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Oversized Materials
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1. Portrait of Will Rogers (Print), undated (1 item) O7.13

2. Texas Technological College Museum Painting (Holden Hall) O7.13

by Robert, Locard, and Del, undated (1 item)

3. Republic of Texas Article, undated (2 items) O7.13

4. Newspapers (Transferred From: Texas Tech Museum)

Albany (Texas) News, 1901 (1 item) O7.15

Amarillo Daily News, 1918 (2 items) O7.15

Amherst Dedication, Littlefield, Texas, 1972 (1 item) O7.15

Dallas Morning News, 1909-1955 (5 items) O7.15

Dallas Semi-Weekly News, 1904 (1 item) O7.15

Denton (Texas) Herald, 1925 (1 item) O7.15

Fort Worth Record, 1909 (2 items) O7.15

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1925-1968 (14 items) O7.15

Holbrook Tribune, 1924 (1 item) O7.15

Houston Daily Post, 1900 (2 items) O7.15

Huntville Humdinger, 1931 (1 item) O7.15

La Voz de los Llanos, 1968 (1 item) O7.15

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 1891-1945 (31 items) O7.14

Lubbock Leader, 1891 (1 item) O7.14

New York Herald, 1865 O7.15

Plainview (Texas) News, 1907 (1 item) O7.15

San Antonio Express, 1932 (1 item) O7.15

Seminole (Texas) News, 1968 (1 item) O7.15

(Sweetwater) Weekly Review, 1900 (1 item) O7.15

Texas Tech, Articles On, 1923-1966 O7.14

Vinita (Oklahoma) Daily Journal, 1973 (1 item) O7.15

Unknown Titles, undated (2 items) O7.15

New York Herald, 1865 O7.15

5. Max Tidmore Large Cover (1 item) O17.A

6. Southwest Collection Display Posters O7.12

Southwest Collection New Building Rendering, 1980s (4 items)

Southwest Collection/Special Collections New Building Floor Plans, 1994 (5 items)

Paint and Tile Colors Sample Poster, 1995 (1 item)

8. Depot Architecture Plans O7.13

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company Depot

Architecture Plans (Artesia, New Mexico), 1926 (2 items)

Gulf, Col., and Santa Fe Railway Company Depot Plans (Cameron, Texas), undated (4 items)

Unknown Depot Plans, undated (36 items)

9.  Texas Tech University: Sports Posters, Miscellaneous Sports (62 items) O19.8-19.9

10. J. H. Murdough’s Residential Home Architecture Plans, Photocopies (11 items) O7.13

11. Thunderbirds print (1983) and Blue Angels laminated photo (1987);  Air Force Demonstrations Teams    Donor:  Fred Cowart, 1999 (2 items)  O9.9

12. Donor: Murray, Grover E. O18.A-19.A

Oversized painting of Grover E. Murray on 4’x 6’ plywood, undated (1 item)

13. Lubbock Sunday Sun newspaper (May 10, 1953) (Donor: Lee, Mrs. Frank,

1997), Topic: KCBD-TV in Lubbock, Texas O7.13

14. Donor: Rhoads, Sharleen Formby, 1996

"These are My People" Posters, undated (2 items) O7.13

Marshall Formby’s X-Rays, 1972 (7 items) O7.13

15. Navajo Dye Chart by Ella Myers (undated) 1 item (Donor:  Fred Cowart, 1999)   O9.10

16. Chuck Wagon Gathering Poster, 1997 (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: Ranching Heritage Center, 1997) O7.13

17. Donor: Landwer, Virginia, 1997

"Texas" Pattern Eclipse Windmill Poster by Billie Wolfe (signed), undated O7.13

Texas Tech University Poster by Billie Wolfe O7.13

18. Donor: Southwest Athletic Conference, 1996

1995 Southwest Conference Women’s Golf Championship Scorecard Posters (4 items) O18.15

1996 NCAA Basketball Midwest Regional Posters (3 items) O18.15

1996 Southwest Conference 1914-1996 wall emblem (1 item) O17.B

1996 Southwest Conference Mockup Emblems (2 items) O18.15

1996 Southwest Conference/Dr. Pepper Classic Posters (Women’s Basketball) (4 items) O18.15

Academic Eligibility Posters (200 items) O18.16

Autographed Golf Tournament Sign (1 item) O18.15

Carl Lewis Track Posters (9 items) O18.15

Commemorative: Arkansas Pennant (4 items) O18.15

Commemorative: Houston Pennant (1 item) O18.15

Commemorative: Rice Pennant (2 items) O18.15

Commemorative: TCU Pennant (2 items) O18.15

Commemorative: Texas Pennant (1 item) O18.15

Composite Baseball Schedule, 1994 (3 items) O18.15

Cotton Bowl Game Card: UCLA vs. Arkansas, 1989 (1 item) O18.15

Decorative Items: Baylor Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: Houston Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: Rice Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: SMU Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: Southwest Conference Backdrop (2 items) O17.B

Decorative Items: Texas Tech Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: Texas A&M Banner (1 item) O17.A

Decorative Items: Texas Christian Banner (1 item) O17.A

Dr. Pepper Classic 1996 Advertisement Mockups (13 items) O18.15

Game Card: Texas A&M vs. Alabama, 1988 (1 item) O18.15

NCAA Championship Sign (1 item) O18.15

Printed Matter: 1994 Southwest Conference/Dr. Pepper Classic Advertisements (2 items) O18.15

Printed Matter: 1995 Southwest Conference/ Dr. Pepper Classic Advertisements (1 item)O18.15

Printed Matter: Southwest Airlines/Southwest Conference Advertisement (2 items) O18.15

Publication: SWC IMAGES, 1993-1994 (8 items) O18.15

Southwest Conference Football Equipment Posters (250 items) O18.16

Southwest Conference Round Seal (1 item) O17.B

Southwest Conference Signs (2 items) O18.15

Southwest Conference/Dr. Pepper Classic Posters (2 items) O18.15

Southwest Conference/Dr. Pepper Sign (1 item) O18.15

SWC Logo Contest, 1991 (6 items) O18.15

19. PrinTech Calendar, 1996 (1 item) (Donor: Rhoads, Sharleen Formby, 1997) O7.13

20. Texas Departmental Map, July 1, 1958 (1 item) (Donor: Rhoads, Sharleen Formby, 1994) O7.13

21. Helenn Rumpel's Santeras calendars (2 items) 1993-1995;  Fine art calendars (Donor:  Janet Neugebauer, 1999)  O9.9

22. Southwest Collection Display and Prints O7.18

1 Ground Floor Plan on board, 1994

Architecture Blue Prints, 1994 (118 leaves)

2 Carpet Samples

1 Tile and Fabric Sample poster board

1 Users’ Notice Board, 1996

23. Texas Tech University Campus Plans, 1930-1980 (25 leaves) O7.10

(Donor: Texas Tech: Office of the Landscape Architecture)

24.  Marriage License for F. E. Wheelock and Sylvia B. Hunt in Lubbock County, Texas, 1891 (1 item) O7.13

(Transferred from Museum Photographs: 54-98-2)

25. Donor: Rhoads, Sharleen, 1994 O7.13

"A Matter of Right-A-Way" Print by Robert Pummill,

Blank Folder (Item is Missing), undated (1 item)

Newspaper Templates of World War II Headlines, 1941-1945 (5 items)

26. Keys to the City: "You Hold the Key," undated (5 items) O18.17

(Donor: Sparks, John, 1997) Note: Fragile, 2 keys are broken

27. Clifford B. Jones Certificate from Texas Tech Ex-Students’ O7.13

Association, undated (1 item) (Donor: Lori Gibler, 1998) Note: Comes with tassel.

