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Sowell Collection Essay Contest

Conference on the Sowell Collection

2015 Undergraduate Awards

Garrett Dewbre, "Responsibility, Reverence, and Reciprocity: The Life and Work of Barry Lopez," 1st prize

Jenna Hay, "The Loss and Grief of Susan Brind Morrow," 2nd prize

2015 Graduate Awards

Caleb Roberts, "Isolation and Community in Wilderness," 1st prize

Joseph Drake, "A Paradise, a Wasteland, A Home," 2nd prize

2014 Undergraduate Awards

Elizabeth Hash, "Starting Fires: The Origin of Characters in "The Fireman" by Rick Bass," 1st prize

Cecilia Morales, "Poetry, Fact and Environmental Consciousness in Gretel Ehrlich's The Future of Ice," 2nd prize

Clara Bush, "Reciprocity in Music, Poetry, and the Natural World: Poems Inspired by Pattiann Rogers," honorable mention

Emily Fox, "He Dreams of the Nile, The Stylistic Choices of Sandra Scofield in A Chance to See Egypt," honorable mention

2014 Graduate Awards

Joseph Drake, "In the morning the jungle had taken my socks...", 1st prize

2013 Undergraduate Awards

Elizabeth Hash, "Get Out of Texas," 1st prize

Sarah Roth, "A Return to Howling," 2nd prize

Michael Austin, "Gretel Ehrlich and Island Isolation," honorable mention

Shelby Thibodeaux, "How Much Can Love Endure?" honorable mention

2013 Graduate Awards

Catherine Baxter, "What we eat, what we grow, what we know: Personal reflections on Gary Paul Nabhan’s Desert Terroir: Exploring the unique flavors and sundry places of the borderlands," 1st prize

Caleb Roberts, "Finding One’s Place in Pattiann Rogers’s Poem 'Achieving Perspective'," 2nd prize

2012 Undergraduate Awards

Cari Babitzke, a paper on Plain Seeing by Sandra Scofield, 1st prize

Quinn Smith, "Nature and Language in Susan Brind Morrow's The Names of Things," 2nd prize

Jessica Schuhmann, "To Have and To Hold," 3rd prize

2012 Graduate Awards

Abraham Mata, "Gary Nabhan: A New Tool for Literary Critics in the Field of Spanish Colonial Literature," 1st prize

Rolando J. Diaz, "Elements of Man Against Nature in Two Short Stories and One Poem by Barry Lopez," 2nd prize

Jeff Farmer, "A Review of the Style and Techniques in the Works of Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan: Interdisciplinary Insights of History, Geography and Ethno-Botanical Culture," 3rd prize