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Conference Schedule

All events are held in the Formby Room of the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library


12:45-1:15 pm - Welcome: John Lane, Wofford College, "The Legacy of the First Four Years

1:15-1:45 - Juanita Pahdopony and Harry Mithlo, "Stories from Our Land"

1:45-2:00 - Break

2:00-3:00 - Session A – TTU Undergraduate Student Presentations

Hunter Bullock, “Heat and Pressure in the Life of Barry Lopez: The Forming of an American Writer”
Emma Foster, “Deep Immersion: the Lifelong Endeavor of Barry Lopez”
Jenna Hay, “The Loss and Grief of Susan Brind Morrow”
Kathryn May, “Barry Lopez is a Salmon: An Exploration of People and Animals”
Garrett Dewbre, “Responsibility, Reverence, and Reciprocity: The Life and Work of Barry Lopez”

3:00-3:45 - Session B

Bruce Cammack, Texas Tech University, "Bringing an End to Eden: J.W. Murray and the Passing of the West Texas Frontier"
Sara Spurgeon, Texas Tech University, "Indian Country: Race, War, and Nationalism in Martin Cruz Smith's The Indians Won"

3:50-4:30 - Saba Nafees, Texas Tech University,
"From Guatemala to Ireland: Lessons from a Young Soul's Journey"

6:30-9:00 pm - Plenary Talk

Susan Brind Morrow, "Language and Nature: Hieroglyphs and Metaphor"

Reception and book signing, all writers’ books available at each signing.

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

8:00 AM - Coffee/snack Service

8:30–9:15 - Session C

Hannah Wilie, Texas Tech University, "Muir's Wilderness"
Elizabeth Hash, Texas Tech University, "Between Language and Value: Reflections on Pattiann Rogers

9:15-9:30 - Coffee/snack Break

9:30-10:30 - Session D

Clinton Crockett Peters, University of North Texas, "Weather Gods: A Symphony"
Andrew T. Ross, University of North Texas, "Edward Abbey and Exclusionary Conservation on the Borderland"

10:30-11:30 - Session E

Caleb Roberts, Texas Tech University, "Isolation and Community in the Wilderness"
Joseph Drake, Texas Tech University, "Dreams, Lost Socks, and Field Biology

11:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:50 - Lisa Couturier, "ANIMALS UNVEILED: Readings from Animals/Bodies and The Hopes of Snakes"

2:00–3:00 - Susan Brind Morrow Q&A

3:00-3:15 - Coffee/snack Break

3:15–4:15 - Toni Jensen, University of Arkansas, "New or Used"

6:30-9:00 - Plenary Talk

Gary Paul Nabhan, "A Naturalist in Southwest Ranch Country"

Reception and book signing, all writers’ books available at each signing.


9:30-10:00 - Coffee/snack Service

10:00-10:45 - Session F

Nicole Molter, Texas Tech University, "Driving a Horse,"
Clara Bush, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, "Looking Within: Poems about Nature, Self, and the Body"

10:45-11:00 - Coffee/snack Break

11:00-Noon - Gary Paul Nabhan Q&A

Noon-1:00 - Buffet lunch for all participants

1:00-2:30 - Session G - Useful Geographies: The Natural World at Work in the Literary Imagination

A. Kendra Greene, Dallas Museum of Art, "The Lord God Bird"
Dominic Russ-Combs, Texas Tech University, “Pulling a Coin from the Mouth of a Fish” and "The Tow"
Trampas Smith, Texas Tech University, "Foundered"
Sarah Viren, Texas Tech University, “Lessons from a Buried Town”

2:30-2:45 - Break

2:45-3:45 - John Lane, Wofford College, "New Work: The Old Rob Poems and Fate Moreland's Widow"

3:45 - Closing, Diane Warner

The Sowell Collection Conference is sponsored by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library. Additional support from the Office of the President

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