28. "Dia de los Muertos" poster (1999) celebration in Lubbock, Texas (Day of the Dead);  O9.9

29. Donor: Texas Tech: Residence Halls Assn. (Carol of Lights) O7.19

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 7, 1979 (1 item)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 4, 1981 (1 item)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 2, 1983 (1 item)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 5, 1986 (2 items)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 1, 1989 (1 item)

Carol of Lights Poster, Nov. 30, 1990 (1 item)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 6, 1991 (2 items)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 3, 1993 (2 items)

Carol of Lights Poster, Dec. 5, 1997 (1 item)

Lights on Broadway Poster, Dec. 3, no year (1 item)

30. Donor: Texas Tech: University Theatre O7.19

Lubbock Summer Rep’87 Poster, 1987 (1 item)

Orphan Annie Poster for ‘85-86 Theatre Season, (1 item)

Lubbock Summer Rep’84 Poster (2 items)

Lubbock Summer Rep’85 Poster (1 item)

A Street Car Named Desire Poster (1 item)

Lubbock Summer Rep’82 Poster (1 item)

Buried Child Poster (2 items)

Wizard of Oz (1 item)

31. Donor: Murray, Grover E., 1998 O7.13

Poster board of the Permian Basin in Texas, 1970 (?) (1 item)

32. Donor: Vasquez, Nancy, 1998 O7.13

"Working Together for Lubbock and West Texas" Plains National Bank Posters, 1989 (2 items)

Cargill’s Advertisement Calendar Posters, 1973-1974 (2 items) (Brownfield, Texas)

34. Donor: Texas Tech: Bookstore O8.1

"Texas Technological College" Poster, 1965 (1 item)

35. Donor: Peng, Marianne O7.10

Texas Tech University Campus Plans, 1930-1987 and undated (7 items)

"Campus Aerial – South" Poster, undated (1 item)

House Plan, undated (1 item)

International Posters, 1979 and undated (6 items)

36. Donor: Merriman, Ilah O8.1

"Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic" Posters, 1990-1994 (4 items)

Southwest Conference Poster, 1991 (1 item)

37. Donor: Rumpel, Helenn O8.1

    "Images of Note" calendar, 1998 (1 item)

38. Donor: Cammack, Bruce O8.1

    ‘Legends of Arena’ poster, 1998 (1 item)

39.  Donor: Dalkowitz, John O7.19

Hermine Tobolowsky, Papers 1932-1995 and undated

"E.M. Kahn" paper bag, undated

"ERA Countdown Campaign" sash, green, undated

"Hermine D. Tobolowsky, LL.B, M.D." cardboard name plate, undated

Bumper Sticker, Amendment 7, 1972 (3)

Certificate of Appreciation: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1981

Honorary Commission to Texas Navy, 1985

Newspaper: Coyote Howls, 1977

Newspaper: Dallas Times Herald Living section, 1974 (2)

Newspaper: Equal Times, 1975 (2)

Newspaper: Equal Times, 1977

Newspaper: Equal Times, 1977

Newspaper: Equal Times, 1978

Newspaper: NCJW Journal, 1984

Newspaper: Texas Women’s Political Times, 1983

Newspaper: The Dallas Morning News (copy), 1993

Newspaper: The Dallas Morning News (copy), 1993

Newspaper: The Sports Mirror, 1973

Newspaper: Woman, 1979

Newspaper: Women’s Political Times, 1984

Periodical: Dallas, Inc., Dallas Times Herald, 1986

Periodical: Hadassah Magazine, 1981

Periodical: Southwest Scene, 1970

Periodical: Sunday, 1978 (2)

Periodical: This Week Magazine, 1961

Poster: Women in Texas Week, 1974

White paper pendant with blue border with "Emancipated!" down center, 1972

White paper pendant with red border with "Victory at Last Amendment 7 Passed," 1972

40.  St. Mary of the Plains Hospital Foundation Gala poster, 1987 (1 item) (Donor: Murray, Grover E.) O9.13

41. Donor: Smith, Doris P. O8.2

S. A. Peavy’s Engineering Plans (5 items)

42. From Southwest Collection Files

"The Archivist’s Code" poster from the General Services Administration, undated (1 item) O8.2

"Southwest Collection" Promotional Board, undated (1 item) O8.2

43. Donor: Bush, Ann; TTU Dept. of Human Sciences O7.9

"Celebrating the Challenge of Change" poster with biographical sketch of La Wanda Murfee in folder.

44. Donor: Rumpel, Helenn O19.A

"Whale Song" cartoon. Water soluble ink on tracing paper on folder stock

45. Donor: Lee, Amy Freeman O8.4

"Autumn Leaves’ poem and Xerox of art work

Bumper sticker, Inworth, Incarnate Word College Teaching Theatre

Dial-A-Gram, The World at Your Fingertips

Exhibit catalog sheet (statement from Amy Freeman Lee and list of works)

Exhibit Invitation and Poster, Amy Freeman Lee "Reverence for Life"

Invitation to party honoring Lila Cockrell

Newsletter, Courier, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, February 1953

Newsletter, Destination in Girl Scouting, Fall 1995

Newsletter, Impressions, News of the McNay Art Museum, Summer 1989, Autumn 1990, Winter 1992

Newsletter, Saint Mary’s Hall, Fall 1996, Winter 1997, Summer 1997

Newsletter, The Arts Advocate, Volume 3, Number 1, February 1993

Newsletter, The Key, Texas Public Radio, January 1992

Newspaper, On Campus, University of Texas at Austin, 1989

Newspaper, Radcliffe News, Radcliffe College, Spring 1989

Poster, Annual Meeting, of Friends of the Library featuring Amy Freeman Lee

Poster, April Exhibitions Gallery upstairs features Amy Freeman Lee

Poster, Public Forum "Humane Ethics" Dr. Amy Freeman Lee

Poster, "With Orpheus", Incarnate Word College

Poster, Amy Freeman Lee exhibit, "She Roehls with the Punches"

Poster, Amy Freeman Lee resume and photograph

Poster, Leonard Brooks exhibit, 1965

46. Donor: Peters, Calvin O8.4

Conservation Plan Map, 1964 (2 copies)

Conservation Plan Map, 1971

47. W. C. and Frances M. Holden Reading Room Signs (2 items) O7.11

Removed from SWC/SCL walls, 6/1998

48. SWC/SCL Memorials and Donors Plaques (2 items) O7.14

Removed from SWC/SCL walls, 6/1998

49. Donor: McClure, Lois, 1998

    Hemphill-Wells Company Poster Ads (22 items) O7.3

50.  Donor: Rollins, Tom, 1997

    USSR map, 1957 (1 item)

    Correspondence, Ann Teague, 1875 O7.3

51. Donor: Texas Tech University Theatre, 1998

13 oversized Texas Tech Theatre posters O7.9

52. SWC/SCL: W. C. and France Mayhugh Holder Sign Board, O7.2

(1 item); Removed from wall after display, 6/1998

53. Print of "Singer’s Store" by M. Loys Raymer, undated O7.2

Donor: Florine Bryant, 1998

54. Charcoal drawing of W. Albert Noyes, Jr. by Carleton West, 1947. O7.3

He was President of the American Chemical Society. Drawing presented to Texas Tech. Donor: Texas Tech: Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept., 1998.

55. Newspaper, The Standard, Clarksville, Red River County, Texas, June 27, 1868 (Donor: Unknown) O7.3

    "Governor Pease’s Message to the Texas Convention"

56. Donor: Texas Tech: Provost's Office O8.11

Miscellaneous campus blueprints (6)

Miscellaneous campus maps (17)

Miscellaneous campus architectural renderings/drawings (17)

57. Donor: Texas Tech: Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1998 O7.16

Painted rendering of new TTU Chemistry building (1 item)

58. Map of Southwestern Railroads, Southwest Collection Symposium, 1982 O7.3

(3 items)

59. Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association print by Jack Cannon, O7.3

1978 (1 item)

60. National Dispatch, newspaper of the Texas 1986 Sesquicentennial O7.3

Commission, 1981-1982 (4 issues)

61. Chronology of American Agriculture from 1790-1970 poster, 1971 O7.3

(1 item)

62. Blueprint of New Southwest Collection building for Boston and 18th Street, undated (1 item) O7.3

63. Sweetwater Sudan Reporter newspaper, September 9, 1934 (3 leaves) O7.3

Article on George Mahon

64. "Collection of Material on Area Life Being Built at Lubbock," O7.3

Article on Southwest Collection from an Amarillo newspaper, July 10, 1966 (1 leaf)

65. Charcoal drawing of W. Albert Noyes, Jr., President of American Chemical O7.4

Society, 1947, by Carleton West; Donor: Texas Tech Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (c/o Jimmie Hall), 1998 (1 item)

66. Poster map of the Panhandle of Texas in Pioneer Days, 1929 O7.9

Donor: David Murrah, 1998

67. Facsimile of Lubbock Avalanche-Journal front page of September 8, 1905 O7.9

Created by the Southwest Collection

68. Texas Tech entrance into Southwest Conference, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, O7.14

May 13, 1956 newspaper (2 items) (Donor: Tom Rollins, 1997)

69. Donor: Mary Jane Johnson, 1998 (Opera Singer) O8.3

Posters: (8 items)

    Teatro alla Scala (in Chinese and Japanese), undated.

