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JA Cattle Company
Records, 1813-1994 and undated
218 boxes (205 linear feet)

    The JA Cattle Company records contains a variety of materials detailing the history and operation of the ranch mostly during the 20th Century. Items include personal and professional correspondence, aviation files, financial material, legal materials, land abstracts, survey calculations, bank statements, maps, architectural plans, literary productions, printed material, post office materials, literary productions, artifacts, and scrapbook materials.  For further details, click here:  JA.
    The JA Ranch located in the Panhandle of Texas is the oldest privately owned cattle company. Its history can be traced as far back as 1876 when Charles Goodnight began his own ranch. The JA Ranch began with the partnership of Charles Goodnight and John G. Adair. After several years of managing the ranch, Goodnight took his part of the ranch and left the JA Ranch. Cornelia Ritchie Adair became sole owner of the ranch after the death of John Adair.  She ran it until her death in 1921. Her only remaining son Jack Ritchie passed away shortly in 1924. Jack Ritchie was Montie’s father. The ranch was incorporated in the late 1940s and became the JA Cattle Company. It is currently handled by the Ritchie family which is situated in the Palo Duro Canyon and consists of over 335,000 acres of land. The land covers portions of Armstrong, Briscoe, Donley, and Hall counties. Much of the land is leased to local ranchers to ease the cost of operations. Montie Ritchie operated the ranch until his death in July 19, 1999. The heirs to the ranch are his daughter, Cornelia "Ninia" W. Ritchie and her son Andrew M. Bivins.

Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1928-1976
9 microfilm reels : negative

Consists of office files that include minutes of meetings, information on chamber activities, and financial documents concerning the Jacksboro, Texas Chamber of Commerce.
Jacksboro is a city in Jack County, Texas.
Jackson, Robert L.
Papers, 1886-1940
23 leaves

Contains copies of patents relating to cottonseed selection and delinting, seed treating, and the destruction of bollworms.

Jakobsmeier, Fritz
Papes, 1940s
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection of mostly photocopies of a few German photographs and some news clippings concerning World War II, Germany and its army.  It includes a photocopied book entitled "Jagdgeschwader 27 in Afrika, 1941-1942" in which several images were taken by Jakobsmeier while in the German military.  Also includes his identification card and family tree.
   Fritz Jakobsmeier, a native of Germany, was apprenticed at a young age as a precision lens and instrument maker.  In late 1940 he joined the German military and stayed for the duration of the war.  Assigned to the air force, he worked as a photographer and filmmaker and as such contributed to Goebel's propaganda efforts.  His early war years were spent in the Mediterranean and North Africa, where he documented the invasion of Crete and Rommel's campaigns.  By 1944 he was back in Germany and married Margie, a girl from Wiesbaden.  War's end found the two in Soviet occupied Germany, where they lived for several years before gaining sponsorship by an American family to come to Lubbock.  There, they were eventually able to establish a successful watch repair business called the "Hourglass."  As part of an advertising effort, the Jakobsmeier's promoted radio programs that introduced classical music to mass audiences in Lubbock, Texas.  They remain in civic and social organizations in their adopted city.

Janeway, Ray C.
Papers, 1962-1982 and undated
1 wallet and, 1 scrapbook (1 linear foot)

Is comprised of a scrapbook and printed material. The printed materials are a film script and responses to the suggestion box at the Texas Tech University Library.
Jaynes, Chester C.
Papers, 1943-1978
1,272 leaves

Includes correspondence relating to Jaynes' academic career, plus materials relating to Alpha Zeta, buffalo grass research, and correspondence with Texas Tech University College of Agriculture Dean, A. H. Leidigh.
Jaynes was an associate professor of agronomy at Texas Tech University (1951-1977).

J. Doug Morgan Tent Show
Collection, 1998
1 box (0.3 linear feet)

    Box contains four binders or volumes compiled by W. Milton Bludworth and entitled "Reflections on the J. Doug Morgan Show".  The binders have photocopies of pictures, news clippings, hand notes, letterheads, advertisements, research notes, and other miscellaneous items concerning Morgan's traveling tent show.
   W. Milton Bludworth compiled the research and evidence behind the J. Doug Morgan volumes.  Morgan operated a tent show with numerous performers whose travels carried them through the south such as Texas and Oklahoma.  They were a form of entertainment in the early Twentieth Century.

