JA Cattle Company Collection

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JA Cattle Company, Records, 1813-1994 and undated (218 boxes)

ITEMS TRANSFERRED:  Photographs, oversized materials, video tapes and film, maps and architectural plans, and some larger artifacts, were transferred.  For a view of their inventories select from the items below.

Large Artifacts, 1839-1897 and undated (G2-3, F173, and F164)

Film and Video Collection, 1950-1990 (Q5.5D)

Framed Paintings and Photographs, 1845-1901 and undated (Q60.7 and Q59.7)

Maps, 1884-1978 and undated (F173.2, F173.4 and O18.A)

Oversized Material, 1885-1984 and undated (O9.17, F165.2-3, and F173.1A-C)

Photograph Collection, 1819-1989 and undated

Unframed Paintings, 1907-1911 and undated (F173.1)