    Mefistofele, Grand Theatre De Geneve, 1988

    La Fanciulla del West, Teatro alla Scala, 1991

    Una Lady Macbeth Del Distretto di Mcensk, Teatro alla Scala, 1992

    La Fanciulla Del West, Teatro alla Scala, 1995

    Puccini’s Turandot, Lyric Theatre, Brisbane, Australia, 1996

70. "Clean Across Texas!" Texas Industrial Laundries advertising wipe cloth O7.9

Donor: Allie Rae Parker, 1998 (1 item), undated

71. Donor:  Ilah Merriman, 1998 O8.5

Cotton Bowl Posters and Miscellaneous: (4 items)

    55th Annual Mobile Cotton Bowl Classic with Mobil Oil Symbol, Texas vs.

    Miami, January 1, 1991

    56th Annual Mobile Cotton Bowl Classic, Florida State vs. Texas A&M,

    January 1, 1992

    1991 Southwest Conference Women’s Basketball Tournament in Dallas

    "Scott overworked" ink drawing by Benjamin;  It was used as a backboard

    to a framed poster., undated

72. St. Mary of the Plains Hospital Foundation Gala poster, 1 item (1987) O8.4

(Donor: Mary V. Pennington, 1998)

73. Donor: Norma Peterson Walker, 1998 O8.5

Doak Walker posters and newsletter: (3 items)

"the most famous walkers in the world ...Doak and Janzen," photocopied from

original magazine,

Commemorative poster of Doak Walker for Southern Methodist University

football game: SMU vs. TCU (Oct. 17, 1998),

Southwestern Bell Cotton Bowl Classic Preview newsletter with Doak Walker

on the last page for SW Bell ad (Dec., 1997).

74. Donor: Parker, Allie Rae, 1998 (5 items) O8.5

Seventh Grade Diploma of Allie Rae Collins, 1926

Texas Tech Bachelor of Arts Diploma of Allie Rae Collins, 1933

Texas Tech Master of Arts Diploma of Robert Parker, 1933

Texas Tech Master of Science Diploma of Allie Rae Collins Parker, 1950

Texas Tech Ex-Students Association Certificate to Robert Parker, undated

75. Donor: Hughes, Nancy, 1987, 1988, 1998

Charter of the United Nations Posters, undated (2 items) O8.3

Trinity University Pennant, undated (ca. 1920s) (1 item) O8.3

Other oversized items such news articles, 4 scrapbooks, drawings, G6.2A-B

Diplomas, magazines, maps, x-rays, and posters. (119 items)

All in 3 newspaper boxes. See R/F: Holt, Roy D. for details.

76. Donor: League of Women of Texas, 1986-1997

Financial Spreadsheets, Vessel Blueprints, United Nations posters, League posters (24 items) O8.15

Voters Guides, news articles, newsletters, and bulletins, B143.0-B145.0

Texas Voters (383 items), See R/F: League of Women Voters of Texas, Papers, 1919-1997 and undated for details. All in 6 newspaper boxes.

77. Monterey Center Renderings, large (8’ x 3’ 6") color and b x w, O19.A

Glued to one board. Architects were Schmidt and Stuart of Lubbock, Texas, undated (2 items) (Donor: James Cattell, 1998)

78. Donor: Sharleen Rhoads, 1998 (4 items) O8.4

Black Child staring at ship on the sea, print by L. Gluck, undated

Man by boat next to dock, print by L. Gluck, undated

Cattle Roundup During the Rain, print by Stefan Kramar, undated

A Night in Town, print by Stefan Kramar, undated (Cowboys and horses)

79. Black cotton pickers in a field with tractor and wagon in the background. O19.A

(SWCPC 651); Donor: Texas Tech: International Textile Center

Oversized photo. C/O Ms. Marty Smalley.

80. Thirtieth Annual Convention of Rotary International at Cleveland, O8.7

Ohio on June 19-23, 1939. (SWCPC 625) Panoramic photo.

Donor: J. B. Roberts, 1998.

81. Ink print of Will Rogers on his horse Soapsuds, statue on Texas Tech O8.9

University, 1 item, undated (Donor: Lawrence Graves, 1999)

82. Agriculture posters O7.10

Dearborn Field Cultivator on tractor, undated (1 item)

Ferguson Lister Cultivator on tractor, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Dearborn Scoop, undated (2 items)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and cord wood saw, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and FMD Disc Plow, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Dearborn Pull Type Tandem

Disc Harrower, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Dearborn Tandem Disc Harrow, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Harry Ferguson, Inc., undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Ferguson Middle Buster, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Dearborn Sweep Rake, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Dearborn Heavy Duty Loader, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Ferguson Bush & Hog Harrow, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Ferguson Disc Terracer, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Ford Reversible Scoop, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and Ford 250 Hay Baler, undated (1 item)

Ford-Ferguson tractor and FMD Industrial Loader, undated (1 item)

83. 1998 Calendar with "Owl Draw" in Blanco Canyon image by PrinTech O8.9

84. George W. Neill’s Diary, undated (1 item) was Frame #683   O8.1

85. Texas Dairy Industry Information in posters and clippings (9 items)   O8.4

Donor: Ed Havran, 1999

86. House and windmill on a farm; Print by Phleat Boyd, 1978 O8.7

Donor: Sharleen Rhoads, 1999 (221 of 2000)

87. "Celebrate Fort Worth 1849-1900" exhibition poster, Fort Worth Museum O8.9

of Science and History (Donor: Cameron Saffell, 1999)

88. From Southwest Museum Services (3 items) O8.11

An Exhibit for the Dr. Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute, bound booklet, 1995.

A Proposal for Design, Preparation, and Installation of Exhibits for the Special Collections Library, Texas Tech, bound booklet, 1994.

Preliminary Design Drawings for the Exhibits for the Special Collections Library, Texas Tech, bound booklet, 1996.

89. Chuckwagon Chronicler: Photographic Legacy of Livestock Reporter O8.7

Frank Reeves, May-Aug., 1998 (2 copies)

90. Donor: Dale Barnett, 1999 O8.9

University of Missouri Prospective Drawing of the Campus, undated (1 item)

Texas Declaration of Independence facsimile poster (1 item)

Caricature of Harper’s Weekly "The Political Problem", 1876 copy (1 item)

Caricature poster of Portugal, undated (1 item)

University of Colorado poster of buffalo mascot, 1968 (1 item)

91. H. B. Bryan, Jr. certificates of membership in Grand Lodge of Texas O8.9

Dated Dec. 9, 1929 and Mar. 25, 1944 (2 items). Unknown donor.