Jebsen, Harry A., Jr.
Papers, 1974-1979
660 leaves

     Contains term papers on the history of sports and recreation in the United States and on immigrant life in America prepared by students of Jebsen. The collection bulks (1974-1976) with papers on immigrant life.
Born in Blue Island, Illinois, in 1944, Jebsen was a history professor at Texas Tech University from 1969-1981.

Jefferson, Texas: U.S. Court of Circuit Appeals
Records, 1881-1911
1 box (1 linear foot)

    Contains correspondence in letterpress books and letters received and a court journal (1897).  Concerns the official actions taken by the Jefferson, Texas, United States Court of Circuit Appeals.

Jennings, William Morley
Papers, 1909-1971
1 microfilm reel (40 ft.) : negative

     Contains newspaper clippings, photographs and programs of athletic events.
     An athletic director of Texas Technological College from 1941-1951 and a physical education professor until 1966, Jennings was also head football coach for Baylor University from 1926-1941.

Jewish Archival Collection
Collection, 1962-2007 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

     The Jewish Archival Collection, dating from 1962-2007, contains photographs, printed material such as newspapers and pamphlets, genealogical material, and other material related to the Jewish community in Lubbock and in West Texas.
     The Jewish Archival Collection consists of materials relating to Jews in West Texas donated by Susan Albers; Stuart Rockoff, the Directory of the History Department of the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life; Jane Winer, a member of Lubbock's Congregation Shaareth Israel who joined the Texas Tech University (TTU) Faculty in the Department of Psychology in 1975 and served from 1991 until the mid-200s as TTU's Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and later as interim Provost; and the Temple B'Nai Israel of Amarillo, organized in 1918.

John E. Morrison Company
Records, 1875-1957
35,695 leaves and 3 microfilm reels : negative

     Contains correspondence, Presbyterian Church files, legal material, and financial material. The collection bulks with financial records of the J. E. Morrison Company, noting purchases by the company and also the purchases made by customers; these also include six business ledger books dating from 1896 to 1901. The Presbyterian Church materials deal with the construction of the church building and include blueprints for the organ, elevator, and seating arrangements.
     A retail chain, the company was founded in 1881 by early Graham, Texas, resident John E. Morrison, and incorporated in 1907. The company dealt in dry goods, groceries, furniture, undertaking, hardware, and implements. In addition to the store in Graham, there were branch stores in the Texas towns of Loving, Newcastle, Throckmorton, and Olney. John E. Morrison was also the founder of the Graham First Presbyterian Church.
John Hudgens Estate

Collection, 1980-1988 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection consists of articles, correspondence, and newsletters on the reunions of John Hudgens’ regiment after World War II.

Johnson, Clark
Papers, 1926-1944 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Consists of a Clark Johnson correspondence, harmony and music booklets.  Clark Johnson is a Lubbock, Texas resident, musician, and composer.

Johnson, Della Cornelia
Papers, 1959-1967
1 microfilm reel (2 ft.) : negative

Contains a handwritten autobiography describing Johnson's childhood in Arkansas (1878-1892) and her moves to Jones County and Young County, Texas.
Johnson, Hattie
Papers, ca. 1968
28 leaves

Contains a genealogy and history of the Kirkland family of the eastern and southeastern United States, including Texas, covering the period from 1776-1881.
Johnson is a resident of Winfield, Texas, who compiled a family history and genealogy of the Archibald Kirkland family. Additional material was compiled by Emma Ward. The Kirkland family originally settled in North Carolina, but W. W. Kirkland came to Texas in the 1840s to practice medicine.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Collection, 1951-1974
756 leaves

Includes correspondence, photographs, printed material, scrapbook material, and memorabilia. The collection bulks (1960-1973) with memorabilia and scrapbook material on the latter part of Johnson's career. This collection is actually comprised of two separate donations. One is from the League of Women Voters, and contains letters and responses about various issues; the other is from Dorsey Hardeman, and consists of letters between Hardeman and Johnson and printed materials dealing with Johnson's career.
Born in 1908 in Johnson City, Texas, Johnson became director of the National Youth Administration in 1935, was elected a U.S. Congressman in 1936, was elected a U.S. Senator in 1948, became John F. Kennedy's Vice-President in 1960, and was sworn in as President of the United States in 1963. Johnson died in 1973 in Johnson City, Texas.

