Hanna, Paul D Sr 1984-09-04

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Paul Hanna reminisces about his life as a Presbyterian minister at various community churches and some other aspects of his life during the 1920s.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Paul D. Hanna Sr.

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: September 4, 1984

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Richard Mason

Length: 7 hours


Tape 1, Side 1: Paul D. Hanna Sr, Born: Illinois, Parents, James Marion Hanna father, Martha Elizabeth (Tatum) Hanna mother, Born: June 17 1903, Parents (again), Background, Children, Family life, Living conditions, New home, Fire (1911), Brother’s injury, Clarence brother, Accidental death, To Bryan Texas (1911), Reasons, Father’s grocery store, Bryan Texas (1912), Citizens’ attitudes, Civil War mentality, Texas mystique.

Tape 1, Side 2: Family life (continued), Education, Football, Paul Hanna Sr (again), To Lubbock Texas (1921), Reason, New college [Texas Tech], First view of the Texas Plains, To Plainview Texas (1921), Working in the wheat fields, Threshing machine, Harvestman’s meal, To Canadian Texas, Banker, Anecdote, To Liberal Kansas, Wagon yard, Trip to the Rocky Mountains, Pike’s Peak, Sunrise, Return to Texas, Storm, Shelter.

Tape 2, Side 1: Storm (continued), Desire to become a minister, Austin College, Brownwood, Texas, Daniel Wood Baker, Hanna Sr (again), Ministries, Clayton, New Mexico.

Tape 2, Side 2: Blank

Tape 3, Side 1: Taft-Mex School (Brownwood, Texas), Mexican girls’ school, Tex-Mex School (Kingsville Texas), Mexican boys’ school, Vocational training, Taft-Mex School (again), Hanna Sr (again), Marriage (1928), At Pres-Mex School, Mutual attraction to South Texas, Honeymoon trip, Anecdote, Organization of a church in Duval County Texas, Land owner.

Tape 3, Side 2: Community church (again), Services, Suicide, Dr. John Crockett, Various churches, W. L. Ayers, Services, Hanna Sr. (again), Wife, Marriage (May 28, 1929), Depression (1930s), Stock Market crash (October 1929), Credit, Incident: old man found in tool shed, Caregiver, [Note: This tape ends with approximately 13 minutes of silence].

Tape 4, Side 1: Hanna Sr. (again), Spring break (1928), To Alice Texas, Return trip, Falling asleep at the wheel, Accident, Accident (continued), Awareness of a presence, Rescue, Presence (again), Marriage (again), Captain John Peavy border patrol, Greg Gibson murder victim, "Solving" the case, Summer camps, Old West Minstrel Encampment (Kerrville Texas), Description, Description of activities, Return trip, San Antonio Texas, Mrs. Greg Gibson, Role in summer camps, Arrangements with the churches, Union Church and funds, Uses, Paul Hanna Sr (again), Government relief board, Chairmanship, Duties, Use of funds, County judge’s concerns, Role, Needs assessments, Latin Americans.

Tape 4, Side 2: Government Relief Board (again) Opposition, Elders’ objection to Hanna’s involvement, Family of "Okies", Baby’s death, Church’s role in the burial, Visitor, Work in exchange for breakfast, Lawn mowing, Situations, To the Texas Valley (1934), Building fund, Neighbors, Boy Scout troop, Presbyterian churches, Valley Church, Organization, Meeting place, Mexican band, Fruit, Grapefruit, Experimental canning efforts, Navel oranges, Quality, Orange varieties, James Walter Hanna, Born: 1936.

Tape 5, Side 1: Valley politics, A. Y. Baker, Hidalgo County Sheriff, Bank President, Ministers’ Association, Citrus fruit distribution, Building fund, Citrus Fiesta, Hanna Sr. (again), Neighbor, Visitors during the Depression (1930), President Eisenhower’s visit, J. W. Hassel, Teaching the Bible as an elective, Legislation, Valley Church (again), World War II, Influx of people, Improvements, Trips to Mexico, Falfurrias Church, Influence, School, Financing, Principle, Curriculum.

Tape 5, Side 2: Falfurrias Church School (continued), Curriculum, Impact on other churches, Instructors (again), Expansion, Church (again), Congregation, Oil, Discovery, Fremont Texas, Church, Establishment, Starr County Texas, Kelsey-Bass field, Church, Duration, Valley church (again), Captain Brooks.

Tape 6, Side 1: Captain Brooks (continued), Mother’s Day gifts, Falfurrias Community (again), Hooper and Scott family reunion, Tragic deaths, Automobile accident, Mrs. Scott’s premonition, Hanna Sr, Lawton Oklahoma (1950), Request for a minister (1951), To Lawton-Fort Sill celebration, Church, Korean officers (1952), Impact within the church.

Tape 6, Side 2: Blank

Tape 7, Side 1: Lawton Oklahoma (continued), Korean officers (continued), Church services, Reception, Missionary schools, Christian background, Mark Tong, Interest in Christianity, Wichita Mountains Sunrise Easter, Ceremonies, Size, Origin, Cast, Hanna’s participation, Hanna Sr. (again), To Texas, Woodlawn Presbyterian Church (Corpus Christi), Qualities, Youth Camps, Young women teachers, Christian Education, School, Youth leader, Mary B. Cook, teacher trainee, Field trip to see a famous person.

Tape 7, Side 2: Woodlawn Church (again), Congregation, God and Country Scouts, Christmas programs, Field trips, Hurricane, Hanna Sr. (again), To Garden City Texas, Church, Luncheon Club, Church organizations, Library, Involvement within the community, Church, Retirement award, Acknowledgement of his wife’s role, To Lubbock Texas, Lions’ Club, University Medical Center, Chaplain, Experience with a Hispanic family.

Range Dates: 1903-1984

Bulk Dates: 1928-1984

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