Texas Tech University Horn Professors, 1967-2018
To be designated a Horn Professor is the highest honor received by a Texas Tech faculty member. The recognition is bestowed upon a faculty member who has attained national and/or international recognition in the areas of research or other creative, scholarly achievement. The nomination process is a highly tiered one, including several steps that include critical scrutiny by an evaluation committee, letters of support by prominent experts in the same field as the nominee, dossiers that demonstrate immense publication and scholarly service, and final ratification by the Board of Regents. 

OP 32.09 outlines the nomination process and selection criteria. The Fall 2011 All Things Texas Tech e-newsletter features a article on Horn Professors titled "TTU Faculty: If You Aspire to be a Horn Professor, Consider This...!" (see the last 8 pages)

Below is a listing of Texas Tech University Horn Professors, arranged by year of appointment.

Appointment- 1967

  • Carl Hammer, Jr., Classical and Romance Languages
  • Alton Wade, Geology
  • Ernest Wallace, History
  • Elo J. Urbanovsky, Park Administration, Horticulture and Entomology

Appointment- 1968

  • Henry J. Shine, Chemistry
  • Willard Forest Williams, Agricultural Economics

Appointment- 1969

  • A. Beatrix Cobb, Psychology
  • Faye L. Bumpass, Classical and Foreign Languages

Appointment- 1970

  • Richard A. Dudek, Industrial Engineering
  • George Neff Stevens, Law

Appointment- 1971

  • Warren Walker, English

Appointment- 1972    

  • Harold Ernest Dregne, Agronomy
  • Richard William Hemingway, Law
  • Clarence Everit Kincaid, Jr., Art
  • Dan Moody Wells, Civil Engineering

Appointment- 1973

  • Morris Sheppard Wallace, Education
  • Russell William Strandtmann, Biology

Appointment- 1975    

  • Pill-Soon Song, Chemistry

Appointment- 1977

  • Magne Kristiansen, Electrical Engineering

Appointment- 1978   

  • M. M. Ayoub, Industrial Engineering
  • Henry A. Wright, Range and Wildlife Management

Appointment- 1979   

  • Robert J. Baker, Biological Sciences
  • Richard Saeks, Electrical Engineering

Appointment- 1981 

  • William J. Conover, Business Administration
  • Marion O. Hagler, Electrical Engineering
  • Eric  G. Bolen, Agricultural Sciences

Appointment- 1983  

  • David Leon Higdon, English
  • Shelby D. Hunt, Business Administration

Appointment- 1984   

  • James G. Hunt, Business Administration
  • Joseph E. Minor, Civil Engineering

Appointment- 1985   

  • John F. Walkup, Electrical Engineering

Appointment- 1986 

  • John A. Gillas, Music
  • Janet W. Perez, Classical and Romance Languages
  • J. Knox Jones, Biological and Museum Sciences

Appointment- 1987  

  • David B. Knaff, Chemistry
  • Walter R. McDonald, English
  • Willard B. Robinson, Architecture

Appointment- 1988 

  • Richard A. Bartsch, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Appointment- 1989 

  • Mary Jeanne Van Appledorn, School of Music

Appointment- 1990

  • Raymond C. Jackson, Biological Sciences
  • Allan J. Kuethe, History

Appointment- 1991 

  • Clyde F. Martin, Mathematics
  • Kishor C. Mehta, Civil Engineering

Appointment- 1992

  • Purnendu K. Dasgupta, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Harley Oberhelman, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

Appointment- 1994

  • Sankar Chatterjee, Museum Science and Geosciences
  • Rodney L. Preston, Animal Science and Food Technology

Appointment- 1996

  • Clyde Hendrick, Psychology

Appointment- 1997

  • E. Roland Menzel, Physics
  • Henry Nguyen, Plant and Soil Sciences

Appointment- 1999

  • Clyde Jones, Biological Sciences
  • Kenneth Ketner, Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism

 Appointment- 2000

  • Daniel Benson, Law
  • Stefan Estreicher, Physics
  • Gerald Skoog, Education
  • Henryk Temkin, Electrical Engineering

Appointment- 2001

  • Frits Ruymagaart, Mathematics and Statistics
  • William Westney, Music

Appointment- 2002

  • Peter Westfall, Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 2002

Appointment- 2003

  • Loretta Bradley, Education
  • Wijesuriya Dayawansa, Mathematics and Statistics

Appointment- 2004

  • Hafid Gafaiti, Classical and Modern Languages and Literature

Appointment- 2005

  • Vivian Allen, Plant & Soil Science
  • Susan Hendrick, Psychology
  • Greg McKenna, Chemical Engineering
  • Sunanda Mitra, Electrical Engineering
  • Marilyn Phelan, Law

Appointment- 2006

  • James C. Watkins, Architecture
  • Michael Galyean, Animal and Food Sciences

Appointment- 2007

  • William Casto, Alvin R. Allison Professor of Law
  • Eileen Johnson, Curator of Anthropology at the Museum of Texas Tech University and Director of the Lubbock Lake Landmark
  • W. David Nes, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Appointment- 2008 [press release]

  • Warren Ballard, Natural Resources Management
  • Daniel Cooke, Computer Science
  • David Larmour, Classical and Modern Languages and Literature
  • Susan Saab-Fortney, School of Law

Appointment- 2010 [press release]

  • Linda Allen, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Sindee Simon, Chemical Engineering
  • Vickie Sutton, School of Law

Appointment- 2011

  • Bruce Clarke, English

Appointment- 2012

  • Thomas Knight, Agricultural Economics

Appointment- 2013

  • Hongxing Jiang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointment- 2014

  • William Hase, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Jingyu Lin, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointment- 2015

  • Guigen Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Andreas Neuber, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Brian Shannon, School of Law

Appointment- 2016

  • Eric Hequet, Plant and Soil Science

Appointment- 2018

  • Yehia S. Mechref, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Appointment- 2021

  • Katharine Hayhoe, Political Science and Co-Director of the Climate Center at Texas Tech
  • Na´ma Mousta´d-Moussa, Nutritional Sciences and Director of the Texas Tech Obesity Research Cluster
  • John Poch, English

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