Johnson, Mary Jane
Papers, 1966-1983
1 microfilm reel

Includes two microfilmed scrapbooks of news clippings, news articles, correspondence, photographs, post cards, theatre programs, schedule of events, and invitations concerning the life of Mary Jane Johnson.
    Ms. Johnson is a world-renown opera singer currently living in Amarillo, Texas.  A native of Pampa, Texas, she graduated from Texas Tech University and received her master’s degree in Music from West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M University).  Mary Jane Johnson has led a successful singing career performing world-wide and winning international acclaim.

Johnson, Mary Jane
Papers, 1998-1999
1 wallet (0.1  linear feet)

Includes news clippings of reviews, booklets and programs of the Amarillo Symphony Season, announcements and advertisements, Vancouver Opera information, theatre programs, schedule of events, and invitations concerning the life of Mary Jane Johnson.
    Ms. Johnson is a world-renown opera singer currently living in Amarillo, Texas.  A native of Pampa, Texas, she graduated from Texas Tech University and received her master’s degree in Music from West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M University).  Mary Jane Johnson has led a successful singing career performing world-wide and winning international acclaim.

Johnson, Thomas
Papers, 1973-1997
2 microfilm reels

Bulks with microfilmed scrapbooks of legal documents, photographs, and news clippings on prayer and desegregation in the Lubbock Independent School Districts (1977-1995), and a Littlefield school bus and train accident (1973-1997).  These are considered Publicity Scrapbooks for court cases in Littlefield, Texas and Lubbock, Texas.
    Thomas Johnson has been a Lubbock attorney since the 1960s and is originally from Illinois.  He has been with McWhorter, Cobb, and Johnson law firm for many years.

Johnson, Mrs. Virgil
Papers, 1935-1973
1 microfilm reel (75 ft.) : negative

Consists of two scrapbooks containing news clippings and various printed material on the history of the Southwest, primarily West Texas.
Johnson, William Whipple
Papers, 1855-1946 and undated
7 boxes and 27 ledgers (13 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, financial materials, legal materials, literary productions, printed materials, photographs, diagrams and fragments. The collection bulks (1859-1904) with correspondence and financial materials regarding Johnson's business interests such as his mining company, lumber company, and banking interests.  Also includes information on his activities in Strawn, Texas, and his earlier businesses in Ionia, Michigan.  For further details, click here:  WJohnson.
    A mine owner and entrepreneur, Johnson was born in 1843 in Ionia, Michigan. He moved to Texas with his brother, Harvey Johnson, and settled near Strawn, Texas, where they supplied lumber to the Texas and Pacific Railroad. During the 1880s, the Johnsons established the Johnson Coal Mining Company, which was sold to the Texas and Pacific Coal Company in 1888. Johnson remained active in mining, lumber, banking, and oil and gas interests until his death in 1914.
Joiner, Ernest V.

Papers, 1911-1997 and undated
6 boxes (7 linear feet)

    The Joiner Papers includes correspondence, editorial news clippings, financial materials, plaques, awards, scrapbooks, and some memorabilia.  For further details, click here:  Joiner.
    Ernest Victor Joiner, born August 20, 1911 in Sherman, Texas, was an outspoken editor for a number of newspapers, such as the Ralls (Texas) Banner, the Sebastopol (California) Times, and the Lincoln County (New Mexico) News. He graduated from Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University) with a degree in Mass Communications and is now a member of the Texas Tech Hall of Fame. Joiner’s brand of editorial wit was always controversial, and he reached prominence due to his opinionated columns.  He passed away in 1998.  The Joiner Papers will serve those interested in the life and times of one of the most outspoken editors of the United States.
Jones, Add

