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List No. 4

The locations are in bold parenthesis.

#72 (O18.6)

News clippings and Broadsides

"Ferguson Asks Your Vote," undated (1 item)

"Barry Miller on Ferguson," undated (1 item)

"Crane on Ferguson," undated (1 item)

"Bill Bull’s Beller," undated (1 item)

"Ferguson’s Political Arithmetic Again Discredited," undated (1 item)

"Sterlingism vs. Fergusonism - A Statement of Facts," undated (2 items)

Governor Sterling, Gladewater Journal, July 1932 (1 item)

Ferguson, Houston Press, 1932 (2 items)

Dan Moody, Houston Chronicle, 1926 (1 item)

Governor Miriam Ferguson, Austin Statesman, 1926 (1 item)

Rollie C. Burns Land Grants

Davis, Thomas, 1848-1851 (4 items)

Hunsaker, Joseph, 1946 (1 item)

Scottish Rite Messenger, August 1914 (1 item)

Concert Program - Houston Women’s Club, 1928 (1 item)

Illustrations of Terlingua, Texas by Marilyn Beeman, undated (5 items)

Posters: Lubbock Arts Festival, 1979-1982 (4 items)

#73 (Moved to Maps: Cataloged)


Matador Ranch: Geologic Map

Alamositos Ranch: Index Map

Alamositos Ranch: Geologic Map

Lands Comprising First 20,000 Acres Under Lazaries Contract

Dickens County: Lands Offered to Lazarus

Acreage Property for Sale

Roaring Springs: Townsite Plan    (see Oversize List #1)

Matador Ranch: Showing Water Courses

Montana: Showing Belknap Range

Motley County, Texas

Quanah Sales: Acreage Property for Sale

Land in Oldham County Sold to Matador

Matador Range: Geological Cross-Section

Matador and Northern Railway

Position of Surveys 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

Acreage Property in Cottle County

Matador Ranch: Motley and Cottle, 1880

Cottle County

Alamositas: Part Which $8.00 is Offered

Fort Belknap: Irrigation Systems

Three Unidentified Maps

#74 (Moved to Maps: Cataloged)


Map of division of line between the properties of R. B. Masterson, Jr., and T. B. Masterson in King County August 30, 1938

Map of Bateman Trust Estate Ranch, drawn by Humble Oil and Refining Company, Houston, Texas, showing location of drilling sites, January 30, 1951 and Bateman lease (not all there)

Map showing distribution of R. B. Masterson estate in King County, Texas, undated

Topographic map of JY Ranch in King County, Texas, February, 1950

Map of JY Ranch in King County, Texas, showing pasture divisions, undated

Map of JY Ranch, King and Knox Counties, undated

H. S. Ratliff’s Map, unidentified and undated

Masterson Ranch, King and Knox Counties, 1944

Wright Ranch (owned by Masterson Brothers), Carson and Potter Counties, undated

Masterson Ranch Area, King and Knox Counties, 1956

Masterson Ranch, King and Knox Counties, unidentified and undated

Seismographic Chart of Masterson Oil Field in King County, 1956

#75 (O18.6)

Texas Tech Library Addition blueprints, 1972 (18 items)

#76 (O18.6)

Donor: Ilse, Wolfe

Socialist Party Charter, 1908 (2 items)

Supplement to Feld and Flur, 1903 (Missing)

Mitglieds-Certifikat, undated (1 item)

Lone Star Business College Diploma, 1916-1921 (2 items)

Coronal Institute Diploma, 1910 (1 item)

Pressed Steel Car Works and Strikers Meeting, 1909 (1 item)

Stamford, Texas, Chamber of Commerce poster, undated (1 item)

Donor: Lobstein, Mrs. H. L.

