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List No. 2

The locations are in bold parenthesis

#1 (O7.1)

Donor: W. P. Soash, 1973

Newspaper Articles on Soash, Texas Tech, and Lubbock, 1894-1954 (55 items)

Posters, undated (12 items)

Abstracts, 1937 (3 items)

Maps of Lynn, Cochran, Hockley, Jackson, McCulloch, Border, Howard, Hale, Crosby, and Lubbock Counties, Texas, 1925-1945 and undated (36 items)

Legal Material, 1936-1938 (3 items)

Graph, undated (1 item)

Architecture Plan of Texas State Capitol, undated (1 item) (Donor: League of Women Voters of Texas, 1971)

Architecture Plans to Texas Tech Administration Building, undated (2 items) (Donor: Pennington, Marshall, L.; Papers, 1941-1969 and undated)

La Opinion (Los Angelos, California) on Teresita and Miscellaneous, 1937 (13 items) (Donor: Holden, W. C., 1993)

#2 (O17.1)

Donor: Wall, Leslie; Rosario Mine

Map of West Mexican Mines LTD., Plan of Milling Plant, March 1929

Map of West Mexican Mines Limited, San Esteban and Guadalupe Workings, March 1929

Map of Rosario Mine, State of Chihuahua, Mexico, Map #1 and #2

Map of the Rosario Mine, the Lowest Level, Cross Cut Tunnel to Vein, November 1901

Plan Showing Width of Vein on the Surface Workings of the Rosario Mine

Assay Map of MacFarlane Stope of the Rosario Mine, November 1930

#3 (O17.1)

Margaret Weeks Scrapbook, 1948-1962 and undated (1 item) (Dean Weeks)

Newsclippings and Photographs of Spencer A. Wells and Hemphill Wells Store

#4 (O17.1)

Texas National Guard Photographs, 1953-1964 and undated (40 items)

#5 (O17.1)

Donor: Burns, Rollie C.

Legal Material, 1921-1925 (3 items)

Newsclippings on Ranching, 1923-1931 and undated (36 items)

#6 (O17.1)

Donor: Willson, James M.

Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Award (Framed), 1948 (1 item)

Recognition Certificates from U. S. Government, undated (2 items)

Kappa Sigma House at Georgetown, Texas, undated (1 item)

Newsclippings on J. M. Willson, 1945-1955 (14 items)

Poster: Southwestern University Glee Club, undated (1 item)

#7 (O17.1)

Donor: Carr, Waggoner; Papers, 1954-1969

Campaign Material for Waggoner Carr: Posters, Leaflets, Ads, undated (31 items)

Texas Maps showing Voter Percentage, undated (4 items)

#8 (O7.2)

Donor: Holman, J. R.

List of Absent Enlisted Men from September - October 1898 for United States Army (2 items)

Requisition for Fuel, Straw, and Illuminating Supplies on October 6, 1898 (2 items)

Schedule of Clothing and Material Required for Enlisted Men, 1899 (7 items)

Donor: Havran, Ed; Papers, 1862-1991 and undated (33 items)

All-Jersey Carton Panels, undated (2 items)

American Dairy Association Dairy Products Poster, 1967 (1 item)

Colorado Mining Claim Poster, undated (1 item)

Dairy Cattle Posters, 1927 and undated (3 items)

Dallas News: Metzger Dairy Poster, 1957 (1 item)

Georgia State University Bulletin Cover, 1985 (1 item)

Jersey Poster, undated (2 items)

Metzger Brothers Sanborn Property Map, 1922 (1 item)

Metzger Dairies Layout of Buildings and Equipment, 1931 (1 item)

Metzger’s Dairy Panoramic View, c. 1920’s (1 item)

Plat of Metzger Brothers Sanitary Jersey Dairy, 1924 (1item)

Texas Dairy Heritage Foundation Displayed Letterheads, 1986 (3 items)

"Texas Dairy" Sign, undated (2 items)

