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J. Drew Lanham

Sparrow Envy


Lanham's personal website.

Lanham faculty page at Clemson University.

Recent article about Lanham and his writing.

J. Drew Lanham earned his B.A. (Zoology 1988), M.S. (Zoology 1990), and Ph.D. (Forest Resources, Wildlife, 1997), all from Clemson University where he currently serves as Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Master Teach and Certified Wildlife Biologist in the Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department. Lanham, whose dissertation is titled, "Attributes of avian communities in early-successional, clearcut habitats in the mountains and upper piedmont of South Carolina," has a robust list of scholarly publications. He is also the author of The Home Place, which was the finalist for the John Burroughs medal, and Sparrow Envy, a book of poems.

About the collection: We have received two shipments of material from J. Drew Lanham; processing of the collection should begin before the end of 2020. At this time, we are collecting and curating material for his literary and creative archive, not his scholarly or scientific publications.

  • Lanham, J. Drew Sparrow Envy. Spartanburg, SC: Hub City P, 2019.
  • Lanham, J. Drew. The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man's Love Affair with Nature. Minneapolis: Milkweed P, 2017.

Created: Sept. 8, 2020.