Certificates of Appreciation, undated (2 items)

Medical License, 1921 (1 item)

Certificate of Internship, 1921 (1 item)

Howard Payne College Diploma, 1925 (1 item)

Donor: Haverstock, Rolland, 1978

Billboard, 1908-1929 (2 items)

Newsclipping, 1973 (1 item)

Playbills, 1948-1974 (3 items)

New York Clipper, 1907 (1 item)

"Mackintosh and T. J.," movie poster, 1978 (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: University Press c/o Bea Zeech, 1979)

Unidentified Portrait of a man by M. Baer, 1920, (1 item)

Donor: Lamb, Mina

Socialist Speaker: Stanley J. Clark, undated (1 item)

"Rouget de L’Isle Tragt...," poster, undated (1 item)

Pictorial Review cover, 1922 (1 item)

Dallas, Texas, Fair poster, 1908 (1 item)

El Campo, Texas, Barbeque poster, 1897 (1 item)

Port Lavaca, Texas, Train Excursion poster, 1903 (1 item)

Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915 (1 item)

Luneburger Heide Print, undated (1 item)

"Socialist-Encampment, Lavaca County, Texas," 1915 (1 item) (Missing)

St. Louis Labor, 1917 (1 item)

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory photograph, undated (1 item) (Donor: Murray, Grover E.)

Sign: Henderson Comedy Company, undated (1 item) (Donor: Alice Henderson and Alice L. Roten)

#77 (O18.6)

Daniel A. Blair Papers, 1979

Dickens County News (Dickens), 1948 (1 item)

East Messenger, undated (1 item)

Marfa Town Talk, undated (1 item) (Donor: Bruce, Mrs. C. D.)

Donor: Baines, Gordon

Amon G. Carter Book Excerpts, undated (9 items)

Amon G. Carter, Fort Worth Star-Telegram front pages, undated (4 items)

1942 Home Atlas, Special War Edition, (1 item) (Donor: Mrs. Arch Lamb)

Donor: Wolf, Ilse

Hickey, Thomas A., Article in National Oil Journal, 1923 (1 item)

Socialist Speaker and Encampment Posters, 1909 and undated (9 items) (Gift: Lamb, Mina)

Donor: Buie, Bernard

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Brands, undated (1 item)

Drawing of "house next to a plateau in ranch setting," undated (1 item) (Gift: Buie, Vernona)

Double Mountain Sketch, undated (1 item) (Gift: Buie, Vernona, 1982)

#78 (O18.7)

Posters and Silk Screen Board (Donor: Baker, T. Lindsay as part of Krystyna Baker Papers)

#79 (O18.7)

"Landing Party," undated (1 item) (Purchased from Westart, Austin, Texas, 1980)

W. J. Klattenhoff Name Sign, undated (1 item) (Donor: Klattenhoff, W. J.)

Radio and Records - The Top 40 Story, 1977 (1 item)

Kemp, Augusta Hasslock; Papers, 1896-1964; Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees

Grammar School Certificate, 1896 (1 item)

High School Diploma, undated (1 item)

University of Nashville Diploma, undated (1 item)

Permanent Teaching Certificate, undated (1 item)

Master of Science Degree, undated (1 item)

Poster: Eliot Porter: Antarctica, undated (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: Museum, 1981)

Graham, Texas: Graham City Improvement and Land Company, undated (2 items)

Day, Ella Hudson: "Texas, Pride of the South" song sheets, (2 items)

The Elks’ Big Ministrel Messenger (Plainview, Texas), undated (1 item)

Broadside promoting Price Brothers’ Lands in Hale County, Texas (Promoted by Perry and Crum, Plainview, Texas, undated (1 item)

Arid Lands and Human Responses poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: Museum)

Drawing: Downtown Odell, Texas, undated (1 item)

Calendar: American Originals - American Indians, 1981 (1 item) (Donor: Avary, J. C.)