92. From Texas Tech Museum O8.11

Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy certificate to Maurice T. Easter

For Registered Pharmacist, 1908 (1 item)

Ward Seminary for Young Ladies diploma to Lydia Louise Mooar, 1909 (1 item)

93. Saturday Evening Post, Dated Jan. 14, 1961 (1 item) 08.11

Donated by William Griggs

94. Women’s Service Organization, photograph collage O16-17.C

95. Texas Home Economics Association, large white banner (1 item) O19.A

Texas Home Economics Education, large brown banner (1 item) O19.C

Donor: Texas Tech: Human Sciences, 1999

96. Donor: Juan Riera, 1999 O8.10

Lubbock Chorale Presents "Mostly Mozart," poster, 1999 (1 item)

Air Power Expo at Cannon Air Force Base poster, 1999 (2 items)

Chuck Wagon Gathering, Ranching Heritage poster, 1999 (1 item)

97. Donor: Mrs. Winston Reeves, 1996; O8.10

Reeves store sticker, undated (1 item)

Reeves store poster, undated (1 item)

98. Certificate honoring Gordon Treadaway’s 80th Birthday, 1987 O8.10

(1 item) From State of Texas Senate

99. "God’s Word: The Only Foundation for Christian Living," posters, undated (2 items) O8.10

100. "We are American Farmers," Farm Journal poster, 1952 (1 item) O8.10

101. Lubbock Music Club poster featuring Joe Ely, undated (1 item) O8.10

102. The Severe Censor," b x w print of couple being punished, undated (1 item) O8.10

103. Certificate to Jerry Sadler from University of Texas, 1964 (1 item) O8.10

104. Oversized b x w photo of Ice Shelf (Antarctica ?), undated (1 item) O8.10

105. Oil Map of Louisiana Offshore Regional covering West Cameron O9.1

Area to South Pass Area, Ashland Exploration Inc., undated (1 item)

106. Game of Lubbock board game, small box, 1980 (1 item) O9.12

107. 47th Annual Vocational Agriculture Cotton Contest, 1974 (1 item) O17.C

single long roll (Donor: T. G. Caraway)

108. Certificate to Citizens National Bank of Lubbock, 1935 O8.10

Donor: Texas Commerce Bank, 1993 (1 item)

109. Time Chart of Earth’s Early History from Archeozoic to Cenozoic O17.C

undated, Partially torn; Donor: Texas Tech: Academic Affairs (1 item)

110. Donor: Security State Bank of Texas (Ralls, Tex.), 1981

Certificate of award to J. Edd McLaughlin, 1966 (1 item) O8.10

Cherry Blossom Map of Washington, D. C., 1937 O17.C

Torn poster

111. Donor: Preston Smith, 1998 O8.10

Certificate to Smith from Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, 1948 (1 item)

Photocopy of Dedication Ceremony of the Chris Cah Building In Austin, Tex., 1994 (1 item)

112. Donor: Ranching Heritage Center O9.1

Publication Templates, undated (6 items)

Memo from Preston Smith on Recognition of Ranch Day, 1972 (1 item)

The Coming West, newspaper, Ranch Headquarters Association, Snyder, Texas, 1970 (1 item)

113. Donor: Mary V. Pennington O9.12

    Posters, 1992 and undated (4 items): Bullfight Advertisement

    Republican National Convention Photograph Poster, 1992

    Tyme: The Tech Magazine Poster, featuring M. L. Pennington

    White House Photograph Poster, 1992 Limited Edition

114. Donor: Jerry Sadler O9.12

    Posters, 1964-1966 (2 items):

    Democratic Primary Map, Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1964

    Democratic Primary Map, Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1966

115. Donor: MacDowell, April O9.12

    Posters, 1981-1982 and undated (12 items)

    All Star Blues Review Poster, Bob Wills Day Poster,

    Butch Hancock Poster, Great American Honky Tonk Tour Poster,

    Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Friends Poster, Joe Ely Band Posters (2 items), Maines Brothers Posters (3 items),

    The Millionaires Poster, Tommy Hancock and the Supernatural Family Band Poster

116. Donor: Jones, Dr. Eugene W.;  O9.12

    Posters, 1912-1924 and undated

    Firestone Tires Posters (10 items)

    Goodyear Tires Poster

    Hart-Parr Company Poster

    Overland Company Posters (6 items)

    Plymouth Motors Poster

    Reo Motor Car Company Posters (2 items)

    117. Donor: English, O. W. O9.13

    Posters, 1953-1970 and undated (9 items)

    14 1/2 Acre Plot Irrigation Project Map - Bar X Ranch, Crosby Co., 1953

    Crosby Co. Road Map, 1960; Floorplan Poster, "7 Doctors" Clinic

    Lubbock Road Map, 1970; Lubbock Road Map, undated

    Photograph Poster – Middlefork, Salmon River, 1953; Photographic Poster

    Property Map; Rodeo Poster; Chalk drawing for O. W. English, by Earline Randall Painting, "Nature’s Allies" Painting, by Paul Wylie

118.  St. Mary of the Plains Hospital Foundation Gala poster, 1987 (1 item) (Donor: Murray, Grover E.) O9.13

118. Donor: Dupree, George O9.13

Painting-Print, Fort Union, undated

119. Donor: Lubbock County, Texas: Lubbock County Historical Survey Committee F171.2 C-D
             Scrapbook, Newsclippings, 1960 (1 item)

120. Donor: Jordan, Carolyn                                                                                                        O9.13
             posters, undated (4 items)
             First Lady Poster, City of Lubbock Voting Precinct Map, Bumper Sticker – Carolyn Jordan, undated
             Plan view and project timeline for the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, 1972
             Early Learning Center, Lubbock, Texas - Architectural drawings - Main Level Plan view, Lower Level Plan view,

121. Donor: Weatherby, J. N.;  F 171.2 A-B

Business Ledger Book, undated (1 item)

122. Donor: Texas Tech Museum (1 item) O9.13

Oversized Book, Chicago Offers Northerly Isle, 1945

123. Donor: Berry, Olive (1 item) O9.13

Scrapbook, Newsclippings and Correspondence, 1901-1930 and undated

124. Donor: Lubbock Dunbar-Struggs High School O9.13

    Posters, 1992-1993 (2 items)

    Varsity Football Team Poster, Cheerleading Poster

125. Donor: Cowart, Fred O9.14

Posters, 1990-1991 and undated (8 items)

Southwest Airlines Poster, 1991

Autographed USAF Thunderbirds Poster

Autographed Snowbirds Poster

USAF Thunderbirds Poster

Snowbirds Poster, 1991

Patrouille de France Poster, 1990

Armèe de L’Air Poster

Red Arrows Poster, 1990

126. Donor: Maxwell, Thomas W. O9.14

Diplomas, 1854-1874 (2 items)

W. P. Coleman, Doctor in Medicine, University of Nashville, 1854

Preston C. Coleman, Doctor in Medicine, University of Louisville, 1874

127. Donor: Robinson, Jean M. (81 items)  F171.2 A-C

    Architectural Sketches, Blue and White Guest Bathroom; Entrance Hall; Masonic Temple; Ranching Heritage Center Gazebo: Lubbock, Texas;

    Ranching HeritageCenter Proposal: Lubbock, Texas; Unlabeled (47 items)

    Floor Plans, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church;

    Susan and Sean Acrey House: Dallas, Texas; Universidad de Guantajuanto;

    Hacienda "El Fuerte": Salamanca, Spain (5 items);

    Painter County House: Brownwood, Texas (13 items)

    Maps, Mexico; Estado de Guantajuanto;

    Plan Profil el Elevation de Fort Condè de la Maubille; Fort el Ville de la Maubille

128. Donor: Coleman, Preston C.O9.14

    Certificates, Labor Department Appointment,

    Notarized Witness Document, and

    War Department Appointment (3 items)

129. Donor: Post, Marsha (2 items) O9.14

    Diploma, 1950

    Engineer’s Certificate of Registration, 1966

130. Donor: Lubbock, Texas: Lubbock Symphony Orchestra (51 items) O9.14

    Posters, 2nd International Izmir Festival Posters (18 items); Carlo Curley Poster

                Houston Symphony Orchestra Concert Poster, 1984; Istanbul Festivali Poster

          Kids and Classics Posters (3 items); Lubbock Symphony Orchestra "An Evening of Musical Variety" Concert Poster; Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Chris Lachona Concert Poster; Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Christopher Parkening Concert Poster, 1974

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Concert Season Poster

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Double Play Concert Poster, 1975