Texas Sesquicentennial Poster, 1986 (1 item)

Transparencies to 95th Annual Meeting Periodical Cover, 1975 (11 items)

Welcome Sign, undated (1 item)

#9 (Transferred to Maps)

Maps: Bee County, Angelina County, Baltimore, and San Saba

Map: Railroad Towns in the Staked Plains of Texas

Map: Province of "Pinar Del Dio," 1900

Map: Mexican Central Railway and Connections

Map: Spanish Map

Map of Shackleford, Dawson, Eastland, Comanche, Brown, Erath, Houston, Jones, Lampasas, Llano, Nacogdoches, Nolan, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Stephens, Taylor, Mason, and Palo Pinto Counties, Texas

#10 (O17.2)

Fort Davis (Texas): Blueprints used in the Reconstruction for the National Park Service, 1963 (15 items) (Donor: Rogers, Jerry L., 1965)

Photographs: Southwestern Land Company Excursion Party and Rio Grande Valley at Sharyland,

March 24, 1925 (1 item)

Genealogical Chart of the Murray and Son Families, 1730-1976 (Loaned for Copying by Ferrel P. Wheeler) (1 item)

#11 (O17.2)

Poster of O.W.C. Luncheon Speaker: Amy Freeman Lee

#12 (O17.2)

Itasca Cotton Manufacturing Mill and Company: Blueprints, Maps, and Papers, 1900-1939 (27 items)

#13 (O17.2)

Donor: Weatherby, Joe N., 1972

Radio Broadcasting Station KBWD: Construction Specifications and Blueprints of Studio Building,

(1941 (9 items)

Reservoir Dam and Spillway General Topographical Map of Dam Site and Spillway Site, 1929-1930

(31 items)

#14 (O17.2)

Sinclair Co. Dranger No. 5, photograph, undated (1 item)

Littrell Family Tree, undated (2 leaves)

Houston Genealogy Photostat (Complete to General Sam Houston), 1935 (1 item)

West Texas Socialist Encampment Poster, 1909 (1 item) (Donor: Buie, Vernona, 1982)

Mackenzie Trail Monument Sketch, undated (1 item) (Donor: Cox, Bobby, 1983)

#15 (O7.2)

"Fight or Buy Bonds, Third Liberty Loan," poster, 1917 (1 item)

"Before Sunset Buy a U.S. Government Bond of the 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917," poster, 1917 (1 item)

Donor: Carpenter, Fred A., 1971

Cotton Storage House Blueprint, 1907 (1item)

Coupland Angle Bar Blueprint, undated (1 item)

Map of Railroad Surveys: Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway Lampasas Branch, undated

(1 item)

#16 (O7.2)

Military Map of the United States Forces under Command of Major General W. T. Sherman, 1863-1865,

(1 item)

Soldiers in Formal Uniforms photographs, undated (2 items) (Donor: Formby, Marshall, 1976)

"Famous Hispanic Americans," by R.J. Reynolds Industries, posters, 1978 (2 items)

#17 (O17.3)

Donor: Wilemon, Peary

Missouri Pacific Lines Poultry House Blueprint, 1929 (1 item)

Blueprints for Some Gins, 1960-1967 (33 items)

Atchison, Topeka, and Sante Fe Railway Company; Papers, 1967 and undated

Dispatchers’ Record of Movement of Trains for the Slaton Division-2nd District, 1967 and undated

(Donor: Burton, Bob, 1995)

#18 (O18.2)

Phil Brewen (?) photograph, undated (1 item)

#19 (O18.2)

Donor: Coryell, H. C.