Gordon, Texas Calendar, 1955 (1 item)

Texas Tech Museum Architecture Plans, undated (2 items)

Donor: Burnett, Jack

Island Star, 1944 (1 item)

North Islander, 1948 (1 item)

Donor: Green, Donald: Maps

Thickness of the Water-Bearing Strata, 1938 (1 item)

Underground Water Reservoir Designation in the Ogallala Formation South of the Canadian River in Texas, 1951 (1 item)

"Frances Farenthold, Governor," poster banner, undated (1 item)

#80 (O18.7)

Donor: Burns, Mrs. D., 1979

Deed, 1860 (1 item)

Land Grants, 1921 (Borden and Dawson counties) (5 items)

Insurance Policies, 1921-1924 (6 items)


Sitios di Tierra Madidro, 1861 (1 item)

Lease Blocks, undated (2 items)

Conservation Plan - Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, undated (2 items)

Site Plan, unidentified, undated (2 items)

Landownership, undated (1 item)


In Wichita County, Texas, 1950 (1 item)

Portion Block 15 - Cucharas Camps, 1945 (1 item)

Section 5, Block E-2, in Lubbock, Texas, 1964 (1 item)

Dabney Russell, Lubbock, Texas, undated (1 item)

Texas Tech University Semicentennial Poster, 1973-1975 (1 item) (Donor: Texas Tech: University Press)

Reproduction, George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, undated (1 item)

American Issues Forum:

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 1975 (1 item)

Newsclippings, 1975 (4 items)

American Issues periodical, 1975-1976 (8 items)

Bicentennial Reading, Viewing, Listening, 1975 (10 items)

Poster, 1975 (1 item)

Program, 1975 (1 item)

The Briercroft Collection program, undated (1 item)

#81 (O18.7)

Scurry County Historical Survey Committee Scrapbook Material, 1937-1967 (108 leaves)

#82 (O18.7)

"Where Texas Gravy Flows" poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Hart, Julia Duggan)

Port of Galveston - Third Texas Navy, 1836-1837 (4 items)

Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Florida Publicity Photographs, undated (2 items)

American Brahman Bull print, undated (1 item)

American Braham Cow print, undated (1 item)

Facts and Figures by pen and pictures of the famous artesian belt of Southwest Texas, undated (1 item)

(Hadsell Land Corporation)

The Kennedy Sisters Weekly, Big Spring, Texas, 1931 (4 items)

The Depot Restaurant and Bar Menu, undated (2 items)

#83 (O18.3)

Newsclippings, undated (3 items) (Donor: Duncan, Arthur B.)

Topics: "Judge Duncan’s Reply to Mr. Posey" (1 item)

"Mr. Posey Answer" (1 item)

"Dispassionate Address..." (1 item)

#84 (O18.7)

Scrapbook Material, undated (17 items) (Donor: Cornick, Boyd, Family, 1969)

Preston Smith Material, undated (3 items)

#85 (O18.7)

Certificate: Henry Ford, 1901 (1 item)

Pen and Ink Drawing of J. Ealy Moore by H. D. Bugbee, 1937 (1 item) (Donor: Pearce, William M.)

Texas Tech Southwest Conference Admission poster, 1956 (1 item)

#86 (O18.7)

Alumni Award Presentation: Drawing, undated (1 item) (Donor: Smith, Preston)

#87 (Box) (F176.3A)

Fort Richardson State Park, Jackson, Texas, Exhibit Material (Donor: Texas Tech: Park Administration and Landscape Architecture)

#88 (O18.8)

Fiesta de San Jacinto Invitations, 1939-1953 (11 items)

#89 (O18.8)

Plans of Texas State Capitol Building, undated (35 items) (Copies)

#90 (Box) (F176.3A)

Texas Tech: History of Engineering: Drawings and Maps

Little Colorado River Bridge, Arizona, 1949

Miller Peak, Arizona, 1958

Gillespie Dam Highway Bridge, Arizona, 1925

Red Rock Bridge, Arizona, 1945

Agua Fria, Bridge, Arizona, 1915-1939

Temple Bridge, Arizona, 1929

Repairs to Temple Bridge, Arizona, undated

Grand Canyon Bridge, Arizona, 1927-1932

Unidentified Bridge, 1948

Brochure: Superior Farming Company "In the year two thousand eight billion people must be fed ..."