Collection, 1860-1976
2 boxes (2 linear feet)

Collection contains general files of Mr. Jones and also includes photographs dated 1900-1910 and 1926-1953.
Jones, Billy Mac
Papers, 1895-1974
ca. 21,707 leaves

Includes correspondence, printed material, scrapbook material, literary productions, photographs, and newsclippings pertaining to Jones' athletic, academic, and administrative activities. The collection bulks (1927-1973) with correspondence and printed material concerning Jones' career as a university president and administrator. Also included are numerous articles by Jones and others concerning health in the Southwest United States.
An educator, historian, and university president, Jones was born in 1925 in Abilene, Texas. He was awarded his B.A. by Vanderbilt University (1950), M.A. by Peabody College (1952), and his Ph.D. by Texas Technological College (1963), and participated in post-doctoral work at the University of Colorado (1967-1968). He began his educational career as a high school teacher and coach in Nashville, Tennessee. Jones also taught and/or coached at Middle Tennessee State University (1954-1958); Texas A&M University (1958-1959); San Angelo Junior College (1959-1961); Texas Technological College (1961-1963); and Angelo State College (1963-1967). In 1969, he became president of Southwest Texas State University and then, in 1973, left to serve as president of Memphis State University. He is the author of Health-Seekers in the Southwest. Elected a fellow of the Texas State Historical Association in 1967, Jones was the first Texas Technological College Ph.D. graduate to become president of a state-supported college or university.
Jones, Charles Adam
Papers, 1933-1934
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

Consists of an unpublished 380 page typescript of Jones' memoirs of his life and career, plus a 26 page picture album of family photographs.
Born April 21, 1861, at Rome, Georgia, Jones went to the frontier at age 17 and for six years owned and published the Delores News at Rico, Colorado. He joined his father in managing the National Water Works at Kansas City and later became general purchasing agent for the Armor Packing Company in Chicago. Jones married Virginia Bartlett in 1884 and the couple had two sons, Clifford B. and Hoyt Jones. He became the manager of the Swenson Company's Spur Ranch in 1907, laid out the town of Spur, Texas, and became its bank's first president. Jones founded Freeport, Texas, in 1913 and supervised the construction of the Freeport Sulfur Company. As vice-president of that firm, he resided in New York City from 1920 until his retirement in 1927. He relocated, briefly, to Los Angeles, California, where he wrote his memoirs, and then spent his last years in Spur. He died at Spur on November 25, 1934.

Jones, Charley Cohen
Papers, 1935-1947 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Pertains to materials collected by Charley Cohen Jones as a serviceman during World War II.  Such items include dog tags, roster, cooker’s manual, menu, list of awards and decorations, and other printed material.  Charley Cohen Jones of Lubbock, Texas was born December 2, 1911 and died August 7, 1996.  During World War II, he served as a cook in the 96th Infantry Division and saw action in the Battle of Okinawa.

Jones, Clifford Bartlett
Papers, 1814-1973 and undated
37 boxes (36.5 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, legal material, financial material, photographs, genealogical material and news clippings relating to the business, educational and personal activities of Clifford B. Jones. The collection bulks (1919-1972) with materials pertaining to Texas Technological College and the Spur Ranch. Of special interest are pamphlets of the White Citizens Council, a segregationist group.  For further details, click here:  CBJones.
    A businessman, ranch manager and college president, Jones was born in 1885 in Rico, Colorado. He was a manager of the Spur Ranch in Dickens County, Texas, from 1913-1939. Jones was also instrumental in the establishment of Texas Technological College, served on the original Board of Directors, and was the third president of the college from 1939-1944. He was a member of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Good Roads Movement. Active in land sales and colonization, banking and politics, and numerous social, historical and fraternal organizations, Jones died in 1972 in Lubbock, Texas.

Jones, Clifford Bartlett
Papers, 1891-1965 and undated
1 wallet (0.2 linear feet)

    Collection contains mostly printed material collected by Clifford B. Jones.  Dr. Clifford B. Jones was President of Texas Technological College from 1938-1944.  He was also ranch manager of the Spur Ranch in Dickens County, Texas from 1913-1939.  Jones died in 1972 in Lubbock, Texas.