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Dukes of Dixieland Concert Poster, 1982

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Eugene Foder Concert Poster, 1978

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Lenus Carlson Concert Poster, 1977

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra "Let the Sun Shine Through" Concert Poster

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Maralin Niska Concert Poster, 1971

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Mark Pescanov/Alfred Savia Concert Poster, 1984

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Mary Costa Concert Poster

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Mary Jane Johnson/Michael Krajewski

      Concert Poster, 1985; Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Pops Nite Concert Poster, 1974

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Pops Nite Concert Poster, 1977

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Pops Nite Concert Poster, undated

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Ralph Kirshbaum Concert Poster, 1974

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Richard Hayman Concert Poster, 1980

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Robert de Gaetano Concert, 1976

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Summer Pops Concert Poster, 1977

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Summer Pops Concert Poster, 1980

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra William Walker Concert Poster, 1978

"Seniors in the World of Music Day" Posters (5 items)

131. Donor: James, Wanda O9.14

Portraits, Emma Rains and D. L. "Pat" Huffman wedding picture

      D. L. "Pat," Emma, and daughter Macie Huffman

      Woodrow Wilson, 1918 (3 items)

132. Donor: Humphries, Lillian (4 items) O9.14

Oversized Diplomas, Lillian Humphries, Sam Houston Normal Institute, 1903 Lillian Humphries, Bachelor of Science, College of Industrial Arts, 1924

Oversized Certificates, Lily Humphries, First Grade Certificate, 1905 Lily Humphries, First Grade Certificate, 1906

133. Donor: Bradford, John F171.2 C-D

Oversized Ledger

134. Donor: Hester, Goldia F171.2 A

Oversized Ledger (1 item)

135. Donor: Tilley, Joe F171.2 A

Oversized Scrapbook

136. Donor: Lubbock, Texas: PEO Sisterhood F171.2 A

Oversized Scrapbook

137. Donor: Alexander, Theodore O9.15

Posters (45 items); "August August, August" Posters (14 items)

      "Biedermann und die Brandstifter" Posters, 1984 (3 items)

"Die Physiker" Posters, 1980 (2 items); "Der Besuch der Alten Dame" Posters (2 items)

"Der Grüne Kakadu" Posters (2 items); "Der Gute Munsch von Sezuan" Poster

"Der Jüngste Tag" Poster; "Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis" Posters, 1983 (3 items)

Deutsches Theater Poster; "Ein Schluck Erde" Poster

German Plays of the Texas Association of German Students Poster

"Glaube Liebe Hoffnung" Poster, 1979; Holzknecht Circus Poster

    "Liederkranz Melodien" Poster, 1954; "Liederkranz Melodien" Poster, 1958

          "Liederkranz Revue" Posters (2 items), 1958; "Liederkranz Theater" Posters (2 items), 1956; "Marat/Sade" Posters, 1982 (3 items); TV in German Poster, 1957

"Wiener Melodien" Poster, 1960; "Zirkus Liederkranz" Poster, 1963

138. Donor: McDaniel, R. R. O9.15

Medical Certificate, R. R. McDaniel, 1914 (1 item)

139. Donor: Smith, Preston O9.14

Dallas Morning News Article (6 items), 1986

    Unidentified Newspaper Article, (1 item) undated

140. Donor: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service O9.16

Oversized Wall Exhibits/Posters (14 items)

      Celebration of the Land Poster

Conservation Practices Applied on the First GPCP Contract-Matted

Exhibit Plates (4 items)

First Great Plains Conservation Poster

Great Plains Conservation Marks 25th Anniversary Article-Matted, 1981

Great Plains Conservation Plan Map, 1957

Great Plains Conservation Program Contract-Matted

Great Plains Conservation Ten Years Old Article-Matted, 1957

A Look at One of the First GPCP Contracts Article-Matted (2 items)


141. Donor: Unknown O9.16

    4th of July and Newspapers, Collection

    Posters (28 items)

Aerial City Picture

Friend’s Convenience Stores 4th on Broadway Poster (23 items)

Grand Marshall Col. David Love Poster

KAMC 28 Lubbock/Methodist Hospital 4th on Broadway Parade

Poster (2 items), 1994

The "Llano Estacado" Experience Poster

142. Donor: Jones, Marvin (3 items) O9.15

        Oversized Card, Season’s Greetings, undated

        Pledge of Allegiance poster, undated

        "We Are the Nation" certificate, undated

143. Donor: Ford, Ruth E.;   O9.16

    Oversized Certificates

    Daughters of the American Revolution Membership Certificate

    Daughters of the American Revolution Recognition Certificate

        Daughters of the American Revolution, Texas State Senate Certificate

144. Donor: Solis, Tony; O9.16

        Oversized Drawings

      Wallace, Big Foot

      Robison, Joel Walter

                Dobie, James Frank and Webb, Walter Prescott

145. Donor: Morris, Karl; F171.2C-D

    Oversized Surveys (56 items)

Appleton Farm Maps, 1909 (7 items)

Block 20, Sherman, Texas, 1958 (2 items)

      Field Notes

G. B. Pilant Survey

Grayson Co., Texas Replat, 1939

Live Oak, 1952-1970 (27 items)

Mayhew’s Second Supplement to Sherman

St. Mary’s Cemetary (2 items)

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Texas Nursery Company, 1959

Untitled (12 items), 1952-1978 and undated

146. Information Poster Board of the Texas Tech: Dads Association,

undated (1item) (Donor: Texas Tech: Moms and Dads Ass’n)   O18.A

147. Texas House of Representatives individual group photo, 1993 (1 item) O9.10

            Donor: Sharleen Rhoads

148. Post City, Texas Maps glued to boards, undated (2 items) Maps, Block O

        Donor: Giles McCrary

149. Unknown painted portrait of young man, undated (1 item) O9.10

Donor: Mina Lamb

150. Donor: Fred Cowart (3 items) O9.10

      Hunter’s Butterfly, art by Fred Cowart, 1977

      Wind Star Proposal, art and design plan, 1990 (2 items)

151. Oversized Scrapbook on Lubbock Hubbers baseball team, undated (Donor: Rachel Mabry, 1991) F171.2A

152. Poster portraits of Frank Phillips while he was 66 years old, undated;  O8.10

Associated with the Philnews; Donor: Clara Harris, 1991

153. Artwork of woman’s head painted on a very large canvas, undated (1 item) O17.A

Unknown Donor

154. Wildcatting Article, newsclipping, 1966 (Donor: O. W. English, 1991) O9.13

155. Six-State High Plains – Ogallala Aquifer Area Study (9 items) O9.11

    Map board of Ogallala Aquifer

    Poster board of Alternative Development Strategies

    Folder of Overheads and Posters used in presentation

    Donor: Texas Water Development Board, 1986

156. Resolution to Pearl Jonville from First Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1980 (1 item) Donor: First Federal Savings Association, 1992;  O9.12

157. Donor: Rolland and Peggy Haverstock, O19.A

Painted wooden signs used in entertainment business (8 items)

        "Peggy" (2 items)

        "Rolland" (2 items)

        Various animal characters

158. Donor: Texas Tech: Moms and Dads Association, 1995

      Large canvas signs (2 items)

      "Their Children Provide Realities," undated O17.C

      "Fathers Provide Dreams," undated O17.C

      Texas Tech: Deans; Poster of Collage Photos, undated (1 item) O9.11

159. Donor: Olivia Hastie, 1992 (4 items) O9.11

            Certificate to W. Reid Hastie from National Art Education Association, 1969

            Minnesota Art Education Award to Reid Hastie, 1966

            Letter and Award to Reid Hastie from National Art Education Association, 1981

160. Tornado Posters, F-Scale Intensity and the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale, 1979 and undated (2 items) O9.10

161. Donor: Halcyon Baggett, unknown (7 items) O9.10

        Ringling Bros. And Barnum and Bailey Circus posters (4 items), undated

        "Your Vote Makes a Difference," League of Women Voters, poster, undated

        Seattle World’s Fair poster, 1962

        Panoramic b x w photo of the Last Roundup of Spade Ranch, 1924

162. Texas General Land Office Map depicting area district representatives, 1959 (Torn condition)

      (Donor: Laura Sadler)