#91 (Box) (F177.4A)

"Great Trails of the Old West and the Men Who Rode Them," poster, 1975

McCulloch County, Texas and Surrounding Area, photocopies, 1856

Proposed Reservoirs in Texas, 1862

Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls - Third Frontier District, no. 9, photostats, Atascosa County, Texas, 1864

From The Lowery Collection: A Descriptive List of Maps of the Spanish Possessions ..., 1502-1820, ed. by Philip Lee Phillips, photostat copy

#92 (O18.8)

Diplomas and Certificates, 1905-1968 (35 items) (Donor: Pearce, William M., Jr.)

Texas Tech Prints, undated (10 items) (Donor: Lawhon, Jeff)

Topics: Texas Tech Dairy Barn (2 items)

Texas Tech Seal (2 items)

Ranching Heritage (2 items)

Red Raider Mascot (2 items)

Farming in a Corn Field (2 items)

Donor: Campbell, Duward, 1994

Lubbock, Texas print, 1993 (1 item)

Post, Texas print, 1990-1992 (3 items)

Donor: Barrick, Bill B.

"Shallowater Mercantile and Banking Co.," 1981 (1 item)

"Wagonyard at the Nicolette," 1978 (1 item)

Donor: Kovach, George

"Faithful Few," 1975 (1 item)

"Waterin’ Hole," 1976 (1 item)

"Winter Welcome," 1974 (1 item)

Donor: Raymer, Loys

"Reminising," 1973 (1 item)

"Singer’s Store," 1972 (1 item)

#93 (O18.15)

"Late Mrs. J. L. Dow Recalled Seven Rivers as Fine Town," undated (1 item)

"Rugged Pioneers Overcome Hardships in Building County," undated (1 item)

Eddy County, New Mexico, Tax Assessments, 1893 (13 items)

"Running Dry," San Angelo Standard, 1982 (7 items) (Donor: San Angelo Standard)

"Spanish Colonial Life in New Mexico," photographs (not originals), undated (14 items)

MacDonald Paul Times, 1982 (1 item)

Drawings: portion of Block 33, Township 5 North, Texas and Pacific Railroad Surveys, Borden and Dawson Counties, undated (3 items) (Donor: Burns, Mamie, 1982)

#94 (O18.8)

Items designed and/or edited by Hertzog, undated (3 items) (Donor: Hertzog, Carl)

#95 (No Folder)

#96 (O18.8)

Posters and show bills of various tent shows, circuses, and other traveling entertainers, 1933-1955 and undated (56 items) (Donor: Holland, Mrs. Rolland) [Haverstock?]

#97 (Box) (F176.4A)

Articles, Instructional Materials, Maps, and Photographs of Texas History (Donor: Stephens, Mrs. Carriewood)

#98 (Box) (F176.4A)

Donor: Standley, Mrs. Robert J., 1982

Assessment Rolls of Property in Bailey County, Form B. Residents, 1919

Assessment Rolls of Property in Bailey County, Form C, Nonresidents, 1919

Summary of Property and Values Thereof as Shown by Assessment Rolls, 1919

Tax Register, Bailey County, 1910

Dell City, Texas newsclippings

Shriners: Certificates and Apron, (4 items) (Donor: Hulen, John A.)

Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Team poster, 1984-1985 (1 item) (Donor: Murrah, David, 1985)

Nash Cool Safe Advertisement, 1899 (1 item) (Donor: Nash, Bob, 1984)

Lithographs of Sarony, Major and Knapp, New York

Prints - Frederic Remington (subject)

#99 (O18.8)

"Friends’ Colony for Northwestern Texas," broadside, 1897 (2 items)

National Western Artists Show and Sale posters, 1982-1983 (2 items)

H. D. Bugbee pen and ink drawings - prints, undated (3 items)

Drawings and maps, Pioneer News-Observer newsclippings, 1970-1974 (36 leaves)

"Midland 100 Years Better," poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Murray, Grover)

#100 (Box) (F176.4A)

Texas Tech: Planning Office: Building Plans

Administration Building, 1968-1971 and undated (24 items)

Agricultural Sciences Building, 1968-1969 and undated (8 items)

Amarillo Regional Area Health Center, undated (2 items)

Architecture and Art Building, 1969 (1 item)

Athletic Dining Facilities, 1970 (4 items)

Carillons, undated (1 item)

Chemical Engineering Building, 1970 (1 item)

