The History of the Tech Farm."
July/Aug 1996. Atkinson, Ellen.  "Striking in Appearance: The Museum of Texas Tech."
Sept/Oct 1996. "The William Curry Holdens: Champions of History"
Nov/Dec 1996. Lewis, Preston.  "Looking Toward the Future." (the new Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library)
1997 [9.3 MB] Jan/Feb 1997. Kreidler, Tai.  "The SWC Lives on at Texas Tech." (Southwest Conference collection)
Mar/Apr 1997. Neugebauer, Janet.  "A Wheel Horse for Texas Tech." (Dean W. L. Stangel)
May/June 1997. Paschall, Freedonia.  "Making Our Own Traditions." (Tech's first graduating class)
July/Aug 1997. Jones, Vicky.  "Lubbock, Texas: (Former) Chrysanthemum Capital of the World."
Sept/Oct 1997. Camp, John A.  "How Things Have Changed." (Tech campus maps and the changes in the campus)
Nov/Dec 1997. Langford, Curt.  "Stadium Celebrates 50th Anniversary." (Jones Stadium)
1998 [6.9 MB] Winter 1998. Kreidler, Tai.  "The Coaching School."
Spring 1998. Kreidler, Tai.  "The Southwest Collection: 50 Years of History."
Mar/Apr 1998. Bogener, Stephen.  "More than Stone, Bricks and Red Clay Roofs: Texas Tech's Architectural Heritage."
Sept/Oct 1998. Camp, John A.  "One Student, One Acre."
Fall 1998. Jones, Vicky.  "Shakespeare at Texas Tech: The 1964 Fine Arts Festival."
1999 [4.3 MB] Mar/April 1999. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "The Tradition of Showmanship." [the Block and Bridle Club]
May/June 1999. Marshall, David.  "The First Techsans Lead the Way."
Nov/Dec 1999. Camp, Albert.  "Christmas Traditions."
2000 [2.5 MB] Mar/April 2000. Ginther, Jim.  "Texas Tech and America's Greatest Generation."
May/June 2000. Camp, Albert.  "Peter W. Cawthon: Legendary Football Coach."
2001 [3.1 MB] July/Aug 2001. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "Giants in Texas." [Tech students visit the movie set of Giant and meet Elizabeth Taylor]
Sept/Oct 2001. Paksoy, H. B.  "Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative." (ATON)
Nov/Dec 2001. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "What's Old is New Again."
2002 [4.7 MB] Mar/April 2002. Paksoy, H. B.  "Benjamin Franklin and Nasreddin of Asia Minor."
May/June 2002. Monroe, Monte.  "Women's Sports Leader Remembered." [Jeannine McHaney]
July/Aug 2002. Kriedler, Tai.  "The Place for Football."
Sept/Oct 2002. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "History Was Made at Texas Tech... and You Were There!"
Nov/Dec 2002. Spurrier, Jennifer.  "A Bit of This and That." [reference files at the Southwest Collection]
2003.1 [2.75 KB] May/June 2003. Marshall, David.  "The Aviation Tradition at Texas Tech."
2003.2 [4.6 KB] July/Aug 2003. Spurrier, Jennifer.  "Foundations:  The Names on the Bricks."
2003.2 [2.93 KB] Sept/Oct 2003. Peoples, Curtis.  "Mi Familia:  The Hispanic Student Society at Texas Tech University."
2003.2 [2.76 KB] Nov/Dec 2003. Tydeman, William E.  "Natural History at Texas Tech."
2004 [3.9 KB] Nov/Dec 2004. Monroe, Monte L.  "The First Saddle Tramp is Gone." [Arch Lamb]
2005.1 [2.13 KB] Jan/Feb 2005. Peoples, Curtis.  "Texas Tech Mascot Traditions."
2005.2 [3.84 KB] Mar/April 2005. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "Once a Red Raider, Always a Red Raider." [the University Archives holdings]
2005.3 [4.3 KB] May/June 2005. Bogener, Stephen Dean.  "William Curry Holden and the Yaqui Expedition of 1934."
2005.4 [1.9 KB] July/Aug 2005. Paschall, Freedonia.  "The Aggie Club, 1929-1933."
2005.5 [4.46 KB] Sept/Oct 2005. Spurrier, Jennifer.  "Then and Now." [Texas Tech 50 years ago and today]
2006.1 [4.43 KB] Jan/Feb 2006. Bogener, Stephen Dean.  "Adobe 101." [William Curry Holden's home]
2006.2 [1.72 KB] Mar/April 2006. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "Digging Up the Past." [first Field Geology class tip]
2007.1 [7.12 KB] Jan/Feb 2007. Cammack, Bruce.  "Allan Loraine Carter, Ph.D. A Bostonian on the Plains."
2007.3 [7.8 KB] May/June 2007. Whitfield, B. Lynn.  "A Founding Father of Texas Tech." [Richard A. Studhalter]

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