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This website has been built entirely by Southwest Collection staff. It was launched in January of 2014 and is very much still a work in progress, with information being added weekly. Below outlines the stages of development that this site will undertake in the upcoming years. Please stay tuned, and if you are interested in assisting us with this project, please contact us here.

We are currently in Phase I.

Phase I

(January 2014-Spring 2015)-- Input oral history information
This first phase will bridge our information pools, taking our internal oral history databases and cross referencing them with older iterations of the Southwest Collection website. We will first auto fill our pages with our over 6,000 database entries, then go back and edit them according to swco.ttu.edu subject groupings. We will also begin inputting subject categories, adding links to dspace and other web presences, as well as updating any data as needed.

Phase II

(late 2016)—Begin adding other small oral history collections
The second phase of the Oral History Wiki portal is to begin creating entries for other oral collections housed at the Southwest Collection. These will include interviews from other Special Collections in our building (Crossroads Music Archive, Natural History, University Archives, College Baseball Hall of Fame), as well as sound collections that fit the category of first voice or source (field recordings, radio shows, and personal stories told in the vernacular).

Phase III

(2016-onward)- Add further data points to existing collections, linking interviews
After the addition of other oral collections, there will be waves of “linking” or cross-referencing, whereby our staff begins to make connections between the collections. It is our hope that when researchers search for a specific theme, it will be across all of our holdings, regardless of specific collection. This will be a continuing project as we move this website forward.