Dallas Moring News, 1902 (9 items)

The American Freeman, 1944 (1 item)

Houston Daily Post, 1903-1914 (5 items)

Houston Chronicle, 1904-1914 (4 items)

Galveston Daily News, 1904 (7 items)

Brady Standard, 1917 (2 items)

Temple Daily Telegram, 1914 (3 items)

Mathis Informert, 1914 (4 items)

San Saba News, 1918 (3 items)

Houston Chronicle Rotogravure Magazine, 1949-1953 (4 items)

Newsclippings, 1900-1961 and undated (46 items)

#20 (O18.2)

Donor: Synder Unit Ranch Headquarters

The Coming West page forms, 1970 (12 items)

Negatives of The Coming West, September 19, 1940 (Missing)

[Remarks: Loan to them, total run if necessary]

Donor: Ramirez, Abel, 1995

Roswell Daily Record Headlines, July 8-9, 1947 (Copy) (2 items)

New Mexico map of 1947, 1994 (Copy) (1 item)

Constitutional Convention of Oklahoma of 1906-1907, Photograph, undated (1 item)

(Donor: Texas Tech History Department, 1985)

#21 (O17.2)

Saddle Tramps Posters, 1971-1974 (3 items) (Donor: Woods, Paul)

#22 (O17.3)

Posters About Mohair and their Uses

#23 (No Folder) (Items moved to EOS #10)

#24 (O17.4)

Architectural Posters, 1950 (9 items) (Donor: Hufstedler, E. K. and Son, 1977)

#25 (Missing)

Display Chart, undated (Donor: Hufstedler, E. K. and Son) [Note: In Basement Stairwell]

#26 (O17.4)

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

World Maps, undated (11items)

Charts, 1946 (2 items)

Texas Tech Blueprints, undated (7 items)

Assorted Blueprints, 1929 (6 items)

#27A (O17.4)

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Texas Maps, undated (2 items)

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1937-1949 (6 items)

#27B (O17.4)    See also Drawer O9.20

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1926 and undated (13 items)

#27C (O17.4)

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Mashed O Ranch Map (Halsell Cattle Company: Springlake), 1938 (1 item)

Cartoon: Centennial Staff and Safeway Stoves and Piggly Wiggly, undated (1 item)

Chart, undated (1 item)

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1934-1948 (10 items)

#28A (O17.4)

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Texas Maps, 1964 (2 items)

Texas Hereford Breeders and Old Cattle Trails of Texas Map, 1937 (1 item)

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1937 and undated (6 items)

#28B (O17.4)       See also Drawer O9.20

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1941 (15 items)

#28C (O17.4)

Donor: Stangel, W. L.

Texas Tech Buildings and Assorted Blueprints, 1920-1937 (11 items)

#29 (O7.3)

Sketch Map of Thurber, Texas and Museum Sketches, undated (3 items) (Donor: Texas Pacific Oil

Company, Incorporated, 1977)

Texon, Texas: Town Scene, 1928, photocopy (1 item)

Donor: Kent Mercantile Company, 1976

Plats, Route map of Reynolds Cattle Company Land, 1937-1945 (3 items)

Sweetwater, Texas Map Showing Broadway, 1940 (1 item)

Poster: Reflections "The Most Important Thing a President...," 1971 (1 item)

College Diplomas of Margaret W. Weeks, 1922 and undated (2 items)

Architectural Plans of Eating House of the Pacific and Northern Texas Railway Company, 1911-1927

(21 items)

Texas Map (taped from U.S. Road Atlas); Ceceli Greer Burns, undated (1 item)

#30 (O17.5)

Administration and Engineering Buildings Blueprints, 1950 and undated (Missing)

Southern Structural Steel Company Architectural Plans, San Antonio, Texas, undated (2 items)

#31 (O17.5)

Scrapbook: Red Raider-St. Mary’s Gaels: Cotton Bowl, January 2, 1939

Includes Cotton Bowl of 1994

#32 (O19.4.6)

Texas Tech Library Addition Blueprints, 1972 (28 items)

#33 (O17.5)

Texas Tech Medical School Blueprints and Charts, 1971-1973 (23 items) (Donor: Buesseler, John A.,


#34 (O17.5)

Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company Maps, undated (4 items) (Donor: Burns, Mrs D.)