Jones, Coleman
Papers, 1928-1966 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Includes photocopies of correspondence, news clippings and literary productions pertaining to the Coleman Jones family of Hale County, Texas, and the pioneering activities of that area. The collection bulks (ca. 1887-1965) with literary productions by Coleman Jones, which includes articles, reminiscences, and poems.  Further for details, click here:  CJones.
    A poet, writer, and farmer, Jones was born in 1885 in Paint Rock, Texas, and, in the same year, his family moved to Hale County, Texas. He farmed in the Running Water Community in Hale County until 1945. He then worked for the Agriculture Stabilization Office in Plainview, Texas, until 1957. He married Lillie Ray, also of Hale County, in 1909, and the couple had five sons. Jones' father, Thornton Jones, was one of the original settlers of Plainview, Texas. Jones wrote numerous articles and poems concerning pioneer days in Texas and the South Plains. He died in 1966 in Plainview, Texas.

Jones, Dale
Papers, 1985-1998 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    The collection consists of various documents outlining the careers of Lubbock attorney William H. Evans and Federal Bankruptcy judge Frank Ray Murray.
    Dale Jones is the historian for the Lubbock Bar Association. William H. Evans was a noted Lubbock attorney and civic leader, who served on the Texas State Board of Education several years.  Judge Murray at the time of his death was one of the oldest active judges on record.   He had lived in Lubbock since 1948.

Jones, Edward Newlon
Papers, 1952-1959
293 leaves; 4 audio tapes

Includes printed material and correspondence of Edward Newlon Jones. The collection bulks (1952-1954) with material relating to Jones' term as president of Texas Technological College.
A professor and administrator, Jones was born in 1899 in Downs, Kansas. He received his Ph.D. from State University of Iowa (1925) and LL.D. degrees from Ottawa University (1940) and Baylor University (1961); he also taught at Baylor University in 1925. He became the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University (1934) and was appointed president of Texas A and I University (Kingsville) in 1942. Jones was Academic Vice-President at Texas Technological College (1948-1952), President of Texas Technological College (1952-1954),and later became Dean of Instruction at Midwestern University in Wichita Falls, Texas (1959-1960). Jones died in 1984 in Dallas, Texas.
Jones, Eugene W.

Papers, 1960-1989 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)
Includes printed material and cartoons pertaining to the history of the automobile. Also contains an Issue of "The Value Lifter," a publication of the Plainview, Texas branch of Horseless Carriage Club of America.
Jones, Glen Truett and Irene Futrell

Papers, 1904-1992
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)
Contains a manuscript by Irene Futrell, "My Memoirs." Also includes a biography on Glen Truett Jones by his daughter, Shirley Jones Sikes. The Jones are from Paducah, Texas. They were married in 1928. Irene Futrell’s family lived at one time on the Tongue River Section of the SMS (Swenson) Ranch. Glen Jones worked at the Paducah cottin gins.
Jones, Hardin
Papers, 1834-1977, 1939-1982 and undated
4 boxes (4 linear feet)

Includes general files, arranged in alphabetical order by subject, pertaining to Jones' personal, business, and civic interests. The material contains references to family members and associates which include Nelson Dukes, Blanche Jones, W. L. Knape, J. B. Lockhart, and E. L. Ogden. Also includes a scrapbook that has been microfilmed by the Southwest Collection which consists of pictures and photographs.
A pioneer banker and civic leader in Brady, Texas, Jones came with his father, G. W. Jones, and his family, to McCulloch County in 1874.
Jones, Helen DeVitt

Papers, 1903-1998 and undated
9 boxes (10.0 linear feet)
(also see Helen Jones Foundation Records, 1944-2003 and undated)

