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Lovejoy, Elijah Parish Papers, 1804-1891 and undated
4 boxes

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4

12Papers: Inventory and Manuscript Transcriptions, Compiled in 19735.7 MB
2Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18041.6 MB
3Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18052.5 MB
4Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18103.3 MB
5Correspondence and Manuscripts, 181210.5MB
6Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18075.2 MB
7Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18151.3 MB
8Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18161.2 MB
9Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18175.8 MB
10Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18205.1 MB
11Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18226.4 MB
12Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18239.8 MB
13Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182428.1 MB
14Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182524.2MB
15Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182611.4 MB
16Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182721.8 MB
17Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182821.4 MB
18Correspondence and Manuscripts, 182919.7 MB
21Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183042.3 MB
2Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183142.8 MB
3Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183263.8 MB
4Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183341.1 MB
5Correspondence and Manuscripts, 1834111.4 MB
6Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183523.8 MB
7Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183646.2 MB
8Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183742.4 MB
9Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183883.9 MB
31Transcripts for Correspondence, 1839-185014.1 MB
2Correspondence and Manuscripts, 183918.1 MB
3Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184018.6 MB
4Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184139.7 MB
5Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184212.2 MB
6Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18447.1 MB
7Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184516.5 MB
8Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184313.6 MB
9Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184614.8 MB
10Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184711.0 MB
11Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18489.7 MB
12Correspondence and Manuscripts, 184915.6 MB
13Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18507.5 MB
14Correspondence and Manuscripts, 185227.6 MB
15Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18538.4 MB
16Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18545.4 MB
17Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18561.0 MB
18Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18572.0 MB
19Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18611.9 MB
20Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18623.3 MB
21Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18631.9 MB
22Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18641.1 MB
23Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18653.8 MB
24Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18674.5 MB
25Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18692.2 MB
26Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18705.5 MB
27Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18714.4 MB
28Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18722.1 MB
29Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18798.7 MB
30Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18812.1 MB
31Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18857.1 MB
32Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18865.0 MB
33Correspondence and Manuscripts, 189020.1 MB
34Correspondence and Manuscripts, 18913.6 MB
41Essay, Manuscripts, Sermons, undated56.4 MB
2Clippings, Photographs, Pamphlets, undated70.2 MB
3Sermons, Poems, Correspondence, undated97.6 MB

Preferred Citation

Additional Collection Information

The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library Texas Tech University

Title of Collection: Lovejoy, Elijah Parish Papers, 1804-1891 and undated

Institution: The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Texas Tech University
MS 41041
Lubbock, Texas 79409


Contact Person: Reference Librarian

Accession number(s):

Collection number: A 174.3

Size of Collection: 4 boxes

Biographical Sketch: Elijah Parish Lovejoy, born in 1802 near Albion, Maine, was a preacher, editor, and abolitionist. He studied theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1832, and served as a preacher in St. Louis, Missouri. He became editor of the Observer, a reform newspaper. In 1835, he moved to Alton, Illinois, and established a newspaper that met with opposition in the town. Three of his presses were destroyed by mobs, and Lovejoy died in 1837 while defending his fourth press.

Scope and Content: The collection includes correspondence, sermons, lectures, newspapers, news clippings, and family memorabilia created by, or related to, Lovejoy and his family. The collection bulks with correspondence (1824-1853) and concerns abolition, temperance, religion, and theology.

Access: Open for research

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