#35 (O17.5)

Lubbock County Court House Blueprints, undated (6 items) (Donor: Lubbock County Historical

Commission, 1980)

Lubbock Character Map, undated (1 item) (Donor: Clements, Helen, 1980)

Ropesville (Texas) Rural Community: Maps and Architectural Plans, 1925-1934 and undated (7 items)

(Donor: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce)

Sylvan Sander’s Map of Lubbock, Hockley, and Cochran Counties, Texas, 1925 (1item)

Architectural Plans of Residential Home, undated (1 item)

Lon A. Mullican: Sub. of Sections 7-8-..., undated (1 item)

Lindsey Lands Lubbock County, Texas, undated (1 item)

Lubbock County, Texas Section Map, undated (1 item)

W. L. Ellwood’s Lands, undated (1 item)

New Deal Colony Prospective Site, 1934 (1 item)

Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas) Campus Life Poster, Character Map, 1982 (1 item)

(Donor: Texas Tech University Library, 1996)

#36 (O17.5)

Holmsly Collection: Civil War Documents

Muster Rolls, 1863-1864 (3 items)

Company Records and Orders, 1861-1865 (6 items)

Confederate Bills, undated (2 items)

Land Deed Transcript, 1872 (1 item)

Broadside for Texas-Louisiana Power Company, undated (1 item) (Donor: Brashier, Pete, 1981)

#37 (See Oversize #105)

Drawing: Waco Suspension Bridge, 1913 (1 item)

#38 (O17.6)

Financial Material: Assessments, 1916-1936 (350 items) (Donor: Halsell, Ewing, 1979)

#39 (O17.6)

Blueprints, Broadsides, and Legal Material, 1890-1963 and undated (37 items) (Donor: Halsell, Ewing,


#40A (O7.4)

Maps and Plats, 1921-1952 and undated (47 items) (Donor: Halsell, Ewing, 1979)

#40B (O17.7)

Maps and Plats, 1925-1963 and undated (61 items) (Donor: Halsell, Ewing, 1979)

Texas Tech Engineering Building Plans, 1950 (22 items) (Donor: Pennington, Marshall L.;

Papers, 1941-1969 and undated)

#41 (O17.6)

Tax Ledger Sheets and Bill of Sale, 1902-1935 (61 items) (Donor: Halsell, Ewing, 1979 and 1982)

#42 (O17.7)

Pipeline-Huachuca Water Company, Cochise County, Arizona, undated (2 items) (Donor: Texas Tech

History of Engineering, 1981)

Carroll Thompson Complex Architectural Plans, Lubbock Independent School District, 1984 (8 items)

Architectural Plans of Area Homes, undated (18 items) (Donor: Hufstedler, E. K.)

#43 (O17.8)

Donor: William, Roberts, 1980-1981

Calendars, 1974-1976 (2 items)

Charts, 1946-1963 and undated (18 items)

Drawings, 1950-1979 and undated (130 items) (Note: Blueprints)

Photographs, undated (6 items)

Donor: Riordan Family Papers

Assembly’s Home Mission Work by Presbyteries Map, undated (1 item)

Southern Presbyterian Missionaries in the Congo Poster, undated (1 item)

Foreign Missionaries of Southern Presbyterian Church Poster, undated (1 item)

Winning Young Brazil: Young People’s Foreign Mission Project Poster, undated (1 item)

World Sunday School Association Poster, undated (1 item)

China’s Rainbow of Promise Poster, undated (1 item)

Paul’s First Missionary Journey Poster, undated (1 item)

Physical Maps of Texas, undated (2 items) (Donor: Stephens, Carriewood, 1981)

#44 (Missing)

Rough Tracing of Indian Riders on Trail for Palo Duro Battlesite, 1974

#45 (O17.7)

Donor: Wiley, D. O., Estate

Harding, A. A. Photograph, 1955 (1 item)

Orchestra Photograph, undated (1 item)

