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List No. 3

The locations are in bold parenthesis.

#1 (O18.1)

Photostat of Fort Griffin, Texas, 1868 (1 item)

University of Nashville Diploma to Maria E. Murphy, 1902 (1 item)

Gainesville, Texas High School Diploma to Stella Murphy, 1900 (1 item)

Robert Raikes Diploma Awarded to Nora Murphy, 1909 (1 item)

House Floor Plan from Construction Department, Double U Company, Post City, Texas, undated (1 item)

Texas Tech Article, The Lubbock News Loyalty Edition, undated (1 item)

Bob Slaughter Article, The Lubbock News Loyalty Edition, 1932 (1 item)

"No Traveller Remains Untouched," exhibition poster, 1995 (1 item) (Donor: Murrah, David J., 1996)

"Playas: Oasis for Wildlife, Playa Lakes Joint Venture," posters, 1991 (16 items) (Donor: United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Zone Office, 1996)

Texas Panhandle Map showing the Frying Pan Ranch, undated (1 item) (Donor: Carlson, Paul, 1996)

Frank Brown Advertising Poster, undated (1 item)

#2 (O18.1)

"City of Paquime," from Casas Grandes, Charles C. Di Peso, vol 2, 1974 (1 item)

"Mission of San Antonio De Padua," from Casas Grandes, Charles C. Di Peso, vol 3, 1974 (1 item)

"Viejo Villages," from Casas Grandes, Charles C. Di Peso, vol 3, 1974 (1 item)

Facsimile of August 18, 1917, San Antonio Light, "Commissions given men at Leon Springs Training Camp" (1 item) (Donor: Slaughter, George M., Jr, 1976)

"New Horizons" Brochure, undated (1 item) (Donor: Stangel, W. L.)

#3 (O18.1)

Donor: Junell, Frank, 1976

"Holiday Season at Old Fort Concho - 1871," duplicate posters, undated (9 items)

"Uniforms of the United States Navy, 1776-1848," 12 posters and 1 pamphlet, 1966

#4 (O18.1)

"Texas Declaration of Independence," Calendar, a Texas Heritage Foundation Facsimile, 1956 (1 item) (Donor: Connor, S. V.)

#5 (O18.1)

Castells Capurro Prints Portfolio, undated, 10 prints and 1 leaflet, undated

#6 (O18.1)

Minneapolis-Moline Company Calendars, 1957-1958 (2 items)

Reprints of Pictures painted by F. Molina Campos depicting Ranch Life; Reprinted for the Minneapolis Moline Company, 1951 (12 items)

Lubbock, Texas: Fourth on Broadway Poster, 1991 and undated (3 items)

#7 (O18.1)

Rico, Colorado Photograph, undated (1 item)

Anne L. Hammons’ diplomas from Texas Technological College, 1929-1933 (2 items)

#8 (No Folder)

#9 (O18.1)

Material used in colonization of Spade Ranch, Ludeman, M. C., Thesis: AC 805 T3 1939, no. 34 (1 item)

#10 (O18.1)

"Fiesta San Jacinto," Pamphlet, April 20-26, 1958 (1 item)

Document Honoring Clifford B. Jones, undated (1 item)

2 Certificates and 1 Diploma, 1892 (Donor: Slaton, O. L.)

Miles Incorporated Advertising Reprints of DEF 6, 1995 (6 items) (Donor: Valentine Radford, 1995); Note: SWCPC 291-E4: Cotton Picking Scene on Ellison Farm in Crosby County, Texas, c. 1910

#11 (O18.1)

"Returning Kiowa War Party," by Harold D. Bugbee, art photograph, undated (1 item)

Possibilities for the Development of Texas (Missing)

Pecos and Northern Texas Railroad Company, Employees Time Table, 1909 (1 item)

History of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas, Hotchkiss, Charles Alber, 1916 (1 item)

Charts of Historic Cattle Brands, undated (3 items) (Donor: Fred Carpenter, 1973)

"Vacant Land in Taylor County Given First Settlers," Newspaper Reprint, 1929 (1 item)

#12 (O18.1)

Seven Articles from the Dallas Morning News written by Howard Hampton, 1926-1927 and undated (39 items)