Chemistry Building, 1968 (1 item)

Drane Hall, 1971-1976 and undated (8 items)

El Paso Regional Area Health Center, 1978 (2 items)

Ex-Students Offices Remodeling, 1969 (3 items)

Golf Course for Facility, undated (1 item)

Land-Use Assignments for Farm and Ranch Land, 1968-1969 (4 items)

Library, 1959 (9 items)

Lighting Installation, Walks, and Landscaping, 1969 (2 items)

Lubbock County Teaching Hospital, 1969 (6 items)

Medical School, 1971-1977 and undated (43 items)

Museum, 1970 and undated (5 items)

Naval Reserve Training Center, undated (4 items)

Parking Layout: Health Sciences Center, 1975-1976 (4 items)

Parking Lots, 1969-1971 (2 items)

Ranching Heritage Center, 1969-1976 (2 items)

Residence Halls, undated (1 item)

Stadium Seat Option Plan, 1975-1977 (2 items)

Themis Project, 1968 (3 items)

Track Dressing Room Facilities, 1968 and undated (4 items)

Wiggins Complex Dining Building, 1969 (1 item)

Dormitory for Women, undated (1 item)

#101A (O18.8)

Donor: League of Women Voters of Texas

Newsclippings concerning Texas Constitutional Convention, 1973-1975 (12 items)

Voters Guides,

Amarillo, Texas, 1969-1971 (2 items)

Austin, Texas, 1969 (1 item)

Bay Area, Texas, 1970-1974 (4 items)

Denton, Texas, 1972 (1 item)

Travis County, Texas, 1972 (1 item)

Tent Show Bills, undated (4 items) (Donor: Piatt, Dave, 1984)

Souvenir Program of "Eleanor Waltzes," compliments of Lubbock Businessmen, 1903 (9 items)

(Donor: Cutter, Paul, 1984)

Actors and Company Callboards, undated (3 items)

#101B (O18.8)

Donor: Red Bluff Water Power Control Districts, 1983

Summary of 1947 Condition Routing Study, undated (1 item)

Summary of Operations, 1947 (1 item)

Lynn County Courthouse Drawing, undated (6 items)

Tubbs House [Lubbock] Drawing, undated (3 items) (Donor: Robinson, Willard, B.)

American Quarter Horse Association posters, undated (3 items)

Harley Sadler’s Own Company and Brunk’s Comedians Handbills, undated (5 items) (Donor: Snow, Russell, 1984)

"Living with the American Southwest" poster for Symposium on arid land design, 1985 (1 item)

#102 (Folder and Box) (O18.8 and F176.4A)

Petroglyphs, plaster casts (2 items)

9" x 9" Plaster Plaque LaFollette Coat of Arms, (1 item)

Architectural Drawings of the A. B. Davis Home (18 items or rolls) (Loaned for copy by Marisue Potts, 1987)

Renovation of White-Mast House Architecture Plans, 1981 (14 items) (Donor: Lubbock Heritage Society c/o Beverly Stribling, 1983)

"Texas Papers are Full of Such News" newsclipping, undated (1 item) (Donor: Vinson, Michael, 1993)

El Paso Herald Post: Cotton Picking photo, 1956 (1 item)

#103 (O18.9)

Donor: Jordon, Carolyn, 1981

American Institute of Architects Energy poster, undated (1 item)

Canyon Lakes Development Schedule, 1971 (2 items)

Community Fallout Shelter Plan Lubbock County, 1969 (1 item)

Energy Crisis Collage, 1973-1974 (1 item)

League of Women Voters of Texas, "Voters Guide," 1974 (1 item)

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Energy Supplement, 1976 (1 item)

Lubbock City Charter Amendment, University Daily, 1975 (2 items)

"A New Constitution for Texas," December, 1973 (1 item)

Organizational Chart, Lubbock City County Health Department, 1974 (1 item)

Urban Renewal Agency Annual Report, 1972-1974 (3 items)

Lubbock bond issue, West Texas Times, 1974 (1 item)