Hardin-Simmons Cowboy Band Poster, undated (1 item)

Lamar State College Symphonic Band Posters, undated (2 items)

Cowboy Band European Tour Posters, 1930 (5 items)

Midwest Band Camp Poster, 1957 (1item)

Southwest Music Festival Poster, 1964 (1 item)

Texas Tech Summer Band School Posters, 1942-1957 (2 items)

Tri-State Band Festival Posters, 1936-1957 (3 items)

"Simmons Purple and Gold and Simmons Alumni Song," Sheet Music, undated (Missing)

"Testament of an American," 1955 (1 item)

United Confederate Veterans Bandmaster Certificate, 1926 (1 item)

Certificates, 1921-1972 (3 items)

U. S. Weather Chart, 1943 (1 item)

Aeronautical Charts: Japan and China During World War II, 1943-1945 (12 items)

#46 (O17.8)

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company, Double Pocket Coal Chute Blueprints, 1901

(14 items)

Southern Pacific Railroad Company Passenger Station Blueprints at Deming, New Mexico, 1936 (1 item)

Poster of Mexican Presidents, 1970 (1 item) (Donor: Vigness, Winifred)

Donor: Briggs, George E. and Mrs. Jack Donnell

Masonic Lodge Certificates, 1948-1964 (11 items)

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Certificate, 1889 (1 item)

Pioneer Canal Company Certificates, 1899 (4 items)

Chart of Lawton Smith Well #1, 1947 (1 item)

William Howard Taft Poster, 1908 (1 item)

Spanish Sign Code of Symbols Poster, 1932 (1 item)

#47 (O17.8)

Donor: Davidson, Mrs. M. Sims and DeLoache, James, 1969

Genealogy Chart, undated (1 item)

Slaughter, C. C., Material

Tax Receipts, 1906-1919 (9 items)

Warranty Deed, 1909 (1 item)

Architectural Drawings of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, Headquarters Building and

The Canadian River Project - Pumping Plant #2, undated (4 items) (Donor: Lea, Ingle Forrest, 1985)

Texas Tech University Library Special Collections Architectural Drawing, undated (1 item)

#48 (O7.5)

Texas Tech: Agriculture Education Department, 1984

#49 (O17.9)

Texas Tech: Agriculture Education Department, 1984

#50 (O17.9)

Texas Tech: Agriculture Education Department, 1984

#51 (O17.10)

Donor: Texas Tech University Museum, 1984

"A Proposed Museum Building for Texas Tech College, Lubbock, Texas," Consisting of the

"Basement Floor Plan," the "First Floor Plan," and the "Front Northeast Elevation," 1957

(1 item)

Old Texas Tech Museum Floor Plans

"First Floor-Arrangement," undated (1item)

"First Level Floor Plan," undated (1 item)

"Second Floor-Arrangement," undated (1 item)

"Third Floor-Arrangement," undated (1 item)

Unidentified Floor Plans, undated (3 items)

Untitled Floor Plan, undated (1 item)

Old Texas Tech Museum Blueprints

"Basement Floor Plan," undated (1 item)

"Electrical" Plan for the "Existing Basement Plan," 1948 (1 item)

"Electrical" Plan for the "Plot and Roof Plan" and "Second Floor Plan," 1948 (1 item)

"Heating and Air Conditioning" Plans for the "First Floor Plan" and the "Attic Floor Plan,"

1948 (1 item)

"North Elevation" and "South Elevation," undated (1 item)

Blueprint "Sketch Showing Proposed Inside Arrangement of Tool Houses," 1918 (1 item) (Missing)

Blueprint "Sketch Showing Proposed New Tracks" for a Railroad in Attica, Kansas, 1907 (1 item)

#52 (O7.6)

Donor: Oleferchik, Waunitta Rosier, 1985

Abie’s Irish Rose Poster, undated (1 item)

Harold Rosier Players Poster, undated (1 item)

Peck’s Bad Boy Poster, undated (1 item)

The Rosier Players Poster, undated (1 item)

The Virginian Posters, undated (2 items) (Only 1 item found)

Donor: Texas Sesquicentennial Commission, 1986

Texas Sesquicentennial Map Poster, 1986 (1 item)

Texas Sesquicentennial Poster, 1986 (1 item)

Poster (Collage) for Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986 (2 items) (Donor: Williams, Ira, 1986) (These posters are bounded to the above material.)