      Collection includes mostly personal papers of Helen DeVitt Jones and her association with banks and her estate. Mostly financial materials such bank statements, ledgers, and charitable support groups as well as personal and professional correspondence involving her contributions to the fine arts. There are some records of the Mallet Ranch. Also contains some memorabilia and awards.  For further details, click here:  HJones.  Three additional boxes were added to this collection recently.
      Helen DeVitt Jones was the daughter of David DeVitt co-founder of Mallet Ranch. The Mallet Ranch at one time covered some 200 sections in four counties: Hockley, Terry, Cochran, and Yoakum. By 1990, the Mallet Ranch covered nearly 45,000 acres. Currently the Johnson and DeVitt family members run the ranch. Oil was later discovered in the late 1930s. Helen DeVitt Jones was an active philanthropist and donated much of her wealth to the fine arts, culture, and education. Helen is the founder of the Helen Jones Foundation. She passed away in September of 1997. Her sister Christine was just as active in the business.
Jones, J. Knox, Jr.

Papers, 1977-1987
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains correspondence, 1977-1987, relating to Jones’ service on the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges Committees.
Jones, Lee, Jr.
Papers, 1875-1981
4,403 leaves

Consists of research material pertaining to the history of Colorado City, Texas, and West Texas, and includes references to Preston C. Burchard, C. P. Conaway, C. H. Earnest, Mary C. Jones, R. H. Looney, A. B. Robertson, W. P. Ruddick, Winfield Scott, and Daniel Webster Wallace.
A West Texas author, Jones published several articles and booklets on mineral law and oil leases, as well as on the history of West Texas.

Jones, Lewis N.
Papers, 1934-1968 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Contains four files:  Contracts (1938-1947), Correspondence (1934-1957 and undated), Expenses (1953-1957), and Scrapbook Material (1936-1968 and undated).  The collection pertains to Lewis Jones' career as a football player and coach.  It is mostly correspondence from professional organizations such as the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles inviting Lewis Jones to play professional football.   Pete Cawthon former Texas Tech football coach correspondences with Jones on several occasions.  The scrapbook materials contain some Texas Tech game schedules, poster, and selective service papers for the U.S. Navy.
    Lewis Norten Jones attended Cleburne High School before attending Texas Technological College in the 1930s.  He played football for both schools.  He was highly recommended by Coach Pete Cawthon.  He also received several invitation letters to play professional football before and after he graduated from Texas Tech.  Afterward, he embarked on a coaching career before returning to Texas Tech to serve as Dean of Men.  Lewis Norton Jones died March 17, 2006.

Jones, Lewis N.
Papers, undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

    Collection contains photocopies of research notes of pictures and photographs of the J. J. Gibson Family.  Images include P. L. Gibson, B. T. “Boog” Graves, and Emma Merrick Gibson plus other unnamed individuals.  Also illustrated are images of a ranch from 1881-1910 and list of Civil War veterans at Courthouse in Graham, Texas.
    J. J. Gibson was a manager of the 6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch.  His son J. J., Jr. also managed the ranch in the 1970s and 1980s.  The Four Sixes Ranch was a ranch begun by Samuel Burk Burnett in the 1870s.  Currently, it has 208,000 acres of land in King County, Texas.  Not only do they produce quality cattle and horses they also have large holdings in the oil business.

Jones, Lonzo D.
Papers, 1919-1955
1 microfilm reel (28 ft.) : negative

Contains correspondence, a photograph (undated), financial documents, and printed material.  Jones was a farmer and part-time blacksmith in Ralls, Texas.
Jones, Marvin
Papers, 1902-1976
51.25 linear ft.