163. S. M. Swenson and Sons Engraver’s Cut or plates (5 items) O19.B

        Depicting ranch life and Post City, Texas town plats, undated; O19.C

164. American Legion Incorporated Act of 1919 poster; O9.10

        Donor: American Legion Auxiliary Post #148

165. Donor: Madge Webster, 1989 (39 items) F171.2C-D

    Webster and Harris Advertising Agency

    Buckner Baptist Benevolences poster board, undated

        RK Plastics, Inc. template and folders (3 items), undated

        George Carpenter for Lubbock City Council political poster, undated

        LP&L Campaign Proposal and Annual Reports, 1982-1985 (23 items)

        First Federal Lightning Bug Campaign, undated (10 items)

        B x W photo of downtown Lubbock building next to Texas Commerce Bank, undated

166. Gene Barnett, Collection, 1939;  O9.10

Scrapbook leaves, torn and fragile news clippings; details the Cotton Bowl of 1939 (Encapsulated for protection.), 3 leaves; Texas Tech Football

167. Civil War Newspapers (Donor: Ron Power, 1999) O9.9

        Pictorial War Record: Battles of the Late Civil War, 1881-1883 (2 items)

        The New York Times, May 13, 1863 (1 item)

168. "Celestial" year 2000 wall calendar featuring art by Helenn Rumpel (1 item) O9.9

            Donor: Helenn Rumpel, 2000.

169. Donor: City of Lubbock, Texas Planning Department, 2000;  O8.20

Census 2000 posters (4 items)

"True Independence is Census 2000,"

"How America Knows What America Needs,"

"Es Nuestro Futuro. Hagase Contar.,"

"City of Lubbock Complete Count Committee."

170. City of Post, Texas Blueprint Collection of Residential Homes, Commercial And Agricultural Structures, Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures,1908-1915 and undated (837 items);  O10.11-O10.14

(Donor: McCrary, Giles, 1984 (Blueprints of the Double U Company, C. W. Post’s Promotional Company for Post City, Texas)

171. Ellwood Land Sale circular of South Plains acreage, 1920s; O8.10

                        (Donor:  Bobby T. Hughes, 2000)

172.  Experimental Biology poster, Texas Tech:  Research Services; O8.6

173.  Great Degree Programs, poster, Department of Art, Texas Tech University;   O8.6

                        (Donor:  Texas Tech:  Research Services)

174.  Photographic reproductions of Lubbock, Texas buildings from post cards:

Citizens’ National Bank, Cotton Gin, and Aerial view. (3 items); O8.1

(Donor:   Richard Tarr, 2000)

175.  Double U Company:   Reservoir Plans and Topographic Maps (Approximately 170 items),  4 oversized boxes; F171-.4A-C

                        (Donor:  McCrary, Giles, 1984); C. W. Post’s Promotional Company for Post City, Texas.

176.  Unanimous Declaration of Independence by the Delegates of the People of Texas reprinted document (1965) 1 item; (Donor:   Beth Silbergleit, 2000) O7.4

177.  Donor:  Dr. O. W. English, 1991; O8.3


                                    Ancient and Honorable Order of the Oozlefinch, 1970

                                    Honorary Admissions Officer, 1972

                                    Scottish Rite, 1982

                        Blueprint of Dunlap Department Store, 1959

178.  Canyon Lakes Park Project in Lubbock, Texas Blueprints, 1969-1984 and undated, Proposals and Existing Conditions (3 items); O8.1

179.  Lubbock Arts Festival poster featuring Leo Bernice Fix art piece, 1988 (Donor:  Jodie Schneider, 2000);        O8.1

180.  Texas Bank architecture blueprints (24" x 36") which includes building located at the southeast corner of   seven sheets of the 19th street and University Avenue in Lubbock, Texas (Oct., 1975).   Plans detail site plan, basement plan, first floor, ceiling, elevations, foundation, and roof framing.  (Donor:  M. J. Aderton, 2000) O8.1

181.  City of Lubbock Voting Precincts Maps for 4 and 6 member plans; (Donor:   Lane and Nancy Arthur, 1984)O7.4

182.  Political poster for newspaper on Bidal Aguero for Lubbock County Commissioner, template, Nov. 2, 1978 (1 item); O7.4

183.   Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, VA, and Part of the Peninsula, 1864; O8.1

                        (Reproduction)  Donor:  Olive Rumage

                        Part of the United Confederate (Civil War) Veterans Collection.

184.  “Laughing Anne” movie poster board for the Joseph Conrad Symposium held in August, 2000. (1 item)          O10.20

185.  Guide Map of Denver and Suburbs, Colorado, undated (1 item); O8.1

186.  Map of Texas showing cities competing for Texas Tech in 1923, 1 item, (Donor:  Unknown) O7.14

187.  Ringling Bros. And Barnum and Bailey Circus poster, 1981, 1 item, (Donor:  Unknown) O7.14

188.  Land Plats south of Pueblo, Colorado, 1947,   3 items (Donor:  Unknown) O7.14

189.  Geology Charts:   Geologic History at a Glance [showing southwest features] plate 1-2 (1934);  Formation Chart of West and West Central Texas (undated);   Correlation Chart from El Paso to Abilene, Texas (undated). (4 items) (Donor:  Louise Crenshaw, 2000) O7.14

190.  Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Political Campaign Posters, 1950s (5 items) (Donor:  Alex K. Munson, 2000) O7.14

191.  Unanimous Declaration of Independence of Texas facsimile document (1 item)  O7.14

192.  Newspapers on the beginning of Texas Tech University (2 items) O7.14

                        “10,000 Attend Tech Ceremonies,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram (1924)

                        “Thousands See Tech Jubilee,” Lubbock Morning-Avalanche (11/12/1924)

193.   “Timeless Perfection” 42nd Annual Carol of Lights at Texas Tech, posters (3 items) Dec. 2000; O7.14

194.    “Ski Lubbock” poster, 1970 (1 item);   O7.14       

195.   Texas Brands Oversized Blueprints, undated (22 items);  O7.16

196.   Aerial images of downtown Lubbock, Texas and Texas Tech showing the path of the May 11, 1970 tornado. (9 items)  (Donor:  City of Lubbock Planning Department, 2001);  O8.13

197.   Lubbock, Texas Sanitary sewer lines as shown in blueline drawings, 1920s (one 41” x 22” ledger) (Donor:  City of Lubbock Planning Department, 2001);  F171.3A-C

198.  Union Pacific Railroad U.S. Map (1 item), undated (Donor:  Harley Shannon, 2001);  O18.A

199.   The Farmer Stockman Texas, U. S., and World Maps (2 in 1), undated (Donor:  Harley Shannon, 2001);  O8.3

200.  Doug Peacock posters (11 items); O8.1

                        Grizzly:  A Film & Lecture

                        The 1998 Earth Day Lecture

                        Grizzly:  The Mingled Fate of Men & Bears

                        Earth First! Rally [at Tucson]

                        Iowa’s Megafauna:  Will We Ever See It Again?

