Hardeman, Weldon 1980-11-13

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Weldon Hardeman discusses the history of Thurber, Texas, with emphasis upon coal mining, the oil industry, brick production and technological developments with respect to these fields.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Weldon Hardeman

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: November 13, 1980

Location: Euless, Texas

Interviewer: Richard J. Mason

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: Thurber Texas, Downtown area, Cotton gins, Brickyard, Weldon Hardeman, Born: July 1909, Father John T. Hardeman, Employed at brickyard, Mother Nanny Davis Hardeman, T. P. Mining Company, Cultivation of forage crops, Slaughter house, Dairy (1907), Mr. Hayden, Anecdote: mule injured in mining accident, Mines, Closure, Walkout, Breaking of contract by company, Miners, Move from company-owned houses, Strike benefits, Disbursement by Lawrence Sandy, Lawrence Sandy, Mingus Texas, Political activities, Race for State Representative (1934), Campaign and election, Role in passage of labor laws, Weldon Hardeman (again), Union ties, T. P. Mining Company (again), Profits (1919-1921), Mercantile operation, Automobiles, Uses, Technological advancement, Horse and buggy to moon shots, Airplane (1912), World War I (1918), Anecdote: runaway rail cars, T. P. Mining Company (again), Oil and gas, Billy James, miner, Accidental discovery of oil and gas, Gas well, Uses for gas (1912), Strawn field, Forty wells (1915), Brick plants conversion to gas, Eaton, salesman, Thurber Brick Company, West Texas sales, Special markings, Types of brick, Swiss special, Square bricks, Cornice bricks.

Tape 1, Side 2: Gas pipeline, Thurber (again), Electric plant, Uses for gas, Street lights, Homes, Effects of the brick company shut downs, Closing of mines (1921), Effects on Thurber, Real estate, Resale, Relocation, Thurber (again), New York Hill, Influx of people from New York, Professionals, Class distinctions, Thurber Club, Social and Athletic club, Ranger Texas, Development, W. K. Gordon, Speech: Petroleum as the wave of the future, Effect of Petroleum upon air quality, Cotton gin (c. 1926), Bill Rigsby, manager, Closure, Thurber Texas (again), Population records, Ranching Heritage Center, Buildings, Description, Southwest Collection, Correspondence, W. W. Johnson, Correspondence, T. P. Coal Company (again), Change to T. P. Oil Company, Expansion into West Texas, Land holdings, T. P. Oil Company, Endurance record, Breaking Lindbergh’s record, Promotional value, Duration, Date, Research and books on Thurber history, Historical anecdotes, Value of the common man, Weldon Hardeman’s book, C. S. Wilkins, Personality, Anecdote: standing on head during school picnic, Thesis: sociology of company-owned town, Ideas for future research, Potential title for next book, Miners, Tobacco.

Range Dates: 1909-1980

Bulk Dates: 1909-1980

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