Battle of the Alamo Drawing by James M. Robertson, 1986 (Donor: Murrah, David, 1986)

Architectural Drawing of Texas Tech Law Building, 1968 (1 item) (Donor: Allison, Alvin, 1987)

Schematic Diagram of Annual Flow in Pecos River Major Uses and Tributary in Flow in New Mexico,

1957-1973 (2 items) (Donor: Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District, 1984)

Donor: Graham III, E. S., 1969

Architectural Drawings of a House by E. S. Graham Company, 1928 (8 leaves) (Missing 5 leaves)

Texas "The Coming Empire State," undated (1 item)

Architectural Drawings of Auditorium, Club House Park, Shallowater, Texas by A. H. Andrews and

Company, 1924 (5 items) (Donor: Crump, Bob, 1969)

#53 (O8.13)

Donor: Lamb, Mina, 1983

The Socialist Party Official Bulletin Newspaper, 1911-1912 (4 leaves)

The El Campo Farmer Newspaper (El Campo, Texas), 1911 (2 leaves)

The Hallettsville New Era Newspaper (Hallettsville, Texas), 1910-1911 (4 leaves)

The Hasse Weekly Socialist Newspaper (Hasse, Texas), 1911 (1 leaf)

Waco Semi-Weekly Tribune, Waco, Texas, 1911 (3 leaves)

Socialism, The Sunday Record-Herald, Chicago, Illinois, 1903 (1 leaf)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1913 (1 leaf)

Battle of Juarez, The Houston Post, Houston, Texas, 1911 (1 leaf)

Front Page of Wilshire’s Magazine, 1907 (1 leaf)

Minutes of the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party Meeting of August 17 and 18, 1912 (1 leaf)

Open Letter "As to Comrade Hicks" from E. R. Meitzen, Hallettsville, Texas, 1912 (1 item)

People’s Voice, St. Louis, Missouri, 1912 (1 leaf)

The Militant, Tyler, Texas, 1910-1911 (3 leaves)

Pozar, Hallettsville, Texas, Eastern European Socialist Bulletin, 1910 (1 leaf)

The Scout, Hallettsville, Texas, 1911 (3 leaves)

Southwestern Farmer, Houston, Texas, 1911 (1 leaf) (Missing)

The Farmers Journal, Abiline, Texas, Socialist Paper, 1910 (20 leaves)

The Border; A monthly Magazine of Politics, News, and Stories of the Border, Tuscon, Arizona, 1908 (4 leaves)

"The Path to Peace with Russia" by Henry A. Wallace, Reprint from New Republic, 1946 (2 leaves)

"Popular v. Delagated Government" Speech of Hon. Jonathan Bourne, Jr. of Oregon, U.S. Senator, 1910 (4 leaves)

William Boeer’s Dry Goods Store Poster Advertisement, Weimar, Texas, undated (1 item)

Mail Advertisement for Creating a socialist paper in Milwaukee, 1911 (1 item)

Texas Socialist Encampments, Leaday Encampment Poster, 1912 (1 item)

People’s Voice, St. Louis, Missouri, 1912 (1 leaf)

"Socialism or Capitalism; Which Shall it Be" Advertising Lecture by H. L. A. Holman, 1911? (1 item) (Missing)

Eugene V. Debs Photograph with Inscription by "RyLey, The Hoosier Poet," undated (1 item)

Article, "A Defense of the Insurrecto’s Sword," by T. A. Hickey, undated (2 leaves)

Article with picture glorifying Stanley J. Clark, undated (1 leaf)

Lubbock (Texas) Regional Airport Architects Display Poster, undated (1 item)

"Where Preservation Meant You Lived to Tell About It," poster, National Preservation Conference, 1995 (1 item) (Donor: Murrah, David J.)