201.  “Thornburgh’s Battle” poster by F. T. Johnson showing U. S. cavalry defending against Indians

         (Donor:  Helen DeVitt Jones, 1995)   O8.1

202.  C. W. Ratliff Collection (2 items)       O8.1

                        Ratliff for President of Student Association poster (1926)

                        Tom Connelly poster with signature (undated)

203.  Fourth on Broadway poster “Lubbock an American Legend”, 1997;    O8.1

204.  The American Cowboy Exhibition poster at the University of Texas Institute of Texas Cultures, 1983 (1 item)        O8.1

205.  Grulla Middle School Welcome Card and City of Harlingen Proclamation of Cavazos Day (Sept. 1998).  Donor:  Lauro F. Cavazos, 2001 (2 items)          O8.2

206.  "Best Seat in the House" 1992 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament poster (Donor:  Judith Henry, 2001)             O8.2

207.  Roaring Springs, Texas townsite plan, undated;    O8.2

208.  Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association posters and newspapers (22 items);  O9.2

209.  Collection of posters and maps belonging to Barry Lopez, (7 items);  O10.20

210.  Deed records of Oscar E. Woodman for Greer County, Oklahoma homestead land, 1903; (3 items)                  O9.1

211.  “The Real World of Make-Believe” poster at the Paramount Theatre at Abilene, Texas, 1981 (1 item)              Donor:  Fred Cowart.   O8.3

212.  Collection of maps and newspapers concerning William Clent Breedlove (12 items);      O9.1

213.  Collection of newspapers, posters, and photocopies of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration in Lubbock, Texas (24 items) O9.1

214.  “The End of Nature” poster featuring Bill McKibben as guest speaker in Amsterdam (1 item); O10.20

215.  Maps and blueprints of R. L. Slaughter, Jr. property (13 items) (Donor:  I. F. Lea;  O9.1 

216.  World War II poster:  “The United Nations Fight for Freedom”, 1942 (1 item) (from the Alexander A. Slaughter Collection);   O9.1

217.  Fifty Years of Oil in Texas, Abilene Reporter-News, Oct. 22, 1967 (from the Texas and Pacific Coal Company Collection) 3 copies;   O9.1

218.  Creekmore Fath’s Political Materials (8 items) O9.19

Democratic Primary cardboard banner, 1986                                                                      

“Mauro for Texas Governor” cardboard banner, undated

“Richard Raymond for Texas Land Commissioner” cardboard banner, undated

“Re-Elect Ralph Yarborough, U.S. Senator” cardboard banner, undated

“Yarborough for Texas Democrat, U.S. Senator” cardboard banner, undated

John Tower in Washington, political supplement in The Dallas Times-Herald, June 5, 1966

Negro Labor News, headliner front page, July 5, 1958

Robert S. Kerr, U.S. Senator, headliner for The Ada Evening News, 1950s

219.  Maps concerning William R. Shafter’s campaigns (10 items);  Also includes a photograph of the Frying Pan farm home of William Henry Bush, 1920 (2 items)  (Donor:  Paul Carlson, 1997-2003);  O9.1                                            

220.  Masterson Family Collection (2 items)  O8.3

         Large blueprints of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Masterson, Jr. of Truscott, Texas, 1953 (7 pages)

        Japanese Silk Handkerchief (orange and white), 1933

221.  U Ranch blueprints, posters, newspapers, and maps (61items) O9.19  (Donor:  Ruth McEntire Caldwell, 2000)

222.  McEntire Family Certificates and Diplomas (8 items)  O9.19  (Donor:  Ruth McEntire Caldwell, 2002)

223.  Dale Oliver’s Collection of 6 prints on World War II gliders in Europe;  O9.1

224.  Tony Gleaton’s poster on photo exhibit:  Africa and Latin America, 2002;   O9.1

225.  Don Woodard's collection of Texas maps concerning the Galveston Seawall, Eastland County, East Texas Field Well, and 1836 Texas.  (Donor:  Don Woodard, 2000)  O8.5 & O19.A

226.  Flora Goforth’s items:  Certificate and water-colored painting (2 items) (Donor:  Flora Goforth, 2002)      O8.2

227.  Certificate for Herrn Karl Wolf of Hillje, Texas, 1905 (From Boeer/Wolf Families Collection)  O7.13

228.  Architectural Drawings by Herman L. Fink of Lubbock, Texas (7 items)  O8.1

                   a.  Building at NE corner of Broadway and University Ave.

                   b.  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, 13th & Texas Ave.

                   c.  Residential home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas

229.  David James Duncan Collection of broadside, illustration, and announcement posters concerning his writing career, 1983-2002 (6 items)    O8.1 

230.  Newspaper (1 item): The Silver City Enterprise, Special Mogollon Mining Edition, August 10, 1906, Reproduction (Donor: Dr. Joseph E. King, Center for Historic Preservation and Technology)   O8.1

231.  Coggin Brothers Ranch legal documents in the form of State of Texas land grants for Brown, Travis, Coleman and Comanche Counties and the Bexar District, 1948-1907 (10 items)     O8.1

232.  Miscellaneous Collection of Oversized Items;  O8.9                                                          

          a.  New McIlhaney Creamery Company in Lubbock, Texas, undated (5 items)

    b.  Small House Plans and unidentified building plans, undated (6 items)

    c.  John C. Crawford house plans and detailed illustrations of different facets of architecture and materials, undated (22 items)

    d.  Image of Christ, 1942 (1 item)

233.  Las Vegas, New Mexico city map rendering, a reproduction, undated (Jack D. Rittenhouse Collection)   O8.10

234.  Clifford B. Jones Collection of newspapers sections and clippings, certificates, awards diplomas, charts, and prints/posters concerning his career and interests (44 items)    O8.20

235.  Chickasaw Nation 2003 wall calendar (Donor:  Arlie Willis, 2003) O8.1

236.  Poster board of the work of Christine Hise in Peru, an ARCS scholar (Donor:  ARCS (Lubbock chapter, 2003) O8.17

237.  Dirk West Prints depicting Southwest Conference mascots from 1969:  Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, SMU, TCU, Baylor, Arkansas, and Rice (Donor:  Mrs. Jerry Stotts, 2003) (8 items) O8.2

238.  Lubbock Dunbar-Struggs High School baseball posters, 1993 (4 items) (Donor:  Robert Buffa and Otha Woodard, 1992-93) O8.17

239.  Becton Bridge laminated news clipping from Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, April 29, 1994 (Donor:  Bobbi Paden, 2003)  O8.1

240.  Photo of U.S.S. LLM #57 (1945) a Naval ship where David Vigness served     during WWII (Donor:  Margaret Ford, 2004) 1 item;  O8.1

241.  Preston Smith’s Texas political election results, 1960s (8 items) (Donor:  Jan Taylor, 2004)  O10.19

242.  Texas State Capitol Building exterior architecture elevation (1 item) Reproduction print #525/1000 (Donor:  John Montford, 2000) O8.2

243.  Norwich (New York) Journal newspaper, April 8, 1847 (1 item)  From the Jacob Picking Papers concerning Mexican War of 1846-1848. O8.1

244.  Fred Zimmerman Collection (32 items)  Donor:  Fred Zimmerman, 1998;   O9.3 

             a.  U.S. Flag with 48 stars

             b.  Floyd County, Texas maps showing Ogallala Aquifer saturation, 1938-1965

             c.  Architectural blueprints of Zimmerman Family homes in Portland, Oregon and Floydada, Texas, 1930-1952
                   and undated (24 items)

245.  Mills Iron Ranches, Division B, in Hall County, Texas, 77,483 acres;  Topographic and Conservation Map, undated (4 items) O8.9

246.  C. C. Slaughter genealogy chart, 1837-1990 (1 item) (Donor:  Don W. Slaughter, 2001) O17.8

247    Poster map of the Panhandle of Texas in Pioneer Days, 1959  (Donor:  Betty Anderson, 2004) O7.9

248    Resinol Art Calendar and Baby’s Record for Helen Bisbee, 1904 (encapsulated)   (Donor:  Helen Bisbee)  O9.15

249.   Campbell, William Lindsey; Amarillo High School Diploma, 1912; 7 newspapers from the Amarillo and Tucumcari areas, 1908-1969    (O10.17)

250.    Poster, “Cotton” (2 items); Various maps and machine drawings for gin equipment (43 items).  From the Roy Forkner collection.  (Donor:  Shere Forkner) O10.16

251.   Cleta Belle Smallin Texas Technological Diploma; Olton High School Diploma, 1934.  From the Chester Gilmore Collection.  (Donor:  Betty S. Carr) O10.16

252.   1946 Calendar from Jack Frost, Fort Worth, Texas; “The Cowboys’ Christmas      

         Ball” poem by Walt, 1935 (2 copies).  From the George Keith collection.