Donor: Lamb, Mina, 1984

Liberty Lobby Presents LBJ: A Political Biography, 1964 (4 items)

Newsclippings by or about Tom Hickey and Texas Socialism, undated (4 items)

Newsclippings: Death of Texas Tech President Paul Horn, The Toreador, 1932 (1 item)

Official ballot for State Offices, undated (1 item)

Political Advertisement, Election of 1896, "Free Silver Campaign," undated (1 item)

Peter Hurd - Reproduction prints, undated (2 items) (Donor: Estate of Sanders, H. Greeley, 1984)

Donor: Harris, Mrs. T. J., 1983

Anvil Park Rodeo Brochure, 1929 (1 item)

Anvil Park Rodeo Poster, undated (1 item)

Anvil Park Rodeo Prize List and Rules, 1928-1937 (9 items)

Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Poster, 1952 (1 item)

#104 (O18.9)

C. C. Slaughter Material

Genealogical Chart of the Slaughter Family, undated (1 item) (Donor: Davidson, M. Sims, 1970)

Donor: Davidson, Mrs. M. Sims and DeLoache, James, 1969

Tax Receipts, 1914-1919 (5 items)

Certificates of Cancellation, 1919 (2 items)

Certificates of Redemption, 1919 (5 items)

Delinquent Tax Notice, 1915 (3 items)

Donor: Lingle, Charles and Anne Tabler: Certificates of Percy Spencer

Chairman of Government Savings, undated (1 item)

Admission to Circuit Court of Appeals, 1919 (1 item)

Commission as County Attorney, Terry County, Texas, 1923 (1 item)

Appointment to Local Board, Lubbock County, 1943 (1 item)

License to practice law, 1908 (1 item)

Marriage license, 1912 (1 item)

Peggy Willis Ballet Company - Ballet Extravaganza posters, 1984 (2 items) (Donor: Conservatory of Classical Ballet)

"Support Our President [Nixon]" poster, undated (1 item) (Donor: Melton, Mary Ann)

Donor: Lamb, Mina, 1983

Essay by Ilse Wolf, The Western Weekly Magazine Section, 1928 (1 item)

Circular, Tom Mooney, 1917 (1 item)

Texas Centennial newsclipping, 1934 (1 item)

Norman Thomas newsclipping, 1968 (1 item)

Harry Truman newsclipping, 1972 (1 item)

Dwight Eisenhower newsclipping, 1972 (1 item)

"Unnuke Sorgen!" newsclipping, 1903 (1 item)

Donor: McLarty, Mrs. Truda, 1984

"Coronation Scot" Train brochure, undated (1 item)

Tourist Map of Lead and Deadwood, South Dakota, undated (1 item)

Tourist Map of Historical Deadwood, South Dakota, 1950 (1 item)

Wyoming Stock Growers Association, "1884 Round-Ups," undated (1 item)

Texas Tech Red Raider poster by Dirk West, undated (1 item)

#105 (O7.16 and O7.17)

Donor: Texas Tech: History of Engineering: Drawings, 1870-1978 and undated (53 items)

Antelope Hill Bridge

Colorado River Indian Irrigation Project

San Antonio Acequias

San Antonio Waterworks

Station Map - El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company

Utah Historic American Engineering Record Documentation Drawings

Waco Old Suspension Bridge

#106 (O18.9)

Diploma awarded to Estus Cantrell Polk, degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Texas Technological College, 1952 (1 item)

Diploma awarded to J. W, Mooar, Master of Accounts, from Castman’s State and National Business College, 1863 (1 item)

Diploma awarded to Lydia Louise Mooar from Colorado High School, Colorado, Texas, 1905 (1 item)

Diploma noted to be the first diploma ever issued by the Texas Technological College awarded to Mary Dale Buckner, Bachelor of Arts, 1927 (1 item)

Lubbock Telephone Directory, mounted cover featuring "pioneer" mural by Peter Hurd, 1964 (1 item)

West Texas Museum Association emblem poster signed by Mary Ellen Jones, undated (1 item)

"In memory of John F. Evans, 1849-1935" poster, J. F. Evans and Company Ranch, Clarendon, Donley County, Texas, undated (1 item)