    Includes personal, agricultural, and political material relating to United Nations food conferences and commissions, the United States War Food Administration, and the United States Court of Claims. Bulks (1928-1975) with personal and business correspondence, speeches, and memoirs pertaining to his Congressional, administrative, and judicial career. Also contains literary productions that highlight Jones' personal history and service with the War Food Administration, printed material chronicling agricultural legislation, legal opinions pertaining to his career with the federal courts, and an extensive scrapbook collection. A complete collection guide exists with an index.
    An attorney, U.S. Congressman, presidential adviser and federal judge, Jones was born in 1886 near Valley View, Texas. He graduated from Southwestern University (1905), obtained a law degree from the University of Texas (1907), and began practicing law in Amarillo, Texas (1908). He served in Congress for twelve terms (1917-1940) helping West Texas secure public buildings, a Veterans Administration Hospital, and a Soil Conservation Office. In 1931 he became chairman of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee that handled the major New Deal farm legislation of which the Agriculture Adjustment Acts of 1933 and 1938, the Great Plains water conservation program, and the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act were a part. In 1940, Jones began serving on the U.S. Court of Claims. In 1943, he joined the Roosevelt Administration as an advisor and assistant to James (Jimmy) F. Byrnes, Director of Economic Stabilization. Also in 1943, Jones became the government's chief wartime administrator on food production and availability. After the war, Jones returned to the Court of Claims and became Chief Justice in 1947. However, Jones continued his efforts in enhancing world food supplies by working through numerous United Nations conferences. Though he retired from the Court of Claims in 1964, he was appointed a Senior Federal Judge. Marvin Jones was a long-time member of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce. In 1951, Texas A&M awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree. In 1961, Jones became an honorary member of the National Lawyers Club, Inc., and funded numerous charities. Jones died in 1976.
Jones, Mary C.
Collection, 1881-1940
1 microfilm reel

Contains correspondence from Don H. Biggers (1932-1940) and official reports on the Texas Rangers and the Frontier Battalion, 1874-1901.
Jones, Morgan
Papers, 1877-1944
ca. 8,659 leaves

Includes correspondence, legal material, financial material, printed material, maps, a literary production, and a photograph pertaining to Jones' activities as a railroad builder and businessman.
A railroad builder and entrepreneur, Jones was born in 1840 in Wales. He emigrated to the United States shortly after the end of the Civil War where he began working for the Union Pacific Railroad. After completion of the westward link with the Central Pacific Railroad, Jones moved to Texas in the 1870s to build with the Southern Transcontinental, which later became the Southern Pacific Railway. Before his death in 1926, Jones had built lengthy sections of the Texas and Pacific; the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe; and the Fort Worth and Denver City railroads. He was also active in the short-line boom in Texas, and had interests in banking, real estate, lumber, mining, cotton oil mills, and cattle. Jones never married and died in 1926 in Abilene, Texas.
Jones, Otto F.
Papers, 1826-1976 and undated
10 boxes (9.3 linear feet)

    Includes correspondence, financial and legal materials, literary productions, printed materials and scrapbook materials related to Jones' personal and business activities. The collection bulks (1892-1975) with financial material related to the ranch and Jones' "Day Books" (1910-1975), which document ranch operations and weather conditions and contain handwritten recollections. Also contains a significant number of printed materials including livestock brochures, pamphlets, rodeo programs, and news clippings dealing with the ranching and cattle trade.  For further details, click here:  OJones.
    A ranch manager, Jones was born in 1888 in Nolan County, Texas. He joined Isaac Ellwood's Renderbrook Ranch in 1907 and managed the Renderbrook Ranch from 1912-1966. Jones married Myrtle "Honey" Annie Bartlett in 1914.  The couple had two daughters, Pauline and Francis Jones.  He was active with the Texas Cowboy Reunion and served as its president in 1954. Jones was a master Mason and member of the Sweetwater Chuck Wagon, Knights Templar, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Southwestern Ranchers Association, Texas Hereford Association, and was a charter member of the Ranch Headquarters Association of Texas Tech University. Jones died in 1975.
Jones, Preston

Papers, 1973-1974
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Bulks with the manuscript of The Oldest Living Graduate. Mr. Jones is the author of the play, which is the third in a trilogy known as the Bradleyville Trilogy presented by the Dallas Theater Center.
Jones, Tom
Family Papers, 1903-1918 (bulks, 1903-1908)
38 leaves

The collection consists of photographs of, and relating to, the Tom Jones family and Rayland, Texas. Also includes newsclippings concerning miscellaneous subjects and memorabilia and photographs of the W. W. Lyles family of Rayland, Texas.
Tom Jones, his wife, Lula Bell Poindexter Jones, and his sister-in-law, Fannie Poindexter, resided in Rayland, Foard County, Texas, (ca. 1903). Fannie Poindexter was the first school teacher in Rayland, Texas.
Jones, Wynona
Papers, 1928
66 leaves