"I Vote Democrate Because I Work For a Living" poster from Texas Labor for McGovern/Shriver, undated (1 item) (Donor: Unknown)

#54 (A & B) (2 boxes) TRANSFERRED TO MAPS (12-11-1996)

Donor: McCrary, Giles, 1984 (Blueprints of the Double U Company, C. W. Post’s Promotional

Company for Post City, Texas)

Unidentified Building Blueprint, undated (1 item)

Piping Layout for Ranch House, Tom Burnett Cattle Company near Paducah, Texas, 1962

House Layout and Cost Estimate Sheets, Drawn and Figured, 1909 (3 leaves)

Street Construction Chart, Odessa, Texas, 1964 (2 leaves)

Bids for Sewer Improvement, Post, Texas, 1948

Reinforced Concrete Floor Design for Postex Cotton Mills, 1913 (1 leaf)

Barn Blueprint, Post, Texas, 1914 (1 leaf)

Deadman for Canyons and Low Places, (1 leaf)

One Room School House Blueprint, 1914 (7 leaves)

Two Story Store With Offices Blueprint, 1911 (2 leaves)

Elevation of House, 1912 (3 leaves)

Fireplace Plan, (1 leaf)

Drawing for Store 6, (4 leaves)

Elevation of 1 and 1/2 Story House, (3 leaves)

Shed Plan, 1908 (3 leaves)

Two Story House Plan, 1909 (2 leaves)

City Hall Alteration Plans, (13 leaves)

Grandstand Blueprints, (1 leaf)

Foundation Plan, 1911 (1 leaf)

House Plan for Mr. Power, 1909 (1 leaf)

House Plan, 1913 (3 leaves)

Building Plan, Possibly Movie Theater, 1912 (2 leaves)

Store Plan, 1911 (2 leaves)

Building Plan, (4 leaves)

House Plans, (6 leaves)

C. W. Post’s House Plans including furnishings, (20 leaves)

Cistern - Filter Plans, (1 leaf)

Exhibit Hall Plans, (1 leaf)

Plans for Reinforced Concrete Arch for Post City Water Works Main, (3 leaves)

Staircase Plans, (1 leaf)

House Plans, (2 leaves)

Ranch 56 Plat, (3 plats)

Unknown Device Plan (1 leaf)

Double U Company Farm Gate Plan (1 leaf)

Well #141 Plan, (1 leaf)

Barn Plans, (3 leaves)

Pole Barn Plans, (1 leaf)

House Plan, 1912 (2 leaves)

Alteration Plan to Business Building at SE Corner of Main and C Street, Post, Texas, (1 leaf)

House Plans, 1909 (2 leaves)

Plat of Industry Tracks to Cotton Mill, (1 leaf)

House Plans, (2 leaves)

Power House, (3 leaves)

Roof Plan for Bleachery, (1 leaf)

House Elevations, (2 leaves)

Floor Plan, (1 leaf)

Foundation Plan, (1 leaf)

Barn and Chicken Coup Plan, (1 leaf)

Belly Rod Truss Plan, (1 leaf)

Store Plan, (4 leaves)

Hospital Plan, (2 leaves)

Drawing Table Plan, (1 leaf)

House Drawings, 1909 (4 leaves)

Hog Shed Drawing, 1909 (1 leaf)

House Plans, (6 leaves)

Stock Shed Plans for Falls Creek Place, (2 leaves)

#55 (O7.6)

Flournay Family Records, undated (2 items) (Donor: Spiller, Wayne, 1985)

Texas Tech Red Raider Football Poster, 1981 (1 item)

