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WTHA Awards - the Holden Grant

The William Curry Holden Grant for Research on West Texas

  • Applicants must have been members of the Association at least one full year prior to application deadline.
  • Applications must include a proposal and a budget for needed funds. One grant per year for $500 will be awarded; the grants are non-renewable. 
  • Grant recipients will submit a written follow-up report regarding the progress of their endeavors.
  • Recipients are ineligible for an interim of two years between successful grant applications.

Award and grant applications are due on January 10.  Award winners will be announced at the annual meeting of the Association during the presidential luncheon.

William Curry Holden Research Award

  • 2012 - Robert Hall
  • 2011 - Troy Ainsworth
  • 2008 - Leland Turner
  • 2006 - Gene Preuss
  • 2004 - Kevin Sweeney
  • 2003 - L. Patrick Hughes
  • 2002 - Jim Matthews
  • 1998 - Paul H. Carlson

P.O. 41041
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas

Ph. 806-742-9076 wthayb@ttu.edu


Winner of the Holden Research Award, Troy Ainsworth shakes hands with incoming President Bruce Glasrud.

Tai Kreidler presenting award to Leland Turner for winning the 2008 William Curry Holden Award. Photo by Gene Preuss.


Kevin Sweeney receiving two checks from WTHA Executive Director, Tai Kreidler. Sweeney was named winner of the William Curry Holden Research Award and the Percy Jones Award for Best Article in the Yearbook.