        (Donor:  Kenneth Keith) O9.15

253.   Los Angeles Sunday Times, March 13, 1927, Pages 11 and 12; “California’s        

         Riches of Romance” by Charles F. Lummis; Flyer announcing the Chas. F.

          Lummis Centennial Celebration.  From the Charles F. Lummis Collection.

          Vendor:  Page One Too Antiquarian Books       ( O10.16 )                                              

254.  Maps and architectural drawings - 6 items (16 sheets) from Lloyd Miller            

         collection.  (Donor:  Tooter Gardner O10.17

255.  House Plans for Bert Hughes, circa 1926 (encapsulated); McCulloch County        

         General Land Office Official County Map, 1904; Map of H. H. Henderson’s

         Kickapoo Ranch, undated; Broadside “McCulloch County--The Biggest

         Attraction in the Texas Oil Fields”, 1919; Oil and Gas Fields of the State of

         Texas, 1928 (encapsulated).  From the S. W. Hughes Collection

         (Donors:  S. W. Hughes and Company, Heart of Texas Museum)   O9.3

256.  Five newspapers from the Ruth Horn Andrews collection (see Form A)             

         (Donors:  Ruth Horn Andrews, James Qualia, and William H. Horn)  O10.16

257.  Joann Alexander Collection:  Thirteen maps, 1919-1972 and undated;               

         Yellow House Farms Broadside, undated (1920s); Mounted Newspaper ad for

         Alexander Brothers Land Sales, undated; Hockley County Free Press,

         Volume 2 No. 27, Levelland, Texas, July 6, 1978.  (Donor:  Joann Alexander)  O10.16

258.   Newsmap - Special Edition, for the Armed Forces (July 10, 1944, August 28, 1944); The Scurry County Times, May 17, 1928; “Blueprint for Rain”, 1964; Landscape Plan, 1964 from the Bavousett Family Collection.  (Donor:  Sara Bavousett Aleshire Estate)  O10.16

259.  Matador Land and Cattle Company blank debenture bond certificate and blank list, 1900s (2 items);  O8.1

260. Portraits of William G. DeLoach and his wife, 2 items, undated;       O8.1

261. Harmsen’s Western Americana Collection at the Museum of TTU, 1976;                 O10.17

            ICASALS-Museum Development Program, 1967

            The University Daily, volume 42, No. 31, 1966

            (Inauguration of President Grover Murray commemorative edition)

            Texas State Parks, report by Dept. of Park Administration, TTU, 1963

            Forty Years Forward:  1925-1965, Texas Technological College, 1965

      (Donor:  Susan Rigby Lupton for Fred Rigby Papers, 1955-1984 and undated)

262.  Baker Mercantile Company Christmas advertising circulars: “Santa Claus Headquarters” (2), undated.  (Found in box of items being catalogued by Technical Processing staff, February 9, 2005).  Donor:  France Baker, 1960;                  O9.4

263.  Texas Courthouses, collage-style print, 1993  (Donor:  H. Allen Anderson, 2005);   O8.12

264.  Collage of photos concerning B Sherrod and Abilene Christian College, 1950s (Donor:  Bryan Edwards, 2005)    O8.11

265.  Stand-up poster for promotion of About this Life:  Journeys on the  Threshold of Memory, by Barry Lopez, 1998 (Donor:  Barry Lopez);       O10.18

266.  National Western Artist Show poster by the Ranching Heritage, May 1984  (Donor:  H. Allen Anderson, 2005)        O8.1

267.  R. C. Crane Collection of maps and newspapers:  Sweetwater, Texas, Nolan County, Texas, Abilene, Texas, Fisher County, Texas, etc. (24 items)                     O8.11

268.  Buddy Holly Week poster at New York City, 1999 (image of Buddy and Paul McCartney) (1 item)                 O8.12

269.  Robert “Bob” Nash Oversized Materials on Nicholas M. Nolan (33 items)               O8.12

         Special Orders (1867-1879) and Post Returns of Fort Zarah, Kansas (1869)  Photocopied materials

270.  Great Plains Prairie poster from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Concerning the Texas State Bison Herd Conservation Education Project, 2002;               O8.12 

271.  U. S. map with hand notes over the South Plains region concerning Ernest Wallace’s research into Comanches, 1959;                O8.12

272.  Dan Scurlock Map Collection of Eastern New Mexico and Panhandle Texas (20 items)         O8.12

273.  Walter Rundell, Jr. Oversize Material Collection (15 items, 70 leaves)                                 O9.6
          Military Money: a Fiscal History of the U. S. Army Overseas in World War II, galley copy for indexing
          Map:  “Texas Oil and Gas Fields,” ca. 1975
                   “Texas Oil and Gas Fields,” ca. 1980
         Oil in West Texas and New Mexico:  A Pictorial History of the Permian Basin, Book Jacket, 1982
         Early Texas Oil:  A Photographic History, 1866-1936, Book Jacket, 1977
            The United State Capitol Cornerstone Club of 1973 - membership
            Fellow of the Society of American Archivists
            Honorary Citizen of the State of Tennessee, 1978
            Second Lieutenant, Commission of the Officers’ Reserve Corps, Army of the United States, 1952
            First Lieutenant, Commission, Officers’ Reserve Corps, Army of the United States, 1955
        Photograph layouts, from American Heritage file, undated (4 leaves)
        “Walter’s Place” placemat with cartoon dragon design

274.  Alan Munde Oversize Material Collection (70 items, posters, prints and calendars)             O10.13
            Classic Guns of the Old West; Happy Birthday Poster; Midsummer Bluegrass Festival;
            Promotion Schedule; Motorcycle Maniac; Kerrville Bluegrass Festival; Inde Kop Pop (2);
            From the USA, Country Gazette (2); Sub-Way; Drawings and Paintings by Hadley;
            Fine Arts Faculty Line Up; Cahors Lot; Hot Sausage links little Elgin to big Tastes;
            Chris Chamblis (2); Joe Carr and Alan Munde authors; Alan Munde in the Tradition (2);
            Dance from 9pm-1; The 5th Annual Winnipeg Folk Festival, 78 (2); Sam Bush and the
            New Bluegrass Revival; 1977 Good Old Martin Calendar; OME Banjos and Mandolins;
            The Country Palace; De Oosterpoort Groningen; Banjo Poster; Remember the Last Episode;
            11th Cambridge Folk Festival; From America Fast and Funky; Victoria Palace Theatre;
            First Annual Midsummer Bluegrass Festival (2); Pooh Corner Bluegrass Calendar;
            Country Music Consert (2); Posters from Children (3); Mojo Presenteeert; Old Ordnance Building;
            Folk Life Festival (3); Zoo Grass; New Grass Revival Live; Paradiso; Fete de la Musique (2);
            Saint-Saulve Salle des Fetes; The Humber Valley River Boys; Alice Festival I Folk International (2);
            Country Gazette Sail; Rediscover America Columbus Day Weekend; Stichting Trefsentrum Posjet;
            The Banjo Lesson; Bluegrass Country Music Festival; Warning; Bluegrass and Chili Festival;
            Banjo Poster; Blue Grass First Class; American Classic, Stelling (3);
            Orange County Fairgrounds (3); Folly Theater

275.  Helen Jones Foundation Oversize Material Collection (12 items)                                      O9.8
            National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration, Commemorative program/guide, 1989-1993 and 1998 (6 guides)
            1998 Science Spectrum building plan, Lubbock, Texas, 1983
            Science Spectrum Design Prospectus for the Brazos Journey and the Flight Area exhibits, 1998
            Think and Learn: An Education Program of the Texas Arts Council – News Letter Volume 1, No. 1, 1992;
                 Volume 1, No. 2, 1992; Volume 2, No. 2, 1993
            Texas Tech University Southwest Collection/Special Collections Libraries
                 A Proposal for Design, Preparation, and Installation of Exhibits for the Special Collections Library, 1994

276. Marjorie Manning Papers Oversize Material (1 item)                                                         O9.7
           South Korean flag signed by Lee Manning and his military comrades.

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