Plan to Second Floor, Texas State Capitol Building, Austin, Texas, undated (1 item) (Donor: Carr, Waggoner, 1988)

"Lubbock In Step With Time," Lubbock Visitors and Convention Bureau Poster, undated (1 item)

(Donor: Cammack, Bruce, 1989)

Architectural Drawings of TNMCO and Santa Fe Railway Depot in San Angelo, Texas, undated

(17 items) (Donor: Drone, Craig, 1990)

#56 (O8.7)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh, 1987

Great Britain Land Division Chart, (1 item)

Handdrawn Cloth Detail Map of Sonora Region of Mexico, (1 item)

Plans for House at 3105 20th Street, Lubbock, Texas, (2 items)

Research Map for Development of Ranching Heritage Center, Texas Tech, (1 items)

Shannon Hill Edition Plan, (1 item)

Teresita Research Map Drawn by Jose Cisneros, (2 items)

Donor: Holden, W. C. and Frances Mayhugh; Papers, 1836-1989 and undated

Texas Map (The Farmer-Stockman), 1945 (1 item)

World Map (The Farmer-Stockman), 1945 (1 item)

Site Location of Texas Tech University Museum, 1967-1968 (2 items)

Site Plan of Ranching Heritage Center, 1967-1969 (2 items)

#57 (O17.10)

Donor: Murfee Family; Papers, 1891-1981 and undated

Calendar, 1931 (1 item)

Children Posters, undated (9 items)

Cruise Line Poster, undated (1 item)

Flower Poster, undated (1 item)

Maps, undated (4 items)

Red Cross Posters, undated (7 items)

Saratoga Springs, New York of 1850 poster, undated (1 item)

Western Posters, undated (3 items)

Woman’s Portrait, undated (1 item)

#58 (O17.11)

Bulletin: Prospectus for "Friends’ Colony for Northwestern Texas," 1897 (1 item)

National Western Artists Show and Sale, Lubbock, Texas, 1983 (1 item)

"The American Southwest: Seven Historical Viewpoints" Symposium, 1980 (1 item)

Early Portraits by H. de Leon of Texas Tech Faculty: Wm. M. Whyburn, Edward N. Jones, D. M. Wiggins, Clifford B. Jones, R. C. Goodwin, Bradford Knapp, and P. W. Horn, undated (7 items)

#59 (O8.5)

Donor: Hill, Jim Dan, 1977

Drawn Map of Texas and Mexico in 1837, undated (1 item)

Battle Plan from The Texas Navy, undated (1 item) (Note: Missing)

#60 (O17.11)

Poster: Four Early Texas State Capitols and Independence Hall, undated (1 item) (Donor: Hammons,

Annie, 1977)

Hartley and Oldham County, Texas Map Showing Plots, undated (1 item) (Donor: Shelton Estate?)

#61 (O7.7)

Texas Tech University: Presidents’ Home: Pastel Painting, undated (1 item)

#62 (Vault 104BA, Sec 192.11)

Patent of Saddle Modifications to James Henry Dickson, undated (2 items) (Includes Transcript)

#63 - #77 (O17.11-.16 and O7.8)

Plans and Drawings by S. L. Kelisky of Homes and Buildings built in Lubbock and the Surrounding Area,

undated (1475 items) [15 Folders] (Donor: Kelisky, S. L., 1972)

#78 (O7.7)

Large Painting of Young Woman in Formal Gown, undated (1 item)

#79-84 (O17.17-.20 and O17.A)

Deaf Smith County Nuclear Waste Repository, Collection, 1986 and undated (27 items) (Donor: Texas

Tech: Geosciences, 1996) Note: Wrapped into six packages

#85-86 (Boxes) (G9.0 and G14.0)

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, Records, 1909-1960 and undated

Architectural Drawings, 1909-1960 and undated

#87 (Box) (G7.0)

Texas Tech: Architectural Education Department, 1984

(Note: More from #48-50)

Continued: List No. 3: Old Oversized List


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