"Instruction Card to Voters," posters, 1911 (2 items)

"Town Plot," blueprint of Plainview, Texas, 1890 (1 item)

Certificate to J. H. Goodman as Captain Quartermaster Corps for National Guard service in Texas and the U. S., 1917, (1 item)

Certificate to Elizabeth Smith as Postmaster at Mount Blanco, Crosby County, Texas, 1879 (1 item)

Certificate to Maurice Couch Easter as licensed pharmacist, 1938 (1 item)

Membership certificate to Miss Lydia Louise Mooar by Daughters of the American Revolution, 1912 (1 item)

"Texas and Southwestern Cattle Brands," chart, 1936 (1 item)

Diploma to David Elbert Magee as attorney and counselor of law, 1907 (1 item)

#107 (Missing)

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Death newsclippings

#108 (O18.9)

Donor: Don Belding Family, 1981

The American Weekend, special travel supplement, 1960 (1 item)

"They’ll Do It Every Time," Cartoon, 1959 (1 item)

Christian Science Monitor (Boston), 1958 (p.5-8) (1 item)

Drakes’ Freedom Press, 1967 (7 items)

Evening Outlook, (Santa Monica, California), 1965 (1 item)

Explosion, (Glendale, California), 1944 (1 item)

Grants Pass Daily Courier, 1949 (1 item)

Guardian of the Outpost of Democracy Award, 1959 (1 item)

Human Events, 1966 (4 items)

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation’s Consumer Magazine Campaign, 1956 (1 item)

Peace News, 1953 (1 item)

San Diego Union, magazine section, 1932 (1 item)

United Pictorial Review (Los Angeles), 1967 (3 items)

U. S. Army Artillery and Missile School Certificate, 1962 (1 item)

Valley Forge Sentinel, 1956 (2 items)

Westside Journal, 1967 (5 items)

#109 (O18.9)

Lubbock County paper placemats, 1966 (2 items) (Donor: Brummett, Mrs. Winston, 1986)

Collection of Historic and unusual Southwestern Cattle Brands dating from 1789 by William E. Bush, Amarillo Sunday News and Globe, 1936 (1 item)

Sesquicentennial Fireworks Display poster, 1986 (1 item) (Donor: Lubbock, Texas: Lubbock Sesquicentennial Committee, April 1986)

"Sun Players," handbill, undated (1 item) (R/F: Tent Shows, 1986)

Sheridan’s Ride "The Lion in Winter," enlarged photocopied newsclipping, signed by Katherine Hepburn, 1986 (2 items) (Donor: Sheridan, Jack)

Donor: Haverstock, Harvey C.; Papers, 1893-1973 and undated

Tent Plan, undated (1 item)

"Cow Country," Texas Star, 1971 (2 items)

"Toby is Coming," handbill, undated (1 item)

"Last Times Tonight," handbill, undated (2 items)

"New Stage Show," newspaper handbill, undated (1 item)

"Doc Mickel’s Town and Gown Players," handbill, undated (2 items)

Gilbert Herrera poster, undated (1 item)

Texas International Wine Classic poster, 1984 (1 item) (Donor: Texas Wine Industry Collection, 1984)

Texas International Wine Classic II poster, 1985 (1 item) (Donor: West Texas Museum Association Heritage Projects Committee, 1985)

#110 (O18.9)

"Texas Centennial Pageant," program, 1921 (1 item) (Donor: Burke, Frank, 1986)

Cartoons and Drawings by Cecil F. Bragg, 1927 and undated (22 items) (Donor: Bragg, Mrs. Cecil F., 1984)

37th Annual Texas Tech NIRA Rodeo poster, 1986 (1 item) (Donor: Fredriksson, Kristine, 1986)

Texas Tech Fall Choral Concert poster, 1986 (1 item)

Texas Tech Cosi Fan Tutte Opera Performance, 1986 (1 item)

United States Navy Jazz Ensemble poster, 1986 (1 item)

Lubbock, Texas Heritage poster, 1976 (1 item)

List Continues with #110-166


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