Consists of a literary production "History of Colonel C. C. Slaughter and his Lazy S Ranch," by Wynona Jones for Dr. W. C. Holden of Texas Technological College (1928).
Jones was a history student of Dr. W. C. Holden in the 1920s.
Jordan, Carolyn
Papers, 1964-1983
115,345 leaves

    Bulks with correspondence, minutes of city council meetings, financial reports, and reports on projects and special interests. Also includes files relating to the South Plains Association of Governments (SPAG), the National Association of Regional Councils, South Plains Health Systems, Texas Association of Regional Councils and the Texas Municipal League.  For further details, click here:   CJordan.
    Jordan was elected to the Lubbock, Texas, City Council. She was also president of the South Plains Association of Governments (1974-1975) and president of the League of Women Voters of Lubbock.

Jordan, Carolyn
Papers, 1957-1985 and undated
12 boxes (12.0 linear feet)

      Contains materials from organizations with which Jordan associated and reflecting her interest in topics such as natural resources, armed forces, women’s issues, rights of property owners, urban renewal, elections and voting, and legal education.  Types of materials include correspondence, minutes from meetings, printed material, and campaign material.  News clippings reflect the local issues and political climate of the 1970s.  For further details, click here:  CJordon2.
     Carolyn Jordan is a Lubbock resident active in civic and political organizations.  A native of California, she attended Stanford University receiving degrees in Mathematics and Education.  After moving to Lubbock, Texas in the 1960s, she became involved in local volunteer and civic activities.  She served as President of the Lubbock League of Women Voters from 1969-1972.  In 1972 Jordan ran for and won a seat on the Lubbock City Council and was re-elected in 1976.  Jordan became a practicing attorney after receiving her law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1977.  A 1980 attempt to expand her political career failed when she lost the District 75A State Representative contest to R. N. “Buzz” Robnett.  She continued her career as an attorney, serving on several committees of the State Bar of Texas, and her work as a volunteer and promoter of civic interests.

Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

Records, 1988-1990 and undated
1 wallet (0.1 linear feet)

Collection contains research notes and data from 1988-1990. The materials concern the professional associations of nursing and the state board of nursing (Nebraska and Wisconsin).
Jubilee 75 Committee (Lubbock, Texas)

Records, 1968-1984
356 leaves

Contains histories of Lubbock, Texas, businesses, churches, and social organizations. These materials were collected by the Jubilee 75 Committee for part of the 75th anniversary of the incorporation of Lubbock.
A committee of 75 Lubbock residents formed to sponsor events in commemoration of the city's 75th anniversary in 1984. Jay Eagan chaired the committee.
Junction Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
Records, 1914-1925
1 microfilm reel (30 ft.) : negative

Contains minutes of meetings and scrapbook material pertaining to the Junction, Texas, Chamber of Commerce.
Junior League (Lubbock, Texas)

Records, 1953-1981 and undated
1 box (1 linear foot)

Is comprised of files, correspondence, and printed material documenting the activities of the Lubbock, Texas Junior League.
A member of the Association of Junior League of America, the Lubbock Junior Welfare League, as it was originally known, was organized in1935 to foster interest among its members in the social, economic, educational, community, and to make efficient their volunteer services.
Junior League of Lubbock, Texas

Records, 1977-1983
692 leaves

Contains correspondence, an evaluation report, and transcriptions relating to the Juvenile Delinquency seminar conducted in Lubbock, Texas, during 1978.
A member of the Association of Junior Leagues of America, the Lubbock Junior Welfare League, as it was originally known, was organized in 1935 to "foster" interest among its members in the social, economic, educational, cultural, and civic conditions of their community, and to make efficient their volunteer services.
Justin, Enid
Papers, 1939-1965
1 microfilm reel (40 ft.) : negative

Includes a notebook and scrapbook material concerning Enid Justin and the Nocona Boot Company.
Enid Justin, daughter of pioneer bootmaker J. H. Justin, took over her father's Nocona boot factory after his death in 1918, while her brothers moved to Fort Worth to re-establish the J.H. Justin and Sons Company in that city.

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