"Hitting the Bull’s Eye with Billy the Kid," July 24, 1927

"Lonestar Cowboys Toss Wicked Loop," August 1, 1926

"Texas Crossword Puzzles on the Hoof," March 7, 1926

"Texas Still Has the Old-Time Cowboy," May 23, 1926

"The Art of Straddling Bucking Horses," undated

"The ‘Hoss Wrangler’ and his Remuda," June 20, 1926

"‘Up the Trail’ with the Longhorns," undated

Lubbock Avalanche Panhandle South Plains Fair Special Edition, September 1921 (20 leaves)

#13 (O18.1)

Texas Tech, Houston Chronicle, 1929 (1 item)

Baytown of the Houston Chronicle, 1963 (6 items)

[Hurricane] Celia of the San Antonio Express News, 1970 (6 items)

Aynesworth Collection, Dallas Morning News, 1929 (1 item)

Gator Bowl, Florida Times-Union, 1966 (3 items)

Gator Bowl, Jacksonville Journal, 1965 (1 item)

Texas Tech, Lubbock Morning Avalanche, 1926-1935 and undated (Bob Crump) (5 items)

The Houstonian, 1942 (Mrs. John Lee Smith), (1 item)

Texas Amvet, 1945 (Mrs. John Lee Smith), (2 items)

Union Gunboat "Cairo," Vicksburg Evening Post, 1964 (4 items)

Texas Tech, Western Weekly, 1926 (4 items)

#14 (O18.1)

Monthly Return, Fourth Cavalry, Col. R. S. Mackenzie (photostat), undated (3 leaves)

The Littlefield News, 1912 (6 leaves)

Texas State Capitol Picture, undated (1 item)

#15 (O18.1)

Staked Plains Trust Limited Appraisal of Values of Unsold Lands, May 25, 1916 (5 items)

#16 (O18.1)

Donor: Mrs. Bledsoe, Newspapers on Texas Tech

Dallas Morning News, 1924 (1 item)

Fort Worth Star Telegram, 1923-1936 (5 items)

Newspapers on Ranching and Grassland Floods, Dallas Morning News, 1939 (20 items)

Unidentified Photograph of several women, (Donor: Hockaday, Benton S.), undated (1 item)

#17A (O18.2)

Pawnee Bill’s Buffalo Ranch Photograph, undated (1 item)

"Makers of West Texas," The Western Weekly, 1925 (1 item)

"Old Man Crabtree in West Texas," The Country Gentleman, 1922 (1 item)

Eunice Walker Perryman, Bachelor of Science Diploma, Texas Technological College, 1932 (1 item)

"A Story of Sugar," poster by United States Beef Sugar Association, 1932 (1 item)

"Through Women’s Eyes," Broadside from University of Texas: Barker Texas History Center, 1982 (1 item)

YMCA Membership Certificate, 1929 (1 item)

Aerial View of Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1882 (1 item) (Missing)

"September Sun" painting by Doel Reed, 1943 (1 item) (Donor: Unknown)

#17B (O18.2)

Photostats of Land Plats (Eastland and Stephens County, Texas), undated (2 items)

Poster of a Philosophical Saying by John Ruskin; printed for William S. Wallace by Carl Hertzog, 1967, (1 item)

C. P. St. Claire - Jox House Ink Sketch (Comanche, Texas) by L. Holman Card, March 1, 1959 (1 item)

Unidentified and undated letter (1 item)

Sooner News-Makers, Honor Roll Edition, 1967 (5 items)

#18A (O18.2)

Newsclippings concerning slavery, 1837-1838 (13 items)

#18B (O18.2)

"Ye Greate Centennial," by The Centennial Art Journal, (Philadelphia), 1876 (1 item)

Grafton’s Alaska Tour, The Chicago Tribune, 1892 (1 item)

Idalou, The Lubbock Morning Avalanche, 1924 (1 item) (Katie B. Crump)

Kansas Farmer magazine, 1961 (1 item)

Dover, New Hampshire Newsclipping, 1838 (1 item)

"Retreat of Santa Anna" Song Sheets, undated (2 items)

Journal of Agriculture and Star Farmer, 1914 (1 item)

Photostats - Miscellaneous documents, 1951 (Donor: John T. Howell, Jr.) (14 leaves)

#19 (No Folder)

#20 (O18.2)

West Texas and Texas Tech, West Texas Today, 1923 (2 items)

The Post of Morgan, Illinois, 1905 (3 items) (Donor: Kenneth L. Wickett)

Pardon of Jacob Jones, 1901 (1 item)

Joe Bailey and Tom Connolly, Senatorial News, 1934 (1 item)

Arizona, The New York Times, advertisement section, 1966 (Donor: Dr. James V. Reese) (1 item)

Land Grant to Bama Adams, Leorn, and D & W Railroad Company from Governor Hagg for 640 acres in Knox

County on the waters of the Brazos River, 1893 (2 items)

Texas Tech, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1923 (3 items)

Yellow House Ranch, The Plainview Evening Herald, 1938 (2 items)

Santa Fe Railroad Advertisement for Town-Sites: Smyer, Whiteface, Lehman, Bledsoe, (Donor: Clifford B. Jones), undated (1 item)

Sketch of bookcover for Father Juillet, Saddlebag Priest of the Nueces, undated (1 item)

Home and State magazine, 1916 (1 item)

Map - "Field of Father Juillett’s Activity," undated (1 item)

Faulk, Odie B., manuscript, "Soldados de Cuera," 1970 (1 item)

#21 (O18.2)

Panhandle South Plains Fair News, 1957 (4 items)

Sketch: Proposed Addition [to] Lubbock County Court House, Lubbock, Texas; Haynes and Kirby Architects and Engineers, undated (2 items)

The Tulia Herald photostat, 1948 (1 item)

Amarillo Daily News photostat, 1927 (1 item)

An Informal Literary Map of Texas, High School and College Editor, Neal B. Houston, (blueprint and final copy) 1964 (2 items)

Donor: Duggan, Arthur Pope

Bachelor of Laws Diploma, 1899 (1 item)

Bachelor of Civil Engineer Diploma, 1895 (1 item)

#22A (O18.2)

World War I Newsclipping, 1918 (1 item)

World War I, The Lawton News, 1918 (3 items)

World War I, The Oklahoma City Times, 1919 (4 items)

World War I, The Lawton Constitution, 1910-1918 (2 items)

Art reprint of Indian and Buffalos, H. D. Bugbee, 1951 (1 item)

#22B (O18.2)

Documents to L. T. Lester granting land from Texas signed Governor Colquitt, 1913 (Donor: Fern Cone, 1965)

Life magazine on the frontier, 1959 (1 item)

Camelback Towers Brochure at Phoenix, Arizona, 1964 and undated (2 items)

#23 (No Folder)

#24A (O18.3)

Jim Cook drawing by Clytie Oden, undated (1 item)

#24B (O18.3)

Bohlen, George D., Certificates, 1921-1961 (3 items)

Bugbee, H. D., Sketches, undated (2 items)

#25 (O18.3)

Texas State Parks (Missing)

Newsclippings concerning arid land use, 1966 (2 items)

Letter negative to Wess Godrien (?) Bros., Albany, Texas from S. Webb, April 2nd (1 item)

Letter negative to R. W. Elgin Esquire, Houston from S. Webb, July 10th (1 item)

#26 (O18.3)

Caricature Cartoons by Ferman Martin, 1965 (3 items)

"History’s Greatest Headlines" [1865-1969] Newspaper Sections, 1971 (10 items)

"Hall of Honor Inductees" (Southwest Conference) newsclipping, 1995 (1 item)

#27 (O18.3)

Article on Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Doss, Seminole Sentinel, 1965 (1 item)

Donor: Cunningham, Albert Benjamin

Newspapers on Cunningham, 1943-1965 (31 items)

Diplomas: Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Divinity, 1915-1926 (3 items)

#28 (O18.3)

First Presbyterian Church of Colorado City, Texas; World’s Columbian Exposition Illustrated, Vol. II, 1892 (1 item)

A History of Estacado, Texas (5 items)

#29 (O18.4)

Donor: Texas Tech: Agriculture School: Veterinary Science Department

Cattle Houses, etc. blueprints, (5 items)

Poultry Houses, etc. blueprints, (19 items)

Beef Cattle Center Building, (6 items)

Animal Science Building, (7 items)

Residential Building Plans, (5 items)

Stock Judging Pavillion, (5 items)

#30A (O18.3)

Newsclippings on R. Wright Armstrong, 1925-1942 (4 items) [no photographs]

#30B (O18.3)

Armstrong, R. Wright; drawings, programs, and certificates, 1949-1958 (7 items) [no photographs] {World War II}

#31A (O18.3)

Donor: Coryell, Robert G.

Anna Katherine Green Story, Houston Chronicle, 1917 (1 item)

U. S. War Savings Stamps Poster, 1918 (1 item)

#31B (O18.3)

Donor: Coryell, Robert G.

World War I Selective Service; Stencils for Letter Leaflets, (3 items)

World War I Newsclippings, (1 item)

World War I Public Notices, 1918 (2 items)

World War I Draft Poster with sketch on back, (1 item)

World War I Posters, 1917 (14 items)

H. Waddell Catalog, 1907 (1 item)

#32 (O18.3)

Grover Murray Inauguration Invitations, 1966 (3 items)

Prints of Indians and their habitats, undated (15 items)

#33 (O18.3)

Donor: Coryell, Henry Clay

In Remembrance of the First Communion of Margaret Helen Kienan, 1891 (1 item)

Evidence of Invention Document (unwritten), undated (1 item)

The Daily Vistor, Program, of San Antonio, Texas, 1906 (1item)

Certificate of the Union Library Association, 1903 (1 item)

Posters on Bullfights and State Saengerfest and Railroads, undated (3 items)

"A Love Letter to the Elect," from Elbert Hubbard, undated (1 item)

Advertisement for Sanger Brothers, Dallas, Texas, undated (1 item)

Poster for Humpty Dumpty’s Greatest Show on Earth, undated (1 item)

Poster for A. Schoenhut Company’s Vocaphone, undated (1 item)

#34 (O18.3)

Photocopies of assorted newsclippings and certificates, (Donor: Day, Proctor Wilson), 1917-1955 and undated (17 leaves) [newsclippings on medicine]

Gordon Lewis Clipping, 1966 (1 item)

Organization Chart, the State Government of Texas, 1968 (1 item)

Campaign Poster: Preston Smith, undated (1 item)

Resolution: Preston Smith, 1973 (1 item)

#35 (O18.3)

Certificates and Diplomas of Paul Whitfield Horn and other family members, 1886-1929 (7 items)

Bicentennial Brochure Calender, 1976 (1 item)

#36 (O18.3)

Graham, Mrs. E. S. (Agnes M.), Newsclippings, 1929 (2 items)

Carl Coke Rister’s Diplomas, 1911-1921 (3 items)

Map of Fort Griffin drawn from memory by W. B. Champlin, Jr., undated (Donor: Mrs. C. C. Rister, 1968) (1 item)

Newsclippings on Oliver Loving, Sr. and his family, 1902-1949 and undated (17 items)

#37 (O18.3)

Martin Family Geneology Chart, 1968 (Donor: Martin, Homer, 1969) (1 item)

West Texas Courthouse Sketches, undated (1 item)

"Academic Freedom in Texas," Fort Worth Star-Telegram article, undated (Jack Tinsley) (1 item)

Donor: Stovall, Mrs. N. B.

Graham, Texas and Malcolm Graham, Wichita Daily Times newsclippings, 1932-1941 (3 items)

Agnes M. Graham, The Graham Leader, 1929 (2 items)

Texas Tech, The Dallas Morning News, 1930 ( item)

Texas Tech Library blueprints, old building, unidentified, undated (8 items)

#38A (Box) (F177.1A)

Texas League of Women Voters: Voter’s Guides, 1952-1970 and undated (377 leaves)

#38B (O18.3)

Portfolio of Early-day Clovis, New Mexico, undated (1 item)

John F. Kennedy Assassination newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1963 (1 item)

"Profile of a President," on Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1964 (1 item)

"JFK Assassination," Memorial Edition, San Angelo Standard Times, 1963 (1 item)

Untitled Architecture Drawing, undated (1 item)

Service Command Charts, undated (3 items)

#38C (O18.4)

Palm and Shell Diploma issued to J. F. Bartlett, 1885 (Donor: Otto Jones Family) (1 item)

Jack Tippitt posters on zip code, 1970 (2 items)

Ladies Home Journal magazine, July, 1895 (1 item)

Abilene, Texas; Abilene Reporter-News, 1929-1950 (3 items)

Abilene, Texas, The Western Weekly, 1925 (4 items)

Donor: Baker, T. Lindsay, 1981

Father’s Day Card, undated (1 item)

Home Mission Map and Guide, undated (2 items)

Oil Well Christmas Tree Calendar Page, undated (1 item)

Pegasus Oil Field, near Midland, Texas Calendar Page, undated (1 item)

#39 (O18.4)

Hill, Sarah and Catherine: photograph, (Missing)

Donor: Cook, Gertrude Harris

Lyndon Baines Johnson, The Saturday Evening Post, 1964-1965 (2 items)

Lady Bird Johnson, This Week Magazine, 1964 (1 item)

Brownwood Bulletin, 1947 (2 items)

Jim Dan Hill, The Peptomist, 1934 (1 item)

Jim Dan Hill, The Evening Telegram, Superior, Wisconsin, 1946-1964 (1 item)

Admiral Nimitz, The Dallas Morning News, 1931-1945 (4 items)

Will Rogers’s Death, President Coolidge and Harding, Sam Houston, Roy W. Aldrich Collection, Fort Worth Star- Telegram, 1911-1959 (8 items)

President Coolidge and Franklin D. Roosevelt, San Angelo Morning Times, 1932-1938 (3 items)

Jim Dan Hill, Santa Anna News, 1934 (1 item)

Jim Dan Hill, The Saint Paul Pioneer Press, 1931 (5 items)

Ernest C. Hill, The Eldorado Success, 1945-1968 (4 items)

Austin, Texas, the Alamo, The News Magazine Supplement, 1909 (1 item)

Various topics, Waco Morning News, 1915-1948 (3 items)

Civil War, Weekly Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, 1905 (1 item)

J. Frank Dobie Article, Sunday American-Statesman, 1949 (1 item)

King Edward VIII, The Denver Post, 1937 (1 item)

Sam Rayburn, Ernest C. Hill, San Angelo Standard Times, 1936-1968 (5 items)

Texas Tech, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Extra, 1923 (1 item)

Jim Dan Hill, Wisconsin State Journal, 1967 (1 item)

Cowgirl, J. Frank Dobie article, Newsclippings, undated (2 items)

#40 (No Folder)

#41 (O18.4)

Singer’s Store Print, (Note: 1 print is hanging in Conference Room), undated (11 copies)

Painting reprint of wagon train "to Dr. W. M. Pearce with my Best Wishes , Arther Mitchew, January 1964", (1 item)

#42 (O18.4)

Sketches of the rock ruin thought to be the remains of the bastion erected by the Mendoza-Lopez Expedition at San Clemente, undated (Donor: Connor, Seymour V., 1971) (2 items)

Tribute of Appreciation to Bill Collins from the Lucky 13 of the President’s Council from Brownfield, Texas, 1972 (1 item)

John Tower, Election Review, 1972 (1 item)

Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian College, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 1973 (1 item)

A Dispassionate Address written by Claude V. Hall, Floyd County, Texas, undated (15 items)

"The Unanimous Declaration of Independence made by the Delegates of the people of Texas," copy, 1963 (1 item)

Facsimiles of: Virginia Resolution for Independence, (1 item)

Virginia Declaration of Rights, (1 item)

Declaration of Independencce, (1 item)

Federal Bill of Rights, (1 item).

Texas Tech: ICASALS Poster for the Southwest Artists Exhibition, undated (1 item)

#43A (O18.4)

Photocopies of newsclippings and miscellaneous on the "Texas Playboys," Bob Wills, Alton Stricklin, 1935-1970 and undated (44 items)

#43B (O18.4)

"JA Ranch," Plainview Herald, 1952 (1 item)

Handbill of night baseball: House of David Baseball Club, c. 1930’s (1 item)

Specifications for cottage to be built for Mr. R.G. Coryell at San Saba, Texas, 1902 (Donor: Carpenter, Fred A., 1971)

Mo-Pac News, September 1971 (2 leaves), (Donor: Schultz, Willard C., 1972)

"What Hath God Wrought?," by William N. Stokes, Jr., 1972 (1 item)

Blueprints of residential home for Mr. F. J. Womack of Houston, Texas, undated (23 items)

(Donor: Carpenter, Fred A.)

#44 (O18.4)

Mystery Airship (UFO), Dallas Morning News, 1897 (9 leaves)

Various topics, Brownwood Banner photocopied newsclippings, 1932-1935 (23 items)

Plainview Daily Herald photocopied newsclippings, 1970 (2 leaves) (Donor: Holloman, Wendel of Plains Weather Improvement Association)

Texas Tech: President’s Office (Establishment of Tech and Locating Board), 1972 (2 leaves)

Del Rio News-Herald, 1972 Visitor’s Guide (6 leaves)

Plates from H. P. Bybee and R. T. Short, The Lytton Springs Oil Field, undated (3 items)

National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center Booklet, 1961 (2 items)

#45 (O18.4)

Donor: Harris, William J.

Certificates, 1921-1950 and undated (7 items)

Dallas County War Price and Rationing Board, Dallas Morning News newsclippings, 1943 (2 items)

Order of Eastern Star, The Daily Times Herald newsclipping, 1949 (1 item)

Texas Declaration of Independence on Calendar, 1956 (1 item)

Texas Tech: Music Department: Band Camp Poster, 1973 (1 item)

List of school lands coming on the market from the General Land Office, Austin, Texas, 1918-1924 (31 leaves)

#46 (O18.5)

Voting Record, 1969 Texas Legislature (1 item)

Fort Worth Star Telegram, 1938-1939 (2 items)

Donor: Tarbox, Elmer

The Curtis Vocational Division Certificate of Distinction, 1930 (1 item)

Doctor of Political Science Diploma, 1967 (1 item)

1938 Texas Tech football team, The Toreador, 1938 (1 item)

1938 Texas Tech football team, The University Daily, 1969 (1 item)

Voter’s Guide of Lubbock, Texas, May 1966 (4 leaves)

Texas State Teachers Association, Texas Schools, 1971 (2 leaves)

Elmer Tarbox, Steering Wheel, 1969 (4 leaves)

Governor Dolph Briscoe and Election, Amarillo Sunday News-Globe, 1972 (1 item)

Elmer Tarbox, 1938 Texas Tech football team, political issuses, The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 1937-1973 (18 items)

1938 Texas Tech football team, The Sunday Post, 1938 (1 leaf)

Bob Willis, Elmer Tarbox, Gus Mutscher; Newsclippings, undated (6 leaves)

South Plains College newsclipping, undated (1 item)

Lloyd Bentson newsclipping, undated (1 item)

#47 (O18.5)

Prints of the "old west", undated (9 items) (Donor: Jones, Clifford B., 1972)

#48 (Missing)

Stangel Photographs, (3 items)

#49 (O18.5)

Blueprints of Texas Tech: University Theater tent show, undated (7 items) (Donor: Clifford Ashley, 1975)

#50 (Missing)

Rayland Ginning Company Financial Statements

#51 (Box) (F176.1A)

Murray, Grover E.

#52 (Box) (F176.1A)

Murray, Grover E.

#53 (Box) (F176.1A)

Mohair Council of America Scrapbooks

#54 (Box) (F176.1A)

Mohair Council of America Scrapbooks

#55 (Box) (F176.2A)

Mohair Council of America: Scrapbooks, printed material, advertising posters

#56 (Box) (F177.4A)

Mohair Council of America: Photographs, advertising posters

#57 (O18.6)

Texas Tech: Agricultural Sciences, College of, Dean: Photographs and print, undated (11 items)

#58 (18.5)

List of Counties by States in the U.S. from Friedrich von Raumer’s Die Vereinigter von Nordamerika, 1846 (1 item)

#59 (Box) (F176.2A)

Donor: Texas Tech: President’s Office:

Medical School blueprint, undated (13 items)

Road from 4th Street across Campus to 19th Street at Indiana Avenue blueprint, undated (1 item)

Charts of Administration Organization, undated (8 items)

Faculty list by Department, 1971 (1 item)

"A Method for Seasonal Financial Control Historical Data: Dormitories Plotted Against Historical Data," undated (2 items)

Roll of Honor, Women: Recognition Service, 1939 (1 item)

#60 (Box) (F176.2A)

Murray, Grover E.

Posters, Charts, and Signs: E. K. Hufstedler and Son (See Extra Oversize #24 and #25)

Historic Bailey County (includes map and outline of Bailey County history)

Newspaper mat and photographs: Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gingus

Photograph: Jack Sheridan

#61 (O18.5)

Matador Dundee Material: Newspapers,

Dundee Newspapers, 1883-1907

Fort Worth Newspapers, 1890-1899

Matador Newspapers, 1894-1897

#62 (Box) (F176.2A)

Photographs and Photo Album, (Donor: Jones, Marvin)

#63 (Box) (F177.4A)

Photographs and Scrapbook Material, (Donor: Jones,. Marvin)

#64 (Box) (F176.3A)

Posters: Coaches All-America Game

Murray, Grover E.

Lubbock, Texas: Citizens Advisory Commission

United Nations Posters: Mrs. William G. Dingus

#65 (O18.5)

Texas Tech: Agriculture Department blueprints (31 items), 1941 and undated (Donor: Stangel, W. L.)

#66 (O18.5)

Texas Tech: Agriculture Department blueprints (9 items), 1951-1955 and undated (Donor: Stangel, W. L.)

#67 (O18.5)

Charts, graphs, posters, photographs, blueprints (58 items) (Donor: Stangle, W. L.)

Topics: Texas Tech Aerial Shot

Buffalo Lake Aerial Shot

1955 Calendar

Texas Maps

Texas Tech Poster

#68A (O18.5)

Charts of pottery and pottery making cultures, Culture Complexes and Chronology in Northern Texas, Alex D. Krieger, 1946 (3 items)

Sketch of Hiley and Margaret Boyd’s Home, built circa 1916 (1 item) (Donor: Boyd, Hiley, 1978)

Texas Tech Posters, 1973-1978 and undated (8 items) (Donor: Texas Tech: University News)

Topics: Literature Symposium (2 items)

Music Department (2 items)

Calendar (2 items)

University Center Events (1 item)

Women Athletics (1 item)

#68B (O18.5)

Thomas A. Hickey, "Socialism: Humanity’s Only Hope," pennant, undated (1 item) (Donor: Wolfe, Ilse, 1979)

Thurber, Texas: Sketches, Rules-Regulations, undated (5 items) (Donor: Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc.)

Plats, sketches, calendar, etc., 1941 (7 items) (Donor: Kent Mercantile Company, 1971)

Map for Charting Progress of European War, undated (1 item) (Donor: Browning, Bill, 1975)

#69 (O18.5)

Kenneth Keith Family: Posters, plat, undated (8 items)

Topics: Texas Centennial, 1936 (2 items)

Judge Howard Mays (2 items)

Registered Hereford Sale, 1958 (2 items)

"Tornado! Wichita Falls, Texas," 1979 (8 items)

Lions Club Convention Newspapers, undated (3 items) (Donor: Harvey, Dabney G.)

Poster: Melvin Jones, undated (1 item)

Certificates and Calendar, 1977 and undated (2 items) (Donor: Murray, Grover E.)

Texas Tech: Music Department posters, undated (5 items)

"Cattle Brands," newsclipping, Amarillo Sunday News and Globe, 1938 (1 item) (Ewing Halsell Foundation)

Windom Plays "Thurber" Poster, 1980 (1 item)

Texas Tech Posters, undated (11 items) (Donor: Texas Tech: Tech Press)

Topics: Red Raider and Texas Tech; Overcoming Math Anxiety;

Edward Villella, 1980; Residence Halls Staff Positions, 1980;

Texas Tech Counseling Center: Speed Reading;

Neil Simon’s "The Good Doctor," 1979

Drive Friendly Poster, 1980; Faculty Recital: Lora Deah L.;

Dracula The Ballet, 1980; Jack Anderson, 1980; Fraternity Rush, 1980

The Arrowhead newspaper, Military publication, 1919 (7 items)

#70 (O18.5)

The Challenger (Dallas), 1932 (2 items) (Topic: Calhoun, Clem)

"Lubbock," undated (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: Library)

Donor: Richardson, Era, 1978

Morton, Texas photographs, undated (2 items)

East Texas Normal College photograph, Commerce, Texas, undated (1 item)

Scholarship Certificate, 1920 (1 item)

Unidentified photograph, undated (1 item)

Scholarship Certificate to Rupert McCasland, 1920 (1 item)

Webster and Harris Advertising Posters, 1978 (2 items) (Price Daniel and B. J. Thomas)

"Governor Hogg’s Great Speech," Supplement, 1892 (1 item)

Mystery airship (UFO), Dallas Morning News photocopied newsclippings, 1897 (2 items)

(Donor: Connor, Seymour V., 1979)

Donor: Webster and Harris Advertising Agency

American Heart Association Tennis Tournament Poster, 1978 (1item)

Robert Krueger Campaign Posters, undated (3 items)

Matador Lions Club Poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Mrs. Douglas Meador)

The Capitol: Symbol of Freedom, 1966 (1 item) (Donor: Formby, Marshall)

Official Program: Texas Cotton Palace Exposition and Dairy Show, 1929 (Donor: Rylander, Dorothy)

"Arid Lands and Human Response," Series poster, Texas Tech Museum, undated (1 item) (Note: Last public Appearance by the late Charles L. Wood, Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech)

#71 (Box) (F176.3A)

Donor: Tarbox, Elmer (See also Oversize #46)





List Continues with #72-110


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