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Homer Hunt discusses the early histories of Lubbock and Old Estacado, including the escapades of his grandfather, George M. Hunt, and the development of the Panhandle-South Plains Fair in Lubbock.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Homer Hunt

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: March 29, 1978; June 27, 1978; October 8, 1980

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Diane Davis, Bobby Weaver, Betty Carr

Length: 3 hours, 35 minutes (total)


Tape 1, Side 1: Born in Lubbock, Texas (1909), First fair (1914), Location, Produce, Events, Fair Association, Stock, Fair site, Owned by Lubbock County, Second largest in Texas, Entertainment, Growth, Buildings, Coliseum, Rabbit building, Livestock building, Renting, Premiums, "Old fiddlers" contest, Officers and directors.

Tape 1, Side 2: Fair Booster trips, Carnivals, Homemade, Gambling, Parades, Business support, Barbecue in honor of Texas Tech location (1923), Short classes in agriculture, First fair buildings, Fair cooperation, Exhibits.

Tape 2, Side 1: George M. Hunt grandfather, Estacado Texas (1884), Sterling Kansas (November 6 1884), Wagon train, Dr. William Hunt, Quakers (1770; 1879), Early Days on the Plains, Wagon train, Rivers, Game, Quicksand, Hank Smith’s rock house, Estacado (December 7 1884), Robert Hunt great-grandfather, A. G. Hunt father, Grocery store, Justice of the Peace, Grandfather as Judge (1885), Lubbock Texas (1890), IOA Ranch, Frank Wheelock, North Town Texas, W. E. Rayner, Monterey Texas, Rivalry, George W. Singer, Silva Hunt, Estacado (again), Cultural center, Dr. J. W. Hunt, Quakers’ land, Lubbock County, Organization (1891).

Tape 2, Side 2: W. N. Green grandfather, Freighter, Lilly Green, Siblings, Dr. Ewell Hunt, Dr. Roy Hunt, A. B. Hunt, Ruth Hunt, Buildings, Baptist Church (1901), Courthouse, Jail, Newspapers, Robert Lee Rogers, Lubbock Leader, Lubbock Leader-Press, John J. Dillard and Thad Tubbs, Lubbock Avalanche (1900), Light plant (1902), Cars (1905), Telephone exchange (1906), J. C. Alexander, Lubbock Independent School District (1907), Born (January 30, 1909), Lubbock incorporated, Agriculture experiment station, Theatre, Hospital, Entertainment, William F. (Buffalo Bill) Cody, Wild West Show, Molly Bailey’s Circus, Irrigation well (1911), B. L. McWhorter, Cotton (1895), Rollie Burns.

Tape 3, Side 1: Schools, George M. Hunt Elementary (1917), Entertainment, Fourth of July, Games, Horses, Airplanes (1918), Texas Technological College (August 8 1923), Celebration (August 24 1924), Weather, Sandstorms, Blizzards, Drought (1933-1934), Grass fires, Depression (1929), Banks, Homeowners’ loans (1936-1937), Married (October 27 1934), Fraulace Apperson, Miss Lubbock (1933), Tornado (1970), Seed business (1942), Farming, Sorghum, Cotton, Mechanization (1920s and 1930s), Socials.

Tape 3, Side 2: Saloon (1892), Fishing, Hunting, Doctors, Dr. M. C. Overton, Dr. J. T. (?) Hall, Barter system.

Tape 4, Side 1: Photos of buildings in Lubbock, Nicolett Hotel, Jail, First Courthouse, IOA Ranch, Courthouse (again), Tang Martin, Nicolett Hotel (again), Mollie Abernathy (1909), Relocated (1891), George M. Hunt proprietor, Mail hack, Celebrations, School teachers (1890s), Delia Wilkerson resident, Automobiles in Lubbock, Brick paving began (1920), John Lewis department store, Hotels, Lubbock State Bank, First school building, Lubbock band (1906), Lubbock football team, J. E. Vickers first coach, Houses, First National Bank, School buildings, George M. Hunt school, Original Lubbock High School.

Tape 4, Side 2: Photos (continued), School buildings (continued), Original Lubbock High School (continued), City Hall, Library, Warren Bacon house (built 1914), First hospital, Churches, Methodist Church, First Christian Church, Church of Christ, Origin of library, Dr. William Hunt first doctor, Entertainment, Social clubs, Rodeos, Hunt family, Delia Wilkerson (again), Personal characteristics, Pet parrot, Twentieth Century Club, Library Society, Books in courthouse, City Hall, City/county library, Judge W. D. Crump, Judge Beatty, attorney, Judge Shank, attorney, Book teas, Mae Murphy, Solicited help for library, Book collectors, Librarians, Carr family, George M. Hunt, grandfather, Born: Wilmington Ohio (1843), To Marietta (later Estacado) Texas (1884), From Sterling Kansas, Bought patent land (1879), Trip from Sterling, Route, Wildlife, River crossings, Quicksand, First Methodist Church Lubbock.

Tape 5, Side 1: George M. Hunt (continued), Trip from Sterling (again), Blanco Canyon Texas, Camped in a cave, Hank Smith’s rock house, Arrival at Estacado, Active community member, Owned grocery store, Elected judge, Anecdote courtroom incident, Estacado Texas area, Agricultural production, IOA Ranch, Stillman W. Wheelock financier, Fencing, Cattle and horse investment, J. K. Milwey manager, Adversities, Cattle rustlers, Wolves, Blizzard (1895), Antelope, Drought years (1891-1893), Old North Lubbock, Founded by Frank Wheelock (1890), Nicolett Hotel built (1890), Combined with Monterey Texas, Moved south (1891), George W. Singer, Built first store (c. 1883), George M. Hunt, postmaster (1890), Christmas celebration (1890), Moving Nicolett Hotel across Yellow House Canyon, Nicolett Hotel (again), Fuel shortage, Green family history, Pioneers and freighters, Frank Wheelock and Silva Hunt first wedding (1891), First electricity (1902), C. W. Alexander telephone operator (1906).

Tape 5, Side 2: Important events (1909), Incorporation of Lubbock, Frank Wheelock elected mayor, First hospital founded, Orpheum Theater built, Mrs. Sherwood, pianist, Other events, Molly Bailey Circus, Wild West shows, Buffalo Bill Cody, Airplanes over Lubbock (1918), Arrival of railroad (1909).

Range Dates: 1843-1969

Bulk Dates: 1884-1940

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