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Texas Tech University Archives - TTU History Pages
Passed on February 10, 1923, Senate Bill No. 103 is commonly referred to as the school charter. Lubbock, Texas, was officially selected as the site of a new college on August 8, 1923 by the Locating Board. In the fall of 1925, Texas Technological College opened. Then, from 1959-1969, debates grew over renaming the college, and on Sept. 1, 1969, the Board of Directors officially change the name to Texas Tech University.

Below are various historical tidbits and information on the establishment and growth of Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech Timelines:
1) General Texas Tech University Timeline, 1923-present,
2) Timeline of Diversity and Inclusion at Texas Tech University, 1929-present,
3) Texas Tech University Women's Timeline, 1923-present,
4) Annual Women Who Shaped Texas Tech exhibit, 2014-present,
5) Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Timeline, 1969-present

Miscellaneous TTU History: includes information on the 1) Establishment of Texas Tech, 2) The Board of Regents, 3) Early TTU Footage, 4) Texas Tech Songs and Traditions, 5) Historical Publications on Texas Tech, and 6) Published Departmental Histories.

Other Texas Tech History Resources:
1) Campus Maps and Structures,
2) A Guide to Women's History Resources in the University Archives,
3) Horn Professors,
4) Who's Who in TTU Administration,
5) Texas Techsan Retrospective Articles on Texas Tech history written by staff of the SWC.

Academic Firsts and Milestones: includes 1) Enrollment Information, 2) Texas Tech Firsts and Milestones, and a 3) Chronology of TTU Departments and Degrees.

Digital Collections Available for Research Online:
Digitized Collections From the University Archives and Digitized